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Imprint - Spinal Injuries Association


Council ‘Inclusive’campaign clicks
                                                                                                   MARCH – APRIL               2008

John Mayo, Manager, Community Relations
The Association chose to campaign                   entire elected Council in Townsville.              at the operations level across every
on the basis of establishing Inclusive              Counting was still in progress at time of          department. The plan will require
Communities across a number of regions              going to press so there will be more               each department to identify how
with good success, during Queensland’s              successes to report.                               they will improve their performance
local government elections. Member                  Member Network representatives will                by delivering equitable services,
Networks, who participated have much to             attend the initial Council meeting to              opportunities and building outcomes
be pleased about, and the results have              seek the newly elected Council to                  in the future and will incorporate that
encouraged the Association to pursue a              put the establishment of an Inclusive              in their Business Plans and Budgets.
target of achieving Inclusive Community             Community Action Plan on the agenda             An example of an Action Plan format is
action plans at more local governments              quickly in order for the Chief Executive        as follows:
over the next 3 years.                              Officer and management team to                  • Goal (location or service to fix, meet
The Association’s Member Networks                   operationalise a Plan for 2008/2009             compliance, minimise liability)
received good support from community                Budgets.                                        • Strategy (how to fix, meet compliance)
organisations endorsing the need for                In essence, Councillors are being asked         • People (staff responsible across
Council to establish an Inclusive                   to put into practice Australia’s ageless        departments to achieve outcome)
Community action plan, driven by                    ideal of ‘A Fair Go’. In this instance, they
the CEO and Council Departmental                                                                    • Timeframe (to achieve outcome and
                                                    are being asked to do the right thing by all    communicate completion to community).
Managers. The Rockhampton Member                    who make up the fabric of this place we
Network had an exceptional outcome in                                                               4. Take an active role in controlling the
                                                    call home.
terms of the numbers and diversity of                                                                  destiny of private development in the
                                                    The outcomes sought from Council’s                 region by ensuring at Development
support responses.
                                                    action plan are set out in the Inclusive           Approval stage that proposed
The second part of the campaign was to              Community Accord endorsed by
present the community endorsements for                                                                 development or refurbishment offers
                                                    community organisations:                           equitable access and user friendly
the Inclusive Community concept to
election candidates for endorsement.                                                                   outcomes.
Candidates were asked to recognise the
                                                    The Inclusive Community Accord                  5. Take a leadership role within the
imperative to stop the region’s previous            1. Accept the principle of valuing all             region and work in partnership with
history of denying thousands of                        people in the community in order to             business, industry and the community
ratepayers and visitor’s access to                     develop an integrated, equitable                to ensure equitable access to goods,
services, places and opportunities – and               community.                                      services, information, buildings,
to implement an Action Plan that is                 2. Acknowledge that Creating Inclusive             infrastructure and precincts.
focussed on equity, equal opportunity,                 Communities is essential in order to         The Inclusive Community Accord
inclusion and participation.                           maximise the social and economic             should be viewed as a risk
This turned out to be a mammoth task for               performance of our region.                   management plan. Its benefits
Member Network facilitators due to the              3. Commit      to    supporting       the       include:
sheer number of candidates. In                         development of an Inclusive                  A user friendly region/community that
Townsville for example, there were 49                  Community Action Plan that                   is seamlessly connected, legislative
candidates.                                            incorporates participation by every          compliance, enhanced safety, decreased
There were encouraging results post                    department of Council. This is               public liability and maintenance costs,
polling day from candidates who gave                   essential because the actual work to         increased social and economic
their support, notable among them, the                 achieve progress at Council will occur       performance.

         Imprint March - April 2008

 From the Board...........................             3
 Ins and Outs................................          4
 Bitz...............................................   5
 Info News.....................................        7

                                                             CEO, Mark Henley, and Board members enjoy sharing lunch and

                                                            Members meet with
                                                             discussing matters of interest with North Queensland members

 How Employment Options can

                                                            Board of Management
 help you ... ... ... ... ... ...                      8

                                                            in Townsville
 Cure for Spinal Cord Injury                           9

 Tim McCallum following
 his dream  ... ... ... ... 12 - 13
                                                            Scott Stidston, Board Member
To contact Imprint:                                         Spinal Injuries Association members and staff from North
                                                            Queensland enjoyed an opportunity to meet and talk with
Information Officer                                         members of our Association’s Board of Management over a light
PO Box 5651                                                 lunch at Tom’s Tavern in Townsville recently.
West End Qld. 4101                                          CEO Mark Henley, looked like he owned the Tavern as he
Ph:   (07) 3391 2044                                        re-arranged furniture so everyone could sit in a group.
Fax: (07) 3391 2088                                         Conversation flowed freely, as all those who attended embraced                                       the chance to speak in person with Board members – even
                                                            when the tasty hot and cold finger food was served, conversation
The views expressed in Imprint do not necessarily           didn’t wane.
reflect the views of the Spinal Injuries Association.
                                                            From a Board perspective the annual North Queensland Board
Imprint is the official publication of the                  meeting presents an invaluable opportunity to meet and receive
      Spinal Injuries Association                           feedback from members and staff from the Townsville area.
                                                            Long time Board member and Vice President Judy Collins, and
To contact the Association:                                 new Board member Peter Hall relished the opportunity to see our
                                                            North Queensland office, and speak in person with members
                                                            and staff in a social atmosphere, for the first time. Garth
Brisbane                        Townsville                  Brimelow who has rejoined the Board after serving previously,
                                                            Mark Henley, Executive Assistant Irene Trpkoski, and I, also
PO Box 5651                     PO Box 618 BC               appreciated the opportunity to catch up and speak with members
West End 4101                   Aitkenvale 4814             and staff again.
Ph: (07) 3391 2044              Ph: (07) 4755 1755          As a Board, we are always extremely mindful of our
     1800 810 513                   1800 024 422            Association’s budget and that our members receive value for
Fax: (07) 3391 2088             Fax: (07) 4723 8677         money. The Spinal Injuries Association is a statewide
                                                            organisation, and it is with that in mind that the Board has   committed to holding a Board meeting annually at the North
                                                            Queensland office. To ensure this commitment does provide
                                                            value, the Board also takes the opportunity to meet with
                                                            Association members prior to the Board meeting, and the North
                                                            Queensland Supporters Committee, after the Board meeting.
                                                            Thank you to all of our members and staff who took the time to
                                                            attend, Townsville Post Polio Support Group Convener Mary
                                                            Gibson, Board and Staff members who attended and Acting
                                 North Queensland Manager Col Mackereth for assisting to
                                                            organize everything.

2         Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
                                                                                From the
    THE past couple of months have
    been very busy for the Association,
    and I cannot in one page do justice
    to all those who are working
    tirelessly to make everything
    happen. We are in the middle of the
    Quality Assurance (QA) process,
    have launched a new DVD to assist                                                     David Riley, President
    our SEAT presenters and are
    preparing the corporate plan, just to
    name a few.                                Des Ryan, Mark Henley (CEO) and         North Queensland members are
                                               Warren Stubbs (CFO). Following the      very proactively involved in the
    Thank you to Mark, Irene, the                                                      Association, and I would like to thank
                                               February meeting the ARC
    management team, and all the staff                                                 them personally for being so
    for your contribution. I know many of      recommended to the Board a
                                               number of items including an ARC        interested in providing strength to
    you have put in, and will continue to                                              the Association.
    put in long hours to ensure all these      charter and a risk management
    projects are completed.                    system. Much of the progress and        Our March meeting has been
                                               success of the ARC is due to            extended to allow us extra time to
    DVD Launch                                 Richard’s involvement and Warren’s      discuss some very important issues,
                                               reporting. Other Board committees       and a special meeting has been
    On February 18, the Association’s          include      Quality      Assurance,    called for April 3 to discuss the
    patron, the Governor, Ms Quentin           Remuneration, Board Recruitment         corporate plan. The management
    Bryce      AC,       launched     the                                              team are currently working on the first
                                               and Property and Finance. We can
    Association’s new DVD “Nobody’s                                                    draft of the plan to be presented to the
                                               look forward to reports from some of
    Bulletproof”. The event was held at                                                Board and I look forward to giving you
    the Brisbane Convention Centre and         these committees in future issues.
                                                                                       a report in the next issue.
    was a great success. I had the
    privilege of thanking the Governor                                                 The Board is taking a very strategic
    who not only spoke officially to                                                   approach in its role and we have
    launch the DVD, but also spoke             Board Meetings                          developed an annual plan to assist us
    personally to all those involved.                                                  to fulfil this role and achieve our goals.
                                               Our February Board meeting was
                                               held in Townsville. Judy Collins
                                                                                       Networks and Support Groups
    Committies                                 (Vice President), Peter Hall (Board
                                               Member), Mark Henley and Irene          On March 12, 2008 Jo Toia
    As a member of the Board I have the        Trpkoski, flew to Townsville and        (Coordinator, Member Networks)
    opportunity to work on sub                 joined Board members Scott Stidson      and I travelled to Maryborough for
    committees, and one of those is the        and Garth Brimalow who are              the inaugural Maryborough Member
    Audit and Risk committee (ARC).            residents of North Queensland. The      Network meeting. We joined Peter
    The ARC is chaired by the                  group also attended the local           Kalbfell, facilitator for the group and
    Association’s Treasurer, Richard           Network meeting, and a dinner in the    others for this special occasion. See
    Boys, and includes board member            evening. See report page 2.             a report on the day on page 18.

                                                                   Respite Care
             Do you want to keep up-to-date with job
                 vacancies at the Association?
                              It’s simple!

               All you have to do is visit our website

                                                                   For people who have a physical        For more info

                                                                   disability and who use a wheelchair   The Coordinator –
                                                                                                         Backstop House
                                                                    •   Experienced Staff
                          and click the link                                                             Mundin Street, Petrie,
                                                                    •   24hr Attendant Care              Brisbane
                          Working with Us.
                                                                    •   Full Board                       Tel: (07) 3285 6695
              This will provide a current list of all posi-         •   Purpose Built House              email:

                                                                    “The Support you’ve been looking for”
             tions vacant, and all information you need
                      to apply to for a position.

