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									                                             New Spirit News                              VOLUME 3            ISSUE 1 February 2012
                                        An all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving Australian Shepherds and Aussie mixes in the US & Canada

                                                                                             Robin Sylvester, Editor Bill Deerr, Layout Designer

                                           Happy 4th Birthday to New Spirit!!
                                                  As we wind down New Spirit’s 4th year, it’s hard to keep from reflecting
                                    upon our brief past. In late 2007, a handful of experienced Aussie rescuers acted upon a
                      casual, impulsive comment, “Let’s start our own rescue.” Indeed, why not? We had all we needed—
                 experience in rescue, knowledge of the breed, and the will power to get it done. Lots of work got us incor-
              porated and registered as an IRS 501c3 charity. Strong fundraising got us the seed money to take our first dog
           in the Spring of 2008. And the rest, as they say, is history.
                  Here we are starting our fifth year, with well over 1,200 dogs having been helped by New Spirit volun-
      teers. In 2008, 64 dogs were placed by that handful of charter volunteers. 2011 ended with 458 more lucky dogs in
       their new homes. By then, the ranks of volunteers numbered 472, and growing stronger daily. Over 1,250 dogs have
found refuge in New Spirit to date.
         Where do those dogs come from? All over: KY, TN, the Carolinas, FL, GA, VA, and WV are among the main
places . Unfortunately, we never run out of nice dogs in need. Where do the volunteers come from? Mostly happy adopt-
ers and friends of adopters who want to help other Aussies in need. Or experienced rescuers who approached New Spirit,
which has a reputation as being friendly, flexible and supportive.
         Why the huge success? That’s an easy answer: the great volunteers. There is no doubt about it—without the vol-
unteers, we would not have succeeded. They find dogs, pull them from shelters, evaluate them and drive, drive, drive.
They screen applications, do home visits, and call references. They open their homes and hearts by fos-
                               tering until the New Spirit dogs find their forever homes. No dogs would be
                               saved without these great volunteers.
                                         Another reason for our success is that we are proactive. We don’t
                               just sit around and wait for prospective adopters to hit on a particular dog.
                               We guide them towards the dogs that seem right for them and their homes.
                               And New Spirit is financially sound because we keep a close eye on the bot-
                               tom line and a lot of volunteers help with the fundraising—booths, tables, grant-writing.
                                         The New Spirit website is often complimented and the volunteers who maintain it
                               don’t let any grass grow under their feet. Coming Attractions, Available Dogs, Happy End-
                               ings, Fundraising. It’s all right there.
         The problem with any attempt to attribute a business’ success is that it is impossible to hit all the high points and
thank all the right people. So I will simply say that the volunteers who never touch a dog—who crunch the numbers, make
the bank deposits, man the fundraiser tables, apply for grants, man the computers, etc.—are no less important. New
Spirit is a well-oiled machine that reflects the competence and enthusiasm of its many volunteers. What more can I
         So what does New Spirit’s future hold? Good question. We are confident that New Spirit will continue to
do what it does best: attract good volunteers, maintain/provide a positive atmosphere for rescue, and help even
more Aussies in need find those forever homes. And many of those happy adopters will volunteer their time
and skills to New Spirit in return. And the cycle will continue.

It’s never been more fun to be a part of such a great organization; it’s a heck of a ride. Thanks to you all!

Laura Scudder
Vice President, New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Inc.

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                                                     1
                                          New Spirit News

                                                  Lyna’s Litter
It's been over a year now since the last of Lyna's puppies were born. The puppies’ departure late in February marked
the end of a three month adventure that began when I brought Lyna home from a transport one Saturday afternoon in
late November 2010. Lyna is a pure bred blue merle Australian Shepherd, that had been turned in by the family when
the owner passed away. She had been living in the yard with several other dogs, with little socialization or human I
nteraction. Despite that, she proved to be a sweet dog that kept to herself and was an easy keeper. When she arrived
in rescue, the first vet that saw her said she wasn't pregnant. Lyna’s first foster home couldn't figure out why she was
getting so big. After a few weeks Andrew took Lyna to another vet, who did an ultrasound and determined that she
was indeed pregnant. The expectation was that she had 4-5 puppies in the oven. Andrew was not in a position to
whelp and raise a litter, so that is how Lyna came to me in NJ.

We had no idea how many weeks along Lyna was, but she grew wider and wider with each week. She ate so much
food, I gladly took Pam Caldwell's donation of 10 cases of food for her. Lyna kept to herself most of the time and
would roam the yard only long enough to get busy. We set her
up in our spare room after clearing out all the furniture, but she
preferred to sleep in the hall. We also set up a video camera so
I could keep an eye on Lyna when I was out of the house and
the time was coming close.

On December 23, 2010, at about 7 pm, Lyna started nesting in
the whelping box. I turned to my computer to post that I
thought the time was close on Lyna's Facebook page. When I
turned back to Lyna, she was cleaning up a little black bi girl,
who we named Agatha. My whelping helper arrived shortly after that and the wait began. Four hours later there had
been no further signs of labor or even distress, but we both felt that Lyna needed help and at about midnight we were
driving to the emergency hospital. The first thing they did was x-ray Lyna, and that is when I learned there weren't
                                               four more puppies, but at least eight and a c-section was needed. Once
                                               all the pups (nine more as it turned out) had been delivered, I headed
                                               home for some much needed rest. Everyone was doing well and I could
                                               return after sunrise to pick them up.

