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                                 C/O St. Mary’s Hospital,
                                     Phoenix Park,
                                        Dublin 20

                                 INFORMATION SHEET

Keltoi is a 20 bed “drug free” facility catering for referrals from the Addiction
Service’s detoxification unit, community clinics and other detoxification units. This
residential unit is part of the HSE Addiction Services continuum of care in Dublin
N/N.E. It presently caters for clients from the former eastern region of the H.S.E. It
focuses on using evidenced based interventions and has published research outcomes.

The residential unit, located within St. Mary’s Hospital in Dublin’s Phoenix Park,
operates within a strong ethos of work, using a multi-disciplinary approach focusing
on the “here and now” issues for the client group.

Staff joining the team will be required to have a high degree of flexibility in their
practice as they will be expected to compliment the multi-disciplinary care plan of the
clients by working along side them as they reach their goals. This involves working
with the clients as they engage in the various work activities and build their capacity
to engage in drug free living.

Keltoi functions as part of the continuum of care within addictions services and
provides a two year aftercare facility for the clients who complete the residential
component of their careplan

                      COUNSELLOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE

                      Job Specification & Terms and Conditions

Job Title and Grade   Counsellor Substance Abuse-Keltoi

Closing Date          12th July 2013

Taking up             A start date will be agreed at job offer stage.
Location of Post      Keltoi-Residential Therapeutic Rehabilitation Facility, St Marys, Phoenix
                      Park, Dublin 20
Details of Service    The person appointed to this post will work as a counsellor within the
                      Keltoi team. Keltoi is part of the continuum of care within the addiction
                      service D.N/D.N.E. and provides a residential rehabilitation service to
                      clients of the addiction services within the former eastern region of the

                         The Addiction Service delivers therapeutic interventions to
                          individuals and where appropriate to families affected by primary
                          opiate and related substance misuse.
                         The Service supports the provision of an integrated range of
                          preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to meet the
                          diverse health and social care needs of our service users in an
                          accountable, accessible and equitable manner.
                         The strategic objectives of the Service, in line with the National Drug
                          Strategy, are to provide where appropriate:
                                   Education and prevention programmes
                                   Services aimed at delivering advice and harm
                                      minimisation harm-reduction programmes to drug
                                      misusers not in contact with services, including advice on
                                      safer drug use, ways of reducing the risks of HIV and
                                      Hepatitis transmission, advice on safer sex practice and
                                      good health.
                                      Treatment programmes are provided that are service user
                                       focused and have as their objective in the short-term the
                                       control of the drug misuser’s addiction within the context
                                       of the long-term aim of returning the drug misuser to a
                                       drug-free lifestyle.

                                      Aftercare and rehabilitation programmes that assist
                                       misusers in accessing education, training or employment
                                      Evaluation of the various service responses to ensure

                                      maximum effectiveness

                          The Service works in partnership with primary care networks, other
                           statutory and voluntary agencies.
                          Services are delivered in context of multidisciplinary teams in both
                           community and residential settings. Teams are responsible for case
                           management, assessing Server User needs, negotiating and delivering
                           care plans and facilitating access for our target population within
                           catchment areas.
                          The teams generally consist of Counsellors, Nurses, General
                           Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Rehab Integration Workers, Pharmacists,
                           Outreach Workers, General Assistants, Community Welfare Officer.
                          Keltoi provides a residential rehabilitation facility to service users of
                           the addiction service in both D.N.E. and the rest of the former eastern
                           region of the HSE.
                          The post holder will possess the skill set necessary to support the
                           service users while they are engaged in Keltoi in developing drug free
                           living skills .they will be required to respond to a broad range of
                           Service Users issues related to substance use, including: motivation,
                           harm reduction, stabilisation, detoxification, relapse prevention,
                           relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and phobias, loss, coping
                           with illness, abuse, developmental issues, adjustment problems,
                           stress, trauma, violence, anger, and psychosexual difficulties,
                           drawing on therapeutic orientations such as person-centred and
                           cognitive-behavioural therapies.
                          The overall Service is managed by an Addiction Services Manager
                           and Clinical Director together with Heads of Discipline. Counselling
                           is managed by Senior Counsellors.

Reporting              The post holder will report to the Senior Counsellor/Manager of Keltoi
Relationship           accounting for operational and professional practice, and clinical

Purpose of the Post           To engage in therapeutic relationships with Service Users of
                               Keltoi whether during assessment, while in keltoi or in aftercare
                               to support them in developing drug free living skills.
                              The post holder will provide individual and group counselling in

                              The post holder will work with other members of the Keltoi team
                               to provide a person centred, relational care service.
Purpose of Post
Principal Duties and       Clinical Practice

