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					                  Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at Rowan University
                                              International Student Application

                          Term of Enrollment: Fall ___ Spring ___ Summer ___ Year: 20____

Name (Last, First, Middle)                                         Please see page 2 for a list of housing options and check next
                                                                   to the option of your choice below:
Address (Number, Street)                                           _____ Option 1: International House

_________________________________________________                  _____ Option 2: Dormitory (with meal plan)
City                       City Code
                                                                   _____ Option 3: I will find my own housing
State/Province             Country

_________________________________________________                  Emergency Contact Information:
Telephone (include country code)
_________________________________________________                  Name
Email address
Birth Date _______ / _______ / _______                             Address (Number, Street)
            Month    Day        Year
Sex: Male _____ Female _____                                       City                      City Code

Country of Citizenship ________________________________            State/Province            Country

What is your first language? ___________________________           Telephone: __________________________________________

TOEFL Score: ______ IELTS Score: _______ OTHER ______

Do you require an I-20 (student visa)? Yes ______ No _______

                                                                   Without appropriate documentation, the IELP is unable to issue
Education: What is the highest level of you have completed?        an I-20 so that you can get your visa Applicants must include
                                                                   with this application the following documentation. For more
__________________________________________________                 information, please go to:

When? ______________ Where? _______________________                   A copy of your passport photo page

Do you plan to apply to Rowan when you complete the program?          Affidavit of Support (notarized/stamped and completed)
YES ________      NO _________                                        Proof of finances / Proof of annual income of sponsor (recent
                                                                       bank statements, etc.)

How did you learn about our program?                                  If you have TOEFL or IELTS scores, please provide copies
__ Friend __ Relative __ Ad __ Student __ Visitor __ Other            If you have studied English, please provide transcripts or
                                                                       certification of study

I certify that the above answers are true, correct and complete.

___________________________________ _______________
Signature of Applicant              Date
                                     Tuition, Fees and Housing

IELP Intensive English Program:
18-20 hours of class per week
15 weeks per semester
$4,000 tuition per semester


Weekend activities include: New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, local festivals, Atlantic City and
other shore points.
Evening activities include: bowling, skating, mall shopping, dining in Philadelphia, movies.
$1,000 per semester

Option 1:

The International House:
Live and study together at the International House. It is a short walk from the International House to Rowan and
to academic buildings. This historic house features a large, fully equipped kitchen, private bathrooms, a flat
screen television, and high-speed wireless Internet access.

For more information, go to:
$5,000 per semester


On-campus dormitory
Dormitory living requires a university meal plan. For more information go to:
Prices vary.

Option 3:

Students can choose to find their own housing. The university does not assist in off-campus housing.
                                        Intensive English Language Program
                                     International Student Affidavit of Support

By completing this affidavit, you are swearing to the U.S. government that you will provide this student with a
specific amount of money from your own financial resources ($25,500 per year) for every year he or she is
going to study at Rowan University’s IELP and live in the U.S. You are also proving that you can afford the
support you are promising with the documents you have attached (bank statement & certification, proof of
income). Please complete this form in English and attach all necessary documentation of financial
responsibility. All documents, including this affidavit, must be signed and stamped by a notary.

Send completed application to:                   Jacqueline McCafferty
                                                 Director, English Language Programs
                                                 Rowan University
                                                 200 N. Broadway
                                                 Camden, NJ 08102 USA


Student’s name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

The above student is fully or partially dependent upon me for their support.

My relationship to the student is: _________________________________________________________________________
                                          parent, spouse, brother, sister, friend, etc.

Sponsor’s address _____________________________________________________________________________________


Phone ______________________________ Fax ____________________________ E-mail __________________________

Name of my employer ______________________________________________________ Annual salary _______________

(US Dollars) Other income _______________________ (US Dollars)

My proof of income is attached: Yes _____ No ______ My bank statement is attached: Yes _____ No _____


I, _________________________________________, promise that I can and will give _______________________________
                     my name                                                          full name of student

no less than U.S. $ _________________ in cash for EVERY YEAR of the student’s program of study at Rowan University.

I swear that the information I have provided above is true and correct

Signature of Sponsor

Sworn and subscribed before me this day: ___________________

Name and Stamp of Notary

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