Sub-Branch ANZAC Day Activities 1 March 20131

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					                       Dawn                                                                                   Commemoration
         Sub-Branch   Service              Location            Breakfast Donation         Location               Service        Date       Time

Anglesea                No                                        No                                               No

                                                                                    RSL Sub-Branch
Ararat                  Yes     Cenotaph Barkley St              Yes       No       Rooms                         Yes         4/25/2013   10:30am

                                6.00 am War Memorial High St
Avoca                   Yes                                       No                                              Yes         4/25/2013   9.30am

                                Cenotaph, Main & Service                            Bairnsdale RSL Sub-
Bairnsdale              Yes     Streets, Bairnsdale              Yes       No       Branch 6.30am                 Yes         4/25/2013   11.00am

Barwon Heads                                                                                                      Yes         4/25/2013   9.00am

                                Cenotaph Charing Cross
Bendigo                 Yes     Bendigo                          Yes       No       Memorial Hall Pall Mall       Yes         4/25/2013   11.00am

Ballan                  No                                        No                                              Yes         4/25/2013   1.30pm

Balmoral                No                                        No                                              Yes         4/25/2013   10.00am

                                                                                    Benalla RSL Rooms
Benalla                 Yes     Cenotaph                         Yes       Yes      Nunn Street                   Yes         4/25/2013   11.00am

Ballarat                Yes                                      Yes       Yes      27 Lydiard St Ballarat        Yes         4/25/2013   11.30am

Beaumaris               No                                        No                                              Yes         4/21/2013   3.00pm

                                Coaches to Shrine Leave Sub-
Bentleigh               Yes     Branch at 5.00am                  No                                              Yes         4/21/2013   10.15am
Birchip                No                                   No      No                              Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Birregurra             No                                   No                                      Yes   4/21/2013   1.30pm
                                                                           Clubrooms, 2 Diggers
                                                                           Way, Blackburn Rear
Blackburn              Yes   War Memorial Central Road      Yes     No     of IGA Food Store        Yes   4/22/2013   3.00pm

                                                                           RSL Hall, Pike Street,
Camperdown             Yes   War Memorial Manifold St       Yes     Yes    Camperdown               Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am

Casterton              No                                   No                                      Yes   4/25/2013   10:00am

Castlemaine            Yes   40 Mostyn Street               No                                      Yes   4/25/2013   9.20am

                             RSL, 4 St Georges Rd                          RSL, 4 St Georges Rd
Caulfield              Yes   (7.00am)                       Yes     Yes    (7.15am)                 Yes   4/21/2013   2.30pm

Cavendish              No                                   No                                      Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am

Charlton               No                                   No                                      Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am
                                                                            RSL Centre
                             RSL Centre Dandenog Rd                         Dandenog Rd
Cheltenham/Moorabbin   Yes   Cheltenham                     Yes   Gold Coin Cheltenham              Yes   4/25/2013   2.00pm

Cohuna / Leitchville   Yes   Cenotaph Market St             Yes     No     30 Channel St            Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am

Cobram / Barooga       Yes   War Memorial, William Street   Yes     Yes    Cobram Civic Centre      Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

Coburg                 No                                   No                                      Yes   4/21/2013   1.30am
                                                                     120 Belgrave/
                         120 Belgrave/Gembrook Road                  Gembrook Road
Cockatoo           Yes   Clubrooms                    Yes     Yes    Clubrooms             Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

                         1475 Sth Gippsland Hwy                      1475 Sth Gippsland
Cranbourne         Yes   Cranbourne                   Yes      No    Hwy Cranbourne        Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am

                         Cenotaph, Albert Street
Creseick/Smeaton   Yes   Creswick                     Yes     Yes    Farmers Arms Hotel    Yes   4/25/2013   10.40am

Crib Point         Yes   HMAS Cerberus                Yes     Yes    HMAS Cerberus         Yes   4/25/2013   10.45pm

                         Pillars of Freedom Clow                     RSL Sub-Branch
Dandenong          Yes   Street, Dandenong            Yes      No    Rooms                 Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am

Dimboola           No                                 No                                   Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am

Drysdale           No                                 No                                   Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am
                                                                     Echuca Workers &
                                                                     Services Club,
Echuca             Yes   Echuca War Memorial          Yes     Yes    Annersley Street      Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Eildon             No                                 No                                         4/25/2012   11.00am

Elmore             No                                 No                                   Yes   4/25/2013   9:00am

Ensay/Swiftcreek   No                                 No       No                          Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

                                                                     RSL Lawns, Kirkland
Euroa              Yes   RSL Lawns, Kirkland Avenue   Yes      No    Avenue                Yes   4/25/2013   10:00am

                                                                      135 Lorne Street
Fawkner            Yes   135 Lorne Street Fawkner     Yes   Gold Coin Fawkner              Yes   4/21/2013   11.00am
Flemington /          War Memorial Cnr Racecourse
Kensington      Yes   Rd & Bellair St Kensington    Yes   Yes     RSL Club Rooms        No

