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					!                                              !          Name:______________________
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!                                              !          Class:______________________
!                                              !           Date:_______________________

                                 RAFT Writing Ideas
On this page, you will find ideas for the four (4) parts of the RAFT Writing
assignment. You may pick one topic/idea from each area, or your may think of your
own idea. Be creative and have fun with your writing!

Role of the Writer: Who are you as the writer? A movie star? The President? A
plant? A warrior? A homeless person?


               Person                      Place                        Thing
    •Teacher                   •Restaurant                   •Animal
    •Student                   •School                       •Kitchen Utensil
    •Parent                    •Library                      •Car
    •Police Officer             •City                         •Toothbrush
    •Doctor                    •Famous site/tourist          •Angle (Math: geometry,
    •Clown                     attraction                    algebra, etc.)
    •Famous Person (movie      •Beach                        •Backpack
    star, politician, etc.)    •Kitchen, bathroom, etc.      •MacBook
    •...                       •...                          •...

Audience: To whom are you writing? Is your audience your country’s people? A
friend? Your teacher? Readers of a newspaper? A local bank?A senator?  Yourself?
A company?

*Look at the “Roles” examples above. You can choose an audience in a similar way.

Format: In what format are you writing? Is it a letter? A classified ad? A speech? A
poem?A diary entry? A newspaper?  A love letter?


           cartoon/comic              crossword puzzle                  map

       scale plan or drawing          graphic organizer             concept web

              illustration                print ad                   photo essay

               Keynote                how to’ diagram               fashion design
!                                           !          Name:______________________
!                                           !          Teacher:____________________
!                                           !          Class:______________________
!                                           !           Date:_______________________


          diary entry                 bulleted list             love/formal letter

           memo                        obituary                    invitation

       product guide                 game rules                      recipe

    movie or book review          Frequently Asked                  editorial

        monologue                  job application              gossip column

     magazine article             newspaper article            informative essay


           song                   set of discussion              conversation
                                   questions (?s)

        monologue             Podcast/radio broadcast           museum guide

        commercial                 reader’s theater                interview

          tasting                  political speech              puppet show


           model                        cheer                        mime

       reenactment                 demonstration                  sales pitch

     physical analogies               taste tests                how to’ video

           game                    sew, cook, build               design a ....


Topic: What are you writing about? What's the subject or the point of this piece? Is it
to persuade a goddess to spare your life? To plead for a re-test?
!                                             !        Name:______________________
!                                             !        Teacher:____________________
!                                             !        Class:______________________
!                                             !         Date:_______________________

                                   Sample Topics

             complaint                    farewell                recommendation

             confession                journal/diary                    review

            contest entry                 obituary               wanted poster

               eulogy                    legal brief                 warning

    birth announcement              wedding vow                      scolding

                                      Sample RAFT:

     R = car in a junk yard
     A = person who destroyed the car (Claude)
     F = farewell letter
     T = take care of your car (scolding)


Monday, October 21st, 2013
Dear Claude,

    I've been forced to sit in this junk yard for the past year. Every day I've had to
face the loss of more and more body parts until there is almost nothing left of me.
But tomorrow, my time is up; I'm scheduled to be compacted, so I have to write this
letter now. It is hard for me to say this, but I think you need to know that you are a
really careless person!
    I gave you the best years of my life, and how did you treat me? You refused to
change my oil on a regular basis. (I get cranky when my engine is dirty!) You always
fed me the cheapest gas, never letting me have any fuel with good things, like
detergents to help keep my parts clean. You constantly slammed on the brakes,
wearing down my tires. You never checked my tire pressure. I had to work extra hard
to move with such low pressure in my tires. Do you know how much gas money you
wasted over the years by driving on bad tires? You never took me to the car shop,
even though I was constantly screaming for a car doctor.
    I tried so hard to do my best, but you did not lift a finger to help. Oh, no! Here it
comes, the big crunch! I've reached the end of my road....CRUNCH!

"              "            "             "             Farewell,
"              "            "             "             Your Old Car

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