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About The Los Angeles Tourist Center (LATC) LATC Company Profile LATC Site Statement and Objectives LATC Similar Sites LATC Site Brainstorm LATC Site Outline

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About The Los Angeles Tourist Center (LATC)
The LATC is a non-for-profit organization established to provide tourists in Los Angeles information and referrals. While it is a non-for-profit organization that receives funding from the City of Los Angeles, the organization does solicit additional funds through advertisers and donations. Location: Downtown LA office Size: 12 employees in small office Description of Staff: Owner (1): makes all major decisions; hires/fires; scouts new business. Receptionist (1): works front desk; fields telephone calls. Local Tourism Specialists (2): Research local tourism; establish contacts in the community with theatres, museums, parks, arenas, etc., to arrange for discount admission for the referral from the LATC; have contacts with car rental agencies, hotels, to assist tourists. As the LATC is developing a website, these specialists will be required to visit and obtain from their contacts any information that the contact feels should be on the LATC website, if they do not have a site of their own. This information is given to the Webmaster. Sales People (3): Work with tourism specialists. Scout new business from local corporations or out-of-town visiting groups (such as if a convention is coming to town) to be their main tourist center for information. Ad Sales Staff/Donations (2): Work with travel related companies in Los Angeles to sell ad space on the new website. The website will give referrals to these companies‟ services. Also work with Local Tourism Specialists to see if the contacts would like to purchase ad space to compensate for the referral that is given over the website. Contact local companies for donations. Telephone Staff (3): Answer the questions from travelers looking for local tourist information. Ideally, these jobs could be phased out once the company‟s website is up and

running, or they may also transition to email and site input handling. New employees hired in connection with website: Webmaster/Local Network Administrator (1): Assigned the task of creating and maintaining an updated website for the company and to promote an internet presence by ensuring that the LATC is the website of choice for LA tourism information. Also responsible for ensuring that the office‟s network is up and running. Marketing Designer (1): Works with Webmaster and Ad Sales Staff to promote and design the website, in an effort to ensure that company‟s travel services are being sold over the web. Computer Equipment: Hardware: All employees have pc‟s that are hooked up on a local area network with email and internet access. Most powerful pc‟s belong to telephone force and webmaster. Software: Database software to which all employees have access. Information concerning LA tourist activities is stored on the database. The information is input by the Local Tourism Specialists. The telephone staff uses it to give information to callers. The Webmaster will use it to create the web pages. The database will likely be the foundation of the website, with links to the homepages of the local tourist attractions. Telephone: Voice mail system that also receives facsimiles. All employees have their own voice mail boxes. All employees have access to each other‟s voice-mail and facsimiles.

LATC Company Profile
Our Mission: "The LATC is dedicated to providing a centralized source of information about the ever expanding Los Angeles community and its multi-cultural experience." We provide accurate, up-to-date and informative information about everything in Los Angeles from A-Z (academic, business, cultural, even the zoological!). As a non-profit organization, we can provide un-biased reviews of what‟s hot (and what‟s not) in the current LA scene. Our referrals to local businesses are reliable and researched, providing a level of comfort to the wary traveler. We are here to help the visitor, recently relocated or long time local find his/her way around our beaches, mountains, valleys and deserts. Los Angeles is a city like no other and the LATC‟s goal is to be the one-stop spot for providing the information to get a person on track through a phone call or a visit to our website:  Maps of the Los Angeles area  Descriptions of the major communities: San Fernando Valley, Beach Communities, West LA, East LA, San Gabriel Valley, etc.  Best sights  Local attractions  Restaurants  Cultural events  The Arts: theater, opera, music, museums  Convention Centers and events  Hotels  Real-estate and housing  Cost of living  Community services  Utilities  Freeways  Local television listings  Movie Listings  Churches  School districts  Organizations for children  Colleges and Universities Target audience:  Visitors to the city wanting to know the best sights, attractions, restaurants, cultural events

    

The recently relocated: new members of the community needing all of the above information plus real-estate, employment, relative cost of living, community services, utilities, freeways, local television, churches, schools, clubs, YM/WCA, colleges and universities Long time locals wanting to get re-acquainted Corporations needing convention information Arm-chair tourists wanting to get a „feel for the city‟ Local businesses looking for a centralized location to reach the public

LATC Site Statement and Objectives
Purpose: To develop and maintain a web site that would establish an internet presence with visual, textual, and auditory information to promote the cultural, aesthetic, historical, and recreational opportunities of the greater Los Angeles Area. The primary target audience is tourist visiting the area with a secondary audience of new and long time residence. Objectives: 1. Develop separate web pages for each of the following: a. restaurants. b. Lodging. c. Conference centers. d. Cultural events. e. Transportation f. Destinations-museums, zoos, theme parks g. Beach information. h. Outdoor recreation opportunities. i. Current and seasonal weather j. Events information and tickets. 2. Develop a exhaustive list of quality links to additional web sites. 3. Demonstrate the great diversity of natural, cultural, and recreational possibilities in the greater Los Angeles area.

