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					Abbey Park’s Scholarships & Enrichment Opportunities

Abbey Park High School
A Community of Learners Embracing Communities
• MISSION STATEMENT: An inclusive learning community celebrating student growth through the pursuit of excellence & lifelong learning. • VISION: • Achievement – high standards • Citizenship – foster leadership, community participation • Collaboration – shared responsibility for education

Abbey Park’s Graduate Outcomes:
• Value diversity • Contribute positively to the community & the environment • Use literacy & numeracy to communicate • Apply critical thinking skills to problem solving • Make healthy lifestyle choices • Think & behave with self-confidence, independence & flexibility

To be supported by our school for a scholarship application… You must be a full time APHS student & meet the graduate outcomes our school has established as important!

Developing your resume: What’s in it FOR YOU?
New Experiences • Exciting Opportunities Meet New People Broaden Your Perspective Opens doors to possible • career paths • Have FUN • • • • • Gives You an Edge For:
– Jobs – Postsecondary programs – Scholarships

Looks Great on a Resume
-not that you do it for this

Specific Types of Scholarships
Entrance - marks only Community/ Volunteer Involvement Financial Assistance -parents’ income Presidential -marks & profile Disabilities / overcoming obstacles Specific uniqueness OFFSA, Companies parents work for Cultural Background Many more once you are at college /universities

Entrance Scholarships
• Based solely on grade 12 marks, usually final marks, usually best 6, some schools/programs include course pre-requisite courses • Different levels for different schools. For more $ go further north - they pay better 85% -$500 - $1000 90% -$1000 - $2000 95% -$1500 –$3000 (Lakehead U free tuition)

1% in your overall average is a significant difference!
• • • • • • 91 89 93 87 90 90 • • • • • • 91 89 93 87 90 84

= 90%

= 89%

What Most Scholarships Require:
Marks: usually over 90% in grade 11/12
Well rounded individual Clubs

Involvement in Your school & community
Arts Leadership

Volunteering in Your school & community
Athletics What have you done that is Innovative?

Sample Scholarship Application
• Download an application • Complete the application to see what you need to get busy and do now. • Make a time line plan. • DO IT NOW !

What Is Usually On An Application?
• Current Transcript of courses & marks –allow 2 days for Student Services to produce • Ranking of your marks from grade 9 through to 12 – see Ms. Throop • Awards (from school & community) • Volunteer activities throughout high school**** • Enrichment opportunities: conferences, workshops • Co-curricular activities & hours of involvement

What Is Usually On An Application?
• Athletic/Artistic/Club Activities – variety & at what level: school or region or provincial or national or world • Enrichment opportunities • Leadership • Employment – few ask for this • A variety of accomplishments in all areas

Application TIPS
• Research, Start a data base • Note deadlines & application process – lateness never accepted • Apply only to those that you qualify for • Start early, timelines/time management essential • Read criteria carefully • Write many drafts, ask parents, teachers, guidance counsellors to read over • Quality is essential - not quantity

Application TIPS
• Ask tips from previous winners –get to know the leaders in the grade ahead of you, consult with guidance counsellors • Neatness is essential – type it, spell/gr. check • Handwritten – avoid • Keep a hard copy & backup copy • Sending it however they want it • Avoid emailing or faxing unless email a must

References Letters
• Ask a responsible adult who knows you well: principal, teacher, coach, employer, guidance counsellor, not a relative • Ask if they are willing, & provide him/her with a detailed resume, include your goals, give at least 2 weeks notice • Keep a copy, you will want to use it again

School Verification
• Many applications require a guarantee or verifier • This is someone who knows you very well and verifies what you have written is accurate. Never lie, or falsely enrich. • Usually, a teacher or guidance counsellor

Nomination Process
• Some scholarships require the school to assess & nominate the best candidate(s)
• Applications must be handed in well in advance to be assessed & rated • Scholarship team is Mr. Heffernan & the guidance staff.

Canada’s Top Scholarship Abbey Park’s own The Canadian Merit Award National Winner

Ali Hamandi 2005/6

Canada’s Top Scholarship Offers:
$75,000 for tuition, books & residence Personal mentor $8,000 for a travel abroad summer Highly paid summer foreign embassy Opportunities to network Highly paid Summer internship Must attend a Canadian University Distinguishes you as one of the top Canadians

Paid trip to Toronto each year

Review of Ali’s Resume
Community Volunteering (Over 500 hrs) Enrichment Programs (from 9 to 12) School Awards (many top student in class)

Community Awards
Leadership (quiet leader)

Participation (Well rounded)
Clubs/ Arts/ Athletics/ (all areas)

Academic Marks (94 % plus)
Uniqueness (volunteered in the artic)

How to research scholarships!
• Check out specific schools and their WebPages • Refer weekly to Abbey Park chatt careers & counselling, grad update • Search the webpages listed at the end of this presentation • Research is a time-consuming activity however the dividends may pay off.

