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What to do When the Workload Becomes too much


									What to do When the Workload Becomes too much
You have missed a week of work due to an illness or some emergency. Your homework from classes is
stacking up and you realize that what was seemingly overwhelming before has now become impossible.
So what do you do when the workload becomes too much to handle?

Take things on one at a time
It will only stress you out more as you go if you start working on three
things at the same time. It is important to be able to block out some
things and focus on the important issues at hand. Remember that you
are much more efficient at focusing on one single thing when you go
into your work load than you are when you focus on many.

Don’t be a yes man.

You need to learn when to say no. There will always be work to do and it
will always somehow, end up on your plate. You need to speak up for
yourself and be ready to say no if you want to last in a job. People need
to understand that there are limits and if you don’t let them know then
you will continue to fail.

Be willing to negotiate rather than fail
Sometimes you can call people up and let them know that you are behind. It is better than thinking that
you will somehow; magically get ahead of things eventually. You need to take things on with a realistic
approach and be willing to make thing easier on yourself. This is the main goal.


You need to make sure that you have your priorities straight. Too many people do the easy things first
and then get burned out when it comes time to get the hard things done. Be willing to set aside the
things that don’t matter as much. Those will be the killers in the end if you let them slow you down.

Energy and Focus
There needs to be a way that you get your energy back. Sometimes this can seem almost impossible
when you are trudging through all of your work but there are a lot of
things that you can do to make sure that you are working at full
capacity. Eat right and make sure you are getting enough sleep.
Whether it is work or school, it is not worth destroying your health
over. Don’t let things get to you by over thinking them.

Make sure that you have a clear plan and focus each day. There are a
lot of things that you could be doing but if you have a strategy you
will be much more likely to get back on top of your workload and you will find that you are much more
efficient at the end of the day this is one thing that people learn when they get their business
administration degree.

There are too many ways to stress yourself out even more. Make sure that you understand where to
start and how to finish. All of these tips can really help you get back on track in a hurry and so can
getting a business administration degree.

Photo Credit: mdeng , piotrmatla

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