                                                                  Frankston Council
Frankston       Yes   Frankston Council Cenotaph    Yes    No     Cenotaph              Yes   4/25/2013   11.15am

Geelong         Yes   Johnstone Park                Yes   Yes     Geelong RSL           Yes   4/25/2013    9.30am
                                                                  RSL Sub Branch, 49
                      Cenotaph Gembrook &                         Main Street,
Gembrook        Yes   Redwood Roads                 Yes    No     Gembrook              Yes   4/25/2013   11:00am

Glengarry       No                                  No     No                           Yes   4/25/2013    9.00am

Greensborough   No                                  No                                  Yes   4/25/2013    9.10am

Girgarre        Yes   Cenotaph                      Yes           RSL Club Rooms        No

                                                                  RSL Sub-Branch
Hastings        Yes   Hastings Tyabb & Somerville   Yes   Yes     26 King st Hastings   Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am

Healesville     Yes   Healesville RSL               Yes   Other   Healesville RSL       Yes   4/25/2013   10.10am

Hellenic        No                                  No                                  No

                                                                  Horsham RSL
Horsham         Yes   Sawyer Park (6.00am)          Yes    No     McLachlan Street      Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am

                      Bannockburn, Monument,
Inverleigh      Yes   Main Street Bannockburn       No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   9.00amam

Inverloch       Yes   Inverloch RSL                 Yes   Yes     Inverloch RSL         Yes   4/25/2013   10.15am
                       Soldier Memorial Kangaroo                Kangaroo Flat RSL
Kangaroo Flat    Yes   Flat                         Yes   No    Hall, Station Street    Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am

Kaniva           No                                 No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

                                                                Memorial Hall Skipper
Kerang           Yes   Kerang Cenotaph              Yes   Yes   Room                    Yes   4/25/2013   10:30am

Kiewa            Yes   Tangambalanga Cenotaph       Yes   Yes   Community Centre        Yes   4/25/2013   8.45am

                       Yackandandah Memorial                    Yackandandah Senior
Kiewa            Yes   Gardens                      Yes   Yes   Citizens

Koondrook        Yes   Barham Cenotaph              Yes   No    Barham Services Club    Yes   4/25/2013    March

                       Cochrane Park Memorial                   Community Hall
Koo Wee Rup      Yes   Rossiters Road               Yes   No    Rossiter Road           No

                       Kyneton Cenotaph, Mollison               Kyneton RSL,
Kyneton          Yes   Street                       Yes   Yes   Mollison Street         Yes   4/25/2013   10:00am

Lakes Entrance   Yes   Cenotaph Marine Pde          Yes   Yes   RSL                     Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

                       Cenotaph War Memorial Main
Lilydale         Yes   Street Lilydale              No                                  No

                       Cenotaph - Station St,                   Longbeach Function
LongBeach        Yes   Chelsea                      Yes   Yes   Centre Chelsea          Yes   4/25/2013   10.15am

Longwarry        No                                 No    No                            Yes   4/21/2013   2.00pm

                       Mt Joy Parade, ANZAC Park
Lorne            Yes   Lorne                        No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am
                                                                      Shelton Club Rooms
                                                                      16 Boisdale St,
Maffra               Yes   Cenotaph Johnston St, Maffra   Yes   No    Maffra                  Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am

Manangatang          No                                   No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Maryborogh           Yes   McLandness Square              Yes   Yes   RSL Hall, High Street   Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am
                                                                      Mail Exchange Hotel
                                                                      688 Bourke Street
Melbourne            No                                   Yes   Yes   Melb                    No

Melton               Yes   High Street, Melton            Yes   Yes   Melton Country Club     Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

Metung               Yes   Village Green                  Yes   Yes   RSL Hall Metung         Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

                           Mentone Parade Memorial
Mentone              Yes   Gardens                        Yes   Yes   RSL Palermo Bistro      Yes   4/25/2013   9:00am

Merchant Navy        No                                   No                                  No

Mirboo North         No                                   No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Mildura              Yes   Henderson Park Mildura         Yes   No    Mildura RSL             Yes   4/25/2013   11.45am

Mitcham              Yes   Halliday Park Mitcham          Yes   Yes   Mitcham RSL             Yes   4/21/2013   2.00pm

                           Eltham Cenotaph (new                       Eltham Community
Montmorency/Eltham   Yes   Location)                      Yes   No    Hall                    Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Morwell              Yes   Morwell War Memorial           Yes   Yes   Morwell RSL             Yes   2/25/2013   12.00am
                                                                     RSL Hall 49
                          War Memorial Gardens                       Birmingham Road, Mt
Mt Evelyn           Yes   Birmingham Rd Mt Evelyn        Yes   Yes   Evelyn                Yes   4/21/2013   2.00pm
                                                                     Cenotaph Riverside
                          Cenotaph Riverside Gardens                 Gardens Stevenson
Murchison           Yes   Stevenson Street               Yes   Yes   Street                No

Nagambie            No                                   No                                Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

