Resources Information sheet 2 – On-line strategic resources  = Highly recommended The Framework/DfES language materials  For a downloadable version of the framework and further guidance and support. For updates on national language initiatives. The Ultimate Site  The official early language learning website sponsored by the DfES, containing links to other sites, downloadable information sheets on everything - resources, publishers, projects, e-mail links and networking. You can also join the online ELL discussion forum from this site. I highly recommend this as you can post your questions and have them answered by all the other members of the forum. Networking  This site is sponsored by the DfES and hosted and managed by the British Council. It contains details on finding e-mail partners, funding for projects and other international activities. The Nacell website above also has an e-mail partners section. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PARTNER THEN THERE IS SIGNIFICANT FUNDING AVAILABLE FROM THE BRITISH COUNCIL (see below). Funding click on teaching> support for schools This site is a veritable gold mine concerning funding, but for most grants you need to already have a partner school abroad. Language upskilling sites (for use by teachers) This site has sound files of basic vocabulary in many languages. It is extremely user friendly and great if you want to check pronunciation before a lesson.  This site has basic vocabulary with sound files in a huge number of languages. Look in the holiday section for operational words such as please, thank you, hello, goodbye etc.

Resource catalogues/Resources - young learners division of European Schoolbooks.  – for a wide variety at a reasonable price. - an excellent site for genuine resources in many languages. - very comprehensive and cheap.  you can order the early start videos and DVDs from this site but they also have a great section for bilingual books and euro coins etc. You can download a free flashcards package from this site.  Contains hundreds of square Jpeg images all chosen to represent key vocabulary and all free. Taskmagic software is cheap, easy to use and really effective. They are making ready made primary activities in the coming months. ELCs can be used to buy this authoring software. Clipart Animated Clipart Have a look at the "Favourite Websites" page under the heading "Clipart": For training materials on incorporating clipart and sound files into PowerPoint. Look under the heading "Multimedia training tasks for MFL teachers" This will also link you to relevant modules at the ICT4LT site. LEA sites Most LEAs have pages dedicated to primary languages or early language learning. These are some of the most developed.   Has an excellent ‘resources’ section

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