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									                   AAUW OF MISSOURI, 1976-2010
                           AAUW of Missouri, 1976-96
                                   by Ardyce Pearson
The Missouri Division completed its organization at a convention in St. Louis, November 3-
4, 1921. Members present represented the existing branches: Kansas City, St. Louis,
Columbia, Springfield, Maryville, and Warrensburg.
     Dr. Mary Alice Parrish, Vandalia, as Southwest Central Sectional Director of AAUW,
called the first Division meeting. Its first year started with Division committees for
Education, Legislation, International Relations and Fellowships. Serving also as the first
Division president Dr. Parrish and her board initiated a project that resulted in passage of a
Missouri law requiring preschools.
     During 1928-1931, the Division worked toward its share of the Association‘s Million
Dollar Fellowship Fund. The first Division Bulletin, a five-age mimeographed letter, dated
January 17, 1929, was sent to members. In l931-33 Study groups in branches were organized.
The Division also undertook a study of financial aid for collegiate undergraduates. In l937-38
area conferences were initiated with the Division divided into smaller units (areas) and
Division leaders attending and presenting the conferences.
     During World War II, Division and branches turned their attention to war efforts. The
Division convention was held ―by mail‖ in 1945 because of the travel restrictions. In 1949
fifty-three members studied mental hospitals. This led to improved legislation in Missouri,
which was supported by the branches and the Division Board.
     Miss Chloe E. Millikan, president 1953-55, initiated a program procedure for the
Division that culminated in the current Association structure as adopted in 1963 at the
Denver Association Convention, which elected Missouri‘s Dr. Blanche Dow as Association
president. Popular Dr. Dow was supported at the convention by a large delegation from the
Division. From 1963-67 Dr. Dow served as the Association president and continued as an
active member of the Division as well. She also served as the first chairman of the Missouri
State Commission on the Status of Women.
     During 1965-67, the Division worked for and supported legislation for equal pay for
equal work, the Economic Opportunity Act, and ―Head Start.‖ In 1969, as a special gesture
of support for the Educational Foundation Programs, the Division gave one thousand dollars
for the Coretta Scott King Fellowship endowment fund.
     A functioning Division legislative program became a reality in 1972-73. This was also
the year the Division began concerted efforts to support the Equal Rights Amendment and
environmental concerns. The Division as well as some branches took part in coalitions in
support of ERA. In 1973-74, the Division undertook the sponsorship of a community service
project, ―A Festival of Missouri Women in the Arts,‖ initiated by the Ferguson-Florissant
Branch. Fifty years of Division history was placed in the Western Historical Manuscripts
Collection at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1975.
     A Corporate Representative was appointed to the Division Board for the first time for
1974-75 in an effort to establish better communications with colleges and universities in
Missouri. This board position has since been renamed College/University Relations Chair.
     In recognition of the USA Bicentennial and of International Women‘s Year, the project
for 1975-76 was the portraying through sketches of ―Outstanding Missouri Women‖ in

varied media. Nearly every branch participated. Thus, formerly unknown Missouri
personalities and neglected women who had contributed to the state‘s heritage were
discovered and rediscovered. Grants and fellowships totaling more than $13,000 were
awarded in the Missouri Division for the 1978-79 year. Included in this total was another
Division project—a book titled Pause in Missouri: A Guide to Missouri’s People, Places and
    Again, in 1979-80, the Missouri Division received an Association Research and Projects
Grant––this time for Heritage Month to promote its publication of two books dealing with
Missouri: Show Me the Arts and Pause in Missouri. Legislative Day in Jefferson City was the
Division‘s major contribution toward informing legislators of its position on current bills.
    The Community Issues Conference (CIC), a new Division project focusing on
community involvement, was initiated in 1979. It dealt with ―Women in Today‘s Family.‖
Another CIC was held in 1980 dealing with ―Managing Your Financial Resources.‖ The
second CIC received financial support from the Association and personal recognition from
President Mary Grefe. The third CIC, which was held in Kansas City in 1981, focused on
―Taming Technology.‖ Using grants received from the Association and from the Missouri
Council for the Humanities, the fourth CIC on ―Families and Work‖ was combined with the
leadership workshop in Joplin in 1982.
    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Division focused on the organization of new
branches throughout Missouri. Much remains to be learned of the criteria for successful
branch building in the changing culture of working women with limited volunteer time. The
major effort for legislation for the Equal Rights Amendment was not successful in the
Missouri legislative session. AAUW support was evident for ultimate renewed efforts.
    During the 1981-83 biennium, emphasis was on researching and updating the Missouri
Division financial records. In addition, each board member was supplied with a set of
materials pertinent to her position, including bylaws and policies. It was anticipated this
practice would facilitate effective transitions from one board to its successor board. Branch
visits by Division leaders gave attention to older branches with fewer than 50 members.
    Warrensburg was the site for the Division Convention in July 1983. It was decided to
have Division annual meetings and conventions before June 30 because of the complications
created by scheduling them after the start of the fiscal year on July 1. The Pause in Missouri
book project was successfully closed in 1983; a Pause.In Missouri calendar project was well
supported in 1984.
    Division Convention at Excelsior Springs in May 1985 featured Women in the Arts. The
Peg Witt Fund was approved by the 1985 convention. Its first board of trustees was
subsequently named to administer the initial balance of $3,000. This fund was established to
serve as seed money for projects that can contribute proceeds to the Educational Foundation
Programs. The first grant from this Fund was made June 1987 to the Columbia branch for a
Division-wide fund-raising project involving note cards featuring six Missouri women of
historical significance. The highly successful sale of these ―Note-Able Missouri Women‖
note cards raised $1,125.50 for the Educational Foundation by 1989.
    For several years prior to 1984, the Division contemplated acting to honor outstanding
Division members. A plan was developed to name a Woman of Distinction at the even-
numbered Division meeting, now called the Annual Meeting. Barbara Lackritz, Creve Coeur,
the first award recipient, was recognized at the leadership conference in Columbia, June
1984. Ella Bettinger, St. Louis, was named the Woman of Distinction at the Division Annual

Meeting held after the SWCR Conference in St. Louis in June 1986. At that time, also, a one-
time special President‘s Award was made to Dorothy Leake, Ph.D., Aurora, a biologist and
ecologist still actively promoting the conservation of natural resources and the advancement
of women at age 93. Dr. Joyce Dana, a member of the Richmond branch, was named the
Woman of Distinction in 1988. Two women of Distinction awards were given in 1990: Opal
Calvert Eckert, Maryville, and Dr. Diane Brukhardt, Columbia. Again in 1992 two women
were named: Shirley Breeze, Ferguson-Florissant, and Betty Cook Rottmann, Columbia.
Both had served as past Missouri Division presidents and Betty Rottmann as past vice
president of AAUW Southwest Central Region.
    In June 1985, the Missouri Division Strategic Plan for 1985-90 was approved.
Implementation began in 1986 with a Workshop on Wheels, a leadership training program
available to all branches. Designated for a two-hour presentation, the package contained 48
pages of information with ideas to recruit, retain, and renew memberships while providing
programs of the highest caliber.
    The Educational Foundation Programs included three international fellowship funds
named to honor Missouri Women. The goal of endowment at $100,000 was reached for the
Blanche H. Dow Fellowship in 1985; the Mary Alice Parrish Fellowship fund and the Chloe
E. Millikan Fellowship fund also reached that level in 1987.
    The American Fellowship fund of $200,000 was established in 1985, named in honor of
the late Missouri AAUW member Leona J. Beckmann. Other monies from the bequest of
$831,074.23 to the EFP were used by the Association to update the computer equipment at
the headquarters in Washington D.C. where a plaque in her memory was displayed. The first
Beckmann fellow was named in 1986-87. Thereafter the fellowship was designated for post-
doctoral studies in the arts by action of the EFP Board of Directors.
    The Division cosponsored a juried traveling slide exhibition of outstanding Missouri
women artists available for presentation in March 1986 through the following AAUW year.
The project recognized that historically women artists have been neglected. The exhibition
was developed to increase public awareness of the excellence of contemporary women‘s
works. The slide show placed third in the Association Public Information contest for
Divisions in 1987.
    The annual Division convention for 1987 was held in Hannibal. The first Division
Orientation/Board meeting in July 1987 in Kansas City was a time of getting acquainted and
for setting goals.
    One of the first projects was a complete updating and change in format for the Missouri
Division Bulletin to make it more competitive with the other Division publications. This
proved to be an astute decision since the Bulletin received a first place award with a $100
stipend at the Association convention in Washington D.C. in June 1989.
    A new Missouri Division pin, introduced in 1987, was made available through the
Kansas City Branch. By wearing this badge members not only increased AAUW visibility,
but gained a new pride in membership.
    In February 1988, 20 of the Board members met at the Rickman Conference Center in
Jefferson City for 24 actual hours (two and one-half days) of VoLT training. Missouri was
one of 16 divisions to be awarded this Volunteer Leadership Training and was the only
division to have board trained for this purpose. Each person who received the instructions
agreed to be a trainer for two workshops in her own locale. Twenty-one successful VoLT

workshops were held throughout the state up to the time of the June 1989 convention, with
over 300 persons taking advantage of this opportunity to develop community leaders.
    Legislative Days held in Jefferson City each spring since 1980 are sponsored in
conjunction with Missouri‘s Women‘s Network. It attracts women from other organizations
interested in a legislative program similar to that of AAUW. The Association sent Dr. Nancy
Joyner, chairperson of AAUW‘s Equity Action Committee, to be the speaker at the 1988
    The Division was awarded a stipend of $1800 for the Richard S. Brownlee Award from
the State Historical Society of Missouri for our Women‘s History Project, which evolved into
our 272-page book, Show Me Missouri Women: Selected Biographies, published by the
Thomas Jefferson Press in Kirksville.
    During the biennium, contributions to EFP were up considerably, due in part to a
contribution of $10,000 from Dora Johnson, Kansas City, former Division President. A new
Century Club pin, to be awarded to those contributing $100 or more, was designed to
complement the division pin.
    The Division did not have a separate convention in 1988, but encouraged all members to
attend the Regional convention in Little Rock, Arkansas. The annual meeting of the Division
was held during this convention. At this Regional, a Partnership Agreement was formed
between the Branches, the Division, the Region, and the Association. The Division
commitment was to provide leadership training, complete the Women‘s History Project, and
increase membership.
    The Association commitment to this Partnership Agreement resulted in a membership
workshop being held in Columbia, February 11 and 12, 1989, conducted by Cynthia Davis,
Association Membership Director, and Kerry Hoggard, Manager of Membership
Development. Cynthia also conducted a follow-up membership workshop at the June 1989
convention held at the Adam‘s Mark Hotel, Kansas City. A visit to the Thomas Hart Benton
exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, a presentation of ―Hardship and Hope,‖ a
program made possible by a grant from the Missouri Humanities Council, and ten varied and
interesting workshops offered unusual opportunities for learning and socializing. An
Orientation/Division Board meeting was held in Kirkwood in July 1989. Work groups
concentrated on programs, membership, public information/newsletter, Educational
Foundation Programs, and marketing our Show Me Missouri Women history book. A
Missouri Women‘s History Month Task Force was appointed to encourage branches to
recognize and celebrate the contributions women have made in Missouri history. The Board
attended ―Peace Child,‖ presented by a combined troupe of St. Louis area talent and 15
Russian youngsters who formed a musical corps of children to seek peace in the world––a
positive way for the Board to acclaim AAUW‘s Community, Cultural Interests, Education,
and International Relations areas.
    The Division took on a new public effort to salute women by sponsoring an award for the
best Junior Division entry on Women in History for Missouri History Day held in Columbia.
In 1990, Pamela Roychaudhury, an eighth grade student at Joplin Junior High School, was
awarded $100 for her History Day entry in performance, ―Ada: The Countess of the
Computer.‖ The 1991 winner of the $100 award was Laura McElwain of Maysville, and in
1992, AAUW‘s participation was expanded as two $100 prizes were awarded. The senior
winner was Tara Thompson, Carl Junction High School, and the junior winner was Ashley
Mack of Delaware Elementary School, Springfield.

    A Creativity Workshop, led by Catherine Rickbone, was held in conjunction with the
Annual Leadership Conference at Rickman Conference Center, Jefferson City, April 28,
1990. Six creative groups formulated ideas/solutions for expanding and maintaining
membership, achieving diversity in membership, finances and fundraising, active
participation, community service, and image and public relations. The Missouri Division
reached a 97 percent retention rate within its branches (a 99 percent retention rate including
its members-at-large); 25 branches achieved 100 percent or higher retention rate based on
last year‘s membership.
    Missouri Division‘s Show Me Missouri Women: Selected Biographies was a huge
success. Of the 55 branches listed in the 1989-90 Missouri Division Directory, 49
participated in this Missouri Women‘s History project. Therefore, 90 percent of the branches
purchased one or more copies. Over 1,000 copies of the book were sold during 1989-90,
resulting in $5,000 being given to the Educational Foundation.
    The Southwest Central Regional Conference was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June 1990.
A record number of 45 AAUW members (representing 21 branches) attended. Our
Educational Foundation ―Feed a Fellow‖ project was launched: the Division set a goal to
contribute $22,000 to the EFP during 1990-91. We went over the top by raising $22, 480.74.
  Missouri AAUW member Jayne Kasten (Kirkwood/Webster Groves Branch) was one of
the first 22 teachers selected to be an Eleanor Roosevelt Fund recipient. Additionally, during
1990-91 the Boonville, Creve Coeur, and Joplin Branches received Educational Foundation
or local grants for special projects dealing with teen self-esteem, mentoring, and career
    A Regional Membership Workshop provided by Association Membership Trainers was
held in Kansas City, January 11-13, 1991. The June 1991 convention held at the Holiday Inn
Downtown Conference Center, St. Joseph, commemorated Missouri AAUW‘s 70th
Anniversary with an ―AAUW Connections‖ theme.
    ―Equity is the Bottom Line‖ was adopted as the biennial theme at the orientation board
meeting in July 1991, and this logo was used to increase visibility to AAUW and its
purposes. Goals were set for 1992 and the name ―Missouri Division of AAUW‖ was changed
to ―AAUW of Missouri‖ in accordance with Association directives. Board members
approved publication of Show Me Missouri Women: Selected Biographies, Volume II, and
sale of ―Note-able Missouri Women‖ note cards, Set II––projects to benefit the EF.
    The new issue, ―Initiative for Educational Equity,‖ was introduced at the Association
Convention in Portland, Oregon, and AAUW became the undisputed leader on education and
equity for women and girls after the release of the AAUW report: How Schools Shortchange
Girls. The report of the subtle gender bias girls face in schools hit front pages of newspapers
nationwide and was reported on network news shows and in many magazines. Missouri‘s
Roundtable on Educational Equity was held in Columbia on February 28, 1992, at which
time state leaders in education, government, business, and community participated.
    Southwest Central Regional Conference, held April 3-5 in Fort Worth, Texas, featured
Equity Workshops and outstanding speakers, including Ann Chipley, AAUW Director of
Program/Public Policy; Lisa Lowry, Vocational Equity Consultant; and Kay Austin, LAF
    ―Survival Skills for the 90s‖ was the theme for the Missouri Leadership Conference, June
19-20 at Rickman Center, Jefferson City. Events included a ―Nuts and Bolts‖ Workshop for

branch leaders by Jeannette Miller, the Association Leader on Loan, and diversity awareness
training by a two-person team from Harmony in a World of Difference.
    A grand total of $25,000 was given to the Educational Foundation from Missouri State
and branches in 1991-92. The first ever Missouri Book of Named Honorees, an elegant cloth
bound volume, contains the names of 48 women honored in 1991-92. More than $500 was
contributed to the Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) which included over $400 from the raffle of
a lovely afghan, hand crocheted by Joan Gones.
    The IFUW Conference was held in Palo Alto, California, in August 1992.Two
workshops, ―Diversity–Cultural Development‖ and ―We Want to Live–Sustainable
Development,‖ were presented jointly by University Women of Guatemala and AAUW of
Missouri. Four women from Guatemala, en route to the IFUW Conference, visited Kansas
City and were hosted by Missouri Board members and branch members of that area.
    The Kansas City Branch began its Centennial Celebration with a luncheon on February
13, 1993. The featured speaker was AAUW Association President Sharon Schuster.
    The 1993 Missouri Convention, ―Celebrating Our Choices,‖ was held in Springfield June
4-6. Jackie DeFazio was the Association Leader on Loan. Contributions to Educational
Foundation were a record $26,500 for the 1992-93 year. Donations to the Legal Advocacy
Fund (LAF) were $2,206, also a record amount.
    ―Vision, Voice and Victory‖ was the theme for the 1993 Association Convention held in
Minneapolis June 19-22. Jackie DeFazio was elected Association President. Sylvia Newman
of Texas became the new Southwest Central Regional Director. AAUW of Missouri
participated in the Victory Garden by displaying the Show Me Missouri Women and ―Note-
ables‖ projects. Hostile Hallways: The AAUW Survey on Sexual Harassment in America’s
Schools, released in June 1993, was a highlight of the convention. Also, the Five Star Branch
Recognition Program was initiated by the Association and was adopted by the Missouri
Board as the primary focus of the 1993-95 biennium.
    ―A Journey to the Stars‖ was the theme for the Missouri Leadership Conference April 16,
1994, at Rickman Center, Jefferson City. Barbara Meier, Wisconsin, was the Leader on
Loan. The Five Star Award program guidelines were emphasized for their potential impact
on the strength and vitality of Missouri branches.
    A new 25-year membership pin, sterling silver with real enamel, was marketed by
AAUW of Missouri. Proceeds benefit the Educational Foundation. Barbara Lackritz, EF
Chair, initiated this project. Contributions to the Educational Foundation for 1993-94 were
$21,711.79. To the Legal Advocacy Fund they were over $700.
    The Southwest Central Regional Conference was held June 10-12, 1994, in Overland
Park, Kansas. ―Everything‘s Up-to-Date in Kansas City‖ was the theme. Missouri achieved a
new attendance record—65 delegates from 22 branches. The conference was preceded by an
EF training event open to the membership. The Association awarded Five Star Branch status
for 1993-94 to three Missouri branches: Independence, Kansas City, and Kirkwood-Webster
    During 1994-95, branches were encouraged to work toward the Five Star status by
inviting state leaders to a Star Booster Workshop, a three-hour session designed to stimulate
branches in the area of program, membership, and leadership. Nine branches (Kansas City,
Independence, and Kirkwood-Webster Groves, all for the second time, and Ballwin-
Chesterfield, Columbia, Maryville, Raytown, St. Charles, and Trenton) achieved Five Star

status. Twenty-three branches received Missouri Star awards for achievement in local
    The 1995 state convention at the Adams Mark Hotel in Independence was ―A Star
Spangled Celebration,‖ highlighted by the Leader on Loan, Executive Director Anne Bryant.
Ten members attended the national convention in Orlando, Florida, June 24-27, 1995.
Donations to the Educational Foundation totaled $22,731.72 and to the Legal Advocacy Fund

                         AAUW of Missouri, 1996-2010
                         by Grace Butler and Dr. Alice Reese
Highlights of 1995-96 were donations to the Educational Foundation (EF) and the Legal
Advocacy Fund (LAF). The introduction of the Advocates Club for those contributing $50 or
more sparked the LAF donation of $3,255. A large gift by former state president Dora
Johnson made possible $32,059 for EF.
     Missouri in Motion became the name of the state bulletin after a contest. Branches
contributed the histories of their organizations for publication in the History of AAUW in
     Twenty-five branches qualified for one or more Missouri Stars, and the Association gave
ten Five-Star Awards—Independence, Kansas City, and Kirkwood-Webster Groves for the
third time; Ballwin-Chesterfield and St. Charles for the second; and Branson, Canton, Creve
Coeur, Ferguson-Florissant, and Liberty for the first.
     Sixty-five percent of the branches were represented at the Leadership Conference in
Columbia at the Campus Inn, April 20, 1996. Membership vice president Judi Kneece was
not able to attend, but Carol Woodworth served as the Leader on Loan for the conference
titled ―Growing Smarter—What‘s Working for Leaders in AAUW?‖ Grace Butler,
Columbia, former state president and candidate for Regional Director, was named Woman of
Distinction for 1996.
     The Show-Me state hosted the Southwest Central (SWC) Regional Conference in
Springfield June 14-16, 1996.
     Celebration of the Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of AAUW in Missouri included note
cards with the popular Daisy Girl motif, and the announcement of a drawing to be held at the
State Convention in June 1997, for diamond jewelry, both of which benefited the
Foundation‘s Diamond Jubilee Fund.
     Missouri was named a Five-Star State at the close of the 1996-97 biennium, with 11
branches also achieving the award: Ballwin-Chesterfield, Branson, Canton, Creve Coeur,
Ferguson-Florissant, Independence, Kansas City, Kirkwood-Webster Groves, Northern Clay
County, Raytown, and St. Charles. Thirty-two branches received at least one Missouri Star
award at the state convention held at the Westport Park Hotel in St. Louis, June 6-8, 1997.
Judi Kneece, Association membership vice president, and Alice Ann Leidel, EF president,
were Leaders on Loan. Ardy Pearson was elected state president for a third year to bring
Missouri onto the same officer rotation schedule as the Association.
     Area conferences were held in Springfield, Kansas City, and Concordia to bring
leadership training to the branches. The Show Me Missouri Women, Vol. II, project was
concluded when the Kansas City branch purchased the remaining books and distributed them

to fourth-grade classrooms throughout the state. The 25-year pin project was also closed. A
history of AAUW-MO 1976-96 was published.
    EF donations totaled $27,236 and LAF donations $3,047.16. Nine members attended the
Association convention in Anaheim, California, where Grace Butler, Columbia, was elected
Regional Director for the SWC Region.
    Once again, Missouri was named a Five-Star State for 1997-98, prompted by the first
Sister-to-Sister Summit, held in Liberty and sponsored by the Kansas City-area branches
north of the Missouri River. Leadership was highlighted by the development of job
descriptions for all state board positions. The EF contribution was $43,940 and included a
bequest from former state president Dora Johnson‘s estate. LAF donations were $3,675.61.
AAUW provided leadership, along with Missouri Women‘s Network, for the annual
Legislative Day, March 25.
    Nine branches received the Five-Star Branch designation: Ballwin-Chesterfield, Branson,
Canton, Creve Coeur, Ferguson-Florissant, Independence, Kansas City, Kirkwood-Webster
Groves, and Raytown.
    The Leadership Conference was held at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, on May
1, 1998, with Mary Ann Ahrens, Regional Director from the Upper Midwest Region, as
Leader on Loan. Patt Braley, Independence, and Nancy Gerber, Ferguson-Florissant, were
named Women of Distinction. Alyse Stoll was installed as president of AAUW-MO.
Missouri had the largest state delegation at the SWC Regional Conference in Springdale,
Arkansas, June 12-14, 1998.
    Continuing the legacy, Missouri was named a Five-Star State for 1998-99. Ten branches
achieved the Five-Star award: Ballwin-Chesterfield, Branson, Creve Coeur, Ferguson-
Florissant, Independence, Kansas City, Kirkwood-Webster Groves, Northern Clay County,
Raytown, and Springfield.
    The state board held a rally for public education on the capitol steps in Jefferson City at
the October board meeting. The Leaders on Loan for the fun-filled state convention,
―Voicing Achievements: A Conference OF Champions, BY Champions, and FOR
Champions,‖ held at the Holiday Inn at Lake Ozark on April 30-May 2, 1999, were Lisa
Cain, Communications, and Peggy Trossen, EF. A total of $33,003 was donated to EF and
$4,800 to LAF.
    A record 24 state members attended the Association convention in Washington, D.C.,
June 19-23, 1999, at which time the dues were increased by $10 and a Unity Slate of officers
was elected to EF.
    Missouri-AAUW achieved Five-Star status for 1999-2000. The Leadership Conference,
―Architects of Change: Branches for the Future,‖ was held at William Woods University in
Fulton on May 20, 2000. The Leader on Loan was Marilyn Arp from Boise, Idaho. As
AAUW Finance Officer, she gave the keynote on the future of AAUW. The Woman of
Distinction Award went to Shirley Garhart from Creve Coeur. Barbara Lackritz, Kirkwood-
Webster Groves and Creve Coeur branches, was installed as the state president of AAUW-
MO. There were 19 branches represented and 40 delegates. Over half of the branches in the
state participated in the Missouri State Star Awards. A total of $5,590 was donated to LAF
and $42,952 to EF.
    The Governor proclaimed the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) in Missouri. He
commended members of the MO Women‘s Network (AAUW-MO is a member) for

dedication to women‘s issues. AAUW-MO participated in Women in History awards during
Missouri History Day in Columbia.
    Alyse Stoll held Networking Area Conferences in Houston and Kirksville. Thirty
members from Missouri attended the SWC Regional Conference, June 9-11, 2000, in
Oklahoma City, Okla. Members heard Sandy Bernard, Association President, present ―Look
to the Future.‖ Grace Butler, Director SWC Region, organized the conference with the state
presidents. Entertaining skits were presented by Alyse Stoll and members. A successful
auction was held to benefit the Association‘s 1881 Fund.
    For 2000-2001, AAUW-MO achieved Six-Star Status in the final year of the Star Awards
program. Only the membership star eluded us. The first-ever joint MO-IL State Convention
was held at the Airport Marriot in St. Louis April 27-29, 2001, with more than 200 in
attendance. Highlights included the presence of new AAUW executive director, Jackie
Woods, an EF Eleanor Roosevelt Walk-Run, and a panel presentation by women from
Malawi. Special tribute was given to Grace Butler for her untiring service as SWC Regional
Director. Barbara Lackritz, St. Louis, became the new state president.
    As of February 1, 2002, AAUW-MO had 1222 members with eight branches showing a
net increase in membership. During the calendar year 2000, Missouri contributed $25,514 to
EF and $7,116 to LAF. Missouri‘s EF Century Club membership ($100 donors) reached 65
and LAF Advocates ($50 donors) totaled 32.
    AAUW-MO continued its work with the ERA Coalition. Area Networking Conferences
were held with Maryville, Parkville, and St. Joseph. AAUW-MO received a national Public
Policy grant for voter education that was used to prepare voter‘s guides. The new MO-
Listserv proved to be effective in disseminating information to members, almost every
branch having at least one member signed up. The Volunteer Leaders Training program
(VoLT) was reinstituted with a session held before the November board meeting. At the
AAUW National Convention in Austin, Tex., AAUW-MO was awarded a Public Policy
Impact Grant for the 2001-2002 year, and the Kansas City Interbranch Council was awarded
a grant for its Sister-to-Sister program.
    In May 2002, another joint Leadership Conference was held, this time with Arkansas
branches, in Branson, Mo. The Missouri Woman of Distinction Award went to Alyse Stoll,
Raytown Branch. Donna Medlin, Springfield branch, was installed as president. There were
18 of 40 Missouri branches represented totaling 52 delegates. Ten branches participated in
the Missouri State Star Awards, which continued as Missouri‘s official recognition program
for branches. During calendar year 2001, $8,271 was donated to LAF and $25,845 to EF,
with 65 MO Century Club members. Guidelines were developed for the disbanding of
branches. The Association appointed Shirley Breeze, Ferguson-Florissant branch, to the
national Public Policy Committee. The SWC Regional Convention was held in Plano, Tex.
    In fall 2002, the board voted to begin transition of the state newsletter to email format.
Support for the ERA campaign continued, and we held a successful Lobby Day in Jefferson
City. For 2002, MO AAUW received the Association‘s highest award of Platinum for its first
entry into the 21st Century Recognition Program. Five of Missouri‘s 31 active branches also
received 21st Century Recognition awards. In fall 2002, many members actively supported
LAF plaintiff Kathy Sokal in her case against St. Louis Community College, including daily
attendance at the trial. Members were also active in public policy by holding issue forums,
collaborating with others on ―kitchen cabinets,‖ and distributing voter guides.

     At the State Leadership Conference in Columbia in April 2003, we again celebrated
membership growth with a state total of 1001 branch members. LAF contributions reached a
new height of $9,038, and EF had 78 MO Century Club members representing 13 branches.
EF raised an overall total of $29,609 with an emphasis on completion of the AAUW-MO
Diamond Jubilee Fund. The entire state was saddened by the loss of immediate past-president
Barbara Lackritz in June 2003.
     The state continued to encourage branches to use technology by assisting several
branches with implementing web pages. AAUW members were activists in public policy by
leading coalitions and presenting issue and candidate forums. Several AAUW members also
ran for local and state political offices. Protection of Title IX was the key topic for the State
Leadership Conference held in Columbia.
     Missouri was well represented at the Association convention in Providence, R.I., in June
2004. Missouri presented a ―taste of success‖ poster display in Providence. It featured the
state and St. Louis Interbranch Council‘s efforts to support Kathy Sokal, the St Louis
professor, who was an LAF plaintiff. Convention speakers inspired Missouri AAUW to host
the first annual Intergenerational State Leaders Conference in 2004. Student leaders from
across the state joined in AAUW‘s state meeting in Kansas City. The meeting focused on
public policy, financial literacy, and leadership development. The Missouri Woman of
Distinction Award was presented to Carol Davis McDonald, Kirkwood-Webster Groves and
St. Louis Branches, and Ardy Pearson, Kansas City Branch. During 2003, AAUW-MO
membership again grew, reaching 1067. EF contributions totaled $30,156, and LAF
contributions reached $7,357.
     In July of 2004, President Annelle Weymuth, Maryville branch, focused the board on
creating a strategic plan. Membership development and communication were targeted as
areas for improvement. Identified strengths of the state were public affairs (Missouri received
one of six ―Get Out The Vote‖ grants given by Association in 2004.), organizational
leadership, and financial management. The membership strategy focused on targeting college
students and young adult community leaders for three years and assessing results. This focus
on student leaders helped increase attendance at the Annual Conference and encouraged
affiliated branch development on campuses, as well as making AAUW a more visible
resource to colleges and universities. An affiliated student branch was developed at the
University of Missouri at Kansas City (UM-KC).
     Communication goals included reactivating a board position to manage communications,
especially via the internet, and reporting on AAUW MO branches‘ activities throughout the
state. Efforts were underway to reactivate the St. Joseph branch and recruit new
college/university associate members. At the July 2005 board meeting, a half-day workshop
was held on web and email usage that was open to branch presidents to help increase member
usage of electronic resources.
     In April 2005, the Annual Conference, held in Boonville, focused on ―Balance‖ in one‘s
life. Several AAUW-MO leaders traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the Association
Convention in July 2005. Missouri was given the platinum award (the highest rating) for
their 21st Century Application. Shirley Breeze, Ferguson-Florissant Branch, was elected as
the SWC Regional Director. AAUW-MO EF donations for 2004 reached $34,707 with 87
Century Club members, and LAF donations totaled $9,026.
     The theme of the 2006 State Leadership Conference at Lake Ozark April 21-22 was
―Connect and Reconnect: 85 Years of Promoting Education and Equity for Women and

Girls‖ as we celebrated the upcoming 125th anniversary of AAUW and 85th anniversary of
Missouri AAUW with a birthday cake and skit. Speakers included Rep. Jane Bogetto, Dr.
Joan Hermsen of UM-Columbia, and Freda Washington, EF Fellow; panels and workshops
were also held, including parallel sessions for student attendees. The thriving UM-KC
student affiliate branch was featured. A $4 increase in state dues to begin in 2007 was
approved by vote of members attending. A program of branch incentive grants was approved,
converting the Peg Witt Fund into the Peg Witt Branch Incentive Program. Jean Shull of the
Kirkwood-Webster Groves branch was named the 2006 Missouri Woman of Distinction.
AAUW-MO EF donations for 2005 were $30,168 with 92 Century Club members, and LAF
donations totaled $8,633.
    More than 100 Missouri members participated in the 2006 SWC Regional Conference in
St. Louis June 9-11. AAUW President Ruth Sweetser was the keynote speaker. State Sen.
Rita Days and LAF plaintiff Lisa Simpson were guest speakers. Ten workshops were held, as
well as an Eleanor Roosevelt Walk. Missouri received a Platinum 21st Century award from
    In July 2006, the State Board, led by President Lynne Roney, Kirkwood-Webster Groves
branch, adopted a strategic plan focusing on programming, membership, and
communications. AAUW‘s national theme, ―Education as the Gateway to Women‘s
Economic Security,‖ provided the focus for mission-based programming. Emphasis
continued on college/university relationships with new C/U members added at UM-Columbia
and UM-St. Louis; and creation of new student affiliate branches. Park University was
formed under the guidance of the Parkville Branch. Membership growth also included
‗reformation‘ of the St. Joseph Branch. New communications included a Yahoo email group
for branch communication chairs and members and encouragement of branch leaders to use
national AAUW e-communication resources. A list of college/university newsletters was
compiled, and nearly two-thirds of Missouri members received the state newsletter
electronically. Missouri in Motion was published four times a year in 2007-2008.
    Park University in Parkville hosted the joint 2007 Kansas-Missouri State Convention
April 22-23. More than 90 persons attended. AAUW leader Betty Bayless served as Missouri
state mentor and keynote speaker. AAUW Finance Vice President Linda Bors helped present
AAUW‘s proposed bylaws and structural changes. Kansas arranged presentations by EF
fellowship recipient Leisha DeHart Davis, University of Kansas, and LAF Plaintiff Ricky
Hirschorn. A 25th birthday celebration of LAF was featured, and presentations were given by
Ferguson-Florissant and Parkville, the first Peg Witt Branch Incentive Program grant
    Sixteen Missouri delegates attended the 2007 Association Convention in Phoenix June
29-July 2. Delegates adopted new bylaws streamlining the Association and EF boards into
one corporation. Shirley Breeze, Ferguson-Florissant branch and SWC Regional Director,
was reelected and chosen as one of two RDs to serve on the national board to help restructure
AAUW. Sue Barley, Ballwin-Chesterfield branch and State Treasurer, was honored as a
Founding Leader. Jan Scott, St. Louis branch, served on the Resolutions Committee. Grace
Butler, Columbia branch, was alternate on the Nominating Committee. Missouri had one of
five new branches formed (St. Joseph Area).
    Ballwin-Chesterfield branch won first place in the national Member-Get-a-Member
campaign (32 new members). They were fifth in the nation in total EF contributions and
ninth in total LAF contributions. Their Dollars for Scholars program was featured in the

Taste of Success at convention. Missouri won a state Platinum 21st Century Award. In
cumulative AAUW giving, Missouri was ninth in per capita and fifth in growth over the
previous year (GOPY). In LAF giving, Missouri was tenth in per capita and ninth in GOPY.
Missouri‘s EF giving was ninth per capita and seventh in GOPY. Missouri EF donations for
2006 reached $42,057 with 90 Century Club members; LAF donations totaled $8,962.
Missouri had 27 branches and 1,029 members with two student affiliate groups representing
nearly 20 student affiliates.
    The 2008 AAUW Missouri State Conference was held May 3, 2008, at the Rickman
Conference Center in Jefferson City, Mo. Organized by Julie Triplett, State Program VP,
with the theme ―Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn,‘‘ it featured a series of leadership
development DVDs created by AAUW, which extended to the 72 attendees the leadership
training offered in previous years to state presidents and EF chairs at the Conference of State
Leaders. Copies of the DVDs were also sent by AAUW-MO to all branch presidents.
Modules on EF and LAF as well as an introduction by Linda Hallman, AAUW Executive
Director, were used in breakout sessions. Speakers were Rose Marie Hopkins of the Missouri
Workforce Investment Board; Kerri McBee of Alliance for the Status of Missouri Women;
Jackie Littleton of Texas, AAUW Director at Large; and Shirley Breeze, Regional Director.
Peg Witt Branch Incentive Program award recipients for 2007-8 were recognized: Kansas
City, Lebanon, Parkville/Park University Student Affiliate Group, Raytown, St. Louis, and
Warrensburg. Resolutions were passed supporting affirmative action, ERA, and Social
Security fairness.
    The Missouri Woman of Distinction award was presented to Toni Thornton,
Independence branch. The Ballwin-Chesterfield and St. Charles branches received the
Galaxy special project award. Missouri Star Ten-star awards went to Ballwin-Chesterfield,
Creve Coeur, Kansas City, Maryville, and St. Charles; Nine-star awards to Independence and
Raytown; Eight-star award to Kirkwood-Webster Groves; Seven-star to Ferguson-Florissant.
    EF donations in 2007 totaled $35,567; LAF donations totaled $11,174. Membership as of
February 1, 2008, was 1205, which included 440 members-at-large. The total was down 13
from the previous year.
    Missouri won third place among states for total contribution growth over the previous
year, eighth in LAF per capita giving, and tenth in per capita total giving. The Warrensburg
branch won highest percentage of new members in the 2007-8 Phase One Challenge of the
Member-Get-A-Member campaign.
    The SWC Regional Conference was held at the Wyndham Hotel, Overland Park, Kans.,
June 13-14, 2008, organized by Shirley Breeze, SWC Regional Director. Jill Birdwhistell,
AAUW‘s Chief of Strategic Advancement, was keynote speaker.
    In July 2008, the new state board met at Washington University in St. Louis under the
leadership of President Marsha Koch, Kirkwood-Webster Groves branch. The board
reviewed its strategic plan for 2008-10. Missouri was awarded a $900 Public Policy Impact
Grant by AAUW for its ―Register! Learn! Vote!‖ initiative. A new branch was formed in
2008 by faculty members at Drury University in Springfield. The student affiliate groups at
Park University and UMKC continued.
    St Louis and Missouri began preparations for the 2009 National Association Convention
June 26-28 at the Renaissance Grand and Suites Hotel, St. Louis. The local arrangements
committee (Lynne Roney, Diane Ludwig, Pat Shores, and Julie Triplett) worked closely with
St. Louis IBC and with Association staff in site visits and conference calls. In March 2009,

the St. Louis IBC hosted a Convention Kick-Off Luncheon. Forty-eight Missouri members in
a first-time Local Sponsorships Initiative donated approximately $15,000 for the convention.
June 26-28, 2009, St. Louis welcomed more than 980 AAUW delegates and members to the
―Breaking Through Barriers‖ 2009 National Convention in a shorter three-day format.
AAUW President Ruth Sweetser presided along with EF President Barbara O'Connor. The
keynote speaker was Lilly Ledbetter. Bylaws changes were the focus as AAUW reorganized
into a 501(c)(3) entity, organizing more programs (including the former Educational
Foundation) under one umbrella as AAUW Funds and creating the AAUW Action Fund as
the 501(c)(4) entity for legislative work. Carolyn Garfein was elected as the new national
     The Missouri State Delegate Assembly was held on Sunday afternoon, June 28, 2009, at
the conclusion of the national convention. Marsha Koch presided, Julie Triplett was elected
President-elect, and Linda Berube was elected Program VP. All celebrated the hosting of a
very successful national convention.
     Ballwin-Chesterfield, Independence, Raytown, and St. Charles Branches received the
Galaxy special project award. Missouri Ten-Star Awards went to Ballwin-Chesterfield,
Independence, Creve Coeur, Raytown, St. Charles, and Kansas City. Ferguson-Florissant and
Kirkwood-Webster Groves received the Nine-Star Awards.
     Missouri EF donations in 2008 totaled $34,600; LAF donations totaled $10,253. Missouri
won third place among all states for per capita giving to the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund, fourth
in per capita Leadership Training Institute giving, sixth in LAF per capita giving, and ninth
in per capita total giving, up from tenth place the previous year.
     The AAUW Missouri State Leadership Conference, Breaking Through Barriers for
Women and Girls: Building Branch Leadership, was held Saturday, May 1, 2010, at the
Rickman Center at Jefferson City. Linda Tozier, member AAUW National Board of
Directors, was keynote speaker. She reported on AAUW's new Strategic Plan, gave
highlights of the new AAUW report on "Why So Few?," and outlined the process for the one
member-one vote.
     An AAUW Five-State conference was held June 11-12, 2010, in Little Rock, Arkansas,
in lieu of the former Southwest Central Regional Conference. Shirley Breeze made the
arrangements and presided. Carolyn Garfein, national president, was the keynote speaker for
the event. The ten breakout sessions included reviewing the by-laws changes voted on at the
National Convention in St. Louis; sex discrimination; a STEM project overview; ERA;
challenges to our democratic government; AAUW's new structure; and other relevant
topics. LAF Plaintiff Lauren Mancuso presented "Personal Perspectives on Title IX."
     The By-Laws passed at the National Convention in St. Louis changed the structure of
AAUW to eliminate regional directors and the regions.
     Missouri was awarded a Public Policy Grant to be used in a campaign to get out the vote
in November 2010.
     The 23rd Equity Day Brunch was held August 21, 2010, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in St.
Louis, to observe the 90th Anniversary of women getting the right to vote.
     The 25th Anniversary of the National Conference of College Women Students
(NCCWSL) was held June 3, 2010, at the University of Maryland, College Park. Nearly 500
students attended, including eight students from the University of Missouri-Columbia, six of
whom were members of the AAUW MU Student Affiliate.

    As of April 30, 2010, twelve institutions were listed as AAUW partner members.
Missouri had two AAUW Student Organizations. University of Missouri at Columbia had a
strong membership of 30-32 who organized and funded most of the cost for a successful $tart
$mart workshop in March.
    On April 10 at the Missouri National History Day the AAUW special awards were given
to Chelsea Henry from Neosho Middle School who was the winner for her performance
entitled ― Innovation In History: The Underground Railroad Passage to Freedom‖. Jessica
Taylor of Hannibal Middle School won for her exhibit entitled ―Innovation and Impact: The
Washing Machine.‖
    Dr. Jane Biers, Columbia Branch, received the 2010 Woman of Distinction Award at the
State Leadership Conference, May 1. Ellen Johnson was elected VP Membership and Carol
Davis McDonald was elected Treasurer.
    Contributions to EF from branches totaled $32, 847 in 2009.

                  Missouri State Past Presidents
            (In 1991 Missouri Division became Missouri State AAUW)

1921-1923      Dr. Mary Alice Parrish              Vandalia
1923-1925      Miss Ruth Fitzgerald                Warrensburg
1925-1928      Mrs. Philip Elliott                 Kansas City
1928-1931      Mrs. J.C. Mills, Jr.                Kirksville
1931-1933      Mrs. Dorothea B Hoover              Joplin
1933-1935      Mrs. Roy Coffee                     St. Louis
1935-1937      Mrs. Paul Paustian                  Columbia
1937-1939      Dr. Blanche Dow                     Maryville
1939-1941      Mrs. David Maxwell                  Fayette
1941-1943      Miss Lillian Stupp                  St Louis
1943-1945      Dr. Laura Nahm                      Warrensburg
1945-1947      Mrs. Theodore Knox                  St. Joseph
1947-1949      Mrs. D.T. Blake                     Salisbury
1949-1951      Dr. Alice Parker                    St. Charles
1951-1953      Miss Willie Whitson                 Kirksville
1953-1955      Miss Chloe Millikan                 Maryville
1955-1957      Dr. Mavis Holmes                    Cape Girardeau
1957-1959      Mrs. Josephine Seymour              Joplin
1959-1961      Mrs. Hortence Major                 Smithville
1961-1963      Mrs. Isabelle Schroder              Hannibal
1963-1965      Mrs. Peggy Chapman                  Chillicothe
1965-1967      Mrs. Randall Olmstead               Kansas City
1967-1969      Mrs. Dora Johnson                   Kansas City
1969-1971      Mrs. Ruth Oberhelman                Independence
1971-1973      Dr. Margaret Fagin Hartung          St. Louis
1973-1975      Mrs. Barbara Barnett                St. Charles
1975-1977      Mrs. Betty Cook Rottmann            Columbia
1977-1979      Ms. Ella Bettinger                  St. Louis
1979-1981      Ms. Shirley Breeze                  Ferguson-Florissant
1981-1983      Ms. Irma L. Dean                    Joplin
1983-1985      Ms. Natalie Tackett                 Jefferson City

     1985-1987      Dr. Elenore Schewe                    Vandalia
     1987-1989      Ms. Audrey Shafer                     Kansas City
     1989-1991      Ms. Jean Shull                        Kirkwood-Webster Groves
     1991-1993      Ms. Grace Butler                      Columbia
     1993-1995      Ms. Patt Braley                       Independence
     1995-1998      Ms. Ardy Pearson                      Kansas City
     1998-2000      Ms. Alyse Stoll                       Raytown
     2000-2002      Ms. Barbara L. Lackritz               Creve Coeur and
                                                             Kirkwood-Webster Groves
     2002-2004      Ms. Donna J. Medlin                   Springfield
     2004-2006      Dr. Annelle Weymuth                   Maryville
     2006-2008      Ms. Lynne Roney                       Kirkwood-Webster Groves
     2008-2010      Ms. Marsha Koch                       Kirkwood- Webster Groves

                    Missouri Woman of Distinction Award
The Missouri Woman of Distinction Award is given biennially to a woman who has promoted the
               mission and values of AAUW in her branch and community.