                                                                                      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008                  3
                                                                                    Ins and
Federal Government –
A show of genuine interest!
A positive sign is the genuine interest from areas
within the new Federal government in trying to
understand how legislation, policy and processes
can better meet the needs of people with a disability.
The Association recently responded to a request                                                 Mark Henley, CEO
from The Hon. Brendan O’Connor, Minister for
Employment Participation on how the current range
of employment services can be improved. This                 Queensland are starting to be heard through their
initiative by the Minister is welcomed as the                votes. Given the closeness of some of the voting, in
Association has highlighted issues with the                  future, candidates may pay more attention to all of
administration of employment services which hinder           their constituents and place disability firmly on the
productive outcomes being achieved for all clients.          agenda.
More recently Bill Shorten, Federal Parliamentary
Secretary for Disability and Children’s Services,
made a second visit to the Association to meet with          Injury Prevention – Success Continues
Board members. Board members were able to share              In the 21st year of the Association operating its injury
openly their vision for the disability sector. The           prevention program it is fantastic to see the
meeting was productive and offered a feeling of              continued reduction in spinal injuries in Queensland.
optimism that there is genuine interest in correcting        Recent statistics show that at June 2007 Queensland
the current inequities, and in many cases, injustice,        had recorded the second lowest incidence of spinal
that exists for people with a disability.                    cord injury of any state in Australia. This is a great
                                                             outcome considering 10 years ago Queensland had
                                                             the highest incidence of injury of any state in
Inclusive Communities Accord                                 Australia.
Leading up to the Local government elections the             Thanks and congratulations to the Spinal Injury
Spinal Injuries Association developed an Inclusive           Awareness Team (SEAT) presenters, sponsors and
Communities Accord and sent it to a number of                supporters of the program who have seen the
community groups and Local government council                benefits of the program.
and mayoral candidates. The response from
community groups in support of the Accord was                The Association’s new DVD “Nobody’s Bulletproof”,
strong. Council and Mayoral candidates responses             which was launched by the Governor of Queensland
were also strong and positive in support of the              Quentin Bryce AC last month, will assist to make the
Accord which was encouraging. An interesting                 SEAT program even more effective and relevant to
outcome of the Council elections was that a high             the various audiences to whom it presents. The
number of the candidates who supported the Accord            Association has received very positive feedback in
and originally considered “outside chances” were             relation to this latest DVD which compliments the
elected as either Mayor or Councillor. You could only        earlier production, “Consequences”.
hope that this may send a message to politicians that        Continued thanks goes to the Classic Wallabies
the 23% of the population who have a disability in           whose constant support is invaluable in promoting
                                                             the SEAT program. Over the past month Classic
                                                             Wallabies including Tim Horan, Bill Ross, Greg
                                                             Martin, and Tony Shaw have all visited schools
                                                             assisting to promote the program.

                   The Mackay District                       North Queensland Manager
                       Spinal Injuries
                    Association provides                     It is a pleasure for me to welcome Mary Langdon to
                    supported accommodation
                      and respite for people with a          the position of Manager - North Queensland. Mary
                             spinal cord injury.             has a strong background within the disability sector.
                  The five bedroom house has been pur-       Mary has a great deal of enthusiasm and passion for
                 pose built and is close to shops, doctors   the sector, and I know people in North Queensland
                   surgery, hotels and the base hospital.
                                                             who will work closely with Mary will continue to
              For further information phone or fax
               the co–ordinator on (07) 4957 2180
                                                             achieve good outcomes for people with a spinal cord
                  E-mail                 injury across the region.

4      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
John Mayo, Manager, Community Relations

Benchmark for health services
The Association has responded to the Health Quality
and Complaints Commission Queensland on issues to
improve health service delivery. Several issues were
identified, in particular, the lack of adjustable height
medical examination benches/work tables. The
Association noted that unless these are provisioned,
health services cannot deliver an equitable service and
additionally, potential WH&S issues arise for staff who try
to accommodate the situation by lifting the patient, which
in turn creates a risk management situation for the staff
and the patient (if they are hurt). Not much dignity attached
to the process either if the staff have not been trained
in lifting.
A consumer survey last year of GP services organised by
member Sheila King noted the lack of adjustable height          so prevention is the only cure and they have highlighted
examination benches as one of the most significant              that in manner that is stunningly self evident. Bravo and
impediments for people with a physical disability.              well done.
Such a work bench should be able to operate at a low
height range of 560 to 600mm above ground for
wheelchair users to transfer – the same height as for
                                                                Airline disgrace
motel beds.                                                     While airlines in Europe are announcing equitable services
                                                                for people with disability, we have a way to go here in
                                                                Australia. This photo highlights the way people with a
Fair employment rights                                          disability (or anyone who cannot climb steps) is treated by
Given the 2006 changes to the Social Security Act now           the airlines.The skinny aisle chair is the first scary moment
requires some people with a disability to look for part time    for airline customers. It gets worse at regional airports
work whereas previously there was no requirement to             where hoists and fork lifts are used. Here is a hoist that
undertake job seeking activities, the Brisbane based            lifts the skinny aisle chair onto the plane. This is typical at
Welfare Rights Centre has engaged, over the past 18             regional airports. This is the method of embarking and
months, in a Fair Employment project to assist people           disembarking passengers who cannot climb steps on and
understand their rights and avenues for redress when            off the aircraft. The width of clear space between the ‘arms’
it comes to looking for work and being employed. The            of the hoist platform is 505 mm. Any customer wider than
Centre has produced a booklet that provides the                 505mm sitting, cannot board as a result. This is an issue
information and answers to questions. Copies are                for the airline industry to address.
available from the Centre – and members of the
Association can access information in the book from the
Association’s Information Service.
                                                                Hilly eats
                                                                Gympie, located 2 hours from Brisbane and Bundaberg, is
                                                                known as a hilly township. It is also a very convenient
Clever initiative                                               location for a stop for north and southbound road
Cedar Creek Falls has become infamous for its accidents         travellers. The fast food outlets are on the flatter part of
due to people leaping off the top of the Falls. So              town near the highway, but it is worth noting some
congratulations to James Cook University medical                accessible venues in the higher parts of town where more
students Claire Dodsworth and Kate Hooper for devising          substantial fare can be found. Two examples: The
their ‘measure yourself for a lifetime in a wheelchair’         Freemasons Hotel (20 Channon St.) offers a tasty char
campaign to stop serious injury caused by people                grill and buffet. Off street parking available by driving
behaving badly at Cedar Creek Falls in the Whitsundays.         through the drive through bottle shop, ramped entry to the
The Association applauds Claire and Kate for their very         dining area. Gympie RSL Club (Mary St.) offers a wide
effective campaign highlighted in the local newspaper           menu. On street Disability parking directly outside the
photo showing the measure yourself for a wheelchair at          Club. An open lift deals with the change in level between
Cedar Falls concept. There is no cure for spinal cord injury    the Club entry and the dinning room.

                                                                                    Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008             5
Government bridges gap for CSTDA funding
Georga Veal, Community Relations Officer

The Australian Government have announced they             Mrs Macklin and Mr Shorten formally agreed to the
will provide $315 million to State and Territory          key priority areas which will guide the development
Governments to continue providing essential               of the fourth CSTDA. The development of the
services to people with a disability until the fourth     Federal Government’s National Disability Strategy
Commonwealth States and Territories Disability            was also on the agenda which aims to provide
Agreement (CSTDA 4) is finalised.                         leadership in disability policy and draw on the
Renegotiations of the 5 year agreement between            experience of States and Territories.
Federal and State Governments were upheld in              The National Disability Strategy and the CSTDA 4
June 2007 when the then Federal Minister for              are vehicles through which Ministers have said they
Communities Mal Brough and the State Ministers            will work together on the eight key priority areas
failed to come to an agreement over funding               identified by Labor at the election:
arrangements. The meeting resulted in Ministers
walking out after only half an hour, and was              Better measurement of current and future need for
described as ‘an example of bastardry and the             disability services;
contempt in which governments have held people            Moving toward national population benchmarks for
with disabilities’ by one dismayed Victorian Disability   key disability service types;
A new era of optimism however, was marked with a          Making older carers a priority for all disability
meeting of State and Territory Ministers along with       services under the CSTDA;
Family and Community Services Minister Jenny              Quality improvement systems based on the National
Macklin, and Parliamentary Secretary Bill Shorten,        Disability Service Standards for all Agreement
on the 1 January 2008 in Melbourne.                       services;
                                                          Improved service planning and strategies to simplify
                                                          access to services under the CSTDA;
                                                          Focusing on early intervention, lifelong planning and
                                                          increasing the independence and social participation
                                                          of people with a disability;
                                                          Improved workforce capacities, and;
                                                          Access to services by Indigenous people with
                                                          Disability Ministers have agreed to meet in March to
                                                          renegotiate the fourth CSTDA agreement. Mr
                                                          Shorten said “It is a great opportunity for moving
                                                          forward nationally to improve services and support
                                                          for people with a disability across the country”.

                                                             Temporary Assistance funding is available to people with a
                                                             disability, their family, and/or their (informal) carers who are
                                                           experiencing unforeseen, unplanned and temporary change in
                                                             circumstances. The Spinal Injuries Association coordinates

                                                             Temporary Assistance
                                                                  funding availability in the Central Brisbane corridor

                                                          If your support needs change and you require short-term assistance,
                                                             the Temporary Assistance service can provide you with additional
                                                          assistance for a limited period, pending available funds, or if you live
                                                           in other regions the Temporary Assistance service can direct you to
                                                                       the emergency funding service in your area.

