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                                                               President’s Message from Jennifer Cavedo
                                                               am passing this along to       PDC will be held in Nash-
                                                               any of you out there who       ville, and I encourage eve-
                                                               attend chapter training,       ryone to try and attend.
                                                               but have not worked on a
                                 Dear Fellow Members,          committee or attended
September 2006 Issue
                                  It is an honor to serve as   any national conferences.       The Chapter has some
                                 your AGA Chapter Presi-       It is a tremendous oppor-      exciting plans for the com-
                                 dent this year.       Since   tunity to meet fellow gov-     ing year, so always check
                                 starting in May, I have       ernment employees, gain        your newsletter or our
                                 attended two AGA events,      new perspectives, con-         website for upcoming
 Hot Items in this issue !                                     tacts, resources, and          events! Each year we try
                                 the Regional Chapter Of-
 • Community Service             fices Workshop (RCOW) in      friends, in addition to        to focus on chapter
                                 Virginia Beach and the        some fun times! (Happy         growth in one area or an-
   Adopt a Highway                                             Hours and Hospitality          other. Last year we suc-
                                 National Professional De-
     - Page 14                   velopment Conference in       Suites) It is a great moti-    cessfully increased our
                                 San Diego. Both are great     vator in making you want       membership over the
 • Contact Points                locations and the confer-     to do your paying job bet-     “Team 300 Challenge.”
   — Page 11                     ences were great. I even      ter. In San Diego, the un-     This time out we will try to
                                 had time for a side trip to   derlying theme to me was       recruit Early Career mem-
                                 Mexico.                       how proud you should be        bers and promote the
                                                               to be working in the gov-      CGFM program. Early Ca-
                                                               ernment accountability         reers events are in the
                                  From the RCOW, one           field. In the future it will   planning stages.        The
Visit AGA National at:
                                 theme I heard from other      become even more impor-        Chapter is actively pursu-
www.agacgfm.org                  members was how much          tant as we move to more        ing a 6 day, 48 hour
                                 they wished they had be-      performance and ac-            CGFM review course, ten-
                                 came involved in AGA          countability reporting to      tatively scheduled for
Regular Features                 early in their careers. I     the public. Next year’s        - Continued Page 10

Calendar of Events          2

Chapter Financial Info.     2
Member Profile              3    Up Coming Education Events
                                  by Lisa Watts
Chapter Recognition         9
                                 Hello and Welcome to a        like “free”! The topic will
The Buzz                    3    new AGA Education year.       be “Labor and Employ-          gates complaints alleging
Membership News             4
                                 Our first event will be a     ment Law” and the              violations of certain labor
                                 lunch meeting on Tues-        speaker is EllenMarie          laws, conducts informal
Meetings Recap              5
                                 day, September 12, at the     Hess, Director of the Divi-    conferences with employ-
Community Service           14   Monroe Building. You will     sion of Labor Law at the       ers to settle disputes, as-
Mission Statement & Goals   16   earn 1 CPE and lunch is       Dept. of Labor and Indus-      sists in civil or criminal
                                 free – and who doesn’t        try. The Division investi-     court actions against em-
The Back Side               16
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                           September 2006                                                           Schedule of Events
                                                                                                    • September 12, 2006 1 CPE
          Sun        Mon        Tue          Wed          Thu           Fri           Sat             Monroe Building
                                                                                                      Free Lunch—Labor & Employ. Law
                                                                1             2                     • October 11, 2006          7 CPE
                                                                                                      Henrico County’s
3 Nat’l         4 Labor 5             6            7            8             9                       Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center
                Day                                                                                   Fall Seminar—Fraud w/ ACFE
Payroll Week
                                                                                                    • November 15, 2006      3 CPE
10              11         12 AGA 13               14           15            16
                                                                                                      Holiday Inn—Boulevard
                                                                                                      Morning Seminar—Procurement
17              18         19         20           21           22            23
                                                                                                    • December 5-7, 2006       14 CPE
                                                                              Equinox                 Crowne Plaza Williamsburg
24              25         26         27           28           29            30                      at Fort Magruder
                                                                                                      Mid-Atlantic Regional PDC

                                      All CPEs posted are estimates and can change.

