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Orchestra Handbook


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									ORCHESTRA 2007-2008
Dear Orchestra Family,
Welcome to a new, fun, and very musical year in the Wester Wildcat Orchestra. I am excited about having the opportunity to work with so many outstanding students. I believe in the theory of “work hard, play hard.” The harder a student works the better musician he/she will become which equates to more advanced music and more fun music. I expect the students to consistently work toward becoming more advanced and self-confident musicians. This can only be achieved through a caring attitude and a consistent practice schedule. When students possess these traits, they are bound for success! My goal is to have every student in the orchestra program experience success and the inner satisfaction that comes with it. Social opportunities for the students to enjoy will also be available. I stress the ideals of respect and responsibility from all Wester orchestra students. I expect the students to treat other students, teachers, and all adults (especially their parents) with respect. I want students to be responsible within their orchestra classes and activities as well as in other classes and at home. As a director, I hold myself to the same high standards of respect and responsibility that I expect from the students. The most important aspect of a good musician at Wester is individual Responsibility. Every student is responsible for how much fun he/she has in orchestra. If the students follow the guidelines and procedures in this handbook, then the student will achieve many great goals and also have a lot of fun! It is up to YOU! I have put this handbook together to explain the Wildcat Orchestra Program Policies and Procedures. You will also find information about the summer camp in August, Calendar, and forms that must be returned and signed. If you have any further questions please contact me (email is best). I look forward to a great year at Wester!!!

Karina Flores Director of Orchestras FloresK@friscoisd.org


HANDBOOK A. Class Rules/Tips for Success B. Conduct Policy/ Grading Systems C. School Instruments D. Music/ Practice Planners E. Uniforms/Sectionals/Extra Rehearsals F. Concert Etiquette G. All-Region Orchestra Auditions H. Officer Elections I. J. Newsletter Orchestra Booster/Parent Volunteers

K. Private Lessons L. Supplies List/Vendor Information M. Forms

Orchestra Handbook

Welcome to Orchestra!!!
Dear Students and Parents, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Wester Wildcat Middle School Orchestra. It is our goal to produce confidence and excellence in our young musicians. In this handbook you will find the necessary information that will guide your child to the path of musical success. There are several forms attached to the back of the handbook that must be signed and returned. I do not wish to overwhelm you with information; however it is important to keep informed. In an effort to keep your child organized I am requesting that each student have: 11/2” Three ring binder (Black) and Colored dividers All significant information that is to be signed will be housed in this binder in the section labeled “Parent Information”. Once any classified/private information is signed and brought back to me I will then keep it filed. In addition, the students will use this binder for storing the class syllabus, music, class notes, and handouts. (Your child may keep a separate binder at home with copied music in order to prevent forgotten supplies.) Reminder: There will be a MANDATORY Orchestra Parent Orientation at 6:30pm on Thursday, August 30, 2007. There we will discuss in more depth the school year including: Orchestra Booster, Fundraising, Supplies, T-Shirts, Calendar, Private lessons, Renting/Buying instruments, goals, and CHARMS. Finally, after reviewing the materials in this packet, if you have any questions, you can reach me at WESTER Middle School (469) 633-5800. REMEMBER: Email is Best! Sincerely, Karina Flores Director of Orchestras Fowler and Wester Middle Schools

Karina Flores

Orchestra Class Rules
First and foremost, creating a learning environment requires the cooperation of each and every student, each and every day. Our classroom rules are as follows:        Be seated and quiet at the start of class. No playing instruments. Comes prepared for class each day with: o instrument, PENCIL, music books, and music Be polite to teachers and classmates. Raise your hand before getting out of your seat or talking The teacher will dismiss the class DOES NOT BRING FOOD, DRINK, or GUM to the classroom at any time. Obey all rules!

TIPS FOR SUCCESS 1. Be Responsible 2. Be Dependable 3. Be Dedicated 4. Do Your Personal Best!

Orchestra Conduct Policy
Misbehavior is not tolerated. Steps are as follows: 1. Warning 2. Parent phone call 3. Detention (conduct grade lowered) 4. Office Referral (Punishment will be determined accordingly by teacher.)