                                              The first few weeks with the pups consisted of lots of laundry and taking
                                              care of Lyna, who seemed to have some sort of intestinal problem. The
                                              video camera was left on and became the “puppy cam” so anyone could
                                              log on and see the puppies. (We had many followers up until the pups
                                              went home!) I slept when I could, but Lyna needed a lot of walks out-
                                              side and with a thump of her 3/4 tail on the bedroom door, she let me
                                              know she wanted a walk. The pups began to open their eyes on day
                                              eleven and became pretty active, although they slept 90% of the time.
                                              Lyna never got a break. With ten pups it seemed that someone was
                                              always nursing.

After four weeks Lyna had had enough and I had to figure out how to feed ten pups that were in no way ready for kib-
ble. We headed over to the feed store for goats’ milk concentrate, and the supermarket for some oatmeal. I would
start the pups on oatmeal and goats’ milk and gradually transition them to kibble. At first the pups were a little
confused, but by the time they were ready to go home, we were up to three bowls of food, three times a day. Checkers
remained the smallest pup and Wimsey, the biggest.

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                  2
                                          New Spirit News

Everyday I played with the pups. Sometimes I would take them all out to scramble and play in the hallway. Other
times I would take them in pairs to play tug and get them to jump over my legs. We played retrieve games and started
learning to sit.

As the pups were all eating well and on kibble alone I felt the pups were ready to go home after fifty days and with
everyone lined up with a home we sent Lyna home with her new family when the pups were six weeks old. She was
going to a home that would get a puppy, so we thought it best to give Lyna time to acclimate before the puppy arrived.
So my last week with the puppies was without Lyna. The puppies continued to eat well and were very active. After
that week, one by one each pup went home. As each pup went, I seemed to get more attached to the ones that were

The morning that Kinsey, the red-tri girl was to leave, I noticed that she was a little peaked. I took her to the vet. My
vet suspected an intussusception of the bowel. I called the adopters and apprised them of the situation and offered to
have it taken care of, but they wanted to take her themselves.
In the end, after consulting with their own vet, they agreed to let
NS4AR take her to Dr. Steve for surgery. A few days later,
Kinsey went to her new home no worse for wear from the

I was thrilled with every home that the puppies went to and con-
tinue to hear good reports from them all. Agatha, Drew and
Jemma all went to agility homes where they have begun their
training and are proving to be superstars. Kinsey, Checkers,
Macy, Marlowe and Lilly went to homes with active young
couples and are living it up in puppy classes and with their new
pet friends. Maisie went to live in a three generation household
where she is keeping everyone company as a companion.
Wimsey and Lyna are together, getting out for long walks and
                                                                      Sparky (left), Lyna (center), Ashley (right) meet
thriving in every way possible.
                                                                     Mrs. Claus and Santa with their brother and sister.
When it was all over, I thought I would never do it again. It was a lot of hard work and when it was done, I was more
exhausted then I could ever have imagined. But now, a year later, I think I would love it.
                                                                                           ~ Amy Siegel~

                                    See all of Lyna’s pups on Page 4!

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Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                       3
                                       New Spirit News

                                       Lyna’s Litter: Growing Up
                Cabela (aka Lilly)                                        Drew

               Hijack (aka Agatha)                                 Juniper (aka Kinsey)

                      Macy                                               Marlowe

                Sadie (aka Maisie)                                 Sparky (aka Wimsey)

               Tillie (aka Checkers)                                 Zena (aka Jemma)

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                     4
                                                        New Spirit News

                                                         A New Taste of Freedom
Hi, my name is Rocky. I am an Australian Shepherd mix, approximately two and a half years old. I was lucky enough to be res-
cued by the kind volunteers of New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, from a shelter in Bowling Green, KY back
in May. I ran away from my original owners one too many times and they decided not to pay my re-
claim fee again. What did they expect? They hadn't gotten me neutered, and after all, I am a lover boy!
Well, sometime between my last escape and winding up at the shelter, I had an unfortunate medical oc-
currence. It is something called an "FCE", fibrocartilagenous embolism. All I know is one minute I'm
running like the wind, and the next, I'm dragging my hind end behind me. Funny thing is, it didn't hurt
and I can still control my bowels and bladder. The kind people at the Kentucky shelter didn't think
they'd find me a home on account of my "diff-ability" (different ability), so they contacted New Spirit 4
Aussie Rescue, and the rest is history.
                                                                                                                                  Rocky before NS4AR
 The wonderful volunteers from the rescue drove me up from Kentucky to Collegeville, Pennsylvania.
There I stayed with my foster mom, Pam Caldwell, and a host of other brothers and sisters for several months. Pam took me for
chiropractic adjustments, but I just didn't seem to be responding. The next step was some testing which
the rescue generously paid for. I had x-rays, an MRI, and even a consult with Veterinary Neurologist,
Jerry Northington. Dr. Northington said the good news was my condition was neither painful nor pro-
gressive, but the bad news was that I probably wouldn't regain the ability to walk normally. He recom-
mended I get a wheelchair. Pam didn't even blink or hesitate. She said, “Let's get the best chair avail-
able". My foster mom was one of the founders of the rescue.