     1984           Barabara Lackritz                     Creve Coeur
     1986           Ella Bettinger                        St. Louis
     1988           Dr. Joyce Dana                        Richmond
     1990           Dr. Diane Brukhardt                   Columbia
                    Opal Calvert Eckert                   Maryville
     1992           Shirley Breeze                        Ferguson-Florissant
                    Betty Cook Rottmann                   Columbia
     1994           Kathy Dains                           Columbia
     1996           Grace Butler                          Columbia
     1998           Patt Braley                           Independence
                    Dr. Nancy Gerber                      Ferguson-Florissant
     2000           Shirley Garhart                       Creve Coeur
     2002           Alyse Stoll                           Raytown
     2004           Carol Davis McDonald                  Kirkwood-Webster Groves,
                                                             St. Louis
                    Ardy Pearson                          Kansas City
     2006           Jean Shull                            Kirkwood-Webster Groves
     2008           Toni Thornton                         Independence
     2010           Dr. Jane Biers                        Columbia

                        College-University Partner Members
Columbia College

Culver-Stockton College

Lindenwood University

Missouri Baptist University

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Park University

St. Louis Community College

St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Stephens College

University of Central Missouri (formerly Central Missouri State University)

University of Missouri Columbia

University of Missouri Kansas City

University of Missouri St. Louis

Washington University

Webster University

                     AAUW Student Organizations in Missouri

University of Missouri-Columbia

Park University

Stephens College

                        AAUW Missouri Branches

                             Andrew County Branch
                            (organized 1981, disbanded 1985)

                          Andrew County Branch Presidents
       1981-83       Louise P. Childers      1983-84      Janelle Berry

                            Atchison County Branch
                           (organized 1967, disbanded 1990-91)

                          Atchison County Branch Presidents
       1977-79       Marilyn Nixon             1979-81      Miriam St. Clair
       1981-83       Marilyn Nixon             1983-85      LoisAnn J. Park
       1985-87       Marilyn Nixon             1987-89      Karma Metzgar

                                   Aurora Branch
                            (organized 1973, disbanded 1991)
                               Aurora Branch Presidents
       1977-78       Micki Kirkham             1978-80           Debbie Chambers
       1980-82       Elaine Skogman            1982-84           Debbie K. Lee
       1984-86       Angela M. Bizek           1986-89           Alida VanderMeer
       1981-91       Margarey Young

                          Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch
                 (organized 1980, formerly Lafayette Area, renamed 1994)

                       Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch, 1980-95
                                  by Carolyn Pohebolle
The Lafayette Area AAUW began with 41 charter members meeting at the Junior
Achievement Building, Manchester, Mo., at 9:30 am on September 11, 1980. The time of the
meeting is significant, since prior to that, all St. Louis area branches met at night to
accommodate the schedules of the working members. The first president was Elizabeth
Hanna, who has been succeeded by Kay Baker, Louise Hartung, Nancy Crosby, Sue Barley,
Ruth Griffin, Cindy Graham, Marge Wright, and our current president, Linda Stark.
   During the first year, meetings were held in members‘ homes until the size of the
memberships necessitated a move to larger facilities. We moved first to Bonhomme
Presbyterian Church, and later to St. Martin‘s Episcopal Church. St. Martin‘s remained our

home until September 1994, when the group shifted to the Lord of Life Lutheran Church at
the corner of Baxter and Clarkson Roads, Chesterfield, Mo.
    From 1982 to 1990 our chapter sponsored ―Focus on Women,‖ an annual all day seminar
held on the regular March meeting date to raise funds for donations to the Educational Fund
for local and national scholarships. The ―Focus‖ program also served to enlist the support,
cooperation, and efforts of our members in serving on the various committees. In 1991 our
successor to ―Focus‖ became a new program called ―Dollars for Scholars.‖ Twenty
committees, each with a leader and four members, were responsible for an individual
program or activity that would raise funds for scholarships. We have found this program to
be effective, and it does not require the individual time that ―Focus on Women‖ did. For
several years we have donated prize moneys to the local science fair at Queeny Park to
encourage more young women to enter the science field. We increased our donation to $800
in 1995, stipulating only that the awards be presented to a girl.
    In 1995, we were awarded a ―Five Star‖ rating. Twelve of our charter members are still
active and two of them, Pat Secrest, Representative from the 93rd District, and Sue Barley,
Bylaws State Representative, hold prominent positions at the State level.
    At present, we have 92 members and the chapter continues to grow through the efforts of
Sue Vevang, our Membership Chairperson. We have a multitude of activities, interest
groups, volunteer groups (such as teaching illiterate adults, making collections for a home for
abused women), a literature group, gourmet, bridge, vital people (a group that studies the
lives of famous people), investment club, gardening etc. Most of our members are from the
West St. Louis County area so our Branch was changed to ―Ballwin-Chesterfield AAUW‖ in
October, 1994.

                      Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch, 1996-2010
                                       by Marcia Block
The Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch was founded in 1981 as the Lafayette Area Branch with 41
charter members and the plan to meet during the day. We have grown steadily over the years,
with 264 members in May, 2010. Branch meetings are held at Trinity Lutheran Church,
Chesterfield, on the second Thursday from September through April. In September, Branch
Board members host a complimentary Fall Welcome Brunch for the members and their
guests. In December a festive holiday auction raises funds to support Branch activities. The
May meeting is a celebration luncheon, currently held at an area country club. In July
members meet at a local park for a summer picnic. Throughout the year, members participate
in a variety of interest groups, currently including eight bridge groups, four book groups, two
Play Readers groups, Poetry, Movie, Expressions, Scrabble, Out-to-Lunch, Golf, and
Saturday Night Singles.
    Over the years, at each Branch meeting the Program Committee has been committed to
presenting topics that capture the interest of our members, while focusing on goals that
reflect the mission of AAUW. Diverse programs and speakers have spoken on topics related
to social justice, health care, economic well being, diversity, gender and educational equity,
human rights, international affairs, and public policy. Representative recent speakers and
topics follow:
       Beth Griffin                   ―Public Policy & Missouri‘s Children‖
       Dr. Jami Ake                   ―Sexual Harassment on Campus‖

       Edward Bishop                 ―Who‘s Delivering The News?‖
       Kathy Sokol, LAF Plaintiff   ―Kathy, Five Years Later‖
       Dr. Mark Rank                 ―Poverty & Inequality in America‖
       Dr. Lewis Wall                ―Treating the Cast-off Women of Nigeria‖
       Dr. Melissa Waters           ―Human Rights: A Report Card After 60 Years‖
    Supporting the AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund (Educational Foundation) and
local scholarships for mature women returning to college is an important part of Branch
efforts. Our successful program, Dollars for Scholars, raises scholarship funds through
member-sponsored activities. Through these efforts, monies are sent annually to EOF, and
scholarships are provided to women attending University of Missouri-St. Louis, Pierre
Laclede Honors College at UMSL, and Maryville University. In recent years we have been
able to contribute between $6,000 and $8,000 annually to AAUW and a like amount in local
scholarships, divided among several women. In January we invite these women to attend the
Branch meeting so we can hear their stories. In November the committee invites an AAUW
fellow to speak, if possible, and EOF conducts an annual Individual Giving campaign. In
2004 the Branch completed a Research and Project Grant in the amount of $35,000; in 2005
we began the Silver Anniversary Research and Project Grant, with a $75,000 goal by 2015.
As of June 2010, it is 80 percent complete. In addition, each October members participate in
an Eleanor Roosevelt Walk to raise money for the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund.
    Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch supports the Legal Advocacy Fund through education and
fundraising. The LAF committee educates members through articles in the newsletter and
presentations at Branch meetings. Each year, from 1997-2008, a raffle was held to benefit
LAF. In 2008 the committee decided to emphasize Individual Giving, setting a goal of $25 or
more from each member. February was designated as LAF Individual Giving month and
participation has increased each year. In 2009 LAF Ballwin-Chesterfield sponsored a
successful Trivia Night, which raised over $3000. The second Trivia Night, in April 2010,
raised nearly $4,900. For the last two years the committee has sponsored a book review
fundraiser, focusing on LAF issues, and Branch members paid $25 to attend. Each year
almost $1,000 was raised.
    Under the leadership of the Issues and Diversity Committee, between 1997 and 2005 a
series of Woman-to-Woman Dialogues on Social Justice were presented on topics such as
Women's Health, Economic Security, and Community Issues. Organizations such as
Coalition of One Hundred Black Women and National Council of Negro Women
cosponsored these events, and members from a wide range of metro women's groups
attended. All of the events emphasized AAUW priorities. From 2005 through 2009 the
Public Policy Committee organized public forums on such topics as Tabor, Stem Cell
Research, Immigration, and Financing Health Care. Eight metro organizations acted as
cosponsors and sent members to the half-day events, which featured physicians, professors,
attorneys and other experts in fields related to the topics. These forums were awarded 21st
Century and Galaxy awards. Along with other St. Louis area branches and the Tuesday
Women‘s Group of the Ethical Society, the Branch sponsors and participates in an annual
series of four lectures on international relations which are free and open to the public.
    An extensive newsletter, published ten times a year, includes articles from the co-
presidents and all major committees. Announcements of Branch, IBC, State and National
events are included, as are announcements of Dollars for Scholars events and interest group
meetings. In 2002 Joyce Katz became the first Chair of Technology. Ballwin-Chesterfield

began sending the newsletter by email and launched its first website www.aauwballwin- The website contains information and pictures from Branch meetings,
minutes, Branch activities, as well as State and National information. In 2010 Ballwin-
Chesterfield became the first Missouri branch on the national AAUW calendar.
     In addition to the Branch newsletter and website, Branch meetings and special events are
publicized in other media outlets. For many years the Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch sent
notices of the monthly meetings only to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and one other local
paper. Since 2005 we send press releases to 17 newspaper outlets, 10 radio stations, 4
television stations, 12 media websites and 4 organizations with similar missions.
     For over 15 years, Ballwin-Chesterfield has awarded cash prizes to girls at the Queeny
Park Science Fair. In 2009 the Branch received a $7,000 AAUW Community Action Grant.
In the EACH ONE TEACH ONE grant project, members tutored small groups of sixth and
seventh graders at Curtis Bishop Middle School (Wellston district) on science fair projects.
We helped sponsor a continuation of this project in 2010, contributing funds and workers.
Also in 2010 we continued our support of Wellston students and STEM by taking a group of
girls to the Expanding Your Horizons Conference at SLU. The Branch also participates in the
History Day project, providing judges and recognizing outstanding projects by girls.
     Ballwin-Chesterfield has been well represented by enthusiastic and sizable delegations to
all state, regional, and national meetings from 1997 to the present. Members have served as
officers and board members of IBC and of AAUW MO. Among those currently serving at
the state level are Sue Barley, 14 years on the state board, treasurer for the last six years, and
co-chair of Bylaws/Parliamentarian from 2010-12; Julia Triplett, LAF chair 2005-2007, VP
Program 2007-09, president elect 2009-10, president 2010; and Yvonne Morrison, 10 years
on the board, EF chair from 2003-09, and co-chair of Bylaws/Parliamentarian for 2010-
12. Also serving on the AAUW MO Board are Joyce Katz as Communications Chair, Pat
Shores as Administrative Assistant, Doris Nistler as co-chair of Education and Equity Funds,
Debbie McWard as co-chair of College/University Relations, and Kathy Childers for the
state directory.
     At the national level, Julia Triplett has served as Community Action Grants Panel Chair
from 2005 to 2010. Patricia Shores and Julia Triplett served as Local Arrangements
Committee chairs for the 2009 National Convention. Members served as committee chairs,
and many others volunteered to make the St. Louis National Convention a huge success!
Twelve members were also financial sponsors of the Convention. Sandra Camillo and Julia
Triplett have served on the AAUW Leadership Corps from 2009 to the present. Sue Barley
serves on the Breaking Through Barriers Major Gifts Campaign (2009-2011). Yvonne
Morrison serves on the AAUW Fundraising Committee.
     Since 2005, Ballwin-Chesterfield has placed in the top ten branches nationally in total
giving to AAUW and is among the top contributors in Missouri. The Branch is also
consistently the highest branch contributor in the state. From 1997 to 2000 we received the
Five Star Award. In 2001 we were awarded the Seven Star designation. From 2002 to the
present we have received the Ten Star designation, and the Galaxy Award from 2007 to the
present. In 2008 Julia Triplett received the Barbara Lackritz Award from IBC, and Pat Shores
received the same award in 2010.

          Ballwin-Chesterfield recipients of AAUW Missouri Named Gift Award
1997 Barbara Lackritz          2008    Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch, Yvonne Morrison
2005 Sue Barley                2009    Pat Shores, Julia Triplett
2007 Joyce Katz                2010    Sue Barley, Joyce Katz, Debbie McWard, Julie Triplett
                         Ballwin-Chesterfield Presidents (1980-2012)

1980-82     Elizabeth Hanna                  1982-84      Kay Baker
1984-86     Louise S. Hartung                1986-88      Nancy Crosby
1988-90     Susan Barley                     1990-92      Ruth Griffin
1992-93     Cynthia Graham                   1993-95      Margarey Wright
1995-96     Linda L. Stark                   1997-98      Marilyn Morton /Pam Trentadue
1998-       Harriett Hirschfeld/             2000-02      Ruth Griffin
2000        Yvonne Morrison
2000-03     Julia Triplett                   2002-04      Linda Tinker
2003-05     Rose Buck                        2004-06      Patricia Jennings
2005-07     Rosann Swaringim                 2006-08      Mersine Kallaos
2007-09     Pat Shores                       2008-10      Mary Jermak
2009-11     Bette Bude                       2010-12      Marcia Block

                                      Belton Branch
                             (organized 1959, disbanded 2007-08)

                                   Belton Branch, 1959-95
The Belton Branch of the American Association of University Women was organized
October 22, 1959, and received its charter April 7, 1960. There were 17 charter members. Of
these, two are still members: Geneva Adams and Mary Ellen Peavy.
    The first project of the Branch was to honor the senior girls with a tea. Ever since that
time senior girls have been honored in some significant way. In February, 1964, the branch
started its Girl of the Month Program. Nominations for the honor are made by the Belton
High School faculty using guidelines established by the branch. One senior girl was
recognized monthly October through May. The honoree and her mother were invited to a
branch meeting where the student is introduced along with a resumé of her activities and
plans for the future. She is presented an engraved plaque from the branch. An article and
picture are printed in the STAR-HERALD. A 30-year reunion was held in April, 1994, and it
was a thrill to hear past honorees tell of their success in such a variety of professions. By the
end of May 1995, 236 girls will have been recognized.

    Projects during the 1970s included a tutoring program for elementary students. The
branch was one of the sponsoring branches of the ―Who is Woman‖ workshop and ―Festival
of Missouri Women in the Arts.‖ The branch co-sponsored a cancer information program for
women. A sister branch project with the Kobe Branch of the Japanese Association of
University Women was begun in 1976.
    Since 1969, an Educational Award of $50 has been presented to a graduating high school
senior of a branch member upon the son or daughter‘s enrollment in higher education.
    The branch sent its first member to a National Convention in 1973. Fourteen members
participated in the Southwest Central Regional Conference in March 1974 in Kansas City. At
the 1975 Division Convention the branch received recognition for its 28 percent gain in
membership and was also recognized at the National Convention in Seattle in June 1975. The
branch partially funded a delegate to the AAUW Convention in Minneapolis in 1977. Five
members attended the Centennial Convention of AAUW in Boston 1981. The Missouri
Division Banner for that convention was designed and made by our branch member, Pat
    As a means of providing fund raising for the Educational Foundation Program in 1977
sweatshirts were silk screened with the AAUW logo and sold at various conferences and
conventions. Later we silk screened podium hangings. In 1985, the stitchery group completed
a handmade quilt, which was raffled to benefit EFP. The Belton Branch 20th Anniversary
Named Gift was given in 1981 and another given in 1985. The Christmas auctions began in
1975 and were our chief fund-raiser until 1992. Our current fund raisers are plant sales. Since
1990 we have been an EFP Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Honor Roll Member.
    During the 1980s, the branch was active in the Kansas City Interbranch Council, serving
as chairman and secretary for 1982-83. As a means of raising consciousness of the public to
the contributions of women we have actively encouraged Women‘s History Week in our
schools and communities. In 1984 the membership was very active in the 1984 voter
registration project with members participating over several months. From 1984-89 we
networked with other women‘s organizations in Belton to sponsor the November Belton
Community Blood Drive.
    There were three long-term study groups during the 1980s: Young Mothers, Stitchery,
and Book Club.
    The Belton and Harrisonville branches together sponsored a community Volunteer
Leadership Training (VOLT) workshop in 1989, and Belton repeated it in 1990.
    In an effort to educate ourselves and the community about the rising cost of health care,
the branch organized a town forum on the subject in March 1991. It was a debate-rebuttal
format with a representative from the health insurance industry, physicians, Canadian
socialized medicine, and a consumer advocacy group. No hospital representative would take
part in a debate-rebuttal format, although several were asked.
    Since 1990 the branch has given a $50 donation to support the Expanding Your Horizons
Conference for girls sponsored by UMKC and the Midwest Research Institute every October.
    In September, 1992, the Belton AAUW and Yeokum Middle School teachers presented
the AAUW theme and video, ―Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America,‖ to the school
PTSA. The following month the branch sponsored a community Meet the Candidates Night
in preparation for the upcoming election.
    From 1990-95 the branch has worked with Belton‘s middle schoolteachers to give girls
more attention and encourage them to excel in math and science. Belton AAUW members

located and scheduled speakers, sources, and demonstrations for career classes and all girls‘
clubs. Members also found individuals and businesses willing to participate in the Take Your
Daughter to Work Day. Scholarships have been provided for elementary girls who wished to
attend the SHARE summer science camp at Rockhurst College. An eighth grade Student
With Initiative Award was funded during 1993 and 1994.
    In our 35-year history, we have had many excellent speakers and programs, and have
attended many Kansas City area cultural events as a group. There has been a lot of warm
fellowship. In this difficult time for volunteer organizations, we hope those who are the
members of the future will be able to keep this organization a viable community force.
                                 Belton Branch Presidents
       1975-77        Vaunceil Bush                  1977-79        Lois Williams
       1979-81        Pat Thomas                     1981-83        Bessie Westerman
       1983-85        Roberta Sanderson              1985-87        Melanie Odom-Groh
       1987-89        Sondra Hijlehh-Palmer          1989-90        Carol Schneider
       1990-93        Bessie Westerman               1993-95        Connie Hubbard

                                   Bethany Branch
                            (organized 1976, disbanded 1985-86)

                                Bethany Branch Presidents
       1977-78        Diana K. Richardson            1978-80        Judith A. Slaughter
       1980-82        Diana K. Richardson            1982-84        Bettye Strade

                                Blue Springs Branch
                            (organized 1948, disbanded 1993-94)

                              Blue Springs Branch Presidents
       1977-81        Connie Kitchen                 1981-82        Eugenia Proctor
       1982-85        Connie Blintner                1985-89        Grace E. Wright
       1989-91        Janet V. Jones                 1991-93        Merle Ferris

                                   Boonville Branch
                                      (organized 1937)

                              Boonville Branch, 1975-95
           by Dorothy Oswald, Dorothy Harlan, Dorothy Cline, and Donna Myers
The Boonville Branch has continued to stay active through the years since 1975 with a
number of different activities and projects. In 1987, we celebrated our 50th anniversary.

    The group has worked and supported a variety of community projects. Some of these
included glass-recycling, formation of the Shelter Workshop, the American Field Service
Students, educational workshops during the Festival of the Arts, the Food Closet, the Girl
Scouts, and the Post Prom party. We have sponsored a local girl to the Missouri Girls State
for many years.
    In 1977, we started participating in the International Book Project where we collected
donated textbooks and mailed them to a number of countries who requested specific books
that were needed. We received a lot of interesting correspondence from these countries. This
project continued until 1987.
    Throughout the years we have supported projects sponsored by the state organization of
AAUW: Pause in Missouri, Show Me the Arts (a tour guide book), Show Me Missouri
Women, vols. I & II, and the ―Notable Note Cards of Missouri Women.‖
    Our first grant from the Educational Foundation was received in 1979. With this grant we
created an audio/video learning center for the Creative Child Care Center. When this center
closed, we moved all the material to the local library. In 1990 our second grant from the
Educational Foundation was received. This grant provided us with funds for our mentoring
program ―The Young Women Network‖, which was started in 1989. This project makes high
school girls aware of traditional and non-traditional careers available to them. This project
continues now with 2 informal meetings a year with speakers. The girls are also given the
opportunity to meet on a one-to-one basis with women in the career of their interest.
    Through the years, our branch has had a number of other activities. Some of these have
been members attending city and county government meetings and reporting to the group;
opening several meetings a year to the public which were of interest to the community;
making and displaying a large welcome banner during the years The Great American Race
traveled through Boonville; and the formation of an Investment Club in 1988, which is still
active. We also have a Creative Writers Group and a Book Study Group, both of which have
been active for several years. In 1988 we were the first organization to place our history files
in the Archives of the Friends of Historic Boonville.
    We have observed Women‘s History Month during March each year since 1991 by
having window displays, radio interviews, and displays at the local public library. Each year
since 1992 we have donated a book on women‘s history to our public library. Volume II of
Show Me Missouri Women was donated to three of the schools in 1995.
    In 1993, the Boonville Branch received a grant from the Missouri Humanities Council.
This grant provided a scholar-in-residence, Dr. Lee Ann Whites from Missouri University, to
conduct research on the history of women in Cooper County. She was aided by graduate
    Among all our activities, we have an annual Fun Night event, which we began in 1976.
As a fund raiser we hold an auction of white elephants, crafts, plants, and baked goods.
    We have found our membership stays at a strong number each year, providing a way to
make new friendships while maintaining old ones and to promote education and equity for
women and girls.

                             Boonville Branch, 1996-2010
         by Phyllis Reesman, Ada Gingrich, and Donna Myers, History Committee
The Boonville Branch is still active since our last addendum was written in 1996. We
celebrated our 70th anniversary in the year of 2007. We continue to support community
projects such as the Post Prom Party, Boonslick Heartland YMCA Partners with Youth
Campaign, and sending a local girl to Missouri Girls State. Our mentoring program, ―The
Young Women‘s Network,‖ which was started in 1989, was discontinued after the spring
meeting of 2001. This program held two meetings a year: one with a speaker and the other
with a panel of women from various careers. The girls were given the opportunity to meet
one on one with women in their career of interest. Changing times and declining interest of
the girls contributed to the decision to discontinue the project.
    The observation of Women‘s History Month began in 1992 and continues with a
donation of two books of historical significance about women to the Boonslick Regional
Library. In 1996, we started giving two awards annually during the month of March. One
award is given to an AAUW Woman of the Year and the other to a Boonville Community
                                  Women of the Year Awards
       _____YEAR             AAUW Member                      Community Winner______
             1996            Ann Betteridge                      Pat Jackson
             1997            Dorothy Harlan                      None Given
             1998            Donna Myers                         Willis Dillender
             1999            No Awards Given
             2000            Jo-Summers Rohr                       Patty Campbell
             2001            Mary McCush                           Judy Shields
             2002            Dorothy Oswald                        Ann Hartman
             2003            Margaret Hopkins                      Cecil Yeager
             2004            Ada Gingrich                          Marsha Gooden
             2005            Margaret Jackson                      Danielle Blanck
             2006            Maryellen McVicker                    Paula Shannon
             2007            Dorothy Cline-Denny                   Sarah Gallagher
             2008            Vicki McCarrell                       Theresa Hendrix
             2009            Phyllis Reesman                       Megan McGuire
             2010            Marybeth Conway                       Julie Thacher

    Our Branch has sponsored four one-time events in the recent years. The first one was
held January 31, 2003. It was an authentic 1940‘s Ladies Luncheon. It was held in
conjunction with the Smithsonian WWII Exhibit being hosted by the Friends of Historic
Boonville. The luncheon honored local women who served in WWII. Betty Cook Rottmann,
a WWII bride, was the featured speaker. On January 30, 2004, a luncheon was held to raise
funds to donate to the Hannah Cole Statute Fund. This event was a Historical Wedding Dress
Parade and Luncheon. Twenty three wedding dresses were modeled, as well as other
wedding attire. Our Branch was hostess to the State AAUW Conference in April 2005. A
Stem Cell Research Forum was held on October 29, 2005. This forum was organized to
provide information to the community about the Stem Cell Amendment, which was on the
November 2005 ballot. In the fall of 2008, our Branch started the ―One Read Program.‖ We

select a book to be read by our members and any interested persons in the community, with a
discussion of the book being held at our May meeting. This is an annual project. Our Branch
is planning a Civil War Luncheon to be held in March 2011 to coincide with the 2011 Civil
War Commemoration.
    In 2005, the decision was made to discontinue the Annual Fun Night fundraiser of an
auction of white elephants, crafts, plants, and baked goods. This fundraiser was replaced with
the Bakeless Bake Sale at the May meeting, starting in May 2005.
    During this period of time (1996-2010) we have honored four 50-year members: 1996-
Dorothy Harlan; 2003-Ada Gingrich; 2006-Dorothy Oswald; 2007-Dorothy Cline-Denny.
    We find the strength of our Branch is the quality of our programs. They are timely and
have substantive content. We strengthened our ties with AAUW National by sending two
delegates to the National Convention, which was held in St Louis, Missouri in June 2009. At
each meeting we inform our members of some aspect of the work that National AAUW is
doing. We have had a recent increase of interest in our Branch, which has made us optimistic
about the future of the Boonville Branch.
                              Boonville Branch Past Presidents
1977-79        Phyllis Reesman                      1979-1981      Donna Myers
1981-83        Dorothy Whitten                      1983-85        Joyce Schuster
1985-87        Sharron Toeliner                     1987-89        Adrienne Corley
1989-91        Mary Lynn Froeschle                  1991-95        Donna S. Myers
1995-97        Marilyn Gann                         1997-2001      Vanessa Dorman
2001-05        Maryellen McVicker                   2005-08        Vicki McCarrell
2008-10        Phyllis Reesman and Ada Gingrich

                                   Branson Branch
                             (organized 1963, disbanded 2004-05)

                               Branson Branch, 1963-95
                                     by Barbara Roeger
The Branson Branch of AAUW was organized in April 1963. Dr. Florence Boehmer, a
retired college educator, was most instrumental in organizing the Branch as she saw a need
for uniting the college educated women of this area. A few of the charter members still
belong to the Branch.
                                 Branson Charter Members
Mrs. E. Ted Hall              Mrs. James R. McGuffee               Dr. Florence Boehmer
Mrs. Sam S. Graham            Miss Belle Mosley                    Mrs. P.J. Condry
Mrs. Richard L. Hartley       Mrs. Royal H. Jurgenses              Mrs. John W. Taylor
Mrs. Paul B. Green            Mrs. T.J. Wertz                      Dr. Ruth I. Bass
Mrs. Gerald S. Beindiek       Mrs. Ben L. Barton                   Mrs. John E. Mizell
Mrs. Sidney R. Vise           Mrs. Lark Dixon Cowart               Miss Delores H. Sanford
Miss Catherine Hottenstein    Miss Marilyn Sue Smith               Mrs. E.D. Schreiber
Miss Lone Bruner              Mrs. Charles H. Jeffers              Mrs. Lloyd A. Durrel

Miss Lucille Smith            Mrs. William D. Anderson               Mrs. Clay Cantwell
Mrs. Gale L. Newman           Mrs. Glen Stottle
    From the beginning, the Branson Branch was committed to the education and cultural
interests for the community, especially those involving children and women. One of the goals
was to bring an annual cultural production to the children of this area. We have sponsored the
Children‘s Theater with as many as 2,000 children attending the performances. The
performers were from Southwest Missouri State University, College of the Ozarks, Wichita
State, and other children theater groups. The use of the Jones Auditorium at the College of
the Ozarks made these performances possible.
    One of the most satisfying projects is the giving of a local scholarship each year to a high
school senior or College of the Ozarks young woman based on promise and need. Our
Branch supports the national educational foundation grants to national and international
young women for higher education.
    The Branson Branch chartered and sponsored the Tri-Lakes Community Theater which
presents plays each year in this area. A poetry and prose contest for local elementary students
was a successful project for many years. The project was discontinued due to the lack of
workers and judges to serve this project.
    Cash contributions are made to libraries, drama departments, and other worthy causes.
The Branch sponsored a leadership training for volunteers, and for many years sponsored a
legislative ―Meet Your Candidate‖ forum. The Branch writers contributed articles to the
AAUW published books, Pause in Missouri and Show Me Missouri Women, Volume I. The
Branch hosted the State Convention and state officers.
    Contributions are now made to meet contemporary needs of the Women‘s Crisis Center,
Latch Key Program which provides care and food for working women‘s children before and
after school, and to the Christian Action Ministry, a food and provision center for those in
    To support these programs, the Branch raises money in many ways. An old favorite is a
silent auction and a ―not too silent auction.‖ It‘s especially fun bidding on unmarked wrapped
gift packages at Christmas time. Funds have been raised by cash contributions, book sales,
and from a small fee of 25-50 cents per ticket at the Children‘s Theater productions.
    It is a well-established fact that the Branch has some of the area‘s best cooks, and many
of their recipes appear in the Branch‘s 25th Anniversary Cookbook. Five hundred copies of
these cookbooks were sold.
    In 1994, a successful dinner theater party aboard a make-believe cruise ship in a
member‘s home high above Branson was a successful venture, providing funds for
scholarships and projects.
    In the spring of 1995, each member was given $10 ―seed‖ money to ―invest‖ in any
manner they desired. At the first fall meeting, all the projects were reported, and the seed
money plus profits was presented. This involved each member, was profitable, and fun!
    The Branch‘s study program usually follows a topic suggested by National‘s guidelines
or selected by the members. Our founding President, Dr. Florence Boehmen, reminded the
Branch that often the best qualified and best programs are from the members themselves.
Book reviews, book signings, and individual study groups have aided our programs. Our
members attend district and state meetings, and Janet Zabel was a member of the state board.
The Branch officers and chairwomen keep the members abreast of emerging educational,
cultural, community and political, as well as, women‘s issues.

    The Branson Branch meets on the fourth Monday evening of each month, September
through May. In the fall, as our year‘s kickoff, we give a membership tea or brunch. In the
past, we gave a membership tea for the College of the Ozarks graduating seniors.
    A Christmas party and cookie exchange in a member‘s Victorian home is an annual
highlight, as well as a May family picnic at a member‘s home on beautiful Table Rock Lake.
    The Branson Community has seen phenomenal growth and change in the Branch‘s 31-
year history. The Branch is strong and ready to support, encourage, and foster aspiring
women into the new century.
                               Branson Branch Presidents
1975-77       Dr. Delores Stanford          1977-79       Audrey Williams
1979-80       Carol Bingham                 1980-81       Mary Elizabeth Cox
1981-82       Ruth Green                    1982-83       Janet Zabel
1983-85       Elnora Sprague                1985-89       Betty Stafford
1989-91       Jean Wollery                  1991-93       Gail Davis
1993-95       Dr. Delores Stanford          1995-         Gail Davis

                                 Brookfield Branch
                           (organized 1959, disbanded 1996-97)

                             Brookfield Branch, 1959-95
The Brookfield, Missouri, Branch of the American Association of University Women was
organized May 19, 1959, with Mrs. Ray Wade presiding. Mrs. C. Mansur and two other
members of the Chillicothe Branch attended for the purpose of explaining and giving AAUW
information. Bylaws were adopted and a nominating committee appointed.
    At its second meeting in September 1959, Mrs. Genevieve Allen was elected president.
Other officers elected were Mrs. Kay Wade, Mrs. Delois Buswell, Mrs. Marcelle Green, Mrs.
Dorothy Winkles, Mrs. Mabel Lou Holman, Mrs. Bertha McCormick and Miss Helen
Leaphart. Thirty-five members were present. This increased to sixty in the next two years.
The current president is Mrs. Doris Marsh. Other officers are Mrs. Virginia Windels, Mrs.
Reba Wood, Mrs. Geraldine Yagel, Mrs. Mary Cunningham and Mrs. Dorothy Harrington.
Mrs. Virginia Windels has the distinction of being the only current member who joined the
Brookfield Branch the year it was organized.
    Through the past years the Brookfield Branch of AAUW has met monthly September
through May, not only as a social organization with a listening membership ready to be
informed in social and economic realms, but as a group of women willing to participate in
community activities by contributing time and talents when needed. Book reviews, panel
discussions, well-known speakers, skits and group discussions using AAUW topics of
interest have made up our programs. Outstanding among these was Mrs. John J. Gasparotti, a
novelist from Moberly, who uses the pen name of Elizabeth Seifert. She spoke on "The
Changing Image of Woman." A visit from Mrs. Oran Major, state president, was an
inspiration and highlight of February, 1960. She announced the Branch was the 59th to be
chartered in the state and 1,449th in the nation.

    For 37 years, the Brookfield Branch of AAUW has worked for equity for women,
education, and positive societal change. The Branch has donated to graduate fellowships to
advance women in higher education. Raising money for them through silent auctions and
cookbook sales has provided many fun times. A Fine Arts Study Group met for several years.
In 1989 the Brookfield Branch became a charter member of the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund for
Women and Girls: Intergenerational Partnerships.
    The Brookfield Branch of AAUW has had several activities that focused on support for
public education. It has sponsored poetry, essay and poster contests, which saluted "Women's
History Month" and has given books to the Brookfield and Meadville Schools and the
Brookfield Carnegie Library. It held "Holiday Teas" for high school seniors. To encourage
them to continue their education, a yearly scholarship has been awarded to a senior girl.
    To help promote community projects, the Branch sponsored a 1976 "Bicentennial Homes
Tour." Other bicentennial projects included a sale of used books, and a performance in a
program in cooperation with other civic organizations – "The Bicentennial Follies of 1976."
A "Heritage Homes Tour" for Brookfield's Quasquicentennial was held in 1984.
    We were honored to be named a Five-Star Branch in 1993-94. However, due to several
health problems and being a small organization, we have not met regularly in 1995-96. We
hope to regain and retain our Branch.
                      Brookfield Branch Past Presidents
       Mrs. Genevieve Allen                 Mrs. Viola McDonald
       Mrs. Marcelle Green                  Mrs. Doris Marsh
       Mrs. Ida Mae Wombwell                Miss Flossie Smith
       Mrs. Delorus Johnson                 Miss Lorraine Hurst
       Mrs. Martha Claire Williams          Mrs. Mary Cunningham
       Mrs. Edith Jacobi                    Mrs. Lucille Shepard
       Mrs. Reba Wood                       Mrs. Virginia Windels

                                  Cameron Branch
                           (organized 1958, disbanded ca. 1988)
                               Cameron Branch Presidents
       1976-78        Crystal Groom      1978-80      Virginia I. Taylor
       1980-82        Merle Reed         1982-85      Neola Pollard
       1985-87        Mary F. Sandy

                                   Canton Branch
                                     (organized 1963)

                                Canton Branch, 1976-95
Year          President              Members       Program/Project
1975-76       Brigitte Burger        37            Creativity
1976-77       Brigitte Burger        32            Culture and Education

1977-78        Audrey Calhoun         26             Politics of Food
1978-79        Audrey Calhoun         32             Education & The Future
1979-80        Audrey Calhoun         25             Women‘s Issues
1980-81        Audrey Calhoun         25             Families & Equity For Women
1981-82        Ruth Ayers             28             Money Talks
1982-83        Ruth Ayers             32             Money Talks/House Tour for local and
                                                     national scholarship
1983-84        Ruth Ayers             37             Support for public education
1984-85        Ruth Ayers             34             Support for public education/House
                                                     Tours for local/national scholarships
1985-86        Jean Sperry            40             Forum State Legislature Candidates
1986-87        Jean Sperry            32             Public Education/House Tour for local
                                                     and national scholarship
1987-88        Ruth Schryver          35             Voter Registration/Career Day
                                                     Conference/Women‘s History Essay
1988-89        Ruth Schryver          35             Women‘s History Essay
                                                     House Tour for local and national
1989-90        Lana Todd              33             Choices, Changes, Connections
1990-91        Lana Todd              31             House tour for local and national
1991-92        Sally Lillard          26             Memories, Diaries, Mementos
1992-93        Sally Lillard          22             House Tour and local and national
1993-94        Sally Lillard          19             School Bond Issue
1994-95        Sally Lillard          19             Garage Sale for local library renovation
1995-96        Jean Sperry            23             Coverlet Sale for local and national
                                                     scholarship and Voter Education

    The seventies were exciting, busy years for the members of AAUW in Canton. A new
kind of president took up the gavel of leadership in 1975. German-born Brigitte Burger
brought her own sense of style and educational verve to the Branch. ―Creativity‖ became the
theme for 1975-76, as programs ranged from ―What stimulates creativity‖ presented by Grant
Kenner, professor of sculpture at Culver-Stockton College, to a panel of local school officials
presenting Creative Solutions in Education.‖ During her following term, the chapter studied
comparisons between the American and German school systems, and the influence of the
United Nation and world pluralism on American schools.
    When ―BEST‖ (Basic Essential Skills Testing) came to Canton‘s public schools in a
flurry of controversy in 1978, AAUW assumed an advocacy role. Audrey Calhoun, the
Canton branch president, believed passionately in education. A workshop conducted by Beth
Kenney in Meader‘s lounge at Culver-Stockton, a panel discussion led by Carol Sandy on
rating levels of class performance, and a report by Ruth Schryver on the progress at Canton
R-V brought members and parents up to date on the significance of the program for the
future of students and community. The AAUW initiative resulted in a branch and community
meeting on what could be done to best support local schools.

    Educational views and values absorbed the meetings for 1979, the ‗International Year of
the Child.‘ Audrey Calhoun became Vice President for Programs on the Missouri State
Board of AAUW at the close of the year. The St. Louis statewide meeting attracted several
members who returned to Canton with a fresh impetus for programming in women‘s issues.
    Audrey Calhoun‘s agenda was always ambitious. She expected the best of members and
projected a ‗can do‘ attitude toward all her visions. Enthusiasm grew for the most
enterprising project Canton has ever undertaken. The Canton Branch would make a
substantial contribution to the Eleanor Roosevelt Fellowship. The Canton Branch would
embark on a money raising campaign to provide a scholarship grant for a deserving Canton
R-V woman student to attend Culver-Stockton College. The fundraising project selected was
a spring house and garden tour. It was an auspicious choice. The daffodils bloomed on
schedule, the sun burst through the clouds, and all of the tickets sold. The first grant recipient
was Shelly Ludwig in 1981.
    The ERA infused a new energy into the Canton Branch in 1981. The program book
proudly proclaimed, ―Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.‖ And
president Ruth Ayers started with the ―impossible.‖ She believed AAUW‘s purpose was to
help women achieve excellence through continuing education, community involvement, the
arts, and legislation. The program theme selected was ―Money Talks.‖
    Five more young women received grants during Ruth Ayers‘ years of leadership. The
Canton Branch celebrated its‘ twentieth anniversary on March 21, 1983. Sixteen of the
charter members were present. The program themes extended to ―Empowering Women,
Action for Equity, Title IX and what it means to us. It‘s a man‘s world – unless women
vote!‖ While many programs still centered on education, legislative and economic agendas
were not forgotten in the programming. Canton AAUW participated in the Pause in Missouri
project, a book which showcased prominent Missouri women. Ruth Schryver wrote the
Canton entry.
    Lana Todd‘s photographs and article on the scholarship house tour helped the AAUW
Missouri Bulletin win second place at the national conference in San Francisco in 1983.
    An active agenda dominated Jean Sperry‘s tenure in office as voter registration, support
of the legal advocacy fund, and rousing public support for physical education for girls in the
public schools came to the forefront. The first forum for state legislature candidates was held
and the Branch produced a float on ―Women‘s Right to Vote‖ for the Culver-Stockton
Homecoming parade. The house tour became a Christmas tour celebrating both Canton‘s
antebellum past and its progressive future. Dawn Franks and Katrina Jacobs were awarded
scholarships to Culver-Stockton.
    For years, Ruth Schryver had been conducting the AAUW‘s ―Women in History‖ contest
in her eighth grade composition class. She thought it was ―fun.‖ She loved helping the
students select a famous woman, do the research, and turn out a polished essay. And the
AAUW ‗ladies‘ made such an impression when they arrived in the class to present the
prizes! Her winners and their parents were always invited to an AAUW meeting to read their
essay to the members. When Ruth became president of AAUW, she wanted to find more
ways to further AAUW‘s education influence in the school and the community. She, Ruth
Ayers, and Jean Sperry had long planned a career day at the schools. Now a full-blown
―Career Day Conference‖ with ten speakers, displays, and refreshments found its way into
the Canton R-V yearly schedule.

    Ruth Schryver is a thorough, professional educator. Her first program as president was to
bring the state president to Canton to meet the members. ―I got that boost when Audrey
Calhoun took me to a conference. It charged me up for AAUW.‖ When AAUW offered a
VoLT (Volunteer Leadership Training) workshop in Kirksville, Ruth took a young AAUW
member along. Lana Todd, the next president, has never forgotten that experience.
    Lana started her presidency with the theme, ―Choices, Changes, and Connections,‖ to
emphasize how working together, setting goals, and taking a long-range view can accomplish
miracles. Her special project was to build a corps of Literacy Volunteers to work through the
local library. Now she had a lot of agenda expected of her – there was the career fair, the
Women‘s‘ History Month Essay contest, the candidates‘ forum, and the house tour to raise
money for the scholarship.
    Since its inception in 1963, the Canton branch of AAUW has worked to promote
education and to benefit the Canton community. Canton AAUW started 1993 with a pledge
to contribute $1000 to the renovation of the City of Canton‘s Public Library. With garage
sales, bake sales, and white elephant sales, that pledge reached completion in November of
1995. While these were discretionary funds for the library, the Women‘s History section will
have a small plaque acknowledging our contribution.
    Rather than the traditional house tour in 1996, the Branch sold coverlets bearing the
designs of several local sites and state emblems to provide the scholarship money for both
the Canton R-V grant and the Fellowship Fund. The success of this effort has encouraged the
Branch to double the Culver-Stockton award to $500 this year.
    Canton Branch co-sponsored two events on the Culver-Stockton campus in 1995, Paula
Casey, who spoke on significance of the nineteenth amendment, and Deborah Grohman, a
NGO representative at the Beijing Conference. National Federation of Women‘s Clubs and
the Culver-Stockton College ACE (Academic and Cultural Events) committee joined us in
presenting these events. Canton branch also had a float in the Culver-Stockton Homecoming
Parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.
    The Career Day Conference for Canton R-V Junior high school students has generated so
much enthusiasm in both school and community that it has been extended to senior high
school students. We have learned a little history ourselves from the Women‘s History Month
essay contest – not the least of which is that each generation views history differently.
    In addition to supporting school bond propositions, the Branch conducts voter
registration, holds forums for local and state candidates, and raises funds for city
improvement projects. The Historic Lincoln School renovation is another local cause Canton
Branch of AAUW has assisted with funding.
    Fifty seven percent of the membership is employed, and all are active in community
affairs, giving generously of their time and talents. Hooray for educated women!

                              Canton Branch, 1975-2010
                                      by Dr. Joy Daggs
As far as successful projects, we have done several State Representative Forums for
candidates for the First District that have been successful. This past fall we had almost 80
people in attendance. In the past, we have done other forums for our local school board that
have made a marked difference in the outcome of the election. In July 2007, we hosted the
AAUW-MO State Board meeting at Culver-Stockton College. We were pleased that the
Board appreciated the setting and hospitality.

