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Confirmed Kill by pengxuezhuyes


									               Confirmed Kill

          Game Proposal Concept

David Graves, Michael LoBianco, Josh Kierzek

      GAM220- Applied Game Theory

                Ken Adams

              March 28, 2008
                  Confirmed Kill

“An Expert Assassin Seeks to Take Down His Own Teacher”

                       Created by:

                    David Graves
                   Michael LoBianco
                     Josh Kierzek

                      Table of Contents

Overview.................................................... Pg. 3

Story.......................................................... Pg. 3-13

Gameplay................................................... Pg. 14-17

Target Audience........................................... Pg. 18

Market Position............................................ Pg. 18-19

Competition................................................. Pg. 19-21

Concept Art.................................................. Pg. 22-31

Technology Highlights.................................... Pg. 32-33

Audio and Music............................................ Pg. 33-34

Conclusion.................................................... Pg. 34


Project Name: Confirmed Kill

Genre: First Person Shooter done in the style of stealth
operations and assassination using a sniper rifle.

Platform: The main platforms for this game will be Xbox 360,
Playstation 3, and the PC. The game itself will be designed with
the Playstation 3 in mind and will be ported to the others due to
complications of porting Xbox 360 games to a Playstation 3

Perspective: First person point of view from the main character,
Lucas Kaden.

Overview: Lucas Kaden must hunt down his former teacher and
others along the way as the government hires him as a private
contractor to take down specific targets.

     It starts out in a dark room, with a single light on in the
middle room. The middle light illuminates on a black, round
table, where it seems intellectual officials are in the middle of a
heated discussion. One general mentions that this man should
not be trusted, he is a killing machine. Another one of them
states that he can be trusted; he has no grudge against us, and
has worked for the government without question for years. The
conversation heats up, until finally, one of them stands up and
says we are out of options, this is our candidate. One of them
asks what if he refuses, and the one standing says that he will
not have a choice. As the screen blackens, a voice is heard, that
says the following:
“This is how it all began…”

      After that statement, a jungle scene fades into the screen,
and you see a soldier in camouflage jumping out from the trees
into a clearing, and then another voice, coming from a radio in
his left ear, “welcome to the area Lucas.” The soldier talks with
this person, whom is he calls Sgt. Davoe. We also find out that
the character’s name is Lucas Kaden, and this is one of his first
missions by himself as a sniper. His mission is to kill the
resistance leader located at a small camp not too far from Lucas’
location, and to give cover to a Special Forces team whose job is
to recover secret documents from the leader, and then
rendezvous at the extraction point. This mission will introduce
you to the world of snipers, where you are given a huge wide
area to scope out for enemies, and make a variety of decisions
that will change the area overall, and achieve your objective.

      The story will continue and the player will find out that they
are in the heart of the Congo, and this resistance leader has been
in communication with known terrorists that are enemies to the
United States. Also, as the player transverses Lucas across the
terrain it is highly encouraged that the player as Lucas keeps a
very low profile because if other countries find out that the
Americans are here in the Congo, then foreign affairs would blow
up all over the place. After you finally reach the area of the main
camp, the player must slowly eliminate the enemies at the camp
until finally, the target reveals himself and then the player must
make their first High Priority kill. After the kill has been done,
then Lucas must provide cover to the Special Forces team that
will recover the documents from the body of the dead leader. As
Lucas heads to the extraction point he keeps questioning what
information is inside the documents recovered with Sgt. Davoe
via his ear piece until finally Davoe tells him to stop, and pay
attention to his environment, and never to question his orders
again. As Lucas slowly progresses to the extraction point, he
encounters light resistance, but soon clears the area. Once the
extraction point is clear, then the mission is over. As a cut scene
occurs a helicopter extracts Lucas and the Special Forces team.
The scene goes black as the Helicopter flies over the jungle and
Lucas stares at the documents held by the Forces team.