                                                                     BMB Motors Blake
Nathalia / Picola   Yes   Cenotaph - Blake St Nathalia   Yes   No    Street Nathalia       Yes   4/25/2013   1.45pm

Natimuk             No                                   No                                Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Nhill               Yes   Goldsworthy Park               Yes   Yes   Goldsworhty Park      Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Noble Park          No                                   No                                Yes   4/21/2013   11:00am

                                                                     Norlane Sub-Branch
Norlane             Yes   St Thomas Aquinas Church       Yes   Yes   Rooms                 Yes   4/25/2013

Numurkah            Yes   Cenotaph Memorial Park         Yes   Yes   Numurkah              Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am
                                                                     Senior Citizens
                          Cenotaph, The Parade, Ocean                Community Centre
Ocean Grove         Yes   Grove                          Yes   No    Ocean Grove           Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

                          Cenotaph, Nicholson St
Orbost              Yes   Orbost                         No                                Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Pakenham            Yes   Pakanham War Memorial          Yes   Yes   Pakanham Library      No

                          Veterans Cemetary Clark                    Swagman Narra
Philippines         Yes   Angeles City Philippines       Yes   Yes   Diamond Sub-Branch    No
Piangil               No                                  No                                 Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am

                            Bank Street Port Fairy at                 RSL Hall Bank Street
Port Fairy            Yes   6.30am                        Yes   Yes   Port Fairy             Yes   4/25/2013   10.15am

Portarlington & St          RSL 8 Harding Street                      Tea/Coffee After
Leonards              Yes   Portarlington                 No    No    Dawn Service           Yes   4/25/2013   11.30am

Pyramid Hill          No                                  No                                 Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am

Reservoir             Yes   Cenotaph Edwards St           Yes   Yes   RSL 251 Spring St      Yes   4/21/2013   11.40am

Ringwood              Yes   Clock Tower Memorial          Yes   Yes   RSL Clubrooms          Yes   4/21/2013   10.30am

                            6.00am War Memorial                       RSL Hall Willoby
Ripon/Beaufort        Yes   Havelock Street Beaufort      Yes   No    Street, Beaufort       Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am

                            Robinvlae Cenotaph, Caix
Robinvale             Yes   Square                        No                                 Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

Romsey / Lancefield   No                                  No    No                           Yes   4/25/2013   8.30am

Rosebud               Yes   Clubrooms 117 Eastbourne Rd   Yes   Yes   Clubrooms              Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Rosedale              No                                  No    No                           Yes   4/25/2013   2.00pm

Rupanyup              No                                  No                                 Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

Rye                   Yes   Rye RSL Nelson Street Rye     Yes   No    Rye RSL Bistro         Yes   4/25/2013   12.30pm
                                                              RSL Club Rooms, 6
St Arnaud      Yes   Front of Town Hall           Yes   No    Raglan Street           Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Sea Lake       No                                 No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Sebastopol     No                                 No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am
                                                              RSL Hall, Cnr Station
                     Memorial Gates Seymour                   & Crawford Streets
Seymour        Yes   Memorial Hospital            Yes   Yes   Seymour                 Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am

Stanhope       No                                                                     Yes   4/21/2013   2.00pm

                     Stawell War Memorial, Main
Stawell        Yes   Street, Stawell              Yes   Yes   Stawell Town Hall       Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Stratford      Yes   Memorial Park Tyers st       Yes   Yes   Avon Hotel Tyers st     Yes   4/25/2013   9:00am

Strathmerton   No                                 No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am

                                                              Sunshine RSL 99
Sunshine       Yes   Sunshine RSL 99 Dickson St   Yes   Yes   Dickson St              Yes   4/21/2013   3.00pm

Swan Hill      Yes   Cenotaph Campbell Street           Yes   Swan Hill RSL           Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Talbot         No                                 No                                  Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

Tatura         No                                 No    No                            Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

                                                              RSL 156 Parker
Templestowe    No                                 Yes   Yes   Street Templestowe      Yes   4/25/2013   8.30am
Tongala          Yes                                 Yes   Yes                         Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

                       Traralgon Cenotaph Kay                    RSL Club Rooms Grey
Traralgon        Yes   Street                        Yes   No    Street                Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Upper Yarra      Yes   Cenotaph Yarra Junction       Yes   Yes   Upper Yarra RSL       Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am

                                                                 1 Mastgully Road
Upwey/Belgrave   Yes   1 Mastgully Road Upwey        Yes   Yes   Upwey                 Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

                                                                 VT Community
Violet Town      Yes   VT Memorial, Cowslip Street   Yes   No    Memorial Complex      Yes   4/25/2013   2.00pm

                       Cenotaph, Memorial Park                   2/24 R5 Function
Wangaratta       Yes   6.00am                        Yes   No    Room                  Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Warburton        Yes   Millgrove Cenotaph            Yes   No    Millgrove CFA         Yes   4/25/2013   10.40am

Warragul         Yes   Warragul Cenotaph             Yes   Yes   Downtowner            Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