                                Canton AAUW Officers

2000-2001                                2001-2002
President—Cindy Wiltshire                President—Cindy Wiltshire
VP/Program Chair—Jane Polett             VP/Program Chair—Jeanne Johnson
VP/Membership—Jean Sperry                VP/Membership—Jean Sperry
Finance—???                              Finance—Jane Polett
Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd                Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd
Public Policy—Patti Meldrum              Public Policy—Patti Meldrum
Communications—Carol Mathieson           Communications—Carol Mathieson
Educational Foundation—Hilda Campen      Educational Foundation—Mary Oatman
Historian—Mary Eunice McReynolds         Historian—Mary Eunice McReynolds
2002-2003                                2003-2004
President—Christine Walsh                President—Christine Walsh
VP/Program Chair—Jeanne Johnson          VP/Program Chair—Mary Carol Lindbloom
VP/Membership—Jean Sperry and Cindy      VP/Membership—Cindy Wiltshire and Jean
Wiltshire                                Sperry
Finance—Jane Polett                      Finance—Jane Polett
Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd                Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd
Public Policy—Cindy Wiltshire            Public Policy—Omaima Ebeid
Communications—Carol Mathieson           Communications—Carol Mathieson
Educational Foundation—Mary Oatman       LAF—Mary Oatman
Historian—Mary Eunice McReynolds         Historian—open
2004-2005                                2005-2006
President—Mary Carol Lindbloom           President—Mary Carol Lindbloom
VP/Program Chair—Patti Meldrum and Pat   VP/Program Chair—Patti Meldrum and Pat
Miller                                   Miller
VP/Membership—Jean Sperry and Cindy      VP/Membership—Jean Sperry and Cindy
Wiltshire                                Wiltshire
Finance—Jane Polett                      Finance—Jane Polett
Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd                Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd
Public Policy—Omaima Ebeid               Public Policy—Omaima Ebeid
Communications—Carol Mathieson           Communications—Carol Mathieson
Educational Foundation—Mary Oatman       Educational Foundation—Mary Oatman
Historian—none                           Historian—none
2006-2007                                2007-2008
President—Mary Carol Lindbloom           President—Jayme Long
VP/Program Chair—Patti Meldrum and Pat   VP/Program Chair—Patti Meldrum and Pat
Miller                                   Miller
VP/Membership—Jayme Long                 VP/Membership—Jean Sperry and Cindy
Finance—Jane Polett                      Wiltshire
Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd                Finance—Jane Polett
Public Policy—Molly Stanley              Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd
Communications—Carol Mathieson           Public Policy—Omaima Ebeid
Educational Foundation—Mary Oatman       Communications—Carol Mathieson
Historian—none                           Historian—none

2008-2009                                     2009-2010
President—Michelle Krassinger                 President—Joy Daggs
VP/Program Chair—Michelle Krassinger          VP/Program Chair—Lauren Schellenberger
VP/Membership—Erin Wessley                    VP/Membership—Sarah Crowther
Finance—Jane Polett                           Finance—Jane Polett
Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd                     Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd
Public Policy—Omaima Ebeid                    Public Policy—Omaima Ebeid
Communications—Carol Mathieson                Communications—Carol Mathieson
Historian—none                                Educational Foundation—Sherry Taylor
                                              Historian—Robin Jarvis
President—Joy Daggs
VP/Program Chair—Lauren Schellenberger
Finance—Robin Jarvis
Secretary—Mary Ellen Todd
Public Policy—Jane Polett
Communications—Carol Mathieson
Educational Foundation—none
Historian—D‘Ann Campbell

                              Cape Girardeau Branch
                                       (organized 1922)

                          Cape Girardeau Branch, 1976-95
Cape Girardeau Branch of the American Association of University Women was formed
November 6, 1922, through the efforts of Miss Roberta Newell, an instructor in the Teachers‘
College, (now Southeast Missouri State University). Twenty-four charter members hoped to
―unite the college women of the vicinity for work on the educational, civic, and social
problems of the community‖ and to cooperate with AAUW in its general work. Miss Myrtle
Knepper was temporary chairman, followed by Miss Regina Fraint as the first President.
Charter members were: Edith Marion Allen, Myra Amsden, Mrs. E.S. Boutin, Mrs. S.P.
Dalton, H. Marie Fraint, Regina J. Fraint, Kathleen Gillard, Mrs. Fred Groves, Mrs. B.C.
Hardesty, Beth M. Holloway, Jane D. Johns, Esther L. Knehans, Myrtle Knepper, Clare
Krueger, Roberta Newell, Mrs. W.P. Oliver, Florida P. Parsons, Anna A. Schneib, Mrs. E.R.
Spencer, Mrs. E.H. Thomas, Maude E. Thompson, G. Esther Vinson, and Ida M. Young.
    Through the years, the Cape Girardeau Branch has contributed to its community through
various service projects. The Branch sponsored the Trick or Treat drive for UNICEF from
1954 to 1971. During the school year 1967-68, the Branch presented marionette shows for
school children. In 1973 the Branch began its most ambitious project when it initiated the
movement that resulted in establishment of our local Voluntary Action Center. The Branch is
continuing its work with ―VAC‖ as well as sponsoring such ―special events‖ as a
Bicentennial dinner for the community at which two Cape Girardeau women were honored.
In addition, the Branch is working with Southeast Missouri State University, which after a 20

year hiatus, has resumed its corporate membership with the AAUW. With Southeast
Missouri University the Branch seeks to improve opportunities for young women graduates.
    Through the years, fewer and fewer college instructors have belonged to the Branch. This
is partly due, however, to their being able to be members at large. Since 1984, Cape
Girardeau has been represented on the state board as well as actively supporting LAF. During
1987 the Cape Branch sponsored a VOLT workshop.
    Of the current 15 members, six have served as president at least once. Current president
Joan Gones has been a member since 1973. The paramount objective of her tenure is to
sustain the Cape Girardeau Branch by increasing membership and public visibility. Despite
our struggle, membership has dwindled the past few years.
                               Cape Girardeau Branch Presidents
       1973-75        Miss Laura Koetting           1975-77       Miss Nancy Lyons
       1977-81        Miss Judith Ann Crow          1981-85       Mrs. Dorothy I. Lell
       1985-89        Mrs. Ethel E. Headrick        1989-91       Mrs. Avon Crocker
       1991-93        Dr. Frances Crowley           1993-         Ms. Joan Gones

                        Cape Girardeau Branch, 1996-2010
                                       by Joan Gones
The Cape Girardeau Branch president is Joan Gones, who has also served on the State Board
many times since 1986 and attended the Association Convention in St. Louis in 2009. Until
recent years, Joan attended the State conventions and conferences. Avon Crocker serves as
secretary/treasurer. Margaret (Peggy) Hill is the LAF/EF chair.
    The years 1996-2010 have seen the Cape Girardeau Branch continue to decrease in size.
Although our Branch has only a small membership and usually meets only two or three times
per year, we are committed to the aims and purposes of AAUW. The women in our Branch
have formed a special bond based on the belief that women and girls can achieve so much
more with the guidance and support AAUW fosters. We implement this belief every
opportunity we have through our positions as leaders in our community, as teachers, as
community volunteers, as active church members, and through our interactions with
friends and family. Because we are proud to be AAUW members, we will continue to be
members of our small Branch. A small branch can achieve more than no branch at all.

                                  Carthage Branch
                           (organized 1923, disbanded 1998-99)

                              Carthage Branch, 1976-96
The Carthage Branch of the American Association of University Women meets the first
Monday of each month (except June, July, August). The annual card party is held the last of
January. This is a benefit card party used to raise funds for the Educational Fund. The
purpose of the Educational Foundation is to increase the number of women attaining tenure
and promotion in the higher educational system and to improve the climate of higher
education for all women.

    The officers for 1994-95 are as follows: President, Eleanor Coffield; Recording
Secretary, Sally Crawford; Corresponding Secretary, Sally Crawford, Treasurer, Josephine
Seymour; Historian, Inez Hudson; Parliamentarian, Diane Ott.
    The various committees included Cultural Interests (Helen Hubbard, Ch.), International
Relations (Sally Crawford, Ch), Program (Eleanor Coffield, Ch), Scholarship (Sally
Crawford, Ch.), Public Relations (Eleanor Coffield, Ch.).
    The Carthage Branch of AAUW was founded in June 1926, when the Jasper County
AAUW (organized in 1923 with meetings alternating between Carthage and Joplin) split into
two separate groups. Mrs. Hallet was the first president and the original membership was 38
women. They have been active over the years in support of the purposes and mission of
    Over the years, meeting places have varied from homes of members to public meeting
places like churches or community buildings.
                              Carthage Branch Presidents
       1979-83       Myrl Dunphy           1983-85        Vicki Lundy
       1985-87       Diane Ott             1987-89        Julie Anderson
       1989-         Eleanor Coffield

                                Chillicothe Branch
                           (organized 1930, disbanded ca. 1991)
                              Chillicothe Branch Presidents
       1977-79       Ruth Seiberling       1979-81        Barbara Burton
       1981-83       Janet Hartline        1983-85        Deborah H. Lindley
       1985-87       Mary S. Turner        1987-89        Virginia B. Wall
       1989-90       Sarah L. Romeiser     1990-91        Patricia Botts

             Christian County Branch (Springfield Satellite)
                           (organized 1975, disbanded 1984-85)

                                   Clinton Branch
                        (organized 1963, disbanded after 1985-86)
                               Clinton Branch Presidents
        1977-79      Isabel Dunning                1979-83        Lois Kelsey
        1983-85      Wilma (Naomi) Sapp            1985-86        Sally Carter

                                  Columbia Branch
                                     (organized 1907)

                              Columbia Branch, 1976-95
                                   by Dr. Diane Brukardt
In the mid-1970s, AAUW note cards were adorned by a little girl sitting on a daisy with a
caption that read, "Only one who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible." Betty
Cook Rottmann, State AAUW President (1975-1977), used many of these cards as she had
just finished a term on the Association Board as National Study Topic Chair for Media
(1973-1975) and then stepped from Division President to become Southwest Central Vice
President from 1977-1979.
    Topics for Branch study included: "Women Searching for Self," "Dynamic Learning,"
"Issues in Communication," and "Global Interdependence." Members were interested in the
Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), higher education, individual rights, land reform, and the
United Nations. Columbia had 85-90 Branch members, most were in the 50-59 year decade,
and 50 per cent worked outside the home. In 1976, the Educational Foundation Program
(EFP) contribution was $169.84. Dinner was $4.00, and postage for an issue of the newsletter
sent to all members was $11.31. Fundraising included sale of AAUW calendars, ERA
aprons, garage sales, food bazaars, silent auctions, and member donations.
    Columbia member Peg Witt reported in September 1979 that Pause in Missouri, a book
about people, places, and things in Missouri, was at the printers. Written by AAUW members
throughout the state to raise money for EFP, each of the 5,000 copies sold for $6.95. The
Branch was credited with sales of over 1,500 books, thus contributing over $3,500 for this
project, and gave its first named gift of $500 to EFP in the name of Columbia Branch
AAUW. Profits from the sale were set aside to begin a loan fund on the state level named in
honor of Peg to provide seed money for future EFP projects.
    Branch programs were organized by member-appointed representatives in the areas of
Education, Cultural Interests, the Community, and International Relations. Topics for study
included "Managing Resources" and "Families Facing Change," while on the national level,
AAUW Association President Mary Grefe called for "Action for Equity Week" during March
of 1980. Ann Hendley, Engineering Student at MU, was the 50th Anniversary recipient of
the Eva Johnston Scholarship. Local dues increased by 75 cents, with total dues raised to $22
from $15. Several Columbia members attended the AAUW 100th anniversary celebration in
Boston, Massachusetts June 21-25, 1980.
    Columbia hosted a joint meeting of branches from Marshall, Fulton, Boonville, and
Eldon on January 28, 1983, with Congressman Harold Volkmer as speaker. This effort to
organize a Mid-Missouri Council of Branches to share resources and selected meetings was
successful for about three years.
    Several members reported on the International Federation of University Women (IFUW)
meeting in Groenigen, the Netherlands, in 1983. Sale of Pause in Missouri calendars was
added to the fundraising efforts. In November 1983 the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was
defeated. Members continued to support the annual spring Legislative Day in Jefferson City;
the June 12, 1983 Missouri Division Leadership Conference hosted by Columbia Branch at
Columbia College (the last such Missouri conference held on a college campus), and the June

Southwest Central Regional Conference in Wichita, Kansas. Betty Cook Rottmann was
nominated by the Branch for the first Missouri Division Woman of Distinction Award.
    Programs in 1984-85 included "Hands on Computers," "Needs of Latch Key Children,"
and "Taking Risks." Issues for study were Child Care and Pay Equity, because at this time a
white male median income was $20,870 and a comparable woman's income was only $8,600.
The AAUW Strategic Plan for 1985-1990 included membership retention, leadership
training, positioning women in policy making positions, career development, support of
cultural activities, expansion of educational opportunities, and development of necessary
    The theme for the 1985 Leadership Conference was "Image Scrimmage." Senator
Harriett Woods spoke on tools for Women in Politics. Member Carrie Franke, Assistant
Attorney General of Missouri, was a delegate to the World Conference at the United Nations
Decade for Women in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, and reported to the Branch in October of
1985. In March 1986 the Branch celebrated Women's History Month with a Reader's Theater,
Womenspeak, open to the public at the Columbia Public Library. Members attended the
Southwest Central Regional Conference at the Clarion Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, June 6-8,
1986, and also the Association Convention in Houston, Texas, in 1987 to see Association
President Sarah Harder in action and to bring back the news that John Freeman of South
Carolina had become the first male member of AAUW.
    A historical fashion show emphasizing society's view of women was organized with help
from Sandy Schubert of Columbia College in fall of 1987 as a successful fundraiser and to
celebrate Columbia Branch's 80th Birthday. Betty Cook Rottmann and Diane Brukardt
reported on the theme, "Promoting Individual Liberties," from the IFUW meeting in
Christchurch, New Zealand. Mary Omer was honored as a 50-year AAUW member with the
establishment of an Award to the Outstanding Senior Head Resident and Resident Student
Assistant at Stephens College where Mary was a long time counselor.
    Kathy Dains became leader of the AAUW Missouri Women's History Project to collect
biographies of outstanding Missouri women to be published as a book. She was chief editor
of Show Me Missouri Women: Selected Biographies, Volume I, published in 1989, and
written by statewide AAUW members and other professional writers. A total of 1,500 copies
were sold and netted the EFP over $7,500, nearly $1,000 credited to Columbia Branch.
    Members continued personal education with programs on Yugoslavia, Pakistan,
"Women's Work/Women's Worth," education, and plays such as ‗Hamlet‘ and ‗Chorus
Line.‘ Women's History Month, 1989, was highlighted with the smash hit ‗Hardship and
Hope,‘ a program prepared by Drs. Barbara Korner and Carla Waal to sing and portray the
stories of pioneer heroines from personal diaries. A monthly column in the Branch newsletter
written by Dorothy DuNard made members smile, while Legislative priorities were
immunizations for day care children, prohibition of smoking in areas, and restriction of All
Terrain Vehicles off public roads.
    A Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VoLT) was brought to the Branch by state
board members, Grace Butler, Kathy Dains, and Mary Jane Lang in February 1988. Branch
speakers included Missouri State Auditor Margaret Kelley, Stephens College President Patsy
Sampson, and Columbia School Board Superintendent Russell Thompson. Graduate Student,
Allan Losaba, enlightened the membership about political changes in his country of South
Africa. A slide preview of several women from Show Me Missouri Women, Selected
Biographies, Volume I, was held for Women's History Month.

     Active on the State Board of AAUW were: Grace Butler, Program Vice President; Mary
Jane Lang, State Treasurer; Diane Brukardt, Peg Witt Loan Fund Chair; and Kathy Dains
who continued as Women's History Project Chair. Diane Brukardt received the Woman of
Distinction Award at the State Leadership Conference in May 1990. Several members
attended the Southwest Regional Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June.
     Postage to send the Branch newsletter to all members increased to $38.50 per issue,
dinner meetings cost nearly $13, and EFP donations totaled $300. By 1990, dues were
$35.25, which included $26 to Association, $4 to State, and $5.25 for the Branch.
Fundraising included garage sales, a Valentine membership donation request letter, and
Memorials, which totaled $541.85. The Eva Johnston Scholarship was divided between Tina
Perri, dietetics, and Angela Story, nursing, students at MU, with each receiving $250. A $500
named gift was made to EFP in the name of Kathy Dains. Governor Ashcroft received a copy
of Show Me Missouri Women, Volume 1, when he signed the proclamation of Women's
History Month in Jefferson City.
     In July 1991, Grace Butler became President of the Missouri Division, which became
AAUW of Missouri. Elizabeth Bailey became editor of the State Bulletin during her
biennium. Peg Witt, President Butler's Administrative Secretary, assisted by faithful Branch
members, also prepared the State Bulletin for mailing each quarter.
     A Style Show with clothes from a local store provided $716.12 in the spring of 1991.
Member Greta Laykauf designed an award winning Three Kings Christmas card, and sales
netted $177.61. Jeanette Winfrey Clark hosted a tea to honor 50-year members Averil
Schenk and Merea Williams. Membership VP Valerie Goodin received a grant from
Association to create a Branch membership brochure. Grace Butler developed an ambitious
Statewide Round Table held in Columbia to discuss gender equity in the education of girls.
In-service workshops were held for Columbia teachers about Educational Equity, and the
video of the Round Table was featured at the May Branch meeting. The 1992 Eva Johnston
Scholarship was awarded to Amy Tatum, Stephens College.
     Fundraisers included a quilt auction and sale of Note-Able Missouri Women note cards
designed by Elizabeth Bailey and Kathy Dains. Two sets of the cards, each featuring six
historic Missouri women, were Columbia Branch projects funded by the Peg Witt Loan
Fund. The first set portrayed Susan Elizabeth Blow, Clara Cleghorn Hoffman, Mary Hancock
McLean, Helen Guthrie Miller, Mary Alicia Owen, and Laura Ingalls Wilder; and the second
set Emily Newell Blair, Phoebe Couzins, Annie Turnbo Malone, Rose O'Neill, Mary Easton
Sibley, and Leonor K. Sullivan.
     Columbia Branch hosted the winter Missouri State Board Meeting several times because
of its central location, and in February 1992 the location was Stephens College. Betty Cook
Rottmann received the AAUW of Missouri Woman of Distinction Award at the Leadership
Conference held at Rickman Center. Branch members Betty Cook Rottmann, Dorothy
Rodgers, Peg Witt, and Diane Brukardt attended the IFUW meeting at Stanford University,
Palo Alto, California, August 13-23, 1992.
     In the fall of 1992, focus groups formed in the areas of investments (Silver Dollar Club),
history (Blue Stockings), personal growth and discussion of the arts (Azure Salon), reading
(Reader's Group), and Birthday/hospitality Group. The Branch sponsored a live summary of
the Republican and Democratic Political Conventions on Columbia radio station KOPN.
Diversity training was the theme of a special State Board and program held October 1992 at
Rickman Center.

     Speakers about author Jane Austen presented the 1993 Women's History Month program
at the Columbia Public Library. The second volume of Show Me Missouri Women, Selected
Biographies was published in May, selling for $30 per copy, to raise money for Educational
Foundation (EF, formerly EFP) and to provide research materials for libraries. An
outstanding event in October 1993 was a book signing reception at the public library
featuring writers and women depicted in this second volume.
     The Branch had 103 members in 1993, and the September meeting was a Showcase to
introduce some of the members and their talents. Women's History Month program was
presented in 1994 in cooperation with the Missouri Press Women and featured three women
writers. A public policy focus group started with interest in Gender Equity, Freedom of
Choice, Health Care Reform, and Breast Cancer Research. Fundraisers featured book sales,
sale of Note-Able note cards, and sale of the AAUW 25 year pin.
     In 1994, a new Peg Witt Loan Fund project was directed by Columbia Branch. Kathy
Dains was named 1994 AAUW of Missouri Woman of Distinction. A named gift for Dr.
Alice Irene Fitzgerald was made to EF, and a $500 gift was made in honor of Frances
Maupin and Margaret Mier. Dues increased to $37 per year.
     On August 26, 1994, AAUW members joined other local women's groups to honor the
beginning of the yearlong celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage with a
parade from the County Courthouse to Columbia College. The Chicago Tribune carried a
pictorial story of Betty Cook Rottmann in the parade dressed as Amelia Bloomer. Columbia
Branch AAUW will be very evident in the final 75th Anniversary Parade, August 26, 1995,
where first-time voters will be honored.
     Columbia Branch has had several members serving on the Board: most recently Peg Witt
as State Secretary, Grace Butler as Public Policy Chair, and Elizabeth Bailey as Peg Witt
Loan Fund Chair. The two latter were recognized by the State with $500 named gifts to EF in
June 1995. The Association has known Columbia through the work of Betty Cook Rottmann
as Southwest Central VP, former Media Chair, and present Missouri liaison to the Virginia
Gildersleeve Fund of IFUW. The contributions of the Columbia Branch are significant on all
levels of AAUW.
                              Columbia Branch Presidents
       1976-77       Dr. Marjorie Roberts          1977-79       Jeanette Winfrey
       1979-80       Kathy Payne                   1980-81       Kathi Reid
       1981-83       Dr. Diane Brukardt            1983-85       Grace Butler
       1985-86       Jane Licklider                1986-87       Grace Butler
       1987-89       Dr. Sandra Scott              1989-91       Mary K. (Kathy) Dains
       1991-92       JoAnn Anderson                1992-93       Dr. Diane Brukardt
       1993-95       Ellen Dent                    1995-96       Karen Neylon

                            Columbia Branch, 1996-2010
                           by Grace Butler and Dr. Alice Reese
―Women and the Law‖ was the subject of the 1995 Women‘s History Month program
featuring three local attorneys: Ann Covington, Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice;
Nanette Laughrey, MU law professor; and Branch member Sandra Davidson Scott, MU
Assistant Professor of Journalism. One copy of Show Me Missouri Women, Volume II, was

placed in each school in Columbia. Members provided personal care items for 16 children
from the country of Georgia who were attending a diabetic camp in Columbia. The Branch
also continued with a program that asked members to bring personal items, e.g. shampoo,
soap, deodorant, to each meeting to be donated to The Shelter, a program and facility that
serves battered women and their children and survivors of sexual assault.
    AAUW Columbia Branch members Liz Bailey, Grace Butler, Ellen Dent, Mary
Kitterman, Mary Whobrey, and Peg Witt, visited the Governor‘s Mansion for a March 28
reception. At the June 1995 Association Convention in Orlando, Florida, the Columbia
Branch was recognized as one of eight Five-Star Branches in Missouri. The Branch was also
recognized at the State Conference in Kansas City as a Missouri Four-Star Branch in
membership, leadership, programming, and visibility. Columbia was one of 34 branches in
Missouri to receive a Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Star for their part in the $1,942.11
donation to LAF by the State of Missouri, which exceeded the 1994-95 goal.
    After ―Reviewing Our Past‖ at the September 1995 meeting, programs included learning
about theatrical costumes at Stephens College and hearing a report on the United Nations
Fourth World Conference on Women by Justine Craig, a Stephens student, who had attended
the conference in Beijing. Justine had received the Eva Johnston Scholarship in May. The
annual Christmas Tea was followed by meetings on health care in Japan and Russia,
investigative reporting, women in science, China, and a look into the 21st century, and the
information age. A garage sale in October had netted over $400 for the Educational
Foundation, and the next year 43 members wrapped 1,400 Christmas packages at the
Columbia Mall to raise $750 for current projects.
    At the January 1996 meeting, the speaker was Robert Muschany, Director of
Development at Missouri Girls Town. His talk resulted in members bringing gifts each year
to the annual Christmas Tea to be distributed among the girls. The Women‘s History Month
program, given by Dr. Shirley Jordan, a diversity specialist, was titled ―From the Unknown,
Unheard, Unsung to the Nobel Prize.‖
    On April 20, 1996, Columbia Branch hosted AAUW of Missouri‘s ―Growing Smarter,‖
their Spring Leadership Conference. Branch member Grace Butler was honored as a Woman
of Distinction for her ―outstanding service to AAUW, her chosen profession, women,
community, and society.‖ As newly-elected Director of the Southwest Central Region of
AAUW, Grace presided at their 36th conference in Springdale, Arkansas in July.
    Betty Cook Rottmann attended the International Federation of University Women
(IFUW) meeting in Graz, Austria, in August of 1998, and in October presented an interesting
and informative report to the Branch. For Women‘s History Month, members of the Monday
Evening Book Group revisited Show Me Missouri Women by personalizing a dozen of the
role models featured in the book. The meeting was held in conjunction with the Columbia
Public Library in their Friends Room. In April, cloning, transgenic and nuclear transfer were
topics presented by Dr. Randall Prather in the Animal Science Research Laboratory on the
MU campus.
    An innovative fundraiser, ―Tea and Taste: A Community Connection,‖ was launched in
October 1999 along with Altrusa Club of Columbia. Guests sampled delectable homemade
desserts, observed a cooking demonstration, and bid on silent auction items. Variations of the
―Tea and Taste‖ party were successfully repeated for several more years. A report issued in
1999 by the AAUW Educational Foundation, Gender Gap, presented evidence that there was
a widening gap between the technological education of boys and girls. The Branch conducted

a Tech Check in four Columbia Public Schools. Douglass High School, Hickman High
School, Rockbridge High School, and the Columbia Career Center were visited to collect
data on the computer environment for students in grades 10 through 12. Results showed that
overall about twice as many boys as girls were participating in the school‘s computer
    ―Women in Math and Science‖ was the subject at the dinner meeting in November.
Speakers were Meera Chandrasekhar, Director of Newton Summer Science Academy, and
Becky Litherland, Science Coordinator of Columbia Public Schools.
    A panel on Diversity was featured for Women‘s History Month 2000, and programs
entitled ―Uses of Radioactive Material at Universities‖ and ―What‘s Going on in Boone
County and Missouri in Alternative Resolution‖ ended a Four-Star year.
    Two members, Averil Schenk and Margaret Schaper, were awarded Honorary Life
Memberships for their 50 years of continuous membership in AAUW. Gifts of $500 each
were sent to the Educational Foundation (EF) to be designated as ―Named‖ gifts for both of
    Noted psychiatrist, Dr. Wayne Anderson, spoke on ―Trauma, Resiliency, and Recovery:
Lessons from the Children of Bosnia,‖ and for 2001 Women‘s History Month, Dr. Betsy
Garrett presented ―Women in Medicine at Mizzou: The Early Years, 1897-1910.‖
    Columbia Branch elected co-presidents for 2001-02: Liz Bailey and Grace Butler. They
both attended the national convention in Austin, Texas, along with Vice President Lucille
Mayer. Grace and Lucille also served on the Missouri State Board, and Lucille was awarded
the Betty Cook Rottmann Travelship to the IFUW conference in Ottawa, Canada.
    Programs for the year ranged from an update on Title IX by Sarah Reesman, to a
discussion of Provincetown artists and writers by Dr. Cheryl Black, plus the annual holiday
party gifts for Missouri Girls Town.
    Fundraisers included sponsoring an Eleanor Roosevelt Walk for EF, book sales at Branch
meetings for LAF, cards designed for ―phenomenal‖ members and friends, and ―Tea and
Taste‖ for the local Eva Johnston Scholarship.
    In September 2002, Dr. Jane Biers began an unprecedented five-year term as president of
the Columbia Branch. Meeting programs that year began with the AAUW Missouri Chair
Sue Barley explaining in detail facets of the Educational Foundation, and ended with Kathy
Sokol, plaintiff in a sexual harassment lawsuit. She spoke about the AAUW Legal Advocacy
Fund (LAF) and how it supports women in higher education who have filed sex
discrimination grievances.
    Branch members toured the Stephens College costume department following a talk on
―Costumes and Fashions through the Years‖ by member Patti Doyle, costume designer for
Stephens School of Performing Arts. They also met in October 2004 for an architectural tour
of the University of Missouri campus, given by Professor Osmund Overby, as a fundraiser.
    Donna Medlin, AAUW Missouri President, was a guest at the December Holiday Social
where Connie Schenk was honored as a new 50-year member. Women‘s History Month was
celebrated with Francie Wolff presenting a musical skit ―Their Cause is Marching On, The
Women‘s Suffragettes.‖
    In April 2003, the Branch voted to become a ―Partnership Friend‖ with fourth grade
classes at Eugene Field Elementary School. A kickoff and ribbon-cutting ceremony was held
in September at the school. This commitment entailed making available written resources at
fourth-grade level for student projects on Missouri women. Plans were to use both volumes

of Show Me Missouri Women as the basis for the biographies that would represent a variety
of achievements and backgrounds. After a chance meeting in the summer between freelance
writer Carlynn Trout and President Biers, Carlynn agreed to write the first ten biographies.
Laminated and placed in a colorful ring binder, the illustrated biographies were an immediate
success with the Field School teachers and students. Eventually, 20 more biographies were
written by Carlynn and produced by Mary Dahm at Dahm Design. Entitled Notable Women
of Missouri, the publication included Hannah Cole, Ann Hawkins Gentry, Rose O‘Neill,
Muriel Battle, and Linda Godwin.
    Two Richard S. Brownlee Grants from the State Historical Society of Missouri funded
the project, together with grants from the Columbia Public Schools Foundation, Women‘s
and Gender Studies, UMC, and the Ten-Ten Foundation. The Board also voted to use
proceeds from previously purchased Branch savings bonds. These bonds were intended to
preserve money raised in the 1940s when the Branch hoped to buy a clubhouse or building.
The combined funds made it possible to provide loose-leaf binders for the articles and place
them in all fourth grade classrooms and media centers in Columbia public elementary
schools, as well as making them available for a few schools in Springfield, Kansas City, and
St. Louis.
    A second component of the Partnership Friend agreement was to share experiences with
the fourth graders in an informal setting. This was accomplished in March 2004 when several
members participated in a ―Lunch and Learn‖ session at the school.
    Meeting programs emphasized diversity as members attended ―Columbia Celebrates
Diversity Breakfast‖ in January and heard Monica Naylor speak on ―Valuing Diversity‖ in
February. Women‘s History Month featured historic preservation in Columbia. Columbia
College Athletic Director Robert Burchard spoke on ―Women in Sports and Title IX‖ in
April, and ―Gender Equality in Africa‖ was the subject of the final meeting in 2004.
    Highlights of the Branch year 2004-05 included carpooling to Missouri Girls Town, east
of Kingdom City, to tour their excellent facilities, and the Holiday Tea in Windsor Lounge,
Stephens College, with President Wendy Libby speaking enthusiastically about needed
changes at Stephens. For Women‘s History Month, Carla Waal Johns presented a dramatic
reading, ―I Believe in Happiness,‖ in which she portrayed the life of Swedish actress Harriet
    Other meeting topics were on archaeological evidence for young women in early Greece;
Missouri‘s contribution to American music by ragtime advocate and Branch member Lucille
Salerno; and a reading of contemporary poetry by local poets.
    In 2005, the Branch arranged for Linda Godwin to participate in a videoconference with
the fourth grade classes at Field School. Students had spent a week studying NASA and were
prepared with questions for the astronaut, who talked to them from Houston, Texas. A wrap-
up of Notable Women: Part 2, given by Carlynn Trout and Mary Dahm, rounded out the
year. A Six-Star certificate was awarded by AAUW Missouri to the Columbia Branch for
outstanding achievements during the year.
    The September 2005 meeting brought Jefferson Junior High student Kate LaRose to
reprise her first place award-winning History Day performance on Martha Graham. Entitled
―Martha Graham: The Power of Communication through Dance,‖ the ten-minute monologue
and dance earned her a trip to the National History Day competition in Maryland.
    A variety of programs followed including a tour of the new Life Sciences building on the
MU campus and a program of music played on the dulcimer by Lynn Wosilait for the

Holiday Tea at Stephens College. For Women‘s History Month, a standing room only
audience in the Friends Room at the Columbia Public Library watched Stephens College
students in period dress give a rousing performance of the reader‘s play ―Reviving the Dead
Ladies: The Women‘s Rights Convention of 1850.‖ At the May dinner meeting, Missouri
Representative Judy Baker gave an in-depth review of the previous legislative session.
     Grace Butler was honored with Life Membership in AAUW for her 50 years as an active
member, and Becky Chapman, an upper classman from Columbia College, received the
Branch‘s $500 Eva Johnston Scholarship.
     Branch members focused on the mission of AAUW as they welcomed AAUW Missouri
President Lynne Roney and Southwest Central Regional Director Shirley Breeze to their
dinner meeting in September 2006. Carlynn Trout gave a mini presentation on Eva Johnston
who appears in Notable Women of Missouri. This publication, now complete with 30
biographies, has been distributed/sold to educators around the state and was featured at a
public school recognition banquet in October.
     In November, members went to West Boulevard Elementary School to hear Zona Burk‘s
talk on ―Stand By Me,‖ her successful mentoring program there. Women‘s History Month
was celebrated with ―Sisters Under the Skin: Women of Color in Antebellum Missouri,‖ a
talk by Dr. Kristin Zapalac. The May 2007 meeting concentrated on the Legal Advocacy
Fund (LAF), with readings of scripts by members describing some of the cases supported by
     The Branch continued its partnership with Eugene Field Elementary School and in May
its five-year commitment was honored at the Partners in Education Recognition Breakfast.
Field School fifth graders visited the Columbia Career Center as a result of a Branch program
given in April by Dr. Sheryl Tucker on ―Sharing the Magic of Chemistry.‖ They had the
opportunity to participate in one of the chemistry modules originated by Dr. Tucker. Branch
member Christine Roberson and colleague Rebecca Pisano organized the event.
     The contributions of the Branch are significant on all levels of AAUW. Since its
organization in 1907, several members have served at the national level of AAUW, and the
Branch has always worked with the Association to carry out its goals. They include
advancement of women‘s and girls‘ equal access to education, improvement of women‘s
economic welfare, and training the next generation of women leaders.
     AAUW Missouri, previously the Missouri Division, has had steady representation from
Columbia members serving in leadership positions. The Columbia Brach has also supplied
organizers and implementers for AAUW Missouri‘s Peg Witt projects and History Day in
     In Columbia, AAUW is known for its leadership efforts in the fields of educational
equity, legislative policy, support of and research in women‘s history and participation in
Women‘s History Month celebrations with the Columbia Public Library. The Branch has had
a working partnership with other organizations and Columbia Public Schools as well as the
University of Missouri, Stephens College, and Columbia College.
     In celebration of the Branch‘s 100th anniversary, Mayor Darwin Hindman proclaimed
August 20, 2007, the Columbia, Missouri Branch–American Association of University
Women Day. The One Hundred Year Birthday of the Columbia Branch was celebrated on
October 13, 2007, with an elaborate luncheon and a fashion show illustrating the changing
role of women over the past 100 years that was accompanied by a narrative of the Branch‘s
accomplishments by award-winning storyteller and Branch member Milbre Burch.

     ―Thank you, Miss Eva Johnston‖ is the way Columbia Tribune columnist Sue Gerard
started her November 19, 2007, column. Eva Johnston was a Latin teacher and the Branch‘s
first president. In deference to her contributions to education, we name our Branch
scholarship in her honor. February is Black History month. In celebration of diversity, the
Branch‘s February 2008 meeting was a tour of the Black Culture Center on the MU campus.
The topic for the April meeting was ―Stop Traffic Now: Human Trafficking, Sexual
Exploitation, and Local Relevance.‖
     A Branch retreat was held in the country at Grace Butler‘s house in September 2008 to
give members an opportunity to brainstorm and to construct a strong vision for the Branch in
light of changes in the national AAUW organization. In October, AAUW member Dr. Mary
Mosley presented a stimulating program, ―Are We Better Off Now? An Exploration of the
Erosion of Women‘s Rights in the Last Eight Years.‖ In September the Branch received an
unrestricted $3,000 donation from former member 91-year-old Jane Pfeiffer.
     In February 2009, the Branch hosted a panel discussion of ―Curriculums and Conflict in
American education.‖ In celebration of Women‘s History Month, the Branch joined the
Departments of Classics and Women‘s and Gender Studies at the University of Missouri to
honor Eva Johnston, founding member and first president of Columbia Branch, with an
exhibit at Ellis Library on the MU campus. Branch President Christine Roberson and
members Jane Biers, Grace Butler, and Holly Burgess attended the national AAUW
Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, in February. For the 20th year, on April 4th AAUW
presented women‘s history special prizes at the annual History Day competition on the MU
     In celebration of the passage of the 19th Amendment, AAUW cosponsored a showing of
Iron Jawed Angels at the Ragtag Cinema on July 19, 2009. The October program introduced
the membership to Mizzou ADVANCE, an effort to develop a more diverse senior faculty at
the University of Missouri by advancing women faculty in science, technology, engineering,
and mathematics. Dedrae Kelly received the Eva Johnston Scholarship for the second year to
pursue her studies in art history and psychology at MU. Student Affiliate Branches were
formed at MU and Stephens College and were immediately active, identifying and breaking
down barriers on their respective campuses in 2009. A fundraiser for the Educational
Foundation was a docent-led tour of the Museum of Art and Archaeology.
     A fundraising tour of member Dawn Pumphrey‘s new house designed by her daughter,
member Janet Groat,was held in January, 2010. Featuring ―Universal Design,‖ an
architectural, interior, and product design, the home is great for kids and makes living easier
for those with mobility challenges. On 13 March, the Branch sponsored the reception at the
Chancellor‘s Residence for the Women‘s Leadership Conference at the University of
Missouri. The AAUW MU Student Affiliate hosted $tart $mart, a workshop designed to
show women entering the workforce how to negotiate a fair salary and benefits. Member
Carlynn Trout posted the text of Notable Women of Missouri on the Branch‘s website. May
was a dinner meeting with Susan K. Scott of the Bonniebrook Historical Society giving a
presentation of the many facets of Rose O‘Neill.

                               Columbia Branch Officers

1996-1997                                  1997-1998
President: Karen Neylon                    President: Patricia Atwater
V-P Program: Susan Hartnagel               V-P Program: Susan Hartnagel
V-P Membership: Ruth White                 V-P Membership: Emily Towne
Recording Secretary: Karlan Seville        Recording Secretary: Erica Pickard
Corresponding Sec.: Mary Whobrey           Corresponding Sec.: Mary Whobrey
Treasurer: Diane Orton-Howard              Treasurer: Lucille Mayer
Assistant Treas.: Ellen Hogan              Assistant Treas.: Connie Schenk
1998-1999                                  1999-2000
President: Patricia Atwater                President: Mildred Prather
V-P Program: Mildred Prather               V-P Program: Kathleen Fishel
Co-V-P Membership: Elizabeth Bailey/Dian   V-P Membership: Elizabeth Bailey
Link                                       Secretary: June Allendorf
Recording Secretary: Erica Pickard         Treasurer: Dian Link
Treasurer: Lucille Mayer                   Assistant Treas.: Maribel Arango
Assistant Treas.: Dian Link
2000-2001                                  2001-2002
President: Mildred Prather-Garner          Co-Presidents: Elizabeth Bailey/Grace
V-P Program: Dr. Jane Biers                Butler
V-P Membership: Elizabeth Bailey           V-P Program: Lucille Mayer
Secretary: June Allendorf                  V-P Membership: Janet Groat
Treasurer: Dian Link                       Secretary: Lola Southall
                                           Treasurer: Mary Frances Kenney
                                           Assistant Treas.: Bernadine Ford
2002-2003                                  2003-2004
President: Dr. Jane Biers                  President: Dr. Jane Biers
Co-V-P Program: Dr. Betty Burchett/Grace   Co-V Program: Dr. Betty Burchett/Grace
Butler                                     Butler
V-P Membership: Janet Groat                V-P Membership: Ellen Flottman
Secretary: Lola Southall                   Secretary: Kathy Fishel
Treasurer: Elizabeth Bailey                Treasurer: Elizabeth Bailey
Assistant Treas.: Holly Burgess            Assistant Treas.: Holly Burgess
2004-2005                                  2005-2006
President: Dr. Jane Biers                  President: Dr. Jane Biers
Program coordinator: Dr. Jane Biers        V-P Program: Joy Underdown
V-P Membership: Ellen Flottman             V-P Membership: Dr. Ellen Flottman
Secretary: Kathy Fishel                    Secretary: Mary Lou Spradling
Treasurer: Holly Burgess                   Treasurer: Holly Burgess
Assistant Treas.:-Marianne Fues            Assistant Treas.: Marianne Fues

2006-2007                                      2007-2008
President: Dr. Jane Biers                      President: Christine Roberson
V-P Program: Joy Underdown                     V-P Program: Holly Burgess
V-P Membership: Ellen Flottman                 V-P Membership: Dr. Jane Biers
Secretary: Mary Lou Spradling                  Treasurer: Marianne Fues
Treasurer: Holly Burgess
Assistant Treas.: Marianne Fues
2008-2009                                      2009-2010
President: Christine Roberson                  President: Christine Roberson
V-P Program: Holly Burgess                     V-P Program: Holly Burgess
V-P Membership: Dr. Jane Biers                 V-P Membership: Dr. Jane Biers
Treasurer: Marianne Fues                       Secretary: Mary Sue Barnard
                                               Treasurer: Marianne Fues

                                Creve Coeur Branch
                                      (organized 1969)

                             Creve Coeur Branch, 1969-95
With the continual growth and development of West St. Louis County, Rosamond Musgrave
of Creve Coeur saw merit in organizing a suburban branch of AAUW. On September 30,
1969, she hosted the first organizational meeting with ten women in attendance.
    The first general meeting was held on November 4, 1969, at Maryville College. On May
5, 1970, with a charter membership of 68, the Creve Coeur Branch celebrated its recognition
by the Association and installed permanent officers: Rosamond Musgrave as President;
Lydia Brittle, First Vice-president; Margaret Wagner, Second Vice-president; Bobby
Hodgdon, Treasurer; Jean Allaire, Recording Secretary; and Mary Olsen, Corresponding
Secretary. As is true with many suburban branches, the membership has been in continual
flux. Generally, the membership totals about 80, with a decrease each summer (due to
moves) and growth during the fall and winter months. This growth is an asset in that new
members introduce new ideas and interests into the Branch.
    From the Branch‘s inception there have been numerous study groups reflecting the
diverse interests of membership. Such study groups include daytime and evening literature, a
current events and issues discussion group, gourmet cooking, bridge groups, and various
issues affecting education. There have been short-lived study groups focused on specific
timely issues.
    Program speakers at general meetings address subjects in their area of expertise. These
speakers have been writers, artists, university professors, teachers, public officials, travel
agents, estate planners, environmentalists, persons from the fields of medicine, law,
communications, physical fitness, and some with rare travel experience or simply unusual
specific skills. On occasion, our general meeting takes the form of a trip.
    In September, 1989, two of our Branch members, Terri Ciccolella and Jean Fornango,
began organizational work on a Branch project for the Issue ―Choices for Tomorrow‘s
Women.‖ A 1990-91 Research and Special Projects Short-Term Grant was received from

National to support this project. The Branch program was established in conjunction with a
local high school. Female students in their junior year who were seeking guidance on careers
in particular professions were matched up with women currently working in these
professional fields. The project was successful and continued for two years. Terri and Jean
made a presentation on this project at the Missouri State Convention in 1991.
    In August 1995, Branch member Jean Fornango was a member of the AAUW delegation
to the US/China Conference on Women‘s Issues and the NGO Forum ‘95 in Beijing, China.
                              Creve Coeur Branch Presidents
       1977-78        Anne Brown             1978-80        Barbara Lackritz
       1980-82        Alice Crippen          1982-84        Nancy Van Patten
       1984-86        Nancy Bennett          1986-88        Lydia Brittle
       1988-90        Dorothy White          1990-92        Alice Crippen
       1992-94        Lydia Brittle          1994-96        Susan Robb

                           Creve Coeur Branch, 1996-2010
                             by Rosamond Musgrave, Historian
In 1970, four Branch Presidents from the St. Louis area got together to discuss how we could
combine our Branch information and work together for the benefit of all in AAUW. The
women were the Presidents of the St. Louis Branch, the Ferguson-Florissant Branch, the St.
Charles Branch, and the Creve Coeur Branch. Rosamond Musgrave was President at that
time. This became the Inter-Branch Council of Greater St. Louis area. The Council was
organized to: 1) Recognize all Branches in the area through the sharing of general meetings
of special importance, the announcement of topics being studied in each Branch, and the
sharing of newsletters; 2) Share information from State, Regional, and National meetings;
and 3) Attempt consensus on state legislation and action of general concerns. Three members
from each Branch shall be on the Council and rotated from year to year. New officers are
elected for the Council each year. Rosamond Musgrave was the President of this group in
1971-1972. At that time, there were members from Creve Coeur Branch, Ferguson-Florissant
Branch, Jefferson County Branch, Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch, St. Charles Branch,
and St. Louis Branch. This group continues to operate today and has had many group
projects, dinners, speakers etc.
    Our Branch has been a co-sponsor since 1971 of the International Relations Group
Lecture Series with the Tuesday Women - Association of the Ethical Society in St. Louis.
The lecture series is on the second Tuesday of the months January through April. The
lectures are free and open to the public at the Ethical Society.
    We have had a number of members serve on the KETV-Channel 9 Viewers Advisory
    There have been four people from the Branch who have served on the AAUW State
Board. These are Rosamond Musgrave, Barbara Lackritz, Jean Fornango, and Debbie
    Through various fundraising efforts, we were able to give some local scholarships to
several girls attending one of the St. Louis area colleges. The person awarded the scholarship
was invited to speak at our May luncheons so everyone could meet her and find out her
interests and college study program.

