; EarthCraft Multifamily Professional Training Listing - Virginia
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EarthCraft Multifamily Professional Training Listing - Virginia


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									EarthCraft Multifamily Professional Training Listing
                  (This is a list of attendees only as of 6/6/13 and includes persons who are not registered Architects.)

     First Name           Last Name                                    Affiliation                Course Date
Bob               Aaron                          Harkins Building Inc                               6/26/2008
Amanda            Adams                          CJMW Architecture                                 12/15/2008
Philip            Agee                           EarthCraft Virginia                                6/26/2008
Bobby             Akines                         Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia          9/30/2010
Domenico          Aldi                           Cornerstone Construction of Prospect Co., LLC       6/6/2013
Lee               Alford                         Better Housing Coalition                            5/6/2009
Jeff              Allen                          Related Affordable                                 6/26/2008
John              Allison                        Rehab Builders, Inc.                              12/15/2008
Chris             Alouf                          Alouf Custom Builders                              1/18/2012
Ted               Ambrose                        Hickman Ambrose                                   10/202010
Steve             Ames                           Rehab Builders, Inc.                              12/15/2008
Smita             Anand                          KTGY Group, Inc.                                   1/20/2011
Corbin            Anderson                       CTA Development, LLC                              12/15/2008
Juliet            Anderson                       Virginia Supportive Housing                        1/17/2013
Charles           Ansell                         ACA Architects, PC                                  5/6/2009
Michael           Antonik                        Related Affordable                                 6/26/2008
Richard           Armstrong                      Southpart Financial Services                       1/30/2008
Colin             Arnold                         Community Housing Partners                         9/30/2010
Jeremy            Arnold                         Bonstra Haresign Architects, LLP                   9/12/2008
Mark              Atkins                         Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation 8/25/2011
Tom               Ayd                            Green Street Housing, LLC                          2/26/2009
David             Baker                                                                             5/22/2012
George            Baker, III                     KTGY Group, Inc.                                   2/25/2011
Nicolas           Balce                          RRMM Architects                                   10/20/2010
Lou               Balodemas                      Baodemas Architects                                1/30/2008
Corey             Barnes                         CJMW Architecture                                 12/15/2008
Ronald            Barnes                         Fixture Specialists Inc.                           1/30/2008
Jeffrey           Barrett                        Piedmont Housing Alliance                          2/26/2009
Kathryn           Barry                          Winks Snowa Architects, P.C.                        6/6/2013
Grace             Bascetta                       A'more Commercial Enterprises, LLC                 1/20/2011
Gary              Bell                           Rehab Builders, Inc.                              12/15/2008
Chris             Bellanca                                                                          5/22/2012
Bill              Benson                         Lancaster/Northumberland HFH                       1/18/2012
Robert            Berz                           RRMM Architects                                   10/20/2010
Michael           Binette                        The Architectural Team                              5/6/2009
James             Black                          Forum Architecture and Interior Design             9/30/2010
Omar              Black                          Harkins Builders                                   9/30/2009
Flay              Blalock                        Rehab Builders, Inc.                              12/15/2008
Bill              Blatter                        City of Lexington                                  1/18/2012
Kevin             Blount                         CDSI                                               2/26/2009
Ann               Bolen                          VHDA                                               2/18/2010
Daniel            Bolinaga                       Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation 12/15/2008
Wayne             Bolton                         Temperature Control Mechanical System              6/26/2008
Catherine         Bond                           The Lane Group, Inc.                               2/26/2009
Jeb               Bonnett                        Dominion Due Diligence Group                       1/20/2011
Bill              Bonstra                        Bonstra Haresign Architects, LLP                   9/30/2009
Christina         Borland                                                                           6/26/2008
     First Name           Last Name                         Affiliation                 Course Date
Joanna            Borowska            Davis, Carter, Scott, ltd.                         01/172013
Greg              Borrego             G. Fisher Construction                              1/18/2012
Don               Bosserman           Countryside Service Company, LC                     9/12/2008
Mike              Bott                RDS, LLC                                            1/18/2012
Robert            Boucheron           Robert Boucheron Architect                          2/18/2010
Clay              Bowles              Energy Consortium                                   1/18/2012
Gary              Bowling             Guernsey Tingle Architects                          2/25/2011
Donny             Bowyer              Prolandian                                          9/26/2012
Tony              Boyd                L.A. Boyd and Associates, LLC                       1/18/2012
Nell              Boyle               Breakell, Inc.                                      2/26/2009
Bill              Brandt              Harkins Builders, Inc.                              2/18/2010
Richard           Brassfield          HHHunt                                              1/30/2008
JP                Brehony             JP Brehony Homes                                    1/18/2012
