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									        BLUE HERON BAY


           MARCH 2013
             By: Elaine Higgins

                                                   winners.   There will also be some non-
     This is my kind of winter. If I
                                                   strenuous games that you will just need to
remember correctly, I think last year’s
                                                   use your noggin’. So come on down and sign-
winter was a nice one too. We have had some
                                                   up so that we can have a great time with
of the most gorgeous days these past
months. I am hoping our winter is behind us
and we can welcome in our Spring soon. The
                                                                AARP TAX AIDE
flowering shrubs are starting to bloom
already and our grass, with a little water,
                                                     AARP is offering FREE federal tax
can be green again.
                                                   preparation and e-filing on Thursdays,
  I am hearing so much about the huge
                                                   10am -2pm, at First Presbyterian Church in
attendance’s that we are having at the
                                                   Haines City located at 104 Scenic Hwy (544)
events at the clubhouse. That is wonderful.
                                                   starting Feb. 7 through April 11.
A lot of people are getting out and getting
                                                       Bring your 2011 taxes, all W-2s,
to know each other. We still have a few
                                                   retirement income, 1099 interest and
more things planned for this season so be
                                                   dividends, checkbook, etc. If you sold stock,
sure and sign up for them or get your
                                                   you must know what you paid for it. For
                                                   information, call Ralph Curtiss – 422-0689
                                                   or Kathy Behl – 419-2841.
           PIG ROAST GAMES.
    If you would like to join in the fun and
games that start at 9:30 a.m. Saturday,
                                                           FRIENDS WE HAVE LOST:
March 2, the day of our Pig Roast, please be
                                                    We want to extend our deepest sympathy
sure you sign up for them on the bulletin
                                                   to the family and friends of:
board in the clubhouse. There is a sheet for
                                                        Larry Bland – 333 Kingfisher Lane
Horseshoes, Shuffleboard, Bocce Ball and
Bean Bag Toss. You will need to purchase a
pig roast ticket to participate in these
games. Prizes will be awarded to the
            MARCH EVENTS:                          Sun. Mar. 10 – ICE CREAM
                                                                    7:00 p.m.
Sat. Mar. 2 - PIG ROAST                                                $2.00
           FOOD, FUN & GAMES                        Come on down and enjoy friends, fun,
            MUSIC & DANCING                        conversation and ICE CREAM. Have a scoop,
              TICKETS $10.00                       split or a sundae, cake and pie, toppings
       GAMES BEGIN AT 9:30 a.m.                    galore and a whole lot more.
  (Sign-up now for the games on bulletin
          board inside clubhouse)
            (PRIZES AWARDED)                       Wed. Mar. 13 – BloodNet**
             EAT AT 2:00 p.m.                               Blue Heron Bay Blood Drive
      MUSIC & DANCING 4pm – 7pm                                  9 a.m. – 12 Noon
      Food, drinks, & beer provided.                 Giving Blood Saves Lives.
          Hosted by: The Conrans                   If you are able, please be sure and come
       TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM:                     down for the second blood drive of the
         Connie Novack – 419-0174                  season. There will be a sign up sheet put up
         Roger Mullauer – 438-6140
                                                   with time slots that you can put your name
          Doug Conran – 421-9568
           Pam House – 422-7825
         Sonny Kasuba – 422-5775
                                                   Blue Heron Bay Residents Club has a bank
                                                   (blood) account set up with this organization.
                                                   So remember, if you or your spouse has to
                                                   receive units of blood while in our local
                                                   hospitals, BloodNet will reimburse you, not
 Wed. March 6th and every Wednesday of             your insurance company, for it’s cost. Just
     this month will be Sausage Dogs.              let me know and I will turn in the info for
           11:30 am – 12:30 pm                     you.
Come on out and enjoy a hamburger, hot dog           Also, I received a notice from BloodNet
or the famous sausage dog. Complete with all       saying that there is an increased demand at
the fixin’s including chips & dessert along        area hospitals for O negative, B negative and
with a drink for a small cost.                     A negative blood. So if you are any of the
                                                   above, please consider donating on this day.
                                                   But all types are encouraged to donate.

