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									                    SCOT’S RAP
    MITZI SIZEMORE, EDITOR                                                       JULY / AUGUST 2007 ISSUE

       President………………………………………………………………………..…Maj. Jack Shacklett
       Vice President…………………………………………………………………...……..…Ruth Devine
       Treasurer…………………………………………………………………………..………David Miles
       Corresponding Secretary……………………………………………………………….Rose Shacklett
       Recording Secretary………………………………………………………………………….Pat Curts
       Public Education Coordinator…………………………………………….……………….Gail Gaines
                                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS
     Ruth Devine – Leslie “Dan” Stickler – Martha Hanka – David Miles – Ann Holloway – Dr. Marvin Hanka

The STCGL Show Committee & Club members warmly invite you to join us for our 22nd Annual Specialty Show
held on Sat., August 25, at a new show site: SuperDog Sports Center, 148 Citizens Blvd., Simpsonville, KY 40067,
502-722-8246. Exhibitors may begin setting up after 6 p.m., Friday the 24th. Show hours on Sat. are from 7 a.m. to 5
p.m. And, the building must be completely empty by 6 p.m. that evening.

Entries close on Wed., August 8. You may contact our Show Secretary, Dianne O’Regan for a Premium List at:, 502-681-0529; or you may download a PL and entry form from our STCGL website:, and follow the “Specialty” link. Entries need to be mailed to Dianne at: 4808 Ulrich Rd.,
Louisville, KY 40299-1037. Breeder-Judges Mr. Ron McConnell is judging Sweepstakes, and Mrs. Elaine Young is
judging Regular Classes. There will be a Scottie Rescue Parade between the 2 events, right after lunch.

Friday night “Hospitality” and the official hotel is the Ramada Inn, 251 Breighten Circle, Simpsonville, KY 40065,
502-633-9933, where a block of rooms have been reserved from Aug. 23 – Aug. 26. Rates are $70. + tax + a one-time
$25. pet deposit. Reservations deadline is August 3. Ramada Inn offers a complimentary breakfast buffet each
morning, but there will also be coffee and pastries at the show site provided by the Club.

Our 22nd Annual Awards Banquet on Saturday night will be held at the beautiful and historic, Old Stone Inn, 6905
Shelbyville Road, Simpsonville, Kentucky. Social hour will begin at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 7 p.m. The cost
of the meal will be $27 per person, and reservations & checks need to be mailed to: Dr. Marcia Dawson, 3220 N.
County Road 575E, Danville, IN 46122-8689, by Thurs., August 23. Marcia is also taking reservations for a “Boxed
Lunch” on Saturday at the show site, catered by Honey Baked Ham Company. You have your choice of ham, turkey,
chicken breast, chicken salad or vegetarian sandwiches with the trimmings, at a cost of $8.00 per box. When mailing
your checks to Marcia, please don’t forget to specify your type of sandwich selection!

The STCGL looks forward to rekindling our old friendships, making new ones, and offering everyone the heartfelt
“southern hospitality” of which our club is widely known and loved. Come and enjoy the fellowship and the gorgeous
        Mitzi Sizemore had dinner with Jackie & Marvin              Get Well Wishes go out to several of our
        Burton in Knoxville, TN on July 10. I’m happy to              members, including Ruth Devine &
        report they both look sooo happy and healthy, and             Ruth Adams, both who have recently
        are playing golf almost every day. Marvin has also           suffered broken bones requiring rehab.
             shot (2) hole-in-one’s!!! You go, Marvin!                       We’re thinking of you!
                      Would you like to ADVERTISE in our SHOW CATALOG?
          If so, please contact Martha Hanka at (502) 456-1636, or email her at…
 Advertising rates are $25 (1/4 page); $35 (1/2 page); $45 (full page);
          plus $10 per photo or additional camera work. You may send your ad & photo with payment to:
          Mrs. Martha Hanka, 2100 Woodford Place, Louisville, KY 40205, checks made out to STCGL.

                                RAFFLE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW:
  From Ed & Dr. Dana Leab at the great price of $1.00 each, or (6) tickets for $5.00. Please send your check
  made out to the STCGL to the Leab’s at: 3920 East 2601 Rd., Sheridan, IL 60551. They will reserve your
  tickets. You may also purchase tickets at the show site and banquet. Save your money & buy several!