Warrandyte       No                                  No                                Yes   4/25/2013   10:00am

Whittlesea       Yes   Kinglake Central              Yes   No    Kinglake Central      Yes   4/25/2013   3.15pm

Wodonga          Yes                                 Yes   Yes   RSL Sub-Branch        Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am

Wonthaggi        Yes   Wonthaggi Cenotaph            Yes   No    Wonthaggi             Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am

Woodend          Yes   Mt Macedon Memorial Cross     Yes   Yes   Woodend RSL           Yes   4/25/2013   11.45am
Woods Point    Yes   Community Hall                 Yes   Yes   Community Hall         Yes   4/25/2013   6.00am

                     6.00 am Port Albert Memorial               Port Albert Memorial
Yarram         Yes   Park                           Yes   Yes   Park                   No

Yarra Glen     No                                   No    No                           Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am

                     St Peters WW1 Memorial                     Cnr Bald Spur Road
Yea-Kinglake   Yes   Church Kinglake                Yes   Yes   Kinglake               Yes   4/25/2013   11.15am
         Location            March     Date       Time         Step-Off Point     Refreshments Donation            Location          Two Up

                                                        Cnr Great Ocean Road &
                             Yes     4/25/2013   9.30am Noble Street                  Yes         No                                  No

Cenotaph Barkly Street       Yes     4/25/2013   10.00am Edith Caverll Memorial       Yes         No      RSL Sub-Branch              No

War Memorial High St          No                                                      No          No                                  Yes

Cenotaph, Main & Service                                 Post Office Baily &                              Luncheon at RSL at12
Streets, Bairnsdale          Yes     4/25/2013   10.50am Nicholson Streets            Yes         No      Noon                        Yes

Barwon Heads Community                                  Hitchcock Avenue
Hall                         Yes     4/25/2013   8.45am Barwon Heads

Forecourt Memorial Hall                                                                                   Bendigo RSL 73-75
Pall Mall                    Yes     4/25/2013   10.50am Mc Rae Street, Bendigo       Yes         No      Havilah Road Bendigo        Yes

Cenotaph Mechanics Hall                                 RSL Rooms To Cenotaph                             RSL Rooms, 146 Inglis
Inglis Street, Ballan        Yes     4/25/2013   1.00pm to Mechanics Hall             Yes         No      Street, Ballan              No

War Memorial, Stirling                                   P O Glendinning Street                           RSL Fairburn Street,
Street                       Yes     4/25/2013   10.00am Balmoral                     Yes        Yes      Balmoral                    No

Benalla Town Hall Cenotaph   Yes     4/25/2013   10.30am Bridge St East Benalla       Yes        Yes      Benalla Bowls Club          No

                                                         Lyons Street South
Ballarat Cenotaph            Yes     4/25/2013   10.30am Ballarat                     Yes         No      27 Lyiard St Ballarat       Yes
                                                         Beaumaris Concourse,
Beaumaris Community                                      Reserve Road,                                    Beaumaris RSL Sub-
Centre Reserve Rd            Yes     4/21/2013   2.15pm Beaumaris                     Yes         No      Branch                      No

Hodgson Reserve              Yes     4/21/2013   10.15am Hodgson Reserve              Yes                 Bentleigh RSL Sub-Branch    No
Birchip Cenotaph             Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am Cumming Avenue Birchip    Yes   No    Birchip RSL Hall            No

Memorial Main St,
Birregurra                   No                                                  Yes   No    Birregurra Health Centre    No
Clubrooms, 2 Diggers Way,                             Clubrooms, 2 Diggers                   Clubrooms, 2 Diggers
Blackburn Rear of IGA Food                            Way, Blackburn Rear of                 Way, Blackburn Rear of
Store                        Yes   4/22/2013   2.20pm IGA Food Store             Yes   No    IGA Food Store              No

War Memorial, Mainfold St    Yes   4/25/2013   10:15am Clock Tower Manifold St   Yes   No    RSL Hall, Pike Street       No

                                                                                             Casterton Town Hall
Cenotaph Henry Street        Yes   4/25/2013   10:30am RSL Hall Henry Street     Yes   No    Henry Street                No

                                                      Castlemaine Town hall
40 Mostyn Street             Yes   4/25/2013   8.45am Lytlleton Street           Yes   No    RSL Hall 40 Mostyn Street   No

                                                      Cnr Hawthorn and
Caulfield Park Cenotaph      Yes   4/21/2013   2.15pm Balaclava Rd               Yes   No    Cenotaph Caulfield Park     Yes

War Memorial Town Square     Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am   Post Office              Yes   Yes   Soldiers Memorial Hall      No

Shire Hall Armstrong                                                                         RSL Rooms Armstrong
Street                       Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am Memorial - Main Street     Yes   No    Street                      No

                                                      Car Park Cnr Grange &                  RSL Centre Dandenog Rd
Memorial Park                Yes   4/25/2013   1.50pm Dandenong Rds              Yes   No    Cheltenham                  Yes

