JHA they really do work by TPenney


Don’t need to be advanced,
  they just have to work!
             JHA and job safety analysis (JSA) can be
             used interchangeably and represent
             opposite sides of the same coin—looking
             for hazards to keep your employees safe.
             Hazard and risk are two terms that will
             come up often when discussing employee
              A hazard is anything that has the potential
             to cause employee harm. Common
             workplace hazards may include impact with
             falling or flying objects, being caught in or
             between a stationary or moving object, and
             falls from heights.
             A risk is the likelihood of an employee
             being exposed to that hazard and being
             harmed as a result. When preparing to
             perform a JHA, it is important to keep some
             things in mind: • It should assess risks that
             could be present in all work activities.
             A JHA relates to two aspects of employee
             safety: the management of employee safety
             by preventing injuries and the protection of
             their long-term health by preventing
             contact with potentially harmful substances
             (e.g., asbestos) or situations.
             Risks to health, such as occupational stress
             or contact with infectious diseases, need to
             be considered as well as the more obvious
             job-related safety issues, such as material
             handling, chemical contact or fire safety.
             A part of the work planning process,
             Workers and Work Leads are
             required to plan all work: determine
             the tasks that will be performed,
             consider the hazards, risks, and
             concerns associated with those tasks,
             and implement appropriate controls.
             The primary tool for work planning
             at the Line Management level is the
             Job Hazards Analysis

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