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					    Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)                                                           August 2013

                    “SKW OUTREACH”
                                                                                                     NEEDED DAILY
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From the desk of Vickie Hugger, Board Chair:                                                              SKW Staff
                                                                                                      Vol. Executive Directors
As I have continued on my life journey, learning the reward of service to others, I have                   Vickie Hugger
found myself more and more attracted to motivating thoughts, especially wisdom or                            Gail Spiers
“brainy” quotes. For example, Thomas Jefferson said, “Whenever you do a thing, act as if                 Lee Anne Minton
all the world were watching.” Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must become the change we                       Operations Manager
want to see in the world.” And, Booker T. Washington said, “I have learned that success                      Julie Smith
is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the ob-             Asst. Operations Manager
stacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.” And perhaps the most                        Jennie Schardt
prominent, Jesus said, “Inasmuch as you have done it for the least of these, you have                 Vol. Admin. Assistant
done it for Me.” If you take time, a week of two perhaps, to mediate on these quotes and                     Gail Spiers
really contemplate their meaning, you will find immense power in the strength and convic-           Vol. Back Pack Coordinator
tion of the words. They serve as a compass for attitude, ethics, and action.                               Betsy Johnson
                                                                                                      Volunteer Coordinator
                                                                                                           Robin Morgan
Lately, however, I have been meditating on one of Mother Theresa’s quotes, “If you can’t                       Drivers
feed one hundred people, then just feed one.” Wow! The power, wisdom, courage, and                         Richard Smith
conviction of that quote! It forces me to ask, am I doing what I can do to “feed” others?                  Brenda Pruitt
Am I using my resources and talents to be part of the solution for problems in this world?
Like many of you, I sometimes focus on what I can NOT do. I sometimes think that I am              Board of Directors-2013
not a great orator, gifted musician, or financial wizard, but, if I let it, optimism always wins
                                                                                                           Sherry Dancy
out and I eventually come around to the thought, surely there is something I can do to
                                                                                                             Kim Ellis
help someone else. Surely there is something I can do to encourage a friend or neighbor.
                                                                                                    Vickie Hugger - Chairperson
Surely there is a place of service for me. Logically, this begs the question, is there a place
                                                                                                       Nada Ann Lawrimore
of service for you? Have you found your place or                                                          Marla McNeill
avenue of service or are you stuck on what you can                                                  Lee Anne Minton - Secretary
NOT do? Let’s get optimistic!                                                                               Bruce Nolin
                                                                                                       Gail Spiers - Treasurer
Samaritan Kitchen is always in need of your service.                                                     Glenn Van Cleve
Perhaps you enjoy working with people? Then we have a task for you. Maybe you are an                        Brett Yates
organizer? Then we have a task for you. Possibly you enjoy cleaning, decorating, typing
or filing? You are in luck! We have a task for you. Please come by and let us help you                     Mailing:
serve in a way that honors your gifts.                                                                   P.O. Box 1072
                                                                                                      Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Speaking of coming by, have you been to our new location? As of June 1, 2013, we
opened at our new location, 4187 W. Hwy. 421, which is the original Wilkes Telephone                       Physical:
building. The easiest way to find us is to head toward Boone on Highway 421. We are                    4127 W. Hwy 421
located in the brown building on the left heading towards Boone, just past the stop light/            Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Exxon/Blimpie. Take a right into the second entrance off Highway 421 (the one marked                   (no mail receptacle)
with flamingos) and come to the back of the building. Feel free to call 336-838-5331 to
arrange a tour for yourself, your family, or your community group. We are always happy to             Phone: (336)-838-5331
meet new friends and see old ones!                                                         
                                                                                                   A United Way Partner Agency
We are so thankful to have our offices, pantry, backpack station and warehouse on the
SAME GROUNDS! We are also very grateful for our caring community which has helped
us every step of the way! And, we are appreciative of the fact that Wilkes Telecommuni-
cations exemplifies the heart of the community with their new partnership with Samaritan              Our mission is
Kitchen of Wilkes. Thank you Wilkes Telecommunications and all of the individuals within
WTC (You know who you are!) who have made our transition so seamless. Blessings to                 “to feed the hungry
each and every one of you!
                                                                                                   in Wilkes County.”
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      Page 2                       Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)

