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									 LOCAL 1010
4th Qtr. 2012                        East Chicago, Indiana             Volume 23; No.2

            If we stay the course on Safety Issues, there will be Results!
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                              Working Together to Remove Hazards

The “Daniel’s Bypass,” as one local        The Issue was reported to the Safety         cover are the fruits of this labor, the
AM Radio Station had dubbed the ef-        Committee, and brought to the                placement of a permanent traffic bar-
fects of Cline Avenue dumping free-        President’s attention. Tom Hargrove          rier on our overpass. This will stop the
way traffic on local streets caused many   and Plant Manager Wendell Carter had         unacceptable practice of illegal U Turns
ripple effects. The Plant two employ-      meetings with the State, County, City        on the overpass that many people were
ees were constantly dealing with mo-       of East Chicago, and ArcelorMittal.          doing to buck the traffic back up on the
torist using the Plant two exit ramps as   Tom’s persistence never waivered as          “Daniel’s Bypass.”
a short cut, to make illegal U turns       he worked his way thru the legal red         Great Job Company and Union, on re-
across a short median. Which resulted      tape to resolve this important Safety        solving this Safety Issue.
in many near miss accidents, you could     Issue for all People using this main traf-
hear the big rigs sounding their Air                                                    In Solidarity,
                                           fic artery.
Horns, and slamming on their brakes                                                     Dan Walters - Safety Committee
to avoid collisions.                       The Pictures above and on our front
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                           Health, Safety and Environment Committee

                       Moving Forward and Making a Difference……
This year we have seen progress in our        Hazardous Energy) was completed.               perform the periodic inspection. The
Personal Injury Cases compared to last        This was a cumulative effort form 1010         certification will identify the machine
year. There have been reductions in           Safety, 1011 Safety and the plant Safety       or equipment on which the energy con-
Lost Work Day Cases, OSHA Record-             manager so we could be consistent              trol procedure is being utilized, the date
able Cases and All Injury Cases. The          throughout Indiana Harbor.                     of inspection, the employees included
Restricted Cases are above the previ-                                                        in the inspection and the person per-
                                              One of the main objectives of the re-
ous year. However, we must stay fo-                                                          forming the inspection.
                                              vised program was to address the pro-
cused on safe work practices.                 cess of inspecting Energy Control Pro-         If an ECP has not been inspected within
ArcelorMittal world wide has exceeded         cedures periodically but at least annu-        the last year it shall be reviewed and
the last years number of total fatalities.    ally as required by OSHA.                      inspected upon use. Any help you may
As we know every fatality is unaccept-                                                       be able to provide in this process would
able and preventable. In our “Journey         A form that we refer to in our program
                                                                                             be of benefit to all of our members.
to Zero” we must still eliminate inju-        is a “Lock Placement and Verification
                                                                                             Shared Vigilance!!!
ries. We believe some of our safety ef-       Permit.” This form shall be used to aid
                                              in the inspection process. The form            The Indiana Harbor East Electrical
forts that have been put in place this
                                              shall be used for the following items:         Committee (Local 1010 MTE depart-
year have contributed to our improve-
                                                                                             mental representatives and their com-
ments.                                        (1) To document the specific equipment
                                                                                             pany counterpart) meet each Wednes-
 The “Safety Awareness Training Pro-          locked out and the verification process.
                                                                                             day at USW Local 1010 Memorial Hall
gram” has been well received and the          (2) To document the periodic or annual         from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.
benefits are showing. This “hands on          inspection of an Energy Control Pro-
                                              cedure.                                        Monthly we conduct audits of depart-
“approach to recognizing hazards and
                                                                                             ments for compliance with the
the HIRAC-Lite group task assign-             (3) To develop a task specific lockout         ArcelorMittal USA Electrical Safe
ments have carried over to our every-         procedure or work instruction.                 Work Practices Standard. The results
day work activities. Our instructors are
                                              (4) To identify any deviations or inad-        of these audits are reported back to the
doing a terrific job!
                                              equacies observed and update the ECP,          Department representatives for correc-
All the joint safety committees through-      task specific lockout, or work instruc-        tion of the deficiencies.
out the plant working on Fatality Pre-        tion accordingly.                               Continued on page 4
vention Standards and Assessments
along with the Safety Management              Each depart-
System are also improving our safety          ment shall con-
program. This system will help us man-        duct a periodic
age and control occupational health and       inspection of the
safety from every job in the plant, from      Energy Control
the entry level job to the plant manager.     Procedures at
This will aid us to implement health and      least annually
safety policies and with the goal to elimi-   and use the
nate the hazards and risks that may be        “lock Placement
present on the shop floor and provide         and Verification
the necessary training/education. Also        Permit” to cer-
our Area and Department Safety Com-           tify that an em-
mittees have been engaged in comply-          ployee other
ing with all health and safety objectives     than the one uti-
set forth in the 2 year plan.                 lizing the energy
                                                                        Ken Finke    Plt 4 Electrical    John Yadron    2 SP Electrical
                                              control proce-
As of July 30 of this year a revised          dure being in-         November Electrical Safety Audit - 7 Blast Furnace
Lockout / Tagout Program (Control of          spected must
Page 4                                                                                                                 4th Qtr. 2012
Continued From page 3
                                                                                          Process Automation
We communicate information back to             equipment.
the departments, such as the defective         We would like to thank Kermit Deel
                                                                                          Engineer Technicians
tool exchange that was in place for            for all his help and dedication to being   Due to retirements in the coming year
defective 1000 Volt channel locks to be        part of the Safety Committee and all       there may be postings for Process Au-
exchanged free of charge at Central            the years as being a Union Represen-       tomation Engineer Technicians (ETs).
Spares. Implementation of elements in          tative. We wish Kermit and his family      The ET position is a bargaining unit job
the AM USA ESWP Standard,                      a happy and long retirement.               in O&T. It is a steady day, non-incen-
interpitation on issues such as the                                                       tive position that begins at $32.76/hour.
changes in Cat II Daily Wear, and the          With that being said, We welcome Gail
                                               Richardson, #3 Cold Strip Safety Ad-       The Process Automation Engineer
full Cat II requirements, and when each
                                               vocate, to our safety committee as an      Technician position is open to bidders
level of protection are required. We are
                                               ad hoc member.                             who have 5 years experience as an
currently field testing “Combat Arms”
                                                                                          MTE. Bidders must also have already
Hearing protection. We recently com-           As we start the New Year, We encour-
                                                                                          passed the International Society of Au-
pleted a trial of Class “0” 1000 Volt          age each and everyone to do their part
                                                                                          tomation (ISA) Certified Control Sys-
rated Gloves with scuffs, for use in ar-       in making our work place a healthier
                                                                                          tems Technician Program (CCST)
eas that have equipment in the 500 to          and safer environment. Let’s keep
                                                                                          Level 3 test. The time to prepare is
1000 Volt range.                               moving forward and making a differ-
We review current incidents, accidents,        ence.......
                                                                                          Requirements for taking the CCST
and near misses and make recommen-                 We Make The Job Safe or
                                                                                          Level 3 test are;
dations as a result of our reviews. We                  We Don’t Do It!!!
recently created a Glove bag with shoul-                                                  A thirteen-year total of education, train-
der strap, a corrective action on acci-                                                   ing, and/or experience. The following
                                                   Safety Committee
dent follow up that will be available on                                                  elements may be used to satisfy this
                                                  Contact Information                     requirement:
We have recognized eye injuries,                        Don Jones - Chairman
                                                                                          a. A registered apprenticeship in an in-
sprains/strains and slip/trip/falls are                                                   strumentation, measurement and con-
some of the types of accidents that are                                                   trol, electronics, electrical, and/or me-
                                                           Home: 838-4210
occurring. In moving forward to reduce                                                    chanical program, if applicable.
                                                            Cell: 712-5610
eye injuries one of the items would be                                                    b. Academic degree (or equivalent) in
to ensure proper fitting eye wear and                                                     a related technology area, to a maxi-
also additional personal protection                  John Gelon - Vice Chairman
                                                                                          mum of four years.
equipment that may be necessary. Do                    jgelon@uswa1010.org
                                                          Home: 690-1523
                                                                                          c. Related work experience, including
a HIRAC-Lite!
                                                                                          at least five years in instrumentation/
                                                            Cell: 406-4190
Our joint safety committee has ap-                                                        measurement and control.
proved a new selection of prescription
                                                       Dan Walters - Secretary            MTEs may wish to fill gaps in their
and plano safety glasses. Contact your
                                                                                          knowledge by taking one or more online
safety advocates or a member of our                    dwalters@uswa1010.org
                                                                                          courses (a list is available) offered by
safety committee for some information                     Home: 924-9931
                                                                                          ISA (and paid for using their TAP al-
about the new styles.                                       Cell: 313-7913
                                                                                          lowance). In the past, with enough in-
With sprains/strains and slip/trip/falls all                                              terest, Joblink has offered ISA’s CCST
departments are required to have a                  Nick Valle - Safety Coordinator       Review course followed by the exam.
walking and working surface plans,                      nvalle@uswa1010.org
                                                                                          If you have any questions feel free to
housekeeping plans and conduct area                         Cell: 808-5377                contact me directly.
safety inspections. Do a HIRAC-Lite!
When there is a need to lift heavy or                                                     Scott Vliek    PAET Steward
                                                  Gail Richardson - Ad hoc Member
awkward objects asked for assistance.               grichardson@uswa1010.org              Work: 219 399-2633
Also keep in mind there may be the
                                                            Cell: 313-6949                Cell: 219 789-4326
need for the use of various types of
                      WE MAKE THE JOB SAFE OR WE DON’T DO IT!!
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                                              Insurance & Benefits
                                             Ernie Barrientez extension 117
                                               Jerry Strauch extension 112

