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Fender Bronco 40 120v Black Guitardoom Review 4793


									                        Fender Bronco 40 120v Black
I'm an active, senior jazz bass player (I do NOT play rock)and this amp. seems to work well and
have practically unlimited sound combination options. I am a little 'overwhelmed' by the technical
hardware/software possibilities and sound combination options. It seems well made, reasonable
size and weight, fair priced and a good value. The only reason I rated it 4-stars is that it has almost
TOO MANY sound combination sound options (most of which I am not interested in and don't use).
But I would buy this amp again and recommend it to others.

Great for pretty much anything except gigging. I use it for bass but i also plugged my bro's ltd guitar
in and it makes a better guitar amp than his own amp, with a little EQing the high notes sound great.
 Has about every effect you'll want or need except for whammy/wah. I have not heard any distorting
at it's highest volume so it plays really clean. It's bigger than i expected it to be and feels heavier
than 30 pounds but i can't be sure. My favorite amp so far and possibly the best home amp you'll
find anywhere.


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