                                                          07 3391 2044 (Brisbane) or 1800 810 513 toll free

6      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
             Info news
Marion Webb, Information Officer

Medicare for Dental Work                         aged care facilities, it involves       method of contacting family or next
From 1 November 2007, some                       the GP contributing to a                on kin in emergency situations, the
people with chronic medical                      multidisciplinary care plan prepared    information can be done in a variety
conditions and complex care needs                for the resident by the facility.       of ways, e.g. in diaries, wallets,
will be able to receive dental                   You should talk to your GP about        drivers’ licence, or mobile phones.
services under Medicare. Patients                whether you are eligible for these      NSW Ambulance Service says:
need to be referred to a dentist,                plans. If you are eligible, your GP
dental specialist or a dental                    must complete the plans and bill        “IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE:
prosthetist for denture work, by a               you prior to you having your first      In cases involving more than one
general practitioner (GP). To be                 dental service.                         patient, or where a mobile phone
eligible your condition must impact              You may already have care plans in      has been borrowed from someone
on, or be likely to impact on, your              place, if so, you should talk to your   else, it may be difficult to
general health.                                  GP about whether you are eligible       confidently     match        personal
The Department of Health and                     for referral for dental services        belongings to any one individual.
Ageing website further says:                     under these plans”.                     This may in turn lead to
“A chronic medical condition is one              For more information visit the          unnecessary        distress.     The
that has been or is likely to be                 Department      of    Health   and      Ambulance Service also advised,
present for at least six months. It              Ageing      on     their   website:     that as with all stored personal
may include, but is not limited to,         information, individuals need to be
conditions such as asthma, cancer,               ain/publishing.nsf/Content/fact%20      mindful of confidentiality issues.”
cardiovascular illness, diabetes                 sheet_dental-patients, or contact
mellitus, arthritis, mental illness,             the Medicare Australia Patient
musculoskeletal conditions and                   Enquiry Line on 132 011.                Websites to Visit
stroke.                                                                                  Green PC affordable
                                                                                         refurbished computers for
Complex care needs means that                    ICE ‘In Case Of Emergency’
you are receiving ongoing care                                                           individuals on low incomes
                                                 An email is being spread via email
from a multidisciplinary team, which                                                     and community groups:
                                                 claiming to be an idea of the NSW
includes your GP, and at least two                                             
other health or care providers.                  Ambulance Service, suggesting
                                                 people store contact phone              Commonwealth Carelink Centres
In practice, this means that you                 numbers under ICE (In Case of
will need to be managed by your                                                          – how they can help you:
                                                 Emergency) in their mobile phone
GP under certain care plans. For
                                                 contact list. On checking NSW
most people, this involves the
                                                 Ambulance Service website, I            Gyzbytes garage sale
preparation of a “GP Management
Plan”     and      “Team    Care                 learned that in fact the idea is not
Arrangements”. For residents of                  theirs, and while they support any

Personal Support Plus                                                           Beautiful UK
                      Personal Support Plus offers
                                                                      UK person with paraplegia seeks home swap with
                      tailored in home services to
                      meet an individual's needs on a                 similar in Brisbane. Home is a large, comfortable
                      temporary, short term or long                   modern cottage, fully modified for manual wheelchair.
                      term basis.                                     Lovely garden in pretty village in idyllic countryside
                                                                      near Buckingham, 50 minutes from London. Short
                       Ph. 3391 2044 or 4755 1755                     drive to all amenities. Pix on request. Pet lover ideal.
                                                                      Seeking to swap for Brisbane home for up to six
               A service of the Spinal Injuries Association
                                                                      months. Contact: Fleming.

                                                                                         Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008          7
Classic                                               HOW EMPLOYMENT
Wallabies                                             OPTIONS CAN HELP YOU
Lunch 2008
                                                      Tania Campbell, Coordinator, Employment Options

                                                      Employment Options is a service of the Spinal Injuries
                                                      Association and a Disability Employment Network provider
Carol Haffke, Manager, Fundraising and                – we specialise in assisting people with physical disabilities
Communications                                        to find and maintain great jobs.
                                                      We work across the entire Brisbane metropolitan area
Following the success of last year’s Classic          (including Redcliffe, Caboolture, Ipswich and Logan), and
Wallabies World Cup Luncheon, the Spinal              our assistance is free to employers and clients. We receive
Injuries Association will again be the lucky          funding from the federal Department of Employment,
beneficiary of this exciting event.                   Education and Workplace Relations to do this.
Hosted by the Classic Wallabies, former               Employment Options can help people at all stages of the
members of Australia’s favourite football team,       employment process – from helping identify what sort of
the lunch is set to kick-off the Association’s        jobs might be of interest, to assistance in looking for work,
fundraising efforts for 2008.                         support in the workplace and help to overcome physical
                                                      access issues. As well, Employment Options can assist
Special guest speaker and rugby legend
                                                      with career development and working towards a promotion
Alan Jones’ voice will fill the Brisbane Exhibition
                                                      or changing jobs.
and Convention Centre’s magnificent Plaza
Ballroom, entertaining about 800 guests with          We can also help people who are already working, if they
his unique views and opinions on rugby in 2008.       need some assistance (including providing equipment or
                                                      workplace modifications), to stay in their jobs.
Master of Ceremonies will once again be Dick
Marks and a panel of Classic Wallabies                Last year we assisted over 160 people achieve their goals
including Mark Connors, Tom Lawton and                in employment. If you are interested in becoming one of
Brendan Cannon, led by panel chairman Bill            them, talk to us!
Ross, will also be on-hand to share rugby             You can contact Employment Options on 3391 2044, or
stories from both on and off the field.               email

                                                      WHERE’S FREDDIE?
Now in its third year, the Classic Wallabies
Luncheon is hoping to raise $100,000 for the
Association, bringing the total amount of funds
raised from these events to more than
$250,000.                                             Jo Toia, Coordinator, Member Networks
The four-and-a-half hour luncheon, to be held                                        At the annual reunion of
on Friday, 18 April, promises a healthy dose of                                      people who had polio during
sporting greats, delicious cuisine and lively                                        the outbreaks in the Darling
entertainment. A number of items will be raffled,                                    Downs region there was
                                                                                     much sharing of experiences
with several big ticket items available for                                          and memories from that
auction.                                                                             time. Lots of photos were
Special thanks must go to major sponsors                                             passed around the group
MetroFord and Wilson HTM Investment Group,                                           including the photo of John
as well as event partners: the Foster’s Group,                                       Corcoran      and   Freddie
                                                                                     Hodgson. A number of
Sticks Yarra Valley and the Brisbane                                                 people were interested in
Entertainment and Convention Centre.                                                 finding out where Freddie
Tickets are available for sale at $140 per person                                    may be now. Hopefully by
or $1,400 for a table of 10, and can be                                              printing this photo we will
                                                                                     be able to catch up with
purchased by calling the Spinal Injuries                                             this colourful and popular
Association on 1800 810 513.                                                         character.
For more information, please visit                                                    Freddie where are you?? or email                                                           If you have any information                       Great mates Freddie Hodgson
                                                                                     call me on: 3391 2044 or toll
                                                      and John Corcoran
                                                                                     free 1800 5810 513

8     Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
Cure for Spinal Cord Injury
Brisbane’s breakthrough: An interview with Professor Perry Bartlett
By Georga Veal, Community Relations Officer
                                                                                                             Carol Haffke
Road trauma, falls, water-based and work                                                                     Manager, Fundraising and

                                                                                         Stewart Gould, UQ
                                                                                         Photo Courtesy of
accidents, and recreation mishaps, are                                                                       Communications
some of the major causes that result in
approximately 90 Queenslanders incurring a                                                                   A school gymnasium will be
permanent spinal cord injury each year. The                                                                  transformed into an art and
spinal cord is the major bundle of nerves that                                                               craft gallery for a three-day
carries nerve impulses between the brain                                                                     exhibition in May that will
and the rest of the body. Current medical                                                                    help raise funds for the
theory dictates that once the nerve pathways
                                                   Professor Perry Bartlett.
                                                                                                             Spinal Injuries Association.
in the spinal cord are injured or severed, the                                                               Artscape 2008 will kick off
damage is irreversible and result in serious       through. Three months later, researchers
                                                                                                             on Friday, 16 May at Padua
permanent disability.                              where astounded when the mouse was able
                                                                                                             College, jointly organised by
A group of Queensland scientists are               to move normally and had made a substantial
                                                   recovery.                                                 the College and the Rotary
challenging this theory with innovative new
                                                                                                             Club of Stafford.
research in the ever-evolving study of             Since then, further studies have been
neuroscience. Professor Perry Bartlett and a       conducted on this molecule and although                   To date, $95,000 has been
team of researchers at the Queensland Brain        results have not been published, Professor                raised from the art and craft
Institute, at the University of Queensland,        Bartlett has revealed that results are looking            spectacular, which will run
have made a remarkable progress in solving         just as positive for human trials so far. “We             until Sunday, 18 May.
what once was considered an impossible             are using human molecules to do these trials;
task. He and his team have discovered a            therefore the expression should be similar                Local artists and crafters are
protein molecule (EPH A4) that blocks the          from that in a mouse as it is in humans”.                 given the opportunity to
regrowth of damaged nerve processes and            Testing is underway at Brisbane based                     exhibit and sell their works,
have succeeded in removing it from mice            medical research clinics, with human trials to            with a percentage of sales
with damaged spinal cords.                         be conducted soon. Following successful                   being donated to Padua
The research team is currently developing a        trials, the drug will be manufactured with                College and the Rotary Club
drug-based treatment for spinal cord injury        biopharmaceutical giant CSL incorporated,                 of Stafford. The Rotary
that stimulates re-growth of axons through a       and available for treating spinal cord injuries           Club has nominated the
spinal cord lesion and reducing glial scarring     within two or so years.                                   Association        as       its
– the barrier for regenerating axons at the site   According to Professor Bartlett, the drug will            beneficiary this year.
for neural damage.                                 need to be administered within the first 24 –
Research began in the early 1990’s when            48 hours after incurring the injury, however he           The     inspiring   art/craft
they first discovered the group of proteins        believes it may also be appropriate for use up            displays     as   well    as
called EPH’s. They discovered that the             to a week after. “Although chronic spinal cord            numerous raffles, lucky door
EPH’s guide nerves in two ways: some               injuries have secondary issues involved;                  prizes and auctions will
attract nerves; others tell nerves where not to    there is the possibility that down the track the          ensure exhibition-goers are
go. The research team found that if these          drug could be developed to also treat existing            entertained.
EPH A4 molecules could be blocked shortly          injuries. The tests were conducted on mice
after accidents, then they could predict that it   with a complete lesion of the spinal cord so              Parents,     friends     and
would lead to regrowth of the nerve                there definitely is hope”. The drug may also              teachers     from    Padua
processes that lead to a recovery of spinal        have the capacity to be used for other                    College as well as Rotarians
cord function.                                     diseases and disabilities as well, “especially            donate their time and
In late 2007 this hypothesis was realised          in head traumas and stroke where nerve                    energy free of charge to run
through development of a mouse that lacked         damage needs to be rewired”.                              the event, now in its eighth
the EPH A4 molecule (the molecule that             Professor Bartlett is pleased with the results            year.
prevents nerves in the spinal cord to connect      so far and has high hopes that the findings
from the brain to other parts of the body). The    will result in a world break through. “Science            Padua College is on Turner
mouse had a spinal cord injury on its left side    is a hard task and like all discoveries, they             Road, Kedron. Tickets for
and as a result its left limb was paralysed.       originate from years of study and research.               the opening gala cocktail
After six weeks of observation, tests revealed     After 10 years of research, one likes to see              party cost $40 per person.
that when the nerves reached the spinal            an outcome such as this. It certainly is very             Phone (07) 3391 2044 for
injury site that most (up to 70%) were growing     rewarding and an exciting discovery”.                     more details.

