Android by danidaniyal952


									I’ve been eager to get on board with either the Android or the iPhone version, because it
means I can finally talk to my father again after so many years of silence. I’ll be able to
BBM him for the two months it’ll take for his new iPhone to ship to him, and then I can
safely delete the app again.

I asked my sister’s boyfriend, who just got an iPhone 5s, whether he’s excited about
being able to take his BBM network with him as he switches. Here’s what he had to say:

I only have 3 people on BBM now. 2 are [your sister, work and personal ] and the other is
your dad. I used to have 30 BBM contacts.

The launch of BBM for iPhone and Android, should it ever actually happen, will be a
nice escape raft for people still clinging to the sinking ship, but that’s about it. The other
ship BlackBerry is conceivably aiming to float here, the one where it builds a competitive
cross-platform messaging platform to rival WhatsApp and others, has already sailed long,
long ago.

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