   The Bucks Stop Here !                                                                                  July 31, 2006

                                                                                            Beginning Balance                29,541
                                       We have begun our new fiscal year
                                      and hope to have our financial exami-                 Revenue                          27,962
                                      nation completed soon.
                                                                                            Expenditures                     28,577

                                      Nearly all of the receivables and pay-                Ending Balance                   28,926
                                      ables are related to the Blue Ridge
                                      Conference held in Charlottesville. Half
   Ken Gunn, CGFM, CPA, CFE           of the proceeds of that conference will
   Treasurer                          go to the Roanoke Chapter. We are
                                                                                            Checking Account                 16,124
                                      anticipating net proceeds after the split
                                      to be around $1,350.
                                                                                            Savings Account                        0

                                      The Chapter is fiscally sound position                Investments                      19,549
                                      to enable us to offer more education
                                      and other activities to our members                   Pre-Paid Expenses                      0
                                      and the government financial manage-
                                      ment community at large.                              Accounts Receivable              10,400

                                                                                            Liabilities                      17,147

                                                                                            Total                            28,926
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                           Page 3

Member Profile:      Joy Yeh
Joy Yeh, CPA, Ph.D, CISA,            ble for the management of
CFE                                  the Department’s nearly
                                     $1 billion budget (the 7th
Assistant Commissioner, Fi-
                                     largest in the Common-
nance and Administration
                                     wealth). She directs four
Virginia Department of Mental        offices within her division        mental health and mental retar-
Health, Mental Retardation           comprised of 75 employ-            dation services to citizens of the
and Substance Abuse Ser-             ees. The division is re-           Commonwealth; funding alloca-
vices (DMHMRSAS)                     sponsible for third party          tions to the Commonwealth’s
                                     billing and collection             forty community services boards
                                     (nearly $300 million annu-         providing mental health, mental
Dr. Yeh serves as the Chief          ally) for the 16 state facili-     retardation and substance
Financial    Officer    of           ties providing inpatient           abuse services in a community
DMHMRSAS and is responsi-

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Professional Certification, Fred Washington, Co-Chair
INTERESTED IN BE- Inn –Central. We will be tails will be developed                   Photo
                       announcing our plans       soon. Want to learn
COMING A CGFM? to deliver, for the first          more about the CGFM?

SPECIAL SESSION TO          time, the full course of-   (see AGA website at
BE HELD ON NOV 15th         fering (six days and 48     www.agacgfm.org).
 If you are interested in   CPE hours). This spe-       Questions: Contact Fred
becoming a CGFM             cial session will be held   Washington, CGFM at
(Certified Government       after our breakfast         Al-
Financial Manager)          meeting the same day        fred.Washington@VDOT
plan to attend a special    and will be followed up     .Virginia.gov or (804)
session on November         with a GASB Update (1       786.7209
15, 2006 at the Holiday     hours CPE). Final de-

The Buzz                        By Autumn Leeves

Randy McCabe was               VDOT, received the       Surgery.
named the new Assis-           volunteer of the year    And Finally…
tant Controller of Ac-         award from Stone-
                                                        The clumsy oaf award
counting and Report-           wall Jackson Middle
                                                        goes to Joe Kape-
ing at DOA.                    School in Hanover
                                                        lewski who broke his
Garland Adkins is the                                   pinky toe. Details have
new Fiscal Director for        Get well wishes to       not yet been released as
Caroline County, VA.           Jim Mahone who is        the investigation is still
                               recovering from Foot     ongoing.
Jerry       Hall,   from
Page 4                                                                                 The Richmond Ledger News

