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									Get details about trademark registration in Mumbai and Delhi with complete steps and
procedure of trademark registration as per the rules and regulations prescribed by
trademark act 1999 in India. Aldo get familiar about the advantages of trademark
registration in Delhi and Mumbai.
Mark applied for must be formed from the words, letters or numbers, or may be drawing or shape of the
product packaging or a combination of these elements. When submitting the application the proposed
mark must already be in final form and shape. After the filing of the application one cannot change the
appearance of the mark. This can be changed only by the new application. If we concern about
trademark registration in delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata or trademark registration in Mumbai
there are varied rules and regulations that are regulated and managed by trademark act 1999 in India.
Here; in this section we bring you with the details about trademark registration in Mumbai and Delhi in
respect of how to register your proposed trademark in Delhi and Mumbai.

Trademarks can be used as :
•     Trademarks;
•     Mark for different products;
•     Trademarks of the company;
•     Service marks;
•     Collective trademark;
Signs which may be registered as trademarks that got advance with an
advancement of technology:
•      Words;                                                 •       Pictograms, images, design, graphics;

•      Names;                                                 •       Portraits;

•      Signatures;                                            •       Set of letters, words and graphic elements;

•      Letters, numbers;                                      •       Labels, labels;

•      Logo with 3D designs or sketches;                      •       Spatial (three-dimensional) objects, such as

                                                                      goods or their packaging;

•      Acronyms, a combination of letters or numbers;         •       Color or combination of colors;

•      Slogans;                                               •       Jingles or musical phrase

Why To Trademark Registration
•        With trademark registration it is easy to maintain the reputation and goodwill in eth market and easy to
face the corporate competition while putting business mark on the products and services. It is one of the economic
ways to reach every corner of your target market which is not easy while paying physical appearances. It is also
facilitates a major source of monopolizing and distinct trade.

•      It brings the distinctiveness between the different products and services being manufactured by similar
theme of manufacturers; thus it refers to the origin where it is easy for the company to maintain the list of loyal
customers. TM registration will provide a sense of quality and credibility where it will get easy for the customer to
choose their favorite products and services.

•       It will save the advertising expenses to a large extend by putting symbols over the varied promotional
tools. The business mark with registration proves to be a major source of advertising where it will be easy to reach
at any corner of the world.

•       Trademark registration in delhi and Mumbai will facilitates to raise the standard of import and export
whereby bringing the potential market closer to their customers and will contributes to economic development to
an large extend where the customers can easy recognize their origin of their favorite products that will effect
positively at the international trade market.

Thus, go on with trademark registration before launching your products and services in the corporate market that
does not only protects your goodwill but also enhance your standard of carting business and will improve your
potential market globally trademark registration in mumbai.

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