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                                           SSG: Gable Style Fabric Structures
                                            Gable style fabric structures are our most popular style, with a versatility and economy that lends itself to many applications.
                                            Gable pitches can vary from 15° for moderate climates to 30° for high snow load areas.
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                                            SSG15: This gable design with a 15 degree slope economically provides the maximum usable cubic space in any combination
                                            of width and length, as well as the highest possible clearance across the full shelter width. The SSG15 is typically used in
                                            areas with snow loads of less than 20 psf. Its gable slope complements existing structures.

                                            Common uses: The SSG15 is popular with industrial, municipality and military clients, and is widely used for warehousing,
                                            manufacturing and aviation. It can also be outfitted with metal sidewalls for additional strength and security (See Hardside
                                            product for more details)

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                                            SSG30: This gable design with a 30 degree slope is used in areas with substantial snow loads, as its steeper roof slope is
                                            stronger, sheds snow buildup and provides the most economical engineered solution for these areas. The SSG30 is typically
                                            used in areas with snow loads of 20 psf and higher. This design provides the highest clearances near the center of the

                                            Common uses: The SSG30 is popular with industrial, municipality and military clients, and is widely used for warehousing/bulk
                                            storage, aviation and manufacturing (with high center clearance requirements).                                                                                                                                        1/2
10/15/13                                                                  SSG Gable Style Shelters | Shelter Structures, Inc

                                                          All Shelter Structures are built to last, with galvanized steel frames and coated polyester-reinforced PVC membranes. They
                                                          can be outfitted with any commercially available accessories you may need, including lighting, HVAC and doors (personnel,
                                                          roll-up, pivoting and more).

                                                          Additional benefits of our fabric structures include:

                                                                 A modular design that allows you to expand and subdivide structures into multiple units and easily relocate them as your
                                                                 needs change.
                                                                 Unobstructed clear span space, with no columns or internal supports.
                                                                 Mobility to provide clear access to the interior; most shelters can be designed to be moved on wheels or track systems,
                                                                 or via crane.
                                                                 Eco-friendly construction, with recycled steel and a small carbon footprint created during manufacturing, transportation
                                                                 and installation.
                                                                 Reduced energy use in shelters utilizing translucent fabric.
                                                                 Optional hard sides for locations where security is a concern or for operations that require protection for the fabric.
                                                                 All Shelter Structures have a service life of 15-25 years while the galvanized frames have a service life of 50 years. All
                                                                 shelters comply with local building codes, and meet all of the environmental requirements at your specific site.

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