    Program speakers at general meetings address subjects in their area of expertise. These
speakers have been writers, artists, university professors, teachers, public officials, travel
agents, estate planners, environmentalists, persons from the fields of medicine, law,
communications, physical fitness, and some with rare travel experience or simply unusual
specific skills. On occasion, our general meeting takes the form of a trip.
    In September 1998, two of our Branch members, Terri Ciccolella and Jean Fornango,
began organizational work on a Branch project for the issue ―Choices for Tomorrow‘s
Women‖. A 1990-1991 Research and Special Projects Short-Term Grant was received from
the National to support the project. The Branch program was established in conjunction with
a local high school. Female students in their junior year who were seeking guidance on
careers in particular professions were matched up with women currently working in these
professional fields. The project was successful and continued for two years. Terri and Jean
made a presentation on this project at the Missouri State Convention in 1991.
    In August 1995, Branch member Jean Fornango was a member of the AAUW delegation
to the US/China Conference on Women‘s Issues and the NGO Forum ‘95 in Beijing, China.
    In 1999, Shirl Garhart was awarded the highest honor given to a Missouri State AAUW
member, the Woman of Achievement award, in recognition of her active commitment on
women‘s issues.
    In 2001, the Association reformatted its Star Program and began the 21st Century
Recognition Program. Each Branch was asked to develop a project that met certain
Association criteria and, at the same time, would draw on its strengths and interests. Our
project, ―Girls, Women, Community, Technology,‖ was chaired for two years by Jayne
Kasten and received the Platinum Award (highest) its first year and the Gold Award the next
    In the spring of 2003, the Barbara Lackritz Award, a biannual award honoring women of
outstanding achievement, was established by the St. Louis Interbranch Council, and
presented to Barbara at the spring luncheon. Sadly, Barbara died shortly afterward, but the
hope is to perpetuate her spirit with the award.
    At the 2004 St. Louis Metro–Interbranch Council Spring Luncheon, Shirl Garhart was
awarded the Barbara Lackritz Award for her dedication and service to AAUW. She shared
the award with Shirley Breeze, Ferguson–Florissant Branch. Shirl has provided our Branch
very inspirational, energetic leadership. She has since moved to New Hampshire and is
missed by the Branch.
    A study of women‘s attitudes on mentoring, ―Mentor, or Me, Myself, and I‖, chaired by
Alberta Murstein, was carried out from 2003-2005. It was given a Gold Award in 2004 for
the concept of the project and a Platinum Award in 2005 for the project itself.
    The project, ―Celebrating the Growth of Women from the Civil War to Present Day,‖
received a Platinum Award in 2006. This was in celebration of the 135th birthday of AAUW
and the 85th birthday of the Missouri AAUW. It was a compilation of the thoughts and
growth of the members of the Creve Coeur Branch. The project was celebrated at a lunch
chaired by Alberta Murstein and Lois Scoville, and a local theater group gave a presentation
on the growth and accomplishments of women.
    A study of ―What You Need to Know about Identity Theft, Top Frauds, and Scams; The
Truth about Trusts and Avoiding Investment Scams and Frauds,‖ chaired by Alberta
Murstein, was carried out for the project in 2007 and received a Platinum Award.

    On September 14, 2009, the Creve Coeur Branch held an anniversary dinner meeting to
celebrate our 40 years of being a branch of AAUW. The first president of the Branch,
Rosamund Musgrave, gave a talk on the history of the Branch and what has evolved in that
time. Of the original 68 Charter Members, there are only two who have remained members
of this Branch, Rosamond Musgrave and Bobbe Hodgdon.
                             Creve Coeur Branch Presidents
       1995-97        Margaret Bracken              1997-98       Theresa P. Ciccolella
       1998-99        Mary B. Williams              1999-2000     Shirley R. Garhart
       2000-01        Mary Gaffey                   2001-02       Deborah McWard
       2002-03        Theresa P. Ciccolella         2003-04       Deborah McWard
       2004-05        Donna Eichman                 2005-06       Lois Scoville
       2006-07        Karen Cox                     2007-08       Nancy Logan
       2008-09        Donna Eichman                 2009-10       Joyce Schuetz
       2010-11        Deborah McWard

                             Dunklin County Branch
                           (organized 1952, disbanded 1985-86)
                                Dunklin County Presidents
       1977-79        Jo Nell Griffin         1979-81      Mary Ray
       1981-83        Barbara Clark           1983-85      Grace Bradley

                                    Eldon Branch
                             (organized 1947, disbanded 1995)

                                Eldon Branch, 1947-95
                 by Rose Rice, President, and Bertha D. Harris, Secretary
The Eldon, Missouri, Branch of the American Association of University Women was
organized on February 3, 1947, at the home of Mrs. Roscoe (Ruby) Brown. Miss Irene
Fitzgerald (now Dr. Fitzgerald retired from Missouri University, Columbia) was elected first
president, with Mrs. Brown as vice president. Mrs. Helen Klingenberg was treasurer and
Mrs. William Toole was secretary. At the first meeting, there were 22 National members and
ten Associate members.
    One goal of the Branch was to establish a fund of $500 for an endowment of an Eldon
Study International Grant. The goal was reached in 1952, and the grant given to Dr.
Duangmenenez Jotikasathers, Thailand, who did graduate work in pediatrics at Washington
University. While in Missouri she visited the Branch as guest speaker. With her were three
other doctors from Thailand, one of whom had recommended her for the grant. A second
goal to establish another grant was finished later and named Eldon Grant II. There were
many various ways of raising money for these grants: fashion shows, children‘s theater,

talent shows, book fairs, recitals, food sales, and auctions. In varied programs the Branch
invited national and state officers to speak at different times.
    Former members serving on state and national boards or committees are Dr. Irene
Fitzgerald, state treasurer; First Vice President; Mrs. Lenah Mills (now dedisbanded),
member of Credentials Committee at National Convention, Kansas City; Mrs. Helen James
(now dedisbanded), Division Implementation Chairperson, Occident and Orient, Member
State Board; and Mrs. Ruby Brown (now dedisbanded) Parliamentarian for two years, State
Convention Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
                                 Eldon Branch Presidents
       Dr. Irene Fitzgerald          Mrs. Ruby Brown               Mrs. Ruth Jones
       Mrs. Ruth Lupardus            Mrs. Cleora Coopers           Mrs. Theresa Schick
       Mrs. Lenah Mills              Mrs. Helen James              Mrs. Loraine Dowler
       Mrs. Rose Rice                Miss Neva Collier             Miss Marjorie Roberts
       Mrs. Carol Cummings           Mrs. Kay Sparks               Mrs. Anna Mae Kobbe
       Mrs. Juanita Stillwell        Mrs. Mary Jane McEntire       Mrs. Vivian DeGraffenreid
       Mrs. Shirley Phillips         Miss Charlotte George         Mrs. Colleen Washburn
       Ms. Ann Ferguson

    In the early years, most Branch meetings were dinner meetings at either the First
Christian Church or the Eldon Methodist Church. Home meetings were also held. In the last
few years, Branch members have met at several of the local cafes for dinner meetings and
programs, and have also had several of the meetings at the Oak Street Church of Christ in
Eldon. In previous years AAUW booklets showing Branch officers, past presidents, program
committees, standing rules, award policy, list of charter members, and names of all members
were given to the members. In the past few years, every member receives a list of all
members, their addresses, telephone numbers and their AAUW ID numbers. Branch
programs have included such topics as ―Law and Citizen,‖ ―Testing Values in Education,‖
―Water and Air Pollution,―Black Studies,‖ ―The Constitution—Congress and Yourself,‖
―Legal Aspects of Women in Society,‖ ―Papua New Guinea,‖ ―The Magic of a 1-Inch
Square,‖ ―Unsung Heroine,‖ and many more. ―Short Changing Girls‖ was a topic discussed
at most meetings.
    On February 2, 1991, the Branch honored four active charter members for 44 years of
faithful service to the Branch. They were Pauline Adcock, Cleora Cooper, Lenah Mills, and
Alice Vernon. Since that meeting Cleora Cooper passed away on October 11, 1991, and
Lenah Mills passed away on August 15, 1992. At the February 2, 1991, meeting we were
pleased to have Dr. Irene Fitzgerald present, who was also a charter member.
    In 1991, the Branch began to honor two outstanding students in the Eldon High School
for excelling in math and science. In February, we honored the freshmen, in March, the
sophomores, in April, the juniors, and in May, the seniors. Each student was awarded a pin
and Certificate of Honor. These students were:
        Freshmen: Angie Hayes in math and Justin Rains in science
        Sophomores: Sheryl Eth in math and Renee Pope in science
        Juniors: Craig Atterberry in math and Connie McDevitt in science
        Seniors: Nicole Henley in math and Darin Bond in science

Also honored in March 1991, as Woman of the Month was Freda Walker Weeks (93 years of
age) of Eldon. In May, 1991, the Branch participated with a local grocery store in the
program ―Coupons for Kids.‖ For years, the Branch sponsored a Queen Candidate for the
Miller County Fair in Eldon.
    In May 1992, Mrs. Hedwig (Hettie) Holtmeyer of St. Anthony, Missouri, received special
recognition and honor as part of Women‘s History Month. She is the mother of 12 children;
eight of her sons and both sons-in-law have served in the armed forces for a total of 52 years
of service. In 1992, the Branch received from the estate of Michal Flottman, who was a
member of the Eldon Branch for years until the date of her death, the sum of $1000 for the
Educational Foundation Fund.
    In 1992, the policy of honoring students excelling in math and science was changed to
include two seniors from the five Miller County High Schools. These students were Tina
Kemna, math, and Angie Otto, science, from St. Elizabeth High School; Becky Skidds, math,
and Shelba Goodwin, science, from Iberia High School; Craig Atterberry, math, and Connie
McDevitt, science, from Eldon High School; Michael Paul Humphreys, math and science,
from Tuscumbia High School; and Paul Brooks, math, and Tom Hermann, science, from
School of the Osage, Lake Ozark.
    An interesting program on ―Beautiful Wild New Zealand‖ was presented on October 3,
1992, by member Bertha Harris and her husband Fred. They reviewed the visit to their home
of a relative from New Zealand whom they had located through genealogical research.
    On February 6, 1993, Father James O‘Sullivan, pastor of the Sacred Heath Catholic
Church, Eldon, shared with the Branch members his recent trips to the Balkans. This was our
geography lesson on Yugoslavia and that part of the country. In March, 1993, the Branch
honored Mary Lee Cochran, Superintendent of the St. Elizabeth Schools, as part of Women‘s
History Month. An educational program on home economics was presented in April, 1993,
by Linda Simons, one of the Eldon High School Vocational Home Economics Teachers.
    To close out the 1993 year, the following seniors were honored for excelling in math and
science: Angie Miller, math, and Susan Renee Pope, science, from Eldon High School;
Wendy Baker, math, and Melinda Williams, science, from Iberia High School; Brenda
Heckemeyer and Teresa Wilson, math and science, from St. Elizabeth High School; and
Laura Barnhart and Amy Dinkins, math and science, from Tuscumbia High School.

               El Dorado Springs Branch (Nevada Satellite)
                             (organized 1977, disbanded 1985)
                               El Dorado Springs Presidents
       1977-79                Kay Sewell (El Dorado Springs), Nellie M. Homes (Satellite)
       1979-81                Linda Clifford
       1981-83                Ursula Fuller
       1983-85                Winnie Clark

In 1985 the Branch combined with the Nevada Branch (See p. 97)

                             Excelsior Springs Branch
         (organized in 1980, renamed Northern Clay County Branch in 1994)
                         See Northern Clay County Branch p. 103

                                    Fayette Branch
                            (organized 1929, disbanded 2000-01)

                                Fayette Branch, 1975-95
                                     by Nancy Anderson
The Fayette Branch of AAUW has undergone some interesting changes during the past
twenty years. Our membership has fluctuated from as many as 70 in the 1960s to a current
paid membership of about 15. It encompasses an eclectic group of women, with a wide range
of interests and talents. Because we are relatively small, our organization now follows less
formal meeting procedures than in the years before 1975. Most of our meetings are casual
gatherings, held in members‘ homes. However, each year we sponsor at least one meeting
that is open to the public, dealing with various issues of interest to the community.
    Since 1975 we have tried a number of different projects to help enhance our experiences
in AAUW and to benefit people in the Fayette area. In cooperation with our local library,
AAUW instituted a dial-a-story program in the mid-1970s, and it lasted for about ten years.
Our Branch continues to support two local projects, which our members feel are important to
our community.
    What began as sponsorship of the government-funded ―Reading is Fundamental‖
program, has evolved into an independently funded project, which annually provides a gift
book to each student at the elementary school in our community. This year AAUW presented
381 books to the students, who look forward to our arrival at the school each spring. Over the
years, funds for this have been raised through bake sales and community service projects,
such as serving ice cream socials for the annual Missouri East and West Conferences of
United Methodist Church.
    Each year we award a scholarship to help defray textbook expenses for a senior woman
studying at Central Methodist College in Fayette. Several years ago this scholarship was
formally renamed the AAUW/Sarah Royall Memorial Scholarship, as a posthumous tribute
to a long-time member of AAUW.
    In December 1993, our Branch hosted a community wide 98th birthday celebration for
AAUW Charter Member Miss Eulalie Pape, who reached her centenary birthday in
December 1995.
    Even though the Fayette Branch of AAUW is small, we strive to organize programs that
broaden our horizons, and keep us abreast of current issues and trends. Our goal is to increase
our membership, so that more women in the Fayette area community can share the
experience of AAUW comradeship and cooperation.

                                Fayette Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Ilene M. House        1979-81        Ruth Spayde
       1981-83        Nancy Anderson        1983-84        Sarah Royall
       1985-86        Tamara Howell         1986-89        Brenda LaFolette
       1989-91        Kathryn Baylor        1991-93        Patricia Hilgedick
       1993-95        Brenda LaFolette      1995-96        Nancy Anderson

                          Ferguson-Florissant Branch
                                     (organized 1963)

                       Ferguson-Florissant Branch, 1963-75
Ferguson-Florissant Branch of AAUW, organized in the fall of 1963 and granted its charter
in January 1964, considers itself 32 years old in 1995. In December 1993, at an afternoon
Christmas party, members and guests celebrated the 30 year anniversary. Members with
twenty years or more of AAUW membership were presented with flowers. One member,
Helen Finn, would complete fifty years of membership in January 1994.
    In December 1983, at a Christmas open house, the Branch had celebrated twenty years.
Among those present as honored guests were charter members of the Branch: Lillian Carter
Allanson, Geraldine Burdett, Dorcas Buschmiller, Helen Finn, Jeanne Haddenhorst, Phyllis
Giordano, Evelyne Ochterbeck and Jeannette Robertson were all still Branch members. Other
charter members present, no longer Branch members, were Elise Deddens, Colleen
Kerstetter, Paula McCall, Rose Musgrave, Betty Rand and Marion Wilson.
    A succession of very able women have served as presidents of the Ferguson-Florissant
Branch. Since 1976, presidents have been: Velja Lacy (1975-77), Toni Garrett (l977-79),
Anita Meuller (1979-81), Dorohty Stade (1981-83), Mary Lou Krueger (1983-85), Eloise
Rose (1985-87), Barbara Chappelle (1987-89), Nancy Gerber (1989-91), Lillian Boly (1991-
93 & Dec. 1993-95), and Anne Leners (Jul.-Dec. 1993). They had been preceded by Jannette
Robertson, Betty Rands, Lois Beaubien, Rosemary Hopkins, Prudie Sander, Margie Potts,
Helen Finn, and Shirley Breeze.
    In 1976, the Branch membership was 113. Since then, with the increases in dues,
members moving to other areas, and more women working outside their homes, membership
declined to 38 in 1994-95. However, those who remain are dedicated to AAUW goals and
principles. Most have served as Branch officers, committee chairs, and committee members,
and have participated in area, state, and national AAUW meetings.
    Branch meetings through the years have been held in several places. For several years
meetings were at St. Stephen Episcopal Church in Ferguson, then in St. Andrew‘s Methodist
Church in Florissant, followed by First Methodist Church in Ferguson. In the fall of 1995,
meetings will be held on the campus of the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Meetings of
study groups are ordinarily held in group members‘ homes.
    A number of Ferguson-Florissant members have served on the Missouri AAUW Board.
Shirley Breeze was state treasurer in 1976-78, president-elect in 1978, president in 1979-81,
and parliamentarian for 1988-89. When Shirley was president her administrative assistant
was Mary Lou Shanks, bulletin editors were Marcia Whitson (1979-80) and Velja Lacey
(1980-81), and bulletin circulation manager was Toni Garrett. In 1979 Helen Finn was a

member of the state nominating committee. In 1979-81 Dorothy Stade served on the AAUW
Topic Committee on ―Managing Resources for Tomorrow.‖ Jeannette Robertson was state
publicity chair in 1977-79 and was also a member of the AAUW Educational Foundation
Board in 1981. Betty Hopson served as state Bylaws Chair in 1989-90. From 1992-95 Nancy
Gerber was Environmental Issues Chair. From 1993-95, Lillian Boly was Cultural Interests
    The St. Louis area AAUW Interbranch Council, a coalition of all the AAUW branches in
the St. Louis area, has been chaired by Velja Lacey (1978-80), Toni Garrett (1982-84),
Marcia Whitson (1974-75), and Nancy Gerber (1990-91). Shirley Breeze was secretary-
treasurer in 1976-77, and Velja Lacey served in that position in 1977-78. Elaine Simpson was
treasurer for 1990-94 and Mary Rice was secretary in 1992-94.
    Since 1976 several study groups have been formed by members of the Branch: three book
study groups, an international relations group, a lively arts groups, a gourmet cooking group,
bridge groups, and, at one time or another, an education study group. By 1980 there were
only the three book study groups, and by 1989 there were just two. At times, a group of
members attend cultural events, making an intermittent cultural arts group.
    Branch programs have covered a wide range of topics. They have included conservation
and the environment, women‘s issues, health, child abuse, elder care, law, investments, and
the arts. In 1981 the program committee invited a panel of four St. Louis area writers to talk
about their work at the September meeting. The program was so popular that it has been
continued for each September since then. Writers have included novelists, poets, historians,
newspaper columnists, photography book compilers, and writers of children‘s books.
    Ferguson-Florissant Branch has always been a great supporter of the AAUW Educational
Foundation. The big fundraising project of the Branch from 1965 until 1993 was an annual
book sale, held in mid-August or early September at a shopping mall. The profits grew from
$72 in 1965 to $2800 in 1976 and to $7700 in 1987. In 1988 the sale was moved from
Jamestown Mall to Northwest Plaza, but was discontinued after the 1993 sale because of a
shrinking and aging membership. For most of the sales publicity stated that part of the profits
would go to the AAUW Educational Foundation and part to a community project. From
1966-1995 the Branch contributed over $48,000 to the Educational Foundation from book
sale profits. Also, from 1978 to 1994, $28,400 went to the Family Resource Center; from
1972 to 1977, $4,000 was given to the Judevine Center for Autistic Children; and in 1984
$500 was given to AMEND (Aid to Mothers Experiencing Neonatal Death) and $500 to the
Citizenship Education Clearing House.
    Since 1976 book sales were chaired by Shirley Breeze (1976-78), Anne Hemmer and Pat
Castles (1979-80), and Shirley Breeze and Anne Hemmer (1981-93). All gave excellent
leadership for the huge sales, from gathering books donated, arranging storage space,
organizing sorting and sales crews, and managing the sales.
    Because of its donations from book sale profits, Ferguson-Florissant Branch has been
recognized several times for being in the top ten branches for total donations and/or top ten
branches for per capita donations from Missouri to the AAUW Educational Foundation.
    In 1981, the Branch started an AAUW Research and Projects Endowment Fund with a
donation of $2,500. In 1990 this was combined with more money and titled the Ferguson-
Florissant-Shirley Breeze Fund. At present, the fund totals over $19,000.
    At March general meetings for many years the Branch has held a potluck dinner and
silent auction of craft items, services, white elephants, and donations from businesses. The

profits from the auction helped to send representatives to state, regional, and national AAUW
meetings and meet other incidental Branch expenses.
     A new fundraiser in 1995 was a theater party. Members sold tickets to a play presented
by the Webster Groves Theater Group. Proceeds, about $380, will go to EF.
     Additional highlights in Ferguson-Florissant Branch history include a series of American
Issues Forums, co-sponsored by the University of Missouri at St. Louis and the Ferguson
Bicentennial Committee in 1976. These forums, intended to involve the public in
fundamental issues that have always been a part of American society, were the branch‘s
American Bicentennial contribution to the community.
     In 1978, the Branch received a $1000 grant from the AAUW Educational Foundation to
use in preparing and publishing Show Me the Arts, a catalog of cultural resources in
Missouri. The project was started by Jan Armstrong. Pat Castles and Toni Garrett edited the
final copy. Mary Lou Krueger and Velja Lacey, with their committee, promoted the booklet
after its publication. Show Me the Arts sold very well to those who wanted a listing of
Missouri‘s museums, historical sites, parks, theaters, and other cultural attractions. The book
included locations, admission prices, hours open, and facilities available, and was a
handbook of great value to travelers in Missouri.
     Also in 1978, AAUW sponsored a program that brought a number of African educators
to the United States. For the Midwest, Ferguson-Florissant Branch was chosen to be hostess
to Cynthia Cembi, from South Africa, and Hauwa Gandu, from Nigeria. Branch members
guided the visitors on trips to various St. Louis area cultural attractions and schools. The
visitors were also honored guests at a Branch general meeting.
     In 1979, Ferguson-Florissant Branch handled the State Convention/Community Issues
Conference. During the political campaigns in 1984 and 1986, a national emphasis on getting
more citizens registered to vote prompted Ferguson-Florissant AAUW to assist in registering
new voters. Several members helped in registration at area shopping centers.
     In 1985, Branch member Carolyn Herkstroeter, along with Elaine Moss of the St. Louis
AAUW Branch, received a grant to research and document historic churches in St. Louis.
The culmination of their project was a display of photographs of the churches at the St. Louis
Public Library in downtown St. Louis in September and October of 1985 and in the spring of
     Also in 1985, the Branch contributed $1000 toward publication of ―Paestum and
Classical Civilization‖ in the Journal of Aesthetic Education.
     Ferguson-Florissant Branch has been a member of the Missouri Women‘s Network since
its organization in 1983. The Branch is very pleased that Shirley Breeze has served as chair
of the Network for the last five years. Because of her work with Ferguson-Florissant Branch
as president, board member, and book sale chair; because of her service on the Missouri
AAUW Board and the St. Louis Area Interbranch Council; because of her work with the
Missouri Women‘s Network; and because of her professional accomplishments, the Branch
nominated Shirley Breeze for the Woman of Distinction Award in 1986 and again in 1992.
Shirley was presented this award at the Missouri AAUW Leadership Conference in April
1992, at the Rickman Center in Jefferson City.
     The city of Ferguson observed its bicentennial in 1994. As part of the celebration, Marian
Walker, Branch historian, and Lillian Boly, president, arranged a special exhibit of AAUW
materials and information on the Branch‘s history at the Ferguson Public Library. Included
were congratulations to Ferguson on its bicentennial.

    In 1995, the Branch inaugurated a community action project that will place copies of
Show Me Missouri Women, Volume II, in 44 elementary schools in the Ferguson-Florissant,
Hazelwood, and Riverview Gardens School Districts, the districts where most members
reside. Money left from the last book sale was used to purchase the books from Missouri
AAUW. Plans are under way for arranging with each elementary school principal for an
appointment for Branch members to come to the school and present a book to fourth-grade
classes. Along with the presentation, members will summarize three or four biographies,
thereby acquainting the students with the book, which they can use in studying Missouri
history and in learning more about the accomplishments of Missouri women. Other classes
will be able to use the books also. The plan is to present the books in September and October.
    Ferguson-Florissant AAUW has had a busy, varied first 32 years, and it looks forward to
a most interesting future, with increased membership and more community involvement.

                      Ferguson-Florissant Branch, 1996-2010
                                      by Lillian B. Boly
Since 1995, Ferguson-Florissant AAUW has been busy, although decreasing in numbers. Its
members have enjoyed programs on women‘s issues, health, immigration, voting, legislation,
other political issues, AAUW concerns like LAF and EF, the environment, north St. Louis
County transportation, financial planning, public policy, diversity, Black music in St. Louis,
African-American women leaders, famous Missouri women, and writers who talked about
their work. Branch meetings have been held at the First Methodist Church in Ferguson, the
Penney Building at UMSL, the Jamestown branch of the St. Louis County Library, and the
Immanuel United Church of Christ in Ferguson.

                           Ferguson-Florissant Branch Officers
              Nancy Gerber                   1995-1998, 2002-2003, 2006-2010
              Lillian Boly                   1998-1999, 2001-2002, 2004-2006
              Thelmarene Hooper              1999-2001
       Committee w/
              Nancy Gerber spokesperson      2003-2004
       Program Vice President
              Thelmarene Hooper              1995-1997
              Debra Deiermann                1997-1999
              Carolyn Herkstroeter           1999-2010
       Membership Vice President
              Connie Westhoff                1995-1996
              Sylvia Miller                  1996-2000
              Wanda Young                    2000-2006
              Alene Rose                     2006-2007
              Ruth Field                     2007-2010
              Janice Brown                   1995-1997
              Tony Garrett                   1997-1999
              Melvina Walters                1999-2000

              Cheryl Woods                  2000-2002
              Thelmarene Hooper             2002-2004
              Sylvia Miller                 2004-2006
              Gracia Myers                  2006-2008
              Connie Westhoff               2008-2010
              Elaine Simpson                1995-2010
    After the Big Book Sale was discontinued in 1993, the Branch has had a variety of
fundraisers. For several years an auction and potluck dinner was very popular. Others have
been: mystery dinners given by Carolyn Herkstroeter and her husband Carl; theater parties;
trips to the St Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum, the St. Louis Science
Center, and the Frank Lloyd Wright House; sales at flea markets; First Friday Video Night;
and gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble near holidays. The Branch has donated money to the
Educational Foundation and the Legal Advocacy Fund each year and it has received AAUW
of Missouri‘s top-ten donations to EF and LAF and/or top-ten in per capita giving to those
funds a number of times.
    The Ferguson-Florissant-Shirley Breeze Research and Projects Grant Fund was
completed in 2009 with some help from other area branches.
    In December 1995, at a Christmas luncheon, Helen Finn and Oleatha Davis were honored
for their 50-year memberships in AAUW. Other holiday functions have been lunches or
dinners, trips to musical concerts, and parties at members‘ homes.
    Branch members Shirley Breeze, Genevieve Fieldhammer, and Carolyn Herkstroeter
wrote some of the biographies for Missouri AAUW‘s book Show Me Missouri Women,
Volume II. In 1995 the Branch purchased copies, and a copy was presented to each
elementary school in Ferguson-Florissant, Hazelwood, and Riverview Gardens School
Districts, the districts in which nearly all of the Branch‘s members live. The books were
presented to each school, mostly to fourth-grade classes since those students study Missouri
history. A date for presenting the book was arranged with the principal of each school during
the fall of 1995 or spring of 1996. Two or three members––Melvina Walters, Genevieve
Fieldhammer, Carolyn Herkstroeter, Nancy Gerber, Elaine Simpson, Lillian Boly––presented
books at each school and gave summaries of some of the biographies in the book.
    Hazelwood Central High School held a Girls‘ Summit in the fall of 1997 and again in
1998. Branch members Debra Deiermann, Thelmarene Hooper, Nancy Gerber, Sylvia
Miller,and Larry Conant (a teacher at the school) assisted at the meetings. Some Branch
members also assisted in the Kids Vote program several times.
    From 1998 until 2001, several Branch members presented ―Famous American Women‖
programs at elementary schools in Ferguson-Florissant, Hazelwood, and Riverview Gardens
Districts. Programs were given at six to eight schools each year, at two church groups, a
neighborhood club meeting, and at one of the Branch meetings. Members dressed in costume
and gave a talk as if they were the women they represented. Nancy Gerber was Maria
Mitchell, an astronomer and professor at Vassar College; Carolyn Herkstroeter was Susan
Butcher, four times Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Champion; Elaine Simpson and Janice
Brown took turns as Sandra Day O‘Connor; Melvina Walters was Elizabeth Cady Stanton;
Wanda Young was Sacagawea; Thelmarene Hooper was Wilma Randolph, Olympic runner;
and Lillian Boly was Louisa May Alcott. Three famous women were represented at each

    Other than Branch meetings, field trips, and fundraisers, the Branch has a very active
Tuesday Afternoon Book group that meets from September until June. Some members also
often attend regional, state, and national conventions, as well as the annual Women‘s Equity
Day programs in St. Louis, sponsored by the Missouri Women‘s Network.
    Nancy Gerber recently completed her second term as Interbranch Council President, and
Shirley Breeze served as secretary for the Council during that period. Shirley Breeze received
the Interbranch Council‘s Barbara Lackritz Leadership Award in 2004. Nancy Gerber
received the Missouri AAUW‘s Woman of Distinction Award in 1998. Shirley Breeze also
served as Southwest Central Regional Director from 2005 until 2009. She currently serves on
the national AAUW‘s Leadership Committee.
    In May 2009, Ferguson-Florissant Branch of AAUW held a 45th anniversary celebration
with a luncheon attended by 45 members and guests. Featured speakers were Martha Koch,
AAUW Missouri President, and Margo McNeil, Missouri 74th District State Representative.
    Ferguson-Florissant looks forward to 45 more years of advocating for equity for women
and girls.

                             Franklin County Branch
                            (organized 1938, disbanded 1995-96)
       1977-79        Marie-Anne M. Strastmann 1979-83             Dorothy Stumpe
       1983-85        Jo Ann Radetic           1985-87             Peggy Otto
       1987-89        Barbara Hoberock         1989-93             Barbara Wisman
       1993-94        Mildred Hahn

                                   Gallatin Branch
                            (organized 1945, disbanded 1984-85)
       1977-79        Katharine S. Barker             1979-81      Ilda Hower
       1981-83        Olive Howard                    1983-84      Janetta Johnson

                                  Hannibal Branch
                            (organized 1938, disbanded 2001-02)
       1977-79        Janice Pipes Shipley            1979-81      Hiawatha Crow
       1981-83        Jean Batchelor                  1983-87      Virginia Stone
       1987-89        Rebecca Steffa                  1989-91      Esther Gardhouse
       1991-93        Rebecca E. Steffa               1993-95      E. Ann Walker
       1995-96        Linda Tompkins

                                Harrisonville Branch
                            (organized 1981, disbanded 1995-96)
       1981-82        Mary Ann Brown                  1982-83      Janet Lindsey
       1983-84        Nancy Lawson                    1984-86      Donna R. Davis
       1986-88        Ellen Wray                      1988-90      Betty J. Beason
       1990-92        Onalee (Connie) Price           1992-94      Elizabeth Ruehter

                               Hickman Mills Branch
                             (organized 1956, disbanded 1985)
       1977-79        Joyce Eatherton                 1979-81      Bonnie Hines
       1981-83        Helen Graebner                  1983-84      Mary V. Pautler
       1984-85        Barbara L. Crews

                                   Houston Branch
                            (organized 1954, disbanded 1995-96)

                               Houston Branch, 1954-95
                                     by Sabrina Forbes
The Houston Branch of the American Association of University Women was organized with
the assistance of the Salem Branch of AAUW in September 1954. Our involvement in the
community through the years has included such things as an art exhibit and evening of
―living pictures‖ to produce funds to purchase artwork for the public school classrooms.
Another major project was fundraising for the Texas County Public Library. $1000 was
presented to the library fund from the proceeds of a Readers‘ Theater presented by guest
    The Branch established a scholarship for a senior girl graduating from the local high
school. In 1990 the Branch began an annual ―Miss Merry Christmas Pageant‖ to raise money
to support this scholarship. The Branch has continued through the years to support major
community activities actively and financially.
                                Houston Branch Presidents
       Ola Wilson                    Carolee Hutcheson             Alice Mosely
       Edna Haggard                  Mary Stottlemyre              Sally Ann Gladden
       Audrey Bandy                  Joan Agee                     Mary Jane Lybyer
       Elizabeth Watson              Jane Horter                   Rebecca Eidson
       Gladys Murfin                 Althea Wade                   Ardith Wade
       Orba Benefiel                 Sharon Cheek
    There are still five charter members active in the Branch. They are Orba Benefiel,
Elizabeth Watson, Audrey Bandy, Carolee Hutcheson, and Edna Haggard.

                               Independence Branch
                                   (organized 1940)
                    A Member of the Kansas City Interbranch Council

                           Independence Branch, 1975-95
                                   by Katherine Epperson
Some of the activities of the Independence Branch of AAUW listed in an earlier history have
been discontinued, but its state mission has remained the same. We have remained dedicated
to community service and have expressed that dedication in various ways. We donated
household articles and money to Crossroads, a temporary house for homeless persons.
Members have assisted with recycling. We helped make arrangements for a visit to
Independence by the Presidential Health Care Bus and afterward wrote many letters to
Congress urging better access to health care.
     Volunteers contribute many hours to helping Nutra Net, an organization that teaches low-
income families the proper use of food commodities. The program also has cooking classes
for children who are home alone while parents work. Nutra Net and its originator, AAUW
member Peggy Hausheer, have received wide acclaim for this successful program.
     We helped sponsor Mothers‘ Refuge, a home for unwed mothers and their babies.
Furniture was donated, and showers of clothing and personal gifts, and social affairs were
arranged for the girls. Sometimes a member would stay with babies while the mothers went
to school.
     Our annual used book sale has enabled us to contribute money and other help to other
organizations: the Community Service League, Presidential Classroom, the Salvation Army,
Project Graduation, Community Theater, O—the Metro organization to Counter Sexual
Abuse, CAPA—Child Abuse Prevention Association, and Hope House—a shelter for
battered women and children. Because of our contribution to the Pioneer Woman Statue the
branch‘s name is inscribed on the base of the statue at the National Frontier Trails Center.
Our interest in education is displayed through many channels. In 1981 we established a
permanent endowment at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Each year a woman
residing in Eastern Jackson County has been a recipient from that fund. In 1940 the Branch
contributed $40 to EFT. Now we contribute $1,000 or more each year.
     We have participated in the re-entry woman program from its beginning. For women
whose quest for a college education had been interrupted by circumstances, the re-entry
program allows eligible women to get on with their education. We have not neglected to
further our own education. Speakers from many fields have spoken to us: estate planning,
legal matters, the environment, publishing and freedom of speech, and others. An investment
club of 20 persons formed in 1981 still meets regularly and since 1988 has been a member of
the National Association Of Investors Corporation.
     In 1989 we were honored by the Fort Osage Board of Education with a ―Friends of
Education‖ award. Our Branch was a charter member of the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund. In 1994
and 1995, we received a Five-star rating. Our legislative chairperson keeps us informed on
current issues at the local, state, and national levels and urges us to speak our minds with
letters and telephone calls. Each year we sponsor an essay contest for fifth- and sixth-grade
students living in Independence. Theme topics for different years have included women

authors, women in social services, women in science, etc. Prizes are savings bonds and gift
    We contribute to the Independence Symphony and the Mayor‘s Christmas Concert. The
Christmas concert is a fundraiser for underprivileged people in Independence. A book review
group formed in the 1940‘s still meets every month of the year. Two or three times a year a
group called ―Brown Bag and a Book‖ meets an hour before the regular meeting time to
discuss books that participants are currently reading. (The ―brown bag‖ is carried by those
who have come directly from work bringing their evening meal.)
    Gender equity is a topic close to all of us. One of our members, Louise Greenfield, has
had many speaking engagements over a large area promoting fairness in the classroom for
    At two different times, we have hosted 20 Japanese women who have come to
Independence with a group from our sister city, Higashimuayama, Japan. We were privileged
to have an International Fellowship recipient from Hong Kong speak to us. Four women
from Guatemala, on their way to an International Federation Meeting in California stopped
off and were entertained by us and by other members from area branches. We contributed
toward the expenses of a group of high school students who were going to Russia and were
rewarded by having two of them share their experiences with the branch. We have had a
Muslim woman and a Hispanic woman speak about their cultures.
    Many of our members have held office on the state and district levels. We are always
represented at state, regional, and national conventions. In 1990 we celebrated the 50th
anniversary of the organization of the Independence Branch. At that time we said, ―Through
the half century there has been a broadening of our view. Cultural interests and individual
improvement are still worthwhile goals. Education and equal opportunities for all women are
as important as they have ever been. Today we live in a different world. Since the first person
was appointed in 1940, International Relations have come to have a new dimension.
Homelessness, ecology, physical abuse, inequalities in the workplace, and sexual bias were
not mentioned in the early programs of this Branch. As educated women, the Independence
Branch of AAUW is trying to address those problems today.‖

                          Independence Branch, 1996-2010
                                   by Sue Snow, Historian
The Independence Branch of AAUW was formed in 1940. We are still broadening our view
of cultural interests and individual improvement, as well as focusing on education and equal
opportunities for all women. Since our founding, we have faced many changes thus bringing
new dimensions to being advocates of women and girls. As stated at our 50th Anniversary in
1990, ―Homelessness, ecology, physical abuse, inequalities in the workplace, and sexual bias
were not mentioned in the early programs of this Branch.‖ As educated women, the
Independence Branch of AAUW continues to address these concerns today.
    A September Potluck dinner has traditionally kicked off the beginning of each year for
the past 70 years. The Branch has maintained an average of 61 members the past 14 years.
The Branch currently includes four 50-year life members (Ruth Oberhelman, Eleanor Shafer,
Carol Brown, and Myla Gentry) as well as two paid life members (Teresa Dean and Patt
Braley). 2010 was an exciting year as we celebrated our 70th Anniversary at the May brunch.
    Since 1973, the primary fundraiser for Independence Branch is its annual Used Book
Sale. Proceeds from the sale have enabled the Branch to fund scholarships and projects

which assist women and girls meet their educational goals. The Branch has consistently
contributed to the Educational Foundation and Legal Advocacy Fund (now under the
umbrella of AAUW Funds). The Independence Branch Research and Projects Grant (1364),
was completed at $35,000 in June, 2006. Since 1987, Independence has participated in the
Kansas City IBC Re-Entry Scholarship Program which awards money to women who,
following a period of interruption, are returning to college to complete their degrees. In 1999,
the Toni Thornton Re-Entry Scholarship Fund was also established, augmenting the IBC
     One of the annual highlights of our year is the presentation of our Student
Awards. Scholarships for $500 each are presented to three outstanding seniors, one from
each of the three Independence School District high schools. In addition, 7th and 8th grade
student awards are given in recognition of achievement in scholarship, citizenship, and
service to their schools. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and encourage the
growth and leadership of these junior high school girls. This Student Awards project has
been recognized as a Galaxy Award winner by AAUW-MO.
     Through the years, Independence has supported many community organizations that
relate to the education of women and girls. Among them are: Hope House Shelter for
Battered Women, the Puppetry Arts Institute, the Salvation Army, Nutra-Net, the
Community Services League, and Project Graduation.
     Our Branch programs have included such topics as women‘s health and safety, paycheck
fairness, Title IX, homelessness, student mentoring, and history. Our public policy chair
keeps us informed regarding legislative issues; we have written letters to legislators and have
assisted in legislative forums.
     One of our most successful new interest groups has been the Adelante Book Club, which
was organized in 2000. (The Spanish word Adelante means ―moving forward‖). The book
discussions focus on diversity – gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, national origin,
disability, women‘s history, etc. – and help to further the understanding and the embracing of
our differences. Monthly attendance averages 12-15. The Juno Investment Club is one of the
longest running interest groups. It was formed in 1980 as a part of the study issue, ―Money
Talks.‖ The club meets monthly to learn about stocks, to study the market, and to manage
their investments.
     At the state and national levels, Independence Branch has consistently been represented
at state, regional, and association conventions. Several members have served on the AAUW-
MO board.
     We are proud to claim two Missouri Women of Distinction Award Winners: Patt Braley
(1998) and Toni Thornton (2008). Each year since 1957 an award has been given by the
Independence Branch to recognize and honor a Woman of Achievement from the
Independence area.
Independence has received the following Missouri Star Awards:
      Five Stars – 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
      Eight Stars – 2003
      Seven Stars – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
      Nine Stars – 2009 and the Galaxy Award
      Ten Stars – 2010 and the Galaxy Award

                             Independence Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Myla Gentry           1979-81        Lois Domschh
       1981-83        Patt Powell Braley    1983-85        Lorna K. Anderson
       1985-87        Marcia Anderson       1987-89        Ramona Schenk
       1989-91        Kathy Vest            1991-93        Louise Greenfield
       1993-95        Yvonne Huffman        1995-97        Jane White
       1997-2001      Toni Thornton         2001-05        Donna Short
       2005-07        Jane White            2007-09        Patt Braley and Jane Campbell
       2009-11        Patt Braley

                                   Jackson Branch
                           (organized 1946, disbanded 1986-87)
                                Jackson Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Wilda L. Peterman             1979-81        Debra Hoffman
       1981-85        Joan Gones                    1985-86        Wilda Peterman

                                    Jefferson City
                                     (organized 1926)

                           Jefferson City Branch, 1975-95
Jefferson City, established in 1821, high above the Missouri River on rolling hills known as
Howard's Bluff, was one of the first cities in Missouri to establish a public educational
program. The city has continued to respond to the educational needs of the community with
both public and parochial elementary and secondary schools to serve its present population of
35,000. Lincoln University, now integrated but founded in 1866 as a state school for Negro
students, has more than 30 buildings on 32 acres of landscaped grounds.
    An important landmark in the educational life of the community came with the formation
of the Jefferson City Branch of the American Association of University Women. The Branch
was organized in 1926 after the organization of the Missouri Division of AAUW, according
to the History of Missouri Division of American Association of University Women, by
Margaret Ruth Lowery. At that time, the formation of new branches was a major purpose of
the Missouri Division.
    Individuals and Branch projects have always supported the Fellowship program. In 1980,
a $500 Named Gift to the Educational Foundation was given in honor of Patricia Buchanan.
In 1987-88, a $500 Named Gift was given in memory of Katherine Wade. Branch members
honored by the 1984-85 Missouri Division Board with $500 Named Gifts to the Educational
Foundation include Natalie Tackett, Patricia Buchanan, Phylis Crisp, Betty Daniel, and
Pamela Walker.
    Several special interest groups developed by the Branch were active through the years.
The Music Listening Group was initiated in January 1958, and continues to be active. The
Book Review Club, which includes both AAUW and non-AAUW members, continues to

meet to this day. Our Special Interests Group first brought to the public attention the need for
a Juvenile Attention Center and arranged for all of the founding meetings. Members,
especially Betty Daniel, also participated in the establishment of the Rape and Abuse Crisis
    The Branch held its 50th anniversary celebration tea on September 19, 1976, at Lohman's
Landing. Other programs for the 1976-77 year were the Area 5 Fall Conference of AAUW,
conservation, Speaker's Bureau of the Status of Women, the history of Jefferson City, the art
of George Caleb Bingham, University Without Walls at Stephens College, Fellowship Chair
of the State Division, and a lecture-recital by Austrian concert pianist Leonora Suppan
    The 1979-80 year brought forth an interest in Families Facing Change and the Rape and
Abuse Crisis Center.
    The Jefferson City Branch was instrumental in establishing State Legislative Day in
March 1979. The primary focus of the first several legislative days was the saving and
funding of the Commission on the Status of Women. Later legislative days involved the
establishment of the Missouri Council on Women's Economic Development and Training
(now known as the Women's Council). The Missouri Division gave plaques to the House and
Senate sponsors of the legislation upon its being signed into law by the Governor. Receiving
those honors were Senators Richard Webster and Edwin Dirck and Representatives Marvin
Proffer and Speaker Bob F. Griffin.
    1981-82 brought about our first joint venture with the Columbia Branch, the attendance at
a ballet at Missouri University. "Killing Us Softly," a depiction of women in advertising was
shown and discussed at a Branch meeting. Programs on finance, taking hold of technology,
food co-ops, and AFS students rounded out the year.
    During 1982-83, Carolyn A. Banner, Branch member, was the corporate representative to
AAUW for Lincoln University. Programs during 1983-84 covered a variety of topics:
Empowering Women, Families and Work, German Tercentennial, Peace and National
Security.1984-85 was the Year of Education with speakers and panels on the funding of
education, evaluating legislative issues related to education, women's history week, and even
educational fun and games. The year 1984 also brought our very first Candidates and Issues
Night, open to the public, held before the November general election. Candidates for U.S.
Congress, county offices, and state offices were present.
    Reports of the Association Committee on Women's Orientation, Focus on Women's
Worth, teen pregnancy, career education, abuse, elderly status of life, and teenage suicide
were our issues studied in 1985-86.
    AAUW Legislative Day became Women's Network Legislative Day in 1987. Branch and
division members continued to attend and work on the Legislative Day programs. The branch
also coordinated an education day program for the State Ballet of Missouri preceding its
evening performance at Lincoln University. We also studied Women's Issues Now and In the
Year 2000 and Women's Worth, Women's Work.
    In 1988-89, Susan Vaughn, then president of the branch, became a trainee for the VoLT,
Volunteer Leadership Project, launched by the Missouri Division Board. The VoLT
workshops held across the state were to teach volunteers leadership/management skills to
enhance their development. It also helped professionals become more effective in their
chosen fields.