Mike              Bricker             Balzer & Associates, inc.                           2/25/2011
Ben               Broderson           Landmark Asset Services                            12/15/2008
William           Brown               BeeryRio, inc.                                      2/18/2010
Bruce             Browning            Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Robert            Browning            Homeowner Contractor                                 6/6/2013
David             Bruce               Eagle Construction of VA, LLC                        5/6/2009
Jim               Bryan               Heffner Architects                                  2/26/2009
Rob               Buchanan            Waverton Associates, Inc.                            5/6/2009
Paigh             Bumgarner           Richmond Metro Habitat for Humanity                 9/30/2009
James             Bundy               Bundy Architecture and Engineering                  2/26/2009
Taylor            Bunnell             Home Pro Energy/ Toler Insulation                   8/25/2011
Shelynda          Burney              CPDC                                                1/20/2011
Robert            Burns               Commonwealth Architects                             1/18/2012
Matthew           Burton              Matthew G. Burton + Associates, LLC                 1/20/2011
Don               Buschker            Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Duane             Bushey              Lancaster/Northumberland HFH                        1/18/2012
Mary              Butcher             Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville     9/30/2010
Robert            Butwin              Etc Companies LLC                                   1/30/2008
Scott             Byerly              Dominion Due Diligence Group                        1/30/2011
Theodore          Cage                Wiencek and Associates                              9/12/2008
Tayloe            Call                Bozzuto Construction Company                        9/30/2009
Patrick           Callahan            Masco Contracting Services                          6/26/2008
Darren            Campbell            KBS                                                 1/20/2010
Scott             Campbell            VIA design architest, pc                            1/20/2011
Alex              Cannon              Cannon Properties, Ltd.                             2/26/2009
Larry             Canterbury          Canterbury Construction, Inc.                       6/26/2008
Luis              Cardenas            Better Housing Coalition                            1/18/2012
Billy             Carter              Lawson Companies                                    2/25/2011
Cheri             Carter              Martin Horn, Inc.                                   9/30/2009
Jim               Carter              ODEC Southside, inc.                                1/18/2012
Shelton           Cartwright          Waterfurnace                                        1/20/2011
Sean              Casey               HFH - Nova                                          6/26/2008
Sanjay            Chapekar            Polleo Group, LLC                                   2/25/2011
Hsien-Yuan        Chen                Wiencek and Associates                              9/12/2008
Scott             Chewning            VHB                                                10/20/2010
Tarik             Claiborne           VHDA                                                2/26/2009
Max               Clatterbuck         Lantz Construction Winchester                       1/20/2011
Tom               Clayton             Frazier Associates                                  2/18/2010
Dave              Colby               Callis Stephens, Inc.                              12/15/2008
Kevin             Coles               BHC                                                 6/26/2008
Kristofor         Colson              Energy Check                                        1/18/2012
Chris             Conway                                                                 12/15/2008
     First Name            Last Name                      Affiliation                      Course Date
Matthew           Corell                                                                    5/22/2012
Christopher       Cornwell             HFH of Franklin County                                6/6/2013
Scott             Corwin               Johannas Design Group                                9/12/2008
Randy             Cosner               Cosner Construction, Inc.                            2/18/2010
Doug              Covington            The Lane Group                                       2/18/2010
Douglass          Covington, II        The Lane Group                                       9/26/2012
Manoj             Dalaya               Kishimoto.Gordon.Dalaya Architecture                 9/30/2010
Jeff              Dalton               Rowhouse Architects                                  2/25/2011
Stuart            Daniel               Better Housing Coalition                             2/26/2009
Tim               Daniel               Zavos Architecture and Design                        6/26/2008
Douglas           Dansey               George A. Dansey, Inc.                               9/12/2008
Ray               Day, III             Bozzuto Construction Company                         2/26/2009
William           Deal, Jr.            Pentecost, Deal & Associates, Inc.                   2/26/2009
Tracy             Deboer               Kroskin Design Group                                 2/18/2010
Anthony           Del Nunzio           Unit Construction, LLC                               2/18/2010
Mike              DeSimone             KEE Construction, Inc.                               8/25/2011
Frank             DeStefano            Destafano Design Group                               1/30/2008
Charles           Dickey               BRW Architects                                       2/18/2010
Dave              Dillard              KEE Construction, Inc.                               8/25/2011
Dan               Dills                Dills Ainscough Duff                                 2/26/2009
Stephen           Dirks                Dirks Design Build                                    6/6/2013
LaMar             Dixon                Dixon-Lee Development                                1/18/2012
Philip "Chip"     Dodd                 Aurora Consulting LLC                                1/30/2008
Jennifer          Donohue              NRHA                                                 1/20/2011
Barbara           Dooley               Breakell Inc.                                        2/26/2009
Ian               Dowling              Ruhf Plitt Architects, Ltd.                          5/22/2012
Alan              Downie               Hughes Associates Architects                         1/30/2008
David             Draper               Collins & Kronstadt Architects                       2/26/2009
Paul              Duggan               Piedmont Builders Co.                                1/18/2012