Memorial Hall Cenotaph       Yes   4/25/2013   9:30am Post Office                Yes   No    30 Channel St               No

                                                                                             Civic Centre - William
Cobram War Memorial          Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am Station Street             Yes   No    Street                      Yes

323 Sydney Road Coburg       No                                                  Yes   No    323 Sydney Road Coburg      No
Cenotaph in front of 120
Belgrave/Gembrook Road                                Cockatoo Primary School               120 Belgrave/Gembrook
Clubrooms                   Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am Belgrave-Gembrook Road    Yes   No    Road Clubrooms              No

Cenotaph High St                                      Rear of Riches Car Park               1475 Sth Gippsland Hwy
Cranbourne                  Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am High Street Cranbourne    Yes   No    Cranbourne                  Yes
                                                      Cnr Albert Street &
Cenotaph, Albert St                                   Daylesford                            RSL Memorial Hall, Albert
Creswick                    Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am Road,Creswick             Yes   Yes   Street Creswick             Yes

                                                      Crib Point RSL, Milne
Crib Point Cenotaph         Yes   4/25/2013   10:30am Street, Crib Point        Yes   Yes   Crib Point RSL              No

                                                      Sub-Branch Clow Street                Sub-Branch Clow Street
Pillars of Freedom          Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am Dandenong                 Yes   No    Dandenong                   Yes

                                                     Dimboola Memorial
Dimboola Memorial College   Yes   4/25/2013   8.45am College                    Yes   No    Dimboola Sub-Branch RSL     Yes

Drysdale Primary School
Activity Hall               Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am Drysdale Cenotaph         Yes   Yes   Drysdale RSL Hall           No
                                                                                            Echuca Workers &
                                                                                            Services Club, Annersley
Echuca War Memorial         Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am Hare Street, Echuca       Yes   Yes   Street                      No

Eildon Cenotaph                   4/25/2012   10.50am Eildon Fire Station       No    No                                No

Elmore Memorial Hall        No                                                  Yes   Yes   Elmore Memorial Hall        No

Ensay/ Reedy Flat           Yes   4/25/2013   11.30am Ensay Cenotaph            Yes   Yes   Little River Inn Ensay      No

RSL Lawns, Kirkland                                   Cnr Railway st & Binney
Avenue                      Yes   4/25/2013   10:00am St                        Yes   No    RSL Clubrooms               No

135 Lorne Street Fawkner    No                                                  Yes   Yes   135 Lorne Street Fawkner    No
                            Yes   4/25/2013   6.00am   RSL Club Rooms           No                                     No

Frankston Council                                     Rear Frankston Council
Cenotaph                    Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am Chambers                  Yes   No    Frankston RSL              No

                                                      Cnr Moorabppl & Malop
Geelong RSL                 Yes   4/25/2013   11.30am Streets, Geelong          Yes   No    Geelong RSL                Yes

Cenotaph Gembrook &                                   Main & Redwood Roads,                 Lunch is provided at RSL
Redwood Roads               Yes   4/25/2013   10:45am Gembrook                  Yes   Yes   Club, 49 Main Street       No

Cenotaph, Cairnbrook Road
Glengarry                   Yes   4/25/2013   8.50am Glengarry Primary School   Yes   No    Glengarry Hall             No

Greensborough Memorial                               Cnr Main St & Poulter
Park                        Yes   4/25/2013   8.45am Ave                        Yes   No    RSL, 111 Main Street       Yes

                            No                                                  No                                     No

                                                      RSL Sub-Branch     26                 RSL Sub-Branch       26
Hastings Fore Shore         Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am King st Hastings          Yes   Yes   King st Hastings           Yes

Healesville Memorial Hall   Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am Church St                 Yes   No    Healesville RSL            No
                                                                                            Sub-Branch Memorial hall
                                                                                            Ferrars Pl South
                            Yes   4/25/2013     TBA    Main City march          Yes   Yes   Melbourne                  No

                                                                                            Horsham RSL McLachlan
Sawyer Park                 Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am Pynsent Street, Horsham   Yes   No    Street                     Yes

Inverleigh                  Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am Front of Inverleigh RSL    Yes   No    Inverleigh Public hall     No

                                                      War Memorial A'Becket
War Memorial A'Becket St    Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am St                        Yes   Yes   Inverloch RSL              No
                                                     Cnr Station & High
Soldiers Memorial          Yes   4/25/2013    9.30am Streets K Flat              Yes   No    Kangaroo Flat RSL Hall     No

Cenotaph Progress St       No                                                    Yes   Yes   Club Hotel                 Yes

Kerang Cenotaph            Yes   4/25/2013    10:00am Kerang Town Clock          No                                     No

                                                     St Marks Church, Huon                   Tangambalanga
Tangambalanga Cenotaph     Yes   4/25/2013    8.30am Rd Tangambalanga            Yes   No    Community Centre           No

Yackandandah Memorial                                Williams Road                           Yackandandah Senior
Gardens                    Yes   4/25/2013    9.25am Yackandandah                Yes         Citizens                   Yes