  Raffle items & value this year include: Tack Box - $150.00, Grooming Table & Arm - $80.00, Custom-
  Wooden Grooming Table Top - $40.00, Danbury Mint 2007 Scottie Ornament - $20.00, Danbury Mint
  Scottie Christmas Train - $90.00, Fifty-dollars Cash, and a $25.00 Gift Certificate for K.V. Vet.
  Donors of these wonderful items include: Debi & Steve Russell, Mistyglen Kennels (Dana & Ed Leab,
  Regina Hess & Nancy Schaus), Ella Roman, Jenny & Dwayne Whitson, Marcia Dawson, Barb Zink, Lisa
  Hills and Rod Ott.

Donna Winslow: Springbok’s U Talk Too Much went BOW from the Bred By class at the STC Gr. Houston Specialty for 5
points, and Ch. Springbok’s A Tad Bit Unbelievable went BOS. “Unbelievable” also went BOB at the Houston KC supported
entry the next day; soon to be on Animal Planet and handled by novice beginner and his best friend, Teresa May. And on
the 3rd day, Springbok’s Yakety Yak was WB for 4 pts. at the Beaumont Kennel Club (Reliant Park Series).

Barb Zink: “Ritzy”, DanZin Live At The Ritz, (CH HiJinks Court Jester X CH xtc DanZin First Class), went WB, 5-18-07
Greentown Ind., and WB & BOB, 5-27& 28 at Cincinnati, OH. She also went WB & BOB at Echo Hills KC, 6-16, 2007. Her
“Sparkle”, Charthill Illuminates DanZin, got her two final majors to finish at Urbana, IL & Champagne, IL, on June 30 &
July 1, including a BOB. Julie Hill: AM/CAN CH Oban's PD Present of Jacglen went BOB at the Southern Indiana Kennel
Club on June 2 & 3.

Rose Shacklett: On June 2, in Corydon, IN, “Goldy” went WB, & “Hoss”, WD/BW/BOS. On June 3, “Goldy” went
WB/BOS. And on June 9, Paducah, KY, “Portia” went WB/BW/BOS. Pam Henegar: her wheaten girl “Cristal’s” first point,
Afton Cheers To Charthill, going WB & BOB at Echo Hills KC on June 17. Nancy Schaus & Regina Hess: Mistyglen HIQ
Tale Of Justice Went WB on 5-25 at New Castle KC, and for a major on 5-27 at Trumbull KC. Their Charthill Justa
Country Girl went WB on 6-10 at Mt. Pleasant KC, and again for a major on 6-29 at Champaign KC.

Debi & Steve Russell: On 5-4, Ch. Woburn Singular Sensation “Dazzle” finished with a major win (WB/BOW/BOS) at
Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO. She has earned the bred-by exhibitor champion medallion and qualified for the
AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. On 6-16, in her debut as a Special, she won a first AOM at the STC Chicago
Specialty show in Grayslake, IL. They are excited to announce the arrival of another new litter, June 14, a litter of 5 –
(4) boys (brindle) and (1) girl (black), by Ch. Woburn Heir Apparent x Ch. Charthill Woburn Mischievous. On June 24, Ch.
Charthill Woburn Too Intense, “Tizzy”, finished with a major win (WB/BOW/BOS) at the Hawkeye KC in Iowa City,
Iowa. Their Ch. Charthill Woburn High Spirit “Spencer” continues to have some success showing as a Special where he has
now achieved over (50) BOB wins, multiple group placements (including a breeder-owner-handled Group 1), and has moved
up to the Top 10 in national rankings (breed and all breed) through the end of June 2007.

Congrats to all!!!
Rescues welcomed in to new homes: CASH, a one-year-old black male, came to us from Lexington. The owners were students, and
life in a dormitory was most unfair, and family members could not provide the needed attention and care. With sad hearts and
tearful good-bye's, Cash was released for adoption. Cash now lives in Frenchburg, KY, with a retired military and nurse family.
Cash soon revealed he was a city dog and did not understand the many animals of the farm. The chickens are still a great challenge.

DIAMOND, a four-year-old black brindle female, came to us from the Metro Animal Rescue. Diamond had many medical problems
which have been addressed, and she is now well and healthy. While the physical health needed attention, Diamond's personality was
most outgoing and loving. She definitely is a lap baby. Diamond now resides with Kayle Beachy, daughter of Billy Beachy who is a
Club member. Little Diamond's wonderful personality can now continue to blossom.