                  Making a Difference
A very BIG THANK YOU goes out to the                           Thanks to all the employees at
Home Builders Association of Wilkes and                        the North Wilkesboro Post Office
Yadkin County. They once again held the                        who helped make the annual
annual yard sale in May at Sedgewick Homes                     postal food drive a success.
                     for the benefit of Samari-                Also, thanks to everyone who do-
                                                               nated food to the annual food
                     tan Kitchen raising over
                                                               drive. YOU provided the needy
                     $2200 for the Project                     with over 14,000 pounds of food
                     Backpack. Be doing         which was then distributed to food pantries within
                     this, you are providing    Wilkes County.
                     over 280 backpacks with
                     six meals and snacks to
                     students at risk of going
hungry over the weekend. Thank you!!!!

                                                SKW was recently awarded a Lowes Foundation
Thirty-six teams participated in the 4th Annual Grant in the amount of $25,200 for facility up-
Wilkes Amazing Race (WAR), organized and        grades and new equipment. With this grant we
hosted by, on Saturday, May 11th. were able to purchase Refrigerators, freezers, a
The race began at 11am with an opening chal-    server, tools, ice machine and many other items
lenge at the Wilkesboro Open Air Market in      that are needed on a daily basis.
Downtown Wilkesboro.
The first place team and winner of the $200 prize,
completing all challenges in 3 hrs 39 minutes,
was Derek and Ameleah Young of "Team Holy
Warriors." The second place team was Andy
Pendry and Heather Pendry Mullins of "The In-
credibles." The third place team was Matt
Blevins and John Smith of “Lost Boys.” The win-
ner of the Best Costume went to Robbie Griffin
and Sandy Brown of “The Scooby Doos.” The
highly coveted last place “toilet” trophy went to
Rachael Woods and Joey Nice of “Team Gleeks.”
Thanks to Melissa Smithey and Jason Carlton for
all of their hardwork organizing this event. To-
gether they raised $1100 to help feed the hungry
in Wilkes.
      Page 3                  Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)

Ongoing Fundraisers!
                                                   WE ALWAYS NEED......
Ruby Tuesday will donate 20% of             Did you know that we use over
your meal cost to SKW. The first Fri-       1,800 grocery bags a week?
                                            Do you have some at home
day or Saturday of each month               that can be recycled? Drop off
through the end of 2013, just eat at        clean, dry, hole-free bags at
Ruby Tuesday and be sure to tell            SKW and we will be glad to re-use them!
them you are there to support Sa-           Does your business have some you
maritan Kitchen.                            would like to share with us? If your name
                                            is on them, then this is free advertising
                                            for you!
Liberty Theater has a special offer             Do you have extra office supplies you
going on every Mon-                         don’t need? Pencils, pens, paper, etc.,
day. Turn in a                              are all welcome donations.
                                                Or how about access to copy and
canned food item and
                                            print services? We can always use help
they will give you a                        with office supplies and copies each
ticket for a free small                     month. We have various forms that we
popcorn. Remember, Mondays only!            use daily as we meet with our clients.
                                            Can you help print our newsletter?

Trail of Treats will once again be           THINK GREEN! SAVE A TREE!!!
held at the Greenway sponsored by                     SAVE POSTAGE!!!
SKW and the North Wilkesboro Po-          To receive an electronic version of this
lice Dept. on Saturday, October 26,      newsletter instead, please send an email
2014. This is a food / fundraiser for           to
SKW so please be sure to bring a
non-perishable food item or a mone-               Donation Receipts
tary donation. It will again be starting In order to cut expenses, if you would like a
at the West Park end of the Green-       receipt in addition to your cancelled check,
way and run from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.         please do not hesitate to contact Jennie
Hope to see you there for some trick Schardt, Assistant Operations Manager, at
or treating in a safe en-                 anytime - email
vironment. Don’t forget                  or call 336-838-5331. Also, any individuals
your canned food items                      donating $500 or more during 2013 will
for admission! Mark                        automatically be sent a receipt/donation
your calendars now!!!                      letter in January 2014 showing the total
            Page 4                             Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)

We also want to thank other partners who have been gracious, supportive and very, very kind during the recent
months of transition. Partners like Bill Michael, Cam Finley, Tom Bartlett, Jody Call, Brett Yates, George Roark, and
many more. Blessings to all!