                                                                          Top Sponsors
                         Membership Page
                                                                           YOUR Name Here ?????
                            Miraim Daughtry
                            Nauri Ahmed
                            Membership Co-Chairs                          All recruiting efforts
                                                                          will be recognized here
   We Want YOU – on our Membership Committee
                                                                          in the RLN during the
                                                                          program year.
    Last year, our Chapter exceeded its Membership Challenge –
   Team 300, and ended the year with 308 members. This year we
   are off to an exciting start. We have already added 18 new mem-
   bers for the new year.                                                 Good luck           and ask
                                                                          someone to          share in
    To meet Membership Challenge – Team 400, we need volunteers
                                                                          the benefits        you have
   for the Membership Committee who can help meet the new goal.           received as          an AGA
   We hope to work with some of the Richmond area college and uni-        member.
   versity professors and students towards increasing student mem-
   bership and possibly establishing a student chapter. We are look-
   ing for individuals with ideas, energy and creativity. If you have
   any or all of those (or maybe an additional talent we haven’t          Get on Target
   thought of ??!!) please call Miriam Daughtry (786-2758) or Nauri
   Ahmed (371-4613).
                                                                          Recruit a new member
                                                                          today !

   TEAM 300 CELEBRATION-OCT 11, 2006 (3-5 PM)
   In recognition of the Chapter achieving the 300 level of membership for the program year ended
   April 2006, we are holding a celebration at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center following our seminar
   earlier in the day. Relmond Van Daniker, AGA Executive Director, will be in attendance as well as
   several other distinguished guests. The ceremony should be fairly short to allow some time for min-
   gling and fellowship. Refreshments will be served. We hope most of you will be attending the semi-
   nar but even if you are not, please plan on joining us for this momentous occasion. The Cultural Cen-
   ter is located at 2880 Mountain Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060.

   Alfred “Fred” Washington, CGFM recently joined our leadership as Co-Chair, CGFM. The Chapter
   Leadership is continually looking for talented individuals to serve. If you have an interest in serving,
   please contact Jennifer Cavedo, CPA, President at (804) 863-1624 or Jenni-
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                         Page 5


  July CEC Planning Meeting, Candace Thomas, Secretary
  Executive Committee Meeting, July 12, 2006
  Fred Washington, Nancy Sanders, Jerry Spivey, Joy Yeh, Ken Gunn, Dick Bunce, Melinda Barbish, Mirium Daughtry, Nauri
  Amed, Fred Hoover, Jim Mahone, Joe Kapelewski, Lisa Watts, Candace Thomas, Jennifer Cavedo. Also in attendance
  was Lynell McClinton, with ASPA.                                                   Candace Thomas CGFM,
  Jennifer Cavedo discussed the AGA Chapter Recognition program and asked each chairman to review the program and
  help provide guidelines for a well-rounded chapter. The first deadline is the submission of quarterly points due August
  14th; the program year runs May 1st to April 30th. Committee chairmen gave their ideas for the program year.
  Ken Gunn suggested that we have a localized, formal, review course with qualified instructors. Management Concepts
  could provide the course for 3 days one week and 3 days the next week to cover all three parts. A minimum of 30 peo-
  ple is required for the course. Dick Bunce suggested sending out a survey to AGA members, plus local CPA firms to see if
  there would be interest in attending.
  Joe Kapelewski reported that there would be a new web page this fall. Once the new web page is established Jim Ma-
  hone will take over the web responsibilities. The majority of the page is static, but the newsletters & registration pages
  require updates. In addition, Joe is looking for someone to take over the newsletter. He explained that it consisted of
  maintaining the email database and including submitted articles.
   Local Awards
  Joe Kapelewski reported for Betty Akins, the chairperson. He presented the committee members with a flash drive that
  will be given to attendees of the October 11th seminar. Speaker gifts are still to be determined, but Joe said he was look-
  ing into other flash drives with more memory.
  Nauri Amed reported that the Richmond Chapter now has 350 members. His goal for the new program year is 400
  members and to focus on obtaining local, federal and private members. He encouraged the committee to recruit mem-
  Nauri explained the importance of the “early careers” members. He has been working with Barbara Billmyer, Early Ca-
  reers Chairman, to have some events and promotions to attract these members. Joe Kapelewski suggested contacting
  the AGA Regional Coordinator as a resource for ideas for membership retention.
  The Blue Ridge conference attendance has fallen from about 250 to about 150 attendees due to the timing of the event.
  Nauri suggested that the conference be changed in 2008 from July to sometime in April or May to increase attendance.
  Community Service
  Fred Hoover suggested that the committee “Adopt a Highway”, a 2 mile section of Rt. 60 between 9 Mile and Elko Road.
  He believed that the cleanup would be a minimum of twice a year and we could supply refreshments. Our name on the
  sign will be good publicity. The committee agreed to pursue this. Other possible community service activities would be
  Blood Mobile, possibly at the Henrico County Training Center, Toys for Tots 5 k run, and possibly supporting a Henrico
  Firefighter’s daughter who has a special form of cancer.
  Lisa Watts confirmed 2006 – 2007 Education Program dates. Suggestions for speakers and topics were discussed.
  Committee Budgets
  Jennifer Cavedo asked the committee chairmen to review the AGA recognition program for their areas, prepare their
  plans and budgets for the year and send them to her no later than August 15. Plans are due to the AGA National by Au-
  gust 30.
Page 6                                                                                          The Richmond Ledger News