Grading Systems
   50% Major Grades: which includes Tests (both playing and written) as well as concert attendance. 40% Daily Grades: which includes quizzes, written work, class participation, projects, and Weekly Positive Points. 10% Minor Grades: which includes homework assignments and practice sheets.

My expectation is that each student bring their homework by the proper due date. TEN POINTS will be deducted for each late day. Students who display questionable behavior while in the care of a substitute teacher will be given a 0 for the day(s) in question. A daily grade may be given for supplies check throughout the year. Weekly Positive Points: Each student will receive a FREE 100 every week. Two points will be deducted for breaking any of the orchestra rules. Strikes: The teacher will elect a section every week to be rewarded with orchestra bucks. Orchestra bucks can buy a student prizes given by the orchestra teacher. Remember: not bringing ALL supplies to class will prohibit any student from learning and participating. It is our goal to always be prepared!

Use of School Instruments
If you play cello or bass, a school instrument will be furnished to you for use during class time. However, you will be required to provide a rental instrument for home practice and will use that instrument for concerts. “At home” instruments should be brought to school often for tuning and regular maintenance checks. These instruments should be brought to school one week before a concert to get the student accustomed to playing a new instrument in class. Frisco ISD charges a rental fee of $100 for school owned instruments such as the violin or viola (take home instruments). Cello/Bass school instruments will be charged $50 (at school instruments). This fee is due on August 31st. You may pay in full or pay half at the beginning of the fall semester and the other half at the beginning of the spring semester. If you are in need of assistance please contact me and we will help as much as possible. At the end of the school year, all school owned instruments are turned in for inventory check, cleaning, and repair. **Any damage incurred to the instrument while in the possession of that student or family is the sole financial responsibility of that party. Please act responsibly with your instrument!!!

All music issued to students should be kept in a black orchestra binder and maintained in good condition. Music should not be folded. Students will be responsible for the music and will be required to pay replacement costs for lost or destroyed music. Music checks will be held periodically during the year to see if students have the correct music and if students are marking (only in pencil!) the music accordingly to the instructions given in class.

Practice Planners
Students are required to use CHARMS to turn in practice minutes. I expect students to practice a minimum of 30 minutes daily (upper level orchestras should practice a minimum of 45 minutes-1 hour daily). Students must practice regularly to achieve a continuing level of success and improve on their instruments. I will be checking student lockers for a grade to see if students are taking instruments home! The practice planner should be filled out each day the student practices, monitored by a parent, and filled out completely by Thursday. Practice planners include detailed information about the student practice session. Once planners are turned in, the student gets a sticker by their name. At the end of the month, the name is eligible for drawing to win a prize!

For the 2006-2007 school year, the uniform will consist of:

Formal Concert
Black Polo shirt with Orchestra Embroidery Black Pants Dark shoes (dark socks)

Casual Concert
Orchestra T-Shirt with Orchestra Logo Jeans No specific shoe required

The director will order orchestra polo shirts and orchestra t-shirts after school begins. Parents may also purchase additional shirts. The cost of the shirt is approximately $15 each. Uniforms are to be worn to all concerts and performing events!

Sectionals/Extra Rehearsals
Attendance is required at all sectionals and rehearsals. Participation outside the school day is a required part of the orchestra program and grades will be given for participation and attendance. Students in Advanced and Intermediate orchestra will have one sectional per week before or after school as needed in order to rehearse music for upcoming performances. Extra rehearsals might be scheduled before contests as needed. Beginner Orchestra will have one sectional per week before or after school as needed in order to advance students on technique.

