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Exchanging and Sharing Information
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Year 3 PoS 3a

Learning objective:

Lesson 5 of 7 QCA Unit: 3A

Insert clip art into text

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Integrating Activity

Review Lesson

Print out of ‘Frog text’ files Print out of image of a frog from clip art on class computer, cut into a square. Software you could use: Talking First Word (TFW) Support files: Frog text.doc

Setting the Scene: (5 mins)
Discuss with the class how they present a final piece of work that is going to be displayed in the classroom, for example a story. What main components do they normally include? i.e text and pictures. Encourage them to recognize that they usually complete the written part of the work first and then do the picture. Discuss with the class where the picture us usually placed? I they want the image to be in the centre of the text can they decide this at the end of their writing or do they have to consider it before they begin? Explain to the class that today you are going to show them how to insert a picture as clip art into a piece of writing.

Main Input: (20 mins)
Away from the computer Show the class the print out of the ‘frog text’ file. Read through the text and discuss what type of picture would be used to illustrate this writing? Show the print out of the frog image. Ask the class where it would be best ot place this image? Can we put it into the centre of the image? Once we have placed the image can we them move it to another place? To do this we would have to cut up the text and rehape it so it would fit around the image. Explain that you are going to show them how to insert an image into a piece of writing using the computer, and that we can also move the picture around to put it where we want to. At the computer Demonstrate how to insert a text box: 1) Go to insert 2) Insert text box 3) Click and drag the ‘cross’ icon across the page to the size you want the box. Next demonstrate how to insert the picture from clip art: 1) Go to insert 2) Insert picture from Clipart 3) Type in a keyword, e.g frog

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Froggy, (continued)
4) Choose the picture you want and double click

Exchanging and Sharing Information

Year 3

Explain how the picture is now inside the textbox. We can click on the outside of the textbox and move it around to anywhere we want on the screen. (At this point it will cover up the text if you place it opver the writing, but explain we are going to be able to change this later) Demonstrate this process again with either another image of a frog or a different picture altogether. Ask 2 or 3 children to come and have a go too. Finally demonstrate how to change the textbox so the writing is ‘wrapped’ around the image. 1) Click on the textbox which is surrounding the image. It is important that they do not click on the image as the option for ‘layout’ will not be given. 2) Go to format 3) Click on Format textbox. 4) Go to Layout 5) Click on ‘tight’ Now the writing will ‘wrap’ itself tightly around the image. Move the image around the screen a couple of times so the children can see how the writing will move to fit around the picture. Demonstrate with a few more of the images and show the children how clicking on the image will not give the option of ’layout’ that they will be looking for. Ask 2 or 3 children to come and have a go.

Activity - short focussed task: (5-10 mins)
Each child is given 5 minutes to try and insert image/s of frogs into the piece of text on the ‘frog text’ file. They can then have a go at ‘wrapping’ the image so the words fit tight around the picture.

Review and Recall (10 mins)
Bring the class together and review the learning objective. Ask similar questions to those below. Reiterate the key vocabulary listed below. Key Questions to ask and to display: Which menu do we need to use to add a textbox or a picture to our writing? Which menu do we need to change the textbox so we can wrap the text around it? Is it easier to add an image and move it around on paper or using the computer? Vocabulary/functions: clipart, image, textbox, insert, format, wrap, layout.

Teaching Points:
Watch out for the children clicking on the image instead of the textbox when they want to ‘wrap’ the text around the picture Differentiation within this activity would be to ask some children to insert the clipart image and others to insert and ‘wrap’ the image.

Assessment Opportunities
Can the children select an image and inset it in the appropriate place.

What comes next:
Integrating activity . Lesson 6 “The Wind and the Sun”

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