Jim               Dumminger            CJMW Architecture                                    9/30/2010
Rhonda            Dunn                 Coldwell Banker Elite                                9/30/2010
Barry             Durham               Pentecost, Deal & Associates, Inc.                   2/25/2011
Anne              Durkin               BAM Architects                                       6/26/2008
Hussein           Easmeil              Marlyn Development Corporation                       1/30/2008
James             Edwards              Edwards Associates Architects                        6/26/2008
John              Edwards              Bonstra Haresign Architects, LLP                     9/12/2008
Mike              Ekis                 NRP Gourp                                            9/30/2010
Christopher       Elam                 Design Four, inc.                                    8/25/2011
Callie            Elfman               Lyall Design Architects                              1/18/2012
Doug              Ellis                Windows and More                                     6/26/2008
Daniel            Ernst                Promethean Homes LLC                                  6/6/2013
Pedro             Escario              Dills Ainscough Duff                                 6/26/2008
Sylvia            Estes                Pipeline & Industrial Group                          4/23/2012
Dan               Fagan                Alexander Nicholson, Inc.                            1/18/2012
Jeffrey           Farner               City of Alexandria, Department of Planning/Zoning    6/26/2008
Karin             Farrell              Entellis Collaborative                                6/6/2013
George            Faulkner             The Livas Group Architecture PC                      1/17/2013
Amy               Ferns                AWB Engineers                                        2/26/2009
Eric              Fesperman            Habitat for Humanity of Winchecter - FrederickCounty 6/26/2008
Ross              Fickenscher          S & S Construction, Inc.                              5/6/2009
Matthew           Fine                 Zavos Architecture + Design                          8/25/2011
Sarah             Finkelstein          Dominion Due Diligence Group                         1/20/2011
Keith             Fisher               Fisher Architecture                                  1/17/2013
Matthew           Fitzgerald           Urban Design Associates                              9/12/2008
Terrance          Fitzgerald           Tidewater Insulators LLC                             1/30/2008
     First Name          Last Name                        Affiliation                 Course Date
Gayle             Fleming            Keller Williams Realty                              6/6/2013
Ernie             Flynn              Lancaster/Northumberland HFH                       1/18/2012
Gerald            Forsburg           Shenandoah Design                                  2/26/2009
Taylor            Fowler             Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville    9/30/2010
Mike              Fox                WPL                                               10/20/2010
Gregory           Frech                                                                 8/25/2011
Richard           Funk               dBF Associates, Architects                         1/30/2008
Richard J.        Funk, Jr.          dBF Associates, Architects, Inc.                   2/18/2010
Gregg             Gaber              PCI Design Group, Inc.                             1/18/2012
Joshua            Galloway           Community Design Studios                           9/26/2012
Sergio            Gambale            VHDA                                               9/26/2012
Jaime             Garcia             RRMM Architects                                   10/20/2010
Tony              Garcia             Dominion Due Diligence Group                       1/20/2011
Katie             Geisshuesler       Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville    9/30/2010
Regina            Gerner                                                                1/30/2008
                                     Fairfax County Department of Housing and Community Development
Jody              Gibson             The Lane Group, Inc.                                5/6/2009
John              Glaspie            KBS                                                1/20/2011
Kara              Glynn                                                                 9/30/2010
Geoffrey          Gogan                                                                 1/30/2008
L. Dexter         Goode              Richmond RHA                                       9/30/2009
Christopher       Gordon             Kishimoto.Gordon.Dalaya Architecture               9/30/2010
Ben               Gourley            Ruhf Plitt Architects, Ltd.                        1/18/2012
Sandra            Graham             The Lane Group                                     9/26/2012
Doug              Grant              G. Fisher Construction                             9/26/2012
Dave              Graves             G. Fisher Construction                             9/26/2012
Mike              Green              Bozzuto Construction Company                       2/26/2009
Angela            Greene             Virginia Supportive Housing                        8/25/2011
Hunter            Greene             Hill Studio, P.C.                                  9/30/2010
Michael           Greene             Dominion Due Diligence Group                       1/20/2011
Sheila            Gregg              Sol Agua Terra                                     2/26/2009
Lin               Gregory            Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity        12/15/2008
T.J.              Gregston           RALC                                               9/30/2009
Mel               Grewe              Rancorn Wildman Architects, PLC                    1/18/2012
Brad              Groome             Bradford Homes, inc.                               1/18/2012
Brian             Grosholz           Bozzuto Construction                               2/26/2009
Chris             Grubbs             Rehab Builders, Inc.                              12/15/2008
Jessica           Guglielmo          Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation 12/15/2008
Tim               Gunderman          Sterling Construction Company, Inc.                6/26/2008
Tim               Gunderman          GEM Management, Inc.                               1/17/2013
Jennifer          Gurney                                                                9/30/2010
Patrick           Haggerty           Balodemas Architects                              12/15/2008
Ryan              Hainer             Dominion Due Diligence Group                       1/20/2011
Tom               Hale               Hanover Habitat for Humanity                      12/15/2008