Brothers and sisters of local 1010, we       - Direct deposit- if you sign up for di-    termine what was paid and why, and
hope all of you and your families are        rect deposit you will receive your spe-     what you may owe the provider. The
doing well. The winter weather is here,      cial payment one month later; your first    EOB is your documentation used to
so remember to gear up for winter            retirement check will be deposited into     prove you were billed correctly.
safety, on the job and at home.              your banking account. If you have any        If your spouse works and is paying a
Ernie, Anita and I are available to serve    questions please come to the union hall     Health care Insurance premium you
and assist you with any questions and        or call us.                                 qualify for the Spousal Reimbursement
concerns you may have on health care,         If you are an active employee you no       benefit. You will be reimbursed for any
retirement, or any benefit that you may      longer have to complete a student form      cost over $120.00, but you must turn in
need assistance with. We are at the          to keep insurance on your children, who     the reimbursement form.
union hall Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm.         are attending college. They are cov-         Retirement- Surviving spouse options;
You can call us at 398-3100 ext 112 or       ered as long as they are not eligible for   there are three options to choose from
117.                                         any other insurance.                        when you retire, if you are thinking
Some frequently asked questions on            Keep your spouse updated by turning        about retiring and have any questions
retirement;                                  in a coordination of benefits form          on this benefit please call Jerry at the
- All retirements commence on the first      (COB) one month before their birth-         Union Hall. Take advantage of all your
day of the month you retire.                 day, each year.                             benefits, The Union has fought hard for
                                              In the last issue of our paper I went      these benefits and just as hard to keep
- Special payment is nine weeks pay                                                      them.
plus any unused vacation time. This is       over the rules to receive Sickness &
based on 2% of last year’s w-2; you          Accident benefits. It is your responsi-      We would like to thank all of the ac-
will receive this lump sum payment one       bility to get the S&A form. Fill out your   tive members and retirees of Local 1010
month after you retire.                      information on the top, have your Doc-      for all of your support during negotia-
                                             tor fill out his portion and return it to   tions. After all the crazy low down pro-
- First retirement check will come to        the west annex.                             posals by the company, we finally settled
you on the fourth month following your                                                   on a contract with no concessions.
retirement.                                   Save your EOB’s (explanation of Ben-
                                             efits). The EOB has all the details         As always if you have any questions
- Example; retirement date-January 1st       needed.                                     or concerns, either stop by the hall
- Special payment-February 1st                 Date of service-the provider-bills        or call us.
- First retirement check-April 1st           charged-discounts-deductibles and co-              In Solidarity,
                                             pays.All this information is used to de-            Jerry Strauch

                                   Seasons Greetings to all!
I would like to introduce myself, my         free to contact me if there is anything I   Anita Freels
name is Anita Freels. I work in the 3        can help you with. Also you can email       Cell 219-898-0691
C/S department and hold the union po-        me your contact information if you
sitions of Secretary of Joint Civil Rights   would like to be updated with Next Gen-     Work 219-399-7847
committee and Co-Chairman of the             eration meetings and event dates. May       afreels@uswa1010.org
Next Generation committee. Please feel       you have a wonderful Holiday Season!
Page 6                                                                                                                 4th Qtr. 2012

