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					Hello, We are planning to introduce Daegu City Tour to you. I'm Dana and there are three members more in my group. Before we depart, I will refet to Citi Tour Bus Program for a moment. It is operated by the city of Daegu and this program is designed to provide tourists who visit Daegu with opportunities to experience Daegu's culture and history. There are three starting position in Daegu City Tour; Dongdaegu Train Station, Banwoldang and Daegu Tourist Information Center (DTIC). DTIC is located in Duryu Park. You can come to here by bus or subway line number 2. By subway you should get off at Duryu station and go up through gate number 12. When you walk along the street for a minute, you can arrive at Duryu Park. If you come to DTIC by bus number 503, you can go easier than by subway. Because when you get off the bus, there is a bus stop directly in front of the entrance of Duryu Park. In this position, you can choose one of the six courses that you would like to tour the best. Another starting place is Dongdaegu Train Station. It is near downtown and you can go to the station by bus or subway, too. By subway line number 1, you should get off at Dongdaegu station and also you can come this by bus number 937, 521 and so on. Last starting position is Banwoldang. It is located in the center of the downtown and near the Dong-A shopping Center. Therefore, you can arrive at this much more convenience than other positions. Dongdaegu Train Station and Banwoldang have four courses. Each course is different depending on the date. If you want to participate in the City Tour, you should make a choice where and when you depart. It is checked simply at the homepage www.daegutour.or.kr .

There are about 30 cultural places in this program. It is divided into six or four courses depending on starting position. The course that we are going to today is near Hyunpung. Exception these tourist attractions where we go today, it has more than 10 places near Hyunpung. It is 12 Distinguished Hyunpung Gwak Family Shrine, Dodong-seowon Confucian Academy, Mt.Biseul Natural Forest, Memorial Hall of General Yu Chi-kon and Seokbinggo Ice Storage. If you want to look at around Mt. Palgongsan, select third course which depart DTIC. It includes Bullo-dong Tomb Park, Donghwasa Temple, Historic Site of General

Sin Sung-gyeom, Bongmu Park and Otgol Village. In fourth and fifth course departing DTIC, there are newly-built parks and buildings. Herbhillz is theme park which you can know from the name. You could feel various smell of herbs, place for ceramic art, agricultural museum, etc... Daegu World Cup Stadium was built for the 2002 KoreaJapan World Cup. We could see many world soccer stars during world cup in this stadium. Now it is welcome to everyone who comes to here freely. One more, we can always take a look a newly-built building in Keimyung University. It is Hangso Museum and HanHakchon. If you want to enjoy Daegu City Tour, you have to reserve a seat through the internet or telephone. The internet site is www.daegutour.or.kr and the telephone number is 053-627-8900. Of many courses, today we will look around Daegu Arboretum, Hwawon Resort, Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence and Yongyeonsa Temple, and this is DongDaegu station. Before we get on the bus, we have to pay for a bus fare. It is 5,000 won. We should pay for an entrance fee wherever it is needed. Here is the ticket office. You have to pay the fare at this. After you get a ticket, you can get on the bus. This is the ticket. Also, here are many tourists who look forward to going around Daegu city and they are waiting to start the bus. At 10 a.m, the bus departs the station and it runs from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. The first place is Daegu Arboretum. I have not been to there, so I look forward to visit the Arboretum. Let's go to the Daegu Arboretum.

This is Daegu arboretum. This municipal arboretum is recognized as a good model for restoring a seriously damaged ecosystem. It is the largest urban arboretum in the nation with 1,000 types of herbaceous plants and trees. In personal thought,here also is most beautiful botanical garden of the South Korean. There are 14 themes in Botanical gardens. Well, please follow me I will let you see more things about them. Here is the wild botanical garden area. More than 200 kinds of wild plants, there are many plants that we usually can not see at home. It looks more beautiful than potted plant at your home. Also, there are many benches along the path, and you can take a rest sitting on the benches. And then,

you can enjoy the beauty nature. (각각의 장소에 대해서는 수목원에서 바로 정리하여 말하기)

This time, I introduce Hwawon Resort to you. Hwawon Resort is located in Seongsan-ri, Hwawon. It was a castle in old time at once. Therefore, it had named Hwawon Resort. If you want to come here for yourself, take a bus of number 650 or 608. It takes about 30 minutes. Hwawon Resrot has variety things. An interesting thing is that its entrance is very beautiful. Then entrance has a large parking place and walking paths. Walking paths are silent and you can feel quite comfortable. Second, here is a small zoo. It has some animals; giraffe, deer, monkey, myna. You can see these animals closely and you are allowed to take a picture here. The program which is titled "Understanding and Feeding animals" will be held up to November 30th. This program gives people opportunity to understand and feed animals. There are also a few tombs and arbors.

Nanpyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence We arrive at the Nanpyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence. This place is located in Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun Daegu. Moon Gyeong-ho, the 18th generation grandson of a famous Korean Moon Ik-jeom, built this village. In this village stand nine traditional houses and two pavilions in their original forms today and it is designated as the regional Folklore Material No.3. This place is famous for Gwanggeodang Lecture Hall, Subongjeongsa Pavilion and Insumungo Library. Here is Gwanggeodang. It is the place for their sons where used to study for lectur and culture. This is Subongjeongsa. It is in front of original residence, built mounment to the illustrious memory of the thacher Subong. This building used to welcome a visitor or for the owener to study. Let's go to Insumungo. Insumungo library is private library for clan. It has a study, stack rooms and contains about 10,000 vloumes of valuable books that are quite old from Korea and from abroad.

The last place is Yongyeonsa Temple. It is located in the northen part of the Biseul Mountains. It was established by high buddhish Teacher Boyangseona in the Unified

Silla Kingdom, and rebuilt by Cheonildaesa in Choson Dynasty. However, most parts of the temple were destroyed during the Japanese Invasion. The temple was rebuilt several times and existing 17 buildings have preserved since they were rebuilt in 1726. Yongyeonsa has one of the Shakyamuni's sariras. It is enshrined in the back yard of Jeokmyeolbogung, the main building of the temple. After the high Monk Jajangyulsa had brought it, the temple became much more famous. It is designated as Treasure Number 539. Around the temple, we can see the Okyeonji Reservoir. This reservoir was known as a good place to fish so many fishermen visited this. In spring, you can also see cherry trees blossoming along the both sides of the gateway. However, it is autumn. We can't see the cherry.

Today's course is up to here. Do you enjoy the tour with us? We took a look around some of the show places of Daegu. There are many tourist attractions in Daegu, but a lot of Daegu citizen don't know about these places. We hope for these tourist attractions to be known to citizen and to be places where many tourists will visit.

Thank you.

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