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					    Hypothesy mail from a hypothetical court

Dear Congress, I am in double trouble with branch
too III, so, think back to MLMVI, when you dumped
our motto “E pluribus unum” for “In God We Trust”,
and remember that we’re still “branch-buddies”,
kinda “Number I for Number III forever, right ”?.

I am showin’ you my big Flag, here !

     MCMXCIV you nipped branch II in de butt
adding “interstate carrier”, rather than our
favored “interstate and foreign commerce” patch to
the all-time-hottie, our Stradivari, our Mail
Fraud Law. You messed me up, badly. My robe’s on
fire (never mind de’bench) & I’,m goin’ POSTAL.

     I mal-instructed that Petite Jury, worse, I
roguishly clamored proprietry now: “The jury was
instructed correctly that, with respect to the mail
fraud statute, the Government “must establish beyond a
reasonable doubt . . . the use of the mails in furtherance
of the scheme to defraud. The use of the mails as I have
used it here includes material sent through either the
United States Postal Service or a private or interstate
carrier ” (Trial Tr. I992)”.
Deception was blunt, my judicial shake-down-
scheme: “or interstate” was ME doing YOUR No. I job
on I8 § I34I ! I brew stuff to bend juror-minds,
harvardian is blofeldian. I’m a bad Christian for
a bad Christian (pun intended).

When I forge a “catch-all”, it glues to Juror’s
frontal lobes: “whatever mail is a crime ”. REX
LEGIS on my grimm Rumpelstiltskin Honor. I have
scienter: APEX AIR FREIGHT SYSTEMS was noway-Jose
a goddam “interstate carrier”. Branch II indicts a
dozen times “international air freight”, not bad
enough for me. I make BOP the business.

Now, its high-noon to safe-my-neck and my lower-
end bedecked by the robe I adore.

I fantasized, YOU’ll fix an itsy-bitsy “or” for all
of us inductees, nunc pro tunc, entre nous , zip-
post-facto-Clause, fugetaboutit.

Signed: Semper Fi on twelfth

Post scriptum: Did you really mean “Liberty & Justice For
All” ? Even For Alien PEE-ONS annoying my bench with
nasty disputes ? Jurisdiction is my middle finger !