Sat. Mar. 9 - Coffee**,
     along with your choice of Donuts,             Sat. Mar. 16 - Coffee**,
        or Bagel w/ cream cheese.                       along with your choice of Donuts,
                 8:30 a.m.                                 or Bagel w/ cream cheese.
                 $2.00 p.p.                                         8:30 a.m.
                                                                    $2.00 p.p.
Sun. Mar. 17 - St. Patty’s Day                    Includes 2 Hot Dogs to roast, Baked
                         Dinner                 Beans, Chips and Marshmallows for roasting.
                      5:30 p.m.                      BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGE,
           TICKETS - $8.50 p.p.                         BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR,
Hosted by:     Dick Giles & Judy Churley               LET’S GATHER BY THE FIRE
Dinner includes: Corn Beef, Potatoes,                 AND ENJOY THE NIGHT AIR!
Carrots, Cabbage, Dessert and Beverage.
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13TH .             THERE       Sun. Mar. 24 - Social Dinner**
WILL BE NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE                                 Olive Garden
DOOR.                                               Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven
            Contact for Tickets:                          Meet there at 4:00 pm
         Roger Mullauer – 438-6140
          Judy Churley – 421-6866
           Helen Cote – 422-5537                Mon. Mar. 25 – Red Hat Society
         Pat Villemaire – 207-2462                        Bus Trip to Tarpon Springs
          Doug Conran – 421-9568                   Be at the Clubhouse by 7:30 a.m. The
         Denise Curtiss – 422-0689               bus will leave at 7:45 a.m. and arrive at
                                                  Tarpon Springs by 10:00 a.m. to board
                                                   the 90 minute boat cruise. When we
Tues. Mar. 19 – Ladies Luncheon**                    return, you will be on your own for
              Olive Garden                                     shopping & lunch.
       Lakeside Village; Lakeland                        Pair up in groups & have fun!
  Meet at the clubhouse 11:00 am                      The bus departs to come home at
                                                  3:00 p.m. We should arrive back to the
                                                       clubhouse at approx. 5:30 p.m.
Sat. Mar. 23 - Coffee**,                           The Cost is $21 p.p. for bus trip and
     along with your choice of Donuts,           includes driver gratuity. The cost of the
        or Bagel w/ cream cheese.                  boat cruise is $18. Please pay Connie
                 8:30 a.m.                        Andrew by March 13th. Cash or Check.
                 $2.00 p.p.                        Bus Is Full. If you would like to be on
                                                          Stand by, let Connie know.

Sat. Mar. 23 – OLD FASHION
              WIENER ROAST**                    Sat. Mar. 30 - Coffee**,
    Cook your own dogs from the fire.                along with your choice of Donuts,
       Assistance will be available.                    or Bagel w/ cream cheese.
                  6:00 p.m.                                      8:30 a.m.
                  $3.50 p.p.                                     $2.00 p.p.

Sun. Mar. 31 - EASTER DINNER**                      and enjoy in this time of celebration.
                 4:00 p.m.                          Whether you hosted, set-up, cleaned-up,
                 $3.00 p.p.                         cooked, baked for the bake sale, entertained
          Hosted By: The Naif’s                     or organized, decorated, bingo helpers,
  HAM, ROLLS AND ICED TEA & COFFEE                  exercise leaders, or helped with any
           WILL BE PROVIDED.                        actitivites and or events, whatever it
Please Bring a Family Size Dish to Share            maybe…………….COME!
   for our Easter Dinner. See Sign-up
Sheet and mark your choice of a Dish you
              want to Bring.                        Sat. April 6 – Sausage & Pancakes**
                                                        Along with Juice & Coffee
**Sign-up sheets for these events are in the                        8:30 a.m.
clubhouse. PLEASE sign up for events as                               $3.50
soon as you know that you will be attending.
Knowing in advance the number of attendees          Wed. April 10 – Sausage Dog
for each event helps us in our planning and                              Finale’
making the necessary arrangements and/or            Sun. April 14 – Ice Cream Social
reservations.                                                         Finale’
Also, if you see that you cannot attend an          Tues. April 16 – Ladies Luncheon
event that you previously signed–up for,            Sun. April 28 – Social Dinner
PLEASE cross out your name on the sign-
up sheet. Thank you.                                               TRAVEL NEWS
                                                                    Walt Ellsmore
SCHEDULED    EVENTS    AND   OR                     There is a flyer in the clubhouse announcing
ACTIVITIES ARE AT OR AROUND THE                     a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on
                                                    November 3, 2013. The cruise will be on the
                                                    NEW, beautiful ROYAL PRINCESS and will