In the meantime, my picture had been on the website where my forever mom, Deb Leef, took one look
and fell in love. She came to meet me at Pam's before my MRI and neurology consult, and it was love at
first sight for both of us. Deb and I took a road trip down to Oxford, MD where I was measured for my      Rocky now
custom wheel chair by Dr. Lincoln Parkes and his staff. He's a retired veterinary orthopedic surgeon
who started the first canine wheel chair company over 45 years ago. My new wheel chair has given me a "new leash on life"! I
can walk around my neighborhood and I even chase after deer and squirrels!
                                                                                                                  See the amazing difference for yourself:
                                                          My mom is a physical therapist and she                     Before Video         After Video
                                                         is getting me certified as a therapy dog so
                                                         I can eventually visit with the patients on the spinal cord unit at Bryn Mawr Rehab
                                                         Hospital. She says I'll be very inspirational. I think it will just be fun to meet
                                                         more people to give me lovin’. Mom’s car is perfect for me to make home visits
                                                         with her. I have a raised platform in the back of the Jeep Compass with my bowl
                                                         of water, a chew bone, and a 360 degree view of the world. Every day is “take
                                                         your dog to work day” for me and I love it! I graduated from beginner and inter-
                                                         mediate obedience classes and I started advanced class on February 1st. After that
                                                         we'll do a lot of practicing, and then I’ll “sit” for the Canine Good Citizen test.
                                                         Mom and I also had a consultation with a certified canine physical therapist and
                                                         she showed my Mom stretches and strengthening
                                                         exercises to do with me.

         Rocky with his wheelchair               I had a bit of a "ruff" go at it initially, but now
                                               life is pretty darn good! I look forward to meeting
a lot of new friends at the next reunion at my foster mom's in the spring!          XOXO
                                                                                 ~ Rocky ~

  The generosity of all our donors helped us to help Rocky. If you'd like to make it possible for New Spirit to help
   other deserving dogs in the future, dogs that may not otherwise have a chance at life, please make a donation.
                                                  Donate Here
                                                                                                                                 “Rescue Rocky”

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                                                        5
                                          New Spirit News

        Fun Day 2012 will soon be upon us. It’s sure to be another great time. Here is a recap of last year…

                                                  Fun Day 2011
Fun Day? For me, it was Fun Weekend!

The ride up to Pam’s started with five dogs. My two (Sara Bella & Wiz-
zard) and Hayes (status is a gray area), plus Angel Spirit and Ken Tucker. I
stopped near Lexington to pick up another dog, Sadie. So, six dogs for most
of the drive up to Philly on Thursday. I could have easily taken three more!

With Ron's dogs, Pam's dogs, and my dogs, there were LOTS of dogs at
Pam's house on Friday.

Saturday was a long day, with lots of dogs, people, and food. There were
lots of leftovers. I got to see people face-to-face that had only been names
on a computer screen. Nobody looked anything like I imagined. Terry had quite the colorful shoes. If we'd put color-
ful shoes on the dogs, rather than bandanas, someone might have thought Terry was adoptable.

                                         There were a lot of dogs there. Did I say that?

                                         Angel Spirit, an honorary Aussie, got adopted! What a great surprise. Thank
                                         you to Gabby, Kristi and Gabby's Stepdad for saying Yes. Angel is a real
                                         sweetie, when she wants to be.

                                           I couldn't believe all the dogs that were there. There were some gruff mo-
                                           ments, but were short-lived. I got to see Lyna and several of her pups. It was
                                           great to see Lyna running around a bit. When she was at my house, all she
                                           could do was waddle. And, she
wanted to keep that to a minimum. She sat contentedly with her people, too.
She still didn't want her picture taken, so I have a few of her walking away.

Hayes was quite the character. In addition to stealing a stuffed Aussie toy off
of Laura's booth, he ate Laura's food, raided snacks out of some peoples' bags
(I don't know if they noticed), and was caught stealing something off Cheryl's
                                    table. Someone had put their food up on a
                                    high spot, to keep it away from the dogs.
                                    Only, Hayes jumped up, and ate some of
                                    the food, before he was noticed.

                                   Hayes was as good as he could be outside on Friday and Sunday, too. But, every
                                   so often, he got inside. And, when unattended, was frequently caught on Pam's
                                   kitchen counters. Pam said she found his paw prints on her cutting board. So, next
                                   time you're at Pam's, make sure that she's cleaned the cutting board.
                                                                 Check out the video at:

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                   6
                                           New Spirit News

Sunday was a day to recover from Saturday. Pam's screen door was covered with mud.
And, she had to reinstall the screen several times. At least, it wasn't torn.

