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1 What are the basic components of a communication system between computers? What device converts digital signals to analogue for transmission over telephone lines? Why is it necessary? Describe some of the tasks that communication software can perform 5 3 5

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Essay: Discuss the function, of ONE of the following applications of communications technology, clearly showing the role played by electronic communications between computers Telecommuting Modern banking: (Automatic Teller Machines, EFTPOS and Bankcard) TAB Booking Airline Reservations by Travel agents Discuss also the advantages and disadvantages, including possible abuses, of the system.



The local supermarket uses bar-code readers and computer terminals to determine a customer‟s bill and offers EFTPOS for payment of goods. Using such a supermarket communication system explain the following terms, giving examples. a Local area network b wide area network c microwave relay d file server e satellite transmission f downloading information g EFTPOS 2 marks each h time sharing Describe the flow of information, through a supermarket computer network system, as a vegemite jar is scanned by a bar code reader to discover the price. 5 A customer at an automatic teller machine has performed the following steps inserted his backcard given his pin number received $50 from his account asked for his current balance How do the parts of the CPU operate to calculate the balance?

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Describe, giving examples, the main function of operating system software, that of adding value to the bare hardware to produce a more powerful and easy to use computing system. 5 What is the purpose of a computer program? Explain what happens when a computer is turned on, and a stored letter is opened so that changes can be made to it. The letter is then printed and saved. 5 Why is „backing up‟ a sound computer practice? Suggest a sensible backup routine for a school that keeps all of its records in computer files. Estimate the amount of storage and suggest the type of storage needed to backup the personal records of1000 students. (data kept on each student is name, age, home address, contact phone number, class) 6


Programming 1 What is an Algorithm? Give an algorithm for either „boiling an egg‟ or „washing the car‟ 4

2 Describe the processes that are needed to implement algorithms in the programming language used in your course. 3 4 Describe the 4 programming language structures, by giving examples from the programming language that you used in your course. 4 5 What is pseudo code? A Robot moving in one direction along a linear assembly line detects „bolts‟ according to its programming language, which uses the usual programming constructs. It has the following actions that are driven by primitive instructions: pick up a bolt: pickbolt move: move The robot can detect the presence of a bolt: next-to-bolt and the wall at the end of the line: next-to-wall . The robot has a plentiful supply of bolts. 1

Give pseudo code for the robot to d pick up 120 bolts in a row e pick up a row of bolts of unknown length, the row being terminated by the wall f pick up a row of 12 bolt positions but there may be more than one bolt at one spot g same as above but there may be some spots without any bolts h pick up an unknown length row of bolts, there may be multiple bolts at one spot, or there may be no bolts at a spot

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6 Discuss the types of errors that programmers make, giving an example of each from a programming language with which you are familiar 4 7 Carry out a desk check of the following algorithm, using the set of values 4 6 2 0 0 8 3 6 Begin read in A read in B Repeat set C to (A+B)/2 print C read in A read in B Until A equals 0 End What is the purpose of the algorithm? 8 Write an algorithm which will read data about people (name and birthdate) print a list of people‟s name, their age in years, & whether they are eligible to vote or not terminate when the name XXX is encountered 9 Write an algorithm to solve the following problem: A company offers cash bonus to each of its 15 sales people. To be entitled to receive a cash bonus the employee must sell over $100 000 worth of goods within a 12 month period. The bonus received is calculated to be 10% of the value of the goods sold in excess of $100 000. The algorithm should do the following read in the employee‟s name and dollar value of sales made calculate the bonus to be received by each employee calculate the total amount of bonuses paid by the company print the above




10 A computer has a start up sequence that loads a menu when switched on. Use memory maps of RAM to describe what happens in sequence when a the computer is turned on b A word processing program is chosen from the menu c The file „letter‟ is opened d Clip Art, a HyperCard stack, is opened so that a picture can be added to the letter e Clip Art is closed f The letter is printed g The letter is saved h exit is made from the word processing program and return is made to the menu 8 Questions on the System Development Life Cycle Shady Lane Homes is a real estate agency that sells houses in many places throughout the state. They do not have computers. Currently when a client consults them about buying a home they are given printed pages, similar to the one included here. More details about individual homes, such as floor plans, photos of rooms and the gardens, are then found from files in a cabinet. There are several problems with this system of managing information. The two most frustrating are that the house files are often not returned to their correct place in the cabinet, or are lost, and the printed lists, which are done at the local printers are difficult to keep up to date. Shady Lane also keeps an lindex file of clients who are looking for homes. When a home is sold details of the house and the buyer are entered into a book ledger which is kept in order of selling date. What Sue Shady, manager of Shady Lane Homes, would like is an information system that will 1 provide a daily listing of all the homes they currently have for sale 2 provide a list of homes in order of price 3 provide a list of homes in a given location, eg Glen Osmond 4 provide a list of those homes sold in the last month, with buyer details 5 update records, eg removing sold houses from the stock list Imagine that you have been called as a consultant to advise Sue Shady on the feasibility of using computers to store and organise the information she keeps on the houses she has for sale. It is your task to show Sue how