LITTLE GIRL and RAVEN, two approximately two-three year old back females, came to us from a lady in Mauckport, IN. A
"puppy miller" had given the dogs to her when she inquired about purchasing a Scottie. Little Girl has now gone to a most loving,
caring family with 5 children. Little Girl now has a new name, Abby. She is so spoiled that the girls now carry the food and water to
her as she reclines on the couch. The family came to see Abby every night for a week while waiting for all medical reports to be
completed. Abby is a most wonderful example of the power of love, which fosters the power of trust. Raven has a great sense of play,
friendliness and obedience. She wants to please. Her new family visited today. It is wonderful to watch the magic link of love that
fosters the trust relationship between Scottie and owner. She will be going to her new home in about a week.

PRINCE, an eight-year-old black male, came to us from two homes. The Scottie had been living with the son who resides in Georgia.
Leaving for college, the dog was sent to Mother who lives in Louisville. She loves the dog, but has a 14-month baby, and the new
husband does not want the dog around the baby. The Mother truly had a most hard decision. Prince has now been released for
adoption. Please help him to find a loving home. He stands in the backyard just looking and gazing into space. I feel he is saying,
"What did I do wrong? Where is my family?"

I am most grateful when those Scottie - parent relationships blossom. My heart goes with each one as I have watched the change that
love and kindness brings.

The annual Tennessee Scottish Terrier Picnic and Fun Day was a tremendous success, and we appreciate everyone who
helped make it such a fun and rewarding day. This is our major fund raiser for the year. We made $3,127.02 (I am not sure
where the 2 cents came from, but it was in the bag.) I think this is pretty close to what we did last year, so hopefully with some
extra donations, and along with the adoption fees, we will make it through another year. Last year we rescued 47 Scotties just in
Tennessee, Georgia and southern Kentucky and spent over $11,000.00 in shelter fees, medical expense, rental of the picnic
facility etc. Nationwide, Scottie Rescue rescued 557 Scotties in 2006.

In Tennessee, we currently have six dogs in rescue, you can go to our web site, , click on Rescue
Highlights, and see some of the ones that we currently have waiting for a home.

Now some more GOOD NEWS!! AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT! It was so hot this year at the picnic in Tennessee that
we could not do the seminars as planned, so I have contacted the Ward Agricultural Center, in Lebanon, TN, where we have
our event, and they have agreed to let us have the little air-conditioned school house next to the Picnic Pavilion. So next year,
ladies and gentlemen, we will be able to relax and have our seminars in cool air-conditioned comfort.

                                                                                                  CALLING ALL RESCUES!!
                                                                                            We are trying to contact everyone
                                                                                          who has, or knows of someone who
                                                                                           has, rescued a Scottie, in or around
                                                                                                Kentucky, Tennessee and
                                                                                            surrounding states, for our annual
                                                                                            Rescue Parade at our Specialty in
                                                                                            August. We have to register each
                                                                                           dog with AKC, so we need to know
                                                                                           who will be coming. We would like
                                                                                          to have a good turn out, so if anyone
                                                                                                knows of anyone that can
                                                                                          participate, please have them contact
                                                                                                  me, Ginger McAfee at
                                                                                    or 931-
Ginger McAfee & “Skalli”; Richard Hickman, Gail Gaines, Gayle & Clint Grantham & “Hotsie”      260-8796, and let me know,
                                                                                               so we can get them entered.
    Dear Friend,

    I thought you might be interested in this HSUS campaign to persuade the NFL to punish football player and
    alleged dogfighter Michael Vick appropriately. Now that a grand jury has indicted Michael Vick on federal animal
    fighting charges--including reports of extreme cruelty to dogs who weren't aggressive enough--it's clearly time
    for them to get off the dime.

    Please ask NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend Michael Vick immediately for his cruelty. It will only take
    a minute.

    Here is the link:

         Nancy Schaus sent us this great info site                TROPHY FUND DONATIONS NEEDED!
               for pet health questions…                        Please send checks, along with your name (and/or       kennel name) to: Ann Knapp, 9482 Grovecrest
                                                                   Cove, Germantown, TN 38139. Thank you!

JAWS OR..... THEY ARE WHAT THEY EAT! - “From the hip of Nancy Aaron”
[Sub Titled: This, Too, Will Pass ... or Will It?]
If I had to describe her, I would have to say any mental image of our eight-year-old Piper would more closely
resemble a picture of Dorian Gray than that of a well-bred Scottish Terrier. Through the years she has managed to
morph into a somewhat garish montage; one created from ingesting paper clips, ball point pens, terry towels, a plastic
floor mat, twisties, a hearing aid, eye glass frames, as well as pure adulterated shit. She is sixteen pounds of Hoover-
on-paws. Her latest culinary escapade defies all reason. After a routine visit to the vet, I put her in her pink crate,
leaving her Resco lead on her. When we got home, I opened her door, reached in for the lead, fished around for the
lead, looked for the lead… and all that was there was Piper with a hank of what was left of the lead still in place
around her neck! She had consumed all ten feet up to the clasp!