     Grace Butler and Diane Brukardt of the Columbia branch presented a program about
Show Me Missouri Women, Vol. I, at an early 1989-90 meeting. Natalie Tackett, our Branch
president, was featured in Volume I. Again that year, we had the opportunity to have a joint
meeting with the Columbia Branch. We viewed a special exhibit, French Art of the July
Monarchy, at the Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri. We
rounded out the year with a review of The First Anthology of Missouri Women Writers.
     Branch member Dolores Prost, by means of a slide show, took us with her Llama Packing
in the San Juan Mountains. Jean Shull, Missouri Division President, Grace Butler, Division
President-Elect, and Barb Lackritz, Educational Foundation Chair, joined us and our guests
at the Membership Tea. Sue McDaniel, the Executive Director of the Missouri Council on
Women's Economic Development and Training Council also presented a program during the
1990-91 year.
     During the 1991-92 year, the Branch began a Mother-Daughter Choices Program, headed
by Jeanne Blackmar. The Career Development Workshop provides ways to help young girls
(age 11-13) develop career plans. Several of these workshops have continued to be held each
year. Peggy Quigg, Medivac during Desert Storm, brought us up to date on the work of
women in the military. Jefferson City's new Middle Schools also presented a slide show.
     Elizabeth Briscoe-Wilson, librarian at Page Library, Lincoln University, and current
member of the Jefferson City Branch, contributed four articles to the Show Me Missouri
Women, Selected Biographies, Volume II, published in 1993. Susan L. Vaughn, director of
the Missouri Head Injury Advisory Council and Branch President in 1989, contributed one
article to Volume I of Show Me Missouri Women.
     A major study of the 1993-94 year was of AAUW's Sexual Harassment Report. During
that year, the Branch also had programs on the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, taking care of
your eyes, planning for retirement, birds and butterflies. School Board Member Jackie
Coleman came to the Branch for a question-and-answer session.
     A membership tea held at Lincoln University began the 1994-95 year. In October, Grace
Butler, past Division president, Dr. Diane Brukardt, Peg Witt, and Dr. Dotty Rogers gave a
program on the IFUW and its meeting in Japan. November brought a study of investments,
and in the ensuing months the University Women's Investment Network (UWIN Investment
Club) was incorporated. Dr. Lynn Loschky gave a program "Everything You Wanted to
Know About Japan But Were Afraid to Ask." In March, Jefferson City Branch of AAUW
and the Missouri Council on Humanities co-sponsored Francie Rottmann, independent
filmmaker, and her video "The Spirit of Pioneer Women." During the year, members
attended the Governor's signing of the proclamation commemorating women's right to vote,
Legislative Day, AAUW State Convention, and the Women Legislators' Reception. The
Women Legislators presented the DeVerne Lee Calloway Award to Betty Cooper Hearnes,
former First Lady of Missouri, and former member of the Jefferson City Branch.
     We ended up the 1995 meeting year with our annual picnic with prospective members,
our local scholarship winners, and the winners' mothers as guests. At that meeting, the
Jefferson City Branch officially named its scholarship fund as the Georgia Fowler
Rockelman Scholarship Fund in recognition of Georgia's "outstanding allegiance and
devotion to the American Association of University Women and her strong and loyal support
of the scholarship program."

    President-elect Elizabeth Briscoe Wilson, President Charlotte Parsons, Treasurer Nancy
Ottinger, Second Vice President (Membership) Bonnie Dunlap, and Bulletin Editor Patricia
Buchanan represented AAUW in the Fourth of July parade in Jefferson City.
                                      Association Officers
        1985-87         Natalie Tackett, Legislative Committee
        1985-86         Paula Smith, Committee on Women
        1987-89         Natalie Tackett, Women's Work, Women's Worth
                   State Division Officers from the Jefferson City Branch
        1981-83         Mrs. Betty Daniel, By-Laws Chair
        1983-85         Natalie Tackett, President of Mo. Division
(While a member of the Maryville Branch and the Jefferson City Branch, Mrs. Tackett was a member
of the State Board from 1973-85 serving in various capacities that include By-Laws Chair, Legislative
Chair, First Vice President, Program Development.)

        1983-85         Patricia Buchanan & Eileen Marsh, Co-Editors, Mo. Division Bulletin
                        Betty Daniel, Circulation Manager, Mo. Division Bulletin
                        Paula Smith, Empowering Women Chair
        1983-85         Phylis Crisp, Administrative Assistant:
                        Pamela Rice Walker, Legislative Chair
                        Peg Miller, Block Grants Chair
                        Lydia Sondhi, Archivist
        1986            Betty Daniel, Division Treasurer (resigned due to health)
        1987-88         Susan Vaughn and Susan Sherman, Legislative Chairs
        1988-89         Susan Vaughn, Legislative Chair
               Special Division & Association Awards for Branch Members
        1984    Natalie Tackett, Women of Distinction Award from AAUW
        1987    Natalie Tackett, Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Area of
                        Legislation given by the 1985-87 AAUW Missouri Division Board
        1994    Patricia Buchanan, Certificate in Special Recognition of Women of
                        Distinction 1994, AAUW Missouri State Division
                               Jefferson City Branch Presidents
        1975-77     Mrs. Carolyn Bening               1977-79   Mrs. Betty Daniel
        1979-81     Mrs. Lynda Stubblefield           1981-83   Mrs. Natalie Tackett
        1983-85     Mrs. Dolores Prost                1985-87   Mrs. Pamela Rice Walker
        1987-89     Ms. Susan L. Vaughn               1989-91   Mrs. Natalie Tackett
        1992-95     Mrs. Charlotte Parsons            1995-97   Mrs. Elizabeth Briscoe-Wilson
Women of Jefferson City were honored by the Jefferson City Branch over a 26-year period
from 1960 to 1986. An independent committee chosen to represent the entire community
made the final decision on which women nominated by the public would receive the award.

                                 Women of Achievement

1976 Mrs. Elaine (Lawrence) Aber              1978     Mrs. Connie(W.Darryl) Hubble
     Mrs. Anna Leah (H.M.) Agniel                      Mrs. Ruth (W.D.) Keller
**   Mrs. Ruth (G.A.) Evans                            Miss Carolyn McDowell
     Mrs. Janet (Barry) Gentile                        Miss Catherine (Sugar) Roer
                                                       Mrs. Micca (J.H.) Ruffin
1980 Marie Davis Huff                         1982     Caryl L. Collier
     Norma E. Richter                         **       Bonnie Mae Dunlap
     Linda Adams Atkins                                Karen L. Pletz
     Mary A. Hopkins                                   Elenor Vieth
     Judy Alexiou                                      Lorna Wilson
1984 Angeline Allison                         1986     Virginia Holt
**   Natalie Tackett                                   Sabra Eagan
     Sue Norfleet                                      Paula Louise Hartsfield
     Kwei Lee Su                                       Tamsen Elizabeth Whistler
     Caroline Blochberger                              Helen Louise Laux

** Members of AAUW

                            Jefferson County Branch
                           (organized 1951, disbanded 2000-01)
                          Jefferson County Branch Presidents
       1977-78        Jeanette Bray                1978-79        Sherry Gielow
       1979-81        Catherine Werner             1981-83        Susan Bowman
       1983-85        Huldah E. Rode               1985-86        Ellen King
       1986-88        Terri L. Ottomeyer           1995-96        Candace Inman

                                    Joplin Branch
                                     (organized 1923)

                               Joplin Branch, 1975-95
                                     by Irma L. Dean
The Joplin Branch continues to be an active branch, meeting on the third Saturday of each
month, September through May. The membership has dropped from 182 in 1976 to less than
100 in 1995. The meeting is a brunch at 10:00 a.m. with an average attendance of 50. A
business meeting is held and a program is given by members or by people from the city, area
or state. The programs are in keeping with areas of interest, current events, or topics or
importance to promote the rights of women. A salad brunch for the purpose of networking

with other clubs and organizations is held in November of each year. It is also a fundraising
    A Board of Directors meeting is held on the Monday evening prior to the Branch
meeting. A Christmas banquet was held each December until approximately 1978. A Candle
lighting ceremony is held each year in December to highlight the names of the colleges and
universities of the members.
    A Branch bulletin is mailed to each member four times each year. At least one Ways and
Means Project is conducted each year. These include auctions, book sales, mini-bazaars,
white elephant sales, individual crafts and skills sales, and private contributions by members.
    The Joplin Branch continues to give a scholarship to Missouri Southern State College.
This scholarship goes to a junior or senior woman who is a science and/or math major or to a
science and/or math education major. We also have a loan fund which is used to help an
upper level woman student with the financial aid they need to finish a degree or to do
graduate work.
    The Branch has been actively involved in sponsoring the presentation of local legislators
and making known to the members what legislative issues are being debated. A ―get out the
vote‖ project was held in 1986.
    The Branch has great difficulty getting publicity in our local news (newspaper, etc.)
because we refuse to be called a club and many of our topics are controversial. They allow us
to publish the officers and programs by title only on a ―Know Joplin‖ page once each year.
    We have had as many as eight study groups with a minimum of two each biennium.
Some of the study groups have been Drama (since 1924), Society and the Individual (still
active), Foreign Languages, Bridge, Contemporary Literature, and Investments.
    The Branch has had representatives from the state, region, and Association as guests of
the Branch. These included Dr. Janette Robertson in 1981 and Audrey Shafer in 1988. A
―Basic Elementary Procedures of Parliamentary Skills Workshop‖ was held in May, 1988,
with Teresa Dean as the facilitator. It was well received and it was recommended that the
workshop be repeated periodically across the state.
    The Joplin Branch has been involved in Area Conferences (1976) the Southwest Regional
Conference (1981), and were hostesses for the Missouri State Conference in Springfield
(1977). A former Branch and state president, Josephine Seymour, attended the International
federation of University Women in Scotland in 1977. A community get-together was held in
1978 as a result of a grant from the Educational Foundation; Mary Ellen Johnston was the
Chairperson. The branch is almost always represented at the Association, Southwest
Regional, and State meetings. The president is expected to attend all conventions if at all
    The Branch has been represented on the Missouri State Board by several members. Irma
L. Dean was State President in 1981-83. Her focus was ―It‘s Your Association, Let Your
Voice Be Heard,‖ because an active membership makes a strong association. The Division
Bulletin won second place at the Association Convention that biennium. Mary Ellen
Johnston was the editor.
    The Community Issues Conference was held in Joplin in 1982 with ―Families and Work‖
as the theme. The Branch applied for a grant in 1990 in cooperation with the local Lafayette
House (for battered and abused women) but did not receive it. The emphasis was to have
been ―Teenage girls and pregnancy,‖ The Branch then developed a one day ―Youth Esteem
Seminar‖ (YES) in cooperation with the Mercy Regional Health Foundation, Oakhill

Hospital and Missouri Southern State College (several private groups made contributions).
The seminar was held at Missouri Southern and was very successful with 125 registered.
Dennis Butts was the facilitator.
    The Joplin Branch members contributed biographies for both volumes of Show Me
Missouri Women. Our local ―Spook Light‖ was featured in Pause in Missouri. Copies of
Show Me Missouri Women and Pause in Missouri were given to our local public and school
    The focus of the Branch has been and continues to be the attraction of new members,
especially young women graduates, and helping these young women to see the opportunity to
grow and contribute in a positive way through their community. A new and prospective
member tea is held each fall. The Branch membership is getting older and it is sometimes a
struggle to keep membership active. It is often difficult to meet the interests of younger
members and older members and not become fractured over Association issue stances.
                                 Joplin Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Mary Sue Parrish              1979-81        Mary Ellen Johnston
       1981-83        Patricia King                 1983-87        Teresa R. Nassa
       1987-89        Veda Jones                    1989-91        Mary Ann Soerries
       1991-93        Joan J. Schank                1993-95        Gaye Pate
       1995-96        Rebecca Spracklen Kanan

                               Joplin Branch, 1996-2010
                                        by Gaye Pate
The Joplin Branch was organized in 1923 as the Jasper County Branch. In 1926 it became
officially the Joplin Branch of AAUW. Through the years our emphasis has been on the
education of young women, particularly at Missouri Southern State University. With the
establishment of the Dorothea B. Hoover Foundation Scholarship, we have contributed to the
education of a young woman striving to better herself through higher education. We have
raised money through a variety of means including auctions, fashion shows, sale of original
artworks and selling nuts. As a result, we have managed to keep abreast of the rising tuition
through the years enabling us to give a full scholarship to an upper level female student
deemed worthy of the scholarship. The last several years we have had a professional
auctioneer to conduct the auction and raise of the required funds for the scholarship. The
scholarship recipient has attended the November fundraiser and shared with the Branch her
goals and plans as a part of our emphasis on educating women.
    Joplin Branch has had a variety of outside speakers speaking on a variety of topics of
local, state and national interest:
       1997: President of our Chamber of Commerce
             Astronomy professor from Pittsburg State University
             Famous Women of the Past
             Master Gardener
       1998: Local paper editor
             Head of the Communications Department of MSSU
             Director of the local museum on our early history

      Local African-American history
      Missouri Humanities Council on women‘s right to vote
      Science and medicine in the future
      State AAUW President
1999: Woman to Woman Project director
      Backstage at Branson
      Local high school Constitution team leaders
      Health Service Coordinator on prescription drug use
2000 Pittsburg State University professor on the human genome
      Local city council members on local issues
      Literacy effort through NALA
      Corporate America in the 21st Century
2001 Hostile Hallways
      Heartland Opera Theatre
      Head of Missouri Southern International Piano Competition
      Langston Hughes Life: a Joplin Native
      Utility companies‘ representatives on their future
2002 Cottey College director of Women‘s Center for Leadership
      Joplin police detective on fraud
      Missouri Writers‘ Guild president on her profession
      Jasper County judge on our legal system
2003 Women‘s Consumer Outreach Council director
      Director of the Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center
      Stress management and life balance
      Joplin R-VIII School District and TREK program
      ESL taught at Ozark Christian College
2004 Member author on Oklahoma waterways
      Former Marine officer on travel
      Volunteer efforts encouraged by local community leaders
      Local TV meteorologist on weather alerts
2005 Daniel Boone ―Trunk Show‖
      Healthy eating - Natural foods
      Webb City Board of Education member on upcoming election
      Tri-State Water Project
      Local woman in the ministry
      Local investment advisor on future investment strategies
      Local upcoming musicians
2006 City manager on Joplin issues
      Educational trips to the Philippines and Africa
      Joplin public library director
      Alternative energy sources
2007 Local nurse practitioner
      Local museum director on women in history
      Director of Ecolonomics at MSSU
      Director of local Spiva Arts Center
2008 Editor of local paper

             Watercolor artist, retired head of Art Department, MSSU
             Joplin Police Department chief
             MSSU professor on international issues
             Rapha House in Cambodia
             Pittsburg State University‘s Climate Project
      2009   Women‘s Health Symposium–a DPM, MD and a Counselor
             Director of Webb City Farmers‘ Market
             Parks and trails in area by members of Joplin Trails Coalition
             MSSU professor on the problem of use of plastics

1997 President: Mary Short                      1998 President: Mary Short
 First v.p.: Paula Woods                         First v.p./Programs: Paula Woods
 Second v.p.: Penny Gessler                      Second v.p.: Pat Baker
 Treasurer: Donna Roehling                       Treasurer: Joan Schenk
 Recording Secretary: Marjorie Yokley            Recording Secretary: Gretchen Caldwell
 Corresponding Secretary: Pat VanHooser          Corresponding Secretary: Teresa Massa
1999 President: Donna Roehling                  2000 President: Donna Roehling
 First v.p./Programs: Gretchen Caldwell          First v.p./Programs: Teresa Massa
 Second v.p./Membership: Pat Baker               Second v.p./Membership: Gaye Pate
 Treasurer: Joan Schenk                          Treasurer: Joan Schenk
 Recording Secretary: Pat King                   Recording Secretary: Pat King
 Corresponding Secretary: Teresa Massa           Corresponding Secretary: Kristi Lopes
2001 President: Jean Campbell                   2002 President: Jean Campbell
 First v.p./Programs: Kay Kirkman                First v.p./Programs: Kay Kirkman
 Second v.p./Membership: Gaye Pate               Second v.p./Membership: Audrey Johnson
 Treasurer: Joan Schenk                          Treasurer: Lee Faaborg
 Recording Secretary: Kristin Nama               Recording Secretary: Kristi Lopes
 Corresponding Secretary: Kristi Lopes           Corresponding Secretary: Betty Turley
2003 President: Marilyn Young                   2004 President: Lee Faaborg
 First v.p./Programs: Rebecca Kanan              First v.p./Programs: Rebecca Kanan
 Second v.p./Membership: Audrey Johnson          Second v.p./Membership: Betty Turley
 Treasurer: Lee Faaborg                          Treasurer: Marj Boudreaux
 Recording Secretary: Gaye Pate                  Recording Secretary: Gaye Pate
 Corresponding Secretary: Betty Turley           Corresponding Secretary: Susan Huston
2005 President: Lorraine Whittington            2006 President: Lorraine Whittington
First v.p./Programs: Frances Nichols             First v.p./Programs: Frances Nichols
 Second v.p./Membership: Sue Cowan               Second v.p./Membership: Sue Cowan
 Treasurer: Mary Ellen Johnston                  Treasurer: Mary Ellen Johnston
 Recording Secretary: Carolyn Moeser             Recording Secretary: Carolyn Moeser
 Corresponding Secretary: Susan Huston           Corresponding Secretary: Virginia Hoare

2007 President: Lorraine Whittington              2008 President: Lorraine Whittington
 First v.p./Programs: Irma Dean, Marcella          First v.p./Programs: Marj Boudreaux
Barlow, Lorraine Whittington                       Second v.p./Membership: Pam Sells
 Second v.p./Membership: Jean Schenk               Treasurer: Linda Jones
 Treasurer: Mary Ellen Johnston                    Recording Secretary: Gaye Pate
 Recording Secretary: Gaye Pate                    Corresponding Secretary: Donna Roehling
 Corresponding Secretary: Virginia Hoare
2009 President: Lorraine Whittington              2010 President: Lorraine Whittington
 First v.p./Programs: Marj Boudreaux               First v.p./Programs: Marj Boudreaux
 Second v.p./Membership: Pam Sells                 Second v.p./Membership: Michelle Greib
 Treasurer: Linda Jones                            Treasurer: Linda Jones
 Recording Secretary: Gaye Pate                    Recording Secretary: Gaye Pate
 Corresponding Secretary: Donna Roehling           Corresponding Secretary: Susan Haggerty

                                Kansas City Branch
                                   (organized 1893)
                    A Member of the Kansas City Interbranch Council

                             Kansas City Branch, 1975-95
The 1970s became, literally, ―moving years.‖ When the Branch residence in the Sophian
Plaza was changed due to a management decision to convert to condos, the Branch moved to
space in the Unitarian Church. After a four-year use of this space, the Branch converted an
apartment in the Twin Oaks Building as an office. Then, in 1991, the office was moved to the
UMKC campus in the area of the Women‘s Center.
    During the 25-year interval since the last state history was compiled, members followed
the programming and issues as recommended by Association in Washington D.C.: education,
community, cultural, and international relations provided excellent foundation for branch
programs and for interest groups.
    As an outgrowth of the topic ―Women as Agents of Change‖ the Branch was alerted to
the need to address the topic of youth suicide which was reaching epidemic proportions. This
study led to the production of a film, Suicide: The Warning Signs. The film was produced by
Centron Films in Lawrence, KS, and now circulates through Coronet Film Co. in Illinois.
Script for the film was written by Vivian Swain, an AAUW member from Creve Coeur.
Production and distribution was coordinated by Beverly Watkins, Virginia Eisenstein, and
Renata Meyer. Dr. Grace Ketterman, a Kansas City psychiatrist, served as advisor. Branch
members furnished $10,000 to fund the cost of production and a $5,000 grant from the R.A.
Long Foundation made the film possible. Individual members donated another $5,000.
    The film company finished production in time to present it to the Governor‘s Conference
on Children and Youth in 1980 in Jefferson City. The Branch has received two copies of the
film and circulated these through many state branches and schools, local libraries and mental
health groups have purchased the film for their use from Coronet Film Company.
    When Coronet learned that the Branch was owed royalties, they immediately sent
$25,000 as an accumulated account. They have been forwarding sums to us biannually since

1987. The funds have been placed on deposit with the Greater Kansas City Trusts and
Foundation. The interest therefrom has been used as a donation to civic groups and charities.
Some of these are the Women‘s Employment Network, the UMKC Women‘s Center,
Association‘s Education Foundation, Crittenden Center for Emotionally Disturbed Children,
Mothers‘ Refuge, Swope Park Health Center, and News House, a woman‘s shelter.
    In 1979, the Branch extended the annual Book and Author Dinner to give a recognition
award to a regional author. It was given in memory of Thorpe Menn, former literary editor of
the Kansas City Star. He had helped AAUW found this dinner to encourage local authors and
it had become a literary event for ten years.
    Authors who have received the award include Richard Rhodes, David Melton, Janice
Young Brooks, David Ray, Victor Papanek, Robert Farnsworth, Janet Bruce, Richard Miller,
John Swomley, David Perkins, C.W. Gusewelle, Conger Beasley, Jr., Cathy Johnson, and J.
    As another community service, an Issues and Information Center was established at the
Kansas City Public Library. Betty McDermott, Ruth Engel, and Lucille Chapman initiated
this project. Issues such as child abuse were catalogued and kept on file at the library. Ruth
Engel has continued this service for thirteen years.
    Under the leadership of Delma Johnson, the Community Area of Interest toured Kansas
City aboard mini-vans with the aim of acquiring knowledge and understanding of the inner
    Members promoted AAUW Action with a plan to assist teenage mothers to obtain high
school diplomas or a G.E.D. To facilitate this project, the members work with civic agencies
active in this field and with organizations that have a diversity component related to
education among teenage girls.
    As a part of membership activities, the Branch has maintained long-lasting interest
groups, one of which is that of Trends of Modern Thinking. Beginning in 1932 the group
attracted 18-25 members weekly. Subjects studied and discussed were nonfiction books on
history, science, art, philosophy, and government. Discussion was uninhibited on each of
these subjects.
    In the 60s and 70s, the group concentrated on social changes in government and society.
The participants continued the study of philosophy, with Ph.D. members as discussion
    Another long-standing interest group has been the Garden Group. It has extended its
members‘ talents by programs that featured flower arrangements, garden tours and speakers
who presented information on horticulture in general. Members have contributed to the entire
Branch by furnishing flower arrangements for special events such as the Book and Author
Dinner, and for general meetings. This group has continued to interest new members since its
origin in 1951. Since its inception, the Garden Group has continued to furnish a tree for the
Loose Park Arboretum, sometimes as a memorial to dedisbanded members.
    During the 1970s, the members formed a Cuisine Group, which continues studies on the
aspects of ethnic foods and those of European cultures. To facilitate this study, the members
meet at particular restaurants where the resident chef speaks about his or her specialty.
    Other events such as tours enhance the meetings, one of which was trip to Strawberry
Hill in Kansas to enjoy Croatian menus. Other demonstrations to show particular types of
cuisine such as Cordon Bleu were held in members‘ homes. Special skills such as machine
bread-baking have been shown by members. A cultural interest group developed a program

of art study entitled ―Know Our Gallery.‖ Monthly meetings are held at the Nelson Atkins
Museum of Art. The curators of the gallery lectured on their areas of expertise, and later
AAUW members continued the study by tours through the gallery‘s special exhibits.
Lectures covered diverse subjects ranging from the Renaissance to the Silks and Costumes of
    Members have long continued an interest group that studies the German Language. For
the past 15 years, Renata Meyer, a former UMKC language professor has conducted this
    During the 70‘s the structure of the Branch changed to add an evening unit for members
employed during the day. Originally called Speakeasy, the group changed its name to
Twig, an anachronism for ―thinking women initiating growth.‖ This group maintained their
own chairperson and planned their annual programs to benefit the career woman. Ardy
Pearson, Ruth Brettle, Pan Burke, and Linda Berube have succeeded in expanding the
group‘s membership.
    In support of education, the Branch sponsored a permanent scholarship fund in 1987 for
graduate women in the amount of $5,000 donated to the Women‘s Council at UMKC. During
the centennial year of 1993, a committee was formed to establish a scholarship for a high
school girl who would be able to maintain a B+ grade average during her college years. For
one year a girl was chosen from participants in the branch‘s Hundred High School Girls
Recognition Ceremony. The second year the interest on the scholarship fund was awarded to
one of the re-entry women who was recognized at the interbranch annual recognition
program. This program was established through the efforts of Marjorie Rees in 1987 when
she was the Kansas City Branch President.
    The Hundred High School Girls Program has continued since the 1930‘s. It was formed
to honor the top five junior and five senior girls in the greater Kansas City high schools. The
branch has added as a tribute to the seniors a gift of gold plated jewelry in the shape of a
mortar board.
    When Audrey Shafer was State President during the biennium of 1987-89 the Kansas
City Branch created a recognition pin for members in all branches of the state. The pin is
shaped as an outline of the state with the AAUW logo imprinted on a gold-plated brass pin.
Hundreds have been sold across the state.
    In the 1990s the Branch completed a research and project grant with the Association by
completing a $35,000 fund. This grant was made possible by a $10,000 gift from Dora
Johnson, a member who is a former state president of AAUW. The grant has been named in
her honor and the first award was made in 1993. During the decade of the 90‘s the Branch
busied itself with ideas and programs to celebrate its hundredth anniversary. Programs were
designed for monthly meetings to honor outstanding women for their efforts in fields of
education and women‘s interest. Special ceramic statues were given to Annette Morgan,
State Legislator, Grace Butler, State AAUW President, Sharon Schuster, Association
President; and Ruth Margolin, Director of UMKC Women‘s Center.
    Under the direction of Ardy Pearson, Marjorie Rees, and Ferne Welles, 20 members
researched a hundred year history of the Branch. Files were retrieved from the archives and
new photos were obtained from the Kansas City Star to produce a book that was organized
with emphasis on the Association‘s mission statement.
    The Centennial celebration [1993] culminated in two events at downtown hotels. At the
Marriot Plaza, the branch hosted the appearance of Sharon Schuster, Association President.

This event was part of the annual February joint meeting with the Shawnee Mission Branch
and members from all state branches were invited. A state board meeting was held in
conjunction with this luncheon. Mrs. Schuster gave the guests a stimulating review of the
topic Association had funded at Wellesley College that concerned the issue of how girls were
short-changed in their education due to lack of attention or encouragement for the needs of
young women. This topic has received much national interest in the media and outside
groups have asked members to review the subject for their organizations.
    For the Metropolitan Roundtable‘s Women‘s History Month in March 1993, Genevieve
Scott and Beverly Watkins led a seminar on the need for Boards of Education, nationwide, to
direct attention to girls‘ efforts early in their school years to enable them to reach potential
goals. In September 1993, Marilyn Vos Savant was chosen as a celebrity speaker for a gala
dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This event, open to the public, was held as a benefit for
the Women‘s Employment Network, an organization that assists women to acquire jobs with
upward mobility and how to improve their self-esteem.
    The highlight of the 1990s was the members‘ work to promote Five Star Recognition for
the Branch. Efforts were judged by increases in membership, contributions to the Educational
Fellowships Foundation, the Legal Advocacy Fund, and attendance at state and national
convention. Kansas City earned this recognition at the 1995 State and National Conventions.
    Under the leadership of Helen Brooks, members stressed programs on public policy,
community service and visibility, both in 1993 and 1994. The State Convention in 1995 was
held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Kansas City and was special for the ranch, as Ardy Pearson,
a Branch member, was installed as State President for the 1995-97 biennium.
                              Kansas City Branch Presidents
       1975-77         Mrs. L.B. Chapman             1977-79         Mrs. S.S. Pearson
       1979-80         Mrs. J.H. Bockhurst           1980-83         Audrey Shafer
       1983-85         Lydia Browning                1985-87         Marjorie Rees
       1987-89         Beverly Watkins               1989-91         Genevieve P. Scott
       1991-93         Joyce A. Whitehead            1993-94         Helen A. Brooks
       1994-96         Margaret Ridgway

                            Kansas City Branch, 1996-2010
                           by Stephanie Hatfield and Ardy Pearson
An endowment fund of $25,000 has been established by the Kansas City, Missouri Branch of
AAUW with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Affiliated Trusts using
royalty proceeds from the Branch film project about teenage suicide prevention. The interest
from this fund is allocated each quarter by the membership to various agencies, charities and
institutions in the area.
    Wagy Fund: A generous bequest of almost $200,000 from the estate of Irene Wagy,
longtime Branch member, established the Irene Wagy/AAUW-Kansas City Branch Fund
with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Affiliated Trusts in 1997. A
committee of Branch members receives the applications and makes the selection. The first
grant from this fund was awarded in December 1998 for projects that promise societal
change benefitting women and girls in the Greater Kansas City area.

     Joint Meeting with Shawnee Mission Branch: Each February, a meeting is held in
conjunction with the Shawnee Mission, Kansas Branch, at which time we have a speaker
with a topic that pertains either to our mission or to the history of the area.
     We participate in the Re Entry program, which is sponsored by the Interbranch Council
and provides scholarships to young women who have returned to college after an absence of
at least five years.
Our longstanding special events include:
         -The Thorpe Menn Award, given to a local writer each year
         -One Hundred High School Girls, honors outstanding high school juniors and seniors
                 and provides scholarships for them.
     A new connection this year is involving our Branch members with the Women‘s Center
at UMKC to promote the STARR Continuing Conversations series ―Reimagining Policy for
ALL Families in the 21st Century‖ and ―Technology and Modern Families.‖
     A new study group, meeting twice a month, called Friday Forum has been successful.
Members bring newspaper articles to share and discuss. They may be serious, humorous, or
just plain interesting. In the spring, the group uses Great Decisions, sponsored by the Foreign
Policy Association, as a basis for discussion.
     Program meetings are generally held monthly and feature topics related to political
activity, women‘s issues, or cultural interests.
     Branch members have attended state, regional, and national conventions. At the present
time, Linda Berube is serving as program vice president of AAUW-MO, Ellen Johnson and
Gloria Bandstra are co-membership vice presidents, and Jane Webb is secretary. Linda
Berube will be nominated for president-elect at the April 2011 state meeting.

         July 1, 1997 - June 30, 1998                     July 1, 1998 - June 30, 1999
Co-Presidents                                      Co-Presidents
 Helen Brooks                                       Gloria Bandstra
 Ellen Johnson                                      Ellen Johnson
Program Co-Vice Presidents                         Program Co-Vice Presidents
 Phyllis Hamrick                                    Patsy Kile
 Karen Stelling                                     Lucille Wright
Membership Vice President                          Membership Vice President
 Anna Beth Brock                                    Peggy Ridgway
Administrative Vice President                      Administrative Vice President
 Joan Pickell                                       Joan Pickell
Nominating Vice President                          Nominating Vice President
 Peggy Ridgway                                      Pam Burke
Recording Secretary                                Recording Secretary
 Pam Burke                                          Anita Reznicek
Treasurer                                          Treasurer
 Linda Berube                                       Linda Berube

        July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2000              July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2001
Co-Presidents                               Co-Presidents
 Linda Berube                                Connie Gray
 Gloria Bandstra                             Linda Berube
Program Co-Vice Presidents                  Program Co-Vice Presidents
 Linda P. Lentz                              Brenda Williams
 Patsy Kile                                  Helen Brooks
Membership Co-Vice Presidents               Membership Co-Vice Presidents
 Lucille Norfleet                            Lucille Norfleet
 Peggy Ridgway                               Carla Gentry
Administrative Co-Vice Presidents           Administrative Vice President
 Kae Lash                                    Pam Burke
 Joan Pickell                               Nominating Vice President
Nominating Vice President                    Kae Lash
 Pam Burke                                  Recording Secretary
Recording Secretary                          Debby Powell
 Connie Gray                                Treasurer
Treasurer                                    Ginger Kenney
 Ginger Kenney

        July 1, 2001 - June 30, 2002              July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003
Co-Presidents                               Co-Presidents
 Connie Gray                                 Joyce Gillis
 Joyce Gillis                                Pam Burke
Program Vice President                      Program Vice President
 Janelle Ramsburg                            Janelle Ramsburg
Membership Co-Vice Presidents               Membership Co-Vice Presidents
 Carla Gentry                                Lucille Wright
 Lucille Wright                              Betty Hutson
Administrative Vice President               Administrative Vice President
 Pam Burke                                   Debby Powell
Nominating Vice President                   Nominating Vice President
 Kathleen Dunn                               Kathleen Dunn
Recording Secretary                         Recording Secretary
 Ruth Brettle                                Marion Shippee
Treasurer                                   Treasurer
 Ginger Kenney                               Ginger Kenney

        July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004               July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005
President                                   President
 Pam Burke                                   Pam Burke
Program Co-Vice Presidents                  Program Co-Vice Presidents
 Lucille Wright                              Debby Powell
 Betty Hutson                                Betty Hutson
Membership Vice President                   Membership Vice President
 Connie Gray                                 Helen Brooks
Administrative Co-Vice Presidents           Administrative Co-Vice Presidents
 Kathleen Dunn                               Kathleen Dunn
 Phyllis Hamrick                             Marion Shippee
Nominating Vice President                   Nominating Vice President
 Betty McDermott                             Gloria Bandstra
Recording Secretaries                       Recording Secretary
 Marion Shippee                              Glenda Harber
 Glenda Harber                              Co-Treasurers
Co-Treasurers                                Linda Berube
 Ardy Pearson                                Sylvia Lindbeck
 Linda Berube

        July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006               July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007
President                                   President
 Linda Berube                                Linda Berube
Program Co-Vice Presidents                  Program Vice President
 Betty Hutson                                Pat Taylor
 Kathrine Southall                          Membership Vice President
Membership Vice President                    Helen Brooks
 Helen Brooks                               Administrative Vice President
Administrative Co-Vice Presidents            Pam Burke
 Kathy Dunn                                 Nominating Vice President
 Marion Shippee                              Kathy Dunn
Nominating Vice President                   Recording Secretary
 Pam Burke                                   Jane Crigler
Recording Secretary                         Treasurer
 Glenda Harber                               Ardy Pearson
 Andy Pearson

        July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008                    July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009
Co-Presidents                                    President
 Linda Berube                                     Jane Crigler
 Jane Crigler                                    Program Vice President
Program Vice President                            Linda Wright
 Pat Taylor                                      Membership Vice President
Membership Vice President                         Rebecca Richardson
 Rebecca Richardson                              Administrative Vice President
Administrative Vice President                     Corinne Mahaffey
 Pam Burke                                       Nominating Vice President
Nominating Vice President                         Pat Taylor
 Helen Brooks                                    Recording Secretary
Co-Recording Secretaries                          Carla Gentry
 Gloria Bandstra                                 Treasurer
 Carla Gentry                                     Connie Gray
 Ardy Pearson

        July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010                    July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
President                                        President
 Pat Taylor                                       Joanie Shores
Treasurer                                        President-Elect
 Connie Gray                                      Sara Pedram
                                                 Program Vice President
                                                  Winnie Weinrich
                                                 Membership Vice President
                                                  Mollie Coldwell
                                                  Gloria Bandstra
                                                  Pam Burke
                                                  Stephanie Hatfield

                       Kansas City Interbranch Council
                                   (established ca. 1995)
The Kansas City Interbranch Council of AAUW helps to coordinate the efforts of the
individual chapters or branches within the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Together
the branches join forces to sponsor several programs important to local women and girls. The
six branches forming this council are Independence, Kansas City, Kansas City Northland,
Northern Clay County, Parkville, and Raytown.

                         Kansas City Northland Branch
                                   (organized 1958)
                    A Member of the Kansas City Interbranch Council
The Kansas City Northland Branch gathers members from north of the river within Kansas
City. This branch is one of five Branches constituting the Kansas City Interbranch Council.

                                  Kirksville Branch
                           (organized 1922, disbanded 2001-02)

                              Kirksville Branch, 1975-95
                                 by Mary Jane Kohlenberg
From 1975-1980 the Kirksville Branch of the American Association of University Women
continued to work on issues related to the environment. The Kleenup and Pollution
Committee was dissolved, and the City Council promised to try city-wide recycling.
Elizabeth Laughlin was now on the City Council and hoping to implement recycling, but the
other members allowed outside pressure to prevail, so Kirksville would have to wait a few
more years.
    Local AAUW members turned to equity issues: the implementation of Title IX in
education as well as tenure rules and their effects on women. Programs in 1978-79 dealt with
―Women‘s Rights/Human Rights,‖ ―Women in Government,‖ ―Women in Management,‖
―Person/People Abuse,‖ and ―International Students.‖ For several years the Branch invited
the international women to a carry-in supper at the end of the year.
    Near the end of the 1970s the Branch members started discussing the need for a tax
supported public library and maybe a museum for the county. Branch members started
visiting libraries in other cities and reported back on how other libraries were formed and
what services they offered.
    From 1980-90 the Kirksville Branch found itself in a very exciting decade with direct
involvement in establishing a county public library. The Kirksville Daily Express, September
14, 1982, reported the meeting when new members were honored and a study group was
formed to look into the feasibility of an Adair County museum and library district.
    In December 1983, the Branch learned that the president, Lydia Inman, would be moving
to Iowa and a new president must be elected. Mary Jane Kohlenberg, then vice-president,
was selected to complete Lydia Inman‘s term.
    Mary Jane Kohlenberg suggested that the next Branch action toward the creation of a
public library would be to circulate petitions to determine citizen support. There was some
resistance to the establishment of a public library from the County Commission, landowners
and private clubs. After three petition drives, the County Commission decided to place the
question to the voters in August 1984. The question asked if a library district should be
created. The voters passed the question. The creation of a citizen group called FOCAL
(Friends of County of Adair Library) by AAUW members networking with others was how
the tax levy of 15 cents was passed in April 1986. The County Commission had to appoint a
library board in September 1984, on which were two AAUW members. They were Mary

Jane Kohlenberg and Sandra McCarty. A complete story of this appeared in the June 1986
magazine of the Missouri State Library, Show Me Libraries.
    In June 1985, Elizabeth Laughlin (Branch Vice-President) was elected Mayor of
Kirksville by the city council. She was the first woman to serve as Kirksville‘s mayor. She is
one of the three Kirksville Branch members listed in Volumes I and II of Show Me Missouri
Women, edited by Mary K. Dains for AAUW.
    By the fall of 1988, the Adair County Public Library was in a new facility at 1 Library
Lane. It was a thrilling experience for the Kirksville Branch of AAUW. The Kirksville
Branch continues to support the library by cash donations, book donations at Christmastime
and in any way needed. When the library project was started Adair County was one of the 19
counties in Missouri without a tax supported public library. It was the first library district to
vote for a tax supported library in 47 years. It is well we did not feel we could fail.
    Katie Steele, a member, was elected from the second District as our State Representative
and so the Kirksville Branch ended an exciting decade of service to our community.
    It will be difficult for the Kirksville Branch of AAUW to top its many accomplishments
of the 1980s. The motto followed by President Kohlenberg during the decade of the 1980s
was the Daisy Girl logo of AAUW: ―only one who attempts the absurd can achieve the
    Dr. Ruth Warner Towne is featured in the 1993 publication, Vol. II, Selected
Biographies, Show Me Missouri Women for her many articles and books relating to Missouri
History. In 1994 the Adair County Historical Society honored Dr. Towne, Elizabeth
Laughlin and Mary Jane Kohlenberg during Women's History Month in March. A special
display at the Historical Society by Odessa Ofstad featured them with other women who had
contributed to a better life for Adair County.
    In 1994-95 Branch programs featured local career women. The fields of law, osteopathic
medicine, women's sports, harassment in education, and education were topics of programs.
The Branch members continued to write to Congress people on legislation of concern to
    In May 1995, the Branch had its traditional carry-in picnic at Thousand Hills State Park.
Out-going President Mary Jane Kohlenberg was honored for her many contributions to
the Branch. New officers were introduced: Dr. Patricia Miller, Head of the Education
Division, N.M.S.U. was the new president. The Kirksville Branch was given a Three-star
recognition by the State Division for their increased membership, contributions to LAF
and the Educational Foundation.

                                    Charter Members

       Miss Lola Brandenberg                  Miss Clara Howard (Clevenger)
       Mrs. Irwin Dunbar                      Miss Floy Joslyn
       Miss Thurba Fidler                     Miss Marian Letterman
       Mrs. C.S. Fleming                      Miss Lucy Simmons
       Miss T. Jennie Green                   Miss Kathleen Sullivan (Still)
       Miss Helen Hotchkiss                   Miss Blodman Williams

                             Kirksville Branch Presidents
1975-77        Leota Summers                 1977-79        Carol Stephens
1979-82        Mrs. Mildred Gross            1982-83        Dr. Lydia Inman
1984-86        Mrs. Mary Jane Kohlenberg     1986-88        Mrs. Elizabeth Laughlin
1989-90        Diane Richardson              1990-91        Paula Presley
1992-95        Mary Jane Kohlenberg          1995-          Dr. Patricia Miller

                       Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch
                                      (organized 1971)

                    Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch, 1976-95

In the years since 1976, the Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch has remained active and
involved in the community, as well as at the state and national levels of AAUW. One
community program which the Branch is especially proud to sponsor is "Mother-Daughter
Choices," which provides sixth grade girls and their mothers with an opportunity to grow and
learn from each other. The program initially begun by Girls, Inc. (formerly the Girls' Club)
of Santa Barbara, CA, is organized locally by Branch member Linda Duckworth. Using a
variety of thought-provoking exercises and group discussions, the program attempts to
improve communication between girls and their mothers during the critical pre-teen years,
and to promote assertive and responsible behavior. Participants learn to assess career options
and the economic realities they might face in the adult world, while at the same time
expanding their visions of themselves and their capabilities.
    Beginning in 1990 with a Girl Scout troop from Webster Groves, the program has
brought together two to three groups of girls and their mothers every year; to date,
approximately seventy-five girls have completed the six-week program.
    Another way in which the Kirkwood- Webster Groves Branch continues to serve the
community is through our support of Kirkcare. Sponsored by the Kirkwood Ministerial
Alliance, Kirkcare helps needy families in the community throughout the year. Our
Branch contributes money, canned goods and toys towards this effort. We also have
helped out during a variety of activities at Manor Grove Nursing Home. In 1985, together
with St. Joseph Hospital and the Kirkwood Police Department, the Branch co-sponsored
a seminar on domestic violence. The seminar was designed to make the public aware of
the problem and to provide information about the resources available to deal with it.
    Kirkwood- Webster Groves Branch is an active participant in the St. Louis area
Interbranch Council. In recent years, Interbranch Council has sponsored workshops on
diversity training, leadership training and educational equity for women and girls, and
members of Kirkwood- Webster Groves have been active as participants and organizers
in all these events. Together with the Ethical Society of St. Louis, local AAUW Branches
also continue to sponsor the International Relations Lecture Series, a program which
provides interested members of the public with the opportunity to learn about and discuss
issues of global importance with experts from the community.
    For the past several years, the Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch, in conjunction with

the Missouri Historical Society, has promoted Women's History Month by sponsoring an
annual contest for high school students who complete projects relating to women's
history. The Branch supplies prize money for the winners. In addition, local Branch
member and state legislator Emmy McClelland personally provides the prize money for
an annual "Real Woman" essay contest for middle school students, in which they
describe the woman who has had the greatest positive influence on their lives.
     Over the years since the Branch was founded, members of Kirkwood- Webster
Groves have been active on the state level. Local members Ella Bettinger, Margaret
Hartung, Jean Shull and Lillian Stupp all served as state presidents, and numerous others
served on the state board. Local members also participated in state-sponsored projects
such as VOLT (Volunteer Leadership Training) workshops, Women's Work/Women's
Worth, and the Initiative for Educational Equity. Several members also contributed
articles or compiled material for Pause in Missouri (1979) or for Show Me Missouri
Women, both published by Missouri AAUW.
     In keeping with the educational focus of AAUW, the Kirkwood-Webster Groves
Branch continues to sponsor several study groups that enrich and inform our members.
The Branch has two book discussion groups and a Peripatetic Group; the latter provides
members with the opportunity to see and do interesting things in the St. Louis area. The
Branch also has a very active Legislative Study Group which, under the leadership of
Public Policy chair Patsy Fowler Farrior, meets to study and discuss legislation pending
at the state and national level. Members also participate in the annual Legislative Day,
and travel to Jefferson City to meet with and voice their concerns to our state legislators.
     On the national level, the Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch has given generously to
the Educational Foundation- a total of nearly $12,000 since 1986. Over the years, the
Branch has been recognized numerous times for its support of the Foundation. In both
1992 and 1993, for instance, the Branch was among the top ten statewide in total giving
and per capita giving. Furthermore, the Branch was awarded Five Star status in 1993 and
1994, and Missouri Four Star status in 1994.