I started the drive back with my two (Sarah Bella and Wizzard), plus Hayes. Ken Tucker
rode with me as far as Hagerstown MD, where I left him with the Worm Queen. Ginger
rode with me to Morehead KY, where she was to stay a few days before getting back to her
Ohio foster home. Ginger is every bit as beautiful as her pictures, and more. What a sweet

The last part of the drive was just my two and Hayes. I still refer to Hayes as a foster, but
think he has decided I am his person. By this time next year, maybe I will reference my
three...... Hmmmm.
                               ~Andrew Haslett~

                                                  Liberty Update
Liberty was adopted last spring after completing heartworm treatment, to an awesome family in Pittsburgh, PA.
Here's a little update:

Friends -
We drove from Pittsburgh to New York City over the weekend to take Liberty
to the Mass of Creation and the Blessing of the Animals for the Feast of St.
Francis on Sunday. St. John the Divine is the largest Gothic cathedral in the
world - and it was FULL of critters and their people! One of the highlights
was the parade of animals up the center aisle, which included a camel, lla-
mas, a Jersey calf, a tortoise, a wallaby, a monkey, and all sorts of other
beasties led, pulled, and carried. Lib joined in the singing with her barking
and had Milkbone communion, then afterwards, a blessing from one of the
priests. Here she is with my two kids.

This should reassure you how well loved she is!

All best,
Helen Blier, Ph.D

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                           7
                                          New Spirit News

                                                Meet A Volunteer
Name: Donna Fogle

Occupation: Retired art teacher and now a painter/muralist.

Where do you live?: On top of Trask Mountain overlooking Lakes Wentworth
and Winniepesaukee in the oldest summer resort in America, Wolfeboro, NH.

What is your role within New Spirit? Processor of all adoption applications for
the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

How long have you been volunteering with New Spirit? Since we began! I'm
one of the originals!

                                                                                            Donna with Callie O’Malley
How and why did you come to be volunteer with New Spirit? I totally
believe in rescue and New Spirit offered me a chance to be on the ground level of a rescue where Aussies and Aussie
mixes come first.

What is your favorite thing about New Spirit? How well we work together in order to place Aussies in wonderful
homes. I also love interviewing the applicants and encouraging others to join our volunteer band of rescuers.

What pets do you have in your home and what are their names? 4 black tri dogs and "only" 7 multi-colored
cats! We have 1 Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Trip; 1 English Shepherd named Peppermint Pattie and 2 Aussies
named Callie O'Malley and Jet. Our cats are all rescues and named: Maureen O'Hara, Fletcher, Georgina, Spike, Lan-
celot, Good Time Charlie and our newest, Oliver.

Do you have a favorite thing you like to do with your dogs? Have them with me in my art studio.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? Swimming in the lake, having company come and visit, bird watch-
ing, skiing, reading, spending time with my family and friends, painting, walking, interior decorating, writing, travel-
ing and shopping! I am also a Zumba addict and a Nordic Track maniac!

                                                   Canine Poetry
                                                    by Diane R. Moser
                                        Inspired by  our New Spirit Aussie….Sydney 

                                                                           Clank, clank, clank 
  Wham!  Forehead to screen door 
                                                                        Aussie races up the stairs 
          Door swings wide 
                                                                             Bowl in mouth 
           Aussie in yard 
                                                                              Dinner time! 
  Wait, I don’t want to be outside 
                                                                              Feed me now 

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                      8
                                          New Spirit News

                                      Ask Aunt Aussie
Dear Aunt Aussie,
  My dog seems very protective of me but it's getting out of hand. My husband can't even come to
bed at night without the dog rushing at him across the open floor to try and keep him away. Dur-
ing the day if he or the kids lean over to give me a kiss, the dog will start fussing and snapping.
She’s the same way with other dogs. If my friend's dog comes up for petting, she will try to push
it away and get between us, or even lunge or snap at the other dog! What can I do?
                                                                                ~ Daunted in Delaware ~

Dear Daunted,
  Dogs that attack other dogs coming to you for attention or even worse, people coming toward you, are often per-
ceived as being "protective." Nothing could be further from the truth. True protectiveness is quiet and measured. It
consists of putting itself between you and the perceived threat and sending off a series of warning signals that escalate,
giving the other person or dog a chance to read the signals and keep their distance. It can start with a stiffened stance
and a warning look, then raised hackles or a low growl, then maybe showing some teeth, before moving toward the
other dog or person.

The all-out rush or lunge or snap without any preamble is resource guarding. It's the dog saying "This human is mine-
-all mine!" It really stems more from insecurity. She's basically saying to the other dog, "I own this human! No pets
for you!" She is controlling access to you, which means she thinks she is the boss. Not good, but entirely fixable. All
we have to do is turn her little head around to realizing YOU are pack leader, and you say who has access to you, and
who owns the bed, the sofa, etc.

You can Google this and start finding some tips, but for starts, if she starts the nonsense with another dog approaching
you, you put her in a time out and go for the Oscar when you correct her. “NO!” Keep a stern face, point her away
from you, and tell her to go lay down. “You are not in charge of who I pet.” Then pet the other dog. If you have to,
put her in the crate or gated off in another room. Let her know with a stern face and body language that you are NOT
pleased with her.

Take away sitting on the couch privileges. Take away sleeping or being on the bed privileges. To a dog, status is lit-
eral. If she sits on the same level with you, it means to her she is of equal status. Make her sit or sleep below you. It
will turn her little head around in a matter of days. I promise she will get that message loud and clear. It's hard coded
into dog genetics.

Don't pet her when she comes to you for it. Ignore her, flutter your hand at her with an annoyed expression to make
her walk away. This is her saying you WILL pet me and you proving her point if you do. Instead, choose moments to
call her to you and then pet and cuddle. In other words, all attention is granted by you to her, not demanded of you by
her. You’re the boss!!

