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Situation Analysis
1. World travel and tourism is expected to generate close to US$8 trillion in 2008, rising to approximately US$15 trillion over the next 10 years. The growth rate world-wide is expected to be 3% in 2008 as compared to 3.9% for 2007. Regionally, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, at 5.9%, 5.7% and 5.2% respectively, are experiencing higher growth rates than the world average, while the mature markets, most notably the Americas and Europe, at 2.1% and 2.3% respectively are falling below the world average. 2. The World Travel and Tourism Council projects continued world-wide growth in the travel and tourism industry with expected international growth to average 4.4% annually, supporting 297 million jobs and 10.5% of the global GDP by 2018. This represents a significant opportunity for Skål to capitalize on membership initiatives that are made possible by an expanding managerial and executive work force associated with the travel industry. 3. Skål membership internationally in 1975 was 25,000. It has fallen slightly over the years, with a current membership of about 20,350. 4. There is, and will likely continue to be a growth in new and existing professional associations which could encroach on the traditional areas of Skål influence. 5. People find that their time and resources are limited, and even if they share the aims and activities provided by many different associations, can afford to participate in only a few of them. Professionals will choose those that are the most attractive, affordable and are seen to offer a value-added benefit. Skål International Edmonton must consider this and make sure its offer is rewarding enough to potential members who have a choice of joining other offers outside of Skål. 6. Corporations, more and more are consciously reviewing the cost and benefit of having their employees involved in related professional associations such as Skål. Those not seen to offer a value for money spent are not usually supported. When the employer chooses to no longer cover the cost of an employee's membership, experience is that the member discontinues his or her association with Skål. 7. The historical past of Skål, driven from a foundation focused on friendship, amicale and social interaction has fostered a passive attitude throughout the Skål movement and a situation where local clubs tend to relate primarily to local and personal interests, unconnected to the numerous professional challenges that exist for Skål within the industry. This situation should be addressed and a more vigorous approach taken to revitalizing the Skål image and its impact on meaningful issues related to travel and tourism. 8. An assessment made by Skål International suggests that Skål membership generally does not really know the association well and could benefit from knowing more thoroughly the Skål organization, its structure, aims, goals and principles. 9. The Skål movement was founded in 1932. More than 75 years of history prove the validity of the Skål ideals and are a confirmation that the Skål movement is still valued and is seen to be relevant. Associations at the local level have consequently prevailed over time. 10. Skål International Edmonton has a good membership base, a sound financial foundation and an average age of membership that is lower than that of the international movement generally. These factors, harnessed with an entrepreneurial focus on generating new memberships, a determination to ensure the realization of a value-added benefit for members and a commitment to recognizing that contribution and participation is fundamental to making Skål a rewarding endeavor, suggest that there is considerable opportunity for growth and for the potential prestige and desirability Skål International Edmonton can hold for members of the industry.


Mission Statement
[Reason for existence; Statement of what the organization must achieve to be judged successful]

To maintain and actively promote a travel & tourism-based association. Members are united by common professional interest and have a forum for advanced networking, a medium for social interaction and an avenue through which a strengthened individual knowledge of the industry can be achieved. Skål is a community through which a collective contribution and influence can be brought to bear on enhancing the industry's profile.


Vision Statement
[Statement of a desired state toward which resources are mobilized]

An organization recognized by senior managers and executives of the travel and tourism industry for its professional influence, respect and prestige; making membership in Skål International Edmonton a highly sought after and valued affiliation.


Statement of Principles and Beliefs
1. CHANGE The travel and tourism industry has and continues to undergo significant change. While respecting tradition, Skål International Edmonton recognizes that the association itself must therefore also be open to change in order to ensure a continued relevance of the Club in a contemporary travel and tourism environment. It will seek to maintain a progressive and forward-looking business orientation, foster excellence and ensure that a value-added benefit is a continuing reality of membership. 2. MEMBER DRIVEN Skål International Edmonton will seek to fulfill the needs of its members as a first order of priority. Given that the nature of its resources are volunteer based, the Club will seek to keep administration simple and to a minimum. It will allocate to it sufficient resources to consistently operate within audit integrity but will place a priority on marshalling and deploying resources against the true objectives and purposes of the Club. 3. SUCCESS THROUGH TEAMWORK There is more value in having a championship team than a team of individual champions. Sk ål International Edmonton believes that leadership requires a commitment from each of its members to believe in and model the vision. The contribution of the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. Each member has a duty and obligation to help make the Club better. 4. IMAGINEERING Increased competition and expectations in the marketplace and in the businesses of our members, paralleled by more heavily taxed resources also impact Skål Edmonton's resources and capacity. They dictate that conventional and historic operational practices are not enough. Continued productivity accompanied by fiscal reality is both necessary and important. Its achievement lies in entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, cost-effective management and in better ways of doing business.