We are also indebted to a host of individuals, community organizations, and church families who continue to faithfully
support our service. Non-profit organizations across the state continue to struggle as the economy makes its very slow
recovery; but, Wilkes has been found faithful and SKW continues to feed the hungry. We have had to make adjust-
ments but are still able to supply food through our Client Choice Pantry and Backpack Program. Due to budget con-
straints, we will not be able to provide our Project Joy boxes for the 2013 holiday season; however, we will work to pro-
vide additional food products for the holidays through our Pantry and Backpacks. Concerns for the hungry persist as
unemployment benefits expire for many in our community, but rest assured that your donations will always
be used prudently so that we can serve as many families as possible.

We are also grateful for the high school students who serve through their Senior Projects. Thousands of
dollars in donations have helped to feed the hungry in Wilkes because of caring high school students who
truly want to give back to their community. THANK YOU! You are not only a blessing to the people you help feed, but
you are encouragement to the SKW volunteers and staff!

                                   Of course, there are still times we must purchase our food through either a local grocery
                                   store or Second Harvest Foodbank. When we purchase through Second Harvest we pay
                                   $.19/lb for all food items. The cost covers the administrative expense associated with
                                   Second Harvest collections/storage and is an absolute blessing! Please let us know if
                                   you are aware of other resources we should pursue; we value your input and appreciate
                                   your thoughtfulness!

                                 Remember, Samaritan will accept food (fresh, canned or boxed) or financial donations.
                                 The fresh food (breads, garden vegetables, eggs, etc.) is immediately
placed in our Client Choice Pantry and the canned and boxed foods are placed in either the Pantry
or Backpack Program, depending on the suitability of the donated item. Many church groups, espe-
cially youth groups, continue to hold food drives to support Samaritan Kitchen. Please know that we
could not minister to the hundreds and hundreds of individuals without your support. Bless you for
being part of the solution in feeding the hungry!

At the end of the school year, we were providing 670 Backpacks each week at a cost of $7.80 per
Backpack. That requires $5,226.00 per week, a team of volunteers to pack the Backpacks, and driv-             FEEDING
ers from each school to pick up the packs and deliver them to the Backpack Coordinator at the school.           OUR
It is easy to see that without donations, volunteers and other caring individuals, it would be difficult if
not impossible to feed so many children. We are truly blessed – as a community and as an agency!

“   There is no power on earth that can neutralize the influence of a high, simple and useful life.”
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

I believe Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, John Wooden, and Jesus had it right! Let’s continue our work
TOGETHER to make a positive difference in Wilkes.

In His Love,
Vickie C. Hugger,
Board Chair
       Page 5                         Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)

  Our 15th Anniversary / Open House Celebration was a huge success!
              Many stopped by to see our new location.

                     Great food and fellowship throughout the day!

  Signing up for the door prizes.   Miss Elva, ready to draw the winner!   Julie Smith talking to the Girl Scouts.

                                                                                    Our raffle winners:
                                                                                    Grand prize -
                                                                                    Quilt handmade by
                                                                                    Elva Hayes - winner-
                                                                                    Donna Lane

                                                                                    Second Prize - Chick-
                                                                                    Fil-A gift basket $50
                                                                                    value - winner Glenn
                                                                                    Van Cleve

