Pros and Cos of Magento Templates

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					          Pros and Cons of Magento Templates
In these days ecommerce business and online store are very popular, All thanks to Magento
templates and get wonderful response from internet users due to their easy and user friendly
UI for online purchasing or selling. Whenever someone wants to set up their own ecommerce
website they favor to go for magento templates. Magento templates are a center part in the
magento web development. It is not possible to get attractive and interactive online stores.

Magento templates can be free for the users and it could be custom designed according to your
requirement. There is a vast difference between both of them. It will help to decide that which
one is more helpful for their ecommerce website.

Below, I tried to intricate both of them in-depth to get you cleared about each of them.

• First thing is that it’s FREE! Which is most noticeable? That is why most of developers prefer
for it.
• It is very easy to install and simple set up your site using it as it doesn't need to be coded from
scratch. You can set up site more quickly, just download Magento templates of your choice and
use that's it!

• They all are user friendly with almost every versions of Magento, so no need to worry about
their working!

Let's talk about limitations of it

• Possibilities are high that the same template could have been used in other website. There

• It is not probable to get it upgraded or customize to take up with latest fashion which makes
it least compatible to work with most recent versions.

• Probability that you may not get any technical help in the event of deadly.

Custom Designed Magento Templates:

• You can get totally fresh and new concept for your website, attractive look and feel of your
online store! You can custom your own creativity in your website to make totally curious and
unusual from rest of all.

• You can get easily customizable and can accept any changes, which permit you to take up
with all latest fashion and empower you to upgrade it according to your needs.

• You can get technical support and help of fatal and may get it resolved professionally by

• SEO well-matched!


• Very expensive!

• You need time to get it complete shaped and consume more development time.

• Little bit slower compare to free templates. Visit Here for more information.

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