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									               Womens Newport Water Golden Yellow
These Keens are a very cool do everything kind of shoe. I actually purchased these shoes for
myself after seeing that the men's versions only came in the same boring colors. . . navy blue, black,
grey. Me being extremely secure with my sexuality I decided that I wanted the Process Blue(bright)
and that I was willing to wear a womens size to get them. I have 4E wide feet. . . that is right not
one E but 4, however I usually wear a 9 in mens shoes. Well after some trying I found the the
womens' 11 fits me perfect. After going through all of this I recieved the shoes very quickly and
found them to be a bit tight but after a short hike on the Appalachian Trail they settled right in nicely
and have been very comfortable especially on the hikes where you have to cross a stream or river
and your feet are doomed to get wet and stay that way. So far not a single blister from my neon
blue womens' Keens on my big fat duck paddle of a foot. Great shoe with great quality.

I bought the shoes for everyday wear. I've found them to be quite comfortable. They have even
replaced my old walking shoes. I've comfortably walked 4 miles in these shoes.

I am a big fan of Keen shoes, I have 5 pair. These Newport H2's are by far the most comfortable
yet. Be sure and order 1/2 size up from your regular sneaker size, they run a bit small.

These shoes are different from anything else I have ever owned. I truely love wearing them. They
are comfortable, practical and they make me smile every time I wear them! Order a 1/2 size larger
than your usual size and have some fun.

I found these shoes on sale at the local Cabellas and decided to give them a try. I love how they fit
my feet! I have an extra wide foot and the shoe fabric stretched accordingly to accomodate (I am
size 6. 5 D-E). I brought these to costa rica for two days of whitewater rafting, a day of canyoning
and more recently on some kayaking adventures. As great as the fit is however I found these shoes
to not provide much traction on wet rocks. Granted, most shoes fail in this category but as water
shoes I expected the keens to perform better. I would have been better off in sneakers. I wouldn't
recommend these if you will be moving around on, hiking or climbing wet rocks and need good


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