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                                                Construction Sites
                                                  Portable Buildings for a Variety of Applications
                                                  If you are involved in construction, equipment servicing or maintenance and repair work, consider a weather protection
      Military and Government                     shelter from Shelter Structures, Inc. Different sizes provide different utilities. Our shelters can be used for anything from a
                                                  concrete form cover to a full-service heavy equipment repair facility. Essentially, they allow you to bring outdoor work inside.
      Recycling / Waste Management
                                                  Service Facility Shelters
                                                  U.S. military repair facilities, and equipment and vehicle maintenance centers use our shelters as primary service facilities.
      Precast,Concrete, & Quarry                  Some of the shelters are as simple as a rolling canopy spread over a truck or boat. Others are as high as 10 stories tall and
                                                  hundreds of feet long. All provide the benefits of an on-site repair shop, eliminating downtime and saving on transportation
      Manufacturing & Warehousing                 costs.

      Security Inspection                         Construction Shelters
                                                  Construction, concrete and aggregate producers need to ensure that their product stays dry on the jobsite. Our shelters
                                                  provide weather protection for rebar forming and fabrication. They also provide coverage for on-site construction supplies,
      Construction Sites                          eliminating the risk of water or mold damage. A 20 oz PVDF coated polyester scrim fabric allows natural light, eliminating
                                                  utility costs. Furthermore, they can be moved within a project and from project-to-project to maximize their use.
      Marine Repair and Storage
                                                  Many buildings undergo a repair or restoration process and building shelters serve as excellent weather protection for such
      Other                                       projects.

                                                  We can custom construct any structure for virtually any application. Contact Shelter Structures, Inc. to discuss your shelter

              Contact Us

           Shelter Structures, Inc,

           WOSB                                                                                            CDM ConstructionGable Style

           2043 Locust St, 2B                                                                              24ft W x 54ft L x 21ft H with 16ft side walls.

           Philadelphia, PA 19103                                                                          Covers a water treatment plant so repairs can be made

           Toll Free : 800-330-9294
           Local : 267-239-5906
           Fax : 267-590-4143
           C : 631-793-4875

                                                                                                           Certain Teed Corp, Valley Forge, PAGable Style with side curtain

                                                                                                           20ft W x 80ft L x 15ft H with 10ft side walls

                                                                                                           Equipment storage

                                                                                                           McMillan Piper, Seattle WA. 2 sheltersGable Style                                                                                                                           1/2
10/15/13                                                          Shelters for Construction and Equipment | Shelter Structures, Inc.
                                                                                                                    McMillan Piper, Seattle WA. 2 sheltersGable Style

                                                                                                                    44ft W x 120ft L x 33ft H with 20 side wall

                                                                                                                    44ft W x 60ft L x 36ft H with 24 side wall

                                                                                                                    Equipment storage

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