No Fire but Definitely a Hazard by TPenney


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									 No Fire but Definitely a Hazard
          Where did all the White/Yellow Smoke Come From?
After making the turn, his vehicle immediately filled with “smoke”
that instantaneously and completely obscured his vision and impaired
his breathing. The “smoke” turned out to be the multipurpose dry
chemical agent from the extinguisher being carried in the back of the
vehicle. Evidence indicates that the unsecured fire extinguisher slid
and impacted the side of the vehicle when the driver turned the
Important Points in reviewing the incident
There was no evidence of a fire extinguisher mounting bracket in the
back of the vehicle
the Fire Extinguisher seal was broken and the safety pin that would
otherwise prevent inadvertent operation of the extinguisher was
removed and laying on the floor next to the discharged extinguisher
•   It is assumed that the fire extinguisher had rolled around over a
    sufficient period of time to break the seal, break and dislodge the
    safety pin, and cause the hose to become unthreaded (threads
    on the hose and extinguisher hose outlet were undamaged)
•   Assure the fire extinguisher is secured in an approved manner
    (vehicle mounted bracket designed for the specific extinguisher,
    or stowed in a secured equipment container). It is part of your
    weekly inspections

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