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									PRESS RELEASE                                                    Contact:
                                                                 Shelly Goulart
                                                                 Marketing Manager
                                                                 Rosendin Electric
                                                                 880 Mabury Road
                                                                 San Jose, CA 95133
                                                                 (408) 534-2819

 Rosendin Electric Named to Solar Power World List of Top 250 Solar
                       Contractors for 2013

    Nation's Largest Private Electrical Contractor Recognized for its Growing
                        Influence in Solar Power Industry.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (October 22, 2013) -- At the Solar Power International (SPI)
exhibition held in Chicago, Rosendin Electric, the nation's largest private electrical
contractor and an employee-owned company, was presented with an award from Solar
Power World magazine for ranking 21 out of the top 250 solar contractors in the United
States. Rosendin Electric has also been ranked number eight in overall solar
construction in the state of California. The awards were presented during a dinner
being hosted by Solar Power World.

Solar power installation has grown to an $11.5 billion industry. The Solar Power World
Top 250 list includes companies of all sizes and is ranked by number of megawatts
installed during 2012. Rosendin Electric ranked number 21 overall with 25 megawatts
installed last year.

David Lincoln, Division Manager for Solar Operations, accepted the award on behalf of
Rosendin Electric. "We are delighted to have ranked in the top tier of solar installers for
2012," said Lincoln. "Our Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
capabilities, as well as our ability to access financing continue to drive our commercial
solar business."

About Rosendin Electric

Rosendin Electric, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is an employee-owned
electrical engineering, power and communications provider and is the largest privately
held electrical contractor in the United States. With over 3,000 employees and
experience worldwide, Rosendin Electric has built upon a 90-year reputation for quality
design and installations. For additional information, visit


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