LATC Similar Sites
Site: The LA Convention and Visitors Bureau (http://www.lacvb.com/) The closest thing to an LATC. Site: LA Tourist Photos (http://www.latourist.com/links.html) This page has good LA links, but the main latourist site is actually to compile nice tourist photos. Site: The Boulevard‟s Guide to LA (http://www.losangeles.com/) Somewhat offbeat but seems to have a fairly comprehensive set of links. No direct services but more like a large set of favorite links. Search Engine: CitySearch (http://www.citysearch.com/) Search engine for finding specific information for any city. Site: LA Times Calendar Section (http://www.calendarlive.com/) A great example of a site with both links and many services. Portal: SanDiego.com (http://www.sandiego.org/) Visually attractive portal to San Diego web sites hosted by San Diego ISP.

LATC Site Brainstorm
Home page introduces LA, menu sidebar remains on all pages with major website areas, main page displays random local area temperatures, maybe a still shot from one of a random selection of cameras located at interesting spots in LA (santa monica pier, hollywood sign, Mt. Wilson, top of the civic center downtown, 405 and 101 intersections, LAX, olvera street, Griffith Park Observatory telescope camera of some cool astronomical thingie, etc.), spotlight a hot pick for event or restaurant or location or …, make sure we don‟t mix our not-for-profit recommendations with our paying sponsors advertisements or referrals (PBS can do it, so can we somehow). Search option on each page at top of page.

Major website areas could be 5-6 items from topics such as: About Us, Contact Us, About LA, Attractions, The Arts, Weather, Recreation, Sports, Traffic, Bus/Metro schedules, Convention Centers, Events, Calendar, Real Estate, Education, Local Communities, etc. With so many topics, it is hard to pick a good way to decide what the major sub-areas are! A For the Locals, For the Visitor, For the Kids, For the Pets navigation? Each area could provide mostly links to pertinent websites, or information servers from our own organization‟s database: weather, traffic, utilities, schools, local periodicals, bus schedules, movie listings, theater/museum events, etc. Do we need to figure out more about our database? Such as are we hooked dynamically to other city databases? Perhaps that is out of scope for this project. Amy‟s idea of the website visitor poll to collect information about our surfing audience is, I think, an important part of the website – we need to help the surfer end up at the page with the GUI, maybe we can entice them with a weekly survey polling the surfer for a really hot, controversial topic. The previous week survey results could be posted. For a newly relocated LA newbie, a survey page could be provided to help the surfer through his move-in process – ask him a series of questions that walk him through all his newbie needs – kinda like the way the income tax software works (ask questions, then walk through the solutions…). Another cool possibility for this site, under the „getting to know LA‟ topic could be a section where a photo/audio/etc. tour of one of the local areas is presented. The tour could change on a quarterly basis with links to a site that allows a download of the any of the archived tours. This could be one of those circular navigation things with a previous/next/start/end control on each page – like a slide show. ......... This looks great. I agree that Amy's idea about a poll (somesort of database) would be a great idea. I also like the photo,video clip, audio tour for the LAnewbie to get to know the major areas: beaches, cities, cultural areas, mountains, parks, etc. I also agree about using the objectives as possible pages within the site. ......... Anyway…. with respect to everyone‟s comments on the Brainstorm and Outline… here‟s my take. I think the Outline only needs to include what‟s going to be on the website. Logically, we will need to Brainstorm together so that all of our ideas are included. I also agree that the Outline will be the most difficult part to compile for Steve C., why don‟t we Brainstorm in the form of outline, and then all he has to do is cut and paste it together. Major website areas: About Us – link to a webpage that brings up the “About” section of this project. Contact Us – link to a webpage that provides our phone numbers, address and email information. The visitor can also on a button to send an email directly to the LATC. About LA – link to a webpage providing historical info about LA. This is where we may want to include the circular navigation photo/audio show. The Arts – link to a webpage that lists all of LA‟s museums, concert halls, theaters, tv/movie studio tours. Provides links pages regarding each of these locations and how to purchase tickets. (Or, maybe we can provide the tickets? Was that decided?) Recreation/sports – links to a webpage listing all of the beaches, sports arenas, parks. Same as above, it will provide link to pages regarding each of these locations and how to purchase tickets. Transportation – links to a webpage listing all of the Bus/Metro information and schedules, rental cars and maps. Links to all of this information will be on this page. Events/Calendar – brings you to a webpage that has an annual calendar. Visitors can click on the day of the year that they will be in town, and they will be provided a list of events that are taking place that day. (Ideally, the companies who purchased ad space on our website will be providing us with the dates of events at their venues.) Relocating – brings you to a webpage specifically geared for someone moving to LA. Provides links to websites regarding Real Estate, local communities, utilities, Department of Motor Vehicles, churches, schools. Include an area where we will poll the visitor, finding out what they are looking for, and possibly come up with suggestions on where to live. Poll of our visitors – Ask visitors to register with us. Tell us who they are, get some information like email address, things they like to do in their free time, where they live, etc. Offer to send them emails providing updates on events. For instance, if they are coming in to town for a week and they like opera, notify them if the L.A. Opera will be having any shows while they are here. .......... I think you have a major part of what the outline of the web page should be. I think we could just copy and paste info into the final form. That should help Steve. So we could have an outline that would go something like: I. LATC a. link to about LATC b. purpose & objectives c. profile