Richard           Hanks              The Community Builders                             1/18/2012
Carl              Hardee             Lawson Realty                                      1/30/2008
Mickey            Harden             Aurora Consulting, LLC                             1/30/2008
David             Haresign           Bonstra Haresign Architects, LLP                   9/26/2012
Katie             Harrigan           Walter Parks Architects                            1/30/2008
Barry             Harris             Barry's Home Comfort                               9/30/2009
Ron               Hartzheim          Town and Contry Mechanical                         2/26/2009
Gary              Harvey             Craddock-Cunningham Architectural Partners         1/20/2011
Donald            Harwood            Hill Studio, P.C.                                  1/30/2008
Donald            Harwood            Donald C. Harwood Architect PLLC                   1/17/2013
Chuck             Hawley             Ruhf Plitt Architects, Ltd.                        1/18/2012
Michael           Haynes             Progress Design Studio, PLLC                       9/30/2010
     First Name           Last Name                         Affiliation                Course Date
John              Heagy               Bozzuto Construction                                5/6/2009
Thomas            Heatwole            Commonwealth Architects                             5/6/2009
James             Heffner             Heffner Architects                                  5/6/2009
Ally              Hemphill            Pipeline & Industrial Group                        4/23/2012
Ricardo           Hendi               R. Hendi Archtiect                                  5/6/2009
Charles           Hendricks           The Gaines Group, PLC                              2/18/2010
Mike              Henehan             Bozzuto Development Company                        2/26/2009
David             Hertless            Hertless Air Conditioning & Heating Mechanical     9/30/2010
Sandra            Hester              Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging                    9/30/2009
Dan               Hickok              RRMM Architects                                   10/20/2010
Doug              Hilemn              Emerald Construction                               9/30/2010
Roy               Hill                Fixture Specialists Inc.                           1/30/2008
James             Hinton              Cope Architecture                                  1/17/2013
Brad              Hofford             EYA                                                9/30/2009
Josh              Holloway            Community Housing Partners                         2/26/2009
Josh              Holloway            Community Design Studios                           9/26/2012
Tim               Hornbaker           Retnauer Design Associates, P.C.                   1/18/2012
Mary Kay          Horoszewski         Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation 12/15/2008
Eric              Hudgins             The Lane Group                                     2/18/2010
Brian             Hudson              HCS Contracting                                   12/15/2008
David             Hunter              hord coplan macht                                  1/30/2008
Wesley            Hurt                Toler Insulating                                   9/12/2008
Ibrahim           Ibrahim M.          RKR Construction Company, LLC                      9/30/2010
Buck              Irvan               FPC                                                1/18/2012
Karen             Irvin               Rust Orling Architecture, inc.                     2/18/2010
Max               Ivankov             MaxMark Homes, LLC                                  6/6/2013
Ved               Jain                Virginia Housing Development Authority             8/25/2011
Robert            Jereb               Woda Construction, Inc.                            1/18/2012
David             Johannas            Johannas Design Group                              9/26/2012
Aaron             Johnson             Think Little Home Energy                           1/17/2013
Ryne              Johnson             Astoria, LLC                                       9/30/2009
Robert            Johnston            Commonwealth Architects                            6/26/2008
David             Jones               Newport News RHA                                   9/30/2009
Gary              Jones                                                                 12/15/2008
Randy             Jones               OWPR, Inc. Architects & Engineers                  2/18/2010
Wayne             Jones               Jones Architecture, PLLC                           9/26/2012
Hunter            Jonson              Hunters Contracting, Ltd.                          1/18/2012
Hugh              Joyce               James River Air Conditioning Company               2/18/2010
Dan               Kane                BeeryRio, Inc.                                     1/20/2011
Vadim             Kaplan              Studio A Architecture                              2/25/2011
Brooke            Karius              Community Housing Partners                         1/17/2013
Matthew           Kauppila            Bozzuto Construction                               9/30/2009
Ronald            Keeney              Keeney & Co., Architects, PLC                       5/6/2009
Janice            Kendall             Hunt Investments, LLC                              6/26/2008
Brad              Kersey              KBS                                                1/20/2011
Joel              Ketchum             Associated Contracting Services, Inc.              2/18/2010
Brian             Kiernan                                                                9/30/2010
Brian             Kim                 Housing Opportunities and Concepts                 9/30/2009
John              Kim                 Harkins Builders, Inc.                              5/6/2009
Kevin             King                R.L. Price Construction, Inc                       6/26/2008
James             Kirby               DJG, inc.                                          1/20/2011
Murray            Kirk                S.L. Nusbaum Realty Company                        1/30/2008
C. Scott          Kitrell             Better Housing Coalition                           2/18/2010
Allen             Kitselman           Main Street Architecture, P.C.                     9/30/2010
Doug              Kleffner            Johannas Design Group                              9/12/2008
     First Name           Last Name                          Affiliation                Course Date
Lawrence          Kliewer             Cox, Kliewer, and Company, PC                       1/30/2008
Terry             Kline               Mark-Dana Corp.                                     2/25/2011
Scott             Knudsen             Wiencek + Associates                                1/20/2011