Koondrook RSL Hall         Yes   4/25/2013    11:00am Barham Cenotaph            Yes   No    Barham Services Club       No

                                                       Koo Wee Rup Clock
                           Yes   4/25/2013    5.50am   Tower                     No    No                               No

                                                     Cnr Yaldwyn & Mollison                  Kyneton RSL, Mollison
Kyneton Cenotaph           Yes   4/25/2013    9:30am st                          Yes   No    Street                     No

Cenotaph Marinr Pde        Yes   4/25/2013    10.45am Rear Of Sub-Branch         Yes         RSL                        Yes

                                                     Cenotaph War Memorial                   Lilydale RSL 52 Anderson
                           Yes   4/25/2013    6.45am Main Street Lilydale        Yes   Yes   Street Lilydale            Yes

Cenotaph Station St                                  Cnr Swanpool & Station
Chelsea                    Yes   4/25/2013    9.00am Sts Chelsea                 Yes   Yes   Sub-Branch                 Yes

Monument Longwarry         No                                                    No    No                               No

Senior Citizens Centre -                              Senior Citizens Centre -
Otway Street               Yes   25.04/2013   11.45am Otway Street               Yes   No    Lorne Bowls Club           No
Maffra Community Hall                              "Rubies Ring" Johnson                    Shelton Club Rooms, 16
Johnson Street            Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am St, maffra                 Yes   Yes     Boisdale St, Maffra       No

                                                    Wattle Street,
Manangatang Hall          Yes   4/25/2013   10.50am Manangatang               Yes    No     Manangatang Public Hall   No

McLandress Square         Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am RSL Hall, High Street     Yes   Yes     RSL Hall                  No

                                                                                            Mail Exchange Hotel 688
                          No                                                  Yes   Other   Bourke Street Melb        Yes

Cenotaph High Street
Melton                    Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am Alexandra Street Melton    Yes    No     Melton Country Club       Yes

Village Green             Yes   4/25/2013   10.50am RSL Hall                  Yes   Yes     Metung RSL Hall           No
                                                    Council Chambers
                                                    Mentone Shopping
Memorial Park             Yes   4/25/2013   8:45am Centre                     Yes   Yes     RSL Palermo Bistro        Yes

                                                     Flinders Street West
                          Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am   Station Side             No                                      No

Towm Memorial Oppisite
Chemist                   Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am IGA - Car Park            Yes           RSL, Ridgeway Peters

                                                    Deakin Ave & 8th Street
Henderson Park, Mildura   Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am Mildura                   Yes    No     Mildura RSL               Yes

Halliday Park Mitcham     Yes   4/21/2013   2.10pm Halliday Park Mitcham      Yes    No     Mitcham RSL               Yes

Montmorency/Eltham Sub-                             Weir Street
Branch                    Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am Montmorency               Yes    No     Sub-Branch                Yes

Morwell War Memorial      Yes   4/25/2013   11.50am Morwell Town Common       Yes    No     Morwell RSL               Yes
War Memorial Gardens                                  War Memorial Gardens                   RSL Hall 49 Birmingham
Birmingham Rd Mt Evelyn      Yes   4/21/2013   2.45pm Birmingham Rd Mt Evelyn    Yes   Yes   Road, Mt Evelyn            Yes

                             No                                                  No    No                               No

Mechanics Hall High Street                             Mechanics Hall High                   Senior Citizens Hall
Nagambie                     Yes   4/25/2013   11.30am Street Nagambie           Yes   No    Nagambie                   No

Blake Street - Nathalia      Yes   4/25/2013   2.00pm Blake Street, Nathalia     Yes   No    Blake Street, Nathalia     No

Natimuk Memorial Hall        Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am Cnr Jory & Main Streets   Yes   No    Natimuk RSL Clubrooms      No

                                                                                             Soldiers Lounge Clarence
Community Centre             Yes   4/25/2013   10.50am Soldiers Memorial         Yes   No    St Nhill                   No

                                                                                             1128 Heatherton Road
Memorial Park Adj to RSL     Yes   4/21/2013   10:45am Mons parade Noble Park    Yes         Noble Park                 Yes

                                                      Cnr Starks & Melbourne
Norlane Sub-Branch Rooms     Yes   4/25/2013   9:30am Rd Norlane                 Yes   No    Norlane RSL Sub-Branch     No

Cenotaph Memorial Park       Yes   4/25/2012   10.40am Numurka Newman Square     Yes   No    RSL Hall                   No

Cenotaph, The Parade,                                 Cnr Presidents Avenue &                Club Grove, 18 The
Ocean Grove                  Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am The Terrace                Yes   No    Terrace, Ocean Grove       No

Cenotaph, Nicholson St                                 Voss Motors & Salisbury
Orbost                       Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am Street Orbost             Yes   No    St James Church Hall       Yes

                             No                                                  No    No                               No

                             No                                                  Yes   Yes   Swagman Narra              Yes
Memorial Park Piangle         No                                                     Yes   No    Piangle RSL                 No