     The scene is blurry at first, but then it comes into focus.
Looking from the eyes of Lucas, he sees himself in a reflective
mirror in what looks like an interrogation room. Lucas looks down
and notices his arms are tied up to a chair, unable to move.
Being beat up, a man in glasses walks up to him and just smiles
at him, and calls him Lucas. The voice is familiar and sounds like
the voice that was in Lucas’s ear like in the tutorial mission.
Lucas looks up, and says “Sgt. Davoe?”, but the man walks off as
Lucas is shouting at him, and the scene fades as Lucas blacks
out. Lucas wakes up with what looks to be American soldiers all
around him. A medic kneels down next to Lucas, asking him if
he’s alright, and Lucas tells him he’s fine, and asks where Davoe
is, but the medic just whispers into an officer’s ear, and then tells
Lucas to come with him. Lucas follows him to where a Colonel
Stands at a table inspecting the area where Lucas was

     The Colonel calls himself Walter Jackman. “Your lucky we
found you when we did, son.” Jackman says to Luc. “He may
have gotten to you first but, we interrupted him before he was
able to kill you.” Lucas asks what the colonel is talking about.
Jackman says that he wants to enlist the aid of Lucas for a
mission, but Lucas says that he’s retired, he wishes to live his life
in peace, but Jackman insists that there is a known terrorist that
only he can hunt down. Lucas asks if it’s Davoe, and Jackman
doesn’t answer. Lucas begins to argue that Davoe would never
turn against his country, but Jackman responds back by saying
that the organization Davoe is involved in just took credit for a
bombing that killed twenty-six people, and that he must be
stopped. Lucas is silent for a bit, until finally, he takes a grip on
reality, and agrees to help. Jackman tells Lucas that his targets
will come straight from him and that the government will pay him
as a private contractor and Lucas agrees for the time being.

     All of a sudden, a huge explosion is heard, as an officer
comes in seconds later and tells the colonel that the complex was
booby trapped. We just lost twelve men, the officer tells
Jackman. Lucas walks over to the Colonel and asks for his gear.
The Colonel gives him a bag, and says good luck. Lucas arms
himself, and advances to the top of the building to be extracted
to his first target. On his way to the roof Lucas is called for over
the radio. Jackman’s voice comes through telling Lucas they need
his help and he needs to provide sniper support on the East side
of the building. Lucas finds his way to the indicated side of the
building and looks out on to a coastal battle torn city, masked
resistance fighters appear to be swarming the area and attacking
the building and the American soldiers. Lucas sets up and begins
taking out targets one by one until finally he sees a man with
what appears to be medallions all over his vest leading the
fighters. As Lucas finds a clear shot he quickly eliminates the
man, and the masked fighters appear to lose there nerve and
retreat. Lucas continues to make his way to the roof and meets a
helicopter for extraction. Before the helicopter takes off Colonel
Jackman steps into the chopper. The Colonel tells Lucas that he
does not know exactly where Davoe is, but he knows many
targets that can be killed that will get Lucas closer to finding out
where he is.

     As Lucas rides in the helicopter his mind drifts back to a
mission with his ex-teacher. He starts out in what seems to be an
underground network of huge caverns, and his teacher is
communicating through his ear piece, telling him about the
current objective. A known radical has been hiding out in this
cavern, and he’s known for plotting the assassinations of political
figures, and so his actions must be put to a halt. Advancing
through the caverns, you meet up with your teacher as a unit in
the game by your side. Using this extra teammate, he teaches
you how to communicate to your teammate as you advance
through the caverns and utilize your sniper teammate as you go.
Eventually, you will come across and kill the radical, and as you
approach the body, Davoe passes you and tells you to step back,
as he searches the body. All of a sudden, a group of people
emerge from the shadows, guns drawn but not firing. Lucas
whips around to face them, and as he does he is knocked out
from behind. He wakes up to find them gone, and asks his
teacher who they were, and Davoe says that they took the
documents, and that Lucas and he must track them down. Lucas
snaps back to the present as Colonel Jackman begins giving
Lucas the names of suspected associates of Davoe.

      Lucas is given several targets, one in Russia, one in Cuba,
and one in Afghanistan. After those targets have been terminated
and Lucas has obtained a good set of documents, Colonel
Jackman gets in contact with Lucas and gives him his first good
lead towards Davoe. According to Colonel Jackman, there is a
drug smuggling operation in Western Africa that Davoe has
sponsored with his own money. The leader of the operation is
located at the edge of the Sahara, and Jackman wants Lucas to
kill him and obtain any evidence of contact with Davoe. Lucas
makes his way through the rocky and sandy areas, and finds and
kills the target, but just as he is approaching the dead leader, a
gun is pointed to his head. An African man wearing a black and
brown uniform, different from the drug smugglers, questions
Lucas’s involvement here. Lucas ignores the man’s questions and
asks questions of his own. The man smiles and says his name is
Darrell, he tells Lucas that the American government is not the
only one searching for Davoe, for he has questions to ask him as

