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					                       A Practical Guide

Remember, the highest form of medicine is what you think, drink
                            and eat
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          “Come Inside”
    “Naturally, Your Source
      For Good Health.”

 “ Ancient Secret Chinese Formulas:
    Old solutions for current health

                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION                          pg .5


BASIC NUTRITIONAL GUIDE               pg. 60



FOODS TO AVOID                        pg. 64

WHEN DINING OUT                       pg .64

JUICING                               pg 65

FIVE TASTES OF FOODS                  pg .67
FOODS CHARTS                          pg. 69

STEAMED, DISTILLED WATER              pg. 70

TAP WATER                             pg. 71

ENEMAS                                 pg. 71


FIVE ELEMENTS TABLE               pg. 74


  This program will open the door to a secret world. Most of you have heard
  of ancient herbal medicines your entire life without knowing how they
  prevent and cure illness, suffering, and aging. This medicine ranges from
exotic plants and minerals to common foods, and make up one of the oldest
living medical traditions. No matter what their form, natural herbal
medicines increase your life force and immune strength.

 These herbal formulas are used to treat a variety of illnesses ranging from
arthritis to stroke, many of which are termed incurable by Western medicine.
The Chinese have had thousands of years and billions of people to help
perfect this medicine. Most feel that they are not practicing medicine but that
they know medicine. All you need to know is how and when to use herbs to
unlock this ancient wisdom from the East.

 We need herbal medicine now more than ever before. Modern health care
has become too expensive and even dangerous. Up to 200,000 people in the
U.S. die each year from blood clots, more than the number of deaths
attributed to AIDS and breast cancer combined. There is a serious problem
with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Strep infections have become difficult to
control in our hospitals. Government budget cuts have reduced insurance
coverage and resulted in the closing of patient care facilities.

 To prosper in this new millennium will require a complete understanding of
self-care. The time has come when you must learn how to protect yourself
against illness. Prevention is always the best medicine. Your health is
ultimately you’re own responsibility. Your body belongs to you.

                                                        Jadean Rozier Diaw

Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have Given you every herb bearing
seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the
fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat (food).


  Chinese herbalism is an ancient system of living and healing dating back at
least 6000 years. Archaeological findings of early texts written in silk
contain information of the therapeutic use of medicinal substances ranging
from exotic plants and minerals to common foods. With her vast history,
China has evolved herbalism into a very sophisticated and popular “Art” of
healing. Chinese herbalism provides an alternative approach to maintaining
a healthy body, mind and spirit. Rather than treating the superficial
symptoms, the underlying causes of the dis-ease are pinpointed and
  Over the centuries, the ancient and always secret methods of how to
combine and use the herbs were lost. After years of painstaking research of
secret family manuscripts, this ancient knowledge has been re-established.
It is once again available to benefit the increasing number of those
concerned with non-chemical prevention and healing.
  This program offers an exciting opportunity for people to learn and
understand the healing properties of many rare Chinese herbal formulas.
Each formula, in this program, when properly used, is a safe and gentle way
of achieving harmony of your vital organs, restoring strength and balance,
and fostering your bodymindspirit toward its own natural healing. However,
before exploring these secret ancient herbal formulas, there are some
things, you should understand about this system.
  First, you are responsible for your health. You must rely on yourself, not
someone else. Do not allow anyone to turn your mind against your body. It
is only in your mind that your self-esteem can be built or destroyed. Feeding
your body, mind and spirit with the proper nourishment is crucial to living a
longer, healthier and more rewarding life. Knowledge is the key; knowledge
of your self, ancestral health history, the illness, herbal therapy, proper diet,
fitness and how you apply this knowledge.
  Today, what you do not know will harm you. For example, did you know
that depletion of healthy energy or body resistance provides the basis for all

illnesses to invade your body? Did you know that optimum health could be
maintained or regained by, stopping the intoxication process, detoxifying
and rebuilding the entire person?
  First, you must stop doing those things, which are causing the loss of
healthy energy. Excess use of cooked and processed foods, dairy and animal
products, sugar and white flour products cause excess mucous build-up and
drain the body of energy. These types of foods require a lot of energy to
break down and are harder to digest.
  Furthermore, today, there is a very serious concern with animal products.
Aside from the unsanitary methods of slaughter and butchering,
commercially raised animals are fed estrogenic hormones to make them gain
weight faster and antibiotics to increase growth rates. In women, these
added hormones may increase the risk of breast cancer and other cancers of
the female reproductive system. In men, these hormones may promote the
development of prostate cancer. Antibiotics in meats certainly contribute to
the escalating problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  You must regain control over your life; read all labels (No MSG, No Tap
Water). It is important that you know what goes into your system. Some
things promote illness; others rebuild your body. One must limit those
things that damage the immune system (Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking,
Infections) and control those things which may reduce immune competency
(Stressful life-style, Poor nutrition, Lack of exercise, Tap water). Avoid
situations that make you angry. Anger injures the liver. Besides clearing the
body of toxins, a healthy liver will improve your memory and thinking.
  Second, you must detoxify the entire body. With the declining quality of
food, water and air, and the effects of pollution in our environment, toxins
threaten our health. These toxins cause congestion in arteries and joints, as
well as constipation and fatigue.
  When our automobiles need a tune-up, we take them to be repaired and
cleaned out. Likewise, our bodies, especially our organs associated with
digestion, assimilation and elimination need to be cleansed of similar
carbon-like debris (biologically referred to as “toxins”) which causes our
organs to become congested, constipated and just plain sluggish. Once our
cars are tuned and cleaned, we change the oil, filters and put new gas in the
tank. Likewise, our bodies need the proper food after the system is cleaned
and detoxified.
  When cleansing is accomplished, the body slowly begins to digest and
assimilate more and more of the nutrients from the food, as it is now able to
pass more nutrients through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, which
delivers the nutrients to the cells.

  For thousands of years, healers have recognized that cleansing is a natural
means of bringing back balance. Cleansing can relieve the stresses of
overindulgence, incomplete digestion, malabsorption, poor food combining,
imbalance eating rhythms, and constipation. Cleansing is the foundation of
a holistic life-style.
  Third, you must treat and rebuild the entire person. Remember that the
highest form of medicine is what you think, drink and eat. Good health has
as much to do with what you think and your purpose in life, as it does with
what you eat and drink.
  Self-esteem plays a large part in how you cope with stress, anxiety and
depression as well as the choices you make concerning daily physical care.
Without a sense of purpose in life, you lack meaning and fulfillment and
become less motivated to care for yourself.
  Diet should always be primary therapy; everything else should be
complementary therapy. With diet (Pure Foods and Herbs) one can correct
most illnesses. Dietary therapy will not only affect this generation but future
generations. Most of us, in some way have become more and more prone to
Chronic Degenerative Diseases because many of us are third (3rd) generation
processed food eaters. If we do not improve the quality of our food intake,
this trend will prevail in future generations. Today, one of the leading
causes of death in our children under eighteen (18) is cancer. We must rid
our diets of denatured, processed foods. Diet affects future generations.
Foods that destroy your body will harm your offspring.
  Unknowingly, we are committing deadly assaults on our bodies. Consider
this, how many knew that canned tuna fish is one of the major suspects
behind heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metal is the primary offender behind
what has caused a lot of the so-called chronic inflammatory disease, such as
allergies and muscular degenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. Not
only does the tuna assimilate a lot of heavy metal from the ocean, but you
get it from the cans too. You get a double dosage. This is a dangerous
product and causes many problems for us.
  Our lack of proper food knowledge is one of the primary causes of our
health problems (Mental, Physical and Spiritual)
. Remember that there are basically two kinds of foods. One kind consists
of foods with much body and little energy (most regular foods found in the
groceries, especially processed foods). The other kind consists of little body
and much energy (pure foods and Forgotten Foods). We should upgrade our
diet from foods with less energy and more body to foods with more energy
and less body.

  It is important to have a proper understanding of food in order to maintain
good health or not to aggravate an existing illness. However, some
imbalances created by serious disease or serious abuse cannot be corrected
by the regular supermarket foods. These foods are simply too weak. In such
cases, a Chinese herbalist would recommend the stronger “Forgotten Food
Diet” also known as “The Secret Chinese Herbal Formulas”.
  Beyond doubt the higher your health consciousness, the better decisions
you can make concerning your daily care. Again, knowledge is the key:
knowledge of regular and super-nutrition (secret herbal formulas), ancestral
health history, distilled water, enemas, exercise, sleep, sports, recreation and
entertainment, socializing with, and the support of, friends and family, are
all extremely important. If your life style accounts for each of these, you are
leading a lifestyle that will maximize your health and well being. If not,
please complete the lifestyle analysis so that we may recommend lifestyle
and/or diet changes.

                                          Roger L Rozier

              (Used in powder form)

Formula   Formula           Use Description *      Page #
Number    Name/Capsules

AD 101    Travel Comb.      ●Allergies ●Jet-lag    Pg.13

AD 102    Resistant Comb. ●Colds ●Flu              Pg.14
          Builds Resistance ●General Tonic
AD 109    Breathing Comb. ●Asthma ●Breathing       Pg.17

BD 201    Regulating           Constipation       Pg.18
          Combination          Safe Laxative
                               Hot flashes

BD 202    Hemorrhoid        Hemorrhoids            Pg.20
BD 203    Beauty            ● Reproductive Tonic   Pg.21
          Combination       ●P.M.S. ●Pregnancy
BD 204    Comfort           ●Women's Health        Pg.22
          Combination       ●Menopause
BD 206    Relaxing          ●Hyperactivity         Pg.24
          Combination       ●Children & Adults
BD 208    Unlocking Comb.   ●Amenorrhea            Pg.25
BD 209    Infection         ●Tuberculosis          Pg.25
          Combination       ●Multiple Infections

BD 210    Stones            ●Gallstones ●Kidney    Pg.26
          Combination       ●Hepatitis

Formula   Formula           Use Description *       Page #
Number    Name/Capsules
BD 212    Dissolving Comb. ●Fibroids ●Cysts         Pg.27
BD 213    Circulation       ●Arthritis ●Pain        Pg.28
          Combination       ●Injury ●All Athletes
BD 216    Vital Combination ●Digestion              Pg.29
WD 301    Regeneration      ●Kidney Tonic           Pg.31
          Combination       ●Diabetes
WD 302    Water             ●Kidney Tonic/          Pg.32
          Combination       ●Edema
WD 303    Superior Male     ●Sexual Energy          Pg.33
          Tonic             ●Fatigue ●Poor
          Combination       memory
WD 304    Just for Ladies   ●Sexual Energy          Pg.33
          Combination       ●/blood builder
WD 305    Siler and         ●Obesity                Pg,34
          Platycodon        ●Constipation ●Skin
WD 307    Reducing Comb. ●Obesity                   Pg.35
BP 401    Cleansing         ●Yeast ●Bladder         Pg.38
          Combination#1     Infections ●Herpes
BP 402    Cleansing         ●Lymph ●Yeast           Pg.39
          Combination #2    Infections ●Shingles
BP 404    Detoxifying       ●Liver Tonic ●Stress    Pg.40
          Combination       ●Detoxification
BP 407    Retexturizing     ●Eczema ●Psoriasis      Pg.42
          Combination       ●Skin Problems
BP 408    Facial            ●Acne                   Pg.43
BP 409    Blood Purifying   ● Lupus & Boils         Pg.44

WP 501    Uro Combination   ●Prostate Problems      Pg.44
WP 502    Bowel             ●Appendicitis           Pg.45
          Combination       ●Lower Bowel
FP 601    Ocean             ●Food Allergies         Pg.46

Formula            Formula            Use Description *      Page #
Number             Name/Capsules
FP 604             Acidity            ●Heart Burn            Pg.47
                   Combination        ●Stomach&Digestion
FP 605             Sweet Oral         ●Oral Infections       Pg.48
GT 701             Body Building      ● Energy & Immune      Pg.49
                   Combination        System Builder