   Provide individual / group counselling / therapy to clients of the
    keltoi facility.
   To Manage a caseload under supervision
   Understand and prioritise Service User needs, taking account of
    the role of culture, sexuality, peer group, gender, family and
    mental health on beliefs and behaviours.
   Assessment and treatment of Service Users, spouses and
    concerned persons where appropriate
   Establish appropriate therapeutic contracts in relation to clients to
    facilitate the counselling process.
   Provision of brief, short term and a proportion of long term
    counselling/therapy for Service Users and their families as
    appropriate Facilitating appropriate treatment strategies and
    appropriate care plans.
   Facilitation of treatment groups and therapeutic groups
   Provision of a domiciliary counselling service (i.e. home,
    hospital, prison etc) where relevant, and deemed appropriate, in
    consultation with Senior.
   Support a health promotion and focus on disease prevention.
   Participation in clinical multidisciplinary team and liaison with
    general practitioners, other
   primary health care staff, psychiatric services, statutory/voluntary
    and other agencies as appropriate.
   Referral to appropriate treatment facilities, for stabilisation,
    detoxification, rehabilitation.
   Inform and facilitate clients in accessing other appropriate health
    care and support services, and referral to more specialist services
    if required.
   Referral of clients to self-help groups and community initiatives.
   Notification of child abuse in accordance with Children First
   Pre and post test counselling and short/long term
    counselling/therapy for infectious diseases (e.g. HIV and
   To actively participate in regular external clinical supervision in
    accordance with supervision policy
   To actively participate in monthly line management supervision.

   To engage in in-service and other relevant training opportunities
    and to keep up to date with new developments in the area of
   To monitor and evaluate effectiveness and outcomes of treatment
    for individuals/groups, matching therapy to needs.
   Participation in the development of new initiatives: e.g.

      Community based programmes
     To work as part of the Keltoi team engaging in the work aspects
      of the Keltoi programme including kitchen, household and garden
      activities with the clients and staff of Keltoi as rostered.
     To facilitate client activities including outings and visits in a
      therapeutic and responsible way.
     To actively participate in the creation of the therapeutic
      environment in Keltoi.

Administration and Accountability

     To maintain contemporaneous records and submit statistics and
      activity data in timely manner as requested by Senior.
     Maintain accountability within the Health Service Executive
          Performance Management System
     To write clear concise reports
     To observe professional ethical standards and behaviours as
      required by HSE and Keltoi Policies and Guidelines, Freedom of
      Information Act, Data Protection Act and requirements of
      relevant Professional Accrediting Bodies, ensuring confidentiality
      of records and security of same.
     Take corporate responsibility as well as counselling ethical
     To co-operate with operation of new technology
     To report to the Senior Counsellor on matters affecting the
      administration of the service.
     To meet with the Keltoi team as arranged by Senior.
     To engage with monthly line management supervision with
      Senior Counsellor
     To attend in service training as required.
     To comply with Health and Safety regulations and review
     To comply with HSE Policies and review procedures related to
      Risk Management, Audits, and clinical accountability.

     Flexibility in practise as is required by the Keltoi roster including
      working evening and weekends as required i.e. out of hours,
      provision of new programmes and service initiatives

Multi-disciplinary team working

     Participate as a member of Care Teams / Networks; including
      service provision, meetings, case conferences, team building and

      change management initiatives.
     Contribute to the development and implementation of information
      sharing protocols, audit systems, referral pathways, individual
      care plans and shared care arrangements.
     Participate in community needs assessment and on going
      community involvement.
     Undertake Key Worker role as required.
     Develop and maintain close liaison with team members, and
      specialist services to ensure an integrated service for clients.

Development and evaluation of service

     Support models of best evidence based practice.
     Mentoring as required
     Ongoing monitoring, audit and evaluation of service.
     Participation in the development of new initiatives: e.g.
      Community based programmes, etc
     To develop and conduct relevant research within the service and
      the evaluation of such research in order to improve treatment and
      therapeutic standards in Addiction/HIV

         1. The above job description is not intended to be a
            comprehensive list of all duties involved and
            consequently, the post holder may be required to perform
            other duties as appropriate to the post which may be
            assigned to him / her from time to time and to contribute
            to the development of the post while in office.

Eligibility Criteria         Each candidate must, at the latest date for receipt of completed
                                        application forms for the post possess:
Qualifications and/ or
                                Professional Qualification in Counselling / Psychotherapy of at
                                 least 3yrs Diploma Standard from Accredited Training School
                                 recognised by a relevant professional body within the Irish
                                 Council for Psychotherapy (ICP)


                                Eligibility for Accreditation with relevant Professional Body
                                 within ICP, or IAAAC, or PSI.


                                A minimum of two years experience of managing a case load
                                 under supervision, after achieving professional qualification

                                Garda Clearance

Health.                  A candidate for and any person holding the office must be fully
                          competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office
                         and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect
                         of ability to render regular and efficient service.

Character                Each candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character.

Age                      Age restrictions shall only apply to a candidate where he/she is not
                         classed as a new entrant (within the meaning of the Public Service
                         Superannuation Act 2004). A candidate who is not classified as a new
                         entrant must be under 65 years of age on the first day of the month in
                         which the latest date for receiving completed application forms
                         for the office occurs.