                                        Rapid Response Committee
   First off we would like to thank all     getting any weaker at any level! At the      need to balance out the House of Rep-
the members who volunteered there           state level prior to the 2012 election the   resentatives.
time in the 2012 election process.          Indiana house of representatives was         At a national level labor/working fami-
Whatever action you did (phone bank-        60-40 republican majority, which means       lies’ hard work paid off by re-electing
ing, walking, or handing our flyers in      any extreme anti-labor legislation           President Barack Obama for another
your shop) Your hard work is always         brought to the house floor, (i.e. Right to   term. But our fight is far from over at
appreciated! Thank you ALL for get-         work) could have been stalled by the         the national/state level. We must con-
ting out and expressing your right to       house democrats by way of “walk out”         tinue to remain vigilant on pursuing leg-
vote!                                       which would have denied the republi-         islation that will benefit America and
    With that being said, let’s start off   cans a quorum to continue with busi-         American workers by electing officials
and highlight some things that our local    ness.                                        that stand for our values as working
membership has done. During the six            Now after the election, it is now 69-     people, and continue to let our voices
weeks leading up to the 2012 election       31 republican, giving house republicans      be heard by fighting back against those
Local 1010 hosted phone banking. This       a super majority. This means that Re-        who don’t!
was held every week, two days a week,       publicans can now pass any motion               Local 1010 Rapid Response action
for two hours each day. Volunteers          without a single Democrat being              team will continue to be there with you
called other local 1010 members and         present. This super majority house will      on the front lines leading those fights
there family to encourage them to get       not be doing Hoosier workers any fa-         that will jeopardize our industry and our
out and vote for our labor friendly can-    vors! Our fight must continue remind-        member’s way of life!
didates. We also did “Door to Door”         ing the House of Representatives that
walks for some local labor friendly can-    we as union workers are not happy with       In solidarity,
didates and just as in every election       the states current anti-labor laws and       Local 1010 Rapid Response
cycle, we posted flyers in various wash     let them know that organized labor is        Luis Aguilar                Ed Medina
houses providing information on candi-      not going away in the state of Indiana!
dates.                                      We need to mobilize, and prepare our-        Mario Mendoza               Nick Young

    The attack on workers will not be       selves for the upcoming elections, We

                            Four $1,000 Scholarships
           United Steelworkers Local 1010 will award four $1,000 scholarships for use at any
               college, university or technical school in the United States of America on
                         the basis of a 500 word written essay competition on:
                                            “WHY UNIONS MATTER”

                                                                            HOW TO APPLY
                                                      Secure an official application form along with procedure and instructions
                                                      beginning February 18 through March 15, 2013 at Local 1010 Union Hall.
                 LOCAL 1010                                    • No ACT scores required for eligibility
         Local 1010 Scholarship Committee                      • Must be a high school graduate, class of 2012-2013
                 3703 Euclid Ave.                              • Son, daughter, legal ward of a member, retired member, or deceased
                                                                 member of USW Local 1010
              East Chicago, IN 46312                           • Application form must be completed and certified by an official of
                  219-398-3100                                   Local 1010 by 4 pm on April 5, 2013
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                                             Training Committee
                                                   By Don Seifert

 With the addition of the new training       scored at least 50 but not an 84 for          ure to progress at an acceptable pace
language in the Collective Bargaining        MTM or a 73 for MTE. The Prevail-             the Trainee shall be offered an addi-
Agreement, the face of training for          ing bidder will be offered 320 hours of       tional 160 hours to correct the deficien-
2013 should see considerable changes.        Company provided training to bring            cies, and retested. Should the Trainee
                                             your score up to the required (MTM            be deemed to not have the ability to
                                             84/MTE 73) score. If you do not bring         perform the work, or at anytime volun-
  As always the language is only as                                                        tarily withdraws from the program for
                                             your score up to the required level you
good as applied. This means that if you                                                    any reason he/she shall be assigned at
                                             will revert back to your previous as-
have not been properly trained nor have                                                    the discretion of management to any
you been made aware of all safety as-                                                      department within the plant as a utility
pects pertaining to any assignment you                                                     person.
should not be doing the job. Currently        Prevailing bidders entered into the
the parties are working on a common          Maintenance Technician Trainee pro-
Template to facilitate training and track-   gram will be Labor Grade 3 and of-              The Training Committee is commit-
ing in every department and for every        fered 320 hours of instruction and 720        ted to enforcing the Training language
assignment in that LOP. Hopefully this       hours of practical experience to pass         and to make each Department respon-
will assure that no less than 25% of the     five of the ten factor tests. Once the        sible for their Joint Training plans.
incumbents in a box will be trained an-      five Factor tests are completed an ad-
nually in their respective LOP until all     ditional 320 hours instruction and 720        Don Seifert
are qualified, on all assignments, within    hours of practical experience will be
their respective box as called for by the    provided for the remaining five factor        Training Coordinator
BLA.                                         tests. Upon completion of all 10 Factor
                                             tests the trainee will advance to full         Questions, feel free to call any mem-
                                             Maintenance Technician status Labor           ber of the Training Committee at
 The new BLA calls for the Company’s
                                             Grade 4.                                      398-3100.
commitment to fill 40% of the annual
plant wide Maintenance Technicians                                                         Don Seifert               ext.141
with Maintenance Trainees. These               During the course of the above men-         Tom Hargrove              ext. 111
trainees will be bidders that have scored    tioned training the Trainee may be as-
at least a raw score of 50 on the Ramsey     signed anywhere in the plant during his/      Luis Aguilar              ext.115
test, if you are a prevailing bidder and     her period of training. If there is a fail-   Steve Wagner              ext. 113

                                                                                            Workers Memorial Day
                                                                                               April 25, 2013
    ATTEND YOUR                                                                             Family members of those honored

   UNION MEETINGS!                                                                          on Memorial wall that wish to be
                                                                                            placed on our list of participants and
                                                                                            notified of details to participate in
              FIRST THURSDAY OF                                                             the 2013 Workers Memorial Day,
                                                                                            and future events please contact
              EACH MONTH @ 5:30                                                             John Gelon (219) 406-4190
Page 8                                                                                                                 4th Qtr. 2012