So, make a start today :) This can be straightened out fast, and honestly, she will actually be much happier when you
rebalance things in the direction of you being in charge!
                                                                     ~ Aunt Aussie ~

     If you have any questions for Aunt Aussie please email them to to forward them to her.
                                     Then look for her response in upcoming newsletters!

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                    9
                                 Say Cheese!

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012   10
                                 Say Cheese!

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012   11
                                          New Spirit News

                                                Available Aussies
                             Pennylane came into the shelter as a stray, overweight, missing much of the fur on the
                             rear of her body and tail, covered in fleas, and with nails curled under her feet. Now
                             Pennylane has become quite a girl and is looking for her forever home. She is an ex-
                             tremely happy, full of energy girl for a mature lady of 11 years. She initiates play now
                             with other dogs at the dog park. She visits all the people, mugs for butt rubs and any
                             treats they might have with them. Then she is off again running, taking the inner circle
                             on the younger dogs, but always catching up. Pennylane is housebroken, walks well on
                             a lead, and loves a soft place to curl up and sleep. She loves to be rubbed, especially
                             around her head and rear end. Pennylane is good with cats, dogs and people!

                                   She is being fostered in Pittsburgh, PA. NS 0953
                                        Find out more about Pennylane here!

Miss Emma-Lee is so happy since being sprung from the shelter that she can finally rest easy! She’s coming out of
her shell and actually enjoying life! She has much to learn about having fun. We
think she was used for breeding. She’s good with other dogs and seems to really like
people. Right now she’s about 30 lbs, but could stand to gain a few more. Once she
has, she’ll be spayed. If you are looking for a sweet girl who is around 5-6 yrs old
and loves your attention, look no further!

             Emma-Lee is fostered in Indian Rock Beach, FL. NS 0778
                   Find out more about Emma-Lee here!

 Meet more Aussies in search of their “Forever Home” at

“She makes me happy!” That is what her foster Dad says about Sugar, because Sugar is so happy herself, and her en-
thusiasm is infectious. Her tail starts wagging if you just look her way! Of course, it really starts wagging if you put
                             out a hand to pet her, and it’s hard not to. She is such a petite (30lb) cutie. Her whole
                             body starts doing circles when she sees the hiking boots, or the jackets come out. Be-
                             sides some loving from her people and walks, she has a great time playing fetch. She’ll
                             fetch anything including balls, sticks, and especially her favorite squeaky toy, a mitten.
                             Sugar knows how to relax too. She loves the comfort of that soft rug by the fire and
                             thinks she would like the comfort of that couch too, if she were allowed to. She is
                             friendly with visitors, though she does some initial barking. She is a favorite with her
                             foster home’s children and their friends, but given her desire to chase, might not be best
                             suited for a home with smaller children. She has a bit of a prey drive when it comes to
                             cats, so a cat-free home is a must. She gets along well with the dogs in her foster home,
                             but prefers her people, so she would be okay as either a single dog, or with other dogs.
                             Sugar is about 5 years old. She is house trained and crate trained.

                                                   She is fostered in Montgomery, NY. NS 1001
                                                         Find out more about Sugar here!

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                  12
                                         New Spirit News

Moses has been with us for awhile. He is about two years old. He weighs about 45 lbs, including a full tail. We
don’t know Moses’ history, but it probably didn’t include treats or toys, or leash walks. When Moses first came to
New Spirit he was scared. He didn't seem to know what a leash was, or even a collar. He didn't want people to be
near him. If anything frightened Moses or his foster mom tried to put a collar and leash on him, he would flatten to
the ground and scream. For the first few months, he did this often. The foster volunteers
worked on socializing him and getting him comfortable on a leash. He learned to play with
other dogs, and enjoy dog toys. Moses has now discovered that a leash is not a bad thing.
In fact, the leash means that good things await -- sights, sounds, smells. Moses has great
house manners. He loves peanut butter, on a bone, on a spoon, or on a finger. He loves
bones for chewing. He sleeps quietly in his crate at night, and rests in his crate when the
foster people are away from the house. When the foster people are home, he just hangs out
near them and the other dogs. He hasn't barked. A fenced yard would be great for
him. Moses is ready for his forever home!
                        Moses is fostered in Pennsylvania. NS 1186
                             Find out more about Moses here!

                                            UPDATE: Mr. Burns
You may remember Mr. Burns from our last newsletter. He was a puppy mill stud that was arthritic, blind in one eye
and his teeth were worn down to the nub from chewing on the wires in his crate. Well he was adopted by some of our
own NS Volunteers! Here is an update from them.

 It’s been more than a year since we took Mr. Burns in and he has made
some amazing strides in his new life as a family pet and part of a pack. He
has acquired many new nick names like “B”, “Mister B”, “Beezer”, and
“Good ole Boy”. He also has blossomed into a very attractive Aussie. His
coat has gotten much softer and the red stain on his chest is gone from regu-
lar grooming sessions. The calluses on his legs have subsided, his feet are
much better and no more ear infections.

He has also developed into an early morning living alarm clock and usually
without fail wakes one of us at around 4:30 am every morning, at which
time we let the hounds out and make their breakfast. Abby and Roxy think this works out pretty good and they are
usually ready for a new day. We, on the other hand, set their bowls down, turn off the lights and try for an hour or
more sleep.
                                         Mr. B has a habit of not letting Rhonda nap during the day. He will sit beside
                                         her, squeak and squeak, huff and huff, then bark and bark until she’s gets up,
                                         so I usually sit with him and let her nap when she wants to get some rest in
                                         the afternoon. If I’m gone though, all bets are off.