Concert Procedures/ Etiquette
1. Be quiet and attentive during the warm-up and the concert. 2. Stay for the entire concert (This is part of the student’s grade) 3. Help move equipment back to its proper place at the end of the concert. (stands and chairs to the orchestra room, etc.) 4. Wear appropriate uniform (shirts must be tucked in)

While in the audience:
1. Remain seated during the performance. Never leave your seat while an orchestra is performing unless it is an emergency or you are disturbing the performance (coughing, crying baby) 2. Refrain from talking during the performance 3. Turn off or switch to vibrate all cell phones and beepers. 4. Clap for the performers after each song is finished (in multi-movements, we only clap at the end of the entire piece.) Catcalls, whistles, and yelling are not appropriate for a formal concert.

All-Region Orchestra
All-Region XXIV Orchestra Division is comprised of three Orchestras, which serve differing levels of experience. To participate in All-Region Orchestra, you must be selected by a panel of judges in a blind audition (judges are separated by a panel and can’t see the musician who is playing). It is a great honor to be selected for this All-Region Orchestra and everyone is encouraged to participate!  Region Entry Fee is $8 (approximate, may change after May 20007)  I will post a schedule for morning all-region orchestra tutorials ASAP.  All students that participate should come to the rehearsals in order to receive the best instruction for placing in the orchestra. Music for the audition is received in August and auditions are October 13th. Students who are selected must attend all the rehearsals and final performance.

Orchestra officers are an elected leadership council. The purpose of this council is to provide assistance to the teacher and leadership in the orchestra program. The council will meet at least twice a month to discuss special needs in the orchestra and provide ideas for social events. Nominations for orchestra officers will be held in mid September. Elections are done by secret ballot and only members of the orchestra body can participate. Students may run for only one office, not including social committee.
Orchestra Officer Positions: President Vice President Historian Librarian 6th grade Representative (Social Committee;6)

Orchestra Newsletter
Each month the orchestra officers and I print out a monthly newsletter which contains updated information about orchestra. It is important to keep informed on activities the orchestras may participate in! Information may include performance dates, fundraising, class trips, social events, parties, reminders, and rewards!

As a parent of an orchestra member, you are automatically a member of the Wester Middle School Orchestra Booster Organization. There will be many opportunities for you to assist the orchestra program this year and we hope that you will volunteer a little time to helping further the music education of your students and their classmates. To become a volunteer, you first need to pass a criminal background check per FISD policy. You can do this on-line by completing the following steps… 1. Go to the FISD home page (friscoisd.org) 2. Go to the drop down menu “Back to School” 3. Scroll down to and click on “Student Forms” 4. Then, scroll down to the “Community Service and Volunteer” section 5. Click on “Access to FISD Parent Volunteer Application” 6. Fill out and submit this form Once this form has been filled out and processed by FISD you will be able to volunteer with any school-wide activities.

Private Lessons
Frisco ISD is extremely fortunate to have an outstanding staff of private lesson teachers. This program is designed to enrich and further the level of performance of the musician. One on one individual instruction is one of the main reasons why orchestra programs are extremely successful in Texas. Even though private study is not a requirement for participation in the musical organization, it should be noted that most orchestra students who take advantage of this excellent opportunity. It is a misconception that private lessons are for students who have “fallen behind” on their instrument. While private lessons will benefit those students, private lessons are designed and intended more for students that are advancing and proving success on their instrument. The opportunity to study with these professional musicians is invaluable and has proven to be one of the most successful ingredients to individual achievement. Private lessons may occur before, during, or after the school day. They are once a week for 30 minutes. Responsibilities of the private lesson students and/or parent: 1. Attend each lesson prepared with all supplies 2. Pay for the entire month on the first lesson of the month (please pay on time. This is the only source of income for some of our teachers) 3. Commit to lessons for an entire semester 4. Notify the teacher if child will be absent from lesson (This includes illness, class field trips, family emergency, etc. Please call the private teacher directly. Notifying the school or orchestra teachers is not sufficient for an excused absent.) 5. Unexcused absences must be paid for. Please inform teachers of conflicts at least one week in advance. Please contact teacher of illness within 24 hours. Private lesson scholarships may be made available to the students that meet certain criteria. Please see me for scholarship information.