                   Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch, 1996-2010
                       by Carol Davis McDonald and Barbara Johnson

The Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch (KWG) has continued to be involved in the
community in the years since 1975-76. Until 2003-2004 the Branch continued to sponsor the
Mother-Daughter Choices program under the leadership of Branch member Linda
Duckworth. This program provided sixth-grade girls and their mothers from an opportunity
to grow and learn from each other using a variety of thought-provoking exercises and group
discussions. The program attempted to improve communication between girls and their
mothers in the critical pre- teen years, and to promote assertive and responsible behavior.
Participants learned to explore career options and the economic realities they might face in
the adult world, while at the same time expanding their visions of themselves and their
capabilities. The Branch also loaned the AAUW video "Girls in the Middle" to Girl Scout
troops, a middle-school faculty, and parents.
    Another community project that the Branch continued was The Elf Workshop for Kids,
which provided an opportunity for kindergarten through fifth grade children to make
handcrafted gifts for their family members and other special people. The workshop was held
on a Saturday in December and became so popular that it had to be expanded to two
Saturdays in December with three sessions each day. Members, as well as Washington
University and local high school students, acted as elves and assisted the children in making
and wrapping their gifts, and serving refreshments. The project was begun by Kirkwood
Junction Business District with KWG as a co-sponsor, but later the Branch took it over. It
later moved to the Kirkwood United Methodist Church and in 1996 to the Kirkwood First
Presbyterian Church. After 2004 The Elf Workshop sadly had to close its doors after 16
years due to the loss of a workshop site.
    Another way in which KWG continued to serve the community was by participating in
the Greentree Festival, an annual community fair held each September in Kirkwood Park.
Members provided information on AAUW membership and programs, games and treats for
kids, and raffles. The Branch collected food for annual food banks; donated books to the
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center at Pacific through member Jean Shull; clothing for
Dress for Success; personal care items for Lydia's House, a shelter for abused women and
their children; and baby items for Nurses for Newborns. KWG presented copies of Show Me
Missouri Women, a publication of AAUW Missouri, to five grade schools and two middle
schools in the Kirkwood School District. The Branch collected entrance fees at the annual St.
Louis County Parks and Recreation's Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights Display in Tilles
Park. In 1996-1997 Patsy Fowler-Farrior chaired an area-wide Get-Out- The- Vote
Campaign. The Branch also cosponsored a candidates' forum with the League of Women
Voters in 2000, and in 2008 KWG cosponsored a candidate forum on health issues. The
Branch initiated contact with Webster Groves and Kirkwood high schools on STEM
(science, technology, engineering and math) and participated in Science Speakers Night at
Kirkwood High School by manning a display and informational table.
    The KWG Branch has continued the educational focus of AAUW by sponsoring study
groups. Over the years these study groups have included the Peripatetics, which provided
members with the opportunity to explore metro St. Louis and adjoining states; and the
Legislative Study Group, chaired by Patsy Fowler-Farrior and later by Jeanne Morrel-
Franklin, Members met with State Representative and Branch member Emmy McClelland to
learn the latest on bills and hot topics in the State Capitol. A small group of Branch members
judged submissions to the Real Women Essay Contest sponsored by the Women Legislators
of Missouri. The winner was presented presented a savings bond by Rep. McClelland.
Members participated in the Missouri Women's Network annual Lobby Day and annual
Legislative Retreat during which legislative priorities are established for the Network; book
discussion groups; a diversity dining group; a technology study group in which members
taught other members uses of the computer. Begun by member Christy Agah Pothast and
later managed by Lynne Roney, the Branch established a website, currently Emailed newsletters began with the 2001-02 program year.
    In order to support the AAUW Educational Foundation, the Legal Advocacy Fund, and
Branch leadership development and activities, various fundraisers have been held. These
include rummage sales; silent auctions (sometimes using "funny money" with Branch
leaders' pictures on different denominations of bills); jewelry sales; the Elf Workshop;
Winter Wonderland; Macy's Shop for a Cause, with coupon sales going to the Branch; an

evening at Plowsharing Crafts, where the Branch received a percentage of the profits; sales
of Branch member-made angel ornaments; candle and gourmet food-product parties; and
holiday gift wrapping at a local shopping mall. The longest lasting and most successful
fundraiser has been the sale of fresh Georgia pecans sold by members to their friends,
family, and coworkers. Former member Jeanne Webdell initiated the project before 1996,
and Carol Davis McDonald has continued it.
    KWG continues to be an active participant in the AAUW Metro St. Louis Interbranch
Council (IBC). Members who have served since 1995-96 are Kay Meyer, chair 2000-2002;
Marsha Koch, secretary 2000-2002; and Carol Davis McDonald, treasurer 2000-2010. In
1998 IBC sponsored an AAUW Sister-to-Sister Summit for girls from 12 to 16 at Webster
University. This daylong conference brought together girls of diverse backgrounds to
candidly discuss issues that they identified as critical. Breaking into small groups, the girls
developed strategies to address their common concerns and reconvened to consolidate their
ideas into a unified platform for action. The Branch has been involved as participants and
organizers with IBC's annual conference, held first in the fall and subsequently in the spring,
and now referred to as Spring Fling.
    Other IBC activities in which the Branch participates are International Relations Lecture
Series, a program cosponsored by the Ethical Society of St. Louis that provides interested
members of the public with the opportunity to learn about and discuss issues of global
importance with experts from the community; the Adelante Book Group, which uses the
AAUW national list of books that promote diversity; Downtown Lunch Group, chaired by
Branch member Jean Shull; and volunteering to answer phones during PBS pledge
campaigns. In recent years IBe has continued a project begun by the KWG Branch involving
the St. Louis History Day Project. Prize money is provided to winners of an annual contest
for high school students who complete projects relating to women's history. In 2003 the IBC
established the Barbara Lackritz Service Award to recognize members who uphold the
mission of AAUW and provide service and leadership in AAUW and non-AAUW areas.
Honorees from KWG have been Barbara Lackritz (2003), Jean Shull (2005), Ella Bettinger
(2006), Carol Davis McDonald (2007) and Lynne Roney (2009).
    Over the years members have been active on the state level. Branch members Ella
Bettinger, Margaret Hartung, Marsha Koch, Barbara Lackritz, Lynne Roney, Jean Shull, and
Lillian Stupp all served as state president. Numerous others served as elected officers and
board members. At the annual state meeting, the Branch has been recognized many times for
being among the top ten in total giving and in per capita giving to the Educational
Foundation (EF) and the Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF). Many members have been recognized
as Century Club (EF) and Key to Equity (LAF) donors. Each year we have participated in the
Missouri Star Award recognition. Members Carol Davis McDonald (2004) and Jean Shull
(2006) received the biennial Woman of Distinction Award. Since the last history update,
members have attended every state, regional, and national convention.
    On the national level three members have received AAUW Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher
Fellowship grants: Jayne A. Kasten (1990-91), Sue Wells Bauer (1992-93) and Christine
Nobbe (2002-03). Although the Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch saw its membership drop
from 93 in fiscal year 1996-97 to 32 in 2009-10, twelve Branch members participated in and
volunteered at the national AAUW convention held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown
St. Louis in June 2009. Branch members Lynne Roney, chair, and Diane Ludwig served on

the Local Arrangements Committee. Diane Ludwig, a dual member from the St. Louis
Branch, made the first attempt to solicit local sponsors in support of the convention and
raised more than $15,000. Thanks to her success, she was asked to chair the national
fundraising committee in the fall of 2009 by the new national president.
                              Kirkwood-Webster Groves Presidents
       1977-79        Nancy Robison                    1979-81      Dale Williams
       1981-83        Martha Dus                       1983-85      M. Jean Shull
       1985-87        Jean Webdell                     1987-89      Linda Duckworth
       1989-91        Bonnie Hawk                      1991-93      Katheryne Meyer
       1993-95        Shirley Schmidt                  1995-97      Lynne Roney
       1997-99        Carol Davis McDonald             1999-2001    Diane Ludwig
       2001-03        Marsha Koch                      2003-05      Mara Minarik Perry
       2005-07        Lucy Whitaker                    2007-09      Barbara Johnson
       2009-11        Lynne Roney & Carol
                      Davis McDonald

                               Lafayette Area Branch
                  (organized 1980, renamed Ballwin-Chesterfield in 1994)

                        See Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch, p. 18

                                   Lebanon Branch
                            (organized 1980, disbanded 2009-10)
       1980-82      Patricia Honssinger     1982-84      Louise Coleman & Maggie Corry
       1984-86      Louise Coleman          1986-88      Jane White
       1988-90      Martha Frazier          1990-92      Tina Howerton
       1992-93      Cindy Campbell          1992-94      Maggie Corry
       1994-96      Christine Hutson
For forty years, AAUW in Lebanon has entertained the local foreign exchange students at a
little party every spring. The Branch 'saved' every penny so that at when they disbanded
they had $100 to give a memorial to the library so that people would know AAUW
Lebanon Branch had been there. For a couple of years the Branch participated in the local
Women's Exposition. Unfortunately it did not benefit the Branch because some of those
who expressed interest might not be qualified for membership. Branch member Dorothy
Smith and a Springfield AAUW member received an honorable mention for their booth at
the annual Cope Chili Cook Off. The Branch will provide a speaker on pay equity for
another organization in April, 2010.

                                Lee’s Summit Branch
                              (organized 1977, disbanded 1988)
       1977-79         Virginia Rice          1979-81         Patricia Gore
       1981-83         Judith Turentine       1983-87         Mary A. Bedwell

                                     Liberty Branch
                              (organized 1938, disbanded 2003)

                                 Liberty Branch, 1976-95
The Liberty Branch was organized in 1938 with 15 charter members and a few associate
members. One of those original women, Christine Pugh, remains active in the Branch today.
While only an associate member at the founding because William Jewell College, her Alma
Mater, was not an approved school until 1942, Christine has been the backbone of the Branch
through these past 57 years, and, in fact, just completed a 4 year term as President of the
    Liberty Branch has been active in community service through the years. In 1977, under
the leadership of Betty Kingsley, the Branch conducted a workshop, in cooperation with the
Liberty Public Schools, for parents of preschool age children. Called PARENT (Parents
Aware of Resources, Educational News and Techniques), it was designed to provide parents
with information about developmental concerns and local professional resources, educational
news regarding current thought and techniques for facilitating appropriate growth for each
child. With matching grant money from the Association ($500) and grant money from a local
foundation ($250), the Branch bought educational toys and kits for the establishment of a toy
lending library, placed in the local public library and checked out like library materials to
parents of pre- school children. These materials were used by Liberty parents for a number of
years until a shortage of space at the public library dictated the end of the lending library. At
that time the Branch donated the toys and educational items to a local preschool for disabled
    In 1987, the Branch began some outside fund raising to pay for the community and
educational foundation projects they wished to continue. Under the leadership of Bonnie
Knauss and Evelyn Burton we began selling Entertainment Coupon Books and Gold C
Coupon Books, the profits divided equally between community and EF. In 1991 we began
collecting labels from Best Choice Products to redeem for cash. One member, Margaret
James, recycles aluminum cans for us along with her other recycling efforts. These
fundraisers, while not making us rich, have allowed us to continue some of the projects
important to our members.
    In 1988, the Branch joined with other Kansas City area Branches in establishing the "Re-
Entry Woman of the Year Award." Spearheaded by the Kansas City, Missouri, Branch, the
program gives cash awards to several women enrolled in the re-entry programs at the area
colleges. The awardees are screened through an application process that considers their total
academic experience, from hardships to successes. Liberty Branch has contributed $100 each
year to these awards and has organized the awards luncheon on two occasions.

     For many years the Branch awarded an AAUW membership to a graduating woman from
William Jewell College, good in any branch she chose. This was discontinued in 1990
because we found that few of the women seemed to value the membership enough to follow
through or become active. The Branch decided instead to award a scholarship of $100 to a
Senior woman graduating at the local high school who planned to pursue study in a non-
traditionally female field. This award has gone to girls pursuing engineering, medical, and
scientific degrees. It is coordinated with the high school by member Margaret James.
     For a few years in the early 1990s the Branch sponsored a Branch membership for a
former international fellowship recipient who came to William Jewell College to teach.
Nettie Ma, originally from China, came to us through Texas, where she had done graduate
study. The Branch also helped her teenage daughter with some cash donations for clothing
and other items to speed her acclimation to American culture.
     Other community projects that received support from the Branch include a 1994 cash
contribution to Junior High student Errie Raasch for a People to People trip to Russia. He
repaid us by providing a Branch program on his trip. In 1976, the Branch donated new
children's books to the newly opened Liberty Hospital and gave a Bicentennial award
scholarship to high school senior Janet Chlapek. In 1995-96 the Branch is cosponsoring, with
the PTA, a candidates' forum to introduce the public to the candidates for school board
     Our members are active within the community in many non-AAUW roles. Over the years
we have had a number of representatives on the local school board. Margaret James is
currently retiring from the Board after a number of years of service. Lillian Crossett has
made the Liberty Hospital Auxiliary nearly a full time job since her retirement from teaching.
Several of our members serve as hospital volunteers, serve on School Advisory Boards, work
within the Chamber of Commerce, do volunteer work at the public schools, and hold offices
and positions of responsibility in other organizations. One of our members, Margaret James,
was once honored by J.C. Penney, for whom she worked part-time, for the hundreds of hours
of volunteer work she did for local organizations (she shared her cash award with our
community project: the toy lending library).
     Liberty Branch has been faithful in its donations to the Educational Foundations. We
have made several named gifts, one of which was a $500 named gift to the Blanche Dow
Foundation. For years our goal was $5 per member, which was always met and exceeded.
The Branch has received a number of state certificates for placing in the top ten branches as
ranked by per capita giving. We have tried to increase our goal as the Association Five Star
Program has encouraged. In 1979 the Branch purchased copies of Pause in Missouri and
donated them to the local library. The Branch has purchased copies of Show Me Missouri
Women, both volumes I and II, and they have been presented to the high school, public
school, and public libraries.
     Liberty Branch has always worked hard locally and at other levels for gender equity. Our
fifty-year member, Christine Pugh, was a vocal advocate for equal pay for women teachers
within the Liberty School System years before other organizations took up the challenge. In
1979 the Branch unanimously voted to contribute to the Association's support of the ERA
amendment. The Branch invited the local school administrators to a regular meeting to hear
the AAUW program on Short Changing Girls. We followed up with donated copies of the
report and other materials purchased from the Association. Two programs, along with the
Association's video, have presented to members the challenge of LAF and the need to

support women as they do legal battle to assure gender equity. We expect to meet or surpass
the Association goal for LAF donations this year.
    Maintaining membership has been the most difficult issue in the last 20 years. From
Sunday afternoon teas in the 1960s to full salad suppers in the 1970s, the Branch had
entertained local senior college women to introduce them to AAUW. In 1980 these
invitational events were discontinued due to lack of interest on the part of the senior women.
About the time these were discontinued the Branch began the membership awards described
earlier. Our membership for 1995-96 is 17, one of these a new member, and our normal
attendance is 13-15. We have tried varying meeting times, dates, locations, and format but
have found that membership and attendance remain about the same no matter what we do.
    We regularly meet on the first Thursday of each month, September through April, in
homes of members. In April we try to have a joint meeting with the North Clay County
Branch (Excelsior Springs) at a restaurant. We take turns hosting and providing a program. In
June we have a final Branch meeting, inviting spouses or friends to a potluck supper in a
member's home. Programs have included presentations from the Missouri Council for the
Humanities (4 times in the last 5 years), book reviews, speakers from the State and National
Legislatures, community leaders, like the Mayor and the City Administrator, visits from
AAUW State Officers. In fall of 1995 our Branch made a group visit to the Treasures of the
Tsars Exhibit in Topeka, KS, for one regular meeting. Another outstanding presentation in
1995-96 was a first person account of the life of a woman in Belarus.
    Liberty Branch has one member, Bonnie Knauss, serving on the Missouri State Board of
AAUW. She has served two terms as historian.
                                Liberty Branch Presidents
       1975-77      Celesta Moore                 1977-79       Betty Kingsley
       1979-81      Wilma Searcy                  1981-83       Jeanine VanGorp
       1983-85      Evelyn Burton                 1985-89       Bonnie Knauss
       1989-91      Betty Wood                    1991-95       Christine Pugh
       1995-97      Dolores Swenson

                                    Louisiana Branch
                            (organized 1939, disbanded 1991-92)
                               Louisiana Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Linda Johns 1          1979-81        Caren Stark
       1981-83        Jan Wells              1983-85        Karen Schwadron
       1985-87        Joy Heiens             1987-89        Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare
       1989-90        Kathy Patrick

                      Macon County Branch
                   (organized 1980, disbanded 1995-96)
                    Macon County Branch Presidents
1980-82       Myrna Main             1982-83      Margaruette Hastings
1983-84       Erma Dunham            1984-85      Lois A. McQUitty
1985-86       Joan Schlanker         1987-88      Johnna Bixenman
1988-89       Sandra DeLarm          1989-90      Jill Pinkerman
1990-92       Lois McQuitty          1992-93      Jane Hunter
1993-94       Marilyn Amidei

                         Marceline Branch
                   (organized 1959, disbanded 1987-88)
                      Marceline Branch Presidents
1977-79       Jayne Libby            1979-81      Kathy Quintero
1981-83       Lee Fadler             1983-85      Debbie Vandyke
1985-86       Bobbi Black

                         Marshall Branch
(organized 1927, renamed Marshall/Slater/Saline County, disbanded 1996-97)
1977-79       Dorothy Moellinger            1979-81      Joyce McRoberts
1981-83       Sharon Fricke                 1983-86      Kathryn D. Knipschild
1986-88       Velma L. Bacon                1988-89      Betty J. Stone
1989-93       Katherine Ann Swisher         1993-95      Virginia Steding
1995-96       Mary Vale Jones

                        Marshfield Branch
                   (organized 1974, disbanded 1996-97)
1977-79       Vivian Hartley                1979-81      Miriam Keesling
1981-83       Helen Phillips                1983-84      Barbara Vestal
1984-87       Virginia Ahrens               1987-88      Sue Jackson
1988-89       Dee Rader                     1989-91      Cheryl A. Wrinkle
1991-93       Patricia F. Thompson          1993-95      Miriam Keesling

                                   Maryville Branch
                                      (organized 1918)

                               Maryville Branch, 1976-95
A constitution, drawn up by 14 women headed by Olive DeLuce, for the Maryville Branch of
AAUW was adopted 42 years before 1976. Women of the Maryville Branch have been active
from that time to the present: locally, statewide, and internationally. Maryville AAUW
became active internationally as far back as 1924 when two of its members, Mattie Dykes
and Beatrix Winn Ford, attended the first IFUW conference in Oslo, Norway. International
interest continues to the present with a Maryville AAUW member, Dr. Frances Shipley,
attending the International Women's Conference in Beijing.
    The Maryville Branch has an extraordinary history of promoting women in education
through fellowships, medals, and scholarships. The Anna M. Painter Graduate Fellowship,
begun in October 1947, is presented to a college or university graduate planning to seek a
graduate degree at any accredited college or university. An AAUW Senior Medal, first
awarded in 1926, goes to the woman with the highest cumulative grade point average in each
year's graduating class at Northwest Missouri State University. A $500 Corwin Junior
Scholarship, originating as the Junior Scholarship Loan in 1926 and which source of funds is
the interest earned on money bequeathed the Branch by the late Miss Viola May Corwin,
goes to a second semester junior woman who is planning to complete her senior year at
Northwest Missouri State University and has at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
Since 1964, when Miss Viola May Corwin left a portion of her estate to the Maryville
Branch of the American Association of University Women, a $500 scholarship for either
undergraduate or graduate study at any accredited college or university has been awarded
every year to a woman who is at least a junior in college, is a resident of Northwest Missouri,
and has a minimum 3.0 GPA.
    As our nation went from the dissension of the 1960s to the freedom of the 1970s, the
Maryville Branch became concerned about community problems and our schools.
Consequently, members became involved in the community, began giving substantially to
endowments and the Educational Foundation, and continued providing generously monies
for furthering women in educational pursuits. Maryville was credited with starting the Chloe
Millikin International Endowment which annually awards at least $3,000 to an International
Fellow. For many years an annual used book sale was held for the Educational Foundation.
Part of the 1976 profits created the Mattie M. Dykes Creative Writing Scholarship through
the Northwest Foundation, and the Branch held an autograph party for the 20th anniversary
of her Behind the Birches about Northwest Missouri State University. Changes were being
faced in the late 1970s and 1980s by members of the local Branch, so programs addressed
women facing change, single parenting, technology, child abuse, and empowering women in
the political and professional arenas. We began an annual sponsorship of a high school
woman to Girls' State. The spotlight was on diversity with a program on "Black Women in
Nodaway County," a recital by an Austrian pianist, and continued support for the Experiment
in International Living. Interest in conservation led to a program recognizing local librarians
as an important human resource.
    For years, public policy programs focused on equity issues, and 1982 brought a final push
for passage of the ERA. Phrases like "Equal work for equal pay," "job-sharing," and "flex
time" cropped up in the Branch News and Views. In 1983-84 we held forums on childcare,

insurance, harassment, legislation related to these issues, and conducted voter registration
which resulted in over 100 new voters. We supported the St. Joseph shelter for abused
women and became involved in the local literacy program.
    The 1984-85 year saw a Maryville re-creation of the march on the day before
inauguration in 1913 down Pennsylvania Avenue of the Maryville Women‘s Military Band
(the first US women‘s band).
    Maryville Branch gained a reputation for excellent annual book sales in the community.
The 1988 sale was so successful it funded both a named grant and charter membership in the
AAUW Foundation Second Century Eleanor Roosevelt Fund for Women and Girls, an
international research effort concentrating on eliminating the barriers females face in
education, increasing understanding of female mental processes, and valuing diversity and
cross-cultural communication.
    The 1984-85 year saw a Maryville re-creation of the march on the day before
inauguration in 1913 down Pennsylvania Avenue of the Maryville Women's Military Band
(the first US women's band).
    The Branch has regularly received recognition for being one of the top ten contributors to
the Educational Foundation, and in 1986, the Soroptomist Club honored AAUW–Maryville
Branch–for service to the community in the form of awards and scholarships.
    Maryville Branch gained a reputation for excellent annual book sales in the
community. The 1988 sale was so successful it funded both a named grant and charter
membership in the AAUW Foundation Second Century Eleanor Roosevelt Fund for Women
and Girls, an international research effort concentrating on eliminating the barriers females
face in education, increasing understanding of female mental processes, and valuing diversity
and cross-cultural communication.
    Due to the stress placed on its members of conducting an annual book sale, the Branch
members handed it over to the English Honor Society at Northwest, and members sought
other fundraising avenues, deciding eventually to simply request a set donation from
members. The Maryville Branch gave $14,300 to the national Fellowship Program in the
years 1979-1995.
    In 1990, Opal Eckert was named Missouri Woman of Distinction for her service to the
community and AAUW. April 1996 brought further recognition to Opal Eckert. The mayor
of Maryville proclaimed an "Opal Eckert Day," and she was honored by the Heritage
Collection Committee, Soroptimist International of Maryville, Nodaway County Historical
Society, and the Maryville Business and Professional Women's Club as a part of Women in
History Month which included events at the Nodaway County Historical Museum.
    On the statewide scene, we provided authors and subjects for Volumes I and II of Show
Me: Missouri Women, and many participated in a pro-choice rally. We provided a feature
article on local women for the Maryville Daily Forum.
    Locally, we were awarded life membership in the Northwest Foundation for contributions
over $37,000 (we asked the Foundation to take over the management of our Anna M. Painter
and Viola May Corwin funds). With other female professionals in the community, AAUW
has conducted six successful job shadowing projects. Each year Maryville AAUW sponsors a
Job Shadowing program for all eighth grade girls at Washington Middle School. Each
student follows a professional woman for five to six hours. The Branch sends out letters,
"matches," arranges transportation, and does follow-up.
    Maryville Branch members hold significant positions in the community and continue to
serve AAUW statewide. The Maryville Branch was proudly recognized as one of nine
Missouri branches that received the National AAUW five-star award at the national
convention in Orlando. The Maryville Branch was also honored at the June convention of the
Missouri Division of AAUW. Awards received were: The three-star state award as its
national award, the legal advocacy program financial support, and an award for giving two
named grants of $500 to the Educational Foundation. Maryville Branch placed sixth in
Missouri for "highest per capita contribution to Educational Foundation" in 1995.
    The Maryville Branch of the American Association of University Women has been
extraordinarily blessed with good leadership.
                              Maryville Branch Presidents
       1957-59       Lula Mae Sheetz              1983-85        Carolyn Davenport
       1959-61       Avis Graham                  1985-87        Nina Schneider
       1961-63       Dorothy Weigand              1987-89        Kathie Leeper
       1963-65       Leta Brown                   1989-90        Sandra Maxwell
       1965-67       Esther McDonald              1990-91        Muriel Zimmerman
       1967-69       Joyce Smith White            1991-92        Frances Shipley
       1969-70       Barbara Palling              1992-93        Annelle Weymuth
       1975-77       Linda May                    1993-94        Georgene Timko
       1977-79       Marilea Koch                 1994-95        Lois Lindaman
       1979-81       Esther Minter                1995-96        Bridget Brown
       1981-83       Alvera Saucerman
                                   Named Gift
                            AAUW Educational Foundation
       1976   Neva Ross                       1990 Sandra Maxwell
       1977   Esther McDonald                 1991 Muriel Zimmerman
       1978   Mary Jane Sunkel                     Karma Metzgar
       1979   Leta Brown                      1992 Frances Shipley
       1980   Dorothy Weigand                      Margaret Hart
       1981   Barbara Gayler                       Linda Girard
       1982   Linda May                       1993 Helen Hotchkin
       1983   Marilea Koch                         Clara Person
       1984   Mary Jackson                         Lois Lindaman
              Kathryn McKee                        Annelle Weymuth
       1985   Martha Cooper                   1994 Lois Lindaman
              Alvera Saucerman                     Margaret Hart
       1986   Mary Frances Fields                  Georgene Timko
              Esther Minter                        Lela Bell
       1987   Nina Schneider                  1995 Mary Jackson
       1988   Joan Marfice                         Sandra Maxwell
              Barbara Oates                   1996 Karma Metzgar
       1989   Linda Frye

                              Maryville Branch Members
                     who served on the Missouri State Division Board
       Natalie Tackett         Legislative Chairman                          1974-77
                               Vice President, Programs                      1978-79
                               President                                     1983-85
       Frances Hartman         Treasurer                                     1978-80
       Dorothy Weigand         Educational Foundation Board                  1984-86
       Kathryn McKee           Educational Foundation Board                  1984-86
       Barbara Oates           Second Vice President Membership              1984-86
       Karma Metzgar           Parliamentarian                               1989-91
       Linda Frye              Bylaws                                        1991-93

                              Maryville Branch, 1996-2010
                                        by Linda Girard
The Maryville Branch is proud to plan, organize, and conduct our annual community service
event for all local 8th grade girls, Job Shadow, which allows girls to explore possible careers.
2010 was the 19th year of this important project. The girls are placed with women
professionals for the first-hand view of the profession. Branch members serve as drivers and
also as facilitators at roundtable discussions where the girls share their experiences at the end
of the day. Job Shadow encourages girls to set goals for higher education and to realize there
are no barriers to their career aspirations.
    The Maryville Branch started the Opal Eckert Walk in 2004 to honor the memory of the
local longtime educator and AAUW member. In 2006 we established the Opal
Eckert/Maryville, MO Grant, and the fund reached $25,000 in 2010 on its way to $35,000 for
completion. Once fully funded, this annual AAUW grant will help women with their
    The Maryville Branch awards competitive scholarships each year at undergraduate and
graduate levels in conjunction with the Northwest Foundation in memory of Viola May
Corwin and Anna Painter.
                                  Maryville Branch Presidents
1996       Shoba Brown                              1997-98   Pam Graham
1999       Nina Schneider                           2000-01   Lynn Felton
2002       Lynne Felton and Nina Schneider          2003      Muriel Zimmerman
2004       Gina Smith                               2005      Carla Edwards and Mitzi Lutz
2006       Sandra Mull and Rosie Duty               2007      Lynne Felton and Sandra Mull
2008-09    Sonja Henggeler                          2010      Linda Girard

                                    Moberly Branch
                             (organized 1939, disbanded 1990-91)
                                Moberly Branch Presidents
       1977-79         Linda Trotter            1979-83               Bonnie Kisor
       1983-85         Leona M. Bell            1985-89               Betsy Jean Robb
       1989-90         Tammy Caldwell
                                   Nevada Branch
                                     (organized 1951)

                               Nevada Branch, 1975-95
                                  by Opal Guild, Historian
Nevada Branch of AAUW was organized in 1951 and we have one charter member, Frances
Jenkins. Two other members joined in 1953, Bernice Teel and Opal Gould. We also have
three members on the current State Board: Kathy Dains, Sue Sadler, and Allison Fast. Our
president for 1995-97 is Carolyn Thornton. She was named Citizen of the Year for 1995 by
the Rotary Club.
    Nevada Branch has taken an active part in the four Women‘s Symposiums started in
1991. They are held at the Haidee and Allen Wild Center for the Arts at Cottey College in
Nevada. Allison Fast was the Chairperson in 1994. A new member of AAUW for 1995-96,
Carol Ann Winburn, will be the Chairperson for 1996.
                                Nevada Branch Presidents
       1975-77        Glenda Bush           1977-79          Nellie Homes
       1979-81        Bernice Teel          1981-83          Sally Schakel
       1983-85        Judy Campbell         1985-87          Nellie Homes, Allison Fast
       1987-89        Allison Fast          1989-91          Chris Copeland
       1991-93        Sara Compton          1993-95          Judy Fisher
       1995-97        Carolyn Thornton
    In the minutes of February 1958, Louise Chapman reported that the Fellowship
Committee had sent in $66, which was 100 percent participation by members. In March
1959, $520.70 was paid to the Building Fund (I, Opal Gould, Historian, believe that was for
the National AAUW Headquarters at Washington, D.C.)
    In 1962, we gave $500 in a named grant to the Blanche H. Dow Fellowship Fund. In
1965 Cottey College made their donation to the Fund through the Nevada Branch, giving us a
ranking of second in the nation in per capita donations. In 1966 we again sent $500 in a
named grant to the Blanche H. Dow Fellowship Fund, and we received a certificate signed by
Dr. Dow, then AAUW Educational Foundation President. In 1970 a $500 named grant was
made in honor of Dr. Orphan Stockard to the Mary Alice Parrish Fund.
    In 1975, three Vernon County, Missouri, women had International Fellowships named in
their honor: Dr. Blanche H. Dow, Mary Alice Parrish and Chloe Milliken (born in Schell
City and taught in Vernon County).
    In 1979, we gave $500 in a named grant in honor of Reba Cunningham to the Centennial
Fund. President Bernice Teel reported that the Nevada Branch ranked third in the state in
contributions made to the Educational Foundation Program. In 1981 we made our $500
named grant in honor of Nellie Homes (our charter member) to Blanche H. Dow Fellowship
Fund. In 1983 we made our $500 named grant in honor of Jane Dilks, which earned us a
certificate in recognition of outstanding per capita contributions in our Division, signed by
then chairperson, Dianne Buckart.
    In 1984, we applied a gift from the El Dorado Springs Branch of AAUW ($12) and our
share of the Pause in Missouri calendar project ($34.50) to the Blanch H. Dow Fund. In 1985

we again were able to give a $500 named grant, this time in honor of Bernice Teel to the
Blanch H. Dow Fund. In 1987 our $500 donation was made as a named grant in honor of
Mary Miller to the Chloe Milliken International Fellowship. In 1989, we again gave a $500
gift to the Foundation, but it was unnamed.
    In 1991, we made a $500 named grant in honor of Allison Fast to the Educational
Foundation Program. In 1992-93 we collected foundation contributions in memory of Nellie
Homes, Leola Burford, and Anne Salter. Chris Copeland was EF Chairperson.
    In 1993, we made a $500 named grant in honor of Frances Jenkins to the Missouri
Anniversary Endowment, a $278 contribution to the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund and an $88
donation to the EF. In 1994 Frances Jenkins made a contribution to the EF for a leaf on the
National Equity Tree. In 1995 we made a named grant of $633 to in honor of Opal Gould.
    Money raising events have been bake sales, books fairs, raffles, selling of cards, tote bags
and pizza, levied taxes, and, during the last eight years, a talent auction. This auction, held in
November at BIL Lodge at Cottey College, offers items like services, holiday items, baked
goods, home decorations etc. The net income from the 1993 sale was $1,158. In 1994-95 we
made available a decorated tin to collect loose change for LAF. A total of $30 was collected
this way.
    In 1982, proceeds from our book sale ($294.53) enabled us to raise our scholarship from
$150 to $200. Our 1983 book sale raised $425; a bake sale at Bushwhacker Days in 1984
brought in $67.33; and a grocery raffle in 1986 netted $500. Our donations earned us a top
ten per capita contribution star in 1992-93 and a LAF star in 1994-95.
    The El Dorado Springs Branch of AAUW joined the Nevada Branch in the late 1980‘s.
Membership has ranged from 25 in 1982 to 49 in 1978. The current membership is 43.
    The Branch has been active in community affairs through the years. In 1978 the members
produced a Resource Directory for Women, which was made available free at the Nevada
Vernon County Chamber of Commerce and at Cottey College. Each June the Branch
sponsors non-profit games for children during the Bushwhacker Days held on the courthouse
    Dr. Nancy Flott was the chairperson for the Show Me Missouri Women project. A book
fair and autograph session was held May 21, 1994 at the Blanche Shift Ross Memorial
Library at Cottey College. (Our member Nellie Homes designed the library.) There were 20
writers featured, including our own members, Kathy Dains, editor of volume I and Sue
Sadler, co-editor with Kathy of volume II. Others featured were Miriam Gray, Carolyn
Thornton, Sara Compton, Rebecca Kiel and Nancy Flott. Naoma Foreman was a local writer.
A note of interest – Ellen Massey of Lebanon, sister of Miriam Gray and Carolyn Thornton,
was also present. There were guests present from three states, Missouri, Kansas and
Oklahoma, and ten cities.
    Dr. Helen Washburn, a member and president of Cottey College, graciously allows us to
use her home for Fall Coffee Membership Drive. This continues a practice begun by Dr.
Dow. Our regular meeting time is the fourth Tuesday of the month, September through May,
excluding December.
    The Branch publishes a newsletter, which is mailed to each member. It features columns
like President‘s Message, Meeting Notes, Monthly Birthdays, Member Spotlight, Member
News, Treasurer and Secretary Reports, Executive Board Members names and phone
numbers, Supper Club dates, and meeting and board meeting notes.

    We close the year with a May banquet, awarding scholarships and honors. We have given
a ―Women Helping Women Award‖ and a $200 scholarship to a Senior High School girl and
to an adult woman for continuing education (raised from $100 in 1982), and a $100 Summer
Academy Scholarship.
    Over the years, we have met in various locations. We have used private homes, churches,
hospital meeting rooms, restaurants, City County Community Center, Cottey College, City
Council Chambers, the Country Club and, this year, the Nevada Park Care Center.
    Our members have represented the Branch at numerous special occasions and
conventions. Frances Jenkins was a guest at the dedication of the International Flag Garden
to honor Dr. Blanch Dow at Cottey College in April 1994. Judy Fisher, Kathy Dains, Sue
Sadler, Allison Fast and France Jenkins represented us at the state convention in Kansas City
in 1995.
    Our current officers include Carolyn Thornton, President, and Allison Fast, vice

                            North Kansas City Branch
                                      (organized 1958)

                         North Kansas City Branch, 1975-95
In 1975, Judy Stokes carried on valiantly. We had so much fun at Tiffany‘s that we did it
again at Waldo Astoria, making $149.93 which was considerably more than the $60 made at
Tiffany‘s. Lucille Hensley became our State Fellowship Chairman. The National Convention
in St. Louis was almost blocked because Missouri had not ratified the ERA. In 1976 the dues
increased to $15.50. Lucille Hensley, Ruby Jane Scott, and Judy Stokes attended a regional
convention in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Isn‘t that where the horse racing is? We had an
Assertiveness Training Session led by Nancy O‘Hearn for a profit of $100. We were
hostesses for a K.C. Area Conference, attended Tiffany‘s again, manned the information
booth at KCI for the Republican Convention, and toured the Federal Reserve Bank.
    In 1977, Frances Hawk came to our rescue and became the 12th president. Well, after all,
she had not been president since 1971. And that trio of Judy, Lucille and Ruby Jane went off
to another convention – in Springfield this time. Under her leadership we had a wonderful
spaghetti dinner at the NKC Methodist Church, cooked by Charles Kalsu. The profit was
$266.47. Frances Hawk was designated recipient of a named $500 fellowship award. We also
sent a letter to National protesting an increase in Association dues to $15.
    In 1979, June McCandless became president. Charles Kalsu again prepared a dinner for
us as a money making project. That was two years in a row – perhaps we should have made
him an honorary member. $75 was given to the Graduates‘ Assistance Fund at UMKC.
Loveta Capps attended a meeting of National AAUW at the United Nations in New York,
and reported on this at the March meeting. We stuffed convention kits for state convention at
Avila College, had a progressive dinner, and gave a named gift of $500 honoring Stella
    Maurine Owsley chaired the group beginning in 1981. President Owsley urged members
to monitor radio and TV broadcasts for ERA, and send forms to Washington. A memorial to
Fellowships was given for Clara McClellan, and a named gift was given honoring Mary
Roitman. Also, Frances Hawk became State Treasurer.

     During Genevieve Berg‘s reign, which began in 1983, Peggy Johnson attended National
Convention in San Francisco as a non-voting delegate. Our treasury was increased by $44
because of attendance of ―Taming of the Shrew‖ at the Missouri Repertory Theater. Also,
just for fun, a group took the Parkville Country Gallery Tour. A Number of members also
traveled to the Johnson County Community College and heard Senator Nancy Kassebaum
and Beverly Everett speak on ―Peace and National Security.‖ Another $75 was given to the
UMKC Graduate Assistance Fund. Also, $25 was contributed to support the Women‘s World
Exposition at Bartle Hall. One of our special meetings this year was held at the Central
Exchange, and included a tour of the historic building, originally a fire station dating back to
horse drawn vehicles and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A named
gift honoring Margaret Shippee was given to the Educational Foundations. Also, Judy Stokes
was sponsored and received a Woman of Distinction Award by the State. A dues increase
proposal to $50 was protested, and it didn‘t happen – at least not that much. Myra Cotter‘s
name was submitted, and later accepted, as a noteworthy woman of Missouri for inclusion in
the State Division‘s Women‘s History project.
     In 1985, Ruby Jane Scott once again was chosen to lead the group. There should have
been some kind of special award for anybody brave enough to be President for the third time.
The group was still visiting Nelson Gallery, reading books for the day and night literature
groups, and playing bridge – now for $2 per time instead of $1 to benefit the treasury. To
attract new members after the first of the year, the by-laws were changed to allow women to
join for half the price of the Association and Branch dues. State dues cannot be reduced.
Another successful garage sale was held. Shelley Pileggi prepared a questionnaire about our
Branch for each member to complete. Our Branch contributed $40 to the Re-Entry Woman
of the Year Awards, and sponsored a Maple Woods student, Laura March, who was one of
four selected.
     Shelley Pileggi became our president in 1987. Our named gift to the Education
Foundation that year honored Mildred Thomson and our Branch contributed $25 to the Re-
entry Woman of the Year Awards. In 1988, we celebrated our 30th anniversary with a special
     A decision was made to try summer programs, so we gave them a try. They included a
dinner and show, and a sharing of members‘ unusual travel experiences in Russia and China.
     Over the years, we have had a variety of terrific programs. In September, 1988, we
learned from Sally Johnson, Kansas City councilwoman, of a public hearing on the
utilization of the 1/2 cent sales tax. In October, a speaker with wide experience at news
reporting talked on the effect the media has on elections. Members approved a Leadership
Training workshop and a trip to the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery. At our Christmas brunch, we
listened to readings from Mary Shelley, British novelist. At the February meeting, the
members approved the Board‘s recommendation that a named gift be given to honor Judy
Stokes. A state legislator, Joe Bock, spoke on the influence of White House political advisors
on Presidential decision making. In May, a donation to AAUW Legal Assistance Fund was
approved to be made in President Shelley Pileggi‘s name. Dictionaries were presented to
outstanding girl graduates from each of the area‘s high schools.
     In September 1989, Branch members met at the Coves clubhouse for brunch. A group
from PEO presented a light and amusing program. The Branch voted to purchase enough
copies of Show Me Missouri Women to be sent to all of the high school libraries, as well as
one to the Maple Woods Community College library. In March, we socialized with a dinner

out, then listened to Professor Jerzy Hauptman discuss the Balkan countries, giving some
background and leading up to the current events. In April, we were made aware of the work
of SafeHaven, a home for abused women and children. Our student to be introduced at the
Re-Entry Awards luncheon will be attending William Jewell College in Liberty. In the fall,
we heard workers involved with the Habitat program. Members voted to sponsor a meeting
skills workshop on an annual basis. In February 1991, two of our own members, Frances
Hawk and Barbara Sherwood, shared experiences they had had working with the Chamber of
Commerce in its International Visitors program. Barbara Liquie was chosen to be honored
with a $500 named gift to the Education Foundation. We heard Roselle Lanner, who is on the
Board of the Friends of Alvin Ailey, tell of their work with at-risk students, and how they are
helped to find ways to be successful.
     In April, dinner again, and a most interesting discussion from Judge Elliott on the
Juvenile Justice system in Clay County. A fund-raiser in Early May earned $600 for our
treasury. At the regular May meeting, one of our own members, Jane Pansing Brown, a
lawyer, spoke on choices for tomorrow‘s women. Flo Hallett was installed as our president
for the next two years.
     Programs that we all remember in 1991-92 were Gloria D‘Angelo telling of Kansas
City‘s beginning; two women, members of the Assistance League of Kansas City North,
sharing a trunk of artifacts and antiques; a panel of our own members discussing
volunteerism; Linda Moore, a psychologist at CenterPoint, lecturing on the work being done
at the center; Myra Younger, discussing gender bias in the workplace; and Marge Randle,
Futures Supervisor of Missouri‘s Family Services, telling of helping people get off welfare.
     The highlight of the 1993 year was the Career Fair, sponsored by our own Branch and
made possible in part by a grant from the AAUW Educational Foundation. The Fair was
planned to give young women attending an opportunity to talk with successful career women.
Printed materials available included information on local colleges, financial information, and
resume samples. Career representatives and AAUW members offered to be mentors or help
in choosing a career. More than 100 women attended the fair, and we learned some returned
to finish school.
     In 1993, Virjean Burton was selected to be honored with the named gift of $500 to the
Educational Foundation. We heard Carol Kuhns, Director of Synergy House, tell of their
work with runaway teens. Anita Gorman, formerly with the Kansas City Parks Department,
spoke on ―What part does the Northland play?‖ An economics professor from Park College
enlightened with the topic, ―Discreet Discrimination.‖
     In September 1993, Mildred St. Clair began her two-year term as a President. That was
the year one of our own, Mildred Thomson, became State By-Laws Chairperson. We learned
about mentoring from M. Waters, editor and publisher of the Mentor. Janet Draper, a Board
Member from the Kansas City Women‘s Foundation, spoke on grants. We heard about
―sexual harassment from a judicial perspective‖ from an Associate Circuit Judge in our
county court. The AFS students, from Berlin and Tokyo, related the differences they see in
our educational system and their own. ―Hostile Hallways‖ was the topic of Dr. Vicki Baker,
principal of North Kansas City High School.
     One note possibly of interest to other branches concerns our policy when one of our own
members dies. By a motion that passed, we decided to donate $25 as a memorial.