GT 703             Central Tonic      ●Heart Tonic ●Heart    Pg.50
                   Combination        Problems
GT 704             Bright             ●Eye Problems          Pg.51
GT 705             Chest              ●Lung Tonic            Pg.52
                   Strengthening      ●Pneumonia
GT 706             Energy             ●Energy Builder for    Pg.53
                   Combination        Women
GT 707             Glands             ●Children's Health     Pg.53
                   Combination        ●Growth
GT 708             Gum                ●Gum Problems          Pg.54
GT 709             Longevity Comb.    ●Retards Aging         Pg.55
GT 710             Rebuilding         ●Stroke Recovery       Pg.56
                   Combination        ● Prevention
GT 711             Life Wheel         ●Immune Building       Pg.56
                   Combination        ●Energize Endocrines
GT 712             Creative           ●Spirit Calming        Pg.57
                   Combination        ●Energizing
GT 713             Throat             ●Vocal Strength        Pg.58
                   Combination        Builder
GHC 716            Royal Jade         ●Regenerate Skin       Pg.59
                   Cream              ●Remove Wrinkles

                 Correlation to Dis-ease and Code-Names:
     AD =Air Dis-Ease; BD = Blood Dis-Ease; WD = Water Dis-Ease; BP =
     Blood Poisoning; WP = Water Poisoning; FP = Food Poisoning; GT =
                               General Tonic

                      Abbreviations of Meridians:

               Lv = Liver; GB = Gallbladder; H = Heart;
              HC = Heart Constrictor; SI = Small Intestine;
                          TH = Triple Heater;
                   SP = Spleen Pancreas; S = Stomach;
        L = Lungs; LI = Large Intestine; K = Kidneys; B = Bladder

                             Taste Reminder
              Sweets affect (SP) Piquant (spicy) affects (L)
                Sour affects (Lv)          Salty affects (K)
                             Bitter affects (H)

Note: The commentaries are references to Western pathological terms
derived from experiments by many contemporary specialists with these
herbal combinations.
 *Please consult The Great Tao by Stephen T. Chang. These descriptions
are excerpted from Dr. Chang's translations and synthesis of ancient and
current Chinese medical texts. These descriptions are not intended as
medical (Recommendations) or as a substitute for sound medical
advice. If you have a health problem, please consult a professional health
practitioner. We make no claim about the effectiveness of these products.
These descriptions are for educational purposes only.

                   HERBAL COMBINATION LIST
                      (Used in powder form)

 TRAVEL Combination
    (Air Disease)

Ingredients: Pueraria, Ligusticum root, Angelica Dahurica, Jujube,
Cinnamon, Paeonia, Licorice, Ginger, and Citrus Peel

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 25% Bitter, and 15% Piquant, 10% Sour
Main Meridians: Primarily: L, H and B; Secondarily: LV and K

 This formula is excellent for traveling. It is great for jet lag, change of
water, weather or food. It helps to neutralize any sickness whose origin is
outside the body; includes wind invasions (colds), and toxic invasions
(bacterial and viral) including measles, flu, encephalitis, meningitis, etc. in
the air, water, food, and blood. This is a safe family tea. It is good for
anybody (babies, children, adults, dogs, and cats). It is the number one
formula for air diseases.
Note: Formula may increase occurrence of skin problems such as psoriasis
and acne as it expels poisons.

 1.  Common cold, runny nose, chills, flu (first stage-2 to 3 days-opens
     up tissues to expel trapped air), excessive sweating, headaches, nasal
2.   Inflammation of lungs, liver, ears, nose, mouth, brain (especially for
     children), pneumonia, bronchitis, skin rashes, small pox, chicken
     pox, eczema, pimples, boils, tonsillitis, sore throat, meningitis (brain
3.   For mild fever, with elevated temperature, recommend with aspirin.
4.   Stiffness and spasms in the neck and back; shoulder stiffness;
     muscle pain; pain in the hands and shoulders; paralysis, spasms,

        lower back pain; acute polio; spinal difficulties; rheumatism;
        arthritis pain; soothes nerve; hyperactivity (babies too); toothaches.
5.      Allergies, sinuses, gum infection, thyroid conditions.
6.      Eye inflammation, especially in corner of eye.
7.      Adjust acidity in stomach, helps indigestion, first stage of stomach
        ulcer, heartburn, diarrhea, food toxicity; acute colitis.
8.      Menstrual difficulties, water retention, loss of hearing, diuretic,
        blood builder, absorbs toxins.
9.      Mastitis, otitis media; keratitis, iritis; neuralgia.
10.     Children’s problems including stomach ache, lack of appetite,
        headache, bed wetting.
11.     Alcohol hangover.
12.     Adjusting to changing weather, food, water


 Record your reactions after eating. If you feel bloated or have a slight
headache, an upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, a rapid pulse, or heart palpitations
after eating certain foods, then you should eliminate them from your diet for
sixty days and then introduce them again in small amounts (one teaspoon at
a time).
 During the sixty days, avoid shellfish, chocolate, dairy products, food
additives, red meats products, corn, bananas, caffeine, citrus fruits, eggs,
oats, peanuts, tomatoes, white rice, wheat, strawberries, salmon, processed
and refined foods.

Note: If you get a morning headache that gets better during the day (after
leaving home), watch out for something at home.

        RESISTANT                                  Combination

Ingredients: Poria, White Atractylodes, Citrus Nobilis, Pinellia, Black
Atractylodes, Tang Kuei, Paeonia, Magnolia Bark, Angelica Dahurica,
Citrus Kotakan, Platycodon, Ginger, Cyperus, Cinnamon, Ligusticum Root,
Jujube, Licorice Root, Bupleurum, Gardenia

Combination's Energy Level: Near Warm
Combination's Taste: 40% Piquant, 30% Bitter, 25% sweet, 5% Sour
Main Meridians: Primarily: L, H; Secondarily: S, LV, K

 This formula is referred to as the “Five Accumulations” or The “General
Ailment” tea. The five accumulations are blood clots, water retention, food
corruption, air diseases, and poisons. This formula is very good for people
with a weak liver and spleen. It is the primary formula to build Wei Qi. Wei
Qi is the first line of immune defense. Wei Qi is responsible for repulsing
exogenous wind (cold) or toxic (bacterial and viral) invasions as well as
contributing to the body’s immune defense system.
 This formula is very bodybuilding; it helps the body to absorb more
nutrition. It is very good for building blood, lack of energy and defensive
weakness. This formula is more for chronic things.

1. Women’s Problems-discharge, cramps (if very severe; if not severe use
   203or204), irregular periods, anemia, uterus or ovary pain, yeast
   infection, acne, long difficult labor or still birth, lack of sex drive or
   orgasm, menopausal disorders, menorrhagia. Also, it is very good for
   headache (migraines).
2. Pain caused by nerves, rheumatism, backache, rheumatoid arthritis,
   lumbago, pain in the lower abdomen, hernia (babies too),after beating or
   bruises, accidents, old clots, sciatic nerve pain, bursitis, tendinitis,
   arthritis, spasms in the lumbar region
3. Esophagus (swollen esophagus is first stage of cancer), inflammation,
   acidic stomach, stomach cramps, hiatal hernia, stomach or intestinal
   ulcers, indigestion, acute diarrhea, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcers,
   duodenal ulcers, gastric spasms increasing food absorption(if 102 doesn’t
   work, use 604)
4. Common colds, chronic coughing, long lasting cold for all ages(use
   101first), for older people with chronic cold(it cuts mucous), fever in the
   upper body and chills in the lower body
5. Circulation problems, cold feet or hands, numbness, trembling of hands
   and feet, partial paralysis after stroke, combine with Formula 710 for
   after stroke
6. Heart problems, skipped heart beats, acute fibrillation, muscles inflamed
   (use 102 if not certain)
7. Gives the digestive system a lot of energy
8. Water retention, mucous; acute diarrhea

9. Cysts or tumors (especially in the liver)
10.Blood building; blood pressure regulating; low energy, anemia
11.Acne and other skin problems
12.Increased resistance and prevention of epidemic diseases, especially with
   older people
13.Sinus and food allergy

                              AD 102

    It is extremely important to get rid of toxins and poisons that have
     built up in the body.
    Most colds can be prevented by good nutrition, sleep, minimizing
     stress, frequent hand washing and avoiding others who are sick. Also,
     avoiding rapid changes in temperature is vital in preventing colds,
     getting chilled makes the body susceptible to infections too. Lack of
     air flow (in winter) indoor causes viruses to be more concentrated in
     the atmosphere. Furthermore, when colds are suppressed with drugs,
     they could lead to future chronic disease. Colds tend to last longer
     with drugs (7-10 days) and without drugs (2-3 days). The body and
     immune system require enormous amounts of nutrients and the
     average American diet does not supply the body’s needs. One should
     drink lots of pure water, increase herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables,
     nuts, seeds, grains, bamboo shoots and other foods that are high in
     fiber. Avoid eating animal products and processed foods, sugar and

                      Breathing Combination

Ingredients: Pinellia, Ligusticum Root, Angelica Root, Paeonia, Licorice,
Cinnamon, Asarum, Ginger, Schizandra, and astragalus

Combination's Energy Level: Warm
Combination's Taste: 45% Piquant, 20% Bitter, 20% Sweet, 10% Sour, and
5% Salty
Main Meridians: Primarily: L, then H and SP; Secondarily: S, K and B
 This combination is especially for Asthma and Asthma attacks.

1. Acute cold concentration on chest, sinus allergy, pneumonia, coughing
   combined with fever
2. Liver, water retention in the lungs or diaphragm, pleurisy, emphysema,
   pain in rib cage
3. Acute, chronic kidney infection, water retention
4. Eye infection (especially tear gland)
5. Sinus allergy, allergies (101 good too )
6. Watery, swelling type arthritis
7. Chronic coughing, excessive saliva, drooling
8. Asthma and Asthma attacks
9. Chronic bronchitis
10.Inflammation in the lungs


 Foods to avoid include colas, cold beverages (which may cause bronchial
  spasm), dairy products (including milk and ice cream), shellfish, red meat
  (especially pork), processed foods, salt, white flour and white sugar
 The diet should consist primarily of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and
  seeds, oatmeal, well cooked brown rice and whole grains
 A juice fast, a fast using distilled water and lemon juice or a combination
  of both for three days each month can help rid the body of toxins and

        REGULATING                                   Combination

Ingredients: Rhubarb, Scutellaria, and Coptis

Combination's Energy Level: Cool
Combination's Taste: 65% bitter, 17.5% piquant, 17.5% Sweet
Main Meridians: HC, SP, S LV, LI, SI (evenly)

  This formula is a natural antibiotic and anti-poison. It reduces heat,
reduces infections and calm nerves. This is a cold temperature formula that
neutralizes poisoning and clears out blockages. This is the number one
formula to build up the large Intestine. It dissolves cholesterol build-up and
heart problems. One can use this formula to stop: bleeding of any kind
(including menstrual bleeding), for very bad hot flashes, insomnia and
chronic constipation.

1. High blood pressure, caused by hardened arteries (any cause), severe
   constipation, builds liver, red nose (probably cholesterol) reduction of
   LDL cholesterol
2. Madness (even severe like schizophrenic, psychopathic); nervous
   breakdown, acute epilepsy, tinnitus (ringing of ears), nervousness,
   sleepwalking, nightmares (liver), catatonia. Cleans and energizes liver
3. Dizziness, shoulder pain, stiff neck, headache, heavy or lightheadedness,
   inflammation of the nerves, blockage, congestion of the nerves, too much
   yang, very hot flashes, hearing things, palpitation (heart problems).
4. Bleeding of any kind: uterus, hemorrhoids, eye, colon, rectum, prostate,
   gums, nose, kidney, bladder, blood in urine. Externally used for
5. Severe burns from fire, sun, smoke, poisoning, clots from beating (heavy
   bruises), and breaks clot (poison).
6. Pain from mouth, teeth, gums, eyes, nose, any kind of infections in the
   area of the head.
7. Shingles, skin rashes (acute), herpes (acute) mouth type.
8. Diarrhea with blood
9. Loss of voice or muteness (blockage in nerves) from birth, acute polio.