Julie             Koehler             Winks Snowa Architects, P.C.                        9/30/2009
Frank             Koncz               Welcome Home CDC                                   12/15/2008
David             Koogler             Mark-Dana Corp.                                     6/26/2008
Ronnie            Koogler             R. K. Construction                                  5/22/2012
Irwin             Kroskin             Kroskin Design Group PC                             1/20/2011
Sarah             Krumbein            Richmond Mortgage, Inc.                             9/30/2010
Jonathan          Kucera              Jonathan J. Kucera, Architect                       9/26/2012
Swetha            Kumar               VHDA                                                1/17/2013
Bill              Kupfer              G. Fisher Construction                              1/18/2012
Maybell           Laluna              Wiencek & Associates                                2/18/2010
Forrest           Lambert, Jr.        Mark-Dana Corp.                                     2/25/2011
George            Lane                HFH                                                 6/26/2008
Steve             Lanning             Home Associates of Virginia, Inc.                   9/26/2012
Leisha            LaRinere            Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity         12/15/2008
Mark              Larson              Baskervill                                          1/18/2012
Joshua            Lassiter            Cox, Kliewer, & Co., P.C.                           9/30/2010
Matt              Latham              National Housing Trust                              2/18/2010
Dillard           Laughlin            Town and Contry Mechanical                          2/26/2009
Steve             Lawson              The Lawson Companies                                1/30/2008
David             Layman              Hooker DeJong, Inc.                                 1/18/2012
Bob               Layne               Fixture Specialists Inc.                            1/30/2008
Ashley            Leath               Retnauer Design Associates, P.C.                    1/18/2012
Spencer           Lepler              Lemay Erickson Willcox Architects                   1/17/2013
Emmett            Lifsey              CJMW Architecture                                   9/30/2010
John              Lillie              Dominion Due Diligence Group                        1/20/2011
Ken               Linehan             Fugleberg Koch Architect                            1/30/2008
Greg              Lines               Ruhf Plitt Architects, Ltd.                         5/22/2012
Ed                Lipsky              Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Josh              Lipsky              Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Kenneth           Livingston          Main Street Architecture, PC                         5/6/2009
Matthew           Locraft             Collins & Kronstadt, Leahy Hogan Collins Draper     6/26/2008
Laura             London              APAH                                                1/17/2013
Mary              Lorino              BAM Architects                                      9/30/2009
Lee               Lovern              Total Action Against Poverty                        6/26/2008
Steven            Luck                Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville     9/30/2010
Javier            Luevano             Martin Horn, Inc.                                    5/6/2009
Michael           Lynch               KBS                                                 1/20/2011
Will              Lyster              T.E.A.L. Construction                               9/30/2010
Bob               Lytle               Silver Hammer Additions, LC                         9/30/2009
Robert            Magoon, Jr.         Magoon & Associates                                 2/26/2009
John              Maisto              EDG Architects, LLC                                 2/26/2009
Keith             Maness              Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Ronnie            Mangano             KBS                                                 1/20/2011
Craig             Mara                Pedcor Investments                                  6/26/2008
Mike              Marks               Martin Horn, Inc.                                    5/6/2009
Will              Marshall            C.L. Lewis and Company, Inc.                        2/26/2009
Jackie            Martin              Martin Riley Associates-Architects, PC              9/12/2008
Jeff              Martin              HFH Louisa County                                    6/6/2013
Larry             Martin              Martin & Co. Architects                             1/20/2011
Gerald            Martire             Habitat Culpeper                                     6/6/2013
Allen             Mason               VHDA                                                9/30/2009
Justin            Mason                                                                   1/17/2013
     First Name           Last Name                         Affiliation               Course Date
G. Edmond         Massie, IV          Grant Massie Land Company                         2/26/2009
Annie             Mathot              Frazier Associates                                2/18/2010
Brandon           Matthews            AHC, inc.                                         9/30/2010
Scott             Matties             Cunningham Quill Architects                       9/30/2010
Jason             McBride             KBS                                               1/20/2011
N. Bond           McCamy              J. Davis Architects, PLLC                         9/12/2008
Robert            McClennan           Bonstra Haresign Architects, LLP                  9/26/2012
Clifford          McConnell           McConnell Contractor of VA, LLC                   6/26/2008
Don               McCubbin            Habitat for Humanity of PWC                       1/18/2012
Derek             McDaniels           Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority      2/18/2010
Sarah             McInerney                                                             5/22/2012
Jimmy             McKee               Norsouth Construction Company of Georgia          1/18/2012
Tim               McKee               KEE Construction, Inc.                            8/25/2011
James             McKenzie            Building Science, Inc                             8/25/2011
John              McLaurin            Lessard Design, Inc.                              1/20/2011
Ted               McQuarrie           Harkins Builders, Inc.                             5/6/2009
Lisa              McWhirt             Baskervill                                        2/26/2009
Ferdinando        Micale              Wallace, Roberts, and Todd, LLC                   1/18/2012
Steven            Middleton           Commonwealth Properties                           9/12/2008