           UPCOMING EVENTS:                         be the first 7 day cruise from a US port. It
                                                    will tour the Mediterranean starting in June
       Tues. April 2 – Annual Volunteer             2013 prior to coming to Ft. Lauderdale in
            Appreciation Dinner.**                  late October of that year. You may check it
                   5:00 p.m.                        out on line at
There will be a sign-up sheet posted for you
                                                    The videos are great! We have reserved
to sign up for this. It is necessary that you
                                                    state rooms in most categories, but it is
let us know if you are coming. We encourage
all of you who have volunteered of their time       anticipated the ship will be sold out soon. A
and efforts to keep Blue Heron Bay                  down payment of 20% of the cost per person
Recreation up and running to please come            will hold your choice.
              In the Spotlight                       and finally the rewards of always making it a
              by Terry LaRock                        grand success.
                                                        So thanks to both of you for your years
     As we all know Febuary's gargage sale           of service, and of your dedication to all of us
was the swan song for Connie and Bob                 who appreciate what you have acheived over
Novack.                                              the years.
    These 2 people have lived this event for
5 years. That meant 2x's a year,           bi-
annually, twice within 4 months, any way you
                                                               New at Blue Heron Bay
say it, was a 365 day a year job.
                                                                 By: Terry LaRock
    Connie and Bob accepted donations all
year thru, picking up the items from
neighbors homes, storing them in there                              Mary Oravitz
Florida room (which they can now reclaim as                       183 Osprey Drive
there own) making sure all items were clean
                                                         Mary will be a part time resident here.
and in working order.
                                                     She is from New Castle, Del. where she and
    First order of business was selling the
                                                     her husband raised two children. She also
tables to our residents so they could display
                                                     has two lovely granddaughters who of course
their own articles.
                                                     are the apple of her eye. Gabriele is 15 and
Then came getting everything down to the
                                                     Briana is 11.
clubhouse, pricing all the hundreds of items,
                                                         Mary worked in the nutritional services
sorting and boxing them up.
                                                     for 27 years before retiring.
In the mean time they had to get volunteers
                                                     Mary had recently lost her husband of many
to handle the bake sale and man the BHB
                                                     years when she decided to visit her friend, a
recreation club tables.
                                                     friend who is also a part-timer in our park.
Having a team of helpers to set up tables,
                                                     After a few weeks she knew that she liked
move dozens of chairs, making sure that all
                                                     it so much that she wanted a place of her
safety rules were considered was also an
                                                     own. She also loves to spend the summer at
important task for them to undertake.
                                                     the beach.
    Bob and Connie have given countless
                                                         Mary enjoys the pool and luncheons and
hours to this, our biggest project at BHB
                                                     the many events at the clubhouse.
and for all these years they have done a
                                                        She is a lover of the Broadway Plays and
fantastic job.
                                                     anything exciting that goes on in the New
Being very special friends to me, I know how
                                                     York City.
much the garage sales have meant in their
                                                     Mary also enjoys reading and she reads all
lives throughout these years and as relieved
                                                     types of novels.
as they are to finally say goodbye to it, I
                                                     Traveling in the future is something that she
know that it is also bittersweet for them.
                                                     is looking forward to also.
    They have enjoyed the comradre, the
laughs, the work, the frustrations, the fun
           Garry and Linda Wills
             198 Osprey Drive                       John is retired Navy and they have 2
                                                    children and 5 grandchildren.
    Linda and Garry are from Ottawa,                Brenda collects Blue Willow Dolls and John,
Ontario Canada. Garry retired from Loblows          Indian Artifacts and Antique Guns.
Supermarkets Ltd. after many years. Linda                John loves watching and attending Navy
had a day care service and loved having a           football games and playing soft ball
house filled with children from infants up to          Traveling will be their main objection in
the year of 12, many who still keep in touch        the future.
with her.
    They have 2 children of their own as well                  Your Newsy Neighbor
as 4 grandchildren. Another member of the                          Terry LaRock
family is their American Cocker Spaniel
named Casey.                                            It seems as though Jan 1st 2013 was just
   Linda loves to sew, but their main passion       a couple of weeks ago but already we are in
is anything that has wide open spaces where         out 3rd month of the "not so new year
they can fish, ski, skate and something             anymore" The young say that time flies by
called ski-skating. They love boating and           when you are having fun, but for us older
fishing at their summer home.                       folks, time flies by even if your just sitting
   They have been so busy renovating their          like a bump on a log.
home here, but have still found time to get         No matter, there is just so much to do at
involved in everything that BHB has to              BHB that we can always find something to
offer.                                              keep us busy.
   They also enjoy making maple syrup and
create butter tarts.                                   Our garage sale was once again a great
     The Toronto Blue Jays and the Ottawa           event and sadly it will be our last if some
Senators are the teams that they root for.          stouthearted folks don't step up and say
     Both really love it here and are making        "WE CAN DO IT & WE WILL"
sure that they have lots of fun and
adventures during the winter months here.              The "Ventriluquist Showcase" was indeed
                                                    a night to laugh and let loose.
            ******************                      Entertaining us for the evening were Dale
                                                    Anderson, his wife Kathy and several friends
          John and Brenda Kelly                     that they brought along.
           293 Kingfisher Lane                      Dale started using puppets and mannequins in
                                                    high school and continued to hone his craft
   Brenda and John are from New York way            over the years.
up in the Adarondaks Mountains.                        The show started with a song that
They will enjoy their winters here in sunny         introduced us to some of his friends and
Florida very much.                                  were they ever friendly.
Everyone really enjoyed the 100 year old             to all who helped make 98 people smile.
brothers, one of which was a doctor.
He also got some of us involved with his                Social Dinner was at Chili’s in Lake Wales
rendition of "SENIOR RAP" calling on Denise          and this is always a good place to eat and be
and Ralph, John Harper and Jocelyn Rivait.           with your friends and neighbors. As you know
Dale’s show is always one that “seniors” love        Mary now hosts the monthly social dinners
to join in on. Thanks to Doug for setting up a       and does a great job.
night of joy.
                                                        A personal thanks to all the ladies who
   Chili dinner was hosted by Janet and Jim          attended the "LIA SOPHIA" Jewelry Party
Switzer, and as last year, the house was             at the clubhouse. It was a great turnout and
packed with hungry eaters.                           I hope everyone had a good time. My
I myself haven't ever really had a meal of           daughter-in-law Joan Marie would also like to
chili before, but I love Janet and Jim so I          extend her thanks for all who came down.
thought I'd come down and nibble. What               There is not enough for me to say about my
nibble I can't believe I ate the whole thing.        best friends who helped me pull this event
Great Food!!                                         off, if not for them I would have run away
Helping out of course are best friends Denise        from home the night before the big event.
and Ralph, Denise and Jim, Janice and Stan           They pulled me together and actually made it
and Pam.                                             fun. Connie Andrew, Connie Novack, Joyce
The delicious desserts were baked by                 Rush & Joanne Wiz. I love you all.
Cynthia, Joanna, Anna Mae, Connie, Kathy and
Carole.                                              Recently Mary U was presented with a CIVIL
   We are all very grateful to this really           SERVICE AWARD for her extraordinary
great couple, they always volunteer and work         work for the kid back pack project. I will
hard to make our time spent at the clubhouse         write more about this after the BHB
a fun and filling evening.                           volunteer appreciation dinner.