    A sudden wind kicks up as two helicopters appear directly
over Lucas and Darrell’s head. Lucas quickly recognizes them as
his extraction choppers. Darrell runs for cover, as Lucas quickly
searches the dead leader’s body, but finds nothing but a cell
phone. He takes it and boards the helicopter, holding onto the
cell phone. As Lucas arrives to the main camp, he hands the cell
phone to Jackman, Jackman seems pleased. All of a sudden, the
cell phone rings and Jackman answers. After a few moments,
Jackman hands the phone to Lucas and says, “It’s for you.” Lucas
takes the phone and recognizes the voice on the other end as his
“old teacher” whom starts to ask him questions. Lucas quickly
cuts him off and asks “what are you thinking?” Davoe tells him
that someday, he will understand, but until then, he needs to
stay in the dark and search for the light, and then hangs up.
Jackman tells Lucas that he will assign more kills for him from
the contacts on the cell phone. As Lucas leaves, he hears the
Colonel telling his subordinate to get to work on finding out
where Davoe is. As Lucas walks away utters, “hopefully I will find
the light, but not the same one as Davoe.”

     After obtaining enough evidence, Jackman discovers the
current location of Davoe, and acts fast to send troops to the
location. He has already sent in strike teams, but he wants to
send Lucas in through a different location, to help out the strike
team’s advance through his sniper cover. Lucas argues the fact
that the strike teams will only cause more chaos and dead bodies
than needed, and Davoe might get away, but Jackman silences
him quickly and tells him to do what he is ordered to do, Lucas
goes on saying he’s a private contractor, not in the service
anymore. Jackman gets in his face, angry at Lucas rebellious
attitude, but then backs down and tells Lucas that since he is a
private contractor, his words mean little to him, and dismisses
Lucas from his sight. Lucas walks out in anger, grabs his
equipment, and leaves on a helicopter to the sight. Lucas touches
down on a roof nearby the drop locations of the other troops and
quickly finds that the troops have been cut off in part of the city.
Lucas provides cover for the troops and kills the opposition
blocking the American troops. Lucas quickly begins to make his
way to where Davoe is supposed to be, but as he gets in sight of
the location he sees a strike team entering the building before
him, so he watches from afar as they radio in all clear, that they
have found nothing. All of a sudden, explosions start firing off all
over the construct, as the night sky lights up in flames. Lucas
realizes it’s a trap as the buildings all around him begin to
explode. Lucas begins to run on the roof tops headed towards the
extraction point. As the explosions get closer to Lucas he jumps
in to the helicopter just in time to avoid an explosion, as the
building below crumbles to pieces. The explosion knocks Lucas
unconscious, as he lies in the back of helicopter.

     As he wakes up, the helicopter is landing on a Military
carrier; Lucas composes himself and goes to meet Colonel
Jackman. Jackman has another list of contacts for Lucas to
eliminate. While Lucas is on his next mission in Poland, Jackman
sends a strike team to search other possible areas for signs of
Davoe. Soon, Jackman realizes that to bring out Davoe, he must
take out all of Davoe’s support. Jackman knows about one of his
closer leader’s that runs operations in Tunisia, high in the
mountains. Lucas is ordered to go there, and do reconnaissance.
Soon after Lucas arrives, he realizes that the complex is setup
like a prison and witnesses scenes of torture taking place. Lucas
finds and eliminates the man they call the Warden, and as Lucas
gets a better look of Warden’s face a flashback sequence
happens showing this man as one Lucas saw in the network of
tunnels mission back with Davoe. Soon Lucas is surrounded by
other men from the complex and as they are about to kill him
several shots ring out and the men surrounding Lucas fall to the
ground. Lucas turns to see Darrell standing before him with a
smirk as hot steam rises from the barrel of his gun. Lucas
mentions that Darrell has good timing as you both search the
bodies to find anything that could be useful. All of a sudden,
helicopters swarm the room Lucas and Darrell are in and gunfire
starts blazing. Lucas and Darrell both duck, and both of them
sustain wounds. When all hope seems lost an explosion rocks the
complex as one of the helicopters ignites into a ball of fire. An F-
15 comes screaming by and as three more buzz the complex the
other helicopters swarming the complex explode as well. Lucas
and Darrell get to the roof and extract into the helicopters.