10.Poisoning from alcohol, drugs, chemicals, and overdose of sleeping pills,
   hangover poisoning, and chemical poisoning.
11.Acute high fevers.
13.Acute bleeding from stroke.

Note: In ancient times this combination was used for strong-type person
with no diarrhea tendency.


 Exercise is important for your physical and mental health. Regular
  exercise releases anti-depressant chemicals in your body that work to
  reduce stress. Also, physical activity speeds the movement of waste
  through the intestines and reduces the time that potential cancer-causing
  waste is in contact with tissues.
 Eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, bamboo shoots and well-cooked
  brown rice as often as possible. Avoid dairy products, white flour and
  sugar. Increase water intake.
 When fasting, three days helps the body get rid of toxins; five days, start
  the healing process; ten days, should take care of most problems. Eat
  only raw foods two days prior to and two days after fasting.
 Laxative does not improve transformation process, must also tonify the
   High blood pressure (150/90); Low blood pressure (90/60); Normal

         HEMORRHOID                                 COMBINATION

Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Bupleurum, Scutellaria, Licorice, Cimicifuga, and

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool
Combination's Taste: 35% Bitter, 35% Sweet, and 30% Piquant
Main Meridians: Sedates TH, L and GB, energizes H

1.  Internal and external hemorrhoids
2.  Rectal bleeding
3.  Rectal ulcers
4.  Boils in the anus
5.  External use to wash the rectal area. Benefits are enhanced by
    cleaning the inside of rectum with water after each bowel movement
    and applying Royal Jade Cream thereafter in conjunction with internal
    intake of this combination.

                              BD 202

    Exercise is important.
    It is very important to include foods high in fiber or cellulose in the
     diet. For example, apples, beets, Brazil nuts, broccoli, foods in the
     cabbage family, carrots, green beans, oat bran, lima beans, pears, peas
     and whole grains.
    Drink plenty of steamed distilled water.


Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Cnidium, Paeonia, Poria, Atractylodes, Alisma, and

Combination’s Energy Level: Neutral
Combination’s Taste: 45% Sweet, 15% Piquant, 15% sour, 15% Bitter, 10%
Main Meridians: H and SP

1.  Easing of pregnancy and related problems: morning sickness,
    miscarriage, labor pains, production and quality of mother’s milk.
    Rich nutritional value for the mother and baby during pregnancy,
    labor/delivery and breast feeding
2.  Female nutritional problems, anemia
3.  Dizziness, headache, heavy-headedness, shoulder pain, lower back
    pain, weak knees and/or legs, tinnitus
4.  Menstrual problems: cramps, irregular flow, pre-menstrual syndrome
5.  Rebuilding of damaged tissues of uterus after abortion, miscarriage,
6.  Depression, nervousness due to hormone imbalance
7.  Acne stemming from a hormonal problem
8.  Increase of blood circulation and immunity
9.  Lubrication of joints
10. Adjusting of blood pressure (high or low)
11. Female hormonal imbalance
12. Tipped or poorly positioned uterus
13. Bladder, urethra infections; yeast infections; kidney infections
14. Infertility
15. Chronic infections (men and women)
16. Tense shoulders and neck in young women
17. Cold hands and feet in young women
18. Endometriosis


 Avoid salt, caffeine, colas, alcohol, red meats, dairy products, sugar in
  any form, processed foods, or junk or fast foods. Do not smoke.
 Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereals and
  breads, beans, peas, lentils, nuts and seeds, and broiled chicken, turkey
  and fish.
 Drink one quart of distilled water daily, starting a week before the
  menstrual period and ending one-week after.


Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Paeonia, Atractylodes, Poria, Bupleurum,
Ranunculaceae, Gardenia, Artemisia leaf, Licorice, Ginger, Mint
Combination's Energy Level: Low Warm
Combination's Taste: 40% sweet, 25% bitter, 20% piquant, 15% sour,
Main Meridians: SP, LV and H
1.    Menopause discomforts
2.    After hysterectomy, to deal with hormonal imbalance
3.    Phobia
4.    Female hormone adjustment
5.    Menstrual problems (cramps, irregular flow, irregular periods)
6.    Hot flashes, heart palpitations
7.    Nervousness, anger, depression, fear, insomnia, perspiration
8.    Hypoglycemia, enlarged liver
9.    Pressure in chest
10. Chronic athlete's foot
11. Tiredness or restlessness, dizziness
12. Building of blood and increase in circulation, anemic tendency
13. Multiple sclerosis (enhancing with GT701)
14. Kidney weakness
15. Fertility
16. Lower back pain

17.   Skin problems like cracks in hands and fingers; dry skin and cold
      feeling in hands and feet
18.   Hair loss for women
19.   Men's "mid-life" symptoms such as anger, insomnia, stiffness,
      occasional depression, fibrillation, coughing


 Keep a log and learn to relax. Each time you have a hot flash, note the
  date, time, intensity, and duration of it. Also, record the circumstances
  preceding it and how you felt emotionally. After you’ve logged several
  episodes, try to identify any patterns. You may be able to avoid the
  triggers that ignited the flash. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, dairy
  products, sugar and meat cause most hot flashes.
 Evidence suggests that regular, energetic exercise may improve your
  mood by raising levels of endorphins (brain-produced good-humor
  hormones) known to drop during menopause. You should exercise, at
  least, three times per week, for at least twenty (20) minutes per session.
 Avoid salt, caffeine, colas, alcohol, red meats, dairy products, sugar in
  any form, processed foods or junk or fast foods. Do no smoke.
 Add white fish, blackstrap molasses, kelp, and salmon with bones,
  vegetable protein supplements, sardines, and low fat yogurt to your diet.
 Eat plenty fresh vegetables: beets, cabbage, cauliflower, collards,
  cucumbers, kale, peas, turnip greens, yams, broccoli, dandelion greens,
  and alfalfa sprout.
 Also, eat black beans, red beans, brown rice, whole grain muffins,
  soybean, green beans, sesame seeds, veggie protein shake, bananas,
  watermelon, cantaloupe and apples.


Ingredients: Atractylodes, Poria, Tang Kuei, Morus, Makino, Gambir,
Bupleurum, Licorice, Pinellia, and Citrus

Combination’s Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination’s Taste: 50% Sweet, 45% Piquant, and 5% Bitter
Main Meridians: Primarily: SP and H; Secondarily: S, K and L

    1. Hyperactivity, restlessness, excited nerves.
    2. Insomnia, tension.
    3. Epilepsy
    4. Impotence (nervous type).
    5. Nerves; muscular dystrophy.
    6. Liver inflammation.
    7. Assistance in remission of brain tumor.
    8. Children’s nightmares, teeth grinding, bedwetting.
    9. Nerve spasm.
    10.Nervous breakdown with sensation of electricity in the nerves.
    11.Arthritis with neurogenic disturbances.


 Avoid white sugar and its by-products; salt, soft drinks, caffeine tea, soy
  sauce, cider vinegar, milk, catsup, chili sauce, colored cheeses, chocolate,
  luncheon meat, salami, pork, sausage, meat loaf, hot dogs, bacon, ham,
  wheat, corn, mustard, colored butter, oleo margarine, ice cream (except
  all natural), candy (except homemade), cough drops, throat lozenges,
  antacid tablets and perfumes. Also avoid foods that contain artificial
  colors and flavorings, foods that contain the preservative BHT, processed
  and manufactured foods, and foods that contain MSG. Increase fruit and
  vegetable intake.
 Exercise is very important for mental and physical health. Regular
  exercise releases anti-depressant chemicals in your body that work to
  reduce stress. Also, it speeds the movement of waste through the

     intestines and reduces the time that potential cancer – causing waste is in
     contact with tissues.


Ingredients: Poria, Ranunculaceae, Persica, Paeonia, Cinnamon, and Honey

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination's Taste: 40% Sweet, 40% Bitter, 10% Sour, and 10% Piquant
Main Meridians: L, K, B, LV and H
Note: BD-203 and BD-204 used when triple heater pulse is weak empty or
string. BD-208 is related to fighting or astringent pulse.

1.  Inflammation in female organs, discharge, endometriosis
2.  Blood clots
3.  Blockage in small tubes
4.  Varicose veins, Hemophilia
5.  Infections or swelling in testicles, prostate, bladder, kidney and
6.  Phlebitis
7.  Skin problems, including acne, shingles, black and blue marks
8.  Slow-type appendicitis, hemorrhoids, swollen rectum
9.  Infertility; inability to conceive due to blockage in sexual tubes (men
    and women)
10. Reopening of scarred tubes after reversing tubal ligation or vasectomy
11. Menstrual problems due to blockage
12. Ovarian cysts


Ingredients:    Paeonia, Cnidium, Rhemannia, Coptis, Scutellaria,
Phellodendron, Gardenia, Forsythia, Schizonepeta, Siler, and Mentha

Combination's Energy Level: Medium Cool
Combination's Taste: 45% Bitter, 35% Piquant, 20% Sweet, 10% Sour
Main Meridians: H, K

1.  TB infection
2.  Staph infection


Ingredients: Bupleurum, Pinellia, Cinnamon, Paeonia, Scutellaria, Chinese
Ginseng, Jujube, Licorice, and Zingiber

Combination's Energy Level: Low Warm
Combination's Taste: 30% Bitter, 30% Piquant, 30% Sweet, 10% Sour
Main Meridians: Energizes H primarily and L, K and B secondarily. Sedates
LV and GB secondarily

1.  Common cold, flu
2.  Pleurisy
3.  Stomach and intestinal ulcers
4.  Acute hepatitis (pain, fever)
5.  Jaundice, malaria
6.  Gallbladder and kidney stones
7.  Pancreatitis
8.  Acute pneumonia
9.  Night sweating
10. Bed wetting
11. Epilepsy
12. Glaucoma
13. Skin rashes, itching and dry skin
14. Various abdominal pains


 Limit calcium intake and avoid dairy products. Milk and antacids may
  cause kidney stones.
 Avoid oxalic acid-containing or-producing foods such as asparagus,
  beets, parsley, rhubarb, sorrel, spinach, Swiss cheese, and vegetables of
  the cabbage family. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, dried figs,
  nuts, pepper, poppy seeds, and black tea.
 Reduce intake of animal protein, because a high-protein diet leads to
  losses of calcium, which ends up in the urine. This produces excessive
  amounts of calcium in the kidney, often resulting in painful kidney
 Increased fluid intake is extremely important.
 Reduce salt intake.
 Use only distilled water for drinking and cooking. Also drink quality
  cranberry juice to help acidify the urine.
 Watermelon is a natural diuretic. Eat it alone and often. Melon has a
  cleansing effect, but when eaten with food, it will sour and become toxic.