RSL Hall Bank Street Port                                RSL Hall Bank Street Port               RSL Hall Bank Street Port
Fairy                         Yes   4/25/2013    10.45   Fairy                       Yes   Yes   Fairy                       No

Parks Hall Newcombe                                     RSL 8 Harding Street                     RSL 8 Harding Street
Street, Portarlington         Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am Portarlington                Yes   Yes   Portarlington               No

Memorial Hall, Pyramid Hill   No                                                     Yes   No    Memorial Hall               No

Cenotaph Edwards St           Yes   4/21/2013   11.15am Harbury St Reservoir         Yes   No    RSL 251 Spring St           Yes

Clock Tower Memorial          Yes   4/21/2013   9.30am New & Seymour Streets         Yes   No    RSL Clubrooms               Yes

RSL Hall Willoby Street,                                RSL Hall Willoby Street,                 RSL Hall Willoby Street,
Beaufort                      Yes   4/25/2013   10.15am Beaufort                     Yes   No    Beaufort                    No

Cenotaph George Street                                 Robinvale Pharmacy,                       Resource Centre, Herbert
Robinvale                     Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am Perrin Street                 Yes   Yes   Street                      No

Romsey Cenotaph                     4/25/2013   8.30am High St                       Yes         Mechanics inst              No

                                                        NAB Point Nepean Rd
Cenotaph Point Nepean Rd      Yes   4/25/2013   10.15am Rosebud                      No    No                                Yes

Rosedale Cenotaph Cansick                              Oppisite Bakery Princes
Street, Park                  Yes   4/25/2013   1.45pm Highway Rosedale              Yes   No    Rosedale RSL Hall

                                                       Rupanyup Anglican                         Rupanyup Hall Supper
Rupanyup Memorial hall        Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am Church                        Yes   No    Room                        No

Rye RSL Club                  Yes   4/25/2013    12.15   Rye Pier, Nepean Hwy        Yes   Yes   Rye RSL Club                Yes
Liberty Hall 6 Raglan                                  Cenotaph Cnr Market &                 RSL Club Rooms, 6 Raglan
Street                       Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am Napier Streets            Yes   No    Street                     No

Sea Lake Cenotaph            Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am Best Street               Yes   Yes   Sea Lake RSL               Yes

Sebastopol Cenotaph
Donald Park                  Yes   4/25/2013   8.50am RSL Hall Birdwood Ave      Yes   No    RSL Hall                   No
                                                                                             RSL Hall, Cnr Station &
Cenotaph ANZAC Avenue                                                                        Crawford Streets
Seymour                      Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am Madeline St                Yes   Yes   Seymour                    Yes

Stanhope Community Hall      Yes   4/21/2013   2.00pm Stanhope Community Hall    Yes   Yes   Stanhope Community Hall    No
                                                       Wimmera St Between
Stawell War Memorial,                                  Post Office & Medical
Main Street, Stawell         Yes   4/25/2013   11.00am Centre                    Yes   No    Stawell RSL                No

                                                        Cnr Blackburn & Tyers
Memorial Park Stratford      Yes   4/25/2013   8.55am   Streets                  Yes   Yes   RSL Club Tyers Street      No

RSL Main Street                                       CFA Shed, Main Street,
Strathmerton                 Yes   4/25/2013   9.00am Strathmerton               Yes   No    Public Hall                No

Sunshine RSL 99 Dickson St                              Council Offices,                     Sunshine RSL 99 Dickson
                             Yes   4/21/2013   2.30pm   Alexandra Parade         Yes   No    St Sunshine                Yes

Cenotaph, Campbell Street    Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am McCrae Street Swan Hill   Yes   No    Swan Hill RSL              Yes

Talbot Memorial Park         Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am Camp Street Talbot         Yes   Yes   ANA Hall Ballarat Street   No

Robert Mactier Memorial                                Victory Hall - Hogans                 Memorial Gardens Senior
Gardens Hogan Street         Yes   4/25/2013   10.45am Street                    Yes   Yes   Citizens Rooms             No

Memorial Park High &                                  Car Park, Templestowe                  RSL 156 Parker Street
Foote Streets                Yes   4/25/2013   8.15am Hotel                      Yes   Yes   Templestowe
Shire Hall                Yes   4/25/2013   9.30am RSL Hall                   Yes   Yes   RSL Hall                  No

                                                    ANZAC Bank Hotham                     Traaralgon RSL Grey
Cenotaph Kay Street       Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am Street                    Yes   No    Street                    No

Cenotaph Yarra Junction   Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am CBA Bank Yarra Junction   Yes   No    RSL                       Yes

1 Mastgully Road Upwey    Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am High Street Upwey          Yes   Yes   1 Mastgully Road Upwey    Yes

VT Memorial, Cowslip                               Memorial Gates, Hyacinth               VT Community Memorial
Street                    Yes   4/25/2013   2.00pm Street VT                  Yes   No    Complex                   No