Anyone who owns a Scottie, who claims that the little blighter has yet to eat at least one foreign object, must be either
blind as a bat, or uniquely lucky! For most of us, it has become the nature of the beast. With some Scotties being more
beastly than most! So - From the experience tomes of the Kaynans…

SCOTTIE CODE BLUE - Poisons: It was late at night when a container of people pills fell, scattering over the
kitchen floor, to the delight of our two youngest Scotties. The dogs were immediately crated, the pills inventoried, and
one dangerous heart pill was missing! We called the Poison Control Hot Line and were told to administer two
tablespoons of 3% fresh hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, and transport both to the emergency hospital.
With each crated separately, and one of us as observer, we headed out at midnight, taking the pill bottle with us. En
route, the less likely of the two vomited up the heart pill. Following a night at the hospital she came home none the
worse for wear. We since have learned that the peroxide should be repeated every five minutes, until the item is
recovered. A gravy baster, or a syringe, is a must.

[Note: An emetic should never be used when anything caustic, or anything sharp, has been ingested.]

THE 3-MONTH UPCHUCK MYSTERY - It was August; we were three days out on a cross-county road trip with
our six Scotties. We’d gone out and returned to the RV to find a thoroughly gnawed vinyl floor mat, with the border
chewed off. Pieces were everywhere, including in David. That became apparent when he threw up a small piece that
night. A week later, at dawn, he threw up a minute amount of yellowish, frothy gook, and then went on to eat, play,
and challenge the world. For two months he was like cotton pickin’ alarm clock, retching, the yellow froth, always at
dawn, but was never sick. We had had x-rays early on, saw vets in Michigan, New York, Connecticut, and finally, in
October, we went to a vet in Virginia who knew what he was doing. The August x-ray had been a single view only.
All vets, thereafter, had accepted that one view as a negative-for-foreign-object finding, and ran a barrage of tests for
everything else under the sun. The Virginia doctor took two views, one dorsal, one lateral, and there was a small
piece of the vinyl floor mat shown lodged against the wall of David’s stomach. The next day an internist, using an
endoscopic procedure, successfully removed the object.

SCOTTIE CODE BLUE - Dangerous Foreign Objects: There can be a fine line between things requiring medical
attention, and those that are likely to pass without creating a life-threatening problem. If the dog swallows a rock
chews apart anything with sharp edges, such as pens, pencils, glasses, toy squeakers, metal objects and you think
he/she has ingested sharp pieces, immediately call a veterinarian. Usually x-rays are mandated, and abdominal
surgery may be required.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - When ingestion of non-life threatening items, such as twisties, paper, small non-sharp
things, bits of cloth, pieces of shoes, and similar “prizes”, we immediately feed 3 - 4 slices of moistened bread, with
the goal of encapsulating the item for safer passage through the system. This can take several days and you should be
on poop patrol for the entire time. I am not going to leave you off the hook on this one! You should examine, not just
“look” at, the stool. I scoop it, drop it on a paper towel, cover with another paper towel, and step on it to mash it flat.
You can see items you would otherwise miss if encapsulated. Why bother, one might ask? Think: Diamond ring.
Think: $1200 hearing aid. Think: The dog is better off with you knowing the outcome? If, during the course of this
hoped-for passage, the Scottie starts vomiting, has bloody stools, is constipated, becomes weak, “dens”, or loses
appetite.... immediately seek veterinary care.

All of this information may be well and good; but also may have been a total waste of time if you missed the snippets
that appeared in bold text! To reprise:

1.   You should never have to look up the emergency number. It should be fingertip!
2.   Code Blue and persistent vomiting: Always talk directly to a veterinarian.
3.   Have a First Aid kit, always. Include unopened 3% peroxide and a syringe.
4.   It is smart to keep at least one crate in the car for emergency transportation.
5.   When checking for foreign objects in stomach, at least 2 x-ray views are a must.
6.   Keep fresh bread on hand. It can be the little things that count in life.

Bone Appetit! And, if anyone would like to talk things over, I may be reached at


                     Julie Hill & Angie Solomito; Maxine Stickler & Jenny Whitson; Dan Stickler

Mitzi Sizemore, Editor, 1429 Bending River, Nashville, TN 37221, 615-646-8926,

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