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									 On the Move
               Willie                          Kevin
               Brown,                          Laughlin,
               Dignity                         Zetta.net
               Health                         The Sunny-
               Foundation                     vale provider
                The not-for-                  of enter-
                profit public                 prise-grade
                benefit                       cloud
corporation that operates       backup and disaster re-
hospitals and ancillary         covery tools named Kevin
care facilities throughout      Laughlin chief financial
California named Wil-           officer. Recently, he held
lie Brown to its board of       executive positions at All
directors. He is former         Covered.
mayor of San Francisco
and California speaker of                      Amir
the Assembly.                                  Mashkoori,
               John de                         Health
               Souza,                          Foundation
               Dignity                        The not-for-
               Health                         profit public
               Foundation                     benefit
                The not-for-  corporation that operates
                profit public hospitals and ancillary
                benefit       care facilities throughout
corporation that operates California named Amir
hospitals and ancillary       Mashkoori to its board
care facilities throughout    of directors. He is chief
California named John de executive officer and
Souza to its board of direc- chairman at Kovio.
tors. He is president and
chief executive officer at                    Glenn
MedHelp.                                      Rawlinson,
               Christopher                    The Sunny-
               Hillard,                       vale provider
               Western                        of enter-
               Alliance                       prise-grade
               Equipment                      cloud back-
               Finance          up and disaster recovery
               The bank         tools appointed Glenn
               holding com-     Rawlinson vice president
pany named Christopher          of business development.
Hillard vice president and      He is former chief growth
regional sales manager          officer and adviser at
and he will work out of the     Zwingit.
Torrey Pines Bank branch
in Oakland. Recently, he                       Lisa
was a vice president at                        Suennen,
one of the top 25 U.S.                         Dignity
financial holding compa-                       Health
nies.                                          Foundation
                                                The not-for-
               Manish                           profit public
               Goel,                            benefit
               Guavus           corporation that operates
                The San Ma-     hospitals and ancillary
                teo provider    care facilities throughout
                of big data     California named Lisa
                analytics       Suennen to its board of
                tools named     directors. She is founder
Manish Goel chief execu-        and managing director at
tive officer. Previously, he    Silos Group Venture Fund.
held executive positions at
NetApp.                                        Jed York,
               Ron                             Health
               Kundich,                        Foundation
               Square 1                        The not-for-
               Bank                            profit public
               The North                       benefit
               Caro-                           corporation
               lina-based       that operates hospitals
               banking          and ancillary care facili-
partner to entrepreneurs        ties throughout California
and the venture capital         named Jed York to its
community appointed             board of directors. Cur-
Ron Kundich senior vice         rently, he is chief executive
president. Kundich will         officer for the San Fran-
help develop the bank’s         cisco 49ers.
technology practice in the
Silicon Valley area. He is
former principal and se-
nior relationship manager
at Orix Ventures.

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