          2006—2007 Richmond Chapter Officers

              Joy Yeh
                                                                                            Nancy Sanders
           President Elect
                                                                                            Immediate Past
                                                          Jennifer Cavedo

                       Candace Thomas                                                   Ken Gunn
                           Secretary                                                    Treasurer

          2006—2007 Executive Committee Members
                                                                                            * At Large CEC Members

                                                                                               Betty Akins
            Lisa Watts                   Joe Kapelewski                  Nauri Ahmed
          Programs / Ed.                Communications                   Membership

         Fred Hoover             Barbara Billmyer *                 Garland Adkins *                 Dick Bunce *
   Community Service                   Early Careers                     Registration                  At Large
                2006—2007 Committee Members


         Eddie Weeks           Ken Gunn                 Alfred Washington
        Programs / Ed.            CGFM                        CGFM

         Doug Blum                Jim Mahone            Miriam Daughtry
             Audit             Communications              Membership

 Photo                    Photo
 In                       In
 Progress                 Progress

           Teresa Price         Melinda Barbish
                                                              Nauri Ahmed
      Community Service        Leadership Awards
                                                           Leadership Awards

Photo                     Photo
In                        In
Progress                  Progress

                                 Your Photo ?               Jerry Spivey
Plan to Add 100 New Members
 Hoping to continue the momentum of our successful Team 300 program, the Chapter has launched our
TEAM 400 Membership Challenge. To reach this ambitious goal, we will need the assistance of the entire
membership. As an incentive to motivate you, we are developing an assortment of exciting prizes that you can
win for sponsoring the most number of new members. Check our web site for updates. AGA members are the
“government accountability professionals” and include managers and staff in the areas of accounting, audit,
budget, programs, consulting, and information technology. Be a part of “Team 400”!! Contact Miriam
Daughtry or Nauri Ahmed, Membership Co-Chairs, for questions and assistance at (804) 786-2758 or (804)
371-4613 or miriam.daughtry@vdot.virginia.gov or nauri.ahmed@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov.


  The Chapter is continuing our Early Careers Scholarship program. We will be awarding 20 FREE AGA
  memberships to early career government employees (less than 3 years of government experience).
  The program runs from May 1, 2006 to April 25, 2007 or when 20 new memberships have been
  awarded. A monthly Tobacco Company Restaurant lunch drawing has been added to the program.
  Drawings are selected at random from new monthly early career members. Interested persons
  should see the flyer on the web or contact Miriam Daughtry or Nauri Ahmed, Membership Co-Chairs, for
  questions and assistance at (804) 786-2758 or (804) 371-4613 or miriam.daughtry@vdot.virginia.gov or

