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									Sample ICT Syllabus / Curriculum Year Plan using the Dolphin System P1 (Level A) Aut
1-Creating Pictures

P2 (Level B)
Healthy Eating – Food Revision of clip art skills Maths – SPM (Flat / Tiling) Creating Pictures 2-Playing with Shapes (1) Maths – Datahandling (using simple graphing prog) Christmas 1-Making Notices

P3 (Level B)
Maths – SPM (Tiling / 3D) 2-Playing w Shapes (2,3,4) ES/Lang 2-Lists and Poems ICT/Computer Skills Revise File Saving and Printing + do challenges etc 3-Looking After Your Files 3-Knowing Your Computer

P4 (Level B/C)
Personal Patterns 3-Pattern Making UK Capital Cities 4-Cutting, Copying and Pasting Pop Up Books 2-Story Writing (revn) Space 4-Researching a Topic Email CONTEXT? 4-Using Email ICT / Computer Skills Finish challenges, revise Looking After your Files 5-Sharing & Sorting Files 4-Managing Printing WWII Newspapers 5-Pictures and Text Boxes (1,2) (incl scanned images or digital photos?) Maths – SPM 4-Screen Turtle

P5 (Level C)
Scottish Animals 5-Scanning Pictures (4-Researching a Topic) (5-Sharing &Sorting Files) 4-Multmedia Presns (revn) 5-Pictures and Text Boxes (1, 2, 3) – MS word 6-Digital Camera Extended Stories / author blurb / text for year book 2-Story Writing (MS Word) ICT / Computer Skills 4-Managing Printing -revn 5-Using Floppy Disks Maths – Datahandling 5-Editing Data & Graphs Year Book 5-Pictures and Text Boxes (1, 2, 3) – MS word Tartans 3-Pattern Making (1,2) Letters – French penfriend 5-Letter Writing Maths – SPM 5-Revise Screen Turtle Extn – 8-Crystal Flowers

Y6 (Level C/D)
Space / Planets 6-Internet Searching 4-Multimedia Presns (revn) 6-Simple Web Page Design Play in a Day 5-Simple Report Writing 8-PhotoEditing Letters – French penfriend 5-Letter Writing


1-Fun with Fonts

ICT/Computer Skills 2-File Saving and Printing Toys Consol use of painting prog and or textease / clip art / fonts etc. Project Folder Cover 2-Words and Pictures Sebastian / Spring 2-Using the Internet

Project Folder Cover 2-Words and Pictures (revn) Victorians 2-Using the Internet (focus on facts/research etc) Maths – SPM 3-Floor Turtle Maths – Datahandling 3-Using a Database

Maths – Datahandling 7-Using Formulae Greek Motifs 4-Pattern Making 3 Text Editing 4-Cutting, Copying & Pasting 7-Text Editing Tools

Logging On


1-Clip Art

FIND A CONTEXT 1-Sentences ICT/Computer Skills 2-File Saving and Printing (revision and consolidation)

SPEX+ (3D design program) Language – 10 minute tasters 2-Story Writing FIND A CONTEXT 3-Playing with Multimedia

Maths – Datahandling 4-Tables & Charts (Weather?) Vikings 4-Multimedia Presns?

Maths – SPM 8-Crystal Flowers Email Attachments 7-More About Email Maths – Datahandling 6-Creating a Database

1-Making Notices


KEY: Using the Technology, Creating & Presenting, (Images, DTP, Word Processing, Multimedia), Searching & Researching, Collecting & Analysing, Communicating & Collaborating, Controlling & Modelling

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