                                                                                                Retirees and
                              When is enough, enough?                                         Active Employees
                                 By Jake Cole, Steward Area 4
                                                                                          I want to thank all of you who were
                                                                                          involved in the two marches while we
                                                                                          were in negotiations. Those marches
When is enough, enough? We are the           work in, and for some reason or an-          played a major role in the settling of
middle class, blue collared workers of       other, their lives are lost.                 the contract. This was my seventeenth
America. And yet we are constantly           The image of a union worker is sicken-       time in contract negotiations and this
under attack by our employers. For in-       ing to say the least. Fat, lazy, overpaid.   was the most ridiculous things the com-
stance, Lakshmi Mittal the 21st richest      That’s just the beginning. I would love      pany wanted out of the union that I have
man in the world with over 28.7 billions     to show some of the union bashers            ever seen. The two major things that
dollars in personal wealth, wants to strip   what it’s like to work a day in the mill.    they wanted the active to go on the Sal-
us workers in America of basically ev-       Take off that white collared shirt and       ary Health Care Plan and they tried to
erything we have collectively bargained      put some greens on. Don’t be afraid to       eliminate health care coverage for the
for over the last 70 years. Wages, pen-      get your hands dirty, or your knuckles       retirees. YOUR union held together and
sions, benefits. When does it stop?          banged up.                                   with YOUR support the company had
When is enough, enough?                                                                   to EAT what they wanted out of us.
                                             When people ask me if I have any broth-
A man like Mr. Mittal doesn’t become         ers or sisters, my face lights up. My        The retirees, spouses, surviving spouses
rich over night. I commend him for the       response is often questioned. I proudly      kept the 5 million dollar health care cov-
success in his life, but I want to live a    say that I have 1.2 million brothers and     erage, the 1 million dollar organ trans-
successful life too. I want to be pros-      sisters. They are both active and re-        plant coverage, the $1,500 coverage on
perous and know that my wages and            tired union brothers and sisters. We are     each ear every three years, the $240
benefits are safe and not at the disposal    a union. We stand for solidarity and         eyeglass coverage every two years, and
of the company to change as they feel        unity. You can find us fighting for work-    your premium cost for your health in-
necessary. Who could sleep at night          ers in union halls, at the workplace, in     surance if on Medicare is $35 a month
with that on your conscience, knowing        the courts and legislatures.                 and not on Medicare is $70 a month. U.
that you’re affecting hard working men                                                    S. Steel pays $190 a month not on
                                             I am a steelworker. I am your neigh-
and women’s livelihood and well be-                                                       Medicare and $95 a month on Medi-
                                             bor, your family, your friend, an every-
ing. We are the ones in the mills sacri-                                                  care.
                                             day person just like you. I don’t ask for
ficing 8,12, sometimes 16 hour days just
                                             much: Just to have fair wages so I can       Beginning in December 2013 every
to put a meal on the table and clothes
                                             provide for a family. I ask for benefits     surviving spouse whose spouse retired
on our children’s backs.
                                             so when me or my family gets sick we         before January 1, 2000 will get a Medi-
Blood, sweat and tears are just the be-      have a plan in place. I ask for a pen-       care Part B check for $850 from the
ginning of our physical sacrifice. We        sion so I don’t have to work literally       company each December of the con-
want to go home at night the same way        until the day I die. Ultimately I ask for    tract.
that we came but too often that isn’t        a safe workplace. I am a steelworker.
the case. Too often brothers and sis-                                                     I have been doing pensions and death
                                             In Solidarity,                               papers since 1952. I have caught a lot
ters pay the ultimate sacrifice. They
come to work to put an honest days           Jake Cole                                    of mistakes on pensions. Two weeks
                                                                                          ago I caught a huge mistake on a per-
                                                                                          son retiring on 01-01-2013.
                      Alcohol or Drugs a Problem?
                                                                                          If you want me to do your pensions call
  A Members Assistance Committee member is at the Hall every Thursday                     me on my cell at 742-3269 or my home
  and is available to help with Substance Abuse or Behavioral Problems. Or                phone at 924-2294. I don’t get paid for
  you can call them at the numbers listed below. Nationwide consultation is               doing this AND I will not take any
  available 24/7 from Value Options at 800-332-2214.                                      money from anyone.
                                                                                          Anyone who thinks they might have a
  Value Options is the Care Administrator for all Substance Abuse and Behav-              problem with alcohol or drugs give me
  ioral issues. Referral and certification by Value Options can substantially re-         a call. I know what living is hell is like.
  duce your out-of-pocket cost.                                                           The call might save your life, your job,
                Local 1010 Members Assistance Committee                                   or your marriage.
         Dave Lomellin (219) 397-0902 Paul Johnson (219) 364-1284                         Don Lutes, Retirees Representative
Steelworker                                                                                                                 Page 9

                    Donald Guerrero               4 SP Safe Sustainable Steel
                    Griever, Area 4
                                            We Make The Job Safe or We Don’t Do It!!!

People do not like it when I say this      cause these people questioned the            in some areas because of violations that
but, “You are your first line of defense   safety of the work, they kept themselves     were corrected.
when it comes to Safety”. If some-         out of harms way, and changes are            6/7 Day Forms
thing does not seem right, you need to     going to happen to make it safer for
                                           those who follow. We need more               I want to give a special thank you to
question it. If someone tells you to do
                                           people like them.                            Steve Govert, Pat Bergs, Jake Cole,
anything that goes against your safety
                                                                                        Dave Ellman, and Kathryn Kreider for
training, you need to question it. You
                                                                                        putting in the time to help people fill out
need to question it whether it is coming   If you have not had confined space           their forms. We helped over 150 people
from a co-worker or a supervisor.          training, you can not work in a confined     fill out their backlog of 6-7 day forms.
There are provisions in the contract for   space. If you have not had fall protec-      We worked for 4 days at union hall on
the right to refuse unsafe work, article   tion training, you can not work in an        the 6/7 day forms and many hours at
3, section C. (page 25)                    area that requires fall protection. If you   home to get them done. I would also
                                           have not had hazardous material (lead)       like to thank all of the people at payroll,
We have had a couple of incidents          training you can not change the bags at      and our local 1010 for giving us some
where the individuals saw something        the Cadre Bag House.                         time to help you. Thank you for your
that was not right and questioned the                                                   patients while we worked on your
situation and held their ground. Eric                                                   forms. I would also like to give a spe-
Nelson saw water in the mold and ques-
                                           New Schedules                                cial thank you to Sylvia Clark, Arlinda
tioned it. He asked for safety relief      If you feel there is a seniority violation   Velazquez, Tom Hargrove, Darryl Reed
and used the stop work card. It turned     with the new 16 turn schedule, let us        and Nick Pappas for the help they pro-
out management did not properly un-        know as soon as possible.                    vided. Make sure you thank all of the
derstand either of them, as a result the                                                above when you see them.
department is supposed to have some
follow up training to explain them.        Vacation Scheduling
                                                                                        Most people think you only need to fill
Camille Modrowski saw many issues          If you have any issues with the vaca-
                                                                                        out the 6/7 day request for overtime
with a confined space job at the BFF       tion scheduling, let us know as soon as
                                                                                        forms when they work 6 or 7 days in a
Bag House and stopped the work. Be-        possible. we have already had to repick
                                                                                        row across two weeks. This is not true.
                                                                                        The majority of the acceptances hap-
                                                                                        pen when what is normally your 6 day
                                                                                        week and your off day is Sunday and
                                                                                        sometimes Saturday.

