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Technology Integrated Lesson Plan


									Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Fourth Grade
Lesson Plan Title:
Power Point – Lesson 2 Opening a template, inserting clip art, slide transitions

Integrated Subject(s): Varies Technology TEKS:
4.2D Produce documents at the keyboard, proofread, and correct errors. 4.4B Select appropriate strategies to navigate and access information on local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), including the Internet and intranet, for research and resource sharing 4.5A Acquire information including text, audio, video, and graphics. 4.7B Use appropriate software to express ideas and solve problems including the use of word processing, graphics, databases, spreadsheets, simulations, and multimedia. 4.7C Use a variety of data types including text, graphics, digital audio, and video. 4.9B Use software features, such as slide show previews, to evaluate final product. 4.10A Use font attributes, color, white spaces, and graphics to ensure that products are appropriate for the defined audience. 4.10B Use font attributes, color, white spaces, and graphics to ensure that products are appropriate for the communication media including multimedia screen displays, Internet documents, and printed materials. 4.11B Use presentation software to communicate with specific audiences.

Resources: Power Point Activities:
PowerPoint is a useful tool for presenting research. This lesson is meant to be an introductory lesson for first time power point users. Don't forget that it can also be used to create web pages, and interactive presentations such as game shows. This lesson creates a power point for Explorers, but could be used for a variety of topics. If you need help creating a template please contact your Instructional Technologist. Teacher Preparation 1. Locate and review the Power Point Training Guide on the how-to section of the techlessons website. 2. Assign students Explorers before you go to the lab. 3. Have students organize their writing so it is ready to type into power point. They should have the information for each slide written on paper before they go to the lab. 4. The tools you will focus on in this lesson are: • Opening a template and editing the existing file • Saving the template • Inserting Clip Art • Side Transitions Part 1: Opening and Saving template 1. Show students how to open Explorer power point (My Computer → Student Shared Work → 4th Grade → Teacher Folder → Explorer.ppt 2. Once the program opens the students will need to save their work. If a message appears that the file is already opened and locked for editing instruct them to click Read Only. Once they have the file open they should click on File → Save As and save into your folder on the Shared Drive. (see directions in lab) 3. Dismiss students to the computer and have them open and save the file. After they have saved tell them to sit back on the floor. Part 2: Entering Information 1. Show students how to click inside of a textbox to enter information. Explain to them that if a word is underlined in red it is probably not spelled correctly and if it is underlined in green something is wrong with the grammar or conventions.


2. Require the students to save after they enter information on each slide. 3. Show students how they can move or resize a textbox. Also show them how they can add a textbox if they accidentally delete a textbox. 4. Dismiss students to their computers to work. Remind them to save their work! Part 3: Inserting Clip Art 1. Clip Art can be inserted from a file (file has to be created before starting the power point) or the Clip Art gallery. Clip Art or pictures should only be added after all text is in the presentation. 2. To open the Clip Art gallery, click on Insert → Picture. This will open another window; students will click on Clip Art.


A Clip Art window will open on the right side of the screen. Show students how they can search for a picture by entering a term in the search window. If they are too specific they might not get any results.

Picture Tips: • Once they find a picture they click on it to place it in the slide. • They can click and drag on the corner of the picture to make it smaller or bigger. If they don’t click on the corner it will stretch the picture. • To move the picture, place your mouse over it. When the cursor changes to 4 arrows you can click and move the picture. • To delete a picture select it and hit the delete key.

Part 4: Slide Transitions Slide transitions add some motion and excitement to a power point. This should only be done once all text and pictures are added to the power point. 1. Click on Slide Show from the menu bar and choose Slide Transition. 2. A Slide Transition menu will appear on the right side of the screen.

These are the different types of transitions.


Change the speed and add a sound to the transition. Good opportunity to talk about audience and viewing a presentation. To much sound can distract during a presentation.

I recommend you leave it On mouse click.

If you click Apply to All Slides it will do the same transition between each slide of the show. Leave AutoPreview checked so the students can see what the transition looks like.
3. Remind students to save their work!

Once all students have completed the power point allow the students to share with the class.

Modifications and Enrichments:
Shorten assignment, use peer partners, allow them to add graphics or a new slide if they know how to do it.

Lesson Length: At least 1 class period


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