                                                                                             Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008                  9
                                  NEW REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                  COORDINATOR WIDE BAY REGION
                                  Joanne Argyle, Regional Development Coordinator

                Hi everyone. My name is Joanne             the Member Networks, and think        communities where everyone
                Argyle and I have just                     we are a great bunch of people        feels a part. I have been in a
                been honoured with taking up               who do some amazing stuff.            chair for 20 years after a car
                the    position   of      Regional         Creating awareness, for me, is        accident. I function as a c5-6
                Development Co-ordinator for               making us real and welcomed           woman with quadriplegia, who
                the Wide Bay. I am taking over             and valued as people, who have        drives my own transit van from
                from Fiona Payne who did a                 something amazing to offer.           my motorised chair. I have a
                wonderful job in creating                  Each of us living our lives, with     great husband, Tony, and I have
                awareness in our area, for                 a good attitude and outlook,          two great children, Chantelle 13
                people with disabilities. I plan on        is education and awareness            and Reece 14. I love my life and
                continuing the great work Fiona            without even trying.                  wouldn’t change a thing.
                was working on, as well as,                I look forward to working with        I would love to hear from anyone
                bringing in my own thoughts and            whoever I need to, to create          who has ideas about enhancing
                ideas in relation to all sorts of          change to enhance the lives of        the quality of people’s lives or
                issues in the Wide Bay area.               people with disabilities and the      would just love to chat about life.
                I am really looking forward to             wider community. After all, to
                meeting all the members through            me it’s all about inclusive           Now to get on with the job!

                      WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY UNIT
                     MERMAID BEACH, GOLD COAST
                •    Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, air conditioned
                •    Lift access from basement to all floors
                •    Roll in toilet and shower, wider doorways
                •    Electric head tilt bed

                •    Fully self contained with quality appointments 2 TVs,
                     video, DVD, microwave, dishwasher, washing
                     machine and clothes dryer
                •    Accessible verandah overlooks quiet park
                •    Pool and BBQ area

                •    Double undercover security parking
                •    Less than 200m to medical centre and corner store               EMERGENCY TELEPHONE
                •    Tavern, restaurants, cinema and shopping on your             Ideal for people of all ages who need reassurance of
                     doorstep                                                     being able to summon help quickly in an emergency.
                •    1km to Jupiters Casino
                •    Linen provided                                            • 1 free Waterproof pendant (50m range from phone)
                     Mention this Imprint ad for special prices!               • No contracts, cancel any time, pay month by month
                                                                               • 24 Hour emergency help line service
                                                                               • Answer and hang up calls via pendant
                                                                               • Modern handset, 9 number storage
                                                                               • 9 hour battery backup support

                                                                                Enquires call MARCELLO on 0400 001 582
                                                                               Or email me at:
                    'Mermaid Park', 45 Montana Rd, Mermaid Beach
                    Contact Managers Vic & Steph. Ph 07 5526 0361

                10      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
The LifeTec Queensland deliver a series of workshops each year on assistive technology that are
held in regions across the State, and provide an overview of the types of product available in the
market. Contact LifeTec Queensland by phoning 1300 885 886 to request available options to trial

The schedule of visits for 2008 is set out below to assist members of the Association to coordinate
their specific information and advice on needs within the Outreach scheduled timetable. As each
region can be geographically diverse, it is essential LifeTec Queensland receives confirmed
bookings in advance, as this allows planning the route throughout the region to accommodate
requests from different towns.

                          LifeTec Queensland Outreach Schedule 2008
     Bookings and referrals are required at least 2 weeks prior to LifeTec arrival to the region.
    Dates and regions are subject to change. Bookings can be made at any time throughout the year.

    Dates           Region        Community Areas Covered                         Workshop/s
                                    Dalby, Jandowae, Augathella,
   11th to 15th                     Cunnamulla, Chinchilla, Miles,         Introduction to Home Design &
                  South West
    February                       Wandoan, Taroom, Roma, Surat,                    Modifications
                                     Quilpie, Mitchell, Charleville
   25th to 29th                      Blackall, Tambo, Longreach,
                  Central West                                          Introduction to Manual Wheelchairs
    February                        Barcaldine, Winton, Bedourie
                                                                          Overview of Switch & Computer
                                  Pittsworth, Warwick, Goondiwindi,
   10th to 14th     Darling                                                      Access Options
                                  Stanthorpe, Inglewood, Texas, St
     March          Downs
                                                                        Overview of Communication Devices
  31 March to
                     South        Cooktown, Hopevale, Wujal Wujal,           Introduction to Equipment
    4th April     Eastern Cape               Rossville.                        Maintenance & Repair
   12th to 16th                   Whitsunday, Proserpine, Bowen,
                    Mackay                                                       All Terrain Mobility
      May                           Moranbah, Dysart, Clermont.
  Approx Mid                        Mt Isa, Normanton, Cloncurry,
      June                         Mornington Island, Doomadgee,
                  Gulf Region                                            Overview of Assistive Technology
  Dates to be                      Burketown, Boulia, Hughendon,
   confirmed                                 Julia Creek
                                   Atherton, Ravenshoe, Innisfail,
   21st to 25th                                                         Introduction to Environmental Control
                     Cairns          Cairns, Mossman, Mareeba,
      July                                                                   Units and Computer Access
                   Western &        Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama
    4th to 8th
                   Northern       Weipa, Napranum, Lockhart River,                      TBC
                     Cape             Mapoon, Aurukun, Coen.
                                                                        Introduction to Environmental Control
   25th to 29th   Townsville +    Townsville, Ingham, Home Hill, Ayr,        Units and Computer Access
    August        Palm Island      Bowen, Collinsville, Palm Island.
                                                                         Introduction to Office Ergonomics
                                   Horn and Thursday Island, Moa,
   8th to 12th
                  Torres Strait    Badu, Yorke, Northern Peninsula                      TBC
                                   Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Biloela,
   15th to 19th
                  Central Qld       Gladstone, Emerald, Rolleston,               Chronic Conditions
                                    Springsure, Blackwater, Moura.
                                   Gympie, Gayndah, Mundubbera,
                                                                        Introduction to Manual Wheelchairs
   27th to 31st
                   Wide Bay
                                       Bundaberg, Hervey Bay,
    October                        Maryborough, Monto, Kingaroy,
                                                                        Overview of Communication Devices

                                                                          Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008         11
           Tim McCallum
        following his dream
                Reprinted from ‘accord’ magazine of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, Summer edition.

‘Tim McCallum’ is a name you can                                               breathing back then was awful. I’d
expect to see up in lights. Tim’s                                              lost my stomach muscles, my
passion and exuberance for                                                     chest muscles… all that stuff. But
musical theatre stems from his                                                 for some reason I was able to sing
childhood, and he hasn’t been                                                  a little bit.
put off track since a swimming                                                 It wasn’t long after that first lesson
accident left him with C4                                                      that I was asked by David Atkins,
incomplete quadriplegia.

                                                                               who was directing a show to
I come from Geelong in Victoria                                                be performed at the Melbourne
and I’ve been singing since I was                                              Tennis Centre, to be a guest artist.
five years old. My best friend and I                                           I told him what had happened and
always wanted to do musical                                                    he said, “Well okay, but see if
theatre together. We had dreams                                                you can get yourself ready for
of being on Broadway playing                                                   September.”
opposite each other. He was                                                    I moved to the Royal Talbot
accepted      for    the    Western                                            Rehabilitation Unit in Melbourne
Australian Academy of Performing                                               after 13 weeks to finish off rehab. I
Arts (WAAPA) in Perth at the end                                               was having singing lessons at
of high school and I was lucky
enough to join him the following
year when I was almost 19.
In February 1999, the weekend
before I was due to start at
WAAPA I went swimming at a
                                           … I sang for the
                                        nurses through the
                                        oxygen mask
                                                                ‘              Talbot once a week — it was a
                                                                               part of my therapy. I pushed the
                                                                               boundaries a bit at rehab because
                                                                               I knew what it was I wanted to do.
                                                                               I just had to learn life skills, to learn
                                                                               to deal with what I had.
Perth beach with my best mate                                                  I did end up doing the tennis
and three other friends from                                                   centre show, and I was still in
Geelong. I dived over a wave and                                               rehab at the time. It was amazing,
hit a sandbar.                          a huge shock. But it was really        incredible, and scary! I was
I remember the accident vividly—        only a couple of days after my         thinking, how do disabled people
not being able to move or call for      accident that I started moving on.     perform, how does the audience
help. I blacked out in the water and    The next day was Valentine’s Day,      react? But once I got out there and
woke up on the beach. My friends        and I sang for the nurses through      the lights went down and the
had brought me in on a                  the oxygen mask! I started singing     music started, I had them in the
surfboard — they        knew     that   again from that moment on.             palm of my hands. That concert,
something was wrong, and they           A lecturer who would have been         my first performance in my
saved my life.                          my vocal teacher at WAAPA came         wheelchair, remains my proudest
With spinal cord injuries there’s a     to visit me all the time. He brought   achievement. I felt if I could do that
six-week period where they know         in tapes of my class and the songs     in front of 15,000 people I could
your level of injury but they can’t     they were singing. I’ve still got      do anything.
give you a definite prognosis—          those tapes. When I was out of         All my friends were so good.
with the swelling and stuff they        bed and in my chair he came into       Fourteen flew to Perth to see me
don’t really know. When they told       the hospital and we had a singing      when the accident happened.
me I would never walk again it was      lesson. I sounded terrible! My         Theatre people are very close, and