a computer based information system can supply all of the above requirements, by answering the questions which follow. Because Sue knows NOTHING about computers you will have to use language that she will understand, and explain all computer terms clearly to her. 1 Problem Definition & Analysis total 20 marks a What are the problems she currently has with her manual system? b c d e 2 Why would a computer be a better way for her to store her information? (Describe those features of computers that make them reliable for the job) Explain why a database-type of software would be best for Sue‟s needs. (Be sure to also explain these terms with examples: software, database, file, record, field.) Describe the three types of databases that could be used by Sue. Decide which one would be best for her requirements What hardware would Sue need to run this software? Give a brief description of the function of each bit she will need.

Design 20 marks a What tables will the system need? Show the relationship between the tables? Design data dictionaries, giving reasons for and examples of each field. b c Design validation checks for data entry Describe how your system would provide the system requirements. (giving the psuedo code for any queries) 4 marks


Discuss possible conversion methods from her manual system.



20 marks

Sue will carefully need to consider the issue of data security if she uses a computer information system. Describe, giving examples for Sue from her proposed new system, how data kept on her computer could be at risk from * accidental damage to the stored data * wilful damage to the hardware * wilful damage to the stored data * a virus infection Discuss possible preventions for each of these situations

Issues questions

20 marks 1 „Piracy of software designed for Apple Macintosh computers is costing vendors more than $41 million a year‟, was reported by the British Federation Against Software Theft last year. Comment on this statement by answering the following questions. 1 What is software piracy? 2 Describe how the crime is committed? How difficult is it to do? 3 What laws exist to make this behaviour illegal? 4 Why do so many people engage in software piracy despite the law. 5 In schools the software program used more than most would be CLARIS WORKS or MICROSOFT WORKS. Because it is such a useful program it probably is targeted heavily by software pirates. Discuss the issues relating to such software piracy from the point of view of the publisher (Claris or Microsoft), the programmer of the software( the Claris Works team), and the purchaser of the software (schools). 6 What are the ways that software piracy can be prevented a in a school situation b by the makers of software ? 2 The Issue of Privacy Read the article entitled “Aids databases „insecure‟” Answer these questions: 1 2 3 4 What information is being stored and how? Why is this method of storing information being used? Whose privacy is being threatened? How is this privacy threatened? 10 marks

5 What rights does our society have in this situation about AIDS? Should such information be kept for the protection of our society? Do the rights of the individual to privacy of their information here conflict with the rights of our society? (There is no right or wrong answer here, just argue your position cogently) 3: Computer Abuse 10 marks

Computer abuse is used to describe both a computer crime and an unethical or immoral use of a computer. It occurs when someone using a computer, damages, alters or steals information belonging to another person or organisation. Using this definition of computer abuse, analyse the situations which follow, saying whether or not they constitute a computer abuse or not. Give reasons for your decision. If a computer abuse has occurred state the type of abuse. 1 Searching another student‟s file, without permission. 2 Taking a copy of the school crest from Clip Art onto your disc. 3 Putting a copy of the program „Claris Works‟ onto your disc. 4 Printing 50 copies on the school printer, of your party invitation, designed by you using graphics. 5 Destroying the school crest in Clip Art. 7 Using your friend‟s disc, without permission, because you left yours at home, to save your work for the lesson. 8 Using your friend‟s disc, with her permission, you load her answer to an assignemnt, then put your name on it and submit the answer as yours. 9 Finding the teacher‟s Marks disc accidently left in the computer, you look at the marks of the students in the year 12 Computing class. 10 In case 9, above, you change the marks you received for the last assignment on the teacher‟s Marks disc.

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