      Jackman calls Lucas in and says finally they have Davoe.
Inside sources say that Davoe is setting up to kill an American
official named Eric Whitehorse, at the American embassy in Peru.
Lucas is to go and stop Davoe once and for all. Lucas arrives at
the Embassy and after taking a survey of the land quickly
realizes the best way to prevent Davoe is to warn Eric
Whitehorse in person. Since Lucas is not supposed to be officially
in Peru he has to sneak into the Embassy without alerting
anyone. Lucas gets in and finds Whitehorse. As Lucas takes a
sigh of relief and walks towards Whitehorse a small noise breaks
a nearby window. Eric Whitehorse’s head whips back as he falls
to the ground. Armed guards rush the room as Lucas looks down
at the dead man. The guards rustle Lucas to ground and begin to
beat him.

      Lucas wakes up to find himself in a military hospital, but
under heavy guard. Jackman wishes not to release him, because
they believe he has been working for the terrorists all along.
Although he cannot believe it, Jackman had Davoe pardoned and
is now in charge of Lucas’ house arrest. Davoe walks into the
room, and Lucas tries to reach for him but it seems he is bound
to the bed, so he can’t move. Davoe tells him that it was
pointless to even resist, or try to work around him. Davoe leaves
the room. Lucas begins to wonder if he will ever find a simple
life. Lucas returns to a flashback with his mentor. They both are
sitting at a bar as Lucas reveals to his mentor that he would one
day like to own a ranch in the wilderness, have a large family,
and settle down. Davoe shoots Lucas down and tells him that this
business is harder to leave than the Mafia, and that he needs to
stay focused. As they begin a mission together in an abandoned
apartment complex somewhere in Asia, Lucas keeps trying to
think of ways to get out of the service. As Lucas and Davoe talk
they complete there mission of confronting and eliminating a
criminal boss. As Lucas and Davoe get to the roof a helicopter
flies over to extract them, but all of a sudden, an explosion goes
off and the helicopter crashes into the building they are on,
causing a collapse and fire to take place. As both men take
cover, Davoe tells him to run, stay hidden, and find a way back
home, and tells him that this is the way out. Lucas pauses but
says thank you for getting him out of the business, but as he
walks away Davoe says something that sticks with Lucas: “I am
only delaying the inevitable. Go!”
      The flashback goes back to normal, and Lucas lying in the
military hospital realizes that this life can never be left. All of a
sudden, a crash and gunfire takes place, as armed men enter his
room and shoot his guards. Freeing him, Lucas asks them who
they are, but instead they give him his gear and lead him out of
the military hospital. They tell Lucas, someone wants to talk with
him, and when they reach their destination in what seems to be
the Sahara, Lucas finds out that Darrell is the leader of a
resistance group, and he was the one who freed him. Darrell still
wants to hunt down Davoe, and if that means turning against the
government, then by all means he will do so. Lucas is hesitant at
first, but after some convincing, agrees to do so for personal
      After completing some assassination and reconnaissance
missions for Darrell’s resistance, Darrell’s spies report to him that
Davoe has CIA agents on the move within the Canary Islands.
They are carrying mission specs that could possibly explain their
operation to capture Lucas and Darrell, and to know your
enemy’s plan is to know your enemy. Lucas and Darrell move
into the area quietly so that their presence is undetected. After
obtaining the documents and working their way so that their
presence is no longer detected, they find themselves in a cargo
hold of a small merchant vessel. Darrell’s plan is starting to form,
and Lucas understands his true purpose for coming out to the
Canary Islands: commandeer this vessel. After sneaking around
and receiving help from the helicopter, they are able to take the
vessel and mask themselves as the crew. Taking advantage of
their position, Darrell uses the documents to pinpoint more
contacts that have links to the location of Davoe.
      Passing by the U.S. border, Darrell, Lucas, and a small team
gear up to avoid the Coast Guard and meet with a small boat.
Landing in the Everglades, Darrell and Lucas rendezvous with
some of Darrell’s contacts within the United States. They meet up
with a contact of Darrell’s named Mortar, whom is tall and stocky
just as his name suggests. He gives Darrell and Lucas fake
passports, ID’s, names, and even their own luggage. Taking a
private jet provided a wealthy contact within the U.S., Darrell
and Lucas sit back and relaxes for the time being. Lucas dozes
off, and starts going through all his flashbacks, slowly, but then
faster and faster, until he finally opens his eyes, and says that
Davoe has become an unhealthy obsession to hunt down, a
passion to hunt down. Darrell is reading the documents, and then
discusses that now that they are in the heart of the action,
finding their location will be easier because there is a larger pool
of contacts to work off of.
      The contacts they have killed, the documents they have
obtained, the blood they have spilled, it was all worth it when
they finally obtained the information of the location of Davoe.
Lucas and Darrell find out that Davoe is hiding from Lucas and
Darrell, and that to find him, they must go through Jackman.
With Darrell as a supporting sniper, they get into the complex
where Jackman is undetected, and confront Jackman. Jackman is
about to tell them where Davoe is when all of a sudden, an
explosion goes off in the room. Lucas and Darrell wake up
unscarred, but Jackman is near death, and swears that he
should’ve never had Davoe pardoned. He tells Lucas that Davoe
is in Montana, at a place called The Estate, an expensive private
mansion owned by Davoe. Darrell and Lucas make their way to
the top of the building and find a helicopter that Darrell uses to
fly them clear. As they are flying, Lucas is looking out to make
sure there are no jets flying by, but Darrell assures him that his
men silenced communications in and out of the area. All of a
sudden, jets are seen in the horizon, heading straight for them.
Darrell tells Lucas to find the parachutes, but then he finds out it
was his contact, Mortar, and his contacts that have confiscated
the jets. They say that they have fooled the government, and
they are free to leave the area and return, but Darrell interrupts
and tells him he has unfinished business in Montana.