12     Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
‘  My message to
others is ... do the
things you love
Geelong people too. When
something happens to one it’s like
it’s happened to everyone. I think
you need to very quickly get to the
stage where you feel comfortable
calling your friends and asking
them to come over and do things
or take you places. As soon as you
show that you’re ready to go out
for a drink or go partying, then
they’re ready for it. Then along
came the questions, and the more
they found out about me and the        That’s my main goal when I’m          a disability. I am so proud of what
injury, the quicker it was that they   performing, to get to that stage.     we achieved.
started feeling comfortable again.     Also my main love is musical          A friend from the Talbot, Cameron
Now every single friend knows          theatre, and it’s hard to justify     Toomey, helped me so much
how to empty my leg bag and stuff,     playing roles from a wheelchair. I    through rehab. He was driving,
and they’re fine with it.              know that I can play them, but it’s   and still coaching lacrosse. Most
I’ve continued having singing          a matter of convincing others. I’ve   people once they’d had his sort of
lessons more recently with a           been in Les Miserables and HMS        accident wouldn’t want to go near
former opera singer. I really          Pinafore since my accident.           lacrosse ever again, but there he is,
wanted to get into opera because       In this business you need a hook      out in the freezing cold in winter,
that’s where you learn the             or a gimmick—and I’ve probably        coaching on the sidelines. That
breathing, the phrasing and so on      got one of the best gimmicks          inspired me. I loved basketball
and I knew that would improve my       under the sun. But I always want      before my accident and now I’m
singing. And it has—I’m singing a      my art to be the most noticeable      coaching an under-12 boys team at
hundred times better than I was        thing. Now that I’m starting to get   my old club and have done for the
before my accident.                    the gigs, the focus is all on my      last three years. We’ve won three
In 2002 I decided to tell my life’s    voice and I don’t have to worry       grand finals—I love it.
story in a cabaret format. There       about the wheelchair angle.           My message to others is whether
were 21 songs in it—ones that had      I’ve done a lot of public speaking    you’re a plumber, mechanic,
meant a lot to me, family and          at schools, service clubs and         accountant, football player... do
friends. It was like a musical         corporate functions, and because      the things you love. Don’t do
journey. I put the show on in          I’ve got my dog Buster I’m out        something just because you feel
Melbourne to two full houses,          there promoting assistance dogs.      like that’s the only thing you can
which was fantastic. I did six more    I’ve recently been asked to be an     do. Don’t be stuck behind a desk
shows down here in Geelong and         Ambassador for Assistance Dogs        typing just because an OT taught
they sold out too.                     Australia, after a successful         you how to type. I knew when I
The main barrier I face in the         fundraising concert I organised       was in rehab that I was going to
industry is the preconceptions         and performed with the Australian     be a singer, so my rehab had to
people have about me. I know           Army Band. We raised nearly           be structured towards that. The
that once people hear the voice        $20,000 which will be enough to       main message is to keep following
they forget about the disability.      train a dog for someone else with     the dream.

                                                                             Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008       13
Post Polio Support
Sunshine Coast Group                       So until our next issue of Imprint,     Princess Alexandra Hospital. A
Convenor:                                  remember        the  magic   word,      referral from your GP is necessary.
Cathy Newman 5447 6608                     “PACING” and monitor if your            Phone 3240 2657 for appointment.
Email:                                     general health, fatigue and coping      The Spinal Injuries Association                 skills benefit.                         was the venue for several pre-
Meets 10am first Friday of the                                                     Christmas parties. Our Support
Month                                      Brisbane Group                          group and I are sure the Member
Contact Convenor for                                                               Networks appreciated the efforts
                                           Convenor: Hugh Banney                   of the management and staff in
meeting place
                                           Ph: (07) 3355 4155                      providing some great end of year
No doubt you are saying, the year             hospitality. If ever she considers a
is flying, again. Yes, I am certainly                                              job change (and I hope she
                                           Meets 2pm, first Saturday of            doesn’t), Jo Toia would be a great
saying that. A little late to be wishing   every second month. Spinal
everyone a happy New Year, so                                                      success in the catering industry.
                                           Injuries Association premises
instead I do hope the year 2008            109 Logan Road Woolloongabba            Preceding our Christmas Luncheon
will be a great one for everyone.                                                  on December 1, was the Group’s
Remember, for we who are                                                           Annual General Meeting at which
experiencing the Late Effects of           Our first meeting for the year, held    I was re-elected Convenor for the
Polio, the number one word in our          on Saturday February 2, attracted       2008 year. I’m sure this must beat
vocabulary when considering our            20 members who were treated to          John Howard and Peter Beattie’s
own welfare is “PACING”.                   an afternoon of thought provoking       length of time in office. I thank you
Our Sunshine Coast Support Group           discussion, a film “Warm Springs”       all for your confidence in me and
had our first meeting for 2008 on          featuring Franklin D Roosevelt’s        with your help I will endeavour
Friday 1 February. At this meeting         struggle with polio and a surprise      to provide a program that is
each year we plan, what as a Group,        visit by Jenny Horton just back         interesting,     informative      and
we would like to do each month.            from Pakistan. The “Warm Springs”       entertaining.
Some prior consideration was               video is one that every polio
                                                                                   Arguably the best news to come my
obvious with the suggestions               survivor could relate to as it is an
                                                                                   way over the Christmas period was
received. The first activity for 2008      example of how strength of attitude
                                                                                   the arrival back in Brisbane of our
in March will be a Pan Cake Day            and purpose can overcome the
                                                                                   very dear friend, Jenny Horton.
with donations, for the honour of          challenge of defeat.
                                                                                   Jenny’s contract with the World
indulging in the hot off the pan Pan       At the time of writing many             Health Organisation in Pakistan
Cakes, to be donated to Blue Care.         members were looking forward to         has been completed. Most of you
So you will be forgiven if you forget      the Yoga for Health seminar to be       would know of the wonderful work
the waistline, as it is for a good         held on Saturday February 16,           she has done over many years as a
cause. In April, the Group will be off     particularly in view of Dr Stephen      member of the Rotary International
down memory lane, as the activity          de Graaff’s comment that this type      Team and their efforts to eliminate
will be a visit to the Landsborough        of therapy could be beneficial in the   polio worldwide.
Historical Museum with Lunch               management of LEOP and post
                                           polio syndrome. The program will        Former Spinal Injuries Association
afterwards.       No    doubt     the
                                           be presented by teachers from           board member and now Co-
conversation over Lunch will be
                                           Yoga for Health Australia Inc.,         ordinator of Australia For All
back to our youth. Wonder if we
                                           who claim participants will learn       Alliance Inc., Sheila King asked that
might see an Iron Lung in the
                                           practical techniques which they can     I draw to your attention a website
Museum. The Museum in Charters
                                           explore in their own time and be
Towers has one, which on seeing it,
                                           better equipped to manage pain,         which contains information devoted
made my body tingle.
                                           depression and energy levels.           to accommodation, packaged tours
In May we are being serious about                                                  and tourism in Australia and
our welfare with Ismay Selby,              Had a note from Shirley Ramsey          overseas which are accessible to
the COTA Peer Educator giving              who was full of praise for the          people with disabilities.
a presentation on “Brand Name              thorough treatment she received
or Generic Medicine? Choosing              during her recent appointment with      The website recently won a
Wisely”. This will give an                 Dr Wilbur Chan. For those not yet       Westpac Community Idol for its
opportunity for people to ask              aware, Dr Chan is now available for     innovated concept and ease of
questions about medications that           consultation at the Private Practice    design for people with disabilities
they may have wondered about.              Clinic in the Rehab. Section of the     to navigate.

14      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
Townsville Group                           some        discussion     on     the       presentation in Brisbane as part of
Convenor: Mary Gibson                      effectiveness of a “Circulation             the Spinal Injuries Association’s
                                           Booster” with mixed feedback from           Post Polio Awareness Week
Ph: (07) 4779 8838                         members. Alba said that she                 activities last year. The session was
email:             had just recently purchased a               extremely well attended and well
                                           “Circulation Booster” machine and           received.
Meets 2pm, first Sunday of the
                                           felt it was doing her good while Mary       Please feel to contact Joy or John if
month. Spinal Injuries
                                           said she had one for quite some             you have any questions about the
Association premises, 488 Ross
                                           time but found that it was not              Cairns group or suggestions for
River Rd. Cranbrook
                                           working for her. There was also             future activities and events.
The year is off to a flying start with a   discussion around the correct use of
well attended meeting in February          the machine.
where     members          took      the
opportunity to share a range of
                                           This discussion also lead to talk           Gold Coast Group
                                           about the use of compression
experiences and information.                                                           Convenors: Lyn Glover Ph:
                                           stockings, the correct fitting of
Eric tabled an article taken from The      stockings and the difficulties of           5520 6856 Graeme Johnson
Guardian Weekly 11.01.08 titled            getting them on.                            Meetings: Dates First Monday of
“The disease that won’t go away”,                                                      the Month at 10.30am
                                           Another topic that featured was
written by David Brown, Washington
                                           house accessibility with some               Venue TBA
Post. The article discusses the
                                           members living in high set houses
difference between the Oral vaccine,
                                           who are experiencing difficulties.          The Gold Coast group held its first
which contains live viruses and
                                           Members shared their experience             formal meeting at the Robina
the Salk injection which does
                                           and information on adding of lifts to       Community Centre on Monday the
not contain live viruses. A very
                                           these houses, the types of lift and         4th of February. Advertising in the
interesting article which raised a lot
                                           their cost.                                 local paper resulted in nine new
of discussion.
                                           Our group is continuing to thrive with      people attending the meeting and
John showed the leg brace that he
                                           everyone enjoying the informal              of course our core members
had made through the physio
                                           atmosphere, coming together,                were there to make a well
program that three of the group
                                           talking on different topics that are        attended session. Bianca Neilsen
undertook last year. The brace is
                                           relevant and supporting each other          from Orthotic Solutions provided
made of plastic with hinges at the
                                           not to mention the afternoon tea            an interesting and informative
ankle and fits within the shoe. John
                                           together as friends.                        presentation      on     the    latest
is persevering at home with it, but he
feels it slows him up too much. He                                                     developments in orthotics and
                                                                                       interventions for people experiencing
felt one of the best things that           Cairns Group                                the late effects of polio. There was
has helped him with his walking is
                                           Convenors: Joy Hay Ph: (07) 4055            plenty of discussion and questions
the magnet inner sole he wears in
                                           5795 John Heineman Ph: 0413                 during and after the presentation.
his shoes.
                                           112 478
There was positive feed back from                                                      It is truly encouraging to see the
                                           Meeting dates and venues TBA.               group continuing to grow and the
those who undertook the physio
program and felt that the young                                                        support and sharing of experiences
physiotherapists would have learnt a                                                   at the meetings. The March meeting
                                           Al though a little late in starting this
great deal from the program.                                                           will be a showing of the recording of
                                           year at the time of writing this article
                                                                                       the Dr De Graaff presentation from
We also heard from John and Hazel          we are making final arrangements
                                                                                       the Brisbane Post Polio Awareness
who had recently returned from a           for a presentation by Jordan
                                                                                       Week function last year.
holiday in southern Queensland             Lefmann from the Association
where they visited the Sister Kenny        Community Advisory Service in               We will continue to hold our
House, which is situated on the            March which will be focusing on the         meetings on the first Monday of the
Darling     Downs.    They     were        conserving of energy and the                month at 10.30am. The Venue for
impressed and showed us photos             various aids available to assist. This      the March meeting will be Robina
they had taken. John was treated by        should be a very practical and              Community Centre but we will be
Sister Kenny while she was in              interesting session. We are also            alternating the venue from month to
Townsville.                                looking forward to seeing the               month between Robina and a venue
                                           recording of the presentation by Dr         around the Helensvale area. Please
Circulation or the lack of became                                                      watch out for your flyer which will
                                           Steven De Graaff at a meeting later
a topic at the meeting. There was                                                      confirm meeting details.
                                           in the year. Dr de Graaff gave this