   Chicken and Biscuit Night was another               CHRISTMAS RE-CAP: As we assembled for
night to wine and dine, well maybe dine and          Christmas Dinner the real host of our meal,
iced tea.                                            Santa, greeted us along with Mrs. Claus.
In the kitchen cooking up some awesome food          They gave us a warm welcome wishing us a
were hostess Bonnie Jenkins and her very             Merry Christmas. Ralph Curitss gave the
able volunteers. Joan Bowlby helped with the         invocation and the food soon disappeared
chicken and prepared the salad for the               along with the desserts. Many of those with
servers Helen & Ed Cote, Pam House, Liz              full stomachs stayed to enjoy the
Proteau, Lil Obriot, Catherine Lueck, Joanna         conversations and help with the clean-up, we
Gentry & Marv Bowlby. Grace was said by our          thank each of them. We especially thank
favorite Irishman Pat McCarthy. Carole               John & Mary Harper who appeared as Santa
Kasuba was the offical greeter. Job well done        and Mrs. Claus. Pat & Mike Villemaire helped
Doug and Arlene with the organization of the          Recreation Committee:
event. Those doing the serving were Pam               Bob Andrew. . . . . . . . . . 422-8979
House, Butch & Kathy Behl, Ralph & Denise             Doug Conran . . . . . . . . . . .421-9568
Curtiss, Patty Schleicher, Fran Hein, and             Roger Mullauer . . . . . . . . .438-6140
Diane Caldwell. We also cannot overlook the           Connie Novack . . . . . . . . . .419-0174
help we always get from Mary Umphrey.                 Dave Davis . . . . . . . . . , 422-0525
                                                      Elaine Higgins .. . . . . . . . . .422-3157
             RESIDENT’S ADS:
                                                      Bingo Committee:
For Sale: Solid Wood Pub Style Table                  Walt/Sue Ellsmore . . . . . 419-0979
with 4 chairs. Has Hidden Leaf & Drawer               Mary Umphrey . . . . . . . . . 419-2977
on Bottom. Asking $300.00. To See at 244              Diana DuBray . . . . . . . 518-569-3489
Kingfisher Lane 863-422-7292.                         Lorraine Bilodeau . . . . . . 422-6294

           BHB Contact Persons:

Neighbor in Need Committee:
Terri LaRock . . . . . .419-9620
   For any general assistance, such as a ride
to an appointment, a meal fixed when ill, etc.
or if you need some medical equipment that
we may have on hand, such as, crutches,
canes, walkers, wheelchair, bedside potty
seat, etc.

Sunshine Committee:
Gloria Marcotte . . . . 421-5337
    Will send cards to residents hospitalized
or ill, death in the family, etc. So please, if
you know of any of our neighbors that are ill
or have passed away, please let Gloria know.

Welcome Committee:
Judy Churley & Kay Watson,
Ralph & Denice Curtiss,
Fran Hein &Terry LaRock.
Welcoming Coordinator –
Judy Churley 421-6866
Directory Coordinator –Walt Ellsmore

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