     Arriving in Montana, Darrell and some of his men cover
Lucas as he enters the mansion. Lucas infiltrates the mansion,
and enters one room to find an ear piece sitting on the dresser.
He picks it up and puts it in his ear. His ex teacher talks to him
egging him on and telling him he will not stop him. Davoe begins
to take sniper shots at him barely missing him, toying with him.
As Lucas listens to Davoe’s Taunts he hears a train pass and as
he looks out into the area he sees where Davoe is. Lucas pulls up
his Sniper rifle and aims and fires. Davoe goes down but Lucas is
not confident that he is dead.

      Lucas goes to the location and finds Davoe taking his last
breaths. As Lucas approaches Davoe, Davoe says, “Your training
is finally complete, you have surpassed the teacher. Now is time
for you to become who you should’ve been all along.” Davoe
breaths his last breath. The scene fades out.
      The scene fades back in showing the funeral service of
someone as a politician is saying kind words over a casket. The
scenery matches the words, as the man describes beauty and
love. During his speech, the camera goes over the audience, and
as the politician is getting to the climax of his speech, you see
Mortar and Darrell sitting there, listening to his speech, with a
straight face, but there is an empty seat in between them, which
is plain in view near the end of the man’s speech. As the man
gets to the end of his speech, a loud noise rings out as the
politician falls to the ground and a red tint seems to spread out
from a small hole in the chest of his suit. The scene follows the
terrain of the graveyard and shows Lucas putting his Sniper rifle
into a duffle bag. As he walks off he utters

 “All good things must come to an end, but they must also first


     When starting out in the game, you will be asked to name a
vanilla folder that is labeled classified. This is the name of your
profile. Once you have named your profile, then you will be
brought to the game menu, where you can start Campaign
mode. Now, in Campaign mode, you will be asked to choose
between three difficulties:
         Conscript (Easy)
         Sniper (Medium)
         Sharpshooter (Hard)
         Assassin (Expert)

Now there is also three other options to choose from on the main
       Challenge Mode: After playing a good amount of
        missions for the campaign, you will unlock specific
        challenges that you can do which can earn you more
        bonus material, like new weapons, videos, cheats, new
        challenges, and many more bonus material.
       Multiplayer Mode: There will be multiplayer mode
        available for online play. You can choose between
        different modes available to play online. More will be
        discussed later on within the Gameplay section.
       Options: You have the ability to adjust sensitivity,
        audio, video, graphics, controller, and other features
        that will better enhance the player and make them feel
        like they are within the game more with these
        customizable options. They will also have the ability to
        load up a different file if they see fit to do so, and enter
        cheats that can be unlocked through Challenge Mode.

Campaign Mode: This is where the story is told. This game is
mostly driven by the story, but if starting off in the two easier
modes, you will be introduced into the game through a gradual
tutorial in the game.