II. Button bar on the side with buttons to a. Weather b. History c. Culture/The Arts d. Transportation e. Relocating f. Poll etc. III. Related sites These would be sites to commercial pages for resturants,lodging,rec facilities, etc. IV. Contact us a. email option. b. phone numbers-FAX,voice, live person c. Address .......... I think this hits all of the points we've discussed so far. I would add only seating charts for entertainment and sports venues, perhaps a schedule for various area sports and major university teams (alas no pro football) and in the transportation or tourist area links to various tour guides and companies.

LATC Site Outline Home Page
Los Angeles Tourist Center

Links to these pages: Lodging Dining Arts & Entertainment Sports & Recreation Maps & Transportation Relocation Information Conference Facilities About Los Angeles About Us Contact Us Visitor‟s Poll

Lodging Page

Dining Page

Arts & Entertainment Page

Sports & Recreation Page

Maps & Transportation Page

Relocation Information Page

Links to Hotels -price - location
Conference Facilities Page

Links to Restaurants - food - location

About Los Angeles Page

Links to LA Convention & Visitors Bureau, LA Convention Center, Caterers, Conference Planners.

Links to Demographics, Weather, TV/Radio, LA History, multimedia tour

Link to Arts & Entertainment Calendar, Museums, Concert Halls, Movie Theatres, Nightclubs, Comedy Clubs, Ticket Info
About Los Angeles Tourist Center Page

Links to Calendar of Sports & Recreation Events, Beach Information, Sports Arenas with seating charts, City & County Parks, Zoos, Hiking & Camping, Ticket Info
Contact Us Page

Links to Mapquest, Metro/Bus Info, Airports/Airlines, Car Rental, Railway, Taxi/Limo
Visitor’s Poll Page

Links to Real Estate Agencies, Local Communities, DMV, Churches, Schools, City/County/State government.


Mission & Objectives Staff Introduction

Phone/Fax Numbers Email Address Physical Location Address.

Los Angeles Tourist Center
I. Home page A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. Lodging Dining Arts & Entertainment Sports & Recreation Maps & Transportation Relocation Information Conference Facilities About Los Angeles About Us Contact Us Visitor‟s poll


Submenus A. Lodging page 1. Links to hotels based on price range. a. b. c. d. 2. a. b. c. d. e. $35-100 $100-250 $250-500 Above $500 Links to hotels based on location. Hollywood Universal City Santa Monica Downtown West LA

f. g. h. B. 1. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. 2. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. C. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Arts & Entertainment Dining

East LA Pasadena/Glendale/Burbank Other

Links to restaurants based on food type. American Italian Mexican Indian Thai Chinese Brewpubs & Bars Other Links to restaurants based on location Hollywood Universal City Santa Monica Downtown West LA East LA Pasadena/Glendale/Burbank Other

Link to Calendar of Arts & Cultural Events. Link to Museums Link to Concert Halls & Performing Arts Centers. Link to Movie Theatres Link to Nightclubs featuring live music and/or dancing. Link to Comedy Clubs Ticket information

D. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Sports & Recreation Link to Calendar of Sports Events Link to beach information Link to sports arenas with seating charts Link to city and county parks Link to zoos Link to hiking and camping Ticket information

E. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Maps & Transportation Link to Mapquest for driving directions and maps of the city Link to Metro/Bus information. Link to Airports & Airlines Link to Car Rental Agencies Link to railway information Link to Taxi & Limo services

F. 1. 2.

Relocation Information Link to Real Estate page Link to local communities based on region (Downtown, West LA, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, East LA, etc.) 3. 4. 5. 6. Link to Department of Motor Vehicles Link to Churches based on religion Link to page listing schools, based on location. Link to city, county and state government pages Conference Facilities 1. 2. 3. 4. Link to Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau Link to Los Angeles Convention Center Links to catering services Links to conference planners


H. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I. 1. 2. J. 1. 2. 3. K. 1.

About Los Angeles Link to Demographics page Link to Weather page Link to LA TV and Radio stations page Link to Los Angeles History Page Link to page with photo, audio & video tours of Los Angeles About LATC Mission and Objectives Staff Introduction Contact Us Phone/Fax numbers Email Address Physical location address Visitor‟s Poll Ask visitors to LATC web site questions about themselves a. b. c. 2. Email address Things they like to do in their free time Where they live Offer to send visitors email providing updates on events and special offers from sponsoring businesses


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