Post Specific               Demonstrate the ability to assess Service Users’ suitability for
Requirements                 counselling/therapy
                            Demonstrate competence in providing short-term therapy to Service
                             Users utilising therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioural
                             therapies, brief interventions and motivational interviewing.

Post Specific Requirements      Demonstrate Knowledge of adolescent/adult development and the
                                 impact of deprivation, neglect and abuse
                                Demonstrate an ability to utilise both practice based evidence and
                                 evidenced based practice in informing clinical decisions about
                                 Service Users
                                Demonstrate detailed up-to-date clinical knowledge of assessment
                                 and treatment of a range of addiction and mental health problems.
                                Demonstrate commitment to ongoing evaluation of supervision and
                                 clinical practice to ensure a quality and effective service
                                Demonstrate knowledge of notification procedures around child
                                 protection and management of other ethical considerations relevant to
                                Demonstrate knowledge of relevant legislation
                                Demonstrate competence in responding appropriately to diverse
                                 Service Users who are vulnerable or at risk
                                Demonstrate an understanding of the specific therapeutic needs of
                                 clients in a residential rehabilitation setting.
                                Demonstrate an awareness of the Primary Care Strategy and key
                                 developments within the Primary Care service.
                                Demonstrate an ability to engage in health promotion and education
                                Demonstrate commitment to continuing professional development
                                 and effective use of supervision
                                Demonstrate the ability to work effectively and confidently with
                                 challenging Service Users’ processes
                                Demonstrate awareness of professional and personal boundaries
                                Demonstrate an appreciation of the importance of professional and
                                 personal support systems
                                Display effective interpersonal and communication (verbal and
                                 written) skills
                                Demonstrate ability to manage Service Users’ records effectively and
                                 to produce counselling reports as required
                                Demonstrate an ability to work both as part of a multidisciplinary
                                 team and to work independently, under Supervision
                                Demonstrate a willingness to develop IT skills relevant to the role
                                Demonstrate evidence of effective planning and organising skills
                                 including awareness of resource management and importance of
                                 value for money.
                                Demonstrate ability to manage deadlines and effectively handle
                                 multiple tasks.
                                Maintain strong links with the Service Users and develop systems of
                                 Service User evaluation
                                Demonstrate initiative and innovation, identifying areas for
                                 improvement, implementing and managing change

  Post Specific Requirements       Demonstrate ability and a willingness to work in the therapeutic
                                    working environment which is Keltoi. Engaging in working with the
                                    service users in Kitchen, Household and Garden duties as rostered.

Other requirements                 Access to transport as post may involve travel e.g. travelling to
specific to the post                locations to assess clients.
                                   Flexible working hours – availability to work unsociable hours as
                                    required by the Keltoi roster including working evenings and week-

Competition Specific           Applicants may be short listed for interview based on information
Selection Process              supplied in the application form at the closing date or in other specified
                               assessment documentation

Ranking/Short listing / Criteria for short listing are based on the requirements of the post as
Interview               outlined in the eligibility criteria, post specific requirements, duties,
                        skills, competencies and/ or knowledge section of this job specification
                        and the information supplied in the competency based application form if

                                   Failure to include information regarding these requirements may
                                     result in you not being called forward to the next stage of the
                                                            selection process

                               PLEASE NOTE :

                                    1. Original documentation will be sought for all qualification
                                       requirements for the post.

                                    2. You will be requested to provide documentary evidence that you
                                       have the required number of years experience for the post.

                                    3. If you are the holder of a non-Irish qualification, please note that
                                       your qualifications must be verified by the relevant body.

                                    4. Your employer will not be responsible for any expenses that
                                       candidates incur in connection with the validation of their

                                    5. ‘Eligibility’ checking will be conducted on all application forms
                                       received and only those candidates, who meet the eligibility
                                       criteria i.e. the required qualifications for the position, will be
                                       deemed eligible for inclusion in the competition.

                        Terms and Conditions of Employment
                             Counsellor Substance Abuse

Tenure                  The appointment is for one calendar year from date of commencement.

Remuneration            The Salary for the post is: €37076

Working Week            The working week will involve working evenings and week-ends to
                        accommodate the Keltoi roster.

Annual Leave            The Annual Leave applying to the post is 27 days.

Probation               The appointee shall be subject to a probationary period of 3 months.

Protection of Persons   As this post is one of those designated under the Protection of Persons
Reporting Child
                        Reporting Child Abuse Act 1998, appointment to this post appoints
Abuse Act 1998
                        one as a designated officer in accordance with Section 2 of the Act.
                         You will remain a designated officer for the duration of your
                        appointment to your current post or for the duration of your
                        appointment to such other post as is included in the categories
                        specified in the Ministerial Direction. You will receive full information
                        on your responsibilities under the Act on appointment.

Health & Safety         Have a working knowledge of HIQA Standards as they apply to the
                        role for example, Standards for Healthcare and National Standards for
                        the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections,
                        Hygiene Standards etc.


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