                                                                                    Third prize - $25 Tip-
Special thanks to our donors for the festivities!
                                                                                    ton’s gift card - winner
Subway - 421; Dixie Doughnuts; Tipton’s; Brushy Mountain Smoke-                     Barbara Gregory
house; Just Save; Bojangles - Wilkesboro; Biscuitville; Chick-Fil-A and
Golden Corral.
        Page 6                      Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)
From the desk of Julie Smith, Operations Manager:
Blessings to you all, things sure have been busy the last few
months. We have completed our move to our new location and get
ting settled in. We are very thankful for the folks at Wilkes
Telecommunications for the support that they have shown us in
setting up our new facility. Many folks have been involved in
getting us to this point. Our staff, volunteers, and board have all
put in hours of sweat to get things moved and set up and ready
to open for business. Cleaning, assembling shelves, restocking,
loading and unloading trucks with equipment and countless other jobs were among the task that volun-
teers helped us to complete. For that we give them a great big thank you!
We also would like to say a very special thank you to Celebration/High Rock Church for the use of their
facility for the last five years. We were very blessed to have their support. Thank you, Celebration/
High Rock team!
Volunteers - Congratulations go to Robin for coordinating the volunteers for the move and getting new
volunteers involved at the new location. She is doing a tremendous job as volunteer coordinator for
SKW. Thank you, Robin!
Program Information -
  In April we saw 435 families, 1058 individuals, 30 new families and sent out 21,160 pounds of food.
  In May we saw 278 families, 698 individuals, 15 new families and sent 13,960 pounds of food.
  In June we saw 364 families, 908 individuals, 13 new families and sent out 18,160 pounds of food.
There has been a slight decrease in the numbers only because we are still adjusting to our new location.
We expect the numbers to rise over the next few months due to unemployment benefits running out
and Key City closing and people finding that they are in need of assistance.
On June 15 SKW held an open house/15th year celebration at our new location, approximately 75 at-
tended the 4 hour event. Many thanks goes to the local area business that helped provide the refresh-
ments for the event, Subway - 421; Dixie Doughnuts; Tipton’s; Brushy Mountain Smokehouse; Just
Save; BoJangles - Wilkesboro; Biscuitville; Chick-Fil-A, Golden Corral.and SKW board members. As part
of the event a plaque was hung in honor of SKW’s founding mother, Judith Holleman –Anderson recog-
nizing her dream and vision in creating Samaritan Kitchen.
With your donations and volunteer’s time Project Backpack ended. Project Backpack served 672 stu-
dents with Summer Survival bags, filled with food and personal items and some special treats such as
activities or toys. We are so thankful to the folks that donated items and their time to make all this
The down-turned economy has again played a part in everything that we do here at SKW, we once again
ask you to open your hearts to the needs of your neighbor’s and friends and support SKW, as always
your help and the grace of God, we will be able to meet the needs of so many in our community. Pray for
us, as we continue to go about God’s work in “Feeding the Hungry in Wilkes”.
May God Richly Bless each of you,
      Page 7                      Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)
Recognizing our Volunteers - Robin Morgan, Volunteer Coordinator:
Our volunteers make Samaritans Kitchen possible. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful
group of volunteers. We recognize our volunteers every month.

               Matthew Renfro was our volunteer of the month for February. Matthew has volun-
               teered with us for 6 years and is very valuable to Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes. Mat-
               thew assists on our food run on Tuesdays and Saturdays and does custodial work
               daily. He has been designated the official volunteer custodian. Matthew is always
               smiling and willing to help anyway possible.

               Glenn VanCleve was the volunteer of the month for March. Glenn has volunteered
               at Samaritan Kitchen for about a year. Glenn started volunteering with our Back-
               pack program in 2012. Glenn assists on the food runs on Mondays, Wednesdays
               and Thursdays, as well as our weekly trip to Second Harvest Food Bank on Tues-
               days. He joined the Board of Directors in June. Glenn is always a pleasure to be
               around and very valuable to Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes.

                Sarah Key was our volunteer of the month for May. Sarah has volunteered for Sa-
                maritan Kitchen for a little over a year and is a great asset to Samaritan Kitchen.
                Sarah was a nominee for the Salute to Senior Service award this year. Sarah as-
                sists our clients in the Client Choice pantry; she helps our clients chose meals for
                their families. Sarah volunteers on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sarah is
                very friendly and has a great attitude towards everyone.

* Starting the 2013-2014 school year Backpacks will now be prepared on Tuesday’s
from 9am-12pm and pickup will be on Thursdays from 12pm-3pm at the new location
of 4187 US Hwy 421 Wilkesboro (formerly the old Wilkes Telephone building). Our
first backpacks will be filled on September 3, 2013.
Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes is always in need of volunteers. If you, your organiza-      FUTURE
tion, youth group, church group, family or friends are interested in volunteering
please contact Robin Morgan, Volunteer Coordinator at (336)928-0390 (c) or (336) 838-5331. We
would love to have you.
       Page 8                          Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)

                       Project Backpack Wish List
Food Items                                      Non Food Items for Summer Survival