                                                                                        If you need help filling out the 6-7 day
                                                                                        forms just ask Steve Govert, Jake Cole
                                                                                        or me for help.

                                                                                        Thanks for your time,
                                                                                        Don Guerrero
Page 10                                                                                                                            4th Qtr. 2012

                        The fight has Just Begun in 2012
                                            By Lil Joe Gutierrez

The election is over, but the fight has just       sustainable way must put country, our            Benjamin Franklin, the first Post Master
begun. It’s not surprising that those who          country, first. Tax brakes to move our jobs      General said that the purpose of
voted for Romney were so shocked that              overseas must stop. Jobs in this country         government is to further the common good,
President Obama not only won, but that he          can be a reality if Washington has the           not to make a profit. Save the USPS. And
won with such an overwhelming margin of            political will.                                  yes, we must end the war in Afghanistan
victory given that their only source of            If it’s necessary to eliminate the filibuster    and bring our soldiers home, now. It’s time
information had been FOX news and Rush             to create jobs and maintain social justice,      to end the madness. Someone said that
Limbaugh.                                          then so be it. Concerned citizens stood up       there is never a good war and never a bad
Obama’s success is, indeed, a mandate, a           to the millionaires and billionaires and won.    peace. Yes. We need unions now more than
mandate for truth. The cavalier skewering          We are sick and tired of gridlock and            ever. And yes, nurses, firemen, policemen,
of facts and numbers by the Romney                 obstruction, and we will stand up against        government workers, teachers, our beloved
campaign became so obvious that                    those politicians who represent the              teachers, should not be scapegoats for the
everything said on that side became                corporate elite and the almighty dollar.         privatizers, financiers and banksters with
suspect. The electorate rejected the               The top 2 percent must pay their fair share.     their hedging and derivatives who live only
deception and obfuscation, and ultimately          No. Corporations are not people. Yes.            in the moment mortgaging our future and
allowed truth to rule the day.                     Citizens United, which allows corporations       our children’s future.
Elections have consequences. Every vote            to spend unlimited amounts of money to           Banks should not be too big to fail. We
does count. The blatant voter suppression          buy our elections has desecrated our             cannot, we must not, lie down and die.
by Republican led legislatures in swing            political process and must be revoked. Yes.      Surrender is not an option. Open your eyes
States motivated affected citizens to endure       Voter fraud was a straw man perpetrated by       and open your hearts because there is hope
the duress in order to exercise their right to     the GOP to suppress voting rights. Yes.          and hope is alive. The late Howard Zinn’s
vote and for their voice to be heard. And          The Republican Party has been hijacked by        words bear repeating: “Sooner or later,
their voice was not a whisper but a shout          the likes of the Koch brothers and the           profound change will come to this nation
across this country that everyone counts           religious right, and yes, the country needs      tired of war, tired of seeing its wealth
regardless of race, color, religion or financial   moderates in both parties.                       squandered, while the basic needs of
status.                                            Yes. We must protect Social Security and         families are not met. These needs are not
Democracy is alive. Votes have been tallied,       Medicare and Medicaid, because they work         hard to describe. Some are very practical,
and we shall survive. President Obama must         and they are the social safety net for all       some are requirements of the soul: health
accept the fact that the other side of the         citizens. And yes, we must save the United       care, work, living wages, a sense of dignity,
aisle does not like him, does not want him,        States Post Office by forcing Congress to        a feeling of being at one with our fellow
and will do everything possible to defeat          rescind the unfair law that forces the Post      human beings.”
him. Those congressmen determined to               Office to fund its pension plan and medical      In Solidarity, Lil Joe Gutierrez,
oppose any effort by our President to create       benefits for its future employees for the next   Retired steelworker and Union Official,
jobs and reduce our deficit in a fair and          75 years.                                        L.U.1010, USWA

                                                   nal Corps. during WWII and then went             “Shepherd’s Pie.”
Jean Parker Shepherd                               on to a successful radio broadcast ca-           Nick seeks anybody that may have any
                                                   reer that started in Cleveland and ended
Documentary/Film                                   in New York on WOR through the
                                                                                                    pictures, video or any stories they may
                                                                                                    have regarding Jean Shepherd. Jean
Hammond Indiana native Nick Mantis                 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.                           visited Northwest Indiana in the 1970’s,
is producing a Documentary/Film on                 Jean also wrote for Playboy, Car &               80’s and 90’s. He was a member of
the Life and Career of Jean Shepherd.              Driver and his first Novel, “In God We           Local 1010 and often spoke about his
Jean Shepherd (July 26, 1921 – Octo-               Trust, All Others Pay Cash” was a book           life growing up in Hammond and work-
ber 16, 1999) grew up in Hessville and             recalling many childhood memories                ing in the Steel Mill.
went to Harding Elementary, Morton                 Jean had from Hammond that went on               Nick Mantis can be reached at (219)
Middle School and graduated from                   to become the movie “A Christmas                 670-9687      or      email      at
Hammond High School in 1939. Jean                  Story.” Jean then went on to produce             nickjmantis@yahoo.com
went on to serve in the U.S. Army Sig-             numerous PBS TV specials called
Steelworker                                                                                                                   Page 11

                                                                                             Next Generation
                                                                                             By Andres Maldonado

                Back: Nick Young, Tim Janko, Jayson Culp, Anite Freels,
                Andres Maldonado, Mario Mendoza, Quinn Hartman, Jake Cole
                Front: Amy Nyhanna, James Thomas, Eddie Medina, Tasos Katopodis