This year the orchestra programs in FISD will be using CHARMS as a way of communications between teacher and student/parents. In this website, access to forms, student/parent information, calendar, etc will be made available to us. All private information is confidential and only accessible to the teacher and student/parent through a private log-in. It is very important that parents and students use this program with me to communicate. How to login: 1) www.charmsmusic.com 2) Parent/student login: FowlerMSOrch 3) Enter student ID as password I will be guiding students daily and reminding them of this program in order to become more fluent. I truly believe that CHARMS will enhance our program and communications level. If you have any questions please contact me!!!

What is available to see on CHARMS?

Wester Middle School Orchestra - Parent and Student Information “Student Name”

Orchestra Handbook Acknowledgement Form Return by Friday, August 31st, 2007
The handbook is provided to help the orchestra remain enjoyable, efficient, and educational for all of its members. Making expectations clear at the beginning of the year helps make this possible. Included in this handbook is a great deal of information necessary to function as a successful WESTER orchestra member. ________________________________ Print Student’s Name ______________________________ Orchestra Level

I have received and read a copy of the 2007-2008 Wester Wildcat Orchestra Handbook and I am aware of mine and my child’s expectations and responsibilities involved as a member of the Wester Middle School Orchestra. I also understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the District’s Students Code of Conduct. I also understand and agree that my child named above shall be held accountable for the behavior and consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct at school, and at school-sponsored or school-related activities. This shall include school-sponsored travel and any school-related misconduct, regardless of time and location. Students involved in extracurricular activities are held to a higher standard of conduct. We view participation in extracurricular activities as a privilege and not a right. I understand that any student who violates the Student Code of Conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action. This includes any misconduct, regardless or time or location, which would reflect upon representing Frisco ISD in an extracurricular activity. Students involved in a major disciplinary action (i.e. including but not limiting to alcohol, drugs, and violent behavior) will be removed temporarily or permanently from extracurricular activities.

_____________________________ Signature of Student

_____________________ Date

_____________________________ Print Name of Parent/Guardian

_____________________ Relationship to child

_____________________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian

_____________________ Date

Wester Wildcat Orchestra Information Return by Friday, August 31st, 2007
Last Name_________________ First Name__________________ Preferred Name______________

Instrument ________________



Instrument Make____________________________

Serial #____________________________


Address_______________________________________ Home Phone_____________________________

City__________________ Zip__________


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mother’s Name__________________________________ Occupation__________________________

Work Phone____________________ Cell Phone___________________ Email____________________ Father’s Name__________________________________


Work Phone____________________ Cell Phone___________________ Email____________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If I need to contact a parent (during school hours), whom do you prefer we try to contact first? ______________________________ Name ________________________________ Phone Number

Wester Middle School Orchestra
Orchestra Parent Meeting Please Mark Your Calendar! Meeting: Thursday, August 30th Where: Orchestra Room- Fowler Middle School What time: 6:30-7:30pm This meeting is very important so please plan to attend. It is not required for the students to be at the meeting. If you have any questions please feel free to email. BRING THE HANDBOOK TO THE MEETING!!!! Thank you, Karina Flores Director of Orchestras FloresK@friscoisd.org

Wester Middle School Orchestra Polo and t-shirt order form
All students in all orchestras including beginners will need to have an orchestra concert polo shirt as well as an orchestra t-shirt for events throughout the year. Remember Wilcat Family members can also show their pride by ordering a Wester Wildcat Shirt! Please indicate the number of shirt(s) by each size that your family wishes to order. Make all checks payable to the Wester Orchestra and return this form before Friday, August 31st.