                                                                                      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008        15
              Network news
This year is already moving along at a       relationships with local and state            Council. We are also looking forward
great pace and the Member Networks           organisations, and community groups,          to the appointment of a new North
are particularly busy in light of the        as well as providing support to               Queensland     Member      Networks
March local council elections – an           members. Thank you Nita for all your          Coordinator.
opportune time to promote inclusive          hard work and enduring sense of
communities. I would like to take the        humour. Lynn and Des have agreed to
opportunity to farewell three facilitators   continue as facilitators for the Network.
                                                                                           Burdekin/ Bowen
Pat Allison (Bundaberg), Nita Carling        Local council elections have been a           Facilitator: Scott Stidston 4783 1150
(Cairns), and Robert Agius (Hervey           focus for this time of the year. If you
Bay). Between them they have given           have any issues to raise or suggestions       Contact facilitator for meeting place
years of service and commitment to           for activities for the Network please         and times.
their Network and will be missed. As         contact Lynn or Des.                          At the time of writing this article
Coordinator for Member Networks it           Retiring Cairns Facilitator, Nita Carling     Scott was heavily involved in the
has been a pleasure and a privilege                                                        establishment of a Community Accord
working with you. We did have the                                                          in the Burdekin region. Letters have
opportunity to farewell Pat and Nita                                                       been sent to a range of community
at their final function last year                                                          groups and organisations in the area.
(See photos).                                                                              The support of these organisations will
At the time of writing this article an                                                     be used to promote the establishment
advertisement had been placed for a                                                        of a community action plan to election
new North Queensland Member                                                                candidates by the Burdekin/Bowen
Network Coordinator, and we are                                                            Member Network, and to demonstrate
hopeful of being able to introduce the                                                     to the new Council that an inclusive
successful applicant to you all in the                                                     community is critical.
next edition of Imprint. The finishing
touches have been made to the
training workshops for facilitators and                                                    Mackay
convenors which are to be delivered                                                        Facilitator: John Smith 4959 3195,
in April.                                                                                  Alan Elliott 4954 8646
Your facilitators and convenors are                                                        Contact facilitators for meeting
constantly looking for opportunities to      Townsville                                    place and times.
increase involvement of members by                                                         Due to the Council amalgamations,
                                             Facilitator: Scott Stidston 4783 1150
providing a variety of formal meetings                                                     the Mobility and Access Advisory
and social activities. If you have any                                                     Committee (MAAC) meeting for
issues you wish to raise, or any             Contact facilitator for meeting place         February was cancelled. This
suggestions for activities both formal       and times.                                    committee will not reform until the new
and/or informal, please take the             The Board of the Spinal Injuries              Council has been elected, and the
opportunity to contact your network or       Association held its meeting in               decision is made whether to continue
support group facilitator / convenor.        Townsville in February. Members were          this committee.
Your input is vital to ensure that the       invited to attend a light lunch function at   Alan Elliot, after three years of service,
Member Networks are relevant,                Toms Tavern. This provided members            did not renominate for the Regional
beneficial and fun for all our members.      in the area with an excellent                 Disability Council. Spinal Injuries
Jo Toia, Member Networks Coordinator         opportunity to meet with the Board, to        Association member Luke Simmonds
                                             raise any issues, and to share their          has been selected as one of the new
                                             views for the future.
Cairns                                       As with other Networks across the
                                                                                           Mackay and Whitsunday Regional
                                                                                           Disability Councillors. Thank you to
Facilitators: Lynn Barnes 4055 6675,         state, the Townsville Network has also        Alan for his three years of service on
Des Crowe 4032 3008                          been focused on local council elections       the Council, and we wish Luke well in
Contact facilitators for meeting             and the opportunity to raise relevant         his new role.
place and times                              issues with those seeking election to         The Network had a productive and
On behalf of the Network we would like       the new amalgamated Council. Using            enjoyable meeting in February as we
to take the opportunity to farewell Nita     similar processes to those used in the        considered activities for 2008.
Carling, and to acknowledge her              Burdekin, we are endeavouring to
                                             create a community accord and to              We are also looking at options for
dedication and commitment. Nita has                                                        promoting inclusive communities to
been a tireless worker for some six          advocate for the development of an
                                             inclusive community plan by the new           Council election candidates.
years raising issues, establishing

16      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
Central Queensland                         visited Rockhampton to open the             Jo Toia, and Wide Bay Regional
Facilitator: Des Ryan 4926 4551            new Riverbank Redevelopment. This           Development Coordinator, Joanne
                                           included a new fishing platform for         Argyle. Pat acknowledged the
Contact facilitator for meeting place      people with a disability, which was a       achievements of the Bundaberg
and times.                                 part of a $10 million dollar upgrade        Member Network and the support she
The focus for the new year has been        on the riverbank. Our Network group         had received from so many in the
the establishment of a Community           including, Tony Hansen, had helped to       Network, including her husband Jim.
Accord with the myriad of community        influence the design phase; Tony is an
groups         in     Rockhampton/Mt       ex-Rockhampton city councillor and a
Morgan/Livingstone Shire, and Fitzroy.     keen fisherman.
We are well down the track with            It was very enjoyable, but so hot on the
our responses. The work of Rebecca         day (35.9 degrees). Kay and Jimmy
Rodger our part time Regional              Considine facilitators for Pine Rivers
Development Officer has been integral      Member Network came up for the
to the success of our work. We             day to attend the opening. The
have been working on a document            development has something for
called “Community Accord” for the          everyone from barbecue and picnic
last three months which has been           tables, to children’s play areas, fishing
widely circulated. Twenty nine             jetties and accessible toilet blocks.       Left to right: Mark Henley, CEO, Pat
organisations/businesses have signed       This is indeed an asset to the              Allison, retiring Network Facilitator, and
off on it. We were careful during that     whole community, and indeed, it was         Coordinator Member Networks, Jo Toia
time not to change the name or the         so pleasing to hear that even on the
reference to it, for example, the          following Monday morning, groups of
language we used included the term         people in wheelchairs were already
                                                                                       Pine Rivers
‘disability’ only once, and ‘inclusive’    using the facility.                         Facilitator: Jim Considine and Kay
five times. The Accord has been                                                        Considine 3283 8787
substantially accepted across the          Our thanks must go to Henry Cope, the
                                           Project Manager, and his staff, for their   Meets: 1.00pm first Monday of the
broader community as being good for                                                    Month at Kalangur Bowls Club
everyone.                                  pursuit of excellence in completing this
                                           project. Special thanks must be             The February meeting of the Pine
The Community Accord document              reserved for the Rockhampton City           Rivers Member Network was well
included 2 proposals:                      Council, Robert Schwarten MP, and the       attended. Unfortunately, the guest
all new developments have at least         Premier Anna Bligh.                         speaker for the meeting had to
one accessible footpath; and                                                           postpone the presentation, however,
                                                                                       the group continued with a vigorous
all intersecting gutter accesses           Bundaberg                                   discussion around a number of access
(whether for driveway access or street
corner access) are flush with the road.    Facilitator: Pat Allison 4159 8997;         issues in the local community. A new
                                           Chris Grimes 4156 1639                      issue raised was the non availability of
One extra benefit of proposal number
2, is that any new intersecting gutter     Meets 10.00am, first Tuesday of the         wheelchair accessible taxis in the
accesses, whether for new or old           month. Venue to be advised.                 North Lakes area. It was great to note
areas, will be held to this standard as    The first meeting for 2008 was held on      the range of access issues that had
it doesn’t explicitly tie it to new        Tuesday 5 February with new facilitator     been dealt with through Pine Rivers
developments only. Frankly, we are         Luke Gale and co-facilitator Chris          Shire Council over the last few months.
aiming for the adoption of our             Grimes leading an excellent discussion      Pine Rivers Shire Councillor, David
proposals, and the introduction of an      on the use of the tilt train. This was      Dwyer came to the meeting a little later
inclusive community action plan, but       followed by discussions on possible         in the afternoon. This was a great
there is no doubt in my mind, that it is   activities for 2008. The importance of      opportunity to raise any issues, with his
our 2 proposals that will motivate         the upcoming Council elections also         contribution and support to the Network
people to respond.                         featured strongly in the discussion and     being much appreciated.
The two Mayoral candidates with the        it was agreed to approach local
highest profile, and also the two who      candidates who may be willing to            Gold Coast
succeeded at the election have agreed      attend the March meeting. Luke
                                           acknowledged the contribution of            Facilitator: Neil Ashton 5534 3739;
to our Community Accord.                                                               Cheryl Jacobs 5533 8500
                                           retiring facilitator Pat Allison. The
Our members attended a barbeque            Bundaberg Member Network had the            Contact facilitators for meeting time
here on January 17 where we                opportunity to farewell Pat at the end of   and place
celebrated our success so far. A           last year function. A large group of
Council candidate, Sandra O’Brien,                                                     The Gold Coast Member Network held
                                           people met, including Bundaberg             its first meeting for 2008 in early
plus a reporter attended for photos        members, Burnett Shire Councillor, Rai
and story.                                                                             February. It was great to catch up with
                                           Sousaari, Jack Demspey, Member for          members and to hold a relaxed
Last December, as Network facilitator, I   Bundaberg, and from the Spinal              meeting over lunch at the Tugun
was invited to cut the ribbon to assist    Injuries Association, Mark Henley,          Tavern. There was discussion around
the Premier Anna Bligh when she            CEO, Member Networks Coordinator,           the Council elections, and the activities

                                                                                       Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008            17
Network News continued
of the Rockhampton and Burdekin Networks in lobbying
election candidates for the development of an Inclusive
Community Action Plan. This Network has had a strong
relationship with Gold Coast Council through Network
facilitators Cheryl and Neil, and will continue to raise
issues through various networks. If you have any issues
or ideas for 2008 please do not hesitate to contact
Cheryl or Neil.