Research Sites:
• Ontario School Counselors’ Association (OSCA) • Student Awards • Scholarship Canada • Scholarship 2008 • Ontario University • Ontario College websites • Visit University/college webpages • APHS chatt: Careers & Counselling grad updates

Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities
Shad Valley Study Abroad Workshops/ Conferences Promoting Women in Science (Prowis)

Encounters with Canada

da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program (DEEP)

Forum for Young Canadians

Queen’s E = MC2 Mathematics Contests

Student Enrichment Opportunities - 2005 - 2006



Applicatio n Deadline
Year round



Duke of Edinburgh Awards

A challenge opportunity for students to pursue up to three level of the DEA Young Canadians Challenge. Focuses on physical fitness, expeditions, skills and community service. A week-long study session in Ottawa with students from across Canada. Each week has a different theme, including journalism, law, science and technology, arts and culture, business, sports and the RCMP. An opportunity for high school students to explore a variety of engineering disciplines. Evening and Saturday mini-courses during the school year or daily in the summer. Morning is a seminar about choosing an engineering program and the admission process. The afternoon consists of a BBQ lunch and activities. Activity occurs on November 12, 2005 A conference for students in grades 10 and 11 to familiarize themselves with living and learning at university with many sessions to choose from. Was held on April 27 in 2003. Participate in actual scientific research and/or field work for 6 weeks in the summer and earn two senior high school credits.

$20 annual registration fee for ages 14 - 25

Encounters With Canada

Year round registration


ages 14 - 17

da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program (DEEP)

Next session in spring 2006

$210 plus GST l/deep/


Deadline not indicated.


Guelph Interaction Conference



call Laura Beattie at (519) 824-4120

Deep River Science Academy

March 20

$4,100 $4,400 including room and board (613) 584-4541

Forum for Young Canadians

A week-long conference in Ottawa on Parliament Hill for students interested in learning the dynamics of the government. It is an opportunity to meet Canada’s leaders. A mathematics and science conference for young women in grade 10 at Wilfred Laurier University. A week-long program at Queen’s University for highly motivated students in grades 9 to 12. Students study a subject of their choice for one week in May. Selected students work with the university’s faculty on projects in the sciences and in the arts. An opportunity for students to obtain enrichment in their areas of interest. An opportunity for students aged 15 to 19 to apply for a scholarship at United World Colleges. Revision courses for IB students taking their exams. Global and local leadership education and development using youth inspired curriculum. There are several programs available. An event for young women, grades 7 to 10, and their parents. All faculties of engineering in Ontario are present. The event occurs on Saturday, October 15, 2005. A month long July2-28 experience for senior student at a Canadian University. The program combines entrepreneurship with science and technology. A 2 week summer residential program for gifted students in grades 9 and 10. It takes place at Memorial University of Newfoundland in July.

November 15, 2005

$799 mthisyear.asp

Promoting Women in Science (Prowis) Queen’s E = MC2


$75 last year /index.shtml EMC2/index.php

TBA (February 18 last year) October 15, 2005

U of T Mentorship Program

$450 for tuition and residence last year Transportatio n costs

www.artsandscience.utoronto .ca/ps/programs.shtml#Mento rship

United World College Scholarships Oxford Study Courses (IB) Leaders Today

Mid February February Late March

No charge

See website Fees vary; see website None

Go ENG Girl!

None, just show up

Shad Valley

December 9, 2005

$2,250 plus transportation

Peel Summer Academy


TBA ?mmf=1 or come to student services or Mrs. Newton www.peelsummeracademy.c om

Mathematics Contests

There are numerous math contests available, including those from the University of Waterloo and the Canadian Mathematics Open. Available for grades 9 to 12.

Various times throughout the year

Varies; approx $2 $5 per contest

Speak with Mr. Marcoglieses

Research Sites:
• Ontario School Counselors’ Association (OSCA) • Student Awards • Scholarship Canada • Scholarship 2007 • Ontario University • Ontario College websites • Visit University/college open houses

For More Information: contact:
Student Services:
– Ms. Throop, Mrs. Cole Special Education: – Mrs. D. Newton