                                         Abby (the red merle) likes Burns and once in a while she will lick his ears.
                                         Roxy (the black tri) on the other hand is Roxy and there is no changing that.

                                         Rhonda once thought Beezer was de-barked – he would never bark. Forget
                                         she said that. He’s a good early warning system. He is the light of our lives.
                                                                              ~ Ray and Rhonda Ehlers ~

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                  13
                                         New Spirit News

                                            A Story About Sydney
The story about Sydney is really a great love story and should be prefaced with a bit of background information and

Angie and I lost our beloved 12-year old German Shepherd “Kia” on February 27, 2010. It was one of the saddest
days of our lives and we wondered how we could ever get over the loss. Our home instantly became empty without
the sounds and sight of Kia. For weeks afterwards, we started to get more used to the idea that she was gone and al-
though we didn’t want to accept it, it was reality. Those days and weeks after Kia’s passing were one of those unfortu-
nate times in life that you find yourself helpless to change the outcome and unable to wash away the grief. We made a
special area in a curio cabinet with a few of her things to be held in memorial to one of the greatest friends we have
ever had.

                                     Angie and I had loosely discussed another dog in our future - before and after
                                     Kia. The idea seemed foolish that we could accept another pet so soon. We had
                                     resigned ourselves to stay “single” for a while and maybe one day next year we
                                     would find another four-legged friend. We spent the next month or so after
                                     Kia’s passing keeping as “busy” as we could – just trying to keep our minds
                                     from getting overloaded with grief and memory.

                                       On Sunday, April 25, 2010, like so many previous weekends, we needed to es-
                                       cape the house and just “get out”. We started to go downtown and at the last
                                       minute changed our minds and ended up at the Jonquil Festival in Smyrna, GA.
                                       We walked into the festival and the very first vendor tent was an Australian
                                       Shepherd rescue (New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue) - the very first tent! Sitting there
                                       on the curb across from the tent was a gentleman holding a dog and some other
                                       folks doing the same. I saw this one rather awkward-spindly-legged tall puppy
that looked at me as if to say – come over here and meet me. And, so I did exactly that. The dog was friendly and had
a huge smile. The gentleman told me that this was “Violet”, an Aussie that was up for adoption. I looked around and
Angie had already struck up a conversation with some of the folks manning the station. She saw me and came over to
meet Violet. Violet was enchanting to say the least. Like a puppy should, she had spirit, bounce, fun and good-times
running through her. It was if to say that somehow the day’s plans had been magically altered so that we would meet
this beautiful Aussie named Violet. That we should change our plans at the last second and divert to this festival,
stumble onto the very first tent on the very first row of vendors and meet the very first dog in the queue. Angie and I
both played and petted Violet for quite some time. I asked if I could take her for a short walk as I had done when we
first met Kia 12 years earlier at a similar adoption setting. After I walked Kia, I knew that she was coming home with
us. It just fit. It just seemed perfect. When I returned with Violet after only a brief few minutes with her, the same
happened again – lightning struck twice. I just knew with total absolution that Violet was meant to be with us. There
was no doubt. Angie felt the same way. Soon after, we had noticed that, after being at the festival now for almost an
hour, we had done nothing else but play with Violet and talk with the rescue folks. We filled out the adoption forms
and decided to look at some vendors. We made a hasty round trip and found ourselves back with Violet only ten min-
utes later. We took some photos and then finally said our goodbyes with all the plans to see her again the following
weekend at the Aussie Palooza event.

As we got back in the car we just sort of looked at each other and contemplated a bit on what just happened. We had-
n’t planned this – and so soon after Kia. We quickly recognized that some very abnormal circumstances had taken
place in the day to have us in that very spot at that very time.

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                14
                                          New Spirit News

We had come to understand that another couple had seen Violet the day before and were planning to adopt her also.
During our ten minute hasty tour of the festival, we had actually bumped into that couple who (also) saw us at the
Rescue tent with Violet. They said to us that they knew that Violet was meant to be ours – and that was that.

The rest of that day we talked about Violet, looked at the photos we had taken and talked and talked and talked –
about Violet. What were we doing? Was this an act of rebound from the passing of Kia? Were we ready to accept
another dog into our lives so soon? Was this the dog for us? What about an Aussie? Our questions were answered
quickly as we both agreed that this was an extremely special moment and an extremely special Aussie. Yes, we abso-
lutely had to adopt Violet and give her the best home and the best life she could ever imagine. Her face told the story
of longing. Her facial expressions and her smile asked us to be her adopted parents. She was ready for a new home.

Some time during the next week we decided that she needed a new name to start her new life with us and we decided
on “Sydney”. It came to me at a time that I wasn’t thinking about a new name – it just popped into my head that her
name was Sydney. I told Angie and she lit up with a huge smile. Sydney she said – it’s perfect – she is Sydney, there
is no doubt about it.