        I’m constantly being asked,              begin with, I’d like to set the record      values. We all saw what the company
“What is Next Generation (Next                   straight. Next Gen is for all of us re-     brought to the table—two-tiered pay, a
Gen)?” I hope to answer this question            gardless of age, gender, or years of        lack of respect for both seniority rights
and stimulate interest in the labor move-        seniority. Local 1010 belongs to all of     and healthcare for retirees. Not to
ment and in our union, Local 1010.               us. We are all steelworkers. Next           mention, there exists an anti-worker,
Next Gen is a committee no different             Gen serves as a tool to reach out to        anti-union political agenda. An agenda
than others like Women of Steel or               our members and educate them on is-         like this only tries to drive down wages,
Community Services. Similar to these             sues which affect all steelworkers. By      erode benefits, and do away with pen-
other committees, Next Gen has a                 empowering our members with knowl-          sions. This was seen in the passing of
Chairman, James Thomas 80” Hot                   edge of unionism and social justice, we     the Right to Work legislation in Indi-
Strip Mill, a Co-Chair, Anita Freels 3           hope to bring to light and address the      ana. The corporations, along with some
Cold Strip Quality, and a Secretary,             injustices that affect us all.              politicians, believe the workers stand
Andres Maldonado in MEU Field                             Next Gen should have an im-        in the way of profits and fiscal budget-
Forces.                                          portant role in the labor movement. A       ing. However, the 99% of us that work
        Next Gen’s goal is to enhance            strong labor movement is vital to the       with respect and dignity for a living
our local with new ideas and new faces.          success of our working conditions,          should be proud of our hard work and
We would like to provoke and promote             healthcare, job security, and the ability   our union.
a new found interest in our local. Next          to collectively bargain. It is important              We are all the next generation
Gen had its first summer picnic. With            to honor and recognize the fights,          of leaders in our local communities, and
your support, we had a good turn-out;            struggles and solidarity of our union’s     in our local union. Next Gen is set up
and with the support of our President,           past. All of this holds true to our nego-   to incite a flame of activism and to pro-
Tom Hargrove, we hope to continue this           tiating slogan, “Respecting Our Past,       mote our fighting anthem of “One day
picnic annually and much more.                   Securing Our Future.”                       longer, One day stronger.” In our Next
         So, who is Next Gen and why                     We have a new fight on our          Gen meetings, we hope to inspire the
is the labor movement important? To              hands that now attacks our core union       next generation of leaders for Local
                                                                                             1010. -Andres Maldonado

              Legal Problems?                                                           Need a Lawyer?
                            Local 1010 members can take advantage of a free legal
                            consultation every Wednesday at the Union Hall from:
                                    8:30 am - 9:30 am* and 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm*
                                          Provided by the Law Offices of

                                                         Joe Banasiak
                            2546 45th Highland, IN 46322 or Call 219-924-3020
                                  Michael Bosch &Alexis Dedelow
                          8320 Kennedy Ave. Highland, IN 46322 or Call 219-972-3030
                                                           *Times are approximate
Page 12                                                                                                              4th Qtr. 2012

                  United We Stand Divided We Fall!
                            By Mike Bouvat, Griever Area 5

Brothers and Sisters, I would like to        Our grievance committee is demonstrat-     Again I want to remind you, manage-
take this opportunity to thank all of you    ing the strong Solidarity that is needed   ment has been calling workers into the
who supported me and others in this          in order to represent and defend your      office for discipline. Remember you
past election, James Harris, Lee Smith,      Rights. The responsibility to represent    have rights anytime you are asked to
Adam Deel, and Andy Klawiter. To             the Rights of all of our Brothers and      have a meeting with a supervisor, and
those who didn’t support us we hope          Sisters takes a total commitment and is    that meeting could lead to discipline you
to earn your support. I appreciate all of    an honor. Remember your support of         have the Right to ask for a Union Rep.
you who ran in this past election espe-      the Union and the Reps who defend          Don’t be coerced into a meeting with-
cially our younger members you are the       you has an impact on management.           out a Union Rep. present. By law you
life blood and future of our Union. Your     Never before has the need to stand to-     have rights under the Weingarten Act.
involvement and participation is key for     gether been as important.                  Any worker called to a meeting with
our Union to remain strong and vibrant.      From the elections we moved into ne-       management should say, “If this discus-
Congratulations to all who won.              gotiations with the company for the        sion in any way could lead to my being
I have encouraged participation from         collective bargaining rights that we as    disciplined or terminated, or affect my
all the union reps and there is strong       workers have fought to obtain. The         personal working conditions, I respect-
solidarity among us, we are working          Right to bargain for a fair contract was   fully request that my Union represen-
together. All of the union reps have been    not given to us; it was earned by those    tative, officer, or steward be present at
appointed to the department steering         who laid down their lives. The com-        this meeting. Until my representative
committee and have a voice. We have          pany was determined to fracture us and     arrives I chose not to participate in this
a lot of solidarity on the grievance com-    they probed for weaknesses to exploit.     discussion.” An employer’s failure to
mittee and we are doing our best to          When our Union leadership called for       comply with a workers request for
protect your rights. The turn out and        Solidarity and Unity. We answered the      Union representation or a violation of
votes from 2 Steel Producing during this     bell. Our demonstrations and Unity, for    any other Weingarten right is an unfair
past election, showed it’s important to      wearing stickers, displaying placards,     labor practice.
our Brothers and Sisters who represents      and demonstrating with marches
them. Not only for the grievance com-        showed we will do what is necessary
mittee within our shop but also for those    to receive a fair contract. Many work-     We wish you all a Joyous and Prosper-
in the executive committees at the           ers from 2 Steel Producing were on the     ous holiday season,
Union Hall that represent all of us at       front lines. Many young workers along      and a Happy new year.
the plant wide level. There were many        with senior members were making their
workers who came out to vote on their        voices heard. As we move forward we
day off. We thank you for your partici-      must remember that we are in a battle      United We Stand Divided We Fall!
pation. This is something all of us can      and that the War is not over. From the
be proud of. As in past elections, 2 Steel   BOF to the Caster, from 2SP to the 3       Yours in Solidarity
Producing’s participation in the elections   Cold Strip, from the East side to the
was strong and sends a loud message,         West side from the Indiana Harbor to
we will not be taken lightly. With our       Burns Harbor, workers will be ready        Mike Bouvat
Vote we will be heard, We have strong        for 2015. When we stay United the
solidarity!                                  results are positive.

                     WE MAKE THE JOB SAFE OR WE DON’T DO IT!!
                      WE MAKE THE JOB SAFE OR WE DON’T DO IT!!
Steelworker                                                                                                                  Page 13

          Goodbye Old Friend/Welcome New Contract
                                By Jim Gogolak, Inner Guard