Carlton           Miller              AHC, inc.                                         9/30/2010
Judith            Miller              Architecture by Design                            6/26/2008
William           Milligan            The Livas Group Architecture PC                   1/17/2013
Lydia             Millington          Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority 6/26/2008
Christopher J.    Mills               TAM Consultants                                   9/30/2009
Alan              Miner               Miner Feinstein Architects, LLC                   9/30/2010
Michael           Mische              Staunton Development Solutions, LLC                5/6/2009
Jim               Mitchell            M+A Architects                                    1/17/2013
Kevin             Mizell              Community Housing Partners                        6/26/2008
Gary              Molina              Linden Contracting, Inc.                          1/20/2011
Michael           Molzahn             HBA Architecture & Interior Design                1/20/2011
David             Moore               Olde English Builders                             1/18/2012
Steve             Morales             NRHA                                               5/6/2009
Matthew           Morgan              AWB Engineers                                     2/26/2009
Alex              Morris              Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC                       9/30/2010
Robert            Morrison            WB Properties & Construction                      1/17/2013
Victor            Morrison            J.S. Jackson Builder, LLC                        12/15/2008
Rockwell          Moulton             Martin Horn, Inc.                                 2/25/2011
Drew              Mulhare             Realtec Inc.                                      6/26/2008
Tim               Mullen              Phelps + Phelps Consulting                        1/18/2012
Steve             Munier              Bridgeland Development                            2/25/2011
Margie            Munkittrick         Cox, Kliewer, & Co., P.C.                         9/30/2010
Wayne             Munn                VHDA                                              9/30/2009
Cris              Myers               CSB, Inc.                                        12/15/2008
Christopher       Nason               G.M. Frech & Associates                          12/15/2008
Mike              Neeble              Martin & Co. Architects                           1/20/2011
Melody            Nepstad             Walter Parks Architect                            9/30/2010
Nicholas          Nestor              Oceanside Structures                              1/17/2013
Mike              Neweton             Kroskin Design Group                              2/18/2010
Paul              Newman              Toler Insulating                                  9/12/2008
Bill              Nickerson           Home Performance Services                        12/15/2008
Mayra             Nickerson           Telamon Corporation                               9/30/2009
Melissa           Obiso               Inkworks                                          9/30/2009
Emer              O'Donovan           Wiencek & Associates                              2/18/2010
Kevin             Oldland             AWB Engineers                                     2/26/2009
Chris             Olive               Dominion Due Diligence Group                      1/20/2011
     First Name           Last Name                          Affiliation             Course Date
David             Onks                Community Housing Partners                       9/12/2008
Shane             O'quinn             Rehab Builders, Inc.                            12/15/2008
Dan               Ormston             Bozzuto Construction Company                     2/26/2009
Charles           Outlaw              Rancorn Wildman Architects, PLC                  1/18/2012
John              Ozmore              DJG, Inc.                                        9/30/2009
Michael           Pack                NNRHA                                            9/12/2008
Scott             Page                Pipeline & Industrial Group, inc.                9/30/2010
Kirk              Paisley             M + A Architects                                 1/20/2011
Walter            Parks               Walter Parks Architects                          9/30/2010
Russell           Parnish             Lyall Design Architects                          1/18/2012
Greg              Parrish             Martin Horn, Inc.                                1/20/2011
Jospeh            Pasquale            Pasquale Kuritzky Architecture, inc.             1/18/2012
Tim               Patronick           Martin Horn, Inc.                                1/20/2011
Polynice          Paul                Habitat for Humanity of PWC                      1/18/2012
Jose              Perez               BHC                                              6/26/2008
Ahmed             Perry               Northwestern Mutual                              9/30/2010
Raymond           Peterson            HFH of Franklin County                            6/6/2013
Donna             Phaneuf             VIA design architest, pc                         1/20/2011
Burt              Pinnock             BAM Architects                                   9/30/2009
Claude            Pitzer              Community Housing Partners                       6/26/2008
Joel              Plitt               Ruhf Plitt Architects, Ltd.                      5/22/2012
Walter            Ploskon             Wiencek & Associates                             9/30/2010
Larry             Ponell              Fixture Specialists, Inc.                        1/30/2008
Ken               Pope                Commonwealth Architects                          1/18/2012
Travis            Powroznitz          Breeden Construction, LLC                        1/18/2012
Gunn              Prag                Davis Carter Scott, Ltd                          1/30/2008
Jeff              Price               EarthWorks Home Performance                     12/15/2008
Jonathan          Price               Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging                  9/30/2009
Todd              Price               Harnkins Builders                               12/15/2008
William H.        Price               Price Real Estate                                9/30/2009
Jim               Pritchett           Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing     6/26/2008
Rob               Prodan              Home Associates of Virginia, Inc.                9/26/2012
Martin            Quarles             Alexander Nicholson, Inc.                        1/18/2012
Brian             Quigley             Norsouth Construction Company of Georgia         1/18/2012
Bill              Quinn               Pace Collaborative                              10/20/2010
Carrie            Quinn               Q. Design, PLC                                   2/18/2010
