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									King Lab Yearly Safety Review

by Cammie Haase-Pettingell
for March 2005
Disclaimer-This is Jonathan King’s lab       in Biology Dept.
yearly safety review and not to be substituted for an initial
             Any questions should be
entry orientation.
directed to Cammie 3-3545
Points be covered

   Emergency Action Plan
   Biologicals, Blood Borne Pathogens, Infectious Agents
   High Voltage

                         CHP GM

    n Ensure that the lab is conducting in a safe manor
       w This is by the PI or by a representative the
         safety rep.
   Safety Rep.
    n To conduct incoming safety orientation

    n Go to safety meetings

    n Update the lab on new policy

    n To follow the above policy

                         CHP GM

   No Eating in lab
   n Can eat in

       w Tea room
       w Computer room ,
       w hall and seminar room
   No smoking except outside
   No mouth pipeting
   n Story…

                        CHP GM
Evacuation Plan

                  CHP GM

 Close the lab doors
   Pull the fire red fire alarm
    n Located by Stairwells , Elevators

   Leave by stairwells
   Get to a phone- dial x100 report fire
    n Don’t hang up till they have hung up

   Not responsible to fight a fire

                         CHP GM
Unknown fire such as strange smell

   If in doubt call x 100
   Pull fire alarm

 Other scenario
   Look around
   Call John Fuccilo to ask he know anything
    n Ex . melted stuff in autoclave

                            CHP GM

   The equipment halls can’t hear the alarm
    n As exit ensure people know about the alarm

   If can - put experiments to rest- not required you safety is
   more important
    n   So firefighters
         w ie do not stumble upon a active electrophoresis.
    n   Just in case not back for a while may not be ruined
   Evacuate by stairwell -all are fire stairwells
   Meet by the concrete post by bld 66
    n    even if you think I saw you Check in so we know no one is stuck
        in the building
          w Then go off for what ever.
   Some one needs to go to the command post say we are all out
    n by the door toward Main St. -

                                 CHP GM

   MSDS see handout
   Chemical safety web training
    n http://mitehs.traincaster.com/

   Spill kits
    n 68-340D behind door

    n 68-322 under sink

                        CHP GM

    Simple Laminar Flow Hood
   Ensure the back “slot” in back is clear
    n have items on lifts so it is not blocked

   Simple test for flow
    n to tape Kimwipe

   If malfunctioning- inform fixit Zone -A
   Rooms air flow and temperature is dependant on
   the hood.

                       CHP GM


     n Clear Area

     n Get on appropriate safety gear

     n Determine the Scope

     n Use the appropriated cleaner

     n Dispose correctly

    Look at the Red flip chart by phone

                              CHP GM
Chemical Spill

 w Evacuate area- put sign up
 w Done appropriate safety - lab coat, eye protection,
     appropriate gloves
 w   Determine the necessary sorbant,
     w  For acid base or solvent.
 w   Pour around the outside of the spill - mix in
        Hold breath
 w   I use the dust pan and broom sweep up.
 w   Wipe up residue
 w   Dispose of as waste

                          CHP GM
Chemicals and Medical Emergency

   Do not block body showers
   Eye wash put injured eye down flush for 15 min.
   Eyewash or distilled wash with tubing
    n Needs to be tempered water

   Cut and injury- should go to Medical
    n  can be documented and treated properly
   Someone collapses
    n Ensure you are not putting you self in danger

    n If can rise -call EMT X100

   EMT will be concern that they are not in danger
    n  try to figure what happened

                             CHP GM

  Emergency number X100
  If working alone at night
   n inform some one on the Hall

   n Or call campus police 3-1212

  Safety is important to everyone.

                       CHP GM
Chemical waste-

   Waste needs a red tag
   Must be closed when not in use.
   Most is in electrophoresis room
    n Silver- silver stain

    n MEOH-

        w Gel drying fix. , Transfer solution
    n Ethidium bromide -

        w Liquid and tips
        w Agarose in the dark room
   Once full date and should be picked up immediately by law 2
    n If can call don’t date till wedded in link on King links page

                                                  CHP GM

   Two types
    n Biological or not chemical waste-gray bin

       w If it is sharp from a biological lab it can not
         be just thrown out.
    n Chemical waste- with red tags

   At the Bench
    n Need to have covers and be covered when not in

    n Labeled

                         CHP GM
Radiation ext. 3-2180

   We use 14C and 35S to label rapidly proteins
   Disposal designated by 1/2 life
    n 20-120day 1/2 life -     S- 88 day 1/2 life

    n Over 120 day 1/2 life     C = 5730 yr 1/2 life

        w Type- dry (paper gloves), hi level aqueous, sharps/epi.
   Radioactivity stocks
    n  is stored in the locked refrig and freezer 68-346D
   Most experiment are preformed in the 68-346D.
   Geiger counters in each side of the lab.
    n Pancake probes more sensitive

    n Ensure the battery is off when done.

                             CHP GM
Radioactive spill

   Clear the area- block off
   Ensure they you have lab coat, safety glasses, double gloves,
   Monitor the area with Geiger counter
   Mark the area- where there are counts
   One does not inactivate the radioactive just clean off the
    n Good agents -Bleach, Radiact wash, Am4OH

    n Clean till no signal

   RPO will do wipe test
   If still signal cover till decayed.

                             CHP GM

    BL1- E. Coli
    low BL2 - Salmonella typhurminium LT2
    Clean up
     n All bacteria needs to be in activated by before

       disposal or going to the kitchen
        w Autoclaving
        w Chemical, 10% bleach, 1% Westcodyne, Lysol
     n Plates go into the bucket autoclaved in big

       autoclave after kitchen hours.

                         CHP GM
Biological spills

    Block the area
    Let aerosol settle
    Safety gear
    Clean up by pour/spray disinfectant on glassware
     n with dusty pan

    Put paper towel on it and pour/spray disinfectant
    on it
    Dispose of in the waste.

    Look for the new biological spill kits

                           CHP GM
Decontaminating the Bench

   70% ethanol is a better agent to decontaminate the
   bench than 100% ethanol
    n 70% is better at denaturing the outer

      membrane and subsequently lysing the cell
    n 100 % will only causes effects the on the outer

      membrane but not lysis.

                        CHP GM
High Voltage
   Any voltage should be treated as if it is dangerous.
    n AC current is the most dangerous.

   Running a PAGE
    n Start up a gel by connecting the black lead first as a ground and
       then the red lead.
         w It should be noted that high power leads should be used when
           running a sequencing gel with high voltage.
    n Turn off a power supply by turning down the voltage source, then
       turn off the power.
         w After turning off power, disconnect the red (positive) lead
   If the hazard light is flashing on the power supply, turn it off and
   determine what the problem is and fix it, or have it fixed.
   If someone is unconscious, call x100 which is the emergency phone
   number at MIT.

                               CHP GM
Chemical Hygiene Plan

   OSHA right to know
   MSDS know how to read
   SOP- Standard Operating Procedures
    n a written procedure for use of every chemical

                        CHP GM
Safety is everyone responsibility

   Everyone will be responsible for the level 1 check
   list which I email the pdf
    n keep check off for a month

    n Cammie and Shannon are the safety Reps to do

       an over view
   ensure all unlabeled liquid containing item have a
   label can be cryptic

                         CHP GM

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