By now, you should all know that our            So, goodbye Memorial Hall. You’ve         Congratulations to all of us. Because
union’s offices are moving to a new build-      been a good, reliable friend. But ev-     everyone did their part, we were suc-
ing. The old hall developed some seri-          erything must come to an end. And         cessful. That’s what a union is about.
ous structural problems that would be           for our hall, that time is now.           That’s what we do best.
extremely expensive to remedy. And
who knows what other problems might
develop in a building that old. So as a         As we make plans to move, we are          Our slogan was “Respecting Our Past,
group our union has decided not to throw        welcoming a new contract. I say           Securing Our Future.” There is a mes-
good money after bad and simply invest          “welcoming,” because it is a welcome      sage in it for both sides. Management
in a newer, more reliable building.             relief to have essentially the same       needs to know that is what we will al-
                                                terms as the previous agreement with      ways demand, and we need to remem-
                                                some positive changes along with a        ber that the advantages we enjoy were
This was not an easy decision to make.          pay raise. It is a welcome relief that    achieved through the hard work and
Our union hall has a long and proud his-        our union successfully fought off all     dedication of our predecessors. We
tory. It was built in the 1930s and has         the concessions the company wanted.       stand in solidarity not simply to honor
served us well since then. It was our           It is a welcome relief that we main-      those who came before us; we do so
home through good times and bad, a              tained pensions and retiree medical       because it works. And I don’t think
place of refuge where we could meet to          benefits. It is a welcome relief that,    anyone could say it didn’t work this
discuss any issues that arose. Most re-         together, we rose to beat back the        contract.
cently, it was rededicated as Memorial          company’s challenge.
Hall, in memory of those who lost their
lives in our mill as they worked to sup-                                                  This brings us back to the mixed feel-
port their families. It is the only hall that   While our negotiating team was in         ings about leaving Memorial Hall. As
any of us has known. In some ways, it           Pittsburgh, they kept in close contact    sad as it is to leave our old friend, it is
feels like we are losing an old friend.         with us. They made it clear to man-       time to do so. It wasn’t the hall that
                                                agement that they represented the         got us a decent contract; it was the
                                                whole union. They did a heck of a         union. And the union is all of us, not
But the responsible thing to do is to in-       job fighting for us. For our part, we     just the officers. Whether we are in
vest the union’s money where it will give       rallied together to show the company      the old building or a new one, we are
the best return. Not only is the new build-     that the negotiating team had our sup-    still the same people, working in soli-
ing more modern, it also is more energy         port. When management looked at           darity for the betterment of each and
efficient, easier to maintain, and has suf-     our negotiating team, they saw thou-      all. That spirit will be with us wher-
ficient space for all our needs. It is eas-     sands of workers behind them, in soli-    ever we go, and soon the new hall will
ily accessible, too – right off Cline Av-       darity with them. They didn’t just see    feel just like home. It will be your, no,
enue, just a few minutes from the plant.        people; they saw a force to be reck-      our new home. Welcome to the new
Just as important, it provides future gen-      oned with. And eventually, they saw       home of USW Local 1010 – the best
erations with a serviceable building for        the light and negotiated reasonably,      local in the best damn union you ever
years to come. We do not need a hall            instead of pursuing an unrealistic list   saw.
that is an albatross around our necks both      of unwarranted concessions.               In Solidarity,
now and in the future.
                                                                                          Jim Gogolak
Page 14                                                                                                                          4th Qtr. 2012

                                                                                               LOCAL 1010
Civil Rights Committee                        Steve Wagner                                    STEELWORKER
                                              Continued from page 15
                                                                                                     Executive Board
The Union Civil Rights committee is
working to ensure that your rights un-                                                       Tom Hargrove, President
                                              There are various ways to register             Steve Wagner, Vice President
der Article 4, Section A of the Collec-
                                              for Joblink classes:                         Jerry Strauch, Recording Secretary
tive Bargaining Agreement are adhered
                                                                                        Rosa Maria Rodriguez, Financial Secretary
to.                                           Online at www.bkjoblink.org!
                                                                                                  Joe Piller, Treasurer
We are all entitled to come to work free      Phone in at 399-8135 0r 8136!                         Don Jones, Guide
of harassment and to be treated with                                                           Jim Gogolak, Inner Guard
                                              Walk in at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon-
                                                                                             Ernie Barrientez, Outer Guard
respect. If you have a complaint or           day – Thursday & Friday 9:00 am to               Max Carrasquillo, Trustee
problem feel free to contact any mem-         4:00 pm                                             Luis Aguilar, Trustee
ber of the committee, we will go through
                                              Anyone interested in a specific class                  Dan Mosley, Trustee
your issues and make a determination
                                              may contact Joblink with the type of
on what course of action is necessary
                                              class desired to begin an interested             Grievance Committee
to correct the issue. It goes without                                                            Dennis Shattuck, Chairman
                                              list. Don’t take classes for granted.             Darrell Reed, Vice Chairman
saying that everything will be held in the
                                              The same classes are not always of-                 Matt Beckman, Secretary
strictest confidence.
                                              fered due to participant interest, so
 Harassment and Prevention training           enroll in a desired class when you see                       Grievers
will continue into 2013. The Union Com-                                                                 Donald Guerrero
                                              it offered as soon as possible. All                        Mike Bouvat
mittee will ensure that all Employees are     Joblink classes must be in accordance                      Otis Cochran
exposed to the training classes pertain-      with the Career Development Pro-                           Cornell Smith
ing to Civil Rights.                          gram Guidelines.                                            Joe Torres
                                                                                                         David Hunter
Members of the committee capitalized          Retirees and spouses of active 1010                         Ron Kaszak
on the opportunity to build solidarity with   members can purchase courses that                          Eddie Harvey
other union members, at the National          are on a per person pay arrangement.                       Adam Govert
Civil Rights Convention in Cincinnati                                                                   Larry McMahon
                                              This applies to classes that are not
                                                                                                          Wil Rivera
Ohio. A series of training workshops          filled by active members. Retirees                           Tim Trtan
were attended. which will help us to          and spouses of active 1010 members                         Gary Bender
better serve the membership.                  must pay for the class at least two
                                                                                              Daniel Walters, Editor
We are committed to helping you               weeks prior to the class start. Class
                                              cost can be obtained by calling Joblink
Please join us in this mission TO HELP
                                              at 399-8136.
OF HARASSMENT, DISCRIMI-                      Any questions regarding Joblink can
                                              be directed to the Joblink staff (219)                    www.uswa1010.org
VIOLANCE.                                     399-8136.                                  The Local 1010 Steelworker is the official
                                                                                         publication of the United Steelworkers - Local 1010,
In Solidarity,                                Anyone else who needs additional           AFL-CIO. It is published to circulate information
                                              information can call me at the union       of use and interest to its members. Submissions
                                              hall (219) 398-3100 (x-113) or E-mail      from members are welcomed and encouraged.
Civil Rights Committee:                                                                  This publication is free of charge to all active and
                                              me at swagner@uswa1010.org.                retired Local 1010 members.
219-398-3100                                  If you call when I am not available,         Mail to: USW Local 1010
                                                                                                        Attention: Editor
                                              please leave a detailed message on                        3703 Euclid Avenue
Luis Aguilar               Ext. 115           my voice mail.                                            East Chicago, IN 46312
                                                                                          Phone:       219-398-3100 ext.140
                                              If you need a more immediate re-
Anita Freels               Ext.112                                                        email:       editor@uswa1010.org
                                              sponse you may call me on my cell
                                                                                        Editor’s Note: The opinions of the authors ex-
                                              at (219) 718-3199. Either way, I will     pressed herein do not necessarily state or
Gail Richardson            Ext.122
                                              get back to you as soon as possible.      reflect the opinions of the Local 1010
                                                                                        Executive Board or the Editor.
                                                                                          Photographs: Tom Hargrove, Bill Staniec,
                                                                                              Daniel Walters, Tasos Katopodis
Steelworker                                                                                                                                  Page 15

