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residential shredding services



NEW YORK OFFICE 545 Eighth Avenue,
Suite 401 New York, NY 10018
Residential Shredding Services:-

Shredding trucks arrive at the location of the
Community Shred-it event, and residents bring
their important documents to us for destruction.
And residential shredding services PROSHRED
provides several alternatives for having your
residential documents securely shred.
   Residential Shredding Services:-

Our residential shredding services can be tailored to your
business needs, and we are ensuring compliance with all
 the privacy laws while protecting all of your important
           information from fraud and theft.
       Onsite Shredding Services
Over recent years the need for increased security. We
   tailor our shredding service to ensure complete
  security, onsite shredding services whether you
require a one off shred or a regular collection service
            as a company or an individual.
 We are a good choice with a global
reach and the shredding company on
 which you can trust with your most
      confidential information.
               for more information:-
                 American Security Shredding
  LONG ISLAND OFFICE P.O. Box 402 Oceanside, NY 11572 -0402
NEW YORK OFFICE 545 Eighth Avenue, Suite 401 New York, NY 10018
                           Toll Free:

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