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Apologetics- Black Hebrew Israelites



                                                                 Black Hebrew Israelites
                                            This is a diverse bunch with some radical methods and ideals forming a
                                           group of about 200,000 members claiming they are the descendents from the
                                           ancient Israelites. They are dispersed throughout the USA, mostly. The Black
                                           Hebrew Israelites was originally founded before the Civil War and grew into
                                           various sects each having their own individual leaders, who are not
                                           necessarily in close contact with the other sects but they all propagate their
                                           core twisted teachings. Some other cults to be aware of that fall under this
                                           group are titled: The Commandment Keepers, House of Judah and the
                                           African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.

                                           Some of these groups stand on the street corners of major cities and condemn
                                           people for what they harshly term as false beliefs using vulgar vrebal attacks.
                                           From what we have investigated, those who call themselves Black Hebrew
                                           Israelites are compltetely closed to listening to any views other than their
                                           own and will become quite aggressive and agitated when asked to listen other
                                           points of view.

                                           Like many other cults, these people create unbiblical doctrines and rules to
                                           further their own particular cause. One example is that they believe salvation
                                           can only come if a person calls on the name Yahshua, a Hebrew name for
                                           "Son of God (Yah)."

                                           They also deny the existence of heaven and hell.

                                           They deny the Trinity.

                                           In keeping with end-times interest for readers of Rapture Ready, the
                                           eschatology of the Black Hebrew Israelites really stretches ones good senses:
                                           They teach that when the Messiah returns that all Israel (meaning black
                                           people) will be gathered back to modern Israel. They consider themselves to[10/18/2013 7:07:07 PM]

                                           be the chosen ones. They believe and teach that the Jews are the Negroes in
                                           America and that the Jews come from one tribe, the tribe of Judah which
                                           according to their doctrine consists of Hispanics, Native Americans and
                                           Negroes. They believe that Jesus was black and that Moses, Pharoh and some
                                           Roman emperors were black.

                                           They consider white people to be nearly subhuman and that caucasians have
                                           an evil agenda to conceal what they believe to be their identiy of the true â

                                           The Black Hebrew Israelites add other teachings to the Bible (obviously) and
                                           do not consider the Bible the inherrent Word of God.

                                           Much more could be written on this cult but enough has been covered here to
                                           show that this is another group that is about as lost as it gets and if you come
                                           across any of them, the best way to handle it is through prayer. Pray for their
                                           deliverance from false teaching and for their salvation. Trying to engage in a
                                           rational conversation will get you nowhere and you could be in for an
                                           unpleasant verbal lashing.

                                           " For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book:
                                           If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are
                                           written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of
                                           this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the
                                           holy city, and from the things which are written in this book" (Revelation
                                           22:18-19).[10/18/2013 7:07:07 PM]

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