Student’s Name_________________________ Period________ Instument__________________ Total Enclosed $____________ Contact Number_______________________________________ Black Polo Concert Shirt XSM ____ X $15.00 = ___________ Black Polo Concert Shirt SM ____ X $15.00 = ____________ Black Polo Concert Shirt MD ____ X $15.00 = ____________ Black Polo Concert Shirt LG ____ X $15.00 = _____________ Black Polo Concert Shirt XLG ____ X $15.00 = ___________ Orchestra Spirit T-Shirt XSM ___ X $15.00 = _____________ Orchestra Spirit T-Shirt SM ____ X $15.00 = _____________ Orchestra Spirit T-Shirt MD ____ X $15.00 = _____________ Orchestra Spirit T-Shirt LG ____ X $15.00 = _____________ Orchestra Spirit T-Shirt XLG ___ X $15.00 = _____________
Total Amount : $________________.______________

PrivateLessonSign up form

Frisco ISD is extremely fortunate to have an outstanding private lesson staff. This program is designed to enrich and further develop the level of performance of your child. One on one, individual instruction is one of the main reasons why programs, especially in North Texas are extremely successful. It is a general misconception that private lessons are set up for students who are “falling behind”, while private lessons can still be highly beneficial in these cases, professional private lessons are designed and intended more for students that are highly motivated and wish to advance their success on the instrument. Lessons are customized for each individual’s needs. Private lessons may occur before, during and after the school day. Lessons are available to all students at a cost of $15 per person for a 30 minute session per week. _______I would like to enroll my child in the private lesson program. _______I would not like to enroll my child at this time.

Parent Signature_________________________________________ Home Phone #___________________________________________ Student Name____________________________________________ Instrument________________________________

Wester Middle School Orchestra
Fees Sheet

Below is a list of various fees that members of the Wester Wildcat Orchestra will need to pay throughout the year. You may pay as many of these in advance as you like (before the school year begins), but please be aware that these supplies must be available the first week of school. Simply check off the fees that you would like to pay now and enclose your check payable to Wester Orchestra. When paying for school owned instruments ($100 fee), make the check separate from the other supplies. They go into two different accounts. Name__________________________________ Class Period____________ Instrument______________________________

Students using FISD Instruments Required of all orchestra students Required of all orchestra students Studensts auditioning for all-region Beginner Students Beginner Students Beginner Students Intermediate Students Intermediate Students Intermediate Students Advanced Students Advanced Students Advanced Students

FISD Insturment Fee Orch Polo Shirt Orch Spirit Tshirt All-Region Fee Note Speller String Explorer BK 1 Black notebook w/dividers String Explorer BK 2 Essential Techniques Black notebook w/dividers String Explorer BK2 Essential Techniques Black notebook w/dividers

August 31st Please attach Separately August 31st August 31st September 31st August 31st August 31st August 31st August 31st August 31st August 31st August 31st August 31st August 31st

$100.00 $15.00 $15.00 $8.00 $6.50 $7.50 $5.00 $8.50 $7.50 $5.00 $8.50 $7.50 $5.00

Total Amount $________._____


My Child____________________________________________ has my permission to travel to all WILDCAT ORCHESTRA activities for the 2007-2008 school year. All trips will be approved by FMS administration. Transportation will be provided by Frisco ISD, unless otherwise notified. Itineraries for activities will be provided at the earliest possible date.

Student Name___________________________________ Birthdate__________________ Address________________________________________ Grade______________________ Parent/Guardians___________________________________________________________ Home Phone________________________ Cell Phone_____________________________ Emergency Contact______________________________Phone_________________________________ Physician’s Name________________________________Phone_________________________________
1. List any food or drugs your child is known to be allergic or sensitive.

2. List any chronic illnesses or physical restrictions.

3. List any medications that are regularly taken.

In the event of an emergency, I give permission for my child to receive emergency medical treatment in case of illness or injury. This is only authorized in the even that I cannot be readily contacted and that the emergency is life threatening. I hereby release the Frisco ISD, its trustees, superintendent, administrators, teachers, and chaperones from all liability and responsibility concerning an illness or injury suffered by my child while the orchestra is on an official function or trip. I further understand that I am financially responsible for all medical expenses administered to my child. Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________________________ Date_________________________________________________

** Can be supplied by teacher on the first week of school if payment is included on fee sheet. Otherwise, supplies can be found at any music store or online.

