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									              Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet Battery 40y8318
This is the Lenovo Li-Ion 8 Cell battery for the Lenovo X60 and X61 TABLET laptops. It's great - 4.
5+ hours of battery life while working. However - make sure it is the one you need. The regular
X60/61 battery will NOT fit the tablet (definitely), and vice-versa (I think). There is a big notch in the
battery to accommodate the swivel hinge. Also, I think the photo is of the 4 cell version, which is
slightly slimmer. The 8 cell version sticks out about an inch, and is covered with a rubberized grip
(works well, makes it easier to hold, as per an earlier review). If you have a Lenovo TABLET PC,
then this makes a great purchase. It's the original Lenovo part and it works great. If you have the
regular version (non-tablet) of the X60 or X61, then get the regular battery (

I already had a 4-cell Li-Ion battery for the X61 tablet. Bought this one to provide extended battery
for my daily work. It can hold up to 5+ hours. Lenovo also has this great feature where in Control
Panel-> power management->battery information, you can set your batteries not to start recharging
when the power cable is plugged until the remaining charge is less than some value you set (I set it
to 50%). Instead of fequently recharging from 9X% to 100%, this feature can save a lot of battery
recharging cycles, and supposedly enlonger the battery life. Overall, I am glad with both of my
batteries, and the tablet itself too.

This piece is amazing. Setting your computer on an economical power plan in the power options will
give you power for 6. 5 to 7 hours on full charge! I use the Edison power software downloaded from
Microsoft's website and I have between 5. 5 to 6. 5.

If you want to upgrade your x60 (or in my case x61 tablet) to working all day from the battery, then
this is the solution. It adds about 1 inch to the depth of the laptop, but because it's got a rubberised
surface, it makes the tablet easier to hold. Highly recommended for mobile work life.

Though it was unclear to me whether this battery was 1. ) a genuine OEM lenovo product and 2. )
compatible with my X61t tablet laptop, it ended out being both and I am very happy with it. Feels
great to have long battery life again (my last battery was down to about 45 minutes at most),
hopefully it lasts for a while. . .


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