  (July 26-28, 2006), Doubletree Hotel-Charlottesville

  The Premier Conference for Human Service Finance and Audit Professionals

   The Richmond and Roanoke Chapters co-hosted the 9th Annual Blue Ridge PDC at the Doubletree
  Hotel-Charlottesville July 26-28, 2006. Some 160 participants earned 16 CPE hours. Topics cen-
  tered around human service finance and audit issues. Our annual offering on ethics “Ethics-Your Li-
  cense Depends Upon It” met the two-hour ethics requirement for the Virginia Board of Accountancy.
  Some enhancements to this year’s conference included a free health screening (Blood Pressure &
  Diabetes) by UVA and a bonus CPE offering from Mitchell Humphrey Software. $1,100 was raised in
  our charity raffle to support UVA Children’s Hospital. This amount will be matched by our National
  Office. PowerPoint presentations and speaker bios will be available on our website soon and will be
  removed by Oct 31st. Next year’s conference is scheduled for July 25-27, 2007 at the Hotel Roa-
  noke and Conference Center in Roanoke Virginia. Mark your calendars to attend this outstanding
  conference next year.
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                       Page 9

                                           Chapter Recognition Program Status
                                           By Joy Yeh, President Elect

     The Chapter recognition points program is designed to benchmark our chapter’s accom-
     plishments as linked to AGA’s mission. Recognition points are designated as follows:
     Bronze Chapter Designation -10,000 to12,500 credits
     Silver Chapter Designation 12,501 to 15,000 credits
     Gold Chapter Designation 15,001 to 17,500 credits
     Platinum Chapter Designation 17,501 to 20,000 credits
      Congratulations, Richmond Chapter. You have achieved the maximum points for each
     category in the Chapter Recognition Program for 2005-2006. Also, because of exceptional
     membership growth we will be awarded the highest overall growth for Group B and receive
     a complimentary registration to a National Conference next year.
     Program Year 2006—2007 points should be available in the next newsletter

            Section          1st Qtr       2nd Qtr       3rd Qtr         4th Qtr   Total    Maximum   Percent

 I. Chapter Leadership and      1800          1250            100            100     3000      3000     100%

 II. Education and Profes-      2825          1675          3700            1900     4000      4000     100%
 sional Development

 III. Certification             1050            500         1050            1912     4000      4000     100%

 IV. Communications             2438          1361          3000            1737     3000      3000     100%

 V. Membership                   100            175           250           2975     3500      3500     100%

 VI. Community Service           300            500         1200             400     2000      2000     100%

 VII. Awards Programs                  0             0        100           1050     1000      1000     100%

 Quarterly Total                8513          5461          8505            9862   17850      20500     100%

 Cumulative Total               8513        13974         22479           32341
Page 10                                                                                         The Richmond Ledger News

    President’s Message Continued
    early May. Look for the CGFM kickoff and additional information in November or December. To con-
    gratulate our members on achieving Team 300, there will be a celebration immediately following our
    October, Fraud and Technology Seminar at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. Look for more informa-
    tion on this great opportunity to network and enjoy the AGA Richmond Chapter’s success in this news-

    Our 9th annual Blue Ridge Professional Development conference was held in Charlottesville. Unfortu-
    nately, I was unable to attend, but understand it was most successful. The conference provided 16
    CPE’s, including 2, Ethics (required for CPA license renewal). The theme was "Navigating Change in
    Health and Human Services." Approximately 160 people attended this joint effort with the AGA Roanoke
    Look for the 10th annual conference to be held next year at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center on
    July 25-27, 2007.

     In the AGA spirit of giving back to the community, the Blue Ridge conference held a raffle and raised
    $1100 for the UVA Children’s Hospital. AGA National will match this amount for a total donation from
    the conference of $2200.

     I am looking forward to working with each of you in the coming year. If you have any suggestions for
    speakers, topics, or would like to volunteer in a small or big way, please do not hesitate to contact me
    at 804-863-1624 or Jennifer.cavedo@dhr.virginia.gov.