      When first starting out, you will start out with the main
character in a regular camouflage outfit for the time being, with a
stock weapon M40 Sniper Rifle, a pair of regular binoculars, and
one Colt 45 handgun. Your beginning mission will introduce you
to a small trail, where you can find different hiding spots pointed
out by the tutorial, scope out the area, and be able to make your
kill. Use your binoculars to study the behaviors of the characters
and find out when it is best to kill them, while use your handgun
when you have a surprise visitor. After you finish your first
mission, you will then be brought to the Kill Selection Menu,
where you get to do the following:

   Choose from a list of kills given to you by the government.
    This is how you will earn money to upgrade your equipment,
    as well as advance through the story this way. After every
    objective kill, you will obtain documents from them that you
    will forward to the general.
   Be able to buy and upgrade new equipment, including
    different sniper rifles, sniper rifle accessories, and another
    miscellaneous objects used to achieve Lucas’ purpose.
    Snipers have four stats that they are based off of when you
    buy them:
       o Power: How powerful the shot comes out of the gun,
          which can keep the gun’s bullets accurate if powerful,
          but cause a bad recoil effect if too powerful and not
       o Mechanism: How well the gun reloads a bullet into the
          chamber, how fast it reacts to the trigger, and how well
          it can work without
       o Silence: How well it can stay quiet, and not cause
          attention to the enemy
       o Weight: How heavy the sniper can be, and thus how
          well the palyer can hold it on his back
   Choose from either doing Major Kills, which involve in the
    storyline, or achieve Minor Kills, which are side objective
    kills that can spawn their own story or just make money.
   Able to use experience points gained from kills while playing
    games to advance further in these four areas of sniping:
       o Accuracy: How steady you can hold your gun and how
          well you can aim at the enemy and keep your aim
       o Speed: How well you can reload and shoot, as well as
          react to the environment around you
       o Stealth: How quiet you can keep yourselves to preserve
          your cover, as well as kill someone as quiet as possible
       o Strength: How much you can carry for equipment all at
          once, and how well you can take a hit and recover from
          it as well.
   You can also not only buy sniper rifles, but different kinds of
       o Outfit: Do you want a camouflage outfit, or a civilian
          outfit to disguise yourself? Or do you want an outfit as
          pitch black as the night you work in?
       o Grenades: Flash grenades and smoke grenades are
          very useful when sniping at times, or when keeping
          enemies away.
       o Accessories: Silencers, scopes, easier mechanism
          system, longer barrel, and such more can be added to
          your specific sniper rifle. Depending on the sniper rifle
          will depend on its customization.

Now while in the game, your kill will start off in the beginning:
   An overlay map, with a red X which points out the main
    target and a golden X for any side objectives in the mission.
   A list of the kill or kills called Major Kills that must be done
    in order to complete the mission, then the Minor Kills of this
    mission, which don’t need to be done to complete the
    mission but adds bonus experience and money to the overall
   A briefing of the mission, what must be done, and how it
    involves with the story in some way.
   Figure out what equipment is available to you, and equip
    with what you can and possibly do with and do without.

    When you are ready, hit the Start Mission to begin the
mission. Once you are in the mission:
        Levels are usually very huge so that you can use your
         scoping out equipment to scope out who needs to die
         first, and who should be saved for last
        Many ways to enter and exit the locations that there are
         endless opportunities that you will have to achieve your
        You have three bars on the bottom mid. The first part is
         your health, while your second bar is your stealth bar,
         and the third bar being the experience bar. Your health
         is simple, make sure it doesn’t run out, because there is
         no way you can heal yourself once you are in a level.
         The second bar can lead to disaster, for the more full it
         is, the more they now that there is someone out there
         and they need to die. If the stealth bar ever becomes
         completely full, they are fully alerted of your presence
         and you lost the mission, because your main objective
         is not to reveal to the enemy of your existence. For
         every successful kill and objective accomplishment, you
         will gain some experience points. If you reach the end
         of it, it will empty out and you will go up in a level, and
         your stats will automatically upgrade itself by a couple
         of points each.
        The top right corner will show what weapon you have
         equipped currently, while the top left will show a small
         map of the area to scope out, along with coordinates
         and a compass on the outside of the map.

                 Target Audience

     The main audience this game is geared toward in today's
video game market is the young adult to adult market interested
in militaristic games. Our game especially appeals to the market
of gamers out there interested in a sniping-themed game since
there seems to lack a specialized games catering to this
particular style of gameplay. We've gotten a taste of it with the
arcade game “Silent Scope” but that was strictly an arcade
shooter. Its reach does not extend very far into this sub-genre of
military games that appeals mostly to young adults and adults
(mostly male according to market statistics).