         DISSOLVING                                COMBINATION

Ingredients: Laminaria, Sargassum, Phellodendron, Anemarrhena,
Trichosanthes, Adenophora, Scirpus, Zedoaria, Forsythia, Coptis,
Scutellaria, Gardenia, Pueraria, Bupleurum, Tang Kuei, Gentiana, Licorice,
Cimicifuga, Ginger

Combination's Energy Level: Cool
Combination's Taste: 55% Bitter, 17.5% Piquant, 17.5% Sweet, 10% Salty
Main Meridians: Primarily: K, Secondarily: L, LI, GB, LV, H and HC

1.    Benign tumors of any kind, including brain tumor
2.    Malignant tumor (enhancement of this combination by GT-701)
Note: Fibroid tumor: clinical tests have shown shrinkage of 1 cm. per

                              BD 212

 Do not eat foods that stimulate secretions by the mucous membranes.
  Cooked and processed foods cause excess mucous build-up and drain the
  body of energy. These types of foods are harder to digest. Do not eat
  processed foods, dairy products, animal products, sugar or white flour
  products. The diet should consist of 75 percent raw fruits and slightly
  cooked vegetables and raw nuts and seeds.
 Women who eliminate caffeine-containing substances from their diets
  had a high rate of disappearance and elimination of cysts.
 Caffeine containing substances-coffee, cola drinks, chocolate, caffeine


Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Anemarrhena, Capillaris, Angelica, Polyporus,
Alisma, Atractylodes, Siler, Pueraria, Ginseng, Zingiber, Sophora, and

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool
Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 25% Bitter, and 20% Piquant, 5% Salty
Main Meridians: Sedates K; Energizes H and L

1.  Arthritis, bursitis, Tendinitis
2.  Nerve inflammation, builds up nerves
3.  Tennis elbow
4.  Disc problems, including slipped disc
5.  Old injuries: dissolution of blood clots
6.  Pain: sciatic nerve and spinal
7.  Frostbite: in conjunction with Royal Jade Cream
8.  Charley horse and cramps
9.  Bone inflammation
10. Injuries to joints, ligaments and cartilage

11.   Rheumatoid arthritis
12.   Any exercise related activity
13.   Excellent sports medicine formula.
14.   Men with Multiple Sclerosis use #213 plus #701 or          #404     and

                               BD 213

 Keep your weight down.
 Regular exercise is important to help blood flow and keep arteries soft
  and unclogged.
 Make sure that your diet is high in fiber. Oat bran can help lower your
  cholesterol levels. Include in your diet: bananas, broccoli, brown rice,
  lima beans, onions, pears, peas and spinach. Avoid animal protein and
  fatty foods (such as red meat) white flour and sugar. Do not use
  stimulants such as coffee, colas and tobacco, or foods with a lot of spices.
 Give yourself a dry massage over your entire body using a loofah sponge
  or natural bath brush. Also dip a towel in cold water and rub it briskly
  over parts of the body.
 Use steam-distilled water only.
 In case of arthritis, good dietary habits are always important and alkaline
  foods such as melon and papaya should be chosen while avoiding foods
  such as red meat, tomato and pineapple, white potatoes, egg plants,
  red/green peppers, paprika, mushrooms, tobacco, alcohol, onion, garlic,
  dairy foods, caffeine and sugar.


Ingredients: Bupleurum, Pinellia, Zingiber, Scutellaria, Jujube, Chinese
Ginseng, Licorice, and Rhemannia

Combination's Energy Level: Low Warm
Combination's Taste: 40% Piquant, 35% Bitter, 25% Sweet

Main Meridians: Rather neutral and balanced among many meridians, but
sedates LV very much and energizes H, SP and L a little bit. It regulates
wood to control earth, which gets rebuilt as does metal.

1.   Diarrhea (chronic)
2.   Hypoglycemia
3.   Arteriosclerosis; heart tissue inflammation; angina, cardiac asthma;
4.   Infections in stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas; amoebas
5.   Stuttering
6.   Colitis, including bleeding
7.   Bleeding ulcers
8.   Bronchitis, emphysema, pleurisy, pneumonia
9.   Kidney and bladder infections, shrunken kidney
10. Rashes, skin problems
11. Eye, nose and ear infections
12. Nervous breakdown, depression
13. Indigestion, gas
14. Improvement of food absorption
15. Fluctuating blood sugar levels
Note: In ancient times, this combination was used for weak-type or
underweight persons.

                              BD 216

 Drink carrot and cabbage juices, “green drinks,” or use chlorophyll liquid
  in juices.
 Eliminate any grain, seeds, or nuts except for well-cooked brown rice.
  Drink plenty of liquids. Do not eat dairy products, red meat, sugar
  products, fried foods, spices or processed foods. A low-carbohydrate,
  high-protein diet from a vegetable source is preferred.
 Stretching exercises are important for improved digestion. Partially
  digested starches may allow food to pass through the colon too rapidly.
 Don’t wear clothing that is tight around the waist.
 Use cleansing enemas.

          REGENERATION                                 COMBINATION

Ingredients: Rhemannia, Cornia, Dioscorea, Alisma, Poria, Suffructicosa,
Cinnamon, and Aconite

Combination's Energy Level: Neutral
Combination's Taste: 65% Sweet, 30% Salty, 5% Piquant
Main Meridians: Rather balanced, but sedates H mainly and also LV;
energizes S, L and K

1.  Diabetes: increase of pancreas function and regulation of blood sugar
    over long period of time.
2.  Sexual disorder, including impotence, testicle infection and premature
3.  Kidney infections, kidney stones
4.  Cataract, glaucoma
5.  Ringing ears
6.  Gout
7.  High blood pressure
8.  Water retention
9.  Stomach infections; indigestion
10. Revitalization of kidneys (enhanced benefits with GT-701 in dialysis
11. Pain or swelling in legs
12. Stopping of internal or external hemorrhage


A high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet reduces the need for insulin and also
lowers the fat level in the blood. Fiber will reduce blood sugar surges. Eat
crackers with nut butter.

 Avoid fish oil capsules, white flour products, and salt. Consumption of
  these products results in an elevation of blood sugar. It is important to
  get protein from a vegetable source.

 Foods that help normalize blood sugar include berries, brewer’s yeast,
  fish, garlic, soy beans, vegetables, celery, kelp, spinach, onion, alfalfa
  sprout, watercress, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.
 If a blood sugar problem is present, avoid sweet fruits.


Ingredients: Alisma, Polyporus, Poria, Atractylodes, Cinnamon, and

Combination's Energy Level: Low Warm
Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 20% Piquant, 15% Bitter, 15% Salty
Main Meridians: L, K, LV and SP

1.  Water retention; natural diuretic; building of kidney function
2.  Acute stomach infections causing diarrhea
3.  Water in stomach--gurgling
4.  Stomach dropsy
5.  Acute bladder or kidney infections
6.  Epilepsy--foaming at the mouth
7.  Water in scrotum
8.  High blood pressure due to water retention
9.  Pain on the face from puffiness
10. Hernia
11. Hair loss or premature gray
12. Night blindness
13. Sun allergy or severe sunburn
14. Weak nails
15. Blisters
16. Female menstrual problems
17. Cataract, myopia, discomfort from light or sun glare
18. Overweight caused by water retention
19. Hives
20. Bladder, urinary tract, rectal ulcers
21. Cellulite prevention


 Avoid salt, caffeine, animal protein, fried foods, soy sauce, pickles,
  olives, beef, dairy products, dried shellfish, white sugar, white flour,
  chocolate, coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco.
 Increase your intake of raw food. Eat plenty of onions, apples, beets and
  grapes. A high-fiber diet is important. Eat broiled white fish and broiled
  skinless chicken or turkey.
 Exercise daily and take hot baths or saunas twice a week. Avoid stress.
 If there is a problem with blood sugar avoid sweet fruits.
 Edema – reduce salt increase potassium

        WD 303
     SUPERIOR MALE                                        TONIC

Ingredients: Angelicae Sinensis, Glycyrrhizae, Paeonia Alba, Pyrolae,
Epimedii, Carapax Testudinis, Caulis Cistanchis, and Morindae

This is a strong tonic for males and it tonifies the blood, invigorates the liver
chi (energy) and builds sperm and jing (essence).
       1. Impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual drive and various
           sexual weaknesses.
       2. Problems accompanying aging in men, including fatigue, low back
           pain, poor memory, and poor digestion.

         WD 304

Ingredients: Dang Gui, Licorice, White Paeonia, Cistanche, Morinda,
Epimedium, Pyrola

This is a superior Chinese formula for women. It will nourish the blood and
invigorate the blood circulation. Its primary purpose is to improve sexual

    1. Improve sexual drive.
    2. Infertility in women.
    3. Anemia.
    4. Numbness and weakness of the limbs.
    5. Strengthen the bones and tendons.
    6. Lumbago.
    7. Regulate the menstruation.
    8. Replenish the kidney Yin (vital essence).
    9. Menstrual disorders, uterine bleeding.
    10.Arthritis with difficulty in walking.

  (Fang-feng-tung-sheng-                                   San)

Ingredients: Chinese Angelica Root, Cnidium, White Atractylodes Rhizome,
Rhubarb Rhizome, Field Mint, Platycodon, Scutellaria, Licorice,
Schizonepeta, Nitrous Sulfate, Ligusticum Root, Peony, Gardenia, Ginger
Rhizome, Forsythia, Siler, Gypsum, Talc

Notes: Obesity with constipation and decreased urine volume.

    1. Stomach and duodenal ulcers.
    2. Habitual constipation and irregular pulse.
    3. Cardiac neurosis and angina pectoris.
    4. Valvular disease and cardiac asthma.
    5. Fatty heart and arteriosclerosis.
    6. Hypertension and nephrosis.
    7. Kidney and bladder stones, involuntary emission.
    8. Impotence and sexual weakness.

       9. Obesity and stiff shoulders in persons over fifty.
       10.Arthritis, neuralgia, nodules, crusty skin, eczema and hives.
       11.Rosacea, athlete’s foot, loss of hair and corneal inflammation.
       12.Iritis, cataract, otitis media, diabetes, suppuration and gingival

            WD 307

Ingredients: Bupleurum, Pinellia, Scutellaria, Paeonia, Jujube, Poncirus,
Ginger, Rhubarb, and Jeffersonia

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Cool
Combination's Taste: 55% Bitter, 25% Piquant, 10% Sour, 10% Sweet
Main Meridians: Primarily LV; Secondarily TH, HC, L and LI

1.  Overweight: regulating of appetite and reduction of weight
2.  Revitalization of liver and pancreas
3.  Nervousness, hardened arteries, high blood pressure, reduction of
    LDL cholesterol
4.  Strep throat
5.  Cardiovascular problems
6.  Bronchitis, emphysema, pleurisy
7.  Hepatitis, pancreatitis, gall stones, hardening of liver
8.  Stuttering
9.  Kidney infections, kidney stones
10. Disorders of nervous system
11. Bleeding or infection of eyes, nose, ears and throat; toothache, ringing
12. Female problems
13. Syphilis, shingles
14. Hyperactivity, restlessness (including children)
15. Hypo- or hyperglycemia
16. Aches and pains
17. Insomnia, headaches from nervous tension
18. Encephalitis

19.  Cardiac asthma (not other types)
20.  Digestive system inflammation: intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder,
     chronic bad breath and gas
21. Obesity
22. Skin problems, acne
Note: This combination was used in ancient times for strong-type
overweight people.


Changing your eating habits is important to losing weight, when there is
inadequate intake of all the essential nutrients, fat is not easily or adequately

BE active. Exercise is the best way to rid the body of fat and to maintain
good muscle tone.

Remember to rotate your foods and to eat a variety of foods.

Drink four to six glasses of liquids daily – distilled water and herb teas.
They are non-fattening fillers.

Make sure your bowels move daily.

Use reducing formula (WD-307) ½ hour before meals.

Put less food on your plate. Chew slowly

Do not chew gum. Gum starts the gastric digestive juices flowing and will
make you feel hungry sooner in addition to overworking your digestive

Never consume animal fat (found in butter, cream, ice cream, whole milk,
rich dressings, mayonnaise, and fried foods.

Use sources of good fat no more than twice a week: avocados, olive oil and
nuts. Do not eliminate!

Eat more complex carbohydrates that also offer protein such as tofu, lentils,
plain baked potatoes, sesame seeds, beans, brown rice, whole grains, and
white fish (no shellfish).

Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, tempted to buy forbidden
foods and purchase more foods than you need or can use before it loses its
Eat fresh fruits and an abundance of vegetables. Make one meal each day
entirely of vegetables and fruits.

Low calorie vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery,
cucumbers, green beans, kale, lettuce, onions, radishes, spinach, and turnips.

Low calorie/low carbohydrate fruits: apples, cantaloupe, grapefruits,
strawberries and watermelon.

Highest calories and carbohydrates: bananas, cherries, corn, and hominy,
figs, grapes, green peas, pears, pineapples, sweet potatoes, white rice and
yams. Should be consumed in moderation.

Foods that are being cooked should be baked, broiled, steamed or boiled.
Never consume fried or greasy foods.