     Jennifer S. Cavedo

    Other Education Opportunities from the IIA
    Attached is the preliminary brochure for the Institute of Internal Auditors Mid-Atlantic Region, District 1
    Conference in Virginia Beach, VA, on Thursday & Friday, October 19 & 20, 2006.
    The Dr. Glenn Sumners CIA Review Course will be held at the same location from Wednesday – Satur-
    day, October 18-21, 2006.
    Part 1: Wednesday 10/18/06;
    Part 2: Thursday 10/19/06;
    Part 3: Friday 10/20/06;
    Part 4: Saturday morning 10/21/06.
    The IIA District 1 Conference is co-sponsored by the Central Virginia, Tidewater, and Southwest Virginia
    Chapters of the Institute of Internal Auditors.
    This brochure, and any updates, will also be available soon at:
Page 11                                                                                         The Richmond Ledger News

                                         Chapter Points of Contact
    Position                    Contact Person      Work Phone                       E-Mail

    President                  Jennifer Cavedo        863-1624      Jennifer.Cavedo@dhr.virginia.gov

    President Elect            Joy Yeh                371-4600      Joy.yeh@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov

    Immediate Past President   Nancy Sanders          371-7414      NSanders@doli.virginia.gov

    Secretary                  Candace Thomas       330-2471 x302   cthomas@vabirthinjury.com

    Treasurer                  Ken Gunn               786-1555      Ken.Gunn@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov

    Programs / Education       Eddie Weeks            786-1512      ceweeks@dce.state.va.us

    Programs / Education       Lisa Watts             786-1474      Lisa.watts@doli.virginia.gov

    Certification (CGFM)       Ken Gunn               786-1555      Ken.Gunn@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov
                               Alfred Washington      786-7209      Alfred.washington@vdot.virginia.gov

    Communications             Joe Kapelewski         371-8576      Joseph.Kapelewski@vdacs.virginia.gov
    (RLN & Webpage)            Jim Mahone             864-1516      Jim.mahone@smv.org
                               Mike Faszewski

    Membership                 Nauri Ahmed            371-4613      Nauri.Ahmed@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov
                               Miriam Daughtry        786-2758      Miriam.daughtry@vdot.virginia.gov
    Early Careers              Barbara Billmyer       344-3131      bbillmyer@vrs.state.va.us

    Local Chapter Awards       Betty Akins            371-4608      Betty.Akins@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov
    National Awards            Nauri Ahmed            371-4613      Nauri.Ahmed@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov
                               Melinda Barbish        225-2515      Melinda.barbish@trs.virginia.gov

    Community Service          Fred Hoover            225-3613      Fred.Hoover@vdot.virginia.gov
                               Teresa Price           226-3025      tprice@flyrichmond.com

    Audio Conferences (VCU)    Dick Bunce             828-2336      robunce@vcu.edu

    Registrations              Garland Adkins
                               Gerald Spivey          371-0122      Gerald.Spivey@co.dmhmrsas.virginia.gov
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                           Page 12

Upcoming Events
 ployers to gain compliance, and administers the work permit program for 14 and 15 year-old minors.

  Our second meeting will be held Wednesday, October 11 at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. As in past
 years, this will be the Fraud and Technology Seminar held with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
 (ACFE). AGA and ACFE are in the midst of finalizing plans for this seminar. Details will be e-mailed to you very
 soon. You will earn 6 CPE’s, along with lunch and snacks. PLUS, as an added BONUS, we will celebrate the
 distinction of obtaining 300 AGA members with a Team 300 Celebration to be held immediately after the semi-
 nar. This is quite an honor and is the end result of a lot of hard work on the part of AGA members and commit-
 tee members.

  Our first breakfast seminar will be at the Holiday Inn Boulevard on November 15. The 11th Annual Mid-Atlantic
 Professional Development Conference will be held December 6 and 7 in Williamsburg at the Crown Plaza Wil-
 liamsburg at Fort Magruder. This conference is held in conjunction with the Virginia Peninsula AGA Chapter
 and encompasses a broad range of topics. Both Chapters are finalizing speakers for this event. Stay tuned as
 plans continue to develop. You will also learn why 2E+A=S is THE Formula for Success!