Facilitator: Peter Kalbfell 4121 7418                       CEO Mark Henley, Association President David Riley and the Governor,

                                                            Nobody’s bulletproof
                                                            Ms Quentin Bryce AC congratulate Nobody’s Bulletproof interviewees
Meets 11.00am, second Wednesday of the month.               Malakai Tava, Amber VanDam, Ian Chill and James Sprenger.
Venue to be advised.
The first official meeting of the Maryborough Network
was scheduled for February 13. Unfortunately due to

                                                            Teenagers learn their lesson
the heavy rain and local flooding this meeting was
cancelled. Not to be daunted the meeting was
rescheduled for March 12. The Network was officially
launched with David Riley, Spinal Injuries Association      Carol Haffke, Manager, Fundraising and Communications
President who made the trip from Brisbane to open the
meeting, and the Network. This was also a great             In 2008 an exciting new DVD, Nobody’s Bulletproof, will be
opportunity for members to meet with David and raise        presented to secondary school students and workplaces as
any questions they may have regarding the Association       part of the injury prevention program run by the Spinal
and its future direction. Thank you David, our members      Education Awareness Team (SEAT).
really appreciated your making such a long trip and         This powerful DVD will be shown throughout the state in an
providing an informative presentation.                      effort to reduce the incidence of spinal cord injury in
Brisbane                                                    The DVD was proudly funded by the Queensland
Facilitator: Robert Montocchio 3379 4771; George            Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund and will
Dougherty 3844 2949                                         complement the existing injury prevention program run by;                                    SEAT, now in its 21st year of operation.                                   The DVD was officially launched by the Spinal Injuries
Meets 11.00am, first Wednesday of the month at:             Association’s patron and Governor of Queensland, Ms
Spinal Injuries Association Offices 109 Logan               Quentin Bryce AC, on Monday, 18 February.
Road Woolloongabba.                                         Special guests at the launch included Parliamentary
Activities for 2008 are now well underway after an          Secretary to the Minister for Transport, the Hon. Gary
enjoyable Christmas break – it was only so recent. We       Fenlon MP; Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes of the
had a very enthusiastic and vocal group at our first        Gambling Community Benefit Fund; Spinal Injuries
meeting where we discussed possible activities for the      Association Ambassadors Bill Ross, Greg Cornelsen and
year including a visit to the State Library and the         Tim Horan as well as many other Classic Wallabies;
Southbank Parklands. We also considered a number of         students and teachers from Somerville House and
topics and guest speakers for meetings later in the year.   Brisbane Grammar School, as well as representatives from
Robert and George have taken on the job of establishing     major government, corporate and community sponsors and
a community accord and promoting the development of         supporters of the SEAT program.
an inclusive community plan to council candidates in
                                                            Nobody’s Bulletproof profiles four people – Ian Chill,
                                                            Malakai Tava, Amber VanDam and James Sprenger – and
                                                            aims to provide viewers with an insight into the life of a
Hervey Bay                                                  person with a spinal cord injury.
Facilitator to be advised                                   The interviewees were each presented with a star-shaped
We would like to take the opportunity to thank Robert       award on the day to thank them for “starring” in the DVD by
Agius for his commitment and contribution to the            the Governor on behalf of the Spinal Injuries Association.
Hervey Bay Network over the past two years. If any
                                                            The Spinal Injuries Association is confident that Nobody’s
member has an interest in taking on this role please
                                                            Bulletproof will further assist in the prevention of spinal cord
contact Jo Toia on 3391 2044. In the interim Hervey Bay
                                                            injuries in Queensland.
Member Network will be combined with the
Maryborough Network.                                        The DVD was produced by Video Media Productions.

18      Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
My Journey through the Basics of
Post-Polio Breathing Problems
Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska,
Reprinted from Post-Polio Health (formerly called Polio Network News) with permission of Post-Polio Health
International ( Any further reproduction must have permission

Continued         from     Jan/Feb-08                                                     It’s easy to care for: every morning I
                                               Practical Suggestions
edition…                                                                                  rinse the nose pillows and mask
                                               Adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoiding that   tubing in delicately soapy water, and
Negative pressure devices are still            which makes breathing more difficult,
used by the occasional polio survivor.                                                    once a week I soak them in a vinegar
                                               such as obesity, smoking, and alcohol      and distilled water solution. I also
Vacuum-like intermittent negative              intake.
                                                                                          change the longer disposable tubing
pressure devices used on the chest             • Be aware – avoid unnecessary             and filter weekly.
and abdomen include iron lung, chest           oxygen therapy, sedatives, humidity,
shell and body jacket, though they are                                                    Since my weak neck muscles have
                                               extremes of temperature and
considered less effective than positive                                                   trouble handling any weight above the
                                               excessive fatigue.
pressure machines.                                                                        shoulders, and I cannot tolerate a
                                               • Get flu and pneumonia vaccinations       band around the back of my head, I
Rocking beds exist but have given              at the right time and stay away from       decided to adapt a nose pillow mask
way to more effective solutions.               people with respiratory tract infections   to my needs. I simply discarded all the
Tracheostomy is a surgical opening             • Plan well before surgery, especially     paraphernalia holding the mask onto
into the trachea for creation of artificial    anesthesia use, avoiding general           the head and attached the front mask
airway. This invasive method is                anesthesia whenever possible in            piece to a light plastic dime store
sometimes indicated and in certain             favour of local or regional anesthesia.    headband with duct tape. No leaks,
cases may not be avoided. It provides          Avoid unnecessary surgery.                 only a couple of ounces of weight –
direct access to the airway for                • Carry out chest or lung expansion        AND my pulmonologist approves.
ventilation secretion management.              and assisted coughing exercises and
Because of its potentially serious             other therapies recommended by the
complications, many patients prefer to         doctor.                                    A Final Word
avoid or delay tracheostomy in favour          • Use small, home devices for              What was I thinking all those years
of noninvasive methods, unless it is a         monitoring, such as a peak flow meter      ago when I was resisting mechanical
matter of life or death.                       or an incentive spirometer or a            ventilation? I was so afraid to let go. I
                                               portable oximeter to assess stability,     thought if I could just hang tight to my
Interfaces                                     especially during respiratory infection,   life the way it was and not allow
All breathing machines deliver air             if your doctor agrees.                     anything more to slip away from me,
through tubes going from the machine                                                      not cave in to another limitation,
to the person using them. These               stuck my head out of the car window         everything would be fine. I fought for
tubes connect to an individual by an          as a kid when my dad was driving            this. I did not want the risk of change.
interface such as a face mask or nose         down the highway. There was no way          It seemed impossible that the hideous
mask or nasal pillows or mouthpiece.          I could take a breath with all that air     green machine now residing in my
Numerous styles of interfaces exist.          coming at me. It was frightening not to     bedroom could bring me freedom but
Through trying several of them, a             be able to inhale – especially when I       – it has.
comfortable one that doesn’t leak             was using a machine designed to help        While I sleep, my polio-weakened
can be found (or can even be                  me breathe. I asked the RT to change        muscles get to rest and I awaken
custom-made).                                 the settings. She said she could not.       refreshed, free to go about my day
Getting my ventilator and mask took           Clearly my breathing problems were          feeling more energetic and alive. I’ve
some experimenting. At first I was            not meant to be solved by BiPAP® at         found a serenity in all of this that I
sent home with a BiPAP® machine               those settings.                             never dreamed of.
and a Respiratory Therapist (RT) to           Later I was given a PLV® -100               There’s great value in acceptance.
get me started. She adjusted the              volume ventilator to try. With settings
controls according to the doctor’s            determined by my pulmonologist, this
                                              gentle machine gives me the
orders, placed the mask over my
nose, and turned on the machine. I            predetermined amount of air I need at              It’s flu season …
was immediately hit with a blast of air       the predetermined moment when I               be sure to get your flu shot
the likes of which I hadn’t felt since I      need it. In a sense, it breathes for me.

                                                                                          Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008           19
Cairns City
                           Classic Wallaby, Bill Ross
                           supports Injury Prevention
Supports SEAT
Carol Haffke, Manager,
Fundraising and            Carol Haffke, Manager, Fundraising and Communications
In 2007, 5,000             Rugby legend Bill Ross returned to       consider the consequences of risky
children in                his former high school to help kick-     behaviour. The students left the
Cairns                     start a visit by the Spinal Education    presentation with a renewed
benefited                  Awareness       Team     (SEAT)     in   understanding and appreciation of
from SEAT’s                February.                                the dangers of drink driving and
inspiring                                                           driving under the influence of drugs,
                           More than 120 Year 10 students from
presentation to help                                                the importance of wearing helmets
                           Brisbane Boys Grammar School
prevent spinal cord                                                 and seatbelts, and the best way to
                           listened as Bill reminisced about his
injuries, thanks to the                                             safely enter water.
                           high school days, especially a
support of the Cairns
                           memorable visit to the headmaster’s      The SEAT program has visited
City Council’s Community
                           office!                                  Brisbane Grammar School on 23
Development Assistance
Program. From Babinda      SEAT presenters Robert Spencer           occasions in the past 21 years and
to White Rock, SEAT        and Tim Felhaber then proceeded to       shared safety and injury prevention
spread important safety    speak to the students about their own    messages with more than 3,200
messages following the     injuries and encouraged the boys to      students at the school.
generous grant of
$5,000 from the Cairns                                                                        ‘Old boy’
City Council to conduct                                                                       Bill Ross
visits to schools in the                                                                      catches up
Cairns region. The                                                                            students at
money was used to                                                                             Brisbane
off-set the $1 cost per                                                                       Boys
student so the                                                                                Grammar at
presentations were                                                                            presentation
offered to schools free                                                                       with Robert
of charge.                                                                                    Spencer and
A big thank you to
Cairns City Council for
helping the SEAT
program to reduce the
incidence of spinal cord
injury in Queensland.