5. NON-DISCRIMINATION Skål International Edmonton subscribes to the principle that professionalism is not compatible with any form of discrimination, be it gender, race, religion, social status, person, political belief or other reason. The Club welcomes any candidate qualified under the Skål International membership categories to become an active and participating member in Skål International Edmonton. 6. ENHANCED INDUSTRY PROFILE Tourism and travel is an important industry that generates significant economic and social benefits to the provincial and national economies and is a major generator of employment. People are its most important resource. We believe that excellence in human resources, product and service are the industry's most important marketing tools and the primary yardstick against which visitors measure the Alberta and Edmonton experience. Skål International Edmonton and its members commit themselves to a continuing pursuit for industry excellence and to enhancing its profile relative to career opportunities, continuing education and hospitality. 7. SKÅL AMICALE We believe that Skålleagues are persons of recognized honesty and integrity, who identify with the Skål principles and beliefs. This permits them to find and give within Skål, the spirit of friendship, unity and amicale which makes the Association special. Once a member is accepted, he or she forms a part of the world-wide Skål family of tourism professionals, where every member is welcomed and assisted when contacting other Skålleagues wherever they are throughout the world. Skål International Edmonton endorses and supports the International Association’s objective of “Doing Business Among Friends”.


Goals and Objectives
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Improve the prestige, recognition and membership value of Skål International Edmonton. Strengthen the membership base of Skål International Edmonton. Improve the Club's membership attendance record. Foster an enhanced profile of the tourism & travel industry. Maintain the financial soundness and operational integrity of the Club.


Targets and Performance Measures
1. Improve Membership Base

CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW & REVISION Target(s) Performance Measure(s)
1. Limit member losses to transfers only - no personal or company-generated resignations 2. 6 NET new members in 2008 1. Number of Members lost 2. (a) Number of Members gained (b) Net Membership at year end compared to previous year (c) Distribution of membership across sector categories 3. Assign Feb 13/08. Ex.Committee review at mtg. of Dec.10/08 1. Statistics filed at required SICAN dates – Jun 30 & Dec 31/08 1. (a) Participation level of Active members in the nomination process (b) Response, Club attendance & participation of award winners (c) Conversion of Young Skål members to Active status (d) Interest in Skål generated among other young industry professionals because of the program 1. Skål Canada decision at annual Board Meeting. 2. Target met by Dec. 31, 2008. Sponsor sign up rate of 20%. 1. Certification through annual external audit or accountancy review 2. Unencumbered bank balance confirmed by bank reconciliation statements at June 30 and December 31 each year 3. 2009 budget decision at Executive.Committee meeting of November 12/08 4. Discuss at 2008 Retreat. Implement decisions in 2009.

3. Develop a formal membership growth plan 2. Improve Mbr. Attendance 3. Foster an Enhanced Profile of the Tourism Industry 1. 60% attendance for every member 1. Continue a “Young Skål” initiative. Cover the cost of membership for 2 enterprising, young people training or working in the tourism industry, with the intention of promoting the awareness of Skål to young industry colleagues and stimulating future membership 1. Work towards becoming Canadian "Skål Club of the Year" 2. Institute a Skål Card Discount program 1. Maintain an unencumbered membership equity of $10,000 at each year end 2. Maintain a bank balance capable of sustaining the cash flow required between invoice billings done semi-annually 3. Maintain a balanced budget each year and review/adjust Skal Edmonton dues/fees annually as necessary, to ensure same 4. Review the term of office for Executive Committee members

4. Improve the Club's Recognition, Prestige and Membership Value 5. Maintain the Financial Soundness and Operational Integrity of the Club


Activity Plan
1. Improve Membership Base

1. Establish a Membership Sub-Committees responsible to the Membership Chair to:  Inventorize, by sector, the potential for Skål members in the greater Edmonton area (secure lists from Edmonton Tourism, Travel Alberta, AHLA, ACTA, etc.).  Develop and present to Executive Committee a process for qualification and follow up of membership leads and implement the approved process. 2. Conduct an exit review program. Membership Chair or designate from Membership Sub-Committee to meet with any Skål member resigning for personal or company-based reasons (retain member if possible). 3. Provide all Skålleagues with a copy of the AISC membership criteria and categories. 4. Host a Skål Edmonton Golf tournament, staged at a prominent Edmonton golf course, open to industry friends and guests and used as a potential to attract interest in Skål. 1. Social Chair to prepare annual calendar of meeting venues – published and circulated one month prior to each 6 month Skål interval. 2. Social Chair to organize innovative/creative venue schedule, to include over the 10 month period:  1-2 themed spousal events e.g. Valentines, Christmas, Night at the Races, etc.  1 Mystery Night  1 special interest night e.g. “Feastival” of Fine Chefs, Rutherford House, visit to other Skål Club, etc.  1 meeting at a venue representing a new or distinctive tourism product. 3. Membership Sub-Committee to:  Monitor members' attendance on a monthly basis and assign to each committee member, a contact follow-up list for members having attendance of less than 60%.  Implement a "Skål Colleague" system where each member of the Membership Sub-Committee, prior to each upcoming meeting, calls an assigned list of members whose attendance is deficient. 1. Professional Development Chair to coordinate 2 speaker or presentation sessions in 2008. 2. Budget permitting, support a Skål Edmonton NAASC Congress prize by contributing airfare for one nonmandated member to attend the NAASC Congress, and utilizing Skål Canada's registration subsidy. 3. Budget permitting, allocate 50% of the Jun 2007/08 raffle proceeds to offset the cost of having one nonmandated member attend the Skål International Congress. Allow the allocation to be "claimed". If there is more than one claim, grant the allocation based on qualifying criteria established by the Exec. Committee. 4. Budget permitting, sponsor a Skål Edmonton delegate to the “Tourism Summit” in Florida.