  We will keep you informed via e-mail as plans develop for the seminars mentioned above, as well as for those
 coming up in 2007. In addition, please refer to our website from time to time for registration and agenda in-
 formation, or contact me directly.

  Lastly, please encourage your co-workers who are not AGA members to join AGA! Forward them a copy of this
 newsletter. Tell them the value of AGA and the opportunities it provides to you as a member: low membership
 fees, informative topics, networking with colleagues, inexpensive CPE’s, and more. Don’t let them miss the
 opportunity to be a part of THE best organization for Government Accountants – the AGA!


 Our TEAM 300 (2005-2006) membership campaign was very successful. Thirty-five individuals spon-
 sored 80 new members. Prizes were awarded to the top 4 sponsors. Miriam Daughtry received the top
 sponsor honor with 5 new members. She was awarded a free registration to AGA’s Annual Professional
 Development Conference to be held in San Diego on Jun 18-21, 2006. Tonya Morgan received the
 2nd place honor and was awarded a 2-night stay at the Holiday Inn-Sunspree in Virginia Beach. The 3rd
 place honor was awarded to Melinda Barbish who received an overnight stay plus breakfast for two at
 the Hotel Roanoke. Jerry Hall and Linda Miles received 4th place prizes and were awarded free registra-
 tions to the 9th Annual Blue Ridge PDC to be held in at the Doubletree in Charlottesville on July 26-28,
 2006. Congratulations to our winners and all who have supported the program.
Page 13                                                                                         The Richmond Ledger News

 Member Profile           Joy Yeh

setting statewide; Medicare and Medicaid annual cost reporting; financial reporting in accordance
with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP); Federal grants management; financial
management operations; procurement and contract administration; and the structure of the De-
partment’s financial management system.

 Prior to her service as Assistant Commissioner of DMHMRSAS, Dr. Yeh served as the Director
of Internal Audit for DMHMRSAS from 1991-1999. She also served as Director of Internal Audit
for the Department of Rehabilitative Services from 1984-1991.

 Dr. Yeh earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Ohio State University in 1982 and a Mas-
ter of Science degree in accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1987. She earned
her Ph.D in Health Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University (Medical College of Vir-
ginia) in 1997 completing the program in 4 years while working full time.

 Dr. Yeh’s work in the community consists of serving on the board of the Virginia Credit Union as
a supervisory committee member. From 1997 to 2000 she served as Assistant Principal and sub-
sequently Principal of the Richmond Chinese School. The school operates on Sundays teaching
children Chinese language and culture.

 Joy was born in Taipei, Taiwan and has been a resident of the United States since 1979. She is
married to Dr. Terry Chern and has one daughter currently completing her second year at the Uni-
versity of Virginia.

  In Case You Didn’t Know….In                       the language of science, an equinox is either of two points on the
  celestial sphere where the ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect. For the rest of us, it's one of two times a
  year when the sun crosses the equator, and the day and night are of equal length. At the autumnal equinox
  (Sept. 23, 2006, 12:03 A.M. EDT), the sun appears to cross the celestial equator, from north to south; this
  marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The vernal equinox, also known as “the first point
  of Aries,” is the point at which the sun appears to cross the celestial equator from south to north. This occurs
  about March 21, marking the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

  On the date of either equinox, the sun is above the equator and night and day are of equal length (12 hours
  each); the word equinox is often used to refer to either of these dates.