 Training and Project Consultancy
   to deliver Equitable Access to
    Buildings, Infrastructure and

         Tel. 07 3391 2044

20    Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
Sexuality-Nifty New Product

Life with a spinal cord injury can have    positions for sexual intercourse and,     satisfying." - AM Michigan
its limitations and frustrations - basic   with minimal body movement, it is         "Being together sexually is very
mobility, access, independence,            easy to set the IntimateRider into a      important to us. The IntimateRider
social equity and sexuality are all        quiet, smooth and natural motion.         gives us versatility which is great" -
more challenging when living with a        With the optional RiderMate™ it is        DB Minnesota
SCI. However more and more often           possible to comfortably elevate your      "We can't thank you enough for
we are seeing innovative products          partner to achieve even more              making this product… Continue in
and ideas that enable those with a         positions, face to face, back to front    your efforts" - AN New Jersey
SCI to enjoy a greater quality of life.    or whatever you can think of.             A picture is worth a thousand words
Alan Tholkes is an American with C6-       Both the IntimateRider™ and the           and a movie even more so, so to
7 quadriplegia who has for many            RiderMate™ feature adjustable legs        really gain an understanding of what
years been designing products to           so you can optimise your relative         the IntimateRider™ can do its worth
assist people with disabilities and        positioning to suit the individuals and   visiting the following internet link -
holds multiple patents and design          they fold down to a package small
awards for medical devices and             enough to be stored under the bed or      products.asp?category=25
ergonomic furniture. Alan's latest         in a cupboard.                            Seating Dynamics has recently been
innovation is the IntimateRider™, a        The IntimateRider™ has been               appointed the exclusive Australian
device specifically designed to            available in the USA for some time        distributor for the IntimateRider™
enhance and expand the sexual              and has received many positive            product range.
options for people with SCIs and           comments from users –
other disabling conditions such as         "I like the fact that I get to be in      For more information contact the
arthritis and back/knee injuries.          control. Before she was always            team at Seating Dynamics on
The design of the IntimateRider™           in control and now I feel so much or
provides for dozens of natural             more empowered… much more                 by calling (02) 9737-8611.

                                                                                     Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008        21
                       Holiday Accommodation
                                                                                                        Injury prevention messages: Queensland Health
                                                                                                        and Energex offer support for the future
                                                                                                        Carol Haffke, Manager, Fundraising and Communications
                                                                                                        To kick-start 2008, SEAT was proud to welcome Energex
                                                                                                        and Queensland Health as new supporters.
                                                                                                        Energex has donated $25,000, which will help the
                                                                                                        presenters to continue to provide their powerful lessons to
                                                                                                        schools throughout Queensland. Energex and SEAT share
                                                                                                        a strong focus on safety in the community and their support
                                                                                                        will continue to ensure primary and secondary students are
                                                                                                        aware of the risk factors of unsafe behaviour.
                                                                                                        Queensland Health has also donated $10,000 to ensure our
                                                                                                        unique safety and injury prevention messages reach school
                                                                  Specially designed for                children across Queensland this year.
                                                                  wheelchair access, this               The Spinal Injuries Association would like to take this
                                                                  near new 3 bedroom                    opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing support for SEAT
                                                                  brick home is situated                by Disability Services Qld, the Dept of the Premier and
                                                                  one street from beach.                Cabinet, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission and the
                                                                                                        Dept of Emergency Services.
                                                                  6 Pilot Street, Urangan

                   Featuring colour TV & VCR with remotes, dishwasher,
                   lazy-susans, pull-out pantry, upside-down fridge,
                   under-bench washing machines & dryer, second bath-
                   room with shower chair, extra-wide hallways, garage
                   with remote control panel-lift door.
                   For further information please contact:

                   Raine & Horne
                                                            357 Esplanade,      ea
                                                            Scarness, Qld 4655
                   Hervey Bay
                                                            Phone: (07) 4128 2188            Ag
                                                                                                         Energex South Coast Asset Manager Gary Madigan with SEAT
                        Fax: (07) 4124 4414                    ts      presenter Wayne Horkings, SEAT trainee presenter James
                                                                                                             Sprenger and children from Mudgeeraba State School.

                               ReBen Mobility Engineering

                                  Hand Controls: Push Pat: Push Pull: Hand & Electromechanical clutches: Kits also available
                                  We do Refits: Custom Modifications: Left foot accelerators: Fuji Accelerator Kits: Scooters &
                                      Power chair lifts: (Trunk lifts): Wymo chair loaders: electric & manual handbrakes
                                               Steering wheel spinner knobs: Many types - ReBen & other brands
                                                  ReBen Mobility Engineering: Ph: 3805 8508 Fax: 3805 9028
                                                             64 Hickory Street, Marsden QLD 4132
                                We will be relocating to brand new air conditioned premises at Meadowbrook in the near future
                                Authorised fitting agents Australia wide: Phone us for information about the nearest agent to you
                                                  Website: or please call for pricing or information
                                                                                    HAPPY MOTORING
                ReBen is a registered trademark of ReBen Mobility Engineering
                                                                                    Reginald J Bean

            22          Imprint MARCH – APRIL 2008
EQUIPMENT                           and 17”Dp. Includes battery             ParaQuad NSW. Excellent                generously given to my wife.
Tieman wheelchair lifter for use    charger. One armrest needs              condition, 60,000kms. Reg’d Oct        Particularly required is a left hand
in a van. $500. Reck Moto-med       minor repair. $1,900 negotiable.        2008. $1,600 ono. Ph: 3261 9229        rear Preslite gearbox with a
‘PICO’: leg exercise machine,       Phone 3848 9577 office hours.           or 0400 716 070                        17mm diameter shaft 89mm
bought 1996, hardly used, in new                                                                                   long, in good condition, or
condition. $750                     VEHICLES                                2001 Chrysler Voyager SE:              alternatively a pair of Kirby or
Phone: Margaret Owen 3351           1994 ED Ford Falcon Futura              Wheelchair accessible automatic        Preslite gearboxes, with motors
1326 / 0417 002 803, or email       Station Wagon: 4 Speed                  vehicle with Tramanco Hydraulic        and wheels, in good condition.                  Automatic; 252000 Km; full              ramp for side entry. Middle row        Phone Malcolm 0421 469 589
                                    service history; Road Worthy            front and seats removeable.            (Brisbane).
Evolv Easy Stand: As new,           Certificate; Registered to Jan 09.      Wheelchair restraints sold as
adjustable tray, on casters for     Fitted with: lift aide electric hoist   part of vehicle. 6 cyl, 3.3L, Reg to   Basketball wheelchair: 19” to
easy maneuverability. Easy to       and attachments to lift electric        08/08. 70,000 km’s, one owner          suit person with high level
transfer onto. When standing        wheelchair or scooter in/out of         driver, regularly serviced. Other      paraplegia. Must have wedge
gives full knee and chest support   cargo area; cargo barrier; dash         features: air con; CD player;          type seating. Contact: Michael
that is fully adjustable.           mat and carpet floor mats, front        Driver & passenger airbags;            on 3803 5556 or 0410 405 867.

                                                                                                                   GIVE AWAY
Allows you to stand safely and      nudge bar; driving/spot lights          cruise control; ABS braking;
comfortable for long periods of     fitted to nudge bar; Air Con;           climate control; trip computer;
time with the advantage of being    Cruise Control; Central Locking;        power windows; electric seats          Oxford patient lifting hoist:
mobile. $3,000 Neg. Contact         1250 kg tow bar and electric            central lock; engine immobiliser.      with a normal U shaped base,
Louisa on 07 38291212 or 0417       plug; approved left foot                $40,000. Phone 0407 751 528 or         also a floor fitting turntable base.
756 971 for more information, or    accelerator which can be de-            A/H 07 4636 4187 for email             I would like give it someone who
to have pictures emailed.           activated if not needed. Asking                has need of it. Ph: Margaret Owen
                                    $5000.00 negiotable. Contact                                                   3351 1326 / 0417 002 803,email
TRAXX powered wheelchair            Errol White 07 3886 6110 or             WANTED                       
(four years old) with padded seat   0428-880 395.                           Marlin scooter: not necessarily

board and contoured padded          1985 Ford Laser Ghia:                   complete or in going order, to raid
back. Commando Controller right     Hatchback, silver with certified        for parts to repair a Marlin
side T Bar. Seat frame 16”Wd        radial hand controls fitted by          scooter recently and very

                                                                                    Dear members/friends,
                                                                                    Thank you for all the farewells/good wishes, and years of
                                                                                    support that you provided me with when I was Manager of
                                                                                    North Queensland Office. The experience has lead me
 Taxi trouble!                                                                      now down another path which I thought I would share with
 I have been in a wheelchair for 33 years, and the last 12 have been                you. Since leaving North Queensland after 27 years I have
 in an Electric wheelchair. I have been personally trying to find a                 moved to Tasmania to be closer to my daughter, her family
 solution to the abysmal Taxi service in Brisbane, at least where I live            and my grandchildren of whom there will soon be three.
 on the Northside. At night, it is virtually impossible to rely on getting a        This relocation has brought me into contact with the
 cab if you are in an electric wheelchair.                                          Anglicare organisation who support people who are
 I went to the last meeting of the Pine Shire recently, as a former                 experiencing difficulty in their lives, due to bush fires,
 Councillor it was an important function for me. The bus I tried to catch           disability, financial hardship, relationship breakdown or
 had a ramp that didn’t work - a common occurrence, so I rang a Maxi                homelessness, to name a few.
 Taxi. Even though I checked with Yellow three times, it was one hour               In December, Anglicare was successful in a tender to
 and forty minutes before one turned up.                                            provide Respite services to people with a mental illness,
 My head was in the dark, and I trusted the driver to find the Strathpine           and people with a disability who have older carers, i.e.,
 Council Chambers, but we ended up at WARNER!! Hey, Queensland                      over the age of 65. I am now working as the Respite
 Transport requires that the response time be the same as for                       Manager Statewide setting up this new respite service
 conventional Taxis, and “priority” is given to wheelchairs – read the              around Tasmania, providing accommodation in home, and
 fact sheet on their website!                                                       recreational respite to this client group. The experiences I
                                                                                    gained while in contact with you all were invaluable,                 providing insights into advocacy and the rights of people
 elchair_accessible_taxi_guide.pdf                                                  with a disability.
 Jack Kennedy. PS: I found out where all the Maxis were that night –                Stay healthy and well, and if ever you are travelling to
 at the Cricket, and they receive an $11 high occupancy fee for groups!             Tasmania remember there are services for people with a
 Editor: This issue has been presented to Queensland Transport                      disability here too.
 for attention.                                                                     Robyn Reid, Anglicare, Launceston Office.

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