So on the following weekend we drove over to Aussie Palooza to see Violet once more and tell her the good news.
Not only was she adopted for good, but she had a real cool new name, some new toys, two new beds, a new house, a
new leash, a new collar and so much more. It was doggy Christmas for sure. After a couple of hours getting to know
some great folks and some great dogs and some of the best BBQ I have ever had anywhere – we took “Sydney” home
– her home. She rode so well in the car wondering what all the fuss was about and probably wondering just who these
two people were taking me for a ride in the car. We got home and showed her the new digs. She promptly and
quickly took inventory of every room in the house – upstairs – downstairs – every room. When she completed that,
she came back to formally meet and greet us. She had decided you know that, during her whole-house inventory that
she was staying. She even found her new bed in front of the fireplace in the living room and plopped down to test its
comfort factor. She approved. But there was no time for sleep. It was time to play and play and play. We introduced
her to her new walking regiment and did the inaugural 2-mile neighborhood walk that she now enjoys at least once
and, more often, twice every day.

Sydney has been a blessing. Not because she replaces Kia and not because she filled a void in our lives. She is pure
Sydney and pure Aussie. She is her own and she now has an indescribable permanent place in our hearts. She has
proven to be the most lovable pet you could ever imagine. Her face, her smile and the now infamous “front-paws-
windmill-welcome” that you get whenever she greets you. The entire neighborhood knows her and sees her out of
their windows on her daily walks. Sydney is like a neighborhood starlet – everybody loves Sydney. After a few
weeks of adjustments for all concerned, she settled right into her new place in the family and firmly calls and protects
it as her home. She is soft, she is quiet, she is rambunctious, she is adolescent, and she is goofy. She is the perfect
dog. She eats like a circus tiger and she runs like a greyhound at the track. She’ll tear into a black Kong like it was a
saltine cracker. She is extremely strong and she is extremely gentle. She is Sydney – all by herself.

We have loved this beautiful Aussie literally since the very first time we met her at the Jonquil Festival and our lives
have been blessed and changed ever since. She is an integral part of our lives now and will be for a very, very long

She is lucky to have been adopted – but we are the lucky ones because, as it turns out, she adopted us.

                                                                           Best regards,
                                                                    Angie, Sydney and Bruce Dickinson

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                 15
                                         New Spirit News

                                            New Spirit Celebrities

I'm am sending in a short "brag" on my boy, Haiku, NS 0172, who was chosen as one of the Top Ten finalists in Char-
lotte Magazine's "Charlotte's Cutest Pet Contest". As part of the honor, we went to Charlotte Magazine's Headquar-
ters for a photo shoot with their staff photographer and a picture of Haiku appeared in the February edition of Char-
                                                    lotte Magazine, along with those of the other finalists. Alas, the
                                                    Top Dog in the contest was a very cute Bassett Hound and the
                                                    cover went to an English Bulldog. Given that Haiku came from the
                                                    shelter with major shyness and noise phobia issues in April 2009,
                                                    the very fact that he could go successfully for a photo shoot with a
                                                    strange photographer, in a strange place makes the existence of this
                                                    picture a VERY winning moment in my book! With patience,
                                                    training, consistency and love, Haiku has blossomed from a scared
                                                    boy literally creeping around the house in 2009, to a funny, loving
                                                    goof who can now enjoy doggie day camp, hiking and exploring
                                                    more and more of the big wide world with me and my pack.
                                                                                                  ~ Sheley Revis ~


Dailo (left) had never been an only dog. It was only until Momo had to be put down. He was okay as an only, but he
appeared kind of lonely, like something was missing. I decided he should have a playmate. I contacted several res-
cues but none of them would do adoptions in and around New York City. I don't think these organizations realize
what doggie living in the city really is! Mainly, dogs learn how to walk on a leash, encounter a lot of socialization
with people and pups and take trains, ferries and cars from time to time for adventures. I was finally referred to New
Spirit, put in an application, spoke with Donna, got approved and looked at all the available pups. Then there was
Lola (known at the time as Esperanza. That's a lot of name to call out at
the dog run!) I rented a car and drove out to the Jersey shore to meet her.
She laid down in the foster's living room all lanky and limby like a pin
up girl. Her new name became Gina Lollobrigida, Lola for short. Off
we went back to the Big Apple…, Lola and Dailo.

One day while walking around our neighborhood of Williamsburg,
Brooklyn, which is somewhat akin to Portlandia, a photographer stopped
us and asked to take a photograph for Nylon magazine. She was looking
for fashionable couples to represent Williamsburg. We all took our
poses. Though it was not a magazine cover shot, it was the opening shot
for the story. Dailo and Lola are often shot in and around the streets of
New York by passers by. Recently the fashion photographer, Antoine
Verglas, used them for a French celebrity calendar. I was stopped while
walking them under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo. They seem to
have their poses down. Lola has certainly come a long way from scav-
enging the streets of Louisville, Kentucky.
                                              ~ Teresa Misagal ~
                                                                              Dailo (left)               Lola (right)

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                   16
                                          New Spirit News

                                                Cody Superstar!
Cody came from a small shelter in Kentucky where dogs don’t have a good chance of surviving. Liz emailed us.
"There is this great dog here. I think he’s an Aussie. Can you take him?" We brought him in to New Spirit and found
she was right! Cody fit in the minute he set foot in the house. He was polite with people and other dogs, never mak-
ing a mess, enjoying just being in a comfortable spot. "How can someone not be missing this dog?" we thought.
Surely they checked for a microchip? No matter, we would find a great new home for this great dog.