     Players with an interest in a stealth/gun game with a
storyline may also find this particular game appealing with its in-
depth and complex storytelling from the perspective of a sniper
hunting his former teacher. Finally, the already large and
established fan-base for military and gun games are a perfect
match for Confirmed Kill. Our game has a target audience and it
is indeed a broad target.

                  Market Position

    As stated under Target Audience, Confirmed Kill is heavily

geared towards young adults and adults as it carries a Mature
rating hoping to attract gamers from these particular
demographics to Confirmed Kill's stealth military feel. While the
main character of the game is not directly a weapon of the
military, he still works for the government giving the Tom
Clancy's Splinter Cell feeling. This demographic of young adults
to adults has been proven to be the best market for such a game
so the genre and rating of the game already open it up to these
preexisting gamers. What will draw them in more is the idea of a
sniper-based game. Not many games have even attempted to
touch this particular style of gameplay save for a few misguided
attempts as well as a few well-done but ultimately shallow games
in terms of gameplay options and story.

     Once again, as mentioned in the section Target Audience,
this game straddles genres in certain respects. Confirmed Kill
takes stealth gameplay and mixes it with a traditional shooter. As
it has been proven over the years, the most prosperous games in
the industry do just this combination to an extent. Reworking
that simple equation leaves Confirmed Kill in the same
demographics as games like Metal Gear Solid and Tom Clancy's
Splinter Cell while opening up the genre to new and rarely
explored possibilities. It will be an experience that will reach out
to the large market already established for these genres and give
them something new to appreciate.


   True competition for this game is, in reality, quite limited.
What Confirmed Kill is doing is really something that's barely

being touched in the video game market. Sniping based games
are seldom seen and, even if they are, they're usually poorly
developed or shallow in gameplay. Confirmed Kill intends to
change this trend and usher in a new style of game that we've
yet to see done to its full potential. As far as competition in a
broad sense of the word, the biggest rivals for this game will be
Call of Duty, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Hitman, and Metal Gear
Solid. There are some heavy hitters amongst that list but let us
put the mind at ease by saying this: These games are indirect
competition. None of these quite capture the combination of
gameplay we're intending to do so, while still technically amongst
our game on paper in terms of genre, they are very different

      Call of Duty 4 has sniper-based missions in it but not much.
It's enough to perhaps whet an appetite for what we are going
for but that is about it. From what I've read and experienced with
the game, there is only one or two missions done in this fashion.
While fun, the game focuses mostly on direct combat while this
takes a back seat and is sort of a special treat for those playing
the campaign mode.

     Tom Clancy's Splint Cell dips into the stealth military game a
bit more than Call of Duty 4 does. Stealth is still a big thing but
not to the extent we're aiming for in Confirmed Kill. The idea of
Splinter Cell is espionage stealth tactics while Confirmed Kill is
assassination tactics. While that does not sound too much
different, there is quite a big difference between the style of a
game that goes for “Mission 1: Capture this enemy document”
and “Mission 1: Kill the target and escape unseen”. This game is
probably the closest to our game that a popular series has gotten
but it falls short from our own visions considerably.

     Hitman is another series of games that could be considered
our competition. Hitman deals with stealth kills and
assassinations as the name would suggest. The goals of the
game itself are close to Confirmed Kill but, once again, it does
not quite reach what we have in mind. Hitman is more brutal in
its tactics and execution while Confirmed Kill will be more subtle,
tactical, and methodical. Hitman also focuses on blending in
amongst the enemy and assassinating targets via disguise.
Confirmed Kill goes for a hiding-in-the-shadows approach as you
plan out your missions to the letter in order to get your mark.
Once again, these games are similar but they have certain
differences that set them apart in big ways.

      Now we get to the biggest contender, Metal Gear Solid.
Metal Gear Solid is a market powerhouse and with Metal Gear
Solid 4 on its way, it is a force to be reckoned with. However,
based on the previous comparisons, I'm sure one can already see
why this is in a different category and is indirect competition for
us. First of all, tactical espionage is the name of the game once
again much like Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. With this newest
installment, it seems to have also taken the approach of all-out
war much like the main focus of Call of Duty 4. Sniping has
always been a small role of all the Metal Gear series and it seems
it will stay that way. Assassination seems to be the new focus but
not in a subtle way. Snake seems to be taking the guerilla tactics
to heart from the surrounding friendly forces and is seeking to
destroy his long time nemesis Revolver Ocelot (and Liquid Snake
as a result). While Metal Gear Solid 4 will most likely have an in-
depth and complex story, it won't be in the same category of
Confirmed Kill so this is an open and shut case.