Ronald            Quinn               Q. Design, PLC                                   2/18/2010
Keith             Rader               Watershed Architecture and Construction           6/6/2013
Kenneth           Ragan               Community Housing Partners                       1/18/2012
Eka               Rahardjo            BeeryRio, Inc.                                   2/18/2010
Robin             Raines              Rowhouse Architects                              2/25/2011
Kevin             Ramsey                                                               2/18/2010
Nelson            Rancorn             Rancorn Wildman Architects, PLC                  1/18/2012
Philip            Randolph            Randolph Construction Company                     5/6/2009
Ron               Reger               VHDA                                             9/30/2009
Patrick           Reilly              Rehab Builders, Inc.                            12/15/2008
Rick              Reinhardt           Reinhardt Architecture                          12/15/2008
Tom               Retnauer            Retnauer Design Associates, P.C.                 1/18/2012
Daniel            Revermann           AHC Inc.                                         1/30/2008
Jeff              Reynolds            Better Housing Coalition                         2/18/2010
Kevin             Ries                The Drying Co./ Thermal Tech                     9/30/2010
Lindsay           Riesbeck                                                             2/18/2010
Warren            Righter             Zemaitis and Associates Architects               1/20/2011
Noemi             Riveira             Habitat for Humanity Northern Virginia           9/30/2010
Carter            Robertson           Martin Horn, Inc.                                 5/6/2009
     First Name            Last Name                         Affiliation            Course Date
Art               Robinson             Chesapeake Community Advisors                  2/18/2010
Chris             Robinson             VHDA                                           9/30/2009
Wally             Robinson             VHDA                                           2/18/2010
Monica            Rokicki-Guajardo     Balzer & Associates                            6/20/2008
Donna             Rosano               Zavos Architecture + Design                    8/25/2011
Gilbert           Rosenthal            WRT, LLC                                       1/20/2011
James             Ross                 Ross/Deckard Architects, P.A.                  9/26/2012
James             Ross                 HFH of Winchester-Frederick county             1/18/2012
James M.          Ross, III            Ross/ Deckard Architects, PA                   1/30/2008
Rebecca           Rowe                 Virginia Housing Development Authority         1/17/2013
Richard Russel    Ruhf                 Ruhf Plitt Architects                          9/30/2010
James             Ruhland, III         Community Housing Partners                     2/26/2009
Steven            Ruiz                 BeeryRio, Inc.                                 1/20/2011
Leslie            Russell              Cox, Kliewer, & Co., P.C.                      9/30/2010
John              Rust                 Rust Orling Architecture, Inc.                 2/18/2010
Vandana           Sareen               TCG Development Services, LLC                  1/30/2008
John              Sari                 Landmark Asset Services                       12/15/2008
Juliellen         Sarver               Sarver Housing Group                           1/20/2011
Austin            Sauers               Harkins Builders, Inc.                         9/26/2012
Duanne            Schropp              Unit Services, Inc.                            2/25/2011
Rob               Schurz               Richmond Metro Habitat for Humanity            9/30/2009
John              Schuster III         Chesapeake Community Advisors, Inc.            9/30/2009
Logan             Schutz               Grimm & Parker - Architects                    2/18/2010
Brian             Scott                AHC, Inc.                                      1/30/2008
Andrew            Scudder              Johannas Design Group                          9/26/2012
Erika             Seelenbinder         VHB                                           10/20/2010
Clint             Sellars              Rehab Builders, Inc.                          12/15/2008
Amir              Shahna               Habitat for Humanity of PWC                    1/18/2012
Herb              Shartle              Cox, Kliewer, and Company, PC                  1/30/2008
Flake             Shaw                 Rehab Builders, Inc.                          12/15/2008
Ray               Shelly               VHDA                                           9/30/2009
Fred B.           Shelor               Masco Contracting Services                     6/26/2008
Keith             Sherrill             VHDA                                           1/17/2013
Garrett           Shifflett            S & S Construction, Inc.                        5/6/2009
Bruce             Shirley              Ratio, PC                                      2/26/2009
Rick              Shively              Pedcor Investments                             6/26/2008
Megan             Shope                Winks-Snowa Architects, P.C.                   9/30/2010
Matthew           Shriver              Shriver and Holland Associates                 2/26/2009
Joseph            Simpson              R.E. Lee CM                                    2/18/2010
Michael           Sisson               Northern Neck Technical Center                 1/18/2012
Mark              Smith                Craddock-Cunningham Architectural Partners     1/30/2008
Mark              Smith                MAS Associates, LLC                            6/26/2008
Mike              Smith                Pedcor Investments                             9/12/2008
Vincent           Smith                Breeden Construction, LLC                      1/18/2012
Vincent           Smith                Bay Aging                                      9/30/2009
Connie            Snavely              Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship                  9/30/2010
Kevin             Sneddon              KEE Construction, Inc.                         8/25/2011
Allison           Snow                 Better Housing Coalition                       2/18/2010
Matt              Snow                 Dominion Due Diligence Group                   1/20/2011
Jim               Snowa                Winks-Snowa Architects, P.C.                   9/30/2010
Matthew           Solomon              Millennia Development, LTD                     1/18/2012
Chris             Sonne                Civil and Environmental Services               6/26/2008
Nick              Sparaco              Bozzuto Construction                           2/26/2009
Seth              Stallings            Martin Horn, Inc.                               5/6/2009
Colan             Stanley              J.C. Stanley, Inc.                             1/18/2012