Make lunch your main meal instead of dinner.

Use barley malt sweetener instead of sugar, three (3) calories to one gram
(2 teaspoon), especially diabetic or hypoglycemic people. Mix herb teas
with unsweetened fruit juice, use between meals and when a desire for
sweets hit you.

Consume healthy snacks and desserts:

Celery and carrot stick, watermelon, fresh fruits and frozen fruit popsicles,
freshly made unsalted popcorn, natural whole grain, and sugar-free muffins.

Yellow vegetables, chestnuts, corn, white potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal,
apples, grapes and buckwheat all contain a small amount of essential fatty

acids and should be part of the diet in moderation. Nuts, seeds, avocados,
olives, coconuts and wheat or corn germ are high in vegetable fatty acids
and should not be overused.

Also, use a massage to rid the body of fat. One part pure virgin olive oil to
two parts apple cider vinegar or just pure virgin oil. Knead lightly but
firmly over the fat areas at least three (3) times per week for quick results.

          CLEANSING (1)                                 COMBINATION

Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Rhemannia, Akebia, Scutellaria, Alisma, Plantago,
Gentiana, Gardenia, and Nepeta

Combination's Energy Level: Cool
Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 30% Piquant, 15% Bitter, 5% Salty
Main Meridians: Primarily LV and GB; secondarily; SP; L and K; then LI,
H and SI slightly

1.  Genital herpes
2.  Gonorrhea or non-specific urethra infections
3.  Vaginal infections, yeast infections, discharge, including chronic
4.  Bladder infections, uterus infections
5.  Low-grade prostate infections
6.  Infection and discharge in rectum
7.  Various infections in lower part of abdomen


Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Paeonia, Cnidium, Lithospermum, Rhubarb,
Cimicifuga, Astragalus, Gigas, Licorice, and Lonicera

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool
Combination's Taste: 30% Sweet, 25% Bitter, and 20% Piquant, 15% Salty,
10% Sour
Main Meridians: K and HC
1.    Cancer and lumps in female system (breasts, uterus, etc.)
2.    Cancer in lymphatic system
3.    Lupus
4.    Syphilis
5.    Herpes, shingles
6.    AIDS
7.    Body damage from exposure to radiation
Note: Used for increased protection against venereal disease in ancient


Low fat and a high-fiber diet are important. Eat more raw foods, including
seeds, nuts and grains. Be sure nuts are not rancid. Include in your diet,
three or more times a day apples, grapes, grapefruit, bananas, unroasted nuts,
seeds, yogurt, and fresh vegetables. Whole grains and beans are also an
important part of the diet.
 Avoid alcohol, animal products, cooking oils from supermarket shelves,
   rancid foods, fried foods, salt, sugar, tobacco and all white flour products.
   Avoid animal fats such as those found in bacon, sausage, gravies, ham,
   beef and pork.
 The most important substances to avoid are coffee, caffeine tea, cola
   drinks and chocolate. These foods contain caffeine. (Women who
   eliminate caffeine-containing substance from their diets had a high rate of
   disappearance and elimination of cysts.)
 Drink plenty of steam-distilled water.

         DETOXIFYING                               COMBINATION

Ingredients: Bupleurum, Pinellia, Poris, Cinnamon, Scutellaria, Jujube,
Chinese Ginseng, Dragon Bone, Gigas, Ginger, and Rhubarb

Combination's Energy Level: Low Warm
Combination's Taste: 40% Sweet, 30% Piquant, 25% Bitter, 5% Salty
Main Meridians: Rather neutral and balanced between the meridians, except
energizes H (which therefore eases up the liver's work), while sedating LV
and GB

1.  Liver damage, recovery from hepatitis
2.  Cardiovascular diseases, coronary artery problems (blockages)
3.  Adjustment of blood pressure (high or low)
4.  Chronic prostate problems (enlarged or infected )
5.  Nervous breakdown, depression, anger
6.  Forgetfulness, confused thinking, senility
7.  Chest pain (inside or outside)
8.  Gallbladder disorder
9.  Weight control
10. Addictions: assistance in quitting smoking, drinking and drug-taking,
    as well as lessening of withdrawal problems
11. Hair loss
12. Weak will power, kidney weakness and infection
13. Sexual disorders
14. Epilepsy
15. Mental disorders, improvement in brain function
16. Improvement of food absorption
17. Heartburn
18. Fatigue
19. Alzheimer's Disease


     Alfalfa, beet, black radish and dandelion juice are good for cleansing
       the liver and gallbladder.
     Using olive oil and pure apple juice will stimulate the gallbladder and
       help excrete bile and even small gallstones.
     Fast once per month to allow glands time to heal and rest.
     If toxic substances circulate through the bloodstream due to bad eating
       habits, drugs and/or nutritional deficiency, it is reflected in the lymph
       system. The lymph glands act as a filter, removing poisons from the
  The appendix and tonsils are important in immune function. Remove only
     when absolutely necessary.
When fasting, three days helps the body get rid of toxins; five days, start the
healing process; ten days, should take care of most problems. Eat only raw
foods two days prior to and two days after fasting.

         RETEXTURING                               COMBINATION

Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Rhemannia, Gypsos, Siler, Atractylodes, Akebia,
Anemarrhena, Cicada, Sophora, Schizonepeta, Sesame, and Licorice

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool
Combination's Taste: 45% Sweet, 40% Piquant, 10% Bitter, 5% Salty
Main Meridians: Sedates SP, L and TH and energizes S

1.    Skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, boils, sores, ring worm, dry
      skin, athlete's foot, fungus, shingles, herpes (not genital), over-all
2.    Poison oak
3.    Benefits enhanced when on a diet excluding butter, margarine, refined
      sugar and shellfish while applying Royal Jade Cream
Note: In rare observations, a temporary worsening of the condition preceded
improvement in psoriasis.


 Drink plenty of water and liquids. Cut and cracks in the nails indicate a
  need for more liquids.
 Avoid fried foods, shellfish, animal fat and heat-processed supermarket
  oils. Use cold-pressed oils only. Beware of rancid oils.
 Do not drink soft drinks or eat sugar, chocolate, potato chips, or other
  junk foods.
 Smoking increases wrinkles, especially around the mouth. It can also
  make the skin dry and leathery.
 Eggs, peanuts and milk account for 75 percent of skin rashes in children.

          FACIAL                                COMBINATION

Ingredients: Siler, Forsythia, Platycodon, Angelica, Scutellaria, Cnidium,
Schizonepeta, Gardenia, Coptis, Mentha, Rutaceae Peel, and Licorice

Combination's Energy Level: Neutral
Combination's Taste: 55% Piquant, 35% Bitter, 10% Sweet
Main Meridians: Energizes L and LV, but rather neutral on other meridians

Commentaries: In some observations, a temporary worsening of the
condition preceded acne improvement.

Benefits for the face:
      1. Similar to 407 but brings up to head part, to face.
      2. Acne boils red nose.
      3. Take until completely cleared up – as long as necessary (will not
          correct pits in face).
      4. Brings pimples out. Then they go away.
      5. Antibiotics force inside (pimples) and could cause trouble later.
      6. Massage face and stroke until it gets hot at same time use formula.
      7. Wash with cold water and seaweed soap.

        BLOOD PURIFYING                               COMBINATION

Ingredients: Ginseng, Bupleurum, Adenophora, Angelica, Laxiflora, Poria,
Dahurica, Cnidium, Honeysuckle, and Gladitschia

Combination's Energy Level: Low Warm
Combination's Taste: 55% Sweet, 30% Piquant, 15% Bitter
Main Meridians: LV, H and S

1.  Lupus
2.  Genital herpes, certain skin rashes
3.  Various infections in lymphatic system, ear leaking, ulcers and pussy
    sores on the body
4.  Rectal infections, such as infected hemorrhoids
5.  Poison Oak

    URO Combination

Ingredients: Poris, Zizyphus, Longon, Cnidium, Polygala, Licorice,
Saussurea, and Ginger

Notes: For urogenital infections. Very strong against germs, when 401 and
502 are not strong enough.

This is a complete formula for the health of the prostate gland.
Accomplishes five actions to completely prevent all old age kinds of prostate
problems, as well as chronic infections which antibiotics do not touch.

    1. Reduces and removes infections.
    2. Cleanses fat and obstructions.

      3. Shrinks swelling.
      4. Strengthens tissues and regenerates.
      5. Opens blood circulation.


       Drink two quarts of distilled water daily to stimulate urine flow.
       Maintain a whole food diet.
       Consume more nuts, seeds, raw fruits and vegetables; fresh juices,
        dried peas, beans and brown rice
       Avoid refined carbohydrates, coffee, strong tea and alcohol
       Zinc deficiency has been linked to enlargement of prostate


Ingredients: Rhubarb, Moutan, Persica, Mirabilitum, and Trichosanthes

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool
Combination's Taste: 35% Bitter, 35% Sweet, and 10% Piquant, 10% Sour,
10% Salty
Main Meridians: S and LI

1.  Prostatitis
2.  Various infections in the lower part of the body : rectum, testicles,
    prostate, bladder, ovaries, kidneys, urinary tract, vagina, intestines
3.  Appendicitis
4.  Bone marrow inflammation; lymph gland inflammation in woman's
    breast, skin sores
5.  Constipation and cleansing of intestinal walls


 Exercise is important for your physical and mental health. Regular
  exercise releases anti-depressant chemicals in your body that work to
  reduce stress. Also, physical activity speeds the movement of waste
  through the intestines and reduces the time that potential cancer-causing
  waste is in contact with tissues.
 Eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, bamboo shoots and well-cooked
  brown rice as often as possible. Avoid dairy products, white flour and
  sugar. Increase water intake.
 When fasting, three days helps the body get rid of toxins; five days, start
  the healing process; ten days, should take care of most problems. Eat
  only raw foods two days prior to and two days after fasting.
 Laxative does not improve transformation process, must also tonify the
 High blood pressure (150/90); Low blood pressure (90/60); Normal


Ingredients: Cyperus, Perilla, Citrus, Ginger, Licorice
Combination's Energy Level: Warm

Combination's Taste: 40% Bitter, 50% Piquant, 10% Sweet
Main Meridians: L, LV and SP

1.  Food poisoning, including shellfish reaction
2.  Stomach ache
3.  Stiff neck; shoulder pain, headache from indigestion
4.  Food allergy, including sinus congestion
5.  Inability to smell things


 Record your reactions after eating. If you feel bloated or have a slight
headache, an upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, a rapid pulse, or heart palpitations
after eating certain foods, then you should eliminate them from your diet for
sixty days and then introduce them again in small amounts (one teaspoon at
a time).
 During the sixty days, avoid shellfish, chocolate, dairy products, food
additives, red meats products, corn, bananas, caffeine, citrus fruits, eggs,
oats, peanuts, tomatoes, white rice, wheat, strawberries, salmon, processed
and refined foods.

Note: If you get a morning headache that gets better during the day (after
leaving home), watch out for something at home.


Ingredients: Cinnamon, Corydalis, Ostrea, Fennel, Cardamon, Licorice,
Ginger, and Poria

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination's Taste: 40% Piquant, 35% Sweet, 25% Salty
Main Meridians: Primarily: energizes LV; secondarily: energizes H, B and
L (from the Five Element Theory one can see that one result is to ease the
functioning of earth, or acidity)

1.  Stomach ulcer (including bleeding); stomach cancer
2.  Stomach acid imbalance
3.  Indigestion
4.  Morning sickness
5.  Fermentation
6.  Food allergy

7.    Food poisoning
8.    Hangover
9.    Hiatal Hernia


 Try not to drink liquids when eating.
 Avoid cold foods, raw vegetables and fried foods.
 Do not eat after 6:00 p.m.