Beginner Orchestra
Violin/Viola o o o o o o o Cello/Bass o o o o o o o ** Black ring notebook w/ dividers and paper ** Books: Note Speller, String Explorer ** Pencil!!! (no pen allowed) Rosin (for bow) Small cloth/handkerchief (to clean instrument) Rock-stop Tuner/Metronome ** Black ring notebook w/ dividers and paper ** Books: Note Speller, String Explorer ** Pencil!!! (no pen allowed) Rosin (for bow) Small cloth/handkerchief (to clean instrument) Shoulder Rest Tuner/Metronome

Intermediate Orchestra
Violin/Viola o o o o o o o Cello/Bass o o o o o o o ** Black ring notebook w/ dividers and paper ** Books: String Explorer BK 2, Essential Techniques ** Pencil!!! (no pen allowed) Rosin (for bow) Small cloth/handkerchief (to clean instrument) Shoulder Rest Tuner/Metronome ** Black ring notebook w/ dividers and paper ** Books: String Explorer BK2, Essential Techniques ** Pencil!!! (no pen allowed) Rosin (for bow) Small cloth/handkerchief (to clean instrument) Rock-stop Tuner/Metronome

Advanced Orchestra
Violin/Viola o o o o o o o Cello/Bass o o o o o o o ** Black ring notebook w/ dividers and paper ** Books: String Explorer BK2, Essential Techniques ** Pencil!!! (no pen allowed) Rosin (for bow) Small cloth/handkerchief (to clean instrument) Rock-stop Tuner/Metronome ** Black ring notebook w/ dividers and paper ** Books: String Explorer BK 2, Essential Techniques ** Pencil!!! (no pen allowed) Rosin (for bow) Small cloth/handkerchief (to clean instrument) Shoulder Rest Tuner/Metronome

Music Store Vendors
(No specific order of preference)

Williamson Music Co www.williamsonmusicco.com 701 E Plano Pkwy Plano, TX 75074 (972) 516-1331

Cadenza Violins maps.google.com 6905 Coit Rd # 105 Plano, TX 75024 (469) 241-1152

Music and Arts Centers www.MusicArts.com Temporary Location (Guitar Center Plano) 2333 North Central Expressway Plano, TX 75075 (817) 807-2433 Dallas Strings info@DallasStrings.com 409 Del Rio Ct. Allen, TX 75013 (469)675-0085 KELIN violin shop 3198 W. Parker Rd #3170 C Plano, TX 75075 (214) 964-8666

Please keep communication lines open between you and the private lesson teacher. Contact them if you know your child will be absent. It is the responsibility of the parent to communicate with private teachers; I will do my best to help in any way I can. Also, remember that payment is due the first week of the month. If you contact the private teacher within a reasonable time frame, the lesson will be made up. However, if you do not contact the private teacher you are still obligate to pay for that lesson. Remember, our VIOLIN/VIOLA
Marina Glava marinaglava@yahoo.com 214-240-1929 Joseph Lozovyy 469-667-6965

Michael Simmons mnmsimmons@earthlink.net 214-551-1659 Alex Dijnov 972-208-1880 Daniel Moore 972-922-0834

Orchestra Booster
The orchestra department (me!) needs your help and support to make this a really great experience for your child. Recent research has shown that parental involvement has a positive impact on the success of students. Therefore, I am trying to provide as many opportunities as I can for parents to become involved in their child’s Orchestra program, and quite frankly, I need some help! This program has grown significantly over the past several years thanks to the support of our parents and administration. There are several opportunities here, with minimal time commitment involved. Please indicate your areas of interest or expertise and return form to me ASAP. _____ Planning and/or organizing events _____ Design of programs, making copies, publishing or printing _____ Monitors for concerts; sit with students, keep them quiet during concerts _____ Organizing and implementing call tree for communication purposes _____ Fundraiser Chair _____ Financial records keeping _____ Refreshments (need several of these) _____ Other: _________________________________

Name______________________________ Student’s Name________________________ Address___________________________________________________________ Home Phone__________________________ Work Phone___________________________ Cell Phone ____________________________ Best time to call:_____________________________ Which number?______________
(Booster Meeting dates will be established after the parent meeting in August, and added to the orchestra calendar)

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