    In May 1994, our last Branch meeting until fall, we had a picnic and then heard Jean
Kerns, one of our own members who is also a docent at the Zoo. She spoke on ―Everything
you ever wanted to know about the Zoo.‖
    Our programs were varied through September 1994 to May 1995. In November we met at
Gallery North, where Cheri Pedego told of her career from teacher to a successful art gallery
owner. In March we had an unusual program. Eight women were honored for having the
distinction of being the first woman to have served in a certain capacity. The four honored
from our own Branch were:
        --Jane P. Brown, 1st woman Clay County Associate Circuit Judge
        --Frances Foerschler, 1st woman to serve on the North Kansas City School Board
        --Wanda Lee Kalsu, 1st woman to found a private school, Oakhill Day School,
              now in its 48th year
        --Elizabeth Short, 1st woman mayor of North Kansas City
    This last meeting was concluded by Mayor Elizabeth Short explaining the need for a
parliamentary procedures training class. She stated that if AAUW was interested in doing this
in conjunction with the North Kansas City Council, she thought it would be appealing to the
Council members. Our group voted in favor of taking part in this.
    These have been busy years of learning and working for worthwhile causes for our
Branch and its members. Now we are looking forward to securing another grant so that we
can offer Career Fair II.

                        North Nodaway County Branch
                           (organized 1973, disbanded 1996-97)

                      North Nodaway County Branch, 1973-95
                                 by Marcia Cline, Secretary
The North Nodaway County AAUW was organized as a satellite of the Maryville AAUW
Chapter in October 1973. September 26, 1977, this Branch became the 69th chapter of the
Missouri Division.
    Past presidents include Maryann Burch, Lorena Clayton, Betty Brummet, Marcia
Cline, Ruth Stelter, Karen Hoskey, Cherri Blair, Margaret Birkenholz,
Virginia Neff, and Phyllis Carmichael.
    This Branch has been active in the community. The Branch sponsors a children's theater
production for grades kindergarten through fifth to promote arts in the elementary, a Reading
Is Fundamental (RIF) project for fourth and fifth graders, a scholarship for a senior girl, a
dictionary award for an outstanding senior girl graduate, and a Women's History Month
contest for students at the local school. Fundraisers to support these activities include an
annual drink stand at the local fair, the Hopkins Picnic, and the raffle of savings bonds.
    Outstanding member accomplishments include:
         Jessie Fine - First Missouri State Teachers' Association Northwest District
                                Outstanding Educator's Award 1979
                        - Northwest District Association of Math Teachers Outstanding
                                Math Teacher 1983
         Virginia Neff - Adult Basic Education volunteer

        Ina Clair Lister - Superintendent of North Nodaway County R-VI School District
        Daisy Workman - President Nodaway County Farm Bureau

                          Northern Clay County Branch
                      (organized 1980 as Excelsior Springs Branch.)
                    A Member of the Kansas City Interbranch Council

                       Northern Clay County Branch, 1980-95
AAUW, Excelsior Springs Branch, held its first election of officers May 22, 1980. Mary
Pettigrew, one of the charter members, was elected president.
                        Northern Clay County Branch Presidents
       1981-82        Karen Helge        1982-83     Barbara Buehrer
       1983-84        Sandy Garza        1985-87     Elaine Richardson
       1987-89        Karyn Ray          1989-92     Jan Purgason
       1992-95        Elaine Richardson  1995-       Linda Smith
    The Branch, which changed its name to Northern Clay County Branch a few years ago,
has been a small but active branch. Their first big project was to host a tea for high school
senior girls and their mothers. Another early project was the painting of the playground
equipment at Lincoln Park in Excelsior Springs.
    One year our Branch combined forces with the local BPW group and manned the
telephones for the public television station‘s fundraiser. For several years our group adopted
a senior citizen. Each month two of our members visited this lady, taking her some food
supplies. We also provided her some financial help at a local grocery store.
    One of our big efforts was hosting the state convention at the Elms Hotel. Under the
direction of President Elaine Richardson, the group worked on many different committees to
bring about a successful state meeting.
    Through the years, the Branch has participated several times in the high school
homecoming parade. Our Branch has also provided information on AAUW at the Chamber
of Commerce Business After Hours. Through these efforts, the group has kept the AAUW
name before the public.
    One of our longest on-going projects has been the Adopt a Highway program. Our
Branch picks up RA four times a year. Under President Norma Geiss, our Branch hosted
pianist Leanora Suppan in a concert at William Jewell College. Another continuing project
has been our sponsorship of an annual Candidates Forum which allows candidates for local
offices to present their views to the public.
    The Northern Clay County Branch has been active in working with students. For several
years, the branch sponsored a contest at Lewis Middle School where the students presented a
video on a famous or not-so-famous woman. This contest was held during Women‘s History
Month. One year the Branch presented a $200 book allowance to a female college junior.
Another year the Branch presented a $250 scholarship to a female high school senior. Last
year the Branch gave three $50 savings bonds to outstanding female science and math
students at Lewis Middle School.

                                     Oregon Branch
                            (organized 1938, disbanded 1982-83)
                                 Oregon Branch Presidents
       1977-78         Thelma Bailey          1978-79        Dorothy Sommer
       1979-81         Ruth Poynter

                                    Parkville Branch
                                    (organized 1935)
                     A Member of the Kansas City Interbranch Council

                               Parkville Branch, 1975-95
The Parkville Branch membership, with 30-33 members per year, has been active in
community affairs and Branch concerns. In 1977 the Branch sent a representative to aid in
the selection of the superintendent for the Park Hill School District. In 1978 and again in
1986 Dorothy Hamilton conducted surveys of area residents. The results showed a concern
about education. The Branch has sponsored open meetings on subjects such as re-entry
employment for women in 1979, recycling in 1991, and introduction of political candidates
in 1992.
    In 1987, Branch members were very concerned about the environment and worked to
encourage the Missouri legislature to consider a bottle bill, which would levy a deposit for
returnable beverage containers. During this time Meg Harding organized a recycling program
with the town of Parkville. The success of this program occurred because of the cooperation
of the town, the refuse collectors and the volunteers. Many of our members have volunteered
time to this ongoing recycling measure. An open meeting in 1991 featured a skit by
elementary children, which was followed by a panel on how and why to recycle.
    Branch members have been active in voter registration in Platte County. Since 1984 we
have registered potential voters for every major election: 696 voters in 1984, 87 volunteer
hours in 1992. We have worked with the League of Women Voters to sponsor ―meet the
candidate‖ forums. The most memorable was in 1992 at the Platte Woods City Hall. There
was standing room only. Some of our members have been active in politics: Isabelle Hasty
became a Parkville Council Woman in 1985. Meg Harding was narrowly defeated for a seat
on the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council in 1995 after advancing in the primary. Parkville
branch has been active in the Interbranch movement to honor women reentering college after
being out of school for at least five years by participating in the selection of the candidates,
fund collection, and hosting the event. Members have represented the Parkville Branch at all
award luncheons.
    We have raised funds for the Educational Fellowships Foundation and for the Legal
Advocacy Foundation by selling Current products and having silent auctions with items
donated and purchased by Branch members. We have contributed financial and usable
donations for SafeHaven, a battered women‘s shelter, during our Christmas brunch, as well
as used business clothing to the Women‘s Employment Network of Kansas City.
    Parkville Branch has been represented at several national conventions: Marlowe
Sherwood, with Christine Porter and Connie Vulliamy, attended in Boston 1981. Julie Boltz

went to San Francisco in 1983. Marlowe went to Columbus, Ohio, in 1985. Sandra Fogt
attended a regional meeting in Tulsa in 1992. Sandra, Irene Ackers, and Betty Dusing
attended a regional meeting in Shawnee, Kansas. State offices have been held by Mary Ball
in 1976, Julie Boltz in 1986 and Sandra Fogt in 1992-to present.
    Several members have been recognized for special awards and achievements. In 1982 we
honored Olga Gilbreath on her 90th birthday. Meg Harding received the ―Woman of the
Year‖ award for a clean environment in 1991. From the Soroptimist Club of Kansas Eve
Kramer received the Pauline Moore Award for working with blind and visually impaired
children in 1989. Betty Dusing was honored by the University of Missouri Extension Service
in 1995. Irene Ackers and her husband became citizens of the United States in 1995. The
Branch celebrated 50 years in 1985 with charter members Constance Vulliamy, Frances
Fishburn, and Elizabeth Campbell sharing memories of Parkville Branch history. Grace
Breen is also a life member. In 1995 Parkville will celebrate 60 years.
    Our Branch has met with the advisory committee on Pause in Missouri, participated in
the sales of Pause in Missouri, and the two volumes of Show Me Missouri Women. For the
second volume, Connie Vulliamy contributed an article on Vassie James Ward Hill, and
Betty Dusing and Dorothy Hamilton co-authored an article on Mildred McAfee Horton.
Marlowe Sherwood was pictured in the local newspapers giving a copy of the first volume of
Show Me Missouri Women to a branch of the Mid-Continent Library. Sandra Fogt and Meg
Harding were pictured donating copies of the second volume of Show Me Missouri Women to
the Park Hill School district for housing in the middle school libraries.
    Meetings have mainly been in the homes of members, several local churches, and for two
years at Platte Woods City Hall. Year end picnics have recently been held on C-Point at
Weatherby Lake.
                                Parkville Branch Presidents
       1975-77         Mary Ball              1977-78        Jan Markoff
       1978-81         Ruby Berg              1983-87        Janet A. Hutchins
       1987-89         Nina K. Spicer         1989-93        Marjie Swomley
       1993-95         Sandra Foyt            1995-97        Betty Dusing

                              Parkville Branch, 1996-2010
                                        by Betty Dusing
     1998: We changed our regular meeting day to the fourth Tuesday. Our January program
was ―Betty‘s books, a discussion led by Betty Johnson. The Interbranch Council sponsored
―girls in the middle‖ conference and discussed a Sister to Sister program. An area conference
at Maple Woods Community College concerning gender roles and education centered around
middle school girls. Su Bacon and Betty Dusing provided the coffee and rolls. In February an
area wide all day Sister to Sister summit was held in the Liberty Community Center.
    1999: Kids Voting USA was introduced as a way to educate young students about voting
and have them encourage their parents to bring them to the voting area. The kids voted their
ballots while the parents did the real voting. We sponsored a political forum with the League
of Women Voters. Included was the issue of a proposed sales tax in Parkville; County clerk
candidates in Platte County, and Missouri legislature candidates for representatives in district

30 and senators in district 34. We helped read essays written by middle school girls
sponsored by TriCounty Mental Health services.
    2000: During the summer, we sponsored a political forum of candidates for Missouri
district 21. We returned to a meeting night on the third Thursday. The state is trying to pass
the ERA amendment. An email network was established along with a telephone tree. Six
Saturdays were devoted to a Sister to Sister series held at Synergy Services with girls who
were selected and sponsored by Synergy. College students facilitated the group discussions.
After the last class girls took home Park College t-shirts.
    2001: ―Coffee for the candidates‖ running for state and local races was held in
September. We participated in Kids Voting USA. We had an unparty for fund raising for the
Education Foundation. We met with Middle School principals and counselors in August to
plan a Sister to Sister event. They suggested we have a one day workshop with a preview in
November for the students and their parents which we did. We had a Sister to Sister
leadership luau in January on the Park College campus. We met with the Leavenworth, KS
branch for our February meeting in Weston, MO. In March some members joined the Liberty
and the Northern Clay branches for a dinner meeting in Liberty to meet ―Mary Todd
Lincoln.‖ We voted in a position for president elect.
    2002: Missouri representative, Meg Harding, spoke on the current political challenges in
Jefferson City. Dr. Beverly Byers-Pevetts, the new president of Park University, spoke on:
Being a woman in higher education. We sold baked goods to ourselves to raise money for the
Education Foundation. Our philanthropy in December was bingo prizes for the Wexford
residents since we held our meetings in their center. We held a Sister to Sister leadership luau
on the Park University campus on January 4. Our February speaker was a survivor of Pearl
Harbor. She was six years old at the time.
    2003: ―Coffee for the candidates‖ was held at the Wexford Retirement Home. In October
we read and discussed Plainsong by Kent Haruf as part of the Kansas City Book initiative. In
November we sold baked goods to raise money for the Education Foundation. In December
we brought bingo prizes for the residents. We had a Sister to Sister leadership luau on
January 7. In March the Missouri State AAUW president, Donna Medlin, visited with our
Branch. We hosted the reading of the essays for the Re-entry program.
    2004: Our September meeting was held in the Park University library at 6:00 pm. After a
sandwich buffet we viewed and discussed the art exhibit by Donna Bachmann, the head of
the Art Department at Park. In October we read the book: The Year the Colored Sisters Came
to Town as part of the United We Read campaign. Our Christmas brunch collected bingo
    ―Betty‘s Books‖ and book sale was the program in January. The February program was
member Sapna Gupta showing pictures and discussing the temples of India. The March
meeting was combined with the Park University women history series. The Parkville Branch
was in charge of the Re-entry program. The luncheon was April 3 at the Union Station Café.
The Missouri State Leadership meeting was held on the Park University campus April 23-25.
The question of adding community college graduates to AAUW membership provoked a lot
of discussion.
    2005: We are meeting on the fourth Thursday. ―Coffee with the candidates‖ was held in
October. We participated in Kids Voting USA. A former member, Grace Breen, celebrated
her 106 year birthday in October. Su Bacon was elected to the Missouri State AAUW board.
We read essays for the TriCounty essay contest for Girl Power. At our December brunch we

brought bingo prizes for the Wexford residents. Our February luncheon was a style show
from Steinmart.
    We read re-entry essays. Three Park students were winners. Our March meeting was
cancelled, too many conflicts.
    2006: Membership is now open to those who hold degrees from community colleges.
Some members went to St. Joseph, MO to help re-establish a branch. Our philanthropy in
December was for Harvesters. In January we had ―Betty‘s Books‖/ book sale. The February
luncheon program was ―Gender Bias: a personal story.‖ The Kansas City Branch and the
UMKC Women‘s Center are working to begin a student affiliate branch of AAUW.
    2006-07: Linda Vestal was appointed to the Missouri State board. Our first student
affiliate group was organized by Rachel Atwood. In September we had a ‗free lunch‘ to
introduce the students and faculty to AAUW. We celebrated 75 years of our Branch history.
―Coffee with the Candidates‖ was held in October. The Christmas brunch philanthropy was
to SPEAC (Southern Platte Emergency Assistance Center). ―Betty‘s Books‖ and a crock pot
supper was held in January. The Missouri State and Kansas State AAUW met on the Park
University campus April 20-22.
    2008: The meetings are once again on the third Thursday. This is the second year of the
student affiliate club and 2nd annual ―Free lunch‖ to invite students and faculty to hear about
AAUW over pizza. Philanthropy at Christmas was for SPEAC. Betty‘s Books/book sale was
rescheduled for February 21. Our annual February luncheon was on February 15. Our
incoming student affiliate president is collecting funds to go to the leadership conference in
June at Washington, DC. The Branch gave her some funds.
    2009: This is the third year of the student affiliates club. They had a voter registration day
in the fall. We had our annual free lunch of pizza and cookies. The turnout is getting smaller
each year. Our December philanthropy was SPEAC. Betty‘s books/book sale went on as
scheduled. Linda Vestal was recognized on campus as student club advisor of the year.
Sandy Fogt and Betty Dusing attended the national convention of AAUW in St. Louis during
the summer.
    2009-10: Jackie Keck resigned her position as president, Mary Shriner, president elect,
took the helm. Our free lunch for students and faculty did not bring any students or faculty.
Our student branch is floundering with only one student, the president, who is trying to
reorganize the club. We hosted the IBC. Two meetings were held on the Park campus.
    2010-2011: The free lunch meeting was still all members. In November we met at the
SPEAC distribution center and brought our contributions. The center serves a large number
of clients and is very well organized, especially considering the entire staff is volunteer
workers. Betty‘s books/book sale was snowed out and will be held in March. The February
luncheon will have a good speaker. We are in charge of the reentry section of the IBC for this
year and next year. Plans are pending.

                               Parkville Branch Officers

1998 President: Betty Dusing                1999 President: Betty Dusing
V-P Programs: Cathy Newton                  Pres. Elect: Su Bacon
V-P Membership: Carol Crane                 V-P Programs: Cathy Newton
Treasurer: Irene Ackers                     V-P Membership: Carol Crane
Secretary: Linda Vestal                     Treasurer: Irene Ackers
                                            Secretary: Shirley Rickett

2000 President: Su Bacon                    2001 President: Su Bacon
V.P. Programs: Cathy Newton                 V.P. Programs: Ann Schultis
V.P. Membership: Sapna Gupta                V.P. Membership: Sapna Gupta
Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum                   Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum
Secretary: Shirley Rickett                  Secretary: Betty Johnson

2002 President: Su Bacon                    2003 President: Su Bacon
V.P. Programs: Ann Schultis                 Pres. Elect: Ann Schultis
V.P. Membership: Jackie Keck                V.P. Programs: Linda Vestal
Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum                   V.P. Membership: Jackie Keck
Secretary: Betty Johnson                    Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum
                                            Secretary: Betty Johnson

2004 President: Ann Schultis                2005 President: Ann Schultis
V.P Programs: Linda Vestal                  Pres. Elect: Linda Vestal
V.P Membership: Jackie Keck                 V.P. Programs: Maggie Monahan
Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum                   V.P. Membership: Jackie Keck
Secretary: Betty Johnson                    Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum
                                            Secretary: Marion Gunn

2006 President: Linda Vestal                2007 President: Linda Vestal
V.P. Programs: Maggie Monahan               V.P. Programs: Mary Gard
V.P. Membership: Jackie Keck                V.P. Membership: Jackie Keck
Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum                   Treasurer: Mary Jane Thum
Secretary: Marion Gunn                      Secretary: Mary Ann Johnson

2008 President: Linda Vestal                     2008-09 President: Jackie Keck
V.P. Membership: Rachel Atwood                   V.P. Programs: Su Bacon, Mary Shriner
Treasurer: Ann Schultis                          V.P. Membership: Rachel Atwood
Secretary: Mary Ann Johnson                      Treasurer: Ann Schultis
                                                 Secretary: Mary Ann Johnson

2009-10 President: Jackie Keck                   2010-11 President: Mary Shriner
President elect: Mary Shriner                    V.P. Programs: Denise Lowe
V.P. Programs: Su Bacon                          V.P. Membership: Gerri Hesketh
V.P. Membership: Gerri Hesketh                   Treasurer: Sandy Fogt
Treasurer: Sandy Fogt                            Secretary: Mary Ann Johnson
Secretary: Mary Ann Johnson

                                 Poplar Bluff Branch
                            (organized 1956, disbanded 1989-90)
                               Poplar Bluff Branch Presidents
       1977-78         Patti Stewart          1978-79        Judy Scott
       1979-80         Vida Stanard           1980-82        Marjorie Cook
       1982-84         Jo Nelson              1984-86        Mildred B. Coursey
       1986-88         Sandy Price            1988-89        Gretchen Hutson

                                    Raytown Branch
                                    (organized 1954)
                     A Member of the Kansas City Interbranch Council

                              Raytown Branch, 1975-2010
                                       by Sandra Frank
The Raytown Branch in its last 20 years has continued the traditions begun by its founders in
the mid-fifties. In its 40 plus years, the Branch, located in a suburb of Kansas City, has tried
always to exemplify the standards of the American Association of University Women. The
membership has remained fairly stable, ranging between 35 and 50, with a good percentage
as active members.
    In the last twenty years, the Raytown Branch reflected the concerns of American women
everywhere. The Branch took action in the matters of: passage of the Equal Rights
Amendment; equality in the workplace; battered women; treatment of women prisoners in
the Missouri penal system; concern for the proliferation of teenage illicit drug use and
suicide; ecology; and, of course, the education of women.

    The Branch annually awards college scholarships to two local female graduating high
school seniors. The Branch participates too, in the metro area ReEntry program. Recognition
is given to outstanding female math and science scholars from the three local high schools. In
January, 1995, the Raytown Branch sponsored its first Women in Math Seminar for local
high school girls; and in 1996, the first session of a mother and pre-teen daughter program
called "Choices" was co-sponsored by the regional council of Girl Scouts of the USA and the
Raytown Branch. An important project in 1979 was a public survey conducted and tabulated
by the Branch to determine why Raytown voters failed to support a school levy after years of
strong support for schools. The results were presented to the school board and a change in the
board's response was instituted.
    In 1988, the Branch sponsored a Festival of the Arts for Raytown and the surrounding
areas. It has continued, grown, and other Raytown groups have joined in its sponsorship. The
Branch also has a book review group, Books N' More. The Branch participates in the parade
and activities of the Raytown community festival in the fall. And for many years the Branch
held candidate forums for school board and city council candidates.
                                Raytown Branch Presidents
       1975-77        JoAnn Ulrich           1977-79        Jan Alderson
       1979-81        Judith Welsh           1981-83        Betty Trotter
       1983-85        Mary Haley             1985-87        Shirley Forsythe
       1987-89        Anne Walters           1989-91        Alyse Stoll
       1991-93        Carolyn Graff          1993-95        Eleanor Brown
    Officers for the Raytown Branch for 2009-10 year were Martha Erickson and Sandra
Frank, co-presidents; Susan Landers, Vice-President of Membership; Dorothy Fry, Vice-
President of Programs; Pam Ratliff, Secretary; and Susan Luce, Treasurer. The Branch held
their regular meetings at The Bickford, 9110 East 63rd Street, Raytown, Missouri. Each
program was selected and prepared to support the mission of AAUW and to further our
education and understanding of the world around us. We chose to learn about public policy,
educational opportunities around the world as compared to the United States, the importance
of STEM for women and girls, how women have managed to succeed in areas once
dominated by men, and to promote equity for women and girls through our scholarship
    On September 14, 2009, the program featured Dorothy Turano and Alyse Stoll who
reported on the National Convention held in June in St. Louis. On September 26 a special
outing was organized by Dorothy Fry to tour Channel 9, the television station of the ABC
affiliate in Kansas City. Maria Antonia, a feature reporter, and Lisa Teachman, weekend
meteorologist, guided the tour. The program on October 5, 2009, was titled "The New Era of
Journalism and Media‖ and was presented by Anne Christiansen-Bullers, student media
coordinator of Johnson County Community College in Kansas.
    November 2, 2009, brought four state representatives to our meeting to discuss the issues
before them for the coming year. Members were able to ask questions of each state
representative about his or her position on issues and what they felt were the most pressing
for Missouri residents. On December 7, 2009, the Raytown High School Camarata performed
seasonal music to entertain members, guests and the residents of Bickford. This followed a
wonderful potluck dinner. Members brought items to donate to the local Emergency

Assistance Program. On February 1, 2010, Monica Rojas-Beck, former member and Re-
Entry scholarship winner, brought five students from North Kansas City High School who
had immigrated from Bosnia and Burma very recently. They related the route their journey
has taken to escape the situation in which they had lived and how they were succeeding in
the United States.
    On March 2, 2010, Marty Erickson discussed the influence her mother and family had on
her pursuit of education and self-improvement. High School girls, who excel in Math and
Science, as chosen by their teachers, were honored. This coincided with the 17th annual
Women in Math Seminar, organized by Alyse Stoll, at Raytown South High School. Girls
heard women who are officers and directors discuss how math helped them to succeed in
their chosen business field. April 5, 2010, brought Sara Chitwood, former Athlietic Director
and Instructional Coach of the Raytown C-2 School District, to talk about Title IX and its
impact on women's athletics. The Branch also co-sponsored the 22nd annual Community
Arts Festival along with the Arts Council and the local school district. The program on May
3, 2010, was presented by Derrick Barnes, local children's book author. Some members also
attended and supported the local Senior Expo which presented information and helpful
resources for senior citizens of the community. June 7, 2010, was the date of the annual
family picnic at which the two scholarship winners from local high schools spoke and
received their scholarship checks.
                          Raytown Branch Officers for 2010-11
       Martha Erickson - Sandra Frank - co-presidents
       Susan Landers - Vice-President of Membership
       Dorothy Fry - Vice-President of Programs
       Pam Ratliff - Recording Secretary
       Sara Swaters – Treasurer
    The Branch also supported a book club, named Books 'n More. The group met monthly at
lunch to discuss a book chosen by the group the previous spring. Books for the 2009-2010
year were: Guernsey Literary Society and the Potato Peel Pie by Mary Ann Shafer and
Annie Barrows, Blessings by Anne Quindlen, Night by Elie Wiesel, The Lucky One by
Nicholas Sparks, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie, The Last Lecture by
Randy Pausch and Old School by Tobias Wolff. The Ethnic Dinner Club met the last
Thursday of each month to sample food featured at a different ethnic restaurant. Members
and their spouses or friends enjoyed the various food offerings.
    The Branch worked to raise enough money to offer two $1000 scholarships to local high
school girls who submitted applications and were chosen by the committee. We also
supported the Re-Entry Scholarship program organized by the InterBranch Council of
Kansas City. Funds were raised by selling Entertainment 2010 books, nuts and treats, Macy's
Shop for a Cause, and a garage sale in June. We added two new members to our roster and
hope to continue to attract new members next year. Sandy Frank and Pam Ratliff attended the
State Conference in Jefferson City in May. The Branch received the Galaxy Award and the
Ten Star Award for the 2009-2010 year.

                                   Richmond Branch
                            (organized 1947, disbanded 2002-03)

                              Richmond Branch, 1975-95
                                        by Susan Pride
In 1977 and again in 1979 Susan Pease, Past-President, attended the National Convention.
The Branch‘s 1979-80 programs centered on ―Families Facing Change.‖ Richmond‘s first
Health and Wellness Fair was sponsored by the branch in 1981. A display of this project was
taken to the National Convention in Boston. In 1982 the Branch membership increased from
34 to 51, which received special congratulations from the Missouri Division.
     In 1983, Susan Pride (Pease) was named Ray County‘s representative on the Kansas City
Metropolitan Region Commission on the Status of Women. Member Sue Finke, President of
the Richmond R-XVI Board of Education, was appointed to the Missouri Council of
Certification for Educators in 1984. In 1985 the Branch began a series of cultural programs
opened to the public. These included a production of ―Spoon River Anthology,‖ presented by
the Excelsior Springs Community Theater; a special program on the Stocksdale Gallery of
Art, Liberty; a brass ensemble from the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra; piano duets by
local musicians; and a series on chautauquas.
     Joyce A. Dana, Superintendent of Richmond R-XVI Schools, was the Branch‘s
nomination for the Missouri Woman of Distinction Award for 1988 and was the winner of
this prestigious award. It was presented to her at the Regional Convention in Little Rock,
Arkansas. This year was also marked by the Branch‘s winning of the Branch Growth Award
for Increase in Membership.
     A visit to the Spencer Museum on the campus of the University of Kansas at Lawrence to
view a special exhibit of an 18th century PRESEPIO was a highlight of the 1989 Christmas
season in lieu of a regular meeting.
     President‘s Day, 1990, was celebrated with a ―Musical Potpourri‖ open to the public.
This was professionally presented by local talent under the direction of a Branch member to
an audience of 300. In April four of our members attended a symposium at the University of
Missouri at Kansas City, ―To Celebrate Missouri Women,‖ sponsored by the Kansas City
Branch. In May one of our members was selected as a delegate to the Missouri Governor‘s
Conference on Library and Information Services, held in Jefferson City. Also in May, State
Senator Pat Danner spoke to us about the accomplishments of the year‘s legislative session.
We were pleased to have a visit from State President Jean Shull.
     A panel of local authors spoke of the trials, tribulations, and joys of a writer‘s life and
fielded questions in an open meeting in May 1991. Almost since its inception the Branch has
presented annually to the senior girls with the highest grade point averages in each of the five
Ray County School Districts a Certificate of Award. These are presented at the Senior
Assemblies. Hosting annual teas for the senior girls has been an ongoing project also.
     The Branch has continued to have programs covering local projects of a community
nature, has concentrated on the status of education in public schools, the status of women,
and ecology/recycling, to name just a few. It has made contributions in the form of donations
of time and money to such projects as the Ray County Library, Girls‘ State, B&PW Senior
Dinner, Foster Grandparents Program, the tennis court fund, Educational Foundation Fund,

and most recently, to the Flood Relief Fund for the area-wide disastrous flooding of July-
August 1993.
                               Richmond Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Susan Pease            1979-81        Opal Richardson
       1981-83        Avis Shumaker          1983-85        Catherine E. Pfannenstiel
       1985-87        Sue Finke              1987-89        Judy Lester
       1989-90        Dorothy Moffin         1990-91        Ardis Driskill
       1991-95        Susan Pride            1995-97        Patty Solomon

                                     Rolla Branch
                                      (organized 1930)
                                  Rolla Branch Presidents
       1975-76        Gwen Scheibe           1976-77        Ann Dunipace
       1977-79        Harriet Brown          1979-80        Pat Shaw
       1980-81        Lola Howe              1981-83        Mary Anderson
       1983-85        Ruth Amos              1985-87        Mary Anderson
       1987-89        Jerry Heifner          1989-91        Jerry Carey
       1991-93        Gen Bono               1993-95        Jane Messanger
       1995-96        Mary Anderson

                               Ste. Genevieve Branch
                            (organized 1980, disbanded 1986-87)
                                 Ste. Genevieve Presidents
       1980-82        Mary Louise Armbruster        1982-84         Jean Morris
       1984-86        Virginia K. Caputo

                                 St. Charles Branch
                                      (organized 1933)

                             St. Charles Branch, 1975-95
The St. Charles branch of AAUW has been active in the community since its beginning in
1933. The rapid changes in the community have been reflected in the projects of the Branch.
In addition to Branch projects, members continue to serve on local government boards and
commissions. The scholarship given annually to a local senior high school girl who shows
qualities of leadership and academic achievement has increased from $50 to $200. Branch
members have served as research writers for Pause in Missouri and for Show Me Missouri
    The Branch has always taken an active part in local affairs by encouraging educational
endeavors and by showing concern for community service. Some of the accomplishments in

that area have been as follows: in 1937, a donation was sent to the flood victims of the Ohio
Valley; following World War II, boxes of clothing were collected and sent to the
International Federation of University Women in Europe; in 1970, active support was given
to the establishment of Homewood, a group home for delinquent boys; in 1974, a brochure,
―Help for Girls,‖ was published, listing local agencies and services available; in 1974 the
Branch sponsored a local ―Festival of Missouri Women in the Arts‖; in 1975 and 1976
legislative issues forums were sponsored.
    During the 1980s, the Branch participated actively in voter registration, served as
volunteer judges for the Francis Howell High School Speech Tournament, and promoted
―Women‘s History Month‖ by contributing a book about women to the St. Charles City-
County Library, along with displays of women‘s achievements. This tradition continues
along with an annual ―shower‖ of personal items for the Women‘s Crisis Center. The Branch
holds a Christmas auction each year to benefit the Educational Foundation. This has been
very successful, and the Branch has honored 24 members with named gifts.
    Several members have served as President of the St. Louis Area Interbranch Council. The
St. Charles Branch has had two members serve as President of Missouri AAUW and there
are many others who have served and are presently serving on the Missouri AAUW Board.
The St. Charles Branch was named a Five Star Branch by the Association in 1995. This
recognition by the Association underlines the Branch‘s commitment to promoting equity and
education for women and girls.

                            St. Charles Branch, 1996-2010
               by Barbara Barnett, Co-Historian, and Teri Brecht, President
1997-1998 Theme: Women Creating: Then and Now. Ron Henry, a teacher at Barnwell
Middle School, spoke on Black Women in History. Six young women from three local
schools were awarded Certificates of Achievement in math or science. Other programs:
―Finding Their Voices: Women‘s Hymns as Women‘s Poetry‖–Julie Melnyk, English Dept.,
Central Methodist College; ―Women in Public Life: Opportunities and Challenge‖–Vivian
Eveloff, Dir. Institute for Women in Public Life; ―Sara Teasdale: Poetic Voice of St. Louis‖–
James Scott, English Dept., SLU; ―Innovative Ways to Serve the Community‖–Panel: Heidi
Bushur (Parents as Teachers), Anita Hookette (Volunteers in Medicine), Sharon Malpiedi
(Smart Start); ―St. Charles Sister City, Ludwigsburg, Germany‖–Joe Daues, President, St.
Charles Sister Cities; ―Becoming Principled Partners: How Grassroots Women and Their
Academic Partners Can Build a Community Together‖–LaDoris Payne, Imani Family
Center; ―A Little Bit of Ribbon, A Yard or Two of Lace‖–Sharon Townsend, Living History
Farm, Des Moines, Iowa. Scholarship recipients–Kimberly Ann Sieve, Fort Zumwalt North
High School and Mary Ann Woytus, St. Charles Community College.
    1998-1999 Theme: Missouri on Our Minds: History, Nature, and the Arts. Resident
musicians from the St. Louis Symphony presented a program. One was a cellist and the other
a violinist. Another program was presented by Ann Case, Master Gardener of the Year in
1993, and a self taught naturalist. Leah Jansky, professor at Maryville University, gave a
program on the life and times of Calamity Jane, sponsored by the Missouri Humanities
Council. Our thanks were given to Main Street Books for helping with the local scholarship
fund which netted $175. The Missouri State Convention was held at the Holiday Inn Resort
and Conference Center at the Lake of the Ozarks. Other programs: ―Women and Art in St.
Louis During the 19th Century‖–Dr. Elaine Tillinger; ―History of Significant Buildings in St.

Charles, First State Capitol of Missouri‖–Dan Rothwell; ―The Art and History of Decorating
for the Holidays‖–Don Thebeau; ―Diversity Workshop: Many Colors of MO‖; ―MO
Imagined‖–Paul Abein. Scholarship recipient–Miranda Philips, St. Charles West High
    1999-2000 Theme: Women in the Forefront. Success Midwest, which helps low-income
women seeking employment, was discussed. A number of awards were given this year. One
was the Missouri AAUW Five-Star Award that involved community action, membership,
fundraising/visibility and public policy. We ranked tenth in the Legal Advocacy Fund in the
top achievers in 1999 and in retaining or increasing membership. We ranked twelfth for
Educational Foundation donations. Harriett Woods, former Lieutenant Governor of Missouri
and immediate past president of the National Political Caucus, spoke on ―Women in
Politics.‖ A program was given by a Holocaust survivor entitled, ―Remembering is not
Enough.‖ The program ―No Job for a Woman‖ included a woman firefighter, a minister, and
math/science teachers from St. Charles High School. A program about Phillippine Duchesne,
pioneer teacher, was given. Members attended an ERA rally held in Jefferson City.
    2000-01 Theme: Women in a New Millennium. The Missouri AAUW applied for and
received a grant for voter education and Public Policy efforts. $1,000 for the local
scholarship fund was raised during the successful concert by First Methodist Church Organist
Sharon Byers. The St. Charles Branch was announced as a Nine-Star Recipient at the state
meeting of AAUW in April. The Branch became involved in a Volunteer Fair for the
community which showcased various organizations in the area. In a book exchange,
members were asked to donate books, then donate $1.00 for each book borrowed. Receiving
the monthly newsletter by email was discussed. Programs: ―Their Cause is Marching On‖–
Francie Wolff; ―Women in Politics in a New Millennium‖–Rep. Cindy Ostmann; ―Becoming
an Author: Experiences and Challenges‖–panel of local authors Lilah Contine, Scotti
Priesmeyer, Bobbi Smith; ―Women and Heart Disease‖–St. Joseph Rehab Unit personnel;
―The State of Missouri‘s Rivers and Wetlands‖–Steve Spezia, Busch Conservation Center;
―Garden Photography: The Art of Seeing‖–Christine Fuerhoff; ―Decorating with Feng
Shui‖–Amy Stephens. Scholarship recipient–Kate Sammons, Francis Howell High School.
    2001-02 A brief presentation by Partnership with Families on the topic ―Putting Kids
First‖ occurred before the regular meeting. This was a countrywide effort to make the public
more aware of the challenges facing our youth. The group voted to become a member of the
advisory board of Bridge Builders, a group committed to diversity. A board decision was
made to approve the Branch working with the St. Charles County Social Justice Alliance
group with the subgroup Bridge Builders in a 21st century project. Programs: ―Women‘s
Political Issues‖–Deleta Williams; ―The State of the State: Important Legislative Issues for
2001-02‖–Senator Chuck Gross; ―Refugees in the St. Louis Area‖–Ann Rynearson,
International Institute of St. Louis; ―The Importance of Being a Financially Savvy Woman:
Managing Your Money and Assets‖–Gary Shaw, Morgan Stanley; ―Stress Management
Techniques, Massage Therapy Demonstration‖–St. Joseph Health Care Center staff.
Scholarship recipients: Kim Loung, Fort Zumwalt High School and Caroline Kraml, St.
Charles Community College.
    2002-03 The IBC Luncheon and Spring Conference was held on March 8. A concert by
the St. Charles Community Band in April at the St. Charles High School netted $505 for our
local scholarship fund. $48 was earned from book rentals for the general fund. Programs
included: ―Missouri Humanities Program‖–Betty Cook Rottmann; ―Daniel Boone Artifacts‖–

Lindenwood University; ―Genealogy: How to Start a Search‖–Anne King; ―Black History–
DuSable‖–Carolyn Roth, St. Charles Historical Society; ―St. Joachim‘s Care Services‖–
Marian Mahan; ―What‘s Happening in Stem Cell Research‖–Laura Donahue; ―Confluence
Greenway Project.‖ Scholarship recipients: Kelly Aurand, Fort Zumwalt North High School,
and Tracy Perry, St. Charles Community College.
    2003-04 The local Branch was asked to support the Bridge Builder‘s projects to
encourage Missouri State Legislators to pass a law to give mobile home residents the same
rights in a mobile home park as other home owners. The St. Charles Branch was in charge of
accommodations for the IBC Spring Conference and Luncheon held at the Stegton Regency
Banquet Center. At the first business meeting a discussion was held on the allocation of the
Educational Foundation funds to the Diamond Jubilee Fund, now called Projects and
Research Fund. This would enable the Branch to assist that Fund to reach its goal of $35,000.
Programs: ―Bridge Builders‖–Mary Harrison and Mary Ferguson; ―Women‘s Health
Issues‖–Dr. Robert Brown; ―St. Charles History‖–Dr. Daniel Brown; ―My Goals and
Experiences‖–high school Math and Science Award recipients. Scholarship recipient: Ellen
Chen, Orchard Farm High School.
    2004-05 Missouri AAUW was awarded a non-funded grant to help the ―Get Out the
Vote‖ campaign. A scholarship concert was held March 4 at St. Charles High School. The
100-piece band ―Northwinds‖ performed. It was announced that a professional auctioneering
team would conduct the Christmas auction at no charge to AAUW. Programs: ―Quest for
Equality and Justice‖–Warlene Reed; ―1904 World‘s Fair: Then and Now‖–Yvonne Condon,
Missouri Historical Society; ―Women and Islam‖–Maysa Albarcha; EF Auction; ―Liberia:
From Founding to Turmoil‖–Dr. Don Heidenreich; STEM Awards and Salad Supper,
Lindenwood; ―Identity Theft‖–Joan Crenshaw. Scholarship recipient: Nina Zhao, Francis
Howell High School.
    2005-06 Twenty-two members signed up for eight sessions with the Great Decisions
discussion group. The December auction raised over $1,700 for the Educational Foundation.
Membership brochures were taken to the Kathryn Linnemann Library for distribution to the
St. Charles County Branches and to Lindenwood College. The local scholarship fund was
enhanced when Main Street Books donated twenty percent of the $400 worth of books to
sales to members. Eight members attended the Regional Convention in St. Louis. Four
members worked at the registration table.
    Programs: ―Debating the Democratic Deficit‖–Dr. Joyce Marie Mushaben, UMSL;
―Autism‖–Don Wiebler; ―Report on the Missouri Legislature‖–District 6 Rep. Rachel
Bringer; EF Auction; ―Services of the Women‘s Center‖–Pat Kulik; ―Life in Missouri During
the Time of Mark Twain‖–Debra Crank Lewis, SCCC; STEM Awards and Salad Supper;
―1850 Women‘s Rights Convention in Worchester NY‖–members Readers‘ Theater.
Scholarship recipient: Amanda Kimbal, St. Charles West High School.
    2006-2007 Hosting an ―Old Bags Dinner‖ for the May meeting fundraiser was presented.
Each participating member would bring a sack supper to be purchased by another member
for $10. It was announced that the LAF and EF dues for 2008-2009 will be based on the
present membership. There was a trip to the St. Louis Art Museum in April. An article was
written describing the Gender Equity Program which recognizes the most outstanding female
math and science students. This would enable the St. Charles Branch to apply for the
Missouri Galaxy Award. It was announced that we now have nine Century Club members in
the St. Charles Branch.

    Programs: ―Mission and Activities of the Coalition‖–Rev. Rebecca Turner; ―Report on
the Missouri Legislature‖–District 6 Rep. Rachel Bringer; ―Estate Planning‖–Michael
Weeks; EF Auction; ―Diversity in Everyday Life‖–Panel Discussion; STEM Awards and
Salad Supper; ―Experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer‖–Arlene Rose; ―TBA‖-Bob
Schuette. Scholarship recipient: Jennifer Sommerfeld, St. Charles High School.
    2007-08 All 16 seniors and parents invited for the Math and Science Awards Recognition
attended the Salad Supper in May. Each participant gave a two- to three-minute speech about
mentors, school, and career plans. Teachers spoke about their path to a teaching career.
Historian Barbara Barnett researched the local Branch and included a decade in each of the
monthly newsletters, starting with 1933-43.
    Programs: ―Stories of Hope‖–Readers‘ Theatre Group; ―New Methods of Cancer
Treatment‖–Dr. Lannis Hall-Daniels, Siteman Center; ―AAUW Topics of Interest‖–Shirley
Breeze; EF Auction; ―Rosa Parks‖–Betty Takahashi; STEM Awards and Salad Supper;
―Women‘s Education as a Path to Economic Security‖–Lucy Morros, Lindenwood; ―Islam to
Christianity: My Journey to Freedom‖–Amy Sipos. Scholarship recipient: Emily Menkes,
Francis Howell High School.
    2008-09 In October 2008, the Branch celebrated its 75-year anniversary. State Presidents
and IBC Presidents were invited to attend the anniversary meeting. Mayor Patricia York
signed a Proclamation from the City of St. Charles. Tables were decorated to represent each
decade. Along with a wide variety of cakes, ―That Special Wartime Cake‖ from a 1943
recipe was a featured dessert. The Branch was in charge of arrangements for the Spring
Fling. Barbara Barnett received the Seventh Annual Barbara Lackritz AAUW Service Award
from the St. Louis IBC. The Math and Science Awards Recognition project again received
the Missouri Galaxy Award. The National AAUW Convention was held in St. Louis in June.
Four members attended and worked at the three-day convention. Two members attended for
one day. Eight members attended the Missouri State Conference on Sunday afternoon. Lilly
Ledbetter was the featured speaker. Two projects with middle school girls were made
possible with the funds from the Peg Witt Grant.
    Programs: ―New Lindenwood Theatre: Upcoming Season‖–Marsha Parker; ―From
Lockheed to LA to the Hell of Santo Tomas: Women of World War II‖–Hal Berry, SCC;
―The Real World Begins: Picking Up and Moving On after the 2008 Presidential Election‖–
Sylvester Brown, Jr., St. Louis Post Dispatch; EF Auction; ―Making Connections
Networking and Embracing Cultures‖–Linda Jacobsen; STEM Awards and Salad Supper;
―Leftover‘s Lights-Up Learning‖–Sandra O‘Dell; Dulcimer Music Concert‖–Paul Boughton.
Scholarship recipient: Chelsea Tossing, Wentzville Holt High School.
    2009-2010 ―Martha and Maxine‖ presented a skit at both the local meeting in September
and at the Missouri State Leadership meeting in May reviewing the Convention, changes in
AAUW, and a look at the coming year. At the October meeting a special cake
commemorated Eleanor Roosevelt‘s 125th birthday. The Branch became cosponsors for the
University of Missouri Extension ―Women‘s Financial Education‖ series of classes held at
the St. Charles Community College each year. Two members attended the 5-State
Conference in Little Rock AR in June. Day trips: January-April Lectures at the Ethical
Society; Lewis and Clark Boathouse and Nature Center.
    Programs: ―AAUW Update: Martha and Maxine Skit‖–Teri Brecht and Linda Dencker;
―Atai Orphanage in Uganda‖–Amah Emuge; ―Missouri Legislature‖–Rep. Jeanette Mott-
Oxford; EF Auction; ―February Flowers‖–Holly Gilette; STEM Awards and Salad Supper;

―Panning for Gold or Why I Keep My Day Job‖–Dr. Gerald Messey; ―Six Influential
Women‖–Readers‘ Theatre. Scholarship recipients: Kara Kennison, Francis Howell North
High School and Deboral Poertner, St. Charles Community College.

