OWEN V. TUNISON, Supreme Judicial Ct. of Maine, 1932 by JohnMValentine


									CONTRACTS OWEN V. TUNISON, Supreme Judicial Ct. of Maine, 1932 History: Facts: Owen sued Tunison for breach of contract claiming Tunison agreed in writing to sell property to Owen but later refused, causing Owen to suffer damages; Owen offered to purchase Tunison’s property for $6,000; Tunison reponded to Owen by letter saying he could not sell the property unless he got $16,000; Owen then replied he accepted Tunison’s offer, and Tunison decided not to sell Issue: Whether a statement specifying a minimum price for the sale of property constitutes an offer to sell. Holding: No—judgment for defendant Analysis: Tunison is not shown to have written to Owen an offer to sell There can be no meeting of the minds unless there was an offer/proposal of sale Tunison’s letter may have been written w/intent to open negotiations that might lead to a sale, but it was not a proposal to sell

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