  Maruchan Cup of Soup                           Toothpaste                        f
                                                                            co st o ack
                                                                       At a r back
  Beans & Franks (beenee-weenee)                 Toothbrushes
  Tuna in Water                                  Soap                     pe       k.
                                                                   $ 7.80 er wee
  Canned Pasta (Ravioli, etc)                    Shampoo                  p
  Oatmeal (individual packs)                     Washcloths
  Fruit Cups (Applesauce)                        Band-Aids
  Saltine Crackers                               Activity Books, Books, Bibles
  Granola Bars                                   Toys - ex. Frisbees or other summer
  Peanut Butter 15 - 18 oz Jar                   items
  Kool-aide Mixes                                Pencil, pens, crayons, colored pencils

Help us! Help a child carry home hope!

When you donate one or more of the above items they will be placed in back-
packs and sent home to children in the Wilkes County School system (pre-k to
early college) who are at risk of being hungry over the weekend. In addition to
the food, we also want to provide some of the most basic hygiene needs as well
as some fun items for these children to have during the summer (Summer Sur-
vival Bags).

We hope to serve approximately 800 students each week. We consider it a great
honor to be able to provide this service to Wilkes County Students. We are ask-
ing for your continued support in making this a reality for the children.

Thank you for considering collecting these items or making a monetary dona-
tion for the purchase of these items for Project Backpack and Summer Survival.

Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes is                        It costs $7.80 to fill each backpack
 a 501c3 organization and a                           each week! This includes the cost
 United Way partner agency.                            of the actual backpack at the be-
We are not affiliated with Samaritan’s Purse.              ginning of the school year.
    Page 9           Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)

  Please keep us those in need in mind when you go shopping.
You can truly impact someone else’s life. The above items are
 just suggestions. Our clients love to eat the same things your
     family does, so buy an extra and donate! Also, please
     consider holding a food drive to help stock the shelves!
        Page 10                           Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)
                JANUARY THROUGH JUNE 2013…..
                       If we missed you or your group, our apologies, it was not intentionall!