  The equinoxes are not fixed points on the celestial sphere but move westward along the ecliptic, passing
  through all the constellations of the zodiacin 26,000 years. This motion is called the precession of the equi-
  noxes. The vernal equinox is a reference point in the equatorial coordinate system.
Page 14                                                          The Richmond Ledger News

                                            Richmond Chapter of the
                                           Association of Government
                                          Accountants Adopt-A-Highway

                                       Fred Hoover, AGA Chairman of Commu-
                                       nity Service is picking up trash. AGA
                                       Richmond has adopted a two-mile sec-
                                       tion of highway along eastbound Wil-
                                       liamsburg Road (Route 60) at Sands-
                                       ton between Nine Mile Road and Elko
                                       Road just past RIC Airport. We encour-
                                       age all AGA members to help with the
                                       clean up of Williamsburg Road on the
                                       morning of October 14th This commu-
                                       nity event will not only benefit the chap-
                                       ter with Service Credit, but we will pro-
                                       vide folks visiting Richmond for the first
                                       time our Richmond Pride. Show every-
                                       one that you are Richmond AGA proud
                                       and help with our initial fall clean-up on
                                       Saturday, October 14th.

Adopt-a-Highway volunteers consist of school and church groups, businesses,
civic organizations, Girl and Boy Scout troops, college clubs, neighborhoods
and individuals.

The Adopt-a-Highway program began in Virginia in 1988. Now with more than
6,800 groups and 13,000 miles of adopted highway, it is one of the largest
programs in the country. Volunteers clean about one-quarter of Virginia’s
state maintained roads and provide roughly $3 million annually in litter-
control services to the state.
 For more information, visit VirginiaDOT.org or
call (800) PRIDE VA {(800) 774-3382}.
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                    Page 15

The Associated Press                                          Sep 1, 2006

The IRS Giveth and the IRS Taketh Away.
WASHINGTON -- Consumers can claim a standard $30 to $60 refund next year for a tax on telephone
calls that the government declared invalid, the Internal Revenue Service announced yesterday.

 Telephone customers had been paying the 3 percent federal excise tax on local and long-distance ser-
vice. The government this month stopped collecting the tax after businesses repeatedly fought the tax
in court and won. Next year, consumers can use their 2006 tax returns to claim a refund on those
taxes paid since March 2003.

 The standard refund starts at $30 and increases by $10 for each additional exemption claimed on a
tax return, up to $60. A married couple with two dependent children, for example, could claim a $60

 The IRS will add a line to the 2006 tax forms for the refund. The agency will also create a special form
for people not otherwise required to file tax returns, so they can request their money back.

 Individuals do not have to use the standard amount. Con-
sumers who have their old phone bills can add up the
taxes they paid between March 2003 and July 2006 and
apply for a refund for that amount.

 The tax dates to the late 19th century and the Spanish-
American War, when telephones were a luxury and the
government needed revenue.

 Adopt a Highway:

 Specific Times and Locations along
 with instructions and other informa-
 tion will be made available later this
 month and distributed to all Chapter
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The Back Side by Joe “The Kapp” Kapelewski CGFM, CPA, CIA
       The Good Ole Days—                                              3 years if we want to keep up (AKA Seat
                                                                       Management). The company hoards of                             Hear No Evil
            Revisited                                                  marketing experts and psychological
Once upon a time, people would say                                     manipulators lead us to believe the new
that the automotive industry would                                     software and OSes are improvements
deliberately make cars that would fall                                 when in fact they are glorified bug fixes.
apart after 5 or 6 years. “Planned Ob-                                 Think about it….. Are you doing anything
solesce” was the coined term.                                          different with your word processing
Build’em cheap and when the fall                                       software than you did 15 years ago.                            See No Evil

apart people would just buy a new one.                                 No, just the same old memos. Has the
More profits for all! After awhile peo-                                basic spreadsheet theory changed
ple got wise to the game and competi-                                  since the creators of Visicalc released
tion forced Detroit to play a new game.                                their CPM software. Not much, just
                                                                       some minor interface enhancements
                                                                       the way I see it.
                                                                                                                                     Speak No Evil
The computer industry has taken a
new twist on the old “Planned Obso-
lesce” Theory. Instead of the hardware                                 Soon Uncle Bill will release VISTA and
breaking down, they just keep coming                                   over the following years we are forced
up with new software and operating                                     into the never ending cycle of Planned
systems that won’t run on the boxes.                                   Obsolesce once again. The more things
Forcing us to buy new computers every                                  change the more they remain the                               Have No Fun !

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