                             New Spirit Matchmaker, Donna Fogle, spotted him and emailed us. "I’ve got the perfect
                             home for him!" Kim wanted a dog she could have fun with and aim to train to be a ther-
                             apy dog. Would he fit the bill? Would he ever! Kim and I talked and Cody was every-
                             thing she was looking for. I’ll never forget her first email to us after his arrival.......Cody
                             is a SUPERSTAR. But let’s let Cody take the story from here…..

                              I was sitting with a buddy I just met, when we both saw the car pull up to the drive-
                              way. My buddy went crazy barking and jumping, but I just stood there watching and
                              wondering. Is it my turn? I had been passed by so many times. As they approached, I
                              couldn’t believe it when Kim said “There’s my boy Cody!” Of course, she loved on the
                              other dog. How could she not? But she said it was me who was going home with her
                              and Michael, and promised it would be my forever home. I
jumped straight up onto the back seat, curled up in a ball, and slept all the way to their
house. Or should I say my house? I do recall seeing Michael look into the rear view mir-
ror at me and whispering to Kim “I think he’s going to be a good one.” Hearing those
words, I wasn’t going to let them down.

Once home, I remembered all my manners my foster mom Jane had taught me. I didn’t
jump on the furniture or take anything that wasn’t mine. I never had an accident. My re-
call had a little to be desired, but hey, I’d only been called Cody for a short while. Mum, as
I like to call her, took me to the county park every single day where we walked for miles.
We also took some basic training classes. Soon she realized what a cool and friendly dude I
am and thought maybe I would be a good candidate for Pet Therapy. Well, she was right. I
took my test with Lynne Robinson, Executive Director of PAWS for People (which stands for
Pet-Assisted Visitation Volunteer Services) and did pretty well. Before long, Kim and I be-
gan visiting the elderly at an assisted living home and also doing a reading program with
kids at the library. PAWS for People is a great organization which does so many other ser-
vices and activities. I am checking out adding a few more programs to my sched-
ule. Check out their website .                                                    Cody & Kim

It’s been over a year since my shelter days. I know what a lucky dog I am, but it is pretty cool to hear Kim and
Michael tell people that it is they who are lucky. They found a SUPERSTAR!

                                                                                              ~ Kim Sprenger & Cody ~

              The Australian Shepherd was called "ghost eye" because of their unique eye color
                          and considered sacred by the Native American Indians.

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2012                                                                     17
                                          New Spirit News

                                                    Dixie Chick
Our 15 year old blue merle Aussie had died and we missed her so much. We called her Dixie Girl. And our 1 year
old Aussie was lonely and he needed a friend. His name is Shine. So I went online to peruse Petfinder and I won-
dered if I would know it when I saw the right dog for us.

On the New Spirit site, there was a picture of a little Aussie in a shelter looking through the cage bars. She had the
most expressive eyes. They looked so sad and so worried behind the bars. Her description sounded like a fit – sweet,
loving, good with kids. Except that her previous owners said that they had given her up because she chased chickens.
There was a pet rooster at the barn where I keep my horse and I thought maybe this wouldn’t be a good idea because
if anything happened to that rooster because of a dog of mine, the owner of the barn would be less than happy. But
the little dog was a blue merle and her name was Dixie. So I called.

                                          Martha was her foster mom and she told me all about Dixie. She was a love
                                          bug, she was so sweet, and she got along with other dogs. Martha said she
                                          didn’t know about the chicken thing but reminded me that so often owners
                                          simply don’t even try to correct those chasing/herding behaviors. And
                                          really, what warm-blooded Aussie wouldn’t chase a little creature that runs
                                          around? Martha was so supportive and suggested that we give it a try and if
                                          Dixie did chase chickens, probably a little behavior modification was all that
                                          was needed. So I said yes. Pam picked her up, brought her to our house, and
                                          she met our family.

                                         The first couple of days were a little rough. Dixie didn’t know where she
was or whether she was staying, or who this crazy one year old Shine dog was and why he wouldn’t stop jumping all
over her and violating her personal space. She was scared, she was stressed. But it didn’t take long. Within a few
days she and Shine were best friends. Within a week, she knew that we were her family. Within a couple of months,
she became our best friend, our protector, our little snuggle bug and an inseparable part of our family.

Now she runs in the fields and plays in the lake around our house and barn. And she jumps in the waves when we
take her to the beach. And she has a permanent spot on the couch where she lays and demands constant head and
belly scratches. And she is Shine’s best friend. And our kids love her and snuggle her and play with her and treat her
like a queen. And she makes us smile every day. And she reminds us of how good life is. And our Dixie Chick has
never once chased the rooster.

Thank you New Spirit, and especially Martha and Pam for giving us this wonderful, wonderful dog.
                                                                                             ~ Regina Turner ~

                                                              Pet QR Tags
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                       not limited to what is physically on a tag. Each tag has its own web address and matching QR
                       Code engraved on the physical tag. Any information about the pet is entered by you, and stored
                       in a secure database. You select which information you want to show on your pet's page. When
                       someone scans or enters your web page address into a browser, they see what you want them
                                      to see. You have the ability to change the information any time, and as often as
New Spirit receives a portion of each you need to.
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