                      Yearly Events for St. Charles Branch AAUW

    November–Main Street Books in St. Charles donates 20 percent of November purchases
by AAUW members for the local scholarship fund.
December–An annual auction of quality items and baked goods elicits donations which go to
the Educational Opportunities Fund. Several members receive Century Club certificates and
pins yearly.
    March–STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Award honors sixteen area
high school senior women from eight local high schools who have outstanding achievement
in math or science as nominated by their teachers. Students, parents, teachers and counselors
attend a Salad Supper provided by the membership. Students prepare a short speech
discussing their mentors, interests, educational and career plans.
    May–A local high school senior woman receives a $500 scholarship after an intensive
selection process. A St. Charles County woman with 60 credit hours of Associates degree is
awarded $500 to continue her studies at a 4-year college.

                                   Named Gift Honorees
       1997-98        Barbara Broadfoot, Dulcie Couillard
       1998-99        Linda Dencker, Grace Poertner, JoAnn Schnur
       1999-2000      Veita Jo Hampton, Sharon Van Meter
       2000-01        Sylvia Barnard, Phyllis Johnson, Vivian Nieuwsma
       2001-02        Frances Washington, Mary Goldkamp, Jodie Ricketts
       2002-03        Teri Brecht, Jeanne Huesemann, Judy Johnson
       2003-04        Jacqueline Cooney, Celeste Hall, Marlene Holiday, Anne Wright
       2004-05        Mary Stiegemeier, Barb Landreth
       2005-06        Barbara Broadfoot, Janice Rumfelt, Sharon Tebbe
       2006-07        Barbara Howard, Patricia Meyer, Jan Molino
       2007-08        Karen Schneider, Dulcie Couillard, Barbara Roach
       2008-09        Barbara Barnett, Betty Takahashi, Teri Brecht, Virginia Terry
       2009-10        Linda Dencker, Betty Knapp, Pam Kulp, Joyce Rothermich, &
                             Rose Ann Weeks
                              St. Charles Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Ruth Gash          1979-81      Eleanor Randall
       1981-83        Doris Crozier      1983-85      Ann M. Handford
       1985-87        Virginia Terry     1987-89      Sandra Morris
       1989-91        Betty Takahashi    1991-93      Rebecca Henkey
       1993-95        Barbara Olive      1995-97      Warlene Reed
                      & Donna Schenebeck
       1997-99        Linda Dencker      1999-2005    Barbara Broadfoot
                      / Genie Hatch
       2005-08        Gerry Jacobs       2008- Teri Brecht

                                    St. Joseph Area
                          (organized 2006-07, disbanded 2009)

                              St. Joseph Area Presidents
       2006-07       Jan Huss      2007-08      SharonWagner

                                St. Joseph Branch
                          (organized 1925, disbanded 2001-02)
                  (reorganized and renamed St. Joseph Area in 2006-07)

                             St. Joseph Branch, 1975-95
                  by Dorothy Kneib, Edith Mauzey, and Marjorie Lance
The St. Joseph Branch has held its meetings in the YMCA, Platte College, Village East
Towers, Community Room of the Ashland Commerce Bank, Zion United Church of Christ,
Board of Education Building, Children‘s Library, Mental Health Office, Kensington,
Ashland Methodist Church, Military Heritage Museum, Robidoux Row, and Corby Place,
over the past twenty years.
    The Branch has given a local scholarship through the Florence Smith Scholarship Fund
each year. Annually the Branch has contributed to the Educational Foundation Program. The
Branch received outstanding awards for contributions of over $600 in 1982-83 and for per
capita donations in 1981-82. The moneys for the scholarships were collected through
donations, bazaars, bakeless bake sales, silent auctions and ―cup of change.‖
    In 1983, Branch president Helen Creal presented a silk corsage to Ethel Bloomfield in
honor of her receiving the Sertoma Humanitarian Award. In 1984 Missouri Western College
held a corporate membership in our Branch and placed a representative on our Board.
    In 1988, the Branch and the local YWCA held a joint observance for the centennial
celebration of the founding of AAUW Educational Foundations and the YWCA. Also in
1988, Barbara Maxwell was honored as a recipient of the Citation of Merit in Education
Award, an alumni award.
    The St. Joseph Branch of AAUW hosted the June 1991 State Convention at the Holiday
Inn Downtown Conference Center. In the summer of 1992 the Branch provided a carry-in
luncheon for four women enroute from their homes in Guatemala to the IFUW Conference in
California. The women shared their culture and taught us much about life in their country.
    In 1995, the St. Joseph Branch helped sponsor a weeklong celebration, ―One Woman-
One Vote,‖ at Missouri Western College. This celebration gave several organizations a way
to commemorate together the 75th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the
U.S. Constitution, which gave women the right to vote. Organizations included were the St.
Joseph Area League of Women Voters, the YWCA, Republican Women, Democratic
Women, Women‘s Career Network, Missouri League of Women Voters, and AAUW. The
St. Joseph Branch of AAUW turned 70 in 1995, with a membership of 46.

                                St. Joseph Branch Presidents
       1975-77         Mrs. Eugene Crumpton           1977-79         Mrs. Willis Wilcox
       1979-81         Mrs. Helen Pennington          1981-83         Mrs. Helen Creal
       1983-87         Mrs. Lynetta Montgomery        1987-89         Miss Virginia Gardner
       1989-93         Miss Barbara Maxwell           1993-           Mrs. Dorothy Snook
                        St. Joseph Branch Members on State Board
       1993-95         Miss Barbara Maxwell
                       Miss Marilyn Maxwell

                                    St. Louis Branch
                                       (organized 1898)

                              St. Louis Branch, 1898-1997
                                    by Helen H. Henderson
The St. Louis Branch of the American Association of University Women is the second oldest
branch in Missouri. It was organized in 1898 under the name of Association of Collegiate
Alumnae with 53 charter members. In 1921 the College Club of St. Louis, who had similar
purposes, joined with the Association to become the College Club, St. Louis Branch
American Association of University Woman. In 1949 the membership policy ratified at the
national convention in Seattle that any women with an approved degree from an AAUW
accredited institution was eligible for membership. This was unacceptable to some members
who organized as the College Club. Our Branch then became the St. Louis Branch of
American Association of University Women. Since 1949 the Branch has met in various
locations on Saturdays, with most study groups meeting in the evenings.
     The organization of suburban branches, some with our aid and blessings, has left the
Branch a working core of dedicated members who retain the emphasis of this Branch since
its beginnings. The commitment to the fellowship programs has remained strong and
effective. The St. Louis Branch has been in the top five contributing branches in Missouri.
Since 1951 the Branch has always had at least one named gift to honor our outstanding
women or contributor to AAUW‘s purposes. Often there has been more than one named gift.
Traditionally the Education Foundation donations have been placed in ―little red stockings‖
at Christmas time. The St. Louis Branch initiated the co-sponsorship with the Tuesday
Women‘s Association of the Ethical Society of St. Louis of the International Relations
Lecture Series with well-known speakers. Other branches have joined in the sponsorship and
membership on the planning board.
      The St. Louis Branch has been a strong supporter of the St. Louis Area Interbranch
Council taking part in its administrative jobs, its activities and projects. Under the leadership
of Elaine Moss, St. Louis Branch member, the Council partially sponsored the special issue
of the Journal of Aesthetic Education on Paestum (Italy) and Classical Culture Past and
Present. Branch members have helped in publication and distribution of the semi-annual
bulletin listing all the Branch‘s programs with a contact person and a phone number.

     Our members have been on Missouri State Boards, national boards–Ella Bettinger was
State President from 1977 to 1979; Carol Davis McDonald has held many state offices as
well as Branch offices; Kay Meyer and Lucy Whitaker are on the present board. The Branch
has encouraged and aided attendance at the state, national, and regional level meetings.
Members have also attended the International Federation of University Women. Their
appraisals of these meetings have been included in the Branch‘s meetings and planning. The
membership is also participating in women‘s organizations oriented to AAUW‘s programs,
such as the Missouri Women‘s Network and the St. Louis Educational Equity Coalition,
which evolved out of an AAUW roundtable on equity. Joint general meetings and study
group memberships as in the Peripatetics, the touring group, in the literature groups, in the
legislative group as well as the Downtown Lunch Group have expanded the Branch‘s
programs and friendships.
     Projects undertaken by the St. Louis Branch have included mounting three art shows at
the Busch Center Gallery, St. Louis University. One was in conjunction with the 1986
Southwest Regional Conference in St. Louis. The second, in 1988, featured crafts and art by
AAUW members. The third was held in 1991 and featured art by Missouri women. Recently
our members have helped with KETC Public Television Station‘s pledge drives and also with
the pledge drives at KWMU, the University of Missouri/St. Louis radio station. A 1994
program noteworthy for the response and the enthusiastic discussion it generated was ―Afro-
American Organizations Community Concerns,‖ chaired by our longtime member Olivia
Collins for Black History Month.
     The Missouri AAUW publication Pause in Missouri has articles written by St. Louis
Branch members and was bought by the Branch to be given as gifts to libraries and school
libraries. Show Me Missouri Women has biographies of members as well as those written by
our members. Both volumes have been donated to the St. Louis Public Library and to Blanch
Touhill, Chancellor of the University of Missouri/St. Louis for her emphasis on women‘s
     As the St. Louis Branch nears its one hundredth anniversary, as well as the challenging
twenty-first century, members look forward to exciting new concerns still keeping our
cherished traditions.
                               St. Louis Branch Presidents
       1977-79        Carol A. Davis        1979-81        Barbara Johnson
       1981-83        Helen Henderson       1983-85        Anne Sullivan
       1985-87        Nadine I. See         1987-91        Elaine Koamparakis Moss
       1991-93        Nancy R. Crow         1995-96        Barbara Johnson

                             St. Louis Branch, 1997-2010
                      by Diane B. Ludwig and Carol Davis McDonald
                          St. Louis Branch Presidents 1997-2010
       1997-99        Helen Huntoon Henderson       1999-2001      Kathryn (Kay) I. Meyer
       2001-05        Janet (Jan) A. S. Scott       2005-09        Amy Telthorst Weisser
       2009-11        Diane B. Ludwig

    Ella Bettinger, Diane B. Ludwig, Carol Davis McDonald, Kay Meyer, Jan Scott and Lucy
Whitaker all held positions on the AAUW-MO state board during this period.
Diane B. Ludwig also served as the national chair of the Fundraising Committee from 2009-
    Ongoing Branch projects included Peripatetic‘s, an annual Membership Tea, book
groups, Holiday Red and Green Stocking luncheon, and the May Luncheon with installation
of officers. Members also participated in area AAUW offerings, such as Great Decisions,
Downtown Lunch Group, the International Lecture Series at the Ethical Society, Mid-County
Afternoon Literature Group, Sister-to-Sister activities, and the Adelanté Book discussion
group. Many attended AAUW state Legislative Day, and state leadership conferences and
    In 1998, the St. Louis Branch celebrated its 100 anniversary (1898-1998)! A Branch
event was held on September 20, 1998 at the home of Ella Bettinger. The annual Inter-
Branch Council (IBC) Luncheon on March 6, 1999 also honored the Branch with a gala
luncheon, proclamation and special recognition. The event was held at The Lemp Mansion in
the City. The Branch had 27 members at the time, of which Florence Stein, age 101, was the
oldest member in attendance.
    Over this period, Branch programming covered a variety of topics including doing the
underground railroad tour, exploring the world wide web (growing quickly in ‘97), musical
interludes by Jan Scott, and staying current on AAUW issues. In April 2001, the Branch
declared ‗Helen Henderson Week‘ to honor this long-time member, leader, and mentor who
was moving back to Iowa to be near family. During 2001-02, the Branch supported the LAF
case of local professor, Dr. Kathy Sokol, St. Louis Community College, including attending
the court proceedings and writing letters to the board of trustees. In 2003, the Branch held a
joint meeting with local members of the National Association of University Women. In 2004,
the Branch proudly nominated Carol Davis McDonald for the AAUW-MO Woman of
Distinction Award, which she won.
    During the latter part of the period, after 2005, the Branch moved away from regular
monthly meetings to more project oriented meetings. The first project involved research,
study and community discussion of sexual harassment policies and issues on local college
campuses. Discussion Salons were then held to focus the Branch on various topics over a
longer period of time. Salon topics included The Value of the Arts to the Community; The
Impact of Women and Sports on Our Community, and the national report, ―A Woman‘s
Nation Changes Everything.‖ During AAUW‘s 130 anniversary year in 2010-11, members
looked back 100 years and studied St. Louis women and their issues during the early 1880s.
Casual movie nights were added in 2009, focusing on movies about women who made an
impact in their worlds. During 2010, a Summer Study Group featured St. Louis women
authors. During fall 2010 and spring 2011, the Branch was sponsor for ―Catalyst for
Change,‖ a project by Washington University‘s Women in Science group, to expose local
high-school girls to science, technology, engineering and math as careers. The project
received an AAUW Campus Action Project grant. The Branch assisted at the three-part event
and helped provide women scientists and engineers to talk with the girls.
    Branch meetings were held at the Barr Branch of St. Louis Public Library (South City
area) during the early part of this period, then at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and later
in members‘ homes or favorite restaurants, as membership declined to a low of 15-16 during
2007-08. It slowly rallied to 21 members by 2010.

    Branch newsletters, sent monthly, and Branch updates kept members informed on
AAUW issues and Branch activities. During 2005-06, newsletters began being offered both
electronically and hard-copy.
    Fundraising projects included: designing a T-shirt with the official four AAUW logos
from throughout AAUW‘s history and a ‗Daisy Girl‖ T-shirt in 2002 (both headed by Lucy
Whitaker); a dinner mystery theater; Trivia events in 1999-2001, and the on-going and
popular ―Red and Green Stockings‖ for the Holiday Party (direct donations to favorite
AAUW Foundation/Funds). The Branch consistently ranked in the top ten in state awards for
highest per capita giving to EF and LAF, had 2-3 MO Century Club members each year, and
always made its financial goals.

                     St. Louis Interbranch Council (IBC)
               Named: Metro St. Louis Interbranch Council (IBC)
In the fall of 1970, Teresa Mayer (later Hofstatter) contacted the presidents of the three
Branches that were in existence in the St. Louis area: St. Louis (Margaret Joyce), Creve
Coeur (Rosamond Musgrave) and Ferguson-Florissant (Helen Finn). The group got together
for a number of meetings to discuss trying to coordinate and pool information. It was decided
to have an Interbranch Council. The Council was composed of the above three presidents and
Theresa Mayer as an ex-officio member from the Missouri State Division Board. The
Council was organized to: 1) recognize all Branches in the area through sharing of general
meetings of special importance, announcing topics being studied in each Branch, and sharing
newsletters; 2) share information from state, regional and national meetings; and 3) attempt
consensus on state legislation and actions of general concern.
    Margaret Joyce served as chair of the Council meetings until the spring of 1971, when
there were three more Branches added to the council. They were Jefferson County, St.
Charles, and the newly formed Kirkwood-Webster Groves Branch. It was decided at that
time to include the president from each Branch, the legislative chair, and an at-large person
added to the Council. An election of the Council was held in the spring of 1971. The Council
Branches were Creve Coeur (Rosamond Musgrave, president, membership 101), Ferguson-
Florissant (Helen Finn, president, membership 82), Jefferson County (Barbara Johnston,
president, membership 57), Kirkwood-Webster Groves (Maurita Stueck, president,
membership 70), St. Charles (Jane Kitt, president, membership 70) and St. Louis (Theresa
Hofstatter, president, membership 210). (The above historical information was provided by
Mrs. Musgrave from the Creve Coeur Branch‘s scrapbooks, a newspaper clipping ,and her
    In its early days, a telephone listing for AAUW was answered by the United Nations
Association, and contact information was forwarded to the appropriate Branch. Mail was also
delivered there for pick up by the IBC chair. Each Branch was levied a charge to pay or the
service. Later, after sufficient funds had accrued, IBC paid for the phone listing. When this
service was no longer available, IBC purchased a business white-pages listing of the national
office‘s telephone number for referrals to appropriate Branches.
    In later years, new Branches were formed and added to IBC: Franklin County, West St.
Charles County, and Lafayette Area (later Ballwin-Chesterfield). Although not a voting
member, the South St. Louis County Satellite Branch, fostered by the Kirkwood-Webster
Groves Branch, came into and then out of existence. Under guidelines adopted in May 1981

and revised in November 1986, May 2009 and August 2010, IBC continues to foster
cooperation among member Branches with regard to programs and projects with area-wide
implications, to open channels of communication for the sharing of ideas and interests, and to
provide leadership training for Branch Board members.
     Today IBC consists of Ballwin-Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Ferguson-Florissant,
Kirkwood-Webster Groves, St. Charles, and St. Louis Branches. Meetings have been held
four times per year, in August, November, February, and May, which traditionally was a
potluck supper and leadership-training meeting. Both outgoing and incoming officers were
invited. When state, regional, and national conventions, as well as state board meetings, were
held in the St. Louis area, member Branches were asked to assist with local arrangements. In
addition to sharing branch, state, and national information, IBC planned a Fall Area
Conference, which subsequently became the Winter Area Conference and then the Spring
Area Conference. It currently is called the ―Spring Fling.‖ Responsibilities for the conference
have been rotated according to a schedule divided into program, arrangements, evaluation,
publicity, and registration; the Branch arranging the program was on standby the following
year. Conference programs addressed the current two biennial AAUW topics. Examples of
programs were:
     *Politics – Working Within the System, with two concurrent sessions, Politics and
Economics and Politics and the Judiciary, followed by two other concurrent sessions, Food
as a Political Weapon and Politics and Education.
     *Exploring the Topics: Managing Resources for Tomorrow and Families Facing Change
(concurrent sessions: Adding Lie to Years: The Male in the Changing Family; and The
Impact of Change on the Family).
     *Taking Hold of Technology: Advances in Medicine with presentations on The CT
Scanner: What It Is and What It Does; The Technology of Good Health: Diet Fads, Nutrition
and the Woman of ‘82.
     *A celebration of the St. Louis Branch‘s 100th anniversary.
     *A look at gender discrimination and harassment through the eyes of plaintiff Mary Beth
     *A history of the Kiel Opera House and Auditorium and the efforts to reopen and
revitalize it.
     Projects of IBC included the Paestum project with the Southern Illinois University-
Edwardsville and the Journal of Aesthetic Education; an art exhibit; an Educational Equity
Roundtable (1992). In 1996-1997, IBC co-sponsored the annual Hiroshima-Nagasaki
Observance in University City by the Women‘s International League for Peace and Freedom
and the ―Spirit of Beijing, Spirit of St. Louis‖ Women‘s Equity Day at Webster University.
On several occasions IBC sponsored concerts by Leonora Suppan-Gehrich held at the Ethical
Center to benefit the Educational Foundation. In 1998, a Sister-to-Sister Summit for girls
from 12 to 16 was held at Webster University. This daylong conference brought together
girls of diverse backgrounds to candidly discuss issues that they themselves identified as
critical. Breaking into small groups, the girls developed strategies to address their common
concerns and reconvened to consolidate their ideas into a unified platform for action. In the
fall of 2002, when the Legal Advocacy Fund provided assistance to Dr. Kathy Sokol for her
discrimination lawsuit against St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, members of the
Branches wrote letters in support of Dr. Sokol to SLCC-FP, attended her discrimination trial

in the federal courthouse (Easter District of Missouri), and earmarked funds to LAF for her
    Branches cooperated in producing bookmarks and flyers, which had Branch program and
contact information and which were distributed to all public libraries in the metro area. Area-
wide programs included the International Relations Lecture Series, a program co-sponsored
by the Ethical Society of St. Louis that provides interested members of the public with the
opportunity to learn about and discuss issues of global importance with experts from the
community; the Adelante Book Group, which uses the AAUW national list of books that
promote diversity; Downtown Lunch Group; and volunteering to answer phones during PBS
pledge campaigns. In recent years, IBC has continued a project begun by the KWG Branch
involving the St. Louis History Day Project. Prize money is provided to winners of an annual
contest for high school students who complete projects related to women‘s history.
    In 2003, IBC established the Metro St. Louis IBC Barbara Lackritz Service Award to
recognize members who uphold the mission of AAUW and provide service and leadership in
AAUW and non-AAUW areas. Honorees have been:
        2003 - Barbara Lackritz, Creve Coeur, Kirkwood-Webster Groves, Ballwin-
        2004 - Shirley Breeze, Ferguson-Florissant, and Shirl Garhart, Creve Coeur
        2005 - Jean Shull, Kirkwood-Webster Groves
        2006 - Ella M. Bettinger, St. Louis and Kirkwood-Webster Groves
        2007 - Carol Davis McDonald, St. Louis and Kirkwood-Webster Groves
        2008 - Julia Triplett, Ballwin-Chesterfield
        2009 - Lynne Roney, Kirkwood-Webster Groves, and Barbara Barnett, St. Charles
        2010 - Dr. A. Patricia Shores, Ballwin-Chesterfield
                               IBC Chairs Since Its Inception
       Margaret Joyce         St. Louis                      1970-1971
       Rosamond Musgrave      Creve Coeur                    1971-1972
       Maurita Stueck         Kirkwood-Webster Groves        1973-1974
       Marcia Whitson         Ferguson-Florissant            1974-1975
       Rose Ann Glazer        Creve Coeur                    1975-1976
       Roberta Miller
                Sterling      Kirkwood-Webster-Groves        1976-1977
       Bobbe Hodgden          Creve Coeur                    1977-1978
       Velja Lacey            Ferguson-Florissant            1978-1979
       Virginia Terry         St. Charles                    1979-1980
       Barbara Lackritz       Creve Coeur                    1980-1982
       Toni Garrett           Ferguson-Florissant            1982-1984
       Barbara Johnson        St. Louis                      1984-1986
       Jean Shull             Kirkwood-Webster Groves        1986-1988
       Sandra Morris          St. Charles                    1988-1990
       Dorothy White          Creve Coeur                    1990-1992
       Nancy Gerber           Ferguson-Florissant            1992-1994
       Betty Takahashi        St. Charles                    1994-1996
       Shirl Garhart          Creve Coeur                    1996-1998
       Linda Stark            Ballwin-Chesterfield           1998-2000

Kay Meyer              Kirkwood-Webster Groves     2000-2002
Jan Scott              St. Louis                   2002-2004
Linda Tinker and
Harriett Hirshfield    Ballwin-Chesterfield        2004-2006
Mary Gaffey and
Donna Eichman          Creve Coeur                 2006-2008
Nancy Gerber           Ferguson-Florissant         2008-2010
Marsha Koch            Kirkwood-Webster Groves     2010-2012

                              Salem Branch
                       (organized 1947, disbanded 1992)
                           Salem Branch Presidents
1977-79        Paula Hamilton        1979-81       Beverly Jacobs
1981-85        Nathalie Belpulsi     1985-86       Treva Hearne
1987-89        Jean Batchelor        1989-91       Mary C. Wood

                             Sedalia Branch
                      (organized 1940, disbanded 1985-86)
                          Sedalia Branch Presidents
1977-78        Margaret Belt         1979-80       Kathy Eka
1980-81        Karin Keithly         1981-82       Ruth Karen Cowherd
1982-84        Mary E. Fischer

                              Slater Branch
                      (organized 1937, disbanded 1994-95)
           Currently part of Marshall/Slater/Saline County
                           Slater Branch Presidents
1977-79        Pearlleta Carr        1979-81       Sharon Thomas
1981-83        Mary Frances Siger    1983-85       Connie Clements
1985-87        Ruth Gamby            1987-90       Perletta Cunningham
1990-91        Eva Hill              1991-93       Mary Vale Jones

                           Smithville Branch
                       (organized 1947, disbanded 1988)
                         Smithville Branch Presidents
1977-81        Elizabeth Long        1981-85       Lou Kindred
1985-87        Anna Mae Kobbe

                         South St. Louis County Branch
                            (organized 1980, disbanded 1983-84)
                             South St. Louis County President
       1980-83        Ruth Carrington

                                  Springfield Branch
                                      (organized 1908)

                              Springfield Branch, 1974-96
                                        by Ruth Sheeley
The late 1970s and early 1980s saw a drastic change in the Branch. More of the younger
women were entering the full-time employment. ―Empty nesters‖ returned to school or work.
Their time for organizations became rationed and memberships waned. New fields of study
drew attention: women‘s worth, equality, entering the work place how-to. With assistance
from State leaders, the Branch managed to hang on and to function.
    A creative writing contest for elementary school students honored fledgling writers and
poets. The contest was our major activity. It took organization, judging, and a potluck dinner
for the awards. The Martin L. King Scholarship, established by the late Dr. Virginia Craig of
Southwest Missouri State University, is for a black student, freshman, entering SMSU. The
Branch reviews applicants and awards the scholarship. Additional scholarships aiding
women returning to school are funded and administered by the Branch.
    We swept into the 1990‘s with full realization of our need to be heard, to be active in the
community. The Women‘s Show, Equality Day, workshops, community programs for girls
and women, the visual and spoken arts, public television have all been targets for our
attention. The membership contributed individual efforts where their interests lay.
    AAUW grew, albeit slowly, and continues to grow. Individual accomplishments should
be noted. Nancy Bell spearheaded the drive to bring public TV to Springfield. Dr. Leslie
Irene Coger was honored for her life-long work in the theater. Dr. Daya Shankar studied hill
women and folklore in her native India and in the Ozarks and lectured on the similarities and
differences of the two cultures. She also won a discrimination suit against her employer.
Marjorie McCune shone as a poet and writer. Elizabeth Snodgrass served on the State Board,
as did Nancy Bell and Daya Shankar. Elizabeth is credited with holding our Branch together
over the rough times, and with hosting a State Convention in Springfield. Marjorie
Armstrong continued to co-author books with her husband, O K Armstrong. Ruth Sheeley
became the first woman to take Wood Badge Training with the Boy Scouts in Southwestern
Missouri the first year it was offered to women. She was awarded her beads upon completion
of the leadership course. She was also awarded the Silver Beaver, highest honor given by the
Ozark Council, BSA. Ruth‘s woodcarving and writing for carvers gained her international
    In 1993-95, under the leadership of Kathy Winter, the issues of women and girls have
been priority. Members have taken the messages of AAUW into their other organizational
areas, increasing awareness. A multicultural dinner, emphasizing diversity, benefits our
scholarships fund. A garage book sale added to the fund also.

   Exciting things are in the air for 1995-96. Forward AAUW!
                              Springfield Branch Presidents
       1974-77        Elizabeth Snodgrass        1977-79           Patricia Allen
       1980-83        Marian Jury                1983-85           Mildred Laurenson
       1985-87        Gisela Kopp                1987-90           Virginia Ruth Sheeley
       1990-91        Elissa Lewis               1991-93           Archana Shankar
       1993-95        Kathleen Winter            1995-97           Donna Medlin

                            Springfield Branch, 1997-2008
                                      by Donna Medlin
In the fall of 1997, Springfield Branch President, Geraldine Hill, prepared the group for the
90th anniversary of the founding of the Branch. The celebration luncheon was held in April of
1998 at the Tower Club. In 1999 under the leadership of Ms. Hill and program and
membership vice presidents, Donna Medlin and Betty Snodgrass the Branch hosted a Sister-
to-Sister Summit that was co-sponsored with the Branson Branch.
    Local author Thelma Spencer served as president from June 1999 until June 2001. During
this time the focused energies on involving the community in the Adelente book club and
some ―meet the author‖ activities. The group also did a door to door walk for ―Get out the
Vote‖ with a focus on educational funding and a voter registration campaign.
    A Woman-to-Woman summit was hosted in the fall of 2002. Six local groups and
organizations were invited to share a dialogue focusing on women‘s issues. The keynote
speaker was Senator Joe Maxwell. The Branch continued to focus on encouraging women to
vote and distribute information on voting records of candidates in the 2002 and 2004
elections. President from 2001 through 2005 was Donna Medlin.
    In 2004 in collaboration with other member organizations of the Ozarks Alliance
of Professional Organizations, AAUW members participated in and hosted focus groups for
the Working Women‘s survey. Survey results were presented at a Woman of Distinction
Event co-sponsored by the Alliance and Missouri State University. Results indicated that
most Ozarks women rated working conditions and flexible hours as more important factors in
career satisfaction than salary. A slight majority said they would prefer to work part time
rather than fulltime even if it prevented future career promotions.
    Elizabeth ―Betty‖ Snodgrass, a long time AAUW leader served as Branch president from
2005 until June of 2007. In 2007, Betty moved from Springfield to Wichita, Kansas, but she
continue her Branch membership and support of the Springfield Branch. Later that year, long
time AAUW leader, mentor, friend, and local wood carver Virginia ―Ruth‖ Sheeley passed
    In October of 2008, the State board helped the Branch celebrate its 100th anniversary with
a luncheon on the Drury University campus. Certificates of recognition were presented from
Regional Director Shirley Breeze and State President Marsha Koch. An anniversary power
point presentation was presented at the board meeting and later posted to the Branch
webpage at
    During the past decade, the Springfield Branch has continued to serve as administrators
for the Martin Luther King Scholarship at Missouri State University. The scholarship was
established by Dr. Virginia Craig. Several local scholarships have been presented. In addition

to scholarships, community projects have involved the Regional Girls Shelter, the Family
Violence Center, and Boys and Girls Town.

                    Springfield Satellite (Christian County)
                             (organized 1975, disbanded 1984-85)

                              Springfield Satellite Presidents
       1977-80         Ruth Davis 1980-84           Exilee Hanna

                     Sullivan Country Branch (Milan, MO)
                             (organized 1977, disbanded 2001-02)

                           Sullivan County Branch, 1977-95
                                       by Opal L. Martin
The Sullivan County Branch was chartered October 21, 1977, with twenty members. The
first president was Mrs. Harold (Grace) Taylor. The present president is Mrs. Dale (Belinda)
Essmyer. Past Presidents have been Mrs. James (Gladys) Crumpacker, Mrs. Robert (Fay)
McCann, and Miss Velda Kincaid.
     The Sullivan County Branch of AAUW contributed the book Show Me Missouri Women
to the Sullivan County Library in Milan, Missouri, in 1990. One of the members, Gladys
Crumpacker, the second President of the Sullivan County Branch of AAUW, was included in
the book. Gladys was active in all phases of education: school board, rural schools, 4th grade
teachers, special education teacher, and elementary principal at Milan C-2. Since retiring she
has written Pollock Centennial Book and a two-volume History of Sullivan County. One of
the members, Lucy Sevier, was given a certificate in special recognition of ―Women of
Distinction‖ by AAUW in 1988. Another member, Velda Kincaid, received a certificate of
―Completion of the Volunteer Leadership Training‖ (VOLT) in 1988.
     There have been some excellent programs during the past eighteen years of the Sullivan
County Branch of AAUW. Missouri State AAUW President Audrey Shafer, of Kansas
City, spoke to the Branch in 1988. Other speakers have included attorneys, doctors, state
legislators, a judge, a broker, several ministers, health nurses, tax consultants, engineers, the
Associate Editor of the County Paper, school counselors, a librarian, several retired college
teachers, a dentist, a speech group from an historical society, representatives from the junior
college, music directors, and more. Programs have included reviews, debates, films, fund-
raisers, donation collections.
     The Branch has contributed money toward high school student trips when the students
have earned the trips as honors. Often the students reported back to the Branch on their trips.
Several examples follow:
     -Donation to student Marie Stephenson, member of the Milan FHA Chapter, who in 1986
made a trip to the HERO Region National Leadership Conference.
     -Donation to honor student Bryan Watson for participation in the Missouri Scholars
Academy, held each year on the MU Campus in Columbia. After his participation with 315
others in 1987 he made a report back to the Branch about the program and its worth to him.

    -Donation to students Michelle Garver and Lisa Siglin for the National FHA Trip in
    -Donation to sophomore student Amy West for her trip to Washington D.C. and New
York City as a delegate to the United National Youth Pilgrimage in 1989.
    In 1992, Jeannine Williams of Lucerne Mo. presented a program of her experiences in
organizing and developing her business of 41 different products which she prepares in her
kitchen, sells and distributes throughout the nation.
    Members have collected items to donate to the Women‘s Shelter of the Green Hills Area
in Trenton Mo. for several years. Each year white elephant auctions have been held for a
fundraising project for the Educational Foundation.
    The Sullivan County Branch at the present time has 12 members. Four of these are
charter members: Velda Kincaid, Opal Martin, Octa Phillips, and Sherry Quigley. The other
eight members are: Belinda Essmyer, Priscilla Havens, Mary Helmken, Fran Kincanon,
Charlene Pittman, Joy Richardson, Robin Thomson and Karen VanSoest. Seven of the
twelve are teachers in the Milan C-2 School, Milan MO.
    The Branch has met in various places: Community Federal Room, church basements,
Rebekah Lodge Hall, Milan C-2 School rooms, restaurants, homes of members and recently
in the Sullivan County Library. Most meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 4:00
    ―The only wise speed at which to live is--Godspeed.‖

                                   Trenton Branch
                           (organized 1938, disbanded 2002-03)

                               Trenton Branch, 1976-95
The Trenton Branch of the American Association of University Women has been active and
viable the last 20 years. From a high of 100+ members in the 1970s, the membership
decreased to around 30. In the last few years membership has stabilized and recently has
experienced an increase. In the 1994-95 year a 10% increase was achieved. Approximately
35 percent of the members have actively participated in AAUW for 20 years or more. At
least three of our members have been active members for almost 50 years. They are Juanita
Denslow, Marian McCarty, and Bessie Hammond.
    In 1989, the Branch observed its 50th anniversary year. Programs on the theme
―Women‘s Work/Women‘s Worth‖ began with a visit to the Chillicothe Branch where
Missouri Division President Audrey Shafer addressed the two Branches.
    The Sadie Yates Scholarship, first presented in 1940-41, has continued to receive
support. Various fundraising activities have been created to increase the monetary value of
the scholarship. The most recent Halloween Cookie Sale produced sufficient funds to allow
two scholarships for the 1995-96 school year.
    Members became interested in recognizing the talents of Missouri women as early as
1984. A Branch program about 20 outstanding area women led to media publicity and
eventually the inclusion of 16 biographies, written by six members, in the publications Show
Me Missouri Women, Volumes I & II.

    In 1990, the Branch began a project enabling junior girls in the high school to visit with
professional women practicing in a career in which the girls have expressed an interest. This
project was developed using the Creve Coeur Branch model. Each year since, about 20-25
junior girls and 15 or more professional women have participated in a day-in-the-work-place
    Another community project has been to maintain a small city park that features a fountain
surrounded by green space. The Branch spearheaded a drive to get funds to restore the
fountain and continues to care for the park.
    A packet of materials on Hostile Hallways was sent to school superintendents of eight
area schools. The Branch, in coordination with North Central Missouri College, implemented
―Opportunities Unlimited,‖ a program of education for women re-entering the job market.
    Each year during March, the Branch focuses on women who have affected history. The
Mayor, or some years the County Commission, has declared March as Women‘s History
Month. Some of our activities follow: recording for broadcast on the local radio vignettes of
local women featured in the Show Me Missouri Women books; worked with the newspaper to
have stories about women who have made a difference; developed a display in the public
library featuring Missouri women writers; and setting up pictorial displays of women in
history in banks and other public places.
    Branch participation in state activities has been good. Delegates have attended State
Conventions, Regional Conferences, and workshops. State presidents Jean Shull, Patt Braley,
and Second Vice President Barbara Oaks have visited the Branch.
                            Trenton Branch Presidents 1976-95
       Ann Sibbet             Betty Wimer
       Joyce Polley           Connie Hoffman
       Catheryn Higdon        Carolyn Smith
       Arlene Garrison        Laura Lymer
       Mary Hoffman           Susanne Walden
       The current president is Wenda Seymour.
    During 1995, the Trenton Branch was awarded Three-star status by the Missouri
Association. The stars were given for increasing membership 10 percent, a community
project supporting equity for girls, and visibility in the community.
    The Trenton Branch was recognized by the American Association of University Women
in 1995 as a Five-star Branch. This award is given to branches who have achieved exemplary
progress in membership growth, public policy, fund raising, community action, and

                                   Vandalia Branch
                            (organized 1922, disbanded 1989-90)
                                Vandalia Branch Presidents
       1977-81        Jane Fitzgerald        1981-83        Charlotte McDowell
       1983-87        Teresa Wenzel          1987-89        Ruth Calcaterra

                                Warrensburg Branch
                                      (organized 1920)

                            Warrensburg Branch, 1975-95
The Warrensburg Branch has seen a dwindling of membership over the last 20 years. During
the 1970s we had over 50 members, and now this year we have 18 paid members. There are
still 7 of us who were members in 1975, and one of our members, Judy Cameron, is a 50-
year member. Our membership has usually included teachers, university professors,
homemakers, and business women. This year we are proud to have as a member Deleta
Williams, our District Representative to the Missouri State Legislature. One of our members,
who moved from Warrensburg and has since passed away, was Dr. Laura Nahm, an AAUW
Outstanding Woman of Missouri.
     We publish the time and place of our meetings in the local newspaper and invite
interested women to attend. Throughout this last 20 years we have had regular monthly
meetings from September to June each year. We used to meet in a member‘s home, and we
always had fancy desserts and used the best china and silver. The last few years we have held
some of our meetings in homes, some at Central Missouri State University, and some at the
local library. We have an annual luncheon in February and a swim/picnic/planning session
every June. Our programs are varied, and we try to choose topics that follow the AAUW
emphasis for that year. This year we are having programs concerning legislative issues, legal
issues, and financial planning related to women. We try to have a program or two each year
that involve the foreign students on our local campus.
     The philanthropy project of the Warrensburg Branch has always been to present
scholarships to outstanding high school seniors from one or more of the four high schools in
our area. The student must complete an application form and submit it with a copy of her
transcript and two letters of reference. We have been able to give from one to three
scholarships each year depending on the quality of the applications and, more importantly, on
the amount of money we have been able to raise. For several years, back in the ‘70s and ‘80s,
we had an annual fashion show. Members and their children (and sometimes husbands)
modeled clothing from the local shops. Sometimes we held the fashion show in the
University Student Union and served dessert and coffee. Other years we prepared and served
a luncheon! When several of the clothing shops in town closed and when some of our
members felt overwhelmed by the tasks involved with the fashion show, we decided not to
have them. Two years ago we raised funds by selling ―mule head‖ pins at the University
football and basketball games. These wooden pins were made by a woman in Springfield,
Mo., purchased by our branch, and then sold for $5 each. Last year scholarship money was
raised by member donations. This year we will have a Silent Holiday Auction at the home of
one of our members. Each member will bring a Holiday Basket and, hopefully, a friend. The
baskets will be auctioned off. In the spring, if things work out as planned, we hope to have a
wedding dress fashion show featuring wedding attire from the past and also from some of the
foreign countries represented by the students on the campus. The centerpiece will be a large
wedding cake, which will then be served to those attending. The profit from the ticket sales
will go toward our scholarships fund. We are optimistic that we will be able to present at
least one, and maybe two, scholarships.

    Each September we support the Warrensburg Fall Festival by serving free ice water to
those who attend. Of course, we take this opportunity to pass out literature concerning
AAUW. During the past twenty years we have supported other civic projects by doing such
things as ushering at one of the University theater productions and serving as hostesses at the
Old Courthouse (one of our historic places of interest in Warrensburg).
    Women who have served as presidents of the Warrensburg Branch since 1975 are:
Elizabeth Engle, Marion Ulrich, Leah Wilson, Ellen Long (who received a national AAUW
scholarship to do graduate work), Dr. Rita Youmans, Dr. Eva Aspergren, Virginia Hawxby,
Jean Millen, and Wendy Pinne. We hope to remain a viable and contributing Branch to our
community and to AAUW.

                                              Waynesville Branch
                                      (organized 1963, disbanded 1990-91)
                                         Waynesville Branch Presidents
       1977-78                Nora Lord                                     1978-79                Betty Karmaze
       1979-81                Nora Lord                                     1981-83                Marlene Roduner
       1983-85                Dee Snyder                                    1986-88                Jill Leckrone
       1988-90                Jerri L. Hefner

                                 West St. Charles County Branch
                                      (organized 1976, disbanded 1991-92)
                               West St. Charles County Branch Presidents
       1977-79                Madelyn Hopper                                1979-81                Jeannie McCutchan
       1981-83                Barbara Willingham                            1983-85                Kay Kennedy
       1985-86                Mary Ann Marquardt                            1986-89                Marilyn Otto
       1989-91                Karen LeBeau

       AAUW Missouri Branches Disbanded Since 1996
       Andrew County ........................................................................................................ 18
       Atchison County ...................................................................................................... 18
       Aurora ...................................................................................................................... 18
       Belton ....................................................................................................................... 22
       Bethany .................................................................................................................... 24
       Blue Springs ............................................................................................................. 24
       Branson .................................................................................................................... 27
       Brookfield ................................................................................................................ 29
       Cameron ................................................................................................................... 30
       Carthage ................................................................................................................... 36

Chillicothe ................................................................................................................ 37
Christian County (Springfield Satellite) .................................................................. 37
Clinton...................................................................................................................... 37
Dunklin County........................................................................................................ 50
Eldon ........................................................................................................................ 51
El Dorado Springs (Nevada Satellite) ...................................................................... 53
Fayette ...................................................................................................................... 53
Franklin County ....................................................................................................... 60
Gallatin ..................................................................................................................... 60
Hannibal ................................................................................................................... 60
Harrisonville ............................................................................................................ 60
Hickman Mills ......................................................................................................... 60
Houston .................................................................................................................... 61
Jackson ..................................................................................................................... 64
Jefferson County ...................................................................................................... 69
Kirksville.................................................................................................................. 82
Lebanon.................................................................................................................... 89
Lee‘s Summit ........................................................................................................... 89
Liberty ...................................................................................................................... 89
Louisiana .................................................................................................................. 91
Macon County.......................................................................................................... 92
Marceline ................................................................................................................. 92
Marshall ................................................................................................................... 92
Marshfield ................................................................................................................ 96
Moberly .................................................................................................................... 96
North Kansas City .................................................................................................... 99
North Nodaway County ......................................................................................... 101
Oregon.................................................................................................................... 104
Poplar Bluff ............................................................................................................ 109
Richmond ............................................................................................................... 112
Ste. Genevieve ....................................................................................................... 113
St. Joseph Area....................................................................................................... 119
St. Joseph ............................................................................................................... 119
Salem...................................................................................................................... 126
Sedalia .................................................................................................................... 126
Slater ...................................................................................................................... 126
Smithville ............................................................................................................... 126
South St. Louis County .......................................................................................... 127
Springfield Satellite (Christian County) ................................................................ 129
Sullivan County ..................................................................................................... 129
Trenton ................................................................................................................... 130
Vandalia ................................................................................................................. 131
Waynesville............................................................................................................ 133
West St. Charles County ........................................................................................ 133


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