                            The Bernard Kleiman
                          JOBLINK Learning Center
                              By Steve Wagner, Vice President

This past summer, the JobLink staff         Residential Wiring I – the first part of a              We have reciprocal participant arrange-
participated in Summer Safe events in       two-part certification program. This                    ments with the other Career Develop-
a number of departments. They were          hasn’t been offered in a while, so we                   ment sites here in Northwest Indiana.
happy to speak to participants that they    are happy to bring it back. Given by                    The availability of customized classes
have not seen for some time and par-        Tim Spanos                                              at other sites is subject to specific
ticularly to those who have never par-      We’re always trying to find the right                   agreements that we have for each
ticipated. Many made suggestions            balance of classes as well as a wide                    class. Those classes are available to
about courses they’d like to see offered.   variety of classes. We hope you agree                   active members from each of the sites
Because of those suggestions we have        that there’s something for everyone.                    involved. To see the class offerings at
a series of three one-day culinary          And if you don’t agree, give me a call.                 other sites, drop by JobLink to look
classes on healthy cooking through the      Tell me what you’d like to see us offer.                through the catalogs or check Joblink’s
East Chicago IVY Tech campus: The           It’s your benefit!                                      website- http://bkjoblink.org/. You can
Art of Cooking Lite, The Art of Healthy                                                             find them by clicking on the link on the
                                            Attention new hires…stop by Joblink
Cooking, and the Art of Low-Carb                                                                    left –“Class Catalogs” then scroll down
                                            and see what educational opportunities
Cooking.                                                                                            and you’ll find the Burns Harbor and
                                            your union negotiated for you!
                                                                                                    USS catalogs.
We were also asked to offer welding,        1010 Members can use their Tuition
which we have started this fall at IVY                                                              Don’t forget that active 1010 members
                                            Assistance Program (T.A.P.) monies to
Tech; Welding Fundamentals II is con-                                                               now can combine the Tuition Assistance
                                            access any accredited learning institu-
tinuing in February. Related to that is                                                             $1800 annual limit with the Customized
                                            tion. T.A.P. benefits are a very flexible
the Metalworking Class which we                                                                     Class $2000 annual limit to provide a
                                            part of our contractually funded edu-
brought back – because of interest                                                                  more flexible total amount of educa-
                                            cational benefit. T.A.P. funds are sub-
steelworkers expressed to us during                                                                 tional assistance — $3800 per year to
                                            ject to funding limits and are available
those Summer Safe events.                                                                           Local 1010 Members. This combina-
                                            annually on a first come first serve ba-
                                                                                                    tion of limits is available to individuals
While many of the old favorites are still   sis. Participants $1,800.00 maximum
                                                                                                    who have clear career goals to develop
being offered, here’s a sampling of         annual benefit can be used to cover
                                                                                                    vocational expertise and may be ap-
some the new courses that will be run-      tuition, book, and course - related fees
                                                                                                    proved in accordance with Institute for
ning in the winter session:                 at nearly 100 approved learning institu-
                                                                                                    Career Development’s guidelines.
                                            tions. Classes with the primary purpose
Boating Safety – given by a Coast
                                            of recreation or personnel enjoyment                    If you have a computer at home, check
Guard captain, John “Hoppy” Hopkins
                                            are not eligible for tuition assistance                 out the Joblink website at http://
Pergola Class – freestanding and as an      funding. Stop by Joblink to apply for                   bkjoblink.org/ . You will find next
addition to a deck with Nick Nash           tuition program funding or pick up a list               semester’s course lineup with course
Cell Phone Repair – great for extra in-     of T.A.P. vendors. A list of these edu-                 descriptions and other pertinent infor-
come with George Zahariadis                 cational institutions is also available on              mation.
                                            Joblink’s website.
Additionally, JobLink and Leon Lynch                                                                Continued on page 14
are offering new Apple computer
courses with George Zahariadis.                                               Change of Address
We are also offering two certification         If you have moved please mail this form, with the mailing label on the back page to Editor,
courses that will start in January:            Local 1010 Steelworker, 3703 Euclid Ave., East Chicago, In. 46312

MCSA 680 – Microsoft Certified Sys-            Name_________________________________ Check No._________
tems Administrator – a course that Bill        New address ____________________________________________________
Needles will teach (can also be taken
through telecasting)
Page 16                                                                                                             4th Qtr. 2012

P RESIDENT ’ S R EPORT                                 7047 Grand Avenue, Hammond, Indiana 46323

Safety                                         New hall                                  New Contract
Safety must be 24/7 365 days a year,           Due to serious structural problems at     After a long contentious negotiation we
on the job and off the job. You must           our present location, Local 1010 mem-     reached agreement and the Contract
wear your PPE at all times for your            bership approved a motion to move to      was ratified thanks to all who came out
own protection. It is your limbs and           a new location. The building was pre-     in support you made a difference. The
lives we are trying to protect. Acci-          viously a Hammond Library located at      time to get ready for the next one is
dents happen in seconds and we don’t           171st and Grand Avenue in Hammond,        now 2015 will come quickly better to
have time to go put our PPE on after-          just south of Morton High School.         be prepared and not need it then not.
the-fact. Recently at our Cleveland
plant a Contractor fell thru a roof 65
feet above the ground. He is alive to-         This was a very difficult decision to     Retirees no change in your benefits or
day because he had his fall protection         make giving our long history in East      cost Pre 65 $70 a month Post 65 $35 a
on                                             Chicago, but there comes a point were     month.
                                               it makes more sense to move to a more
As President of Local 1010 I have no           stable building for the long term good.
greater responsibility or obligation than      More information will follow.
to the safety of everyone in the plant.                                                           In Solidarity,
Together we can make this a safer plant
by finding and removing hazards.
We must make “WE MAKE THE
more than just a slogan. Zero acci-
dents are possible.

  3703 Euclid Av.                            NONPROFIT ORG.
  East Chicago In. 46312                    U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                               GRIFFITH, IN.
                                              PERMIT NO. 13
                                                                            Safety First!
                                                                       We Make the Job Safe,
    Or Current Resident
                                                                       or We DON’T DO IT!!!
                                                                             November 2

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