          SWEET ORAL                             COMBINATION

Ingredients: Eriobotrya, Rhemannia, Asparagus, Ophiopogon, Chih Shih,

Dendrobium, Licorice, Scutellaria, Gardenia, Phellodendron
Combination's Energy Level: Cool
Combination's Taste: 55% Sweet, 35% Bitter, and 10% Piquant
Main Meridians: H, SP and K
1.   Infections in the mouth.
2.   Canker sores, inflammation, fungus and bad breath.
3.   Gum infections and/or corruption-superficial sores-not into the bones
4.   Toothache
5.   Cancer on tongue, in the mouth or throat, if malignant, use BP402
     w/GT 701
6.   Throat ulcer
7.   Tooth decay
8.   Dry mouth (lack of saliva)
9.   Throat irritation and mucous created by excessive talking


Ingredients: Chinese Ginseng, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Poria, Tan Kuei,
Paeonia, Rhemannia, Cnidium, Cinnamon, and Coix
Combination's Energy Level: Warm
Combination's Taste: 65% Sweet, 25% Piquant, 10% Sour, 10% Bitter
Main Meridians: Energizes all meridians with emphasis on H, TH, LV, SP
and L
1.    Increased immunity and anti-bodies
2.    Revitalization of all internal organs, tonifies the entire body; blood
3.    Recovery from surgery
4.    Cancer: benefits enhanced when used in conjunction with other
      combinations. For example, colon cancer: GT-701 plus BD-216; liver
      cancer: GT-701 plus BD-404; stomach cancer: GT-701 plus FP-604,
      Kidneys-301, Lungs-705, esophagus-102, etc.
5.    Leukemia and multiple sclerosis
6.    AIDS: benefits enhanced when used in conjunction with other
      formulas; HIV with diarrhea add 216, with pneumonia add 705, and
      with lymph swelling or KS add 402 or 407 with multiple infections
      add 209.

7.    Anemia, low blood count, low energy
8.    Body building following depletion from excessive use of antibiotics,
      exposure to radiation (including radiation therapy), chemotherapy and
      cobalt treatments
9.    Exhaustion in athletes
10.   Benefits enhanced with antibiotics for chronic infections
11.   Blurry eyesight in conjunction with weak, depleted body
12.   Improvement of blood circulation
13.   Increase of appetite
14.   Improvement of lung function

Note: In ancient times, this combination was for the weak and elderly


    Begin a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and
     other foods that are high in fiber. Avoid eating animal products and
     processed foods, sugar and soda.
    Drink fresh raw apple, carrot and snow pea juice.
    Fast once a month to detoxify your body of poisons that can weaken
     the immune system.
    Use steam-distilled water only for cooking and drinking.
    A positive frame of mind is important in building up the immune
     system. Mental depression results in a suppressed immune system


Ingredients: Licorice (specially treated), Zingiber, Cinnamon, Jujube,
Ginseng, Rhemannia, Ophiopogon, Sesame, and Gelatin

Combination's Energy Level: Neutral
Combination's Taste: 65% Sweet, 20% Salty, 15% Piquant
Main Meridians: Sedates H and SP primarily. (Energizes L a lot, and TH
secondarily). The remaining overall impact on other meridians is rather
balanced. Therefore, this combination has a strong concentration on
sedating the heart directly and indirectly, while revitalizing the sexual
glands. This combination is a heart specialty.

1.  Myocarditis
2.  Fibrillation
3.  Rhythmic disorder
4.  Heart failure, heart attack
5.  Shortness of breath; soothing of the lungs
6.  Chest pain

7.       Cardiac asthma
8.       Hypertension
9.       Edema
10.      Coughing caused by heart trouble
11.      Lack of energy, constant fatigue
12.      Impotence
13.      Angina
14.      Fainting because of blockage of neck artery


       Eliminate stimulants such as coffee and tea, which contain caffeine.
        Also avoid tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt, butter, red meat, fats,
        (particularly animal fats), fried foods, processed and refined foods,
        soft drinks, spicy foods and white flour products, such as white bread
        and homogenized milk.
       Drink steam-distilled water only.
       Eat plenty of raw foods, broiled fish, turkey and skinless chicken.
        Garlic, onions, and lecithin are good additions to your diet. Add
        almonds and nuts (no peanuts), olive oil, pink salmon, trout, Atlantic
        herring, and mackerel to your diet.


Ingredients: Tang Kuei, Paeonia, Cnidium, Rhemannia, Platycodon,
Ginseng, Gardenia, Coptis, Angelica, Vitex, Chrysanthemum, Licorice,
Juncus, and Theaceae

Combination's Energy Level: Low Cool
Combination's Taste: 30% Piquant, 30% Sweet, 30% Bitter, and 10% Sour
Main Meridians: Energizes LV, but sedates H, L, LI and SI slightly


1.    Eye disorders: peraplenitis, eye infections, etc.
2.    Older people with deteriorating eyes
3.    Cataract, near- and far-sightedness
4.    Glaucoma
5.    Unfocused vision or uncoordinated eye focus
6.    Eye weakness and degenerative vision


Ingredients: Astragalus, Ginseng, Atractylodes, Tang Kuei, Bupleurum,
Ginger, Jujube, Citrus, Licorice, and Cimicifuga

Combination's Energy Level: Near Warm
Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 25% Piquant, 25% Bitter
Main Meridians: Primarily: SP then L; Secondarily: S, TH, H and LI

1.  Chronic Lung problems: chronic TB, asthma and emphysema
2.  Lung cancer
3.  Over-perspiration in weak people
4.  Shortness of breath
5.  Heart, spleen and pancreas dysfunction, including hypoglycemia
6.  Lung recovery, such as after impairment from injury
7.  Fungus in lungs


 The diet should consist of raw fruits and slightly cooked vegetables.
  Exclude from your diet dairy products, cold drinks, sugar, white flour
  products, coffee, all tea except herb tea, and cigarettes.

 Drink plenty of juices. Liquids help to thin the lung secretions. Fast on
  pure juices, fresh lemon juice and distilled water


Ingredients: Ginseng, Atractylodes (white), Poria, Licorice, Tang Kuei,
Paeonia, Cnidium, and Rhemannia
Combination's Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination's Taste: 60% Sweet, 20% Piquant, 10% Sour, 10% Bitter
Main Meridians: LV, H, TH, HC, SI, SP, S and L

1.  Blood building, especially for women with low energy, anemia, pale
    color, slow pulse, etc.
2.  Fast overall tonic
3.  Dry skin, unhealthy hair, nerve inflammation, rheumatism, congested
    lungs, irregular menstruation, food absorption, nervousness, blood
    circulation, anemia


Ingredients: Zanthoxylum, Cinnamon, Ginger, Jujube, Paeonia, Licorice,
and Maltose

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination's Taste: 65% Sweet, 15% Piquant, 10% Sour, 10% Bitter
Main Meridians: Primarily L, K and B; Secondarily SP, S, LI, TH and GB

1.  Children bedwetting, nightmares, excessive crying
2.  Low metabolism, slow growth, growing disorders
3.  Headache
4.  Tonsillitis

5.       Lymph nodes, lymphatic system inflammation
6.       Weak liver, jaundice, gallbladder problem
7.       Indigestion, hypo- or hyper-acidity, improvement of food absorption
8.       Intestinal disorder
9.       Spinal problems
10.      Asthma, chronic bronchitis
11.      Acute hepatitis, enlarged or hardened liver
12.      Coronary disease, short breath, chest pain
13.      Stomach pain
14.      Impotence, enlarged prostate
15.      Wet dreams
16.      Thymus and thyroid deficiencies
17.      Body building for children, including premature babies
18.      Acute angina


       Alfalfa, beet, black radish and dandelion juice are good for cleansing
        the liver and gallbladder.
       Using olive oil and pure apple juice will stimulate the gallbladder and
        help excrete bile and even small gallstones.
       Fast once per month to allow glands time to heal and rest.
       If toxic substances circulate through the bloodstream due to bad eating
        habits, drugs and/or nutritional deficiency, it is reflected in the lymph
        system. The lymph glands act as a filter, removing poisons from the
       The appendix and tonsils are important in immune function. Remove
        only when absolutely necessary.
       When fasting, three days helps the body get rid of toxins; five days,
        start the healing process; ten days, should take care of most problems.
        Eat only raw foods two days prior to and two days after fasting.


Ingredients: Cinnamon, Scutellaria, Platycodon, Poria, and Almond

Combination's Energy Level: Low Warm
Combination's Taste: 35% Piquant, 45% Sweet, 20% Bitter
Main Meridian: L

1. Especially for the mouth, loose teeth, inflammation and infection in
   gums and teeth, bones and jaw.
2. Cavities


Platycodon: gets rid of mucous after white corpuscles die from fighting

Poria: provides nutrition for over all body to build up, prevents tooth loss

Causes of gum problems: too many soft foods that rob teeth and gums of
much needed exercise, poor nutrition (wrong foods), sugar, improper
brushing, smoking, drugs, excessive alcohol, blood disease, water disease,
chronic illness and glandular disorders

Bleeding gums are usually caused by too much heat in the body (caused by
indigestion, constipation, water disease)

     LONGEVITY Combination –                                 RETARDS

Ingredients: Pinellia, Platycodon, Peucedanum Root, Areca, Rutaceae,
Ginseng, Ginger, and Evodia


      1. Brain food, prevents forgetfulness.
      2. Increases thinking power.
      3. Strengthens heart functions as heart tonic.
      4. Prevents heart disease.
      5. Energizes, immediately improves energy level.
      6. Boosts immunity.
      7. Soothes nerves, relaxes, and reduces stress and tension.
      8. Retards aging.
      9. Encourages sleep and deep restfulness.
      10.Good for canker sores.
      11.Prevents hair loss.


Ingredients: Bitter almond, Ligusticum Root, Angelica Root, Cinnamon,
Ginseng, Tang Kuei, Cnidium, Zingiber, Licorice, Gypsos, and Acorus

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 30% Piquant, 20% Bitter
Main Meridians: Primarily LV, H, SP and L

1.  Stroke recovery, including paralysis
2.  Revitalization of the brain cells and nerve cells and adjusted
    coordination between brain and nervous system
3.  Adjusted blood pressure (high or low)
4.  Parkinson's Disease
5.  Encephalitis
6.  Arthritis (cripple)
7.  Nervous disorders in the face and eyes


Ingredients: Zeltinum seed, Cuscuta seed, Lycium seed, Plantago seed,
Elettaria seed, and Scaizendra seed

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Warm
Combination's Taste: 50% Sweet, 20% Sour, 20% Bitter, and 10% Piquant
Main Meridians: TH

1.     AIDS, strengthened immune system
2.     Overall "tune-up" of glandular function
3.     Impotence and low sexual drive
4.     Encouragement of youthful abilities
Note: In ancient times, this combination was used to strengthen the seven
glands considered to be the wheels of the life of a human being. These
glands are the sexual, adrenal, pancreas, and thymus, thyroid, pituitary and


Ingredients: Ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, Zizyphus, Longan, Astragalus,
Tang Kuei, Polygala, Licorice, Saussurea, Jujube, and Ginger

Combination's Energy Level: Near Warm
Combination's Taste: 65% Sweet, 20% Piquant, 10% Sour, 5% Bitter
Main Meridians: Primarily: SP; Secondarily: TH and L
1.   Anemia
2.   Internal bleeding in intestines, uterus, kidneys; blood in urine
3.   Forgetfulness, tiredness, overwork, mental exhaustion, sad disposition
4.   Chronic gonorrhea, wet dreams
5.   Nerve tension, weakness
6.   Blood building, stomach toning, aiding of digestion, bone marrow,
7.   In leukemia cases, this combination has been used to encourage
     remission (add 701)


Ingredients: Peppermint, Gardenia, Cardamon, Catechu, Cnidium,
Rhubarb, and Forsythia

Combination's Energy Level: Middle Cool
Combination's Taste: 45% Bitter, 40% Piquant, 15% Sweet
Main Meridian: L

1.  Increased throat function, especially voice clarification.
2.  Strengthens and improves the quality of the singing and speaking


 An extraordinary herbal skin care system was developed for the royal
families of China. The herbal combinations were so treasured that they were
more precious than priceless gems. This skin care system includes many
secret combinations:

