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Unit 1A An introduction to modelling by Levone


									Unit 4B Developing images using repeating patterns

IT Year 4

In this unit children learn to develop visual ideas and to realise these ideas using ICT. Children will need to use a computer graphics package to explore and experiment with ideas and will amend and modify their work to meet specific outcomes. They also learn to save their work as they go along. Children learn to use ICT tools appropriately and will select areas of an image to cut, copy and change. They learn to export their work to other packages and import images from sources such as clip art, scanner or digital camera. Children will apply what they have learnt in this unit when using ICT to produce pictures, plans and maps in art, design and technology, and geography. Integrated task: to use the skills and techniques learnt to organise, reorganise and communicate ideas to select suitable information and media and prepare it for processing using ICT

This unit builds on Unit 2B 'Creating pictures'

     cut copy paste import export      undo save as scanner clip art digital camera

 a computer graphics package with a range of tools and edit features  scanner, digital camera or clip art

Additional Resources:
Textease Studio Textease Studio CT Paint Shop RM Colour Magic Revelation Natural Art Microsoft Publisher

Additional vocabulary:
        Flood fill Symmetry Rotate Resize Stamp / motif graphics icon pencil tool         brush tool spray tool line texture save as colour pallet select

EXPECTATIONS at the end of this unit most children will: some children will not have made so much progress and will: some children will have progressed further and will: use a computer graphics package to develop an image using a variety of tools use a computer graphics package to develop an image use a computer graphics package to develop and refine an image selecting the most appropriate tools, and saving drafts

I know statements:
I know how to use graphic tools to create repeating patterns. I know how to copy and re-size images. I know how to create patterns using the symmetry tool I know how to import images from a variety of sources, e.g. the Internet. I know how to create patterns using a variety of brush sizes and effects. I know how to use saveas to keep drafts of my work, to show how it has developed.

What the children already know:

Success criteria:

Thinking questions:
What influenced your choice of colours? What other multimedia resources can you use? What other techniques could you have used? What would you do differently next time? What would you keep the same?

Assessment opportunities:

Cross curricular links and resources:

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