                                                    RSL Sub-Branch Reid
Cenotaph Memorial park    Yes   4/25/2013   10.40am Street                    Yes   Yes   2/24 R5 Function Room     Yes

Warburton Cenotaph Main                                                                   Warburton RSL Club
Street                    Yes   4/25/2013   10.00am                           Yes   No    Rooms                     No

                                                   Cnr Queen & Mason
Warragul Cenotaph         Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am Streets Warragul           Yes   No    Warragul RSL Club Rooms   No

                                                                                          Club Rooms Brackenbury
Memorial Grounds/Sub-B    Yes   4/25/2013   10.30am Yarra St Oppisite Hotel   Yes   Yes   St                        No

Whittlesea Bowls Club,                             Whittlesea Bowls Club,                 Whittlesea Bowls Club,
Church Street             Yes   4/25/2013   2:00pm Church Street              Yes   No    Church Street             No

Woodland Grove            Yes   4/25/2013   10.15am Elgin Boulivard           Yes         RSL Sub-Branch            Yes

                                                   Wonthaggi RSL Sub-                     Wonthaggi RSL Sub-
Wonthaggi Cenotaph        Yes   4/25/2013   9.45am Branch                     Yes   No    Branch                    No

                                                    Cnr High St & Service
Woodend RSL               Yes   4/25/2013   11.30am Road                      Yes   Yes   Woodend RSL               Yes
Community Hall           No                                                  Yes   No    Community Hall             Yes

                                                   Cnr King & Commercial
                         Yes   4/25/2013   10.50am Roads Yarram              Yes   Yes   Commercial Hotel, Yarram   No

Memorial Hall, 45 Bell                                                                   Memorial Hall, 45 Bell
Street Yarra Glen        Yes   8/25/2013   10.15am Cnr King & Bell St        Yes         Street, Yarra Glen         Yes

Cenotaph Melba Highway                             RSL Gifford & Snodgrass               RSL Gifford & Snodgrass
Yea                      Yes   4/25/2013   10:45am Streets                   Yes   Yes   Streets                    No
      Location                    Other

                        Diggers Lunch No Cost

Avoca Shire Turf Club

Bairnsdale RSL Sub-

                     Cenotaph Wreath Laying
Bendigo RSL 73-75    10.15am, 12 Noon War
Havilah Road Bendigo Cemetary Forge Creek Rd

27 Lyiard St Ballarat
                      Free Concert, Mick
RSL Clubrooms         Thomas, NZ Hangi, Aust
ANZAC Day             BBQ

RSL Centre Dandenog
Rd Cheltenham

Grand Central Hotel   Comradship at Barooga
Cobram                Sports Club at 12.30pm

                      Pleasant Sunday
1475 Sth Gippsland
Hwy Cranbourne

Doug Lindsay
Recreation Reserve

Sub-Branch Clow
Street Dandenong

Dimboola Rowing Club
Geelong RSL

Tobruk Room RSL

                        Golf/Bowls Day at Valley

RSL Sub-Branch     26
King st Hastings

Horsham RSL
McLachlan Street

                        Local Senior Football with
Club Hotel Kaniva

Yackandandah Hotel

Kyneton RSL

Members Area of RSL
Lilydale RSL S/B
52 Anderson Street

Longbeach Function
Mail Exchange Hotel
688 Bourke Street

Melton Country Club

RSL Rear Deck
11.30am               Monster Raffle 3.00pm

Mildura RSL

Mitcham RSL

Petrie Park Hall

Morwell RSL
York on Lilydale Hotel,
York Street Lilydale

1128 Heatherton
Road Noble Park

Commonwealth Hotel,
Marlo Hotel

Swagman Narra
RSL 251 Spring St

RSL Clubrooms

Clubrooms 117       Bistro open for Lunch, Live
Eastbourne Road     band, ANZAC Day Raffle

Sea Lake Hotel

RSL Hall, Cnr Station
& Crawford Streets

                        Guest Speaker & Service
                        in Hall after March.

Sunshine RSL 99
Dickson St

Swan Hill Jockey Club
                     Service at Tongala Aged

Upper Yarra RSL      Suasage Sizzle (Noon)

1 Mastgully Road

                     Commemorative Service -
                     After March

RSL Sub-Branch car   BBQ for young people in
Park                 King George Gardens

                     Warburton & Healesville
                     Football Match

RSL Sub-Branch

                     Commemorative Service -
                     Woodend Aged Care
Woodend RSL          Facility
Community Hall

Yarra Valley Racing
Armstrong Grove
Yarra Glen
                            Returned & Services League of Australia
                                    (Victorian Branch) Inc.

                    ANZAC Day Commemoration Activities 2009


Dawn Service                 Yes     No

Breakfast                    Yes     No
Donation                     Yes     No

Commemoration Service        Yes     No

March                        Yes     No
Step-off Point

Refreshments                 Yes     No
(following March)
Donation                     Yes     No

Two-Up                       Yes     NO

Other activities (if any)

Please return fax to:       9655 5500

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