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					Private Lloyd Nixon King

      Of the
      64th Battalion No.
      Regimental Number 470508
King’s Life Back Home
n   Lloyd King was born in   n   Lloyd’s fathers name
    Port Hawkesbury,             was Alexander King.
    Cape Breton on March     n   He worked as a store
    28th, 1895.                  clerk back home in
n   Mother’s name: Mrs.          Cape Breton before
    Alex King or AKA Lelia       joining the Militia.
    King                     n   He was attested on
                                 September 22nd, 1915.

n   He lived as a single male, no
    relationship with a woman stated.
n   He was never in military service before
    being sent overseas.
Appearance and Religion

Lloyd King had…
n   Brown hair
n   Hazel colored eyes
n   A fair complexion
n   He was 5 foot 6 inches in height
n   Chest measurement 35ins/3ins expansion
n   Religion: Presbyterian
Lloyd in Battle

n   He arrived in England on June 28th, 1916.
n   He was then attached to the 23rd Battalion.
n   The following day he was transferred to the
    24th Battalion.
n   He was killed in action (KIA) on September
    29th, 1916.
n   There was no information on cause of
Private Lloyd’s Military Will

n   Lloyd Nixon King’s Will stated the
n   In the event of my death, I give the
    whole of my property and effects to my
    mother, Mrs. Lelia King, Oxford, NS.
Payment Info

n   While Lloyd served overseas in the
    army, he was only making $10.00 a
n   His mother received a $10 payment
    each month from August, 1914-
    January, 1916.
n   Which doesn’t seem like much, but
    was a little chunk of money back then.
Suspicious Information
n   On the Attestation Paper Lloyd’s mothers
    name is stated to be Mrs. Alex King.
n   However, on the will her name is stated
    differently: as Lelia King
n   The catch to this could be that his Fathers
    name is stated as Alexander King.
n   Alexander could be a false name for his
n   There is no other name given in report.

n   Information came from the National
    Archives of Canada Website

                THE END

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