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                           International Research & Travel Checklist
Conducting research overseas requires compliance with federal laws and regulations, and UCLA policies and procedures.
The following is a checklist to ensure that your visit complies with these requirements. The checklist covers everything
from arranging your travel to obtaining reimbursements for expenses.

 Legal Compliance                                            Resource Links                      Notes        Completed

 1. Export Controls

 Are you traveling to a country restricted by the United     U.S. Dept. of the Treasury OFAC
 States (such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or           Sanctions Programs

 Are any individuals or entities with whom you will be       Lists to Check for Restricted
 interacting or to whom you will be making any               Persons/Entities
 payments or providing any benefits listed on the BIS
 lists of restricted persons or entities?

 Do you need an export license for anything that you         UC Shipping Decision Tree
 are taking with you or sharing with others during your
 travels?                                                    Export Administration Regulations
 Are you carrying any items on the International Traffic
 in Arms (ITAR) Munitions List or the Export                 Bureau of Industry and Security
 Administration Regulations (EAR) Commerce Control           (BIS)
 List, or carrying or sharing technical information or       International Traffic in Arms
 services related to those items?                            Regulations (ITAR)
                                                             Global Activities Support Site:
                                                             Export Controls
                                                             Export Controls Overview
                                                             Export Controls: Compliance &

 2. Import Restrictions

 Have you checked with the embassy or consulate of           USDA Animal & Plant Permits
 the country to which you are traveling for any import
 restrictions?                                               CPB Prohibited & Restricted Items

 If you intend to bring back materials (such as drugs,       Global Activities Support Site:
 chemicals, biologics, medical devices, animals and
 animal products) from another country, have you             Customs & Import Restrictions
 checked U.S. import restrictions?

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 3. U.S. Flag Carriers – Fly America Act                        FAR 47.4 -- Air Transportation by
                                                                U.S.-Flag Carriers
 If federal funds will be used to pay for your air travel,
 are you in compliance with regulations that require            Fly America Act
 flying on a U.S.-flag air carrier?

 4. Permits Required for Human Research                         Global Activities Support Site:

                                                                Permits Required for Human

 5. Permits Required for Animal Research                        Global Activities Support Site:

                                                                Permits Required for Animal

 6. Contact department to obtain other necessary
 permits and/or approvals for your particular research.

 Travel Planning                                              Resource Links                         Notes   Completed

 Book your travel arrangements though UCLA Travel             UCLA Travel Services

 Obtain passport and required visas.                          U.S. State Dept. on Passports

                                                              U. S. State Dept. on Visas

                                                              U.S. State Dept. on International

                                                              Global Activities Support Sites:

                                                              Passport & Visa Requirements

 Register your travel with the U.S. State Department.         U.S. State Dept. Travel Registration

 Establish emergency contact information with your

 Helpful Travel Planning Tips                                 UCLA Travel Services Links

                                                              UC G-28, Policy & Regulations
                                                              Governing Travel

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Travel Security & Health Coverage                           Resource Links                      Notes   Completed

 Travel insurance benefits information for faculty, staff   Travel Security & Health Coverage
 and students traveling out of state and abroad.            Benefits

 Check UCLA emergency extraction policy/procedures.         Travel Security & Health Coverage

 U.S. State Department Travel Warnings and Consular         U.S. State Dept. website

Travel Accounting & Reimbursement                           Resource Links                      Notes   Completed

 For questions about obtaining international cash           Global Activities Support Site:
 advances for travel in excess of 30 days, see
 Reimbursement for International Travel and FAQ:            Reimbursement for International
 International Travel Advances.                             Travel

                                                            FAQ: International Travel
 If you are embarking on international research and         Advances
 have questions about specific funding requirements,
 see Funding Guidance for Global Research.                  Funding Guidance for Global

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