     As you can see, there are a lot of similar games out there
but nothing quite like what we're doing. If anything, we're taking
a lot of what has made some of the biggest games in this genre
great and combining them. BioShock did this recently and has
received accolades from all of the gaming industry and the
audience it caters to. We plan to repeat what BioShock did and
provide something for gamers to play that will get them involved,
get them thinking, and give them an experience in a game they'll
never forget.
Concept Art

Possible Game Level Environments:

Lucas Kaden:

Jonathan Davoe:


Possible Sniper Weapons:





Magnum L115A1


T-76 Longbow


            Technology Highlights

      Confirmed Kill will feature the latest in graphical
breakthroughs and capabilities to help further the realistic feel
when going from target to target throughout the course of the
game. While excellent graphics are nothing special these days
with high definition gaming becoming the new standard for
platforms like the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, Confirmed Kill
will take these graphics and turn them into something amazing.
The game itself will be taking advantage of the CryEngine, the
popular engine used to create the PC powerhouse Crysis and
adapted to the various consoles.

     Along with excellent graphical achievements, this game will
be supplying some complex physics and artificial intelligence as
well. In a game world where the player can manipulate the world
as he or she sees fit according the situation, it is important to
make sure everything reacts as it should with reality in mind. If a
player pushes a log and rolls it down a hill, it'll react like it should
in terms of physics. If a player shatters an object, it'll shatter like
that object would in real life such as a window or a door. If an
enemy sees you, they will relay to other enemies (if possible for
them) of your presence in an effort to keep a closer eye out for
you. Enemies won't just give up looking for you because they
cannot see you anymore like in Metal Gear Solid.

     Preserving realism and bringing the player further into the
world is our goal so appropriately reacting artificial intelligence is
needed in order to maintain that suspense of disbelief. That way
the player will be able to delve further into the story we'll be
working so hard to perfect without stopping to think “Well that
wouldn't have happened in real life”. One mechanic included that
will be talked about in greater detail under Audio and Music is the
inclusion of audio cues so the player can rely on senses as well
as the HUD to locate enemies. The game Assassin's Creed
offered a similar mechanic to the point where the player could
simply turn off all of the meters on the screen and play by sight
and by sound to achieve their goals. We think giving the option
for this in a sniper-style game will give those interested an even
more immersive experience.

     The learning curve for Confirmed Kill will be relatively low to
medium depending on how familiar the player is with controls for
games from this genre. Seasoned veterans will most likely pick
up on the control scheme relatively quickly. People new to the
genre will take a bit of time to get comfortable but they'll still
learn at a fast pace.

                 Audio and Music

      Music will be used sparingly in this game as the atmosphere
of the game should be more about silence and the ability to
sense your surroundings during sniping missions. The most
prevalent sounds in the game will be ambient and sound cues.
Ambient sounds will depend on the area which will vary
throughout the game from birds chirping and the sound of the
gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of the trees nearby to
raindrops and thunder on a rainy day mission. The audio cues
will become much more of an important part of the gameplay as
they will tip you off about targets and enemies around you. Take
for instance someone has the ability to avoid your equipment's
detection. Sometimes you'll just have to rely on your hearing to
listen for footsteps or something that will give away the position
of the enemy. Players using a surround sound system would
benefit the most from these audio clues but regular stereo sound
should work as well since there will also be varying sound ranges

to discern distances between the player and the enemies.

      Music will be incorporated into confrontation battles and
when you are spotted to further alert you to that fact. The music
will be orchestrated and intense when the player is locked in
battle with someone like his former teacher or a group of enemy
guards. The music will get softer and less up tempo to signify
that the enemy has lost sight of the player and are actively
searching for him or her. The music will disappear when there
are no more enemies nearby searching for you. The music will
resurface softly if an enemy approaches where you're hiding and
is searching for you (since they won't totally stop looking after
they've been alerted). These musical cues will also enhance the
drama of each moment and allow for varying atmospheres within
the same level.

     Our game seeks to take this genre and shake it up in a big
way. Not many games have attempted to do what we're doing
here now. With our sniper friend Lucas as the figurehead of our
project, we're determined to make Lucas Kaden as popular of a
name is big named characters like Gordon Freeman from Half Life
or Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series. We're sure when this
game comes out, when people say “What's a great game out
there?” that the response will be “Confirmed Kill”.


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