2. Improve Membership Attendance

3. Strengthen Professional Development


5. Foster an Enhanced Profile of the Tourism Industry Utilizing the Expertise and Knowledge Base of the Skål International Edmonton Members 6. Improve the Club's Recognition, Prestige and Membership Value

1. 2. 3. 4.

Review criteria for a Young Skål initiative by Jan.9/08 Executive Committee meeting.

Receive nominees from Active Club members by March 12/08. Review and select candidate(s) at the April 9/08 Executive Committee meeting. Induct new Young Skål member(s) at the May 14/08 General meeting.

1. Make the December 2008 spousal meeting a "Children's Christmas Bureau Night" - each member to bring a Christmas gift suitable for a child which will be turned over to an appropriate children's foundation, or alternately conduct a raffle/auction with the proceeds going to a recognized Christmas charity. 2. Initiate and implement a "Skål Card Discount" program (Vice President or Past President responsibility). 3. Compete for the Skål Canada Club of the Year Award (Vice President or Past President responsibility).  Check Skål Canada requirements/criteria for Club of the Year award.  Communicate requirements to Executive Committee.  Oversee and ensure that all requirements/targets are met in advance of submission dates. 4. Director of PR (Past President) to secure web-link sign ups at $100/link annually Meeting venue contracts to stipulate that liquor invoices are to be accompanied by the return of used tickets. Work with a By-Laws Review Committee of 2 people to update the Skål Edmonton by-laws as required. Elected Treasurer to review monthly bank reconciliation statements and certify correctness. Executive Treasurer to:  Work with By-Laws Committee to ensure current needs are met.  Update signing authorities as required.  Submit to the Executive Committee a monthly financial statement and a report on accounts receivable.  Present semi-annual cash flow statements to Executive Committee.  Ensure maintenance of targeted membership equity and cash flow levels.  Arrange for year end accountancy review. 5. Term of office for members of the Executive Committee to be reviewed at the 2008 Planning Retreat and if decisions are taken to adjust or change the current situation, implement for fiscal year 2009. 6. President, assisted by Vice President and/or Club Secretary, to develop Business Plan for 2009, with President and Vice President to make presentation to Skal meeting of November 12, 2008. 1. 2. 3. 4.

7. Maintain the Financial Soundness and Operational Integrity of the Club


Financial Plan 2009
Revenue & Expense Factors Meal Charges Meal Payments Bar Ticket Prices Bar Payments Avg. Bar Purchase Per Person Avg. Monthly Attendance Avg. #Life, Local, Guests/Mtg. Volckaert Fund ($/Member) No. of Meetings/Year Annual Dues (Active & Assoc.) Annual Dues (Life) Annual Dues (Retired) Number of Active Members Number of Associate Members Number of Life Members Number of Retired Members Number of Young Skal Mbrs. Amount $50.00 $45.00 $7.00 $6.00 1.5 60% 3 $2.00 10 $800.00 $135.00 $280.00 53 0 2 2 1 Budget Item for Year 2009 SI/SICAN Membership Dues Edmonton Skål Club Dues Meals (Actives, Associates, Life, Retired, Local, Guests) Bar G.S.T. Bank Interest Raffles Volckaert Fund Young Skål Membership Initiative for 2 members SIC Reimbursement-NAASC Congress (Mbr.Attendance) NAASC Congress-May 7-10/09-Anchorage-SIC Rep SIC Fall Meeting-(Quebec City)-SIC Rep NAASC Congress-Member Prize (Consideration for 2009) SI Congress-Budapest, Hungary-Nov 1-6/09-Pres.& Partner SI Congress-Member Award (Consideration for 2009) Golf Tournament Executive Committee Planning Retreat Administration/Miscellaneous Audit $ 600.00 P.O. Box Rental $ 180.00 Admin.& Accounting $6,000.00 Bank Service Charges $ 70.00 Office Supplies, Postage $ 300.00 Web Hosting, Maintenance $1,070.00 Misc., Pins, Name Tags, etc. $ 600.00 Grand Total Excess of Revenue Over Expenses (Deficit [-]) Minimum Members' Equity In 2009 Not To Fall Below Revenue $8,770.00 $7,975.00 $28,000.00 $3,654.00 $0.00 $2,500.00 $200.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 Expenses $8,770.00 $0.00 $15,660.00 $3,132.30 Included $0.00 $0.00 $200.00 $465.00 $0.00 $3,055.00 $1,683.20 $0.00 $7,742.48 $0.00 $0.00 $500.00 $8,820.00

$51,099.00 $1,071.32 $10,000.00



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