                          Royal Jade Cream

This combination has been famous in the history of China. It contains these
costly materials:

Jade, Lithospermum, Frankincense, Myrrh, Pearls, Sesame Oil

 It helps generate new, healthy skin tissues and repairs old, unhealthy cells
 It removes scars, wrinkles and blemishes, liver spots, acne, scars from
  injury, burns, and damaged skin tissue.
 It makes the skin soft, healthy and radiant
 The physicians of the Royal Family of China have also reported a wide
  range of benefits from Royal Jade Cream for symptoms like (or
  resembling): joints deformed by arthritis, herpes, sprained ankles,
  psoriasis, breast lumps, vaginal infections, skin cancer, spinal
  dysfunction, hemorrhoids, cataracts, glaucoma and eczema.                 Its
  effectiveness has been continuously proven over the centuries.
 It forms a protective barrier from the effects of the wind, cold and
 For injury: cuts, bruises, burns, sunburn, scrapes, rashes, irritation—any
  kind of injury which external application can reach. Penetrates deeply to
  heal bruise, strains, sprains, inflammation, infection, and some kinds of
  skin allergies, dry itchy skin.
 It helps with healing gums, abscess, tooth pain, mouth herpes, canker
  sores, cataracts (apply to eyelids to help dissolve), hemorrhoids (helps
  shrink), heal veins. Clean up, kills germs.
 For healing and lubrication for sexual intercourse; prevents venereal
  disease, vaginal infections (yeast, etc.); helps lubricate vagina to prevent
  pain, infection, irritation; applied externally to prevent irritation and
  herpes. Can be used by pregnant women with genital herpes to avoid
  cesarean birth.
 For pain: bruises, painful swollen joints, arthritis, infections or
  inflammation helps improve circulation in area applied in arthritic joint
  pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

  For anal warts to prevent spreading, reoccurrence, after surgical removal.

                       Basic Nutritional Guide

 A nutritional diet is the key to good health. Use the following table as a
 guide when deciding which types of food to include in the diet and which
 ones to avoid in order to maintain good health.

Types of       Foods to Avoid               Acceptable Foods
Beans          Canned pork and beans        All beans cooked without
               canned beans with salt or    animal fat or salt (beans
               preservatives, frozen        should be soaked for 9 hrs)
Beverages      Alcohol, coffee, cocoa,      Herb teas, fresh vegetable and
               pasteurized and              fruit juices, a coffee substitute
               sweetened juices, fruits     made from cereal grains
               drinks, sodas, tea (except   instead of coffee beans,
               herb tea).                   mineral or distilled water.
Dairy          All soft cheese all          Raw goat (light) cheese,
Products       pasteurized cheese           nonfat cottage cheese, kefir,
               products with orange         unsweetened yogurt, goat
               coloring ice cream.          milk, raw or skim milk,
                                            buttermilk, all soy products.

Eggs           Fried or Pickled             Boiled or poached (limit to
                                            four weekly)
Fish           All fried fish, all          All fresh-water white fish,
               shellfish, salted fish,      salmon, broiled or baked fish.
               anchovies, herring fish,
               canned in oil.
Fruits         Canned, bottled, or frozen All fresh, frozen, stewed, and
               fruits with sweeteners     dried fruits without
               added.                     sweeteners, unsulfured fruits,
                                          home-canned fruits.
Grains         All white flour products, All grains and products

Types of      Foods to Avoid              Acceptable Foods
              white rice spaghetti and    containing grains, cereals,
              macaroni, crackers,         breads, muffins, whole grain
              overly processed oatmeal    crackers, cream of wheat/rye
              and hot or cold cereals.    cereal, buckwheat, millet,
                                          oats, brown rice wild rice.
                                          (Limit yeast breads to three
                                          times per wk)
                                          (Soak grains 9 hrs).
Meats         Beef; all forms of pork;    Skinless turkey and chicken,
              hot dogs; luncheon meats; lamb (Consume meat only
              smoked, pickled and         three times per week)
              processed meats; corned
              beef; duck; goose; spare
              ribs; gravies; organ
Nuts          Peanuts, all salted or      All fresh raw nuts (except
              roasted nuts.               peanuts) (Soak 9 hrs)
Oils (Fats)   All saturated fats,         All cold-pressed oil; corn,
              hydrogenated margarine      safflower, sesame, olive,
Oils (Fats)   refined processed oils,     soybean, and sunflower oils;
              shortenings, and hardened margarine from these oils;
              oils.                       eggless mayonnaise.
Seasonings    Black or white pepper,      Garlic, onions, dried parsley,
              salt, hot, red peppers      spike, all herbs, chives,
              white vinegar, all          cayenne, dried vegetables,
              artificial vinegar.         apple vinegar, tamari, miso,
                                          seaweed, sea salt, dulse.
Soups         Canned with salt or         Homemade (salt and fat free)
              preservatives (MSG), fat bean, lentil, pea, vegetable,
              stock, or creamed           barley, brown rice, onion.
Sprouts and   Seeds cooked in oil or      All slightly cooked sprouts
Seeds         salt.                       (except alfalfa), wheatgrass,
                                          and all raw seeds (soak 9 hrs)
Sweets        White, brown, or raw        Barley malt or rice syrup,
              sugar, corns syrups,        small amounts of raw honey,
              chocolate, sugar candy,     pure maple unsulfured
              fructose, all syrups except blackstrap molasses.

Types of     Foods to Avoid            Acceptable Foods
             pure maple syrup, all
             sugar syrup, all sugar
             substitutes, jams and
             jellies with sugar.
Vegetables   All canned and frozen     All raw, fresh, frozen (no
             with salt or additives.   additives), or home-canned
                                       without salt (Under-cook
                                       vegetables slightly).

                      The Benefits of Fresh, Raw Foods

Foods that are kept for long periods of time are prone to lose vast amounts of
nutrients. We find more vitamins and enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables
than we would in overripe fruits and vegetables or fruits or vegetables that
have been stored over long periods of time.

Foods that have been grown are the healthiest for consumption. Organically
grown foods are grown without the use of growth-stimulating chemicals,
artificial fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. Most health food stores carry
organically grown foods. Inquire at your local health food store.

Before eating foods, they should be thoroughly washed in order to eliminate
any traces of insecticides or other residue. The foods should be scrubbed
with a soft vegetable brush, and then soaked in water for ten minutes. Non-
toxic rinsing preparations are also available in reputable health food stores
and these preparations can also be used to clean the food. On the other hand,
water and a vegetable brush are probably all that is necessary if the food
comes from an organic source.

To receive full benefits, fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw as much
as possible, even though we are used to eating most of our foods cooked.
Vitamins and enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process, because of its
sensitivity to heat. In the event that raw foods are not available, frozen
foods can be substituted. Do not use processed, canned or boxed foods.
Food can be slightly steamed or you can use a wok if you have difficulty in
eating raw foods.

Fruits and vegetables have valuable nutrients in all of their parts and most of
them should be eaten in their entirety. With the exception of citrus fruits,
you should eat the skins and the rinds as well as the flesh. The white part
inside of the skin of the citrus fruit should be eaten for its vitamin C and
bioflavonoid content. The ingestion of citrus fruits should be kept at a
minimum with the exception of lemons. Lemon juice has proven to be an
effective healing agent. We should drink lemon juice in a fresh cup of warm
water every morning.

                    The Hazards of Overcooked Foods

 When food is cooked too long, especially over a charcoal grill, it will
brown and burn. Overcooked foods have proven to be potentially highly
carcinogenic when ingested. Agents that may cause cancer will be
contained in bread crust and other toasted material that has been browned
and burned. In fact, many chemicals that produce cancer in animals have
been isolated from cooked protein.

 There is a variance in the amount of overcooked food ingested from person
to person. Some people consume many grams daily. A half-gram of this
same dangerous burned material inhaled by someone is the same as someone
smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Readily detectable levels of these
carcinogens are found in smokers' urine as compared to nonsmokers. People
who eat fried pork or bacon also consume nitrogenous substances. Changes
in chemical structure occur when the fat, protein and other organic
compounds contained in the animal are cooked at extreme temperatures.
When ingested into the human body, these toxic chemical changes in the
overcooked foods put the individual at risk for cancer.

                               Foods to Avoid

 Certain enzyme inhibitions are found in soybean products and peanuts.
These foods should be consumed in moderation. Too many legumes, such
as beans in the diet can cause excessive gas and discomfort. Most digestive
problems are accompanied by illnesses. Because of this, foods that cause
difficult digestion should be eaten only occasionally.
 We should avoid nuts that are exposed to air and light or that is in
showcases. Eat fresh nuts as opposed to roasted nuts. Many diseases are
caused by rancid nuts that contain rancid oils.

                             When Dining Out

  When eating in a restaurant, you should avoid all processed and fried
foods. Make sure to order only steamed or baked vegetables broiled chicken
or fish and tossed vegetable salads. You should drink water with fresh
lemon juice during your meal, in order to aid in detoxification and digestion.
Be aware that many restaurant foods are frozen and loaded with
preservatives, animal fat, salt and sulfites.


 The fresh juices mentioned are to be juiced in your kitchen and consumed
immediately to receive the best results. The benefits of juicing come from
the facts that your body receives plenty of the necessary elements from
the juice and it does not take much energy to digest juice. Optimum
nutrition will be received from pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

 In order to make your own juices; you must purchase a juicer. Since there
are many juicers on the market--ranging from a few dollars upwards to a
thousand dollars--you should shop around to get the juicer to fit your needs
and your budget.

 Our body needs vitamins, minerals, purified water, carbohydrates,
proteins, enzymes and chlorophyll. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are
excellent sources to receive all of these elements. To be sure that all of the
vitamins and minerals go into the juice, there are many vegetables and fruits
that can be juiced without removing the peelings. Juices should be
consumed immediately, because many of their nutrients are lost in storage.

 There are three major categories of juices:

     1. Green juices (or "green drinks") - The body is rejuvenated and the
        cells are stimulated by green juices. You find chlorophyll in green
        juices made from sprouts. Chlorophyll cleanses and heals the body.
        You can also make "green drinks" by adding chlorophyll to juice.
        Chlorophyll can be purchased at health or natural foods stores. Alfalfa
        sprouts, dandelion greens, cabbage, and celery, spinach and other
        similar vegetables make up green juices.

     2. Vegetable juices - Fresh vegetables remove fat, acid wastes and
        excesses of protein from the body. They are builders and restorers in
        the body. The consumption of vegetable juices helps our body to
        guard against illness and also contributes to building the immune

     3. Fruit juices - Fruit juices serve as cleansers in our bodies.
        Watermelon juice is a favorite. Most juicers extract the pulp and
        leave you with clean, delicious juice. The seeds, rind and fruit of the

   watermelon can be juiced. Watermelon juice serves as an excellent
   cleanser. Citrus fruits, berries and apples are delicious when juiced.

It is recommended that the best results be received from consuming fruit
juices in the morning and vegetable juices in the afternoon.

