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Free United Methodist Clip Art

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									The following are resources available to local churches to aid with communications. Please feel free to visit e-mail Meredyth Earnest, meredyth@awfumc.org, with any questions. Free United Methodist Clip Art: Go to www.umc.org Click on “Tools for Ministry” at the top of the screen Click on “Graphics Library” on the left side of the screen http://www.umc.org/interior.asp?ptid=1&mid=792
(The UMC.org Graphics Library provides organizational, ministry-related and seasonal graphics/illustrations for use. From time-to-time, they add additional images, so please check back on a regular basis.)

Igniting Ministry Resources Go to www.ignitingministry.org Click on “Media Warehouse” on the right side of the screen In the second “drop down box” select your media type. http://mediawarehouse.ignitingministry.org/
(Provides lots of web graphics, newsletter art, bulletin covers, and tons more!)

Web and Print Syndication Go to www.umc.org Click on “Tools for Ministry” Click on “Web and Print Syndication” on the left side of the screen Follow the instructions to download your desired syndication http://www.umc.org/interior.asp?ptid=1&mid=2324
Web syndication: (Keeping your Web site updated with new information, stories, and articles is the best way to keep and grow your readership. UMC.org has developed a set of tools which allow church-related webmasters to utilize feature articles and even streaming media produced by the United Methodist Church on your own site. These "syndication" tools give you the ability to offer fresh, updated content to your viewers without them ever leaving your site. Unlike a simple link to another site, you get the benefit of our authors producing the stories and articles, with the advantage of not loosing your readers to another site when they click on a link.)

Print Syndication: (In this day and age where the price of developing and delivering quality content is mounting, UMC.org is offering a number of our regular columns to Christian-related organizations free for print syndication. As a monthly subscriber, you will receive the latest review and appropriate artwork by e-mail at various times throughout the month.)

United Methodist Communications (UMCOM) http://www.umcom.org Great source of information and resources on all things relating to communications. UMC Giving Notes UMC Giving Notes is a free newsletter subscription. Its aim is to assist in increasing United Methodist giving to Conference benevolences, apportioned funds, church wide Special Sundays with offerings and the Advance for Christ and His Church. It is produced by the office of Connectional Giving at UMCOM. All information can be reprinted in your local church newsletter. http://www.umcgiving.org/content/default.asp The Upper Room Syndication You can add a daily devotional from The Upper Room to your Web site. Go to http://www.upperroom.com/ UM Tech Shop Discounted Software and Hardware products for United Methodist Organizations. This is a great resource that the UMC offers to all local churches. https://secure.umcom.org/store/dept.asp?Cat%5FID=4&web%5Fname=TechSho p E-Zekiel This is one of the best web site solutions for local churches. Through a partnership with United Methodist Communications' TechShop, the E-zekiel Web solution is available at discounts between 15 - 35% for United Methodist organizations. E-zekiel Mission Statement:
 

 

To provide churches and ministries with professional, purposeful, easy-touse and cost-effective Web site solutions To help Christian organizations tap the power and popularity of the Internet to improve communication, interaction, and participation with their congregation and community To assist churches and ministries in discipleship, ministry and evangelism To inform Christian organizations of the latest technological developments and carry them forward into the Information and Technology Revolution


News In Pews News In Pews provides over 1,450 churches with opportunities to create their own, high-quality newsletters. Each weekly and monthly issue contains church wide news and information and spotlights how giving to United Methodist projects helps spread the Gospel. The free, e-mail subscription service is available in an eight-page version and a four-page version. All that is needed for the service is a computer that runs Microsoft Word (version 95 or higher), a printer, photo files on that computer (optional), and news and information from the local church congregation. Churches using this don’t have to design their newsletter, only insert copy into the existing layout. Use this address to subscribe: http://www.umc.org/interior.asp?ptid=2&mid=2361 More information about News In Pews is available at http://umns.umc.org/newsinpews. ###

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