  through their pantry and backpack                                        through their financial
            food donations                                                       donations
1st Baptist Church Of Elkin     Mr. & Mrs. Gil Ganella
Aarons                          Mt. Pleasant Elementary           ...churches and                 ...organizations
Advantage Refrigeration              School                         church groups                     and clubs
Anna Grace Anderson             Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
                                                                                                 Girl Scouts
Appalachian Senior Pro-         Mtn Valley Baptist Church
                                                              Arbor Grove Baptist Adult SS       Wilkes Chapter No. 42, OES
     grams                      N. Wilkesboro First Baptist
Assembly Of God's Word               Church                         Class
                                                              Arbor Grove Missionary Baptist
Beta Sigma Phi                  N. Wilkesboro Presbyterian
                                                                    Church                          ...grants and
Beth Hubbard                         Church
Bethel Baptist Church           N. Wilkesboro United Meth-
                                                              Calvary Baptist Church             family foundations
                                                              Cool Spgs. Church
Brushy Mtn Smokehouse                odist Church             East Gate Baptist Church
Carolina West Wireless          New Covenant Christian        First Baptist Church of N          Kohl's Cares
Cindy Breden                         Church                         Wilkesboro                   Lowes Foundation
Connie Winkler                  Northwest Food Service        First United Methodist Church      NC Carolina Comm. Fdn.
David Castor                    Oak Grove Baptist             First United Methodist Church -
David Souther                   Oakwoods Grocery                    UMW
David Swaringen                 One Main Financial
                                                              Fishing Creek Arbor Baptist             ...businesses
                                                                    Church WMU
Dr. Todd Jordan                 Papaws Restaurant             Full Gospel Mission
Dunkirk UMC                     Phi Beta                                                         David’s Car Care
                                                              Greater Vision Baptist Church
East Gate Baptist Church        Pine View Baptist                                                Food Industry Crusade Against
                                                              Hilltop - Women's Sunday
Edith Smithey                   Piney Grove Baptist Church          School Class
                                                                                                 Food Lion
The Farmer’s Daughter           Rose Glenn Village            Lewis Baptist Church
                                                                                                 Lowe Fur Herb, Inc.
First Baptist Church Of Elkin   SECU                          Millers Creek UMC - UMM
                                                                                                 Mike's Body Shop
Frutis Family                   Steve Blankenship             Millers Creek UMC Fellowship
                                                                                                 Modern Automotive Network,
Gail Walls                      Susan Cerv                          SS Class
                                                              Millers Creek United Methodist
GFWC Womens Club                Terrina Rieann                                                   PWC
Gina McDowell                   Tom & Ann Walker                                                 Wilkes Telephone Membership
                                                              Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church-
Green Valley Farms              Truth Community Church                                               Corp.
                                                                    Rebekkah SS
Hilltop Baptist Church          USPS Food Drive               N.W. Presbyterian Church -
Humane Society                  VFW #1142 Ladies Auxiliary          Noon Circle
Jack Steele                     Waggles                       New Covenant Bapt. Ch.
James York                      Walgreens                     Oak Forest Baptist Church
Julie Call                      Whippoorwill Academy          Oak Grove Baptist Church
Liberty Theater                 Wilkes Amazing Race           Pilgrim Baptist Church
Libby Cook-Carlton              Wilkes Civitan Club
                                                              Rachel Baptist Church               ...the following for
                                                              Rock Creek Baptist Church
Linda Flora                     Wilkes County Library         Stony Hill Baptist Ch - Women
                                                                                                      their ongoing
Lowes Corporate Offices         Wilkes Master Gardeners             on Missions                      food donations
Marshall Long                   Wilkes Medical Associates     Victory Baptist Church
Martha Barnes                   Wilkesboro Baptist Church     Walnut Grove Baptist Ch.              Pizza Hut - Hwy 18
Matthew & Tiffany Warren        Wilkesboro Baptist Church -   Welcome Home Missionary
                                                                                                    and School Street
Michael Johnson                      Preschool                      Baptist Church
                                                              White Rock United Methodist          Deals Apple Orchard
Millers Creek Baptist           Wilkesboro Elem School
Millers Creek Elementary        Wilkesboro Presbyterian             Church                           Lowe’s #5, #139
     School PTO                      Chapel
                                                              Wilkesboro Baptist Ch - Triplett      Operation Blessing
                                                                    Class                        Food Lion #2582 & #1677
Millers Creek UMC               Wilkesboro United Methodist   Wilkesboro Baptist Church
Mountain Valley Baptist Ch           Ch                       Wilkesboro UMC                          Just Save #137
Mtn View Bapt. Ch - GA          William & Lynn Clark          Wilkesboro UMC - Ecclesia          Red Lobster/Olive Garden
        Page 11                          Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW)
                   Thank you to the following for their financial
                      Outreach from January - June 2013...
                             Johnson, Michael                     If we missed you or your group, our apologies,
     ...individuals          Joines, Melissa W.
                                                                              it was not intentional.
                             Jourdan, Martha
Absher, Jack & Shirley       Kerhoulas, Mike
Bauguess, Larry & Susan      Lackey, Gary & Ellen
Billings, Jane               Laws, William & Evelyn
Blankenship, Ronnie & Mary   Lilly, Terry & Lori                 SPECIAL THANKS TO WILKES
                             Long, Reba
Blevins, Jimmy & Judy
Bond, Frances W.             Lowe, Carroll                         TELECOMMUNCATIONS
                             Macemore, Jamye
Brooks, Alice
Bumgarner, Max & Carolyn     McCann, Linda and R.C.                    FOR DONATING
Carver, Brenda               McGuire, Julia
                             McNeil, Richard
                                                                 THE USE OF THEIR FACILITY.
Christenbury, Deborah
Church, Michael & Kelly      Miles, Teresa
Church, Nelta                Miller, Tathel
Clark, Lynn & William
Clark, Pamela
                             Minton, Dave
                             Mitchell, Charles & Marie             A GREAT BIG THANK YOU ALSO
Conway, Joel                 Morrow, Tana and Phillips, Kirk
                                                                     GOES TO OUR ANONYMOUS
Cook, Clyde & Geraldine
Cook, Mark & Malulani        Nolin, Bruce & Kathleen                 DONORS! YOU KNOW WHO
Cook, Theresa                Oates, Gary & Kathleen
Dellinger, Fred O.           Owens, Jeff & Micki                    YOU ARE AND SO DOES GOD!
Dent, Susan                  Owings, Eugene & Sue
Dimmette, Dennis             Parsons, Danielle
Drennan, Gaye                Peebles, Henry & Janis            In addition to any non-perishable
Dyer, J. Allen               Peterman, Alfred & Dorothy        food items, if you have a farm or
                             Phillips, Keith & Lora
Edgerton, Margery
                             Prevette, Barbara                 garden, our clients love it when you
Elledge, James & Joanne
Eller, Diane                 Price, Stephen & Alicia                          donate fresh produce
Eller, Ward & Kate           Recycling cans                                   and eggs. If you hunt or have
                             Reynolds, Anna
Ellis, Kim
                             Ridgell, Carrie                                  lifestock, you may also donate for
Ernst, Charles & Lynda
Finley, Cam & Tammy          Roath, Jean                                      our clients profes-
Flora, Linda                 Roe, Jan                                         sionally butchered,
                             Rogers, Dawn G.
Forehand, Vania A.
                             Smith, Richard & Julie                           wrapped and
Garner, Robert & Brenda
German, Wilma                Snyder, David & Gayle                            labeled meat.
Goff, John & Gladys.         Spencer, Annette
Golden, Walter               Spiers, Ron & Gail
Greene, Mary Belle           Stierwalt, Alliene
Hansmann, Sylvia             Sturdivant, Alvin & Shirley
Hayes, Elva                  Tedder, Teresa
                             Tolbert, William & Alan
                                                                    A SPECIAL THANK YOU
Hayes, Rebecca
Haynes, Ivery & Annie        Van Cleve, Glenn                        TO CAM FINLEY FOR
                             Walz, Ronald & Sharon
Hill, Daniel
Horton, Delores F.           Watts, William & Karen               DONATING OUR BACKPACK
                             West, Melvin & Verna
Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Hugger, Betty                Willens, Jim & Barbara              FACILITY FOR THE LAST FIVE
Hugger, Vickie               Wingler, Beryl & Donna
                             Woods, Barry & Maxine
                                                                  YEARS. WE HAVE SERVED
Hunter, Jack & Sandra
Ingram, Ruby                 Zinger, Linda                          SO MANY MORE YOUTH
                                                                   THAN WOULD HAVE BEEN
        A child who is hungry                                       POSSIBLE OTHERWISE,
            may survive,                                              THANKS TO YOUR
          but will not thrive.                                      EXTREME GENEROSITY!
                                           DONATION FORM
                       OR DONATE VIA PAYPAL ON OUR WEBSITE!
 Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc. (SKW) is a non-profit, 501C3 charitable organization and a United Way Partner
 Agency whose mission is to “feed the hungry in Wilkes County.” No amount is ever too small. Please give what
 you are able. Any size gift is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Enclosed please find my gift of: __________