     First Name            Last Name                         Affiliation                 Course Date
Gary              Stanley              GARANCO, inc.                                       9/30/2010
Tom               Starbuck             B&B Consultants, Inc.                               2/26/2009
David M.          Stembel, III         Barton Partners Architects Planners, Inc.           2/26/2009
Al                Stephens             Callis Stephens, Inc.                              12/15/2008
Scott             Stephens             SMS Architects                                      2/26/2009
Chuck             Stern                Main Street Architecture                            1/18/2012
Robert            Stern                Riddick Fiedler Stern, PC                           8/25/2011
John              Stiltner             Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Thomas J.         Stodghill            PMA Architecture                                    9/30/2010
Steve             Stuart               Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Eric              Suckow               Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Shane             Sullivan             Crestline Realty Corp                               6/26/2008
Andrew            Sutherland           Empire Construction                                 1/30/2008
Randy             Talley               KBS                                                 1/20/2011
Ed                Tam                  VA United Methodist Housing Development             1/20/2011
Jeff              Taylor               BHC                                                 6/26/2008
Howard            Tew                  Capstone Contracting                                2/18/2010
Felicia           Thomas               VHDA                                                2/26/2009
Steven            Thomas               Mark-Dana Corp                                      2/25/2011
David             Thompson             Better Housing Coalition                            2/18/2010
Jack              Thompson             Richmond Metro Habitat for Humanity                 1/18/2012
Jocelyn           Tichenor             Rainbow Connection Community                        9/30/2010
Ryan              Tobin                Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
John Francis      Torti                Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc.                     2/18/2010
Gary              Treaster             Dominion Due Diligence Group                        1/20/2011
John              Treiber              Davis, Carter, Scott, ltd.                          1/18/2012
Scott             Troutman             Marlyn Development Corporation                      1/30/2008
Greg              Tucker               BHC                                                 6/26/2008
David             Underwood            Lionberger Construction                             2/25/2011
John              Valley               Community Design Studios                            9/26/2012
George            Van Osterom          Unit Services, Inc.                                 2/25/2011
Tim               Varner               People, Inc.                                        1/18/2012
Brian             Vassallo             MTFA Architecture                                   2/26/2009
Matt              Vaughn               Community Housing Partners                          1/18/2012
Gifford           Vernon               Gifford O. Vernon, AIA                             12/15/2008
Robert            Verrier              The Architectural Team                               5/6/2009
Patrick           Wagner               The Community Builders                              1/17/2013
Ted               Waldron              D3G                                                 5/22/2012
Brad              Walker               Sadler Building Corp                                2/18/2010
Sandra            Walker               Newport News RHA                                    9/30/2009
Brian             Wall                 Pace Collaborative                                 10/20/2010
Bill              Wallace              Fixture Specialists Inc.                            1/30/2008
Tom               Wallinga             Bonstra Haresign Architects, LLP                    9/12/2008
Paul              Walshak              Ryan Homes                                          1/17/2013
Bruce             Wardell              BRW Architects                                      2/18/2010
Wilson            Warren               Landmark Asset Services                             1/18/2012
John F.           Watlington, III      Dynasty III LLC                                     9/26/2012
Pete              Watson               Rehab Builders, Inc.                               12/15/2008
Tom               Watson               Better Housing Coalition                            2/25/2011
Greg              Watts                R.L. Price Construction                             2/18/2010
Douglas           Weatherby            PCI Design Group, Inc.                              1/18/2012
Mary Kate         Weaver               EarthCraft VA Intern                                2/18/2010
Michael           Weaver               People, Inc.                                        1/20/2011
Tim               Westrich             CPDC                                                1/20/2011
James             Whitall              Masco Contractor Services/ Davenport Insulation      5/6/2009
    First Name          Last Name                           Affiliation             Course Date
Thomas "Chip"    White              Ryan Homes                                       1/17/2013
Jack             Wilbern            Butz Wilbern                                     2/26/2009
Jay              Wilison            Wiencek & Associates                             9/30/2010
Jared            Willcox            Lemay Erickson Willcox Architects                9/30/2010
Toby             Williams           Mark-Dana Corporation                             5/6/2009
Daniel           Wilson             People Incorporated of Virginia                   5/6/2009
Danny            Wilson             People Inc.                                      6/26/2008
Steve            Wingfield          Martin Horn, Inc.                                9/30/2009
Edward           Winks              Winks Snowa Architects, P.C.                     9/30/2009
Donald           Witt               Marsh Witt Associates (currently w/ Hughes Assoc.)
Brian            Woodle             Air Pro Mechanical                               1/18/2012
John             Wright             Waverton Associates, Inc.                         5/6/2009
Andrew           Yancey             Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation 8/25/2011
Troy             Yancey             T.E.A.L. Construction                            9/30/2010

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