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									   Filing Your Form 1099 Online
   There are several types of
   1099 IRS forms, or information
   returns, available from the IRS
   which allow you to report
   income other than what an
   employer pays you.

The most commonly used form
1099 online is the 1099-MISC

     Types of 1099 IRS Forms
1099-MISC : The most commonly used form 1099 online is the 1099-
MISC. This form allows anyone working as an independent contractor
to report income received over $600 that is not otherwise reported on a

1099-DIV & 1099-INT : If you have stocks or mutual funds, you will
receive a form 1099-DIV to report any dividends you receive. On the
other hand, if you earn interest from an investment, you will report this
money on a form 1099-INT.

1099-R: When you withdraw money from traditional IRAs, you must
report this income on an IRS form 1099-R. Generally, this is considered
taxable income. This form also applies to pensions and annuities, as
Finding 1099 IRS Forms Online
If you are a client, employer, or other entity that needs to supply
a 1099 form to a taxpayer, good news: 1099 IRS forms are readily
available online. The only catch is, you must have a software
package that is able to properly prepare the form for you.

Programs such as QuickBooks and the like can very simply
prepare these forms with a few clicks, especially if you’ve
already been using the software to keep track of payments
throughout the year. If you are not a user of one of these
software programs, you can also go online and use IRS
approved services to file 1099 IRS forms by simply completing a
form on your computer.
   Filing Form 1099 Online
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