 Your Name:      _____________________________________________                  My donation is designated for:

 Feinstein Challenge Gift:   Y    N                                             ___ Client Choice Pantry
                                                                                ___ Project: Backpack
 Name of your Organization: (if applicable) _________________________
                                                                                ___ Wherever needed
 Address: _________________________________________________
                                                                                We will make every attempt to
  _______________________________________________________                       use your donation where/how
 Telephone Number: ________________________________________

 Email: _____________________________________________ If you would like to receive our newsletter via
 email, please give us your email address. Not only do you save us postage, but you save a tree, too!
     Please make checks payable to ”The Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes” or “SKW”
                                             and mail to:
                                 P.O. Box 1072, Wilkesboro, NC 28697
 If you need a tax-deductible receipt in addition to your cancelled check, one will be mailed upon re-
 quest. In addition, those donating over $500 in 2013 will be sent a letter at the end of the year.
 Whenever you make a donation in someone else's name, they will receive a card from us acknowledging
 the goodness done in their name. You will also receive an acknowledgement.
 Please make my gift In Honor of / In Memory of: _____________________________________________

 Honorarium/Memorial address: _________________________________________________________

 Addr. cont’d. _______________________________________________________________________

                      Please remember to keep SKW in your prayers.
                                      Donate via Paypal
SKW now accepts donations via PayPal.

Although you are able to donate via PayPal, no actual PayPal account
is required, just a credit card.

You may also access the secure link at our website: or our PayPal email is

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