                      FIVE TASTES OF FOODS
     SWEET              SOUR      BITTER    SALTY                 SPICY
Almonds Raw           Beet      Artichokes Prepared              Anise
        Peanuts                            Beef

Beans      Peas       Barbecue       Asparagus      Bones        Basil
Black eye Pecans      Breads         Avocados       Butter       Cayenne
Peas                                                             Pepper
Bran      Pies        Buttermilk     Bamboo         Canned       Chili
                                     Shoots         Foods
Brazil     Puddings   Chicken        Black          Caviar       Curry
Nuts                                 Fungus
Cabbage    Pumpkin    Collards       Bitter Melon   Cheeses      Dill
Cakes      Rice       Fresh water    Bok Choy       Eggs         Garlic
Candy      Sherbet    Fruit juices   Broccoli       Fish (salt   Ginger
                      (most)                        water)
Canned     Sorbet     Fruit (raw)    Cauliflower    Frozen       Leek
Fruits                                              Foods
Carrots    Snow Peas Liver (any      Celery         Ham          Liquor
Cereals    Soft      Mayonnaise      Chard          Kidneys      Lungs
           Drinks                                   (any type)
Coconuts   Sorghum Red Meats         Chinese        Olives       Mint
                                     Mustard        (pickled)
Corn       Squash     Pickles        Chocolate      Margarine    Mustard

Cream      Starch     Rose Hips      Cocoa          Processed    Onions
Cucumbe    String     Salad          Coffee         Salt         Oregano
r          Beans      Dressings
Dried      Sugar      Salami         Escarole/      Seaweed      Parsley
Fruit                                Endive
Eggplant   Sunflower Sausages        Gelatin        Shellfish    Pepper
Eggnog     Sweet     Sour Cream      Green          Soy Sauce    Rhubarb

       SWEET                   SOUR          BITTER      SALTY   SPICY
          Potatoes                         Vegetables
Fava      Sweetened         Sprouts        Heart (any   Tofu     Thyme
Beans     Fruit                            type)
Honey     Syrup             Tartar Sauce   Leeks                 Truffle
Ice       Walnuts           Tomatoes       Mushrooms             Vanilla
Jicama    Wheat             Turkey         Mustard               Wine
Kale          Milk          Vinegar        Napa
Kentucky      Molasses      Yeast          Rutabagas
Lettuce       Milk          Yogurt         Spirulina

  Acid-forming Foods                     low-level acid-
                                        forming Foods
Alcohol        Asparagus       butter       cheeses
beans          brussel         coconuts     fruits (canned,
               sprouts         (dried)      glazed)
catsup         chickpeas       fruits       grains (most)
cocoa          coffee          ice cream ice milk
cornstarch     eggs            lambsquar seeds, nuts (most)
fish           pepper
poultry        sauerkraut
shellfish      flour
legumes        lentils
meat           milk
mustard        noodles
oatmeal        olives
organ          pasta
meats                                                                   69
soft drinks    sugar
       SWEET                  SOUR          BITTER            SALTY   SPICY
Pastry    Oatmeal          Yellow          Tea
             Pancreas                      Turnips
             (any type)
To maintain a balanced diet, food intake should be 20% of the best
     of each food group over each twenty-four hour period
   Acid-forming Foods                low-level acid-
 Alkaline-forming Foods    Low-level Alkaline-forming
                                    forming Foods              Although it
Alcohol      Asparagus     Foods
                           butter        cheeses               may seem
beans        avocados
             brussel       almonds
                           coconuts      blackstrap molasses that citrus
                                         fruits (canned,
corn         dates
             sprouts       Brazil nuts buckwheat
                           (dried)       glazed)               fruits would
catsup       grapefruit
             chickpeas     chestnuts coconuts (fresh)
                           fruits        grains (most)         have an acid
grapes       honey         dairy
                           (dried,       lima beans            effect on the
                           sulfured)                           body, the
cocoa        coffee        soured
                           ice cream ice milk                  citrus acid
lemons       maple syrup millet          (homemade)            they contain
cornstarch millet
melons       eggs          lambsquar seeds, nuts (most)        actually has
molasses     oranges       ter                                 an alkaline
fish         soy figs
             pepper                                            effect in the
vegetables sauerkraut
poultry                                                        system,
shellfish    flour                                             converting
             products                                         to carbon
legumes      lentils                                          dioxide and
(peas/beans                                                   water.
/peanuts)                                                     However,
meat         milk                                             prunes,
mustard      noodles                                          cranberries,
                                                              and plums
oatmeal      olives
                                                              are acid
organ        pasta
                                                              forming and
                                                              remain acidic
soft drinks sugar
                                                              in the body.
                                                              Raw fruits
become acid forming when sugar is added. All foods with added sugar
become acidic. Alcohol, drugs, aspirin, tobacco, and vinegar are also acid

                             Steam-Distilled Water

Boiling water as a process to vaporize it distills water. Most pollutants from
the water, minerals, chemicals, viruses, and bacteria are left behind when the
steam rises from the water. At this point, the steam is moved into a
condensing chamber for cooling and condensing in order for it to become
distilled water.

Steam-distilled water leaches inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and
tissues out of the body, once it is consumed. Steam-distilled water is the
only water that should be consumed.

Flavor can be added to the water by adding one to two tablespoons of raw
apple cider vinegar (obtained from a health food store) to one gallon of the
distilled water. An excellent solvent that aids in digestion is apple cider
vinegar. By putting Concentrate Mineral Drops in steam-distilled water,
you can add minerals. To every five gallons of water you should add two
tablespoons of mineral drops.

                                  Tap Water

Surface water runs off from lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Water that
runs out of household faucets or taps is obtained from surface water.
Pollutants can be washed into these bodies of water, which causes
contamination to our drinking water. In addition to lead from factory and
automobile exhausts, fertilizer and insecticides can easily be washed into
surface water. Chemicals such as soda ash, sodium aluminates, lime,
fluorine, chlorine, carbon and alum are often added to drinking water in
order to purify it. Although these chemicals are now believed to cause
cancer, they are used to kill the bacteria found in water. In combination with
the above chemicals, other toxic substances such as cyanides, cadmium,
asbestos and arsenic may be found in tap water and, together, they can form
carcinogenic substances. All of these toxic substances are not found in all
drinking water. Ratings in water safety are higher in some cities than in
others. All towns and cities do not filter their water supplies in any way nor
do they add chemicals. Some cities and towns filter their water, while other
cities and towns add chemicals to their water to kill bacteria. In order to find
out how drinking water is treated to determine the safety of the water
coming from the tap, it is up to the individual. There are several ways to
improve the taste of tap water. Boiling tap water will kill bacterial. The
water must then be refrigerated if it is to be used for drinking. By keeping
the water in an uncover pitcher for several hours, the taste will also improve.

The heavy chlorine taste and odor will dissipate by using this method. To
remove chlorine and other chemicals, water can also be aerated in a blender.
None of the methods will improve the quality of the water--only the taste.


Enemas come in two forms: retention and cleansing. Cleansing enemas are
used to flush out the colon; they are not retained or held in the body. It is
better to use an enema bulb (not the bag) and steam-distilled water.

                                Coffee Enema

Coffee used as an enema affects the body differently than when it is
consumed orally. The normal digestion process is altered when coffee is
used as an enema. When used properly, the coffee enema stimulates the
liver to throw off toxins, which is another benefit in treatment. Where there
is degenerative disease, coffee enemas are used to help stimulate the liver to
excrete toxins or "poison bile." What we have described above is a retention
enema; it is retained or held in for fifteen minutes.

When making the solution for a coffee enema, place two quarts of steam-
distilled water in a pan and add six heaping teaspoons of ground coffee
(don't use instant or decaffeinated). Boil the mixture for fifteen minutes,
cool and strain. Only one pint of the coffee needs to be used each
time…save the rest in a jar.

Coffee enemas are also used while fasting in order to relieve headaches that
are caused by toxins that are built up during detoxification. It is imperative
that coffee enemas are not abused. They are to be used once daily in accord
with the program that is recommended for your disorder or on occasion,
when needed. Instead of petroleum jelly on the tip of the enema as a
lubricant, use a 200IU capsule of vitamin E. Puncture a hole in the end of
the capsule with a pin and squeeze the liquid onto the tip. If the anus and the
lining inside the colon are inflamed, this method will have a healing effect.

Over-use of coffee enemas over any lengthy period of time (six months or
more) will possibly cause anemia. In order to avoid this, you should use
desiccated liver tablets or liver injections, in the event that you are taking

these enemas daily for extended periods of time. It is recommended that the
coffee enema be limited to a half-pint only one time daily, unless you are
being treated for cancer. It is possible that cancer patients may need up to
three enemas daily.
  There is the possibility that the use of coffee enemas may cause the
depletion of some of the B vitamins and minerals. For patients with severe
illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS, 1cc of B complex or 2cc of injectable
liver can be added. In order to replace the minerals that are lost, one dropper
full of liquid kelp or seawater concentrate (found in health food stores)
should be added. The enemas should be retained for at least fifteen minutes.
To replace any lost vitamin B vitamins and rebuild the liver and give an
extra boost of energy, these enemas should be used daily. To kill unwanted
bacteria in the colon, Betel Nut (Se. Arecae Catechu) may be added to the

                             Lemon Juice Enema

The lemon juice enema is not a retention enema. Use the juice of three
lemons and two quarts of steamed distilled water. Use lukewarm water as
opposed to water that is too cold or too warm. For minerals, two droppers of
liquid kelp can be added to the enema. When receiving this enema, the best
position to use is the "rear up and head down." Once the fluid insertion has
been completed, you should lie on your right side, the rotate onto your back,
and lastly, roll over and lie on your left side. You should massage your
colon while you are in the process of doing what is directed above. All fecal
matter will be loosened with this massage.

This lemon enema should be used alternately with coffee enemas twice a
week whenever there is trouble constipation. This method will clean the
colon, the bowels will begin to move on their own and there will be the
elimination of the foul smell of the stool.
 In case you are allergic to lemons or citrus fruits, other alternatives to use
are wheatgrass, garlic, or plain steam-distilled water.

                        Acidophilus Retention Enema

In cases of severe gas, candidiasis, and bloating, when high colonics have
been used, all yeast infections, and when antibiotics have been used over

long periods of time, this enema should be used. It should be used from three
to six times a week. The use of this enema is to replace intestinal flora
("friendly" bacteria) that have been removed or destroyed. The severely ill
patient should take this enema.
 Six ounces of powered Acidophilus (found in natural food stores) mixed in
one quart of distilled water is the formula for this enema. The formula
should be mixed until it is dissolved. Once the mixture is dissolved, you
should implant as much as you can retain, and hold it for at least an hour or
longer if possible. Taking a plain water enema first will make it easier to
retain the treatment enema. This implant gives relief of severe gas in a
matter of minutes.

                               FIVE ELEMENT TABLE
ELEMENT                     PHYSICAL PART                             MENTAL PART             SPIRITUAL
          Taste    Organ      Bowel         Superficial   Openin   Emotion      Trait
Earth     Sweet    Spleen-    Stomach       Muscles       Mouth    Worry        Pondering     n/a
Metal     Spicy    Lungs      Large         Skin          Nose     Sadness      Sensitivity   n/a
Water     Salt     Kidney     Bladder       Bone          Ears     Fear         Willpower     n/a
Wood      Sour     Liver      Gallbladder   Nerves        Eyes     Anger        Thinking      n/a
Fire      Bitter   Heart      Small         Blood         Tongue   Excitement   n/a           Spirit
                   Sex        Intestines    Vessels                                           (intuition),
                   Glands                                                                     spiritual
In the Bible, Revelations 22:2, it is stated that “The leaves of the tree were
for the healing of the nations.” God intended for us to make use of all the
bounty, which the earth provides especially, the herbs. But we have strayed
from the Way of God and we are now starving in an era of abundant food
crops. We are starving because most of these chemicalized foods are not
providing our bodies with the nutrients our bodies need. In addition, these
foods are poisoning us to death while providing us with no defense against
the onslaught of germs, viruses, pollution, and radiation. To rediscover the
“forgotten foods” is to give ourselves another chance. With the secret herbal
formulas, the cycle of nourishment is continuous and complete, thereby
enabling the cells and the tissues to regenerate constantly and be cleansed
from poisons. The healing properties of herbs go directly to the areas of the
body, which are most in need of replenishment, rebuilding, or cleansing.
Herbs work faster and more efficiently than regular foods to nourish and
energize us and to prevent illness.
An unprecedented state of balance and health may be achieved in your body
when a diet of herbs is combined along with our regular food diet. The
results of regular consumption of herbs and application of knowledge
concerning our bodily functions will manifest themselves immediately with
concrete, tangible rewards. The entire metabolism of the body changes, as
problems that have plagued us for generations are worked out. With the use
of the secret Chinese herbal formulas, we will be one step closer to the
attainment of immortality.

Dr. Stephen T. Chang

                  Improve yourself and improve the world!

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