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									Useful Memory Devices for Students
Many students are studying to earn a business degree, accounting degree, networking degree or
computer programming degree, but there are quite a few students that aren’t sure what they can do to
improve their memory. Earning a degree is hard work. While there may not necessarily be any “easy
roads” to being able to remember everything a teacher might say, it is possible to improve your memory
and to use your natural memory to serve you in your endeavor.

Health Tips
There are a few things you’ll want to remember: getting enough sleep and keeping a proper diet will be
two of the best things you can do for yourself. As a student, these things might not always be a
                                              possibility, but try—it probably won’t be as hard as you
                                              think. Getting to bed a little earlier might seem like it will
                                              interfere with the time that you spend studying or with
                                              friends, but you probably won’t miss the time all that
                                              much when you realize how beneficial that extra sleep is.

                                             Then there’s the issue of diet. The average student usually
                                             eats whatever is available in whatever quantities available,
                                             but you should keep an eye on a couple of things if you’re
                                             looking to enhance your memory. Beans, seeds and nuts
are good things, since they are high in magnesium. This helps your brain record and remember things
that you learn. Sometimes, a proper diet can be had from on-campus dining, but that usually isn’t
enough by itself. You should take it upon yourself now to eat what you need in order to take the best
care of your brain.

Study Methods
The other things that you can do to help your memory deal more with
how you study—you can’t just eat a few cans of nuts and wind up with
a photographic memory. Like anything, you need to work at it one day
at a time. Some of the most basic things you can do are thing like
finding mnemonic devices—words, phrases or songs that you can
memorize quickly that serve your needs. Other things are the basics
that you learned in your early childhood education: flashcards and
basic repetition. Both of these techniques will help you take the
knowledge you have in your short-term memory and help it move to long-term memory.

Increased Memory Capacity
By combining these two aspects: the basic things like getting enough sleep and eating the right things,
along with memory-focused study techniques, you can have a much greater memory capacity than
before. You’re treating your brain right, and working it out. The more you do that, the better it will treat
Very few people have what you’d call a “photographic memory.” If you’re reading this, it’s pretty likely
that you’re one of the people that don’t. Although you won’t be able to recite long pieces of poetry in
your first week, you will be able to improve your memory to the point that these things will give you few
problems. Eventually, you will get to that point if you keep working at it.

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