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					10/15/13                                           Temporary Construction Shelter Sales Set To Surge With Building Boom | Shelter Structures

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                                                           Temporary Construction Shelter Sales Set To Surge With Building Boom
                                                                                                             The construction industry has seen a boom over the past few months. That surge
                                                                                                             has created an increase in demand for secondary industries tied to construction.
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                                                                                                             Construction spending domestically went up 0.6 percent in July to nearly $901
                                                                                                             billion. That number is the highest seen in the U.S. in four years and 5.2 percent
           Portable Warehouses Can Come To                                                                   higher than a year ago. Some construction sectors – especially private home building
           The Rescue For Expanding                                                                          – are expected to keep climbing well into the new year.
           Temporary Construction Shelter                                                                    That means good news for construction companies, of course. But it’s also a chance
           Sales Set To Surge With Building                                                                  for branch-off services like temporary construction shelter to establish a healthy
           Boom                                                                                              market. Many construction companies will rely on temporary shelters to keep their
           Fabric Shelters Can Meet Your                                                                     equipment and materials out of the elements for as long as they’re on site for the
           Quick, Reliable Structure Needs                                                                   build.
           Energy Efficient Buildings Becoming
           A Key Part Of Modern Infrastructure               Shelter Structures advises companies to arrange for temporary construction shelter for most every job. Work can’t be done
           Creativity Can Lead To Any Use For                when the materials are saturated or worn down by the elements. Combined with wind and sunlight, precipitation can create
           Portable Fabric Buildings                         mold that renders materials useless. Shelters can be made for nearly any size, from a few feet for protecting concrete slabs
                                                             to 10 stories high and hundreds of feet long for a fleet of vehicles.
                                                             Temporary construction shelter can not only protect equipment, but it can also protect the project itself. Some projects
           September 2013                                    need to be kept out of the elements until their outer shells are finished. Shelters can be made to fit around structures of
           August 2013                                       never any size and shape. They can keep debris from blasts, drilling and other work contained – and away from nearby
           July 2013                                         homes and businesses. They can also help keep workers dry and out of the elements while they work, creating an interior
           June 2013                                         working environment while still being outdoors.
           May 2013
           April 2013                                        Temporary construction shelter can, in many ways, make a project run more smoothly. With more projects under way
           March 2013                                        nationwide, look for more of these temporary units to also spring up.
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10/15/13                                      Temporary